For Christina Carter. A small wish... :)

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For Christina Carter. A small wish... :)

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Hi, Christina,

I've seen samples of your work as Wonder Woman (sadly, never the entirety of any one particular film), and I am impressed, especially when you wear the WW costume.

There was even a series of pics you had of you in one of your older WW outfits in a bathtub. I will admit, wetlook, especially scantily clad, costumed heroine wetlook such as what you did in those bathtub shots, is a big turn on for me. (I'm sorry if I sound like a pervy fanboy. :) )

Seeing you in the more accurate Lynda Carter-esque costume that you wear, you wear it well. You look great in it. I am hoping that you will do a shoot or movie in it with a subtantial wet peril ,or even wet pleasure scene. (I personally despise the ridiculous, all concealing blue diving outfit that Lynda Carter wore in the second and third seasons of WW. She had the perfect bathing suit to begin with, and they covered her up with a blue spandex dive suit. I know...I was largely for technical reasons....or rather...potential, ummm, wardrobe malfunctions...LOL!) If you do a video like that at some point, I will gladly fork over the cash for it. I know that the accurized Lynda Carter costume is likely expensive (but I don't think you're quite as worried about "wardrobe malfunctions" as the networks back in the 70's ;) ) , but it would be so worth it. Like some on this board, I am more into the PG-13 costumed approach, rather than the porn aspect (although the porn aspect certainly does not bother me).

If this seems a disrespectful or unreasonable request, I humbly apologize. And again, if I sound like a pervy fanboy, I also humbly apologize.

With a very respectful and loving "fap, fap, fap", :) (Oops...did I type that out loud? :D )

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