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Project Defeat : The capture of Valeria the Jungle Queen

They say that space is the final frontier and our galaxy and universe is a vast expanse of unknown discoveries. Yet the same could be said about the planet. So much about Earth is unknown, and deep within the jungles of Sumatra, Indonesia is a cavern, a gaping dimensional hole in the ground that is made of pure energy. Enchanted by ancient magics from long ago, when the earth was young; it leads to a world within a world. On the other side, deep underground where the earths core is located; is a place of savage wonders, with lush exotic vegetation that no rainforest of Asia, Africa or South America can challenge. The core burns brightly exactly like the solar system’s sun, energising the life that swarms all around this primal landscape. This is Earth and yet so alien.

The peace is interrupted by a rumbling snarl. The noise emerges from the gullet of a two legged reptilian creature that was long presumed extinct in the world above. A Tyranosaurus Rex, and on its back rides a glorious woman indeed. Her hair radiantly gold, her skin tanned with her athletic muscles exposed. Barefoot, she displays skill and prowess in the way she moves her body atop the beast as its master and rider with saddle and reins. Her name is Valeria the Jungle Queen.

Many years ago she was Erica, an explorer and archaeologist that worked for an secret international organisation, called LORE (Legends Organisation Research Enquiry) whose mission was and still is, to protect the planet from ancient artifacts of the human past that could disrupt the entire political and economic order. Erica was wounded in the field during an expedition to find one such artifact and locate a lost civilisation deep in the jungles of Indonesia. Little did she know that rogue elements of various governments were after her, perhaps allied to corporate interests, and a crime syndicate led by a notorious woman by the name of Modesty Blaze. Erica was overrun by a group of armed paramilitary thugs, a bullet struck her as she fell to her death. Modesty saw her disappear into a dark hole that was almost a portal. It swallowed her up before sealing the ground above her. It seemed so long ago to her now. But she was not killed that day, rather she was reborn.

The blonde jungle she savage pulled hard on the reins of the reptile.

“calm yourself, Rodan!” She commanded as the duo were in pursuit of a group of armed men. She was clearly a master hunter and they were the prey.

“Somehow these men from above found a way into Dukun Varsh! This is unheard of! I have been trying to contact the Lighting League above but to no avail. Madame Nox did inform me that most of the members were preparing for inter dimensional travel to rescue the missing Lady England….” Valeria thought to herself. The thoughts were distracting enough as bullets flew passed her head.

“that was close, I’ve got to focus…..even with my enhanced animal senses I could easily lose my life against these men!”

Somersaulting off the beast she touched the rough ground with her bare feet, but quickly disappeared into the shadows of the trees in an attempt to persuade the invaders to follow her.

“Let them think they have me cornered. I have commanded to Rodan to retreat and he will obey me as always!”

Predictably the armed invaders followed her into the rich foliage of the jungle, but they were in her kingdom now. Valeria silently scampered up a tree with the speed of a monkey, from atop she sat perched, peering like an falcon at the five mercenaries. As soon as they separated to pursue her she responded. The first victim fell to the mighty Jungle Queen, as her two bare feet thundered down from her position like lighting, striking him between his eyes, knocking him out instantly. She confiscated his weapon, either displaying a disdain for this foreign weapon of “civilisation” or an arrogant confidence in her skills and status as a master of this savage land. Here in the realm of Dukun Varsh, the environment and the ecology was her weapon. Despite her shadow like movements, she had made enough noise to startle the second mercenary who rained bullets sideways towards her. Valeria disappeared into a river, submerging her entire body. It was as if she was one with her terrain, she knew where everything was intuitively. The man approached the body of water and fired again hoping to annihilate this blonde savage she beast. Unfortunately for him, she appeared behind him, it was a classic ruse and he had fallen for it. The blow at the back of his head was strong and sent him to sleep.

