15 Hour Superman Old Time Radio Marathon Airing on Thanksgiving Day on 920 WON: The Apple

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15 Hour Superman Old Time Radio Marathon Airing on Thanksgiving Day on 920 WON: The Apple

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I know that this forum in a "Superheroine Forum" but since this does touch on legendary DC Comics character--And It centers around Supergirl's cousin--Superman! So here it goes...
and this will be the only time i'll be doing this on this forum because I don't folks to feel like I'm spamming....so I'll keep this as short as I can.

As some of you know, I run a non-profit old time online radio called called 920 WON: The Apple, powered by caster.fm. And for the second year in a row..I will be broadcasting a 15 hour thanksgiving marathon featuring the Superman Old Time Radio Series dated back form 1940-1949.

I'll be broadcasting over 100 episodes, 15 hours of non-stop classic adventures with the Man Of Steel. So, Fasten your seat beat for one heck of a Thanksgiving marathon. it's the SUPERMAN SUPERFEST!!! Tune In ALL DAY Thursday, Thanksgiving Day @ 9am ET-12am ET, EXCLUSIVELY! Only on 920 WON: The Apple, New York's One & Only Old Time Online Variety Radio Station via caster.fm. LISTEN LIVE! ONLY @ http://www.920won.caster.fm
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