Shazzan - Heroine of Arabia #3

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Shazzan - Heroine of Arabia #3

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In the privacy of her chambers at the Sultan's Palace in Baghdad..the Sultan's 20 year old daughter...PRINCESS JASMIN pondered the outcome of her secret exploits the previous night in the form of the scantily-clad...shapely Heroine of Arabia known as SHAZZAN She remembered besting a band of sword-wielding brigands in the desert of the Arabian Kingdom of AGRABAH...but nothing after that..awakening back in her chambers at the Palace.

"What could have happened?..I do not understand..but I cannot be distracted by such trivial matters...There is much evil at work in the Kingdom of Agrabah..which causes great worry to my Father...I shall bring him relief and defeat the evil forces at work as Shazzan" resolved the Princess as she planned her next outing in her flimsy attire against the opponents of all that was good in Arabia.

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