“Where are you jungle bitch, come out and we won’t kill you!” Said the leader of the group. His British accent was clear and his name was Lord Ronald Windsor, a known hunter, aristocrat and explorer who was constantly in search of artifacts of power. Valeria was very familiar of this man’s bloody work all over the world. Ronald gestured to his remaining two men from afar, but in his arrogance he underestimated her. It was her beauty, her physique as a woman, statuesque, athletic and model like visage, but he knew of her legend. His arrogant male ego still would reduce her to what he saw as the inferiority of a woman in some kind of neo-Victorian sexism. In Lord Windsor’s eyes she was worthy to be a Playboy centrefold girl or perhaps an Instagram model or an Only Fans slut. How could she possibly be a threat? And yet this beauty, this member of the fair sex moved like an animal and her attacks were unseen. Windsor heard a scream which came from one of his men. He turned to the other one, and noticed him being dragged to the earth with such speed that he wondered if this woman had transformed into a creature. Was she a skin changer he pondered? Windsor however was experienced. A former SAS soldier that had developed his own senses in training and war. He was able to notice the scantily clad Valeria sneak up behind him. He let her grapple him, and replied with a judo take down sending her to the mud.

“Ugh!” she moaned. Quickly, the jungle Goddess, sprung to her feet ready to face Lord Windsor, who was clearly a more challenging foe than his foot soldiers. He pulled out a knife and coupled it with a bloodlusted smile.

“It is finally an honour to be able to dance with you Valeria….the legends of your adventures all over the world are well known. As an explorer there was a time I wondered if you was real!” He said.

“Stop talking!” She replied as she took out her own hunting knife and attacked with a flurry of slashes to the air which Lord Windsor easily avoided. The two opponents paused for a moment, both absorbed in one another’s movements as if they were telepathically linked. Windsor slid his hand into his pocket and pulled out a circular metallic object with intricate carvings or symbols and what could have been a language and a green gem in the middle.

“Is this what you are looking for?”

“How dare you!”

“Looks like you was too late!”

It was clear to Windsor that the artifact was valuable to Valeria.

“You’re not doing your job very well are you? I thought you was supposed to be the guardians of all of these artifacts? Thats what happens when you entrust a woman to do such an important job! LORE should have hired a savage Jungle man instead of a savage slut like you!” He said scathingly.

In her anger she launched herself at him. The short blades of their knives clashed and parried against one another, but eventually the man showed his superiority in fighting ability. As their knife wielding hands were distracted he shot a vicious strike to her side and an opposite kick to her other side. It shocked Valeria for it had been sometime since she had felt such a pain let alone faced such a versatile male opponent.

“UUUUUGH….that stung……can’t let him win!” She thought to herself as she fell to her knees. The chauvinist saw his chance advancing forward. It was a trap. Valeria rolled her body around his ankle, locking his leg around one of his like two slithering pythons around a larger animal. The force, power and speed knocked him off balance, as he fell to the ground she maintained her leg lock and transitioned to apply more pressure to his ankle with her hand and shoulder. It snapped.

“Aaaaaaaaargh you bitch!!”

She smiled as she stood over him, her bare foot on his chest. But still the British hunter smiled. His red hair looked like fire in the sunlight, and defiance burned in his eyes as if to say that even the mighty Jungle Queen could not defeat him. Pressing a button on his belt caused the trees to rumble. With a speed that she had never encountered, even from the most spry of monsters, dinosaurs and animals across the globe; the metallic arms wrapped themselves around her in a bearhug. The robotic behemoth, stood at 10 foot tall. As she turned to look at it, it seemed to possess a cockpit but it was obvious that this thing could be operated without a pilot.

“We knew we would come across dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures in this land of yours so we came prepared! I never expected that in the end I would have had to use the mech 2000 on a human female! Your reputation proceeds you my dear, you should be proud of yourself but now is the time to surrender! I shall be taking you back to England as my prize and slave,” he said as he stroked her chin. Valeria struggled all she could but it was no use. But she didn’t need to. Pursing her lips she released an ear piercing whistle. Rodan heard as he charged his way towards the robotic monstrosity. The T-Rex’s head battered the machine sending it toppling, enabling Valeria to escape. The fight was not over!

