An update on the WON/MMP's Superheroine World Underwater Series Facebook Page

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An update on the WON/MMP's Superheroine World Underwater Series Facebook Page

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:supes: ATTENTION!! FANS & FOLLOWERS!!! Since Facebook for the last 3 days has refused to accept the name change of this page to "Superwoman: A New Dawn" which is our next project we are currently working on..We decided to change the page name to Supergirl VIII: Avenging Force to see if we would get the same result. It turns out that Facebook accepted that name...Can't figure that one out.
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So now, even though the page name has been changed to Supergirl VIII: Avenging Force..we are still focusing on Superwoman : A New Dawn which is our main project that we are working on right now. And also, we continue to write the script for Supergirl VIII as well and hope for the script to be completed by August or September! Supergirl VIII: Avenging Force will follow right after Superwoman: A New Dawn.
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Now, I'm also Posting this promo poster up again because their seems to be some type of confusion when it comes to the order of the films due to the page's recent name change....So here are the upcoming films in order.

1-Superwoman: A New Dawn. Starring Linda Hines & Amy Christine (Coming This Fall 2017)

2-Supergirl VIIII: Avenging Force, Starring Kaycee Anne & Linda Hines (Coming in 2017 Or 2018)

3-Supergirl IX: Beware Of Psycho, Starring Kaycee Anne (Co-Star To Be Announced At A Later Time) (Coming In 2018)

These are the upcoming films in order. The reason why this page has been rename Supergirl VIIII instead of Superwoman: A New Dawn is because Facebook rejected the titled "Superwoman: A New Dawn" for some unknown we decided to rename the page "Supergirl VIIII: Avenging Force' which will be our 8th installments of the WON/MMP Supergirl Underwater Peril Fan Film Series and will follow right after Superwoman: A New Dawn.

Also, just a friendly reminder that WON/MMP's Superwoman: A NEW DAWN Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign is now up and running and LIVE! Superwoman: A New Dawn FAN FILM INSTALLMENT NEEDS $1,450 TO BE FULLY FUNDED!!! The deadline is September 1st @ 2:59am ET/August 31st @ 11:59pm PT.

To make a donation/contribution to this new fan film installment, click on this link:

For updates on the progress of Superwoman: A New Dawn's Crowdfunding Campaign Props & Costumes, progress on the Supergirl VIII: Avenging Force Script and Supergirl IX: Beware of Psycho Script and also, updates on the CW Supergirl TV show and much, much, more. Subscribe/like to WON/MMP's Supergirl VIII: Avenging Force Facebook Page:
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