Shazzan - Heroine of Arabia #9

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Shazzan - Heroine of Arabia #9

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" Shazzan!!...Shazzan!!..Shazzan!! " as the people looked to the see a shapely figure floating over the rooftops of Agrabah atop her magic carpet.

With incredible agility..Shazzan leapt off her magic carpet...her shiny brown muscular arms raised above her head..her muscular shiny browm legs extended below her small, curvy waist..landing on the balls of her erotic bare shiny brown feet. The crowds of people cheered as walked to the middle of the stage...and they got a good look at their courageous champion..who was singled-handedly defeating the horde of mysterious and ruthless brigands which had been attacking the merchant caravans.

As she approached the middle of the stage..where the weight and Abdulah stood waiting..a thin man with a mustache approached..and introduced himself as Salim. "O wondrous Shazzan... Honour us if you will with a demonstration of your great strength...that the people will marvel as one as beautiful and powerful as yourself..." said Salim.

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