The sheer force of the Rodan’s head sent the hulking mech suit tumbling, rendering it inoperative. Windsor staggered to his feet and drew his knife again. The jungle queen was all over him and Valeria’s bare foot cracked against the jaw of Windsor, bloodying his mouth and sending him to the floor in an embarrassed heap of masculine failure. Dropping his knife, he collapsed in front of her and the carnivore king reptile that snarled before him. It would take a mere command from Valeria’s lips and he would be food for the beast.

“Its over Windsor….I’m contacting LORE” She said as she confiscated the ancient metallic artifact from his possession. It took her less then a minute to bind the enemy in vines and ropes. It was humiliating for the chauvinist hunter, to be displayed like a captured trophy, hanging beneath Valeria’s saddle, atop the mighty Rodan. She rode the reptile with haste.

After half an hour they exited the deep forage of the jungle, and it took another 30 minutes ride upon the mighty T Rex, on the open plains of this subterranean savage world; before they came to an isolated hut made of wood and straw. A cauldron was bubbling outside and smoke was wafting from other pots.

Valeria dismounted and was greeted by an hunched elderly woman. She wore a hood but as the sunlight revealed her, she had the face of a wise sage.

“Greetings Um Salit” Valeria said with a smile.

“It has been too long my sun haired child!” The sage like woman said half enthused, half scolding Valeria. Her voice was as soft and gentle as the breeze and she extended a withered hand to welcome her old friend. Windsor still hung, bound; below the torso of the great beast. He watched the interchange between the jungle queen and this old woman. It was clear from his eyes that they were old friends but he could not understand the language they conversed with. He sensed that the mighty jungle queen was distracted, and he slowly begun unfastening his bonds unbeknown to the savage heroine and her T Rex mount.

"Life in the jungle can pull us in many directions, but our connection to this land remains unbroken.” Um Salit said. Valeria took a seat beside the boiling cauldron, her gaze fixed on the flickering flames. "I've missed your guidance and wisdom, dear friend. So much has happened since we last met.” The shaman nodded, her gaze distant as if seeing the events of Valeria’s past in her mind's eye.

"Tell me, Valeria. Share your stories, and I will listen. The jungle carries the memories of all who tread upon its soil.” Valeria began to recount her adventures, the battles she had fought, the friends she had made, and the challenges she had overcome. The shaman listened intently, her face reflecting the depth of her connection to the land and the empathy she held for her friend.

“You have been my guiding light since that day…” Valeria recounted.

“Since you fell from above like a women from the stars? Many of us of Dukun Vash have always known of the world above. You was one of the few to fall to us without an activated key. We appreciated the work of LORE and perhaps some kind of magic dragged you here and I believe it was for a purpose.” Valeria took out the ancient artifact she had retrieved from Windsor. Her slender fingers traced the metallic carvings.

“I remember you said to me that these artifacts activate the portals to Dukun Vash?”

“Yes….when you fell wounded to us without an artifact I knew you was the saviour that was prophesied to us in our ancient tablets. My tribe, the Vos Otho knew you was the chosen one, to fall through the openings from above for without a key you would have simply fallen to your death. That thing you hold in your hands… as old as Dukun Vash. Our land is ancient. We were once the world above you know?”Valeria always found the shaman friend’s words fascinating.

“When we found you deep in the jungle, you was on deaths door. It was all according to the prophecy for your body was glowing with light. The ritual was made clear in our tablets and handed down for centuries. I was possibly the first to perform it”

“I remember you said my body was taken to a high peak?”

“Yes….the blue blade mountains of Vos Otho. A place our Gods came from. After the ritual we left your body there for 5 days, wrapped in a ceremonial shroud as if you was truly dead”

“Wow…..I don’t remember you telling me that.”

