Abuela Amazona #5

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Abuela Amazona #5

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Her enormous firm shiny bronze breasts bobbing sexily and threatening to spill out of her tiny black and silver bra as she walked through the darkened interior of the club...flashing strobe lights overhead...pulsating music blaring over the speakers...deejays working their turntables...Abuela Amazona's brown eyes narrowed with concern in the slits of her black and silver mask as she discovered a jampacked interior with teenagers in varying states of euphoria...most of them unmasked and those with masks, having their noses and mouths exposed. The Voluptuous Veteran Venezuelan found it difficult to move through the mass of young people...all of who were in close proximity to her.

"Even with my superhuman strength, stamina and speed...I must set the right example for these young people and it is possible that the virus could affect me...I have to put on a mask" resolved Abuela Amazona, remembering that her alter-ego was 70 years old and vulnerable to the effects of the virus. She spotted some cardboard boxes filled with unused blue surgical masks. The Big Breasted Superwoman of Venezuela reached into a box...picked up one of the masks...slipped it over her face...adjusting the straps so that the mask completely covered her nose and mouth. "Not wearing masks and social distancing aside... The state of inebriation of these young people suggests that some of them are being given drugs as this party is going on...I have to find whoever is dealing the drugs and then I will shut this covid super spreader party down" thought the Sexy Senior Superheroine as she continued to make her way through the crowded, darkened interior of the club.

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