Title : Cory Chase is Star Girl by Cory's Superheroine Adventure

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Title : Cory Chase is Star Girl by Cory's Superheroine Adventure

Post by spikeeagle »

Title : Cory Chase is Star Girl

Release Day : July 9, 2016

Classification : Unrated/X18+ (MPAA/OLFC) - Sexual Intercourse, Oral Sex

Actor : Cory Chase (Star Girl), Alex Adams

Studio : Cory's Superheroine Adventure

Price : 16.99 USD (16 minutes)

To Buy : https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/32589 ... 8HD.mp4%29
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star girl (1).png (3.18 MiB) Viewed 1368 times
Plot : Scene One: Star Enforcement

Where is he? Star Girl asks searching the house. Without warning he appears striking her hard and driving her to the floor. She fights back yelling that the police officer is not taking her bribes. I'm a good cop! he yells back, tazering her. The device goes to work giving him complete control of her.

Strip off your costume He says with authority. Star Girl screams as her body reacts and does as he commands. How is this possible! I can't stop! She screams. He records her as she pulls off her cloths, taunting her. He picks her up and brings her to his bed, slapping her face with his cock and making her suck him like a slut. Oh please no She moans desperately as he removes her powers.

Scene Two: Viral Video Star

Get away! She yells but can't control her own body. She looks up at him in desperation and screams when his cock pushes inside her and fucks her. He rides her hard into the bed. I'm star girl! She yells in defiance, moaning and shaking.

Pleasure and orgasm rip through her body. The harder she fights it the more it happens. Finished with her pussy he cums all over her mask, with humiliating cream. Covered he makes her look into the camera and take off her mask. Never! She screams, her hands slowly doing as she's commanded.

He uploads the video while she regains her powers. Over a million views He says and she chokes him picking him up from the computer. Star Girl is about to get some sweet revenge!

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star girl (1).png (3.18 MiB) Viewed 1368 times
Actor 4 out of 5

So, this film feature Cory Chase, which is a very well known MILF, a yes for me.

Cory is probably one of the better known SHIP performer, while the number of SHIP under her belt is not at all that much, but I would say most of them make an impact to viewer, you probably won't forget about her name either So, the star power is there.

Cory, however, is slowly showing sign of aging Cory now isn't really the same Cory I saw back in early 2000 (Think she is around 37 or 38 in this movie), well, we all get old, so that is not a big deal, but she is no longer the top crop for me, in my book, most of the porn actress her ages would have retired and focus on either behind the scene or something else altogether, she has been overlapped by several up and coming actress. But well, this is hardly her fault.

So I give the actor a 4 out of 5

Acting 3 out of 5

While Cory can sell humiliation (well, something I think that's an overkill) but her general acting skill is lacking, there aren't that many line in this movie, yet most of her dialogue seems forced and out of place, while some convey desperation and humiliation, most I just don't know why that line is there and the way she bring in the line.
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star girl (1).png (3.18 MiB) Viewed 1368 times
On the other hand, her reaction to be forced fucked and cum on face/mask is priceless. Again, a bit overkill for me, but she capture that moment nicely with a sort of defiance response. "Nope, I am Star Girl, I will NOT take off my mask" but there she goes, slowly taken off her mask.

Her acting is not great, but adequate, hence a solid 3.

Action 1 out of 5

Once again, there are no action in this movie, beside some silly punch from both side at the beginning of the film, basically the whole things is strip, sucks and fuck. And with the minutes of action there were, the punch is somewhat comical, I mean I cannot believe even Alex didn't punch Cory realistically, he also throw the lame punch Cory throw at him

If you are an action fan, YOU WILL be disappointed about that.

Costume 2 out of 5

Costume is a disaster for this movie, well, first of all, Cory dressed more like a street walker with mask than a superhero or supervillain, and it doesn't really matter anyway, because the first thing the guy is in control, he has her strip off her costume in the first minute anyway and both were naked for the majority of the film.

Cory had on a V neck Teddy, bra, panty, garter belt, stockings, platform boots and mask, all black.