“When you returned from the mountain….you was reborn…..naked….raw and primal. Your soul and body now intertwined with the jungles and land of Dukun Vash, and Mother Earth in general. Your power and strength enhanced, your senses heightened….your ability to heal….this is all from the ritual….but after spending some time with me and our tribe your disappeared….as if some force was guiding you towards your adventures”

Valeria smiled. “I can’t explain it….It was like a trance. I was compelled to protect Dukun Vash…..eventually those adventures took me back to the surface world where I joined the Lighting League. It seems that my body has the power to pass through many of the openings to Dukun Vash, scattered throughout the world above. I don’t need artifacts…allying myself with the Superheroes has enabled me to better protect you all…”

“And we are forever grateful my feral goddess. I see you still use the name we gave you”

“yes……Valeria…..when I returned from the mountain I felt like I was a new person, a new soul in a new body……Erica seems a memory. I do not know if I can ever return to my home country…But slowly I feel myself calmer and less primal….less like some animalistic machine”

“Take your time my dear….there is one thing I must tell you”

“speak wise one..”

“You have great power and ability, from the ritual…..I do not know what other powers you have but the tablets do talk of your weakness…The power from the jungle lands of Dukun Vash connect to your through that which grounds you to the earth….your feet…..protect them at all costs….”

“I understand and I will…..should I wear shoes or boots?”

“When you expose your feet your power is greater, for the energy and magic from the core of Mother Earth that is Dukun Vash can fully energise and revitalise you without any blocking….your body you may have noticed is extremely sensitive…”

Valeria almost blushed and Um Salit laughed. “What is wrong with you surface dwellers…..are you all like this? Any talk about the body embarrasses you? Embrace what the Gods have given you…your feminine body…….its beauty…..its pleasure…..”

“You are right…..and I do embrace it with all my heart….its so easy now…”

“yes but remember…..the most sensitive part of your body are your feet…”

Suddenly Valeria could sense the slight movements of Windsor and sensed that he was trying to escape. She walked towards her captured prey and ungagged him.

“Speak Dog….what are your organisations’ plans?”

Windsor looked as sly as a fox and spoke confidently. “You have no idea what is in store for you jungle slut…..let’s just say a large powerful alliance has been forged…..soon enough we will have enough artifacts to conquer Dukun Vash….”

Valeria silenced the man with stern fist to his jaw sending him into darkness.

“This man is too dangerous. Keep him here among the tribe of Vos Otho as your prisoner. I must return above. I will leave Rodan with you”

“Go with the Goddess and may the spirits give you strength”

Valeria left with speed and haste. Her journey to the nearest portal was long but she covered space with astounding movement and agility, gliding across Dukun Vash as if the land was her dancing partner or lover. After sometime, she located the portal. It was inside a cave, around 10 feet above her, atop a rocky hill. Taking out her communicator she made contact with a friend at LORE. Millions of miles above, in a facility in Iceland, Dr William Tyler picks up the phone.

“Greetings Valeria…..or should I say Agent Erica Stone?”

“Valeria will do”

“I have the artifact. Windsor is being held in a prison here”

“Do you think that’s wise?”

“why would you say that?”

“Dukun Vash seems to be a savage place….”

“My dear Dr Tyler, it is no more savage then the surface world….in the space of 70 years our modern society has managed to bring the planet to ecological disaster….but long after the oceans have drowned us all the people, tribes, races and species of Dukun Vash will continue to live….they know how to embrace Mother Earth”

“that is indeed a fair assessment. There are agents close to the nearest portal immersion, which will probably be in Indonesia, Bali. You can pass the artifacts to them….I will also contact one of the Lighting League’s heroines in the region….Surya Dewi will be there for you”

“Thanks Doc….hope to see you again sometime, in the martial arts training at the Iceland Facility again perhaps?”

“Id rather not….the last time I trained with you I was sore for a week and couldn’t walk for 3 days…..”

“you exaggerate….you did well and have potential”

“I would rather stick to challenges of the mind and intellect!”

