Shazzan - Heroine of Arabia #1

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Shazzan - Heroine of Arabia #1

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Ancient Arabia

Under the cover of nightfall...a voluptuous female figure flew over the vastness of the desert of Ancient Arabia.

"Bandits are attacking the merchant caravans coming to Baghdad...There are evil forces guiding their efforts..It will take more than the Sultan's guards to stop them...It will take the mighty powers of..SHAZZAN...HEROINE OF ARABIA.. to thwart their evil deeds!!" she declared as she flew over the Arabian desert on her magic carpet.

The Big Breasted Arabian Superwoman flew over the desert..searching for signs of her quarry and other thoughts passed through her mind. "Father certainly would not approve of me revealing my body in this way as I battle those who would dare to undermine the Kingdom of Arabia..Father has no knowledge that Shazzan is really his own daughter...JASMIN...Princess of Arabia..Now to find these bandits" she her magic carpet flew over the vastness of the Arabian desert.

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