While as I always say, there are nothing wrong with a store bought, but point are deducted for not keeping the costume on most of the time. I mean, if you are going to watch it, you expect to see both of them naked after first 3 minutes.

Peril 4 out of 5

Only thing this movie do well is Peril, and to some extend, the sex, Peril expressed in a way Cory have been subjected to humiliation while she object to, mostly verbally. There are some instant where she try to prevent herself from humiliation by physical mean (like try not to take off her stockings and so on) but those are rare. Would love to see Cory fight the guy more, especially when the man take away her power, what she do is basically lay down and watch.

Humiliation is quite well sold, especially like it when she try not to reveal her identity but have to do it anyway, it contrast to she objected to cum on her face and mask. But once again, she is too willing to let that happen, which bugs me.

Sex Scene 3 out of 5.

Sex scene is okay, she moan and sigh when Alex fucks her, but not especially dramatic, nor was had she depicted any kind of humiliation (apart from saying she is star girl, which more like trying to comfort herself than object to it)

One thing I found it disappointing is that Cory had sex naked beside her mask, she is wearing thigh high stockings. I don't understand why she have to take off EVERYTHING to have sex when she can simply take off her panty. I want to see superhero/supervillain keep their costume on during sex, that violation of her identity is the one we shoot for in SHIP, by not wearing any costume, basically he is fucking a normal woman.

Was going to deduct point for that, but well, did it in costume part, so not going to do that here.

Storyline 3 out of 5.

There are no storyline, in fact, after watching it tenth of time, I still don't know if Cory is the good or bad guy, judging from the plot description from C4S, I would say Cory is the bad guy, but then, I don't know.

The movie started with Cory look around in a room, trying to find a man, then that man surprise her and punch her to the floor, what follow is some brief exchange, then the man shock her with a Jar Opener, and somehow Cory is under his control, he then instruct her to strip, and rough her around a bit more, then stuck his cock on Cory mouth. Then progress to "rape" her, notice that air quote because I don't think it convey the idea of Force Sex on Cory. then he cum on her face, have her take off her mask and humiliate her. After some time, Cory regain her power, wear her mask and continue the fight. That's where the film ends. It make me wonder is there are 3rd part of this movie in the thinking but never materialized?

One thing I found it interesting tho, is that the power source for Cory is a butt plug inserted in her anus. This is actually a very good idea for power source and I am surprise not many producer thought about that before. This is quite a turn on, well, at least for me. and I definitely want to see more butt plug power source film to be produced.

In the end, point were deducted for lack of a storyline, but was awarded for the interested way to produce a power source. So it's even and the score stand at 3.

Total Score : 20/35 or Average Score 2.85/5
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star girl (1).png (3.18 MiB) Viewed 1368 times
My Verdict

Well, i am torn, on one hand, I dont see any production value of this film, I wouldn't buy it if this is just that, however, I very much like the concept of Butt Plug being the power source i would most likely buy this movie just to see Cory interact with the buttplug.

To me, I don't think I have watched it in full beside when I just get the movie off the C4S, every time I watch it i skipped it toward the time when Cory Butt Plug is forcibly removed from her, and then I skip to Alex cuming on Cory Face. That is what get me high. Normally I am a strip guy but for some reason, the stripping just did not sit well with me.

In the end, I guess if you want to see how good the butt scene is, you should go get this movie, if butt plug does not turn you on, don't buy this..

Thanks for your time.

P.S. Since last time there are some sort of "Hyper Vigilant and Hyper Sensitive" folks invaded my review, first of all, i would like to apologise for my behaviour, this is no excuse to act like how I act back in that thread. Also, please noted that this is my review on something, that is basically how I see a certain thing. While I do not have a problem you see that differently, I do mind if you try to interject your opinion onto mine. There are no right or wrong in a review as this is a personal matter, you may like what I think or say, you may not like, but that does not mean I am more "right" than you or I am more "wrong" than you. as this is an subjective opinion by me.

Anyway, until next time, I will write another review tonight or tomorrow, until then.

Spike Eagle
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