The two engaged in a laugh together and then Valeria cut communication. As Valeria scaled the rocky hill she came close to the ledge of the cave where the dimensional portal could be activated. Like lighting, her senses were alerted as she turned her head to the right she saw a black bearded man, wearing a Fedora hat. In his arms he possessed a rifle and he was aiming at the Jungle Queen. Her body moved with the bullet, as she acrobatically flipped her way up the rocky wall to the ledge. More bullets were fired and Valeria took cover behind a large stone near the face of the cave. The man was some distance from her and it dawned on her that despite her inhuman abilities and skill, she should have taken previous advice from Dr Tyler and LORE to arm herself with a gun. Her senses told her that this bearded hunter was still nowhere near her proximity. Her primal instincts told her to attack the man from above by climbing the cave with stealth. Before beginning her attack plan, she peaked slightly to pin point the hunters position with her hawk like vision. Her eyes widened, like a deer in headlights, her heart jumping at the sight of the man, his burly chest and towering height and standing right in front of her. She kicked his rifle out of his hand but he reached for her hair, yanking her head with great force, dragging her entire body. She had never felt so helpless since her rebirth as the Jungle Queen of Dukun Vash.

“Uuuuuugh just how did he move so fast from his previous position, and why couldn’t my senses detect him?” she panicked.The man back handed Valeria to the ground. She collapsed in a heap, and felt slightly dizzy.

“What a blow that was. Get up girl….you’re the Jungle Queen…you can’t let this guy man handle you!” she said to herself to boost her confidence. As she came to a crouched position the man spoke.

“I guess you are wondering who the hell am I?”

Valeria was silent.

"You are not the only human from the world above to have the power of Dukun Vash. My story is long but I have history as a hunter, an obsession with being the apex predator. Its a lust I have had since childhood”

Valeria was not interested in his ramblings. She attacked but the hunter nullified her quickly with a perfect blow to her solar plexus. The air and speech was gone from her body, she could not even move.

“uuuuugh……no……how??” She said to herself.

“hmmm…’re good……and you’re fast…..but no matter……even with the power of Dukun Vash you’re still a woman…” he said. The hunter kept her body immobilised, stabbing his thumb into her solar plexus deeply and then piercing her spine from behind with a small accupuncture needle. Valeria whimpered and felt herself blacking out.

“No…..must….resist….” The Jungle Queen did well to keep herself awake.

“You are even more enduring than I imagined. Most prey would have fallen asleep from my pressure point attacks…..but you are not as strong and intelligent as I imagined, but then again you are a blonde” he laughed as he hugged her limp body close to his marble hard chest.

“You interrupted my story….as I was saying I was a successful hunter but the day came where I faced a creature deep in the Congolese rainforest, one that had escaped from this underworld savage utopia. It means that there are portals located in all land locked regions of the surface world to this Hollow Earth?”

Valeria refused to answer, as she struggled inside his grip.

“uuugh, he knows exactly which areas of the body to strike…..and he knows about the gateways to Dukun Vash!”

“It was a predator itself” he continued, “a 7 foot high humanoid, cat like beast, untamed, brutal and wild….much like facing you, having a rifle did not necessarily give me an advantage. It was a long battle, the details I do not need to go into….but I faced death. And as this were-cat proceeded to feed on me I was saved by my benefactors who often hired me for my talents……the same benefactors I continue to work for and they have developed into quite the heroine destroying alliance my dear…….”

Valeria could not speak as his anaconda arms constricted tighter and tighter. But she knew that the were-cat he faced was a race of feline humanoids known as the Nikramo and she wondered how one of them escaped into the surface world.

“My benefactors intervened which greatly angered me…..I was so jealous of this creature….its ability as a predator was beyond me….I yearned to be just like it….they killed the beast before me but just as I fell unconscious I witnessed the feline behemoth morph into the form of an ordinary man. My benefactors granted me my wish. One of their master scientists synthesized a serum from the were-cat. Guess who was the subject?” he smiled.

Valeria still couldn’t respond and she was mortified by the prospect of a man with synthesized powers of a Nikramo.

“My powers are from magic and ritual……and Im a woman….could a man with scientifically induced Dukun Vash powers defeat my abilities? I already feel so helpless in his arