Tiger Cat - Tamed by Toys #8

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Tiger Cat - Tamed by Toys #8

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"Uuhhh...My Tiger Cat Nipples..so dizzy...make my Tiger Cat Breasts..very sleepy..must shake..it off..stop criminals..get home..for Christmas..." cooed Jackie as she slowly raised her head in the direction where the four Toy Terrorists were standing behind another hypno-globe and the laptop computer which operated it. As the voluptuous vigilante raised her head and looked directly at the globe..Elias switched it on. "Ohhhh..that light..I..I can't stop looking at it..colours...so..pretty..getting tired..I..I want to ..want ..to sleep...No..must..resist.." sighed Tiger Cat as her brown eyes..heavy with fatigue stared at the rainbow kalidescope of colours streaming from the upgraded hypno-globe. Her wrists and ankles tugging weakly at the ropes which tied her to the chair..unable to break them. Elias George raised a microphone to his mouth as he prepared to initiate the second part of the plan.

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