Abuela Amazona #17

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Abuela Amazona #17

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24 hours later, 9 am

Abuela Amazona moaned into the black surgical mask she was wearing over her nose and mouth, as she awoke to find herself sprawled out on her back to top of a table, her wrists handcuffed to the top of the table, her thick muscular shiny bronze legs spread wide open below her wide, shapely waist, her erotic bare shiny bronze feet bound to the lower part of the bed by another set of handcuffs around her ankles, a sorority girl rubbing an electric vibrator over her exposed enormous firm shiny bronze breasts., keeping her huge, puffy golden brown nipples and broad, thick golden brown areolas in a heightened state of erotic arousal.

The 8ft Top Heavy Amazon of Venezuela writhed slowly and sexiluy atop the table, tugging weakly at the handcuffs binding her wrists and ankles to the bed, as she heard the low, continuous buzzing of the vibrators that sorority girl kept rubbing over her famous nipples and areolas, not giving them a second to relax.

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