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I wanted to reach out to tell the community about a project I have been working on

First and foremost - I want you to let go of all your preconceived notions about the work that I have made to this point, with the exception of quality of execution. I am talking about a hard turn left, into another realm altogether

While I encourage people to share their feelings I do also want for people to pull back on essentially spamming me with ‘custom’ ideas. In the other thread someone got angry because I insisted on wanting to make death traps and they called me ’Stupid’ because they didn’t think I needed to make them for THEIR enjoyment… this isn’t about YOU, these films are made for a community. So please share, but do not try to BULLY your personal taste into consideration. All of you should know me by now - I don’t bend to loud voices

Last note before I move on

What I am about to pitch/explain has no bearing on the potential for hardcore films featuring Retro characters. So if you’d like to see Batgirl and Robin being beaten up and raped - it can happen but thats not what this is about. If you find that confusing, hopefully by the time you are done reading below you will better understand my intention about this potential project. IF YOU’D LIKE TO DISCUSS IDEAS FOR HARDCORE CONTENT FEATURING RETRO CHARACTERS - this post I would like to not have that conversation take place

What is RETRO 66?

Alright so this might be out of left field and it probably won't happen this year as things take time to develop but...

I was approached roughly half a year ago by a superheroine fetishist who by some kind of magic is a gorgeous woman who inquired about wether or not I was looking for potential talent for future films. She was captivated by the Robin costume featured in some of my previous work, as she is a huge fan of the 66 Batman series. I was skeptical at first as its rare for such a thing to happen but over time we discussed what kind of superheroine films they enjoyed, what a dream project would look like for them and wether or not there was even a marketplace for such work.

The idea was to create a series of films tonally aligned with the 66 Batman series - retro (like Barbarella and Batman 66), kinky (but not hardcore pornography), death traps and shot stylistically like retro television series (cliffhanger episodes etc). She is a huge fan of series like the Daredolls as being a great example of the kind of work she would like to star in.

For transparency - being that I have never made such content before I have little to no knowledge of how much such content is desired. Budgeting for my films is largely dependent on a proven history of the potential minimum to maximum sales. I am unaware of how many of you even were fans of the Daredolls and I also am aware the history of the content I make might have alienated some of you who would want lighter content

So I have created a Newsletter sign up for people who are specifically interested in this project. Signing up to it will provide you with updates but also give me and my new partner in crime some idea of the head count of people who would like to see more of this kind of work


Introducing Alice

Our little superheroine bombshell is named Alice. 

Me and Alice have discussed making her a 66 Batgirl costume as well as a 66 Robin costume, as she loves that series but we also have talked about making a series built around her original retro character. The idea would be making a mini series in the tone of a 66 Batman / Daredoll crossover. 

We are talking about chloroform K.O.s, over the top bad guys, cliffhangers while being lead directly into a saw on a table, getting covered in honey and cooked over a grill (in a Batman campy way, not like some horror film), bad guys who are a little handsy when apprehending her, camera angles to show off her every curve as she struggles in her bondage. 

This is the world Alice wants to live in - 60s inspired retro glam sexed up kink

Alice has expressed an interest in getting to meet more like minded members of this community as well as hearing your ideas about things we can explore in the series, so she has asked me to share some of her contact information with you

Please refrain from sending salacious material, Alice is being generous and we should respect that (I am trusting ALL OF YOU)

That being said here is...

Alice's Contact Information

Email: [email protected]

And you liker to join a conversation about the project here is our Retro 66 Discord


My modus operandi is Los Angeles. I go there to work with adult talent, film, pack up and leave. The situation with Alice would be different since she is not a California babe - and our joint venture would require… well… space for death traps (this is important to both me and Alice)

I, Damien, am a midwest child. I live in the outskirts of Chicago. Space here can be pricey but not in the same way as LA. 

One of the obstacles to getting this project off the ground, in the way that I would like to get it off the ground, would be the cost of renting a space to make sets in and having enough time in that space to make death traps.


Quite frankly, I see the value in putting in the hard work to see a beautiful superheroine fetishist getting to live out her deathtrap dreams. I would love to give Alice that experience that she so deeply desires and I have a feeling there is a group of you who would like to help me realize this dream for her too

I don’t know what the shape of this will look like, in cost, in product pricing, in how long it will take before we are off the ground, etc

But if any of you liked to be generous and contribute in the near future - me and Alice would be very grateful. One way or another - I will make something with her that explores all her sensibilities. Though it might take some time - me and Alice have discussed it long enough I decided it was time to begin sharing it with all of you and including you in the conversation

Last Note
  • Retro 66 is NOT a Damien Woods project
  • Retro 66 is a Alice and Damien project
  • Alice is involved with the writing, producing and direction of this project
  • She will be involved every step of the way
  • We approve things together, including this post
  • This is as much hers as it is mine, if anything its slightly more hers than mine
  • So please approach her in your comments and correspondence not as ‘hired talent’ but as my equal in this joint affair
Thank you for reading,

Alice and Damien

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Re: RETRO 66

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Personally I cannot wait for a Robin series. Liv Revamped looked great in the costume in your previous film! Would love to see her make a cameo and get carried OTS and chloroformed in the film.

I may have mentioned before, I am unsure what Alice looks like but I enjoy the enthusiasm of everyone involved in the Robin project so I will definitely be purchasing the movie when it comes out with her. Chloro, OTS, Death traps and a campy feel to it like “Dare Dolls” is right up my alley!
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Re: RETRO 66

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Looking forward to seeing what you and Alice produce. While plenty of producers use superficial elements of Batman '66, very few capture the style, tone and humor of the '66 series. With your attention to detail, I'm confident that you and Alice will deliver a campy, sexy pop-art masterpiece.
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Re: RETRO 66

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Don't mind if I ask on how it is going?
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Re: RETRO 66

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xxxwarriorxxx wrote: 7 months ago Personally I cannot wait for a Robin series. Liv Revamped looked great in the costume in your previous film!
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Re: RETRO 66

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Have you started this with Alice yet? Any update??

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