Ring Master! 4 Way Gang Slam!

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Wrestling Jam Slam!

* Brutal Pro Mixed Ring Wrestling!

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Ring Master! 4 Way Gang Slam!


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Women Warriors of the Orient!


Our Steel Kittens collection of Japanese Women’s Wrestling:
“Women Warriors of the Orient” are fierce fighting females
and masters of virtually every hold, from bone-crushing mat
action to unbelievable aerial maneuvers. These pro style
women wrestlers are bar-non the toughest wrestling women
of all time. The adrenaline is non stop in ferocious tag
team matches, and brutal girl on girl matches! The action
is insane as they fly into the crowds; heads get pummeled
with chairs and trash cans. It’s total chaos! Not for the
faint of heart, some of these are bloody and all are extreme
and intense! If you want a real pump, you have to see our
Japanese Women’s Wrestling! Fasten your seat belt;
you’re in for a real ride!  Enjoy our Collection!

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