Dr Who has not learned its lesson

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Re: Dr Who has not learned its lesson

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sneakly wrote: 1 year ago Rory’s only skill was making Amy less sexy.
Rory's only skill was being applying a vampiric, parasitic drain to my patience.
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Re: Dr Who has not learned its lesson

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Energy Vampire in Dr Who? Would explain a lot.
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Re: Dr Who has not learned its lesson

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Femina wrote: 1 year ago
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tallyho wrote: 1 year ago Everybody knows the magic formula for success, and it's tits and ass.
Boobs & Butts!!!
So lets say that happens. Lets say there's a rabid group who demands boobs and butts in a show. The show complies. Then these people don't watch the show. They don't buy the merc. THE NUMBERS GO DOWN BADLY. So the show tries to remove the boobs and butts and the same people scream murder and won't allow them to remove the content. What do you make of that crowd? Is that really fans... or something else?

This is not just that groups fault. Add to this the show producers seem to HATE the previous fan base for some reason. So they won't switch the content even IF the numbers would go up. The show is effectively going to die.

Note Dr. Who is an iconic show. Its a pillar that drives through nearly 6 decades of culture connecting with a theme. It will be in reruns so every child will see it. Young and old know it.
This sort of behavior isn't happening on any sort of effective scale. MOST human beings don't waste their time being overly concerned about media they don't enjoy. If Dr. Who wants to be the T&A show and it pushes viewers away... then nine times out of ten those viewers are GONE. They aren't looking for information doggedly about whether or not there's still T&A polluting the show anymore... meanwhile if you're rabidly clicking refresh to MAKE SURE there's still T&A in Dr. Who... then you're GONNA WATCH THE SHOW as long as it's got this thing you're looking for... you just ARE. There may be like .05% of any fanbase that's behaving the way you seem to be worried that EVERYONE is.

Let me just state for the record here... Alt right, far left, we're all still human beings and subject to the same issues of attention span. Activist behavior of the sort you're talking about requires a TRUE EFFORT of willfully pushing aside your desire to move on to something enjoyable, and you'd better believe most of them are keeping up on the shit they love and the shit they're complaining about. It is true that some people ENJOY the activism to a point, but no one's is gonna stand around FOREVER waiting to pounce on Dr. Who the INSTANT it discontinues T&A (or implements it for that matter) for longer than a couple of months, much less indefinitely over multiple Doctor regenerations.
Probably the best take I've read on here in months.

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