Abuela Amazona #20

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Abuela Amazona #20

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Her muscular shiny bronze arms extended past her head, her shiny bronze hands clenched into fists, her enormous firm shiny bronze breasts bunched together under her tiny black and silver silk bra, threatening to spill out, her thick muscular shiny bronze legs extended full stretch below her wide shapely waist, the sexy toes of her erotic bare shiny bronze feet curled with tension, Abuela Amazona felt the wind rippling past every accentuated curve of her voluptuous and muscular shiny bronze body, her brown eyes focused in the slits of the black and silver silk mask which stretched across the upper part of her beauteous face as she flew after the tinted-windowed, matte black Rolls Royce as it sped along the Avenida Boyaca, speeding out of Caracas' financial district of Los Palos Grandes, heading for the dense wooden area of CUARTEL CENTRAL, located on the northern outskirts of Venezuela's capital city.

"The Rolls Royce is headed for the woods of Cuartel Central. The robbers' hideout must be there. The felons are certain to turn off the highway and take one of the trails into the woods, I will keep in pursuit ,follow them to their hideout and bring these criminals to justice! I am certain to get some answers there!" resolved the Top Heavy Amazon of Venezuela as she continued to pursue the vehicle.

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