WON/MMP's Superheroines World Underwater Peril Series Updated Film Slate For 2020 & Beyond

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WON/MMP's Superheroines World Underwater Peril Series Updated Film Slate For 2020 & Beyond

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As the countdown to Supergirl 9 Premiere Night continues and as 2019 comes to a close...We here at W.O.N/Jimbo-FailExchange Inc. along wit the good folks at MMP Studios want to thank you for watching out fan film installments this year. On December 20th, will be making history releasing our 4th fan film installment in one year...It the very first time in series history that we have released four film installments in one year.

2020 looks to be an exciting and challenging year for both W.O.N and MMP...but we are looking forward to bringing you more Supergirl & Some More Superheroines Underwater Peril Adventures in 2020 and beyond.....We here at W.O.N are happy to share with you the potential upcoming film slate calendar for 2020 and beyond.

Our goal for in 2020 is to bring you 3 film installments....Supergirl 10 & 11 & Superwoman 4 with the possibility of maybe one more installment to squeeze in depending on the budget and schedule.

As you can see we have create some brand new titles for some potential new superheroines underwater peril film installments for next year and beyond...Now, the 2021 and 2022 titles are not official as of yet as these potential projects that are currently in the draft stages, but rest assured, they'll be coming your way. So, keep your eyes out on this facebook page for updates to see what new stories we are cooking up for your favorite superheroines for 2020 and hopefully, years to come. So, stay tuned!
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