Young Miss Muscle #9

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Young Miss Muscle #9

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"As Kate Spencer...physical education isn't my best subject in school...I just get a C. But as Miss Muscle it would be straight A's all the time. I'm sure that would impress Freddie" said the Sexy Super Strong Teen as she made her way towards the boys' locker room

The mere thought of her new teen boyfriend was enough to make her big puffy golden brown nipples and wide golden brown areolas stiffen under her thin gold string bra...their faint outlines visible against its flimsy fabric...her big golden brown cunt assuming a semi-hard camel toe shape...whose outline became visible on the flimsy fabric of her thin golden thong panty.

"Ooooh...just thinking about Freddie...turns me my huge super breasts and my big super cunt...
Ooooh...makes me light
...sleepy...Need to stay focused" sighed Miss Muscle ad she pushed erotic thoughts about Freddie Pendleton to the back of her she walked towards the boys' locker room.

The Sexy Strong Super Teen heard a hissing sound coming from inside the darkened interior of the boys' locker room...and entered to find all of the showers had been left running...all the hot water taps turned on...huge clouds of steam filling the room...turning it into a sauna.

"This has to be the work of Andy Archibald and his friends. They have to be stupid to think they can hide from me in all this steam...It'll take more than steam to stop me" said Miss Muscle with confidence as she walked through the thick steam clouds in the boys' locker room...feeling the steam condense on every inch of her voluptuous and muscular golden tanned body...soaking through her thin gold string bra and tiny gold thong panty in seconds...feeling the dampness of the tiled floor of the boys' locker room under the soles of her erotic bare golden tanned feet and between her sexy toes with short shiny toenails...a she searched for Andy and his jock friends...through the thick clouds of steam swirling all around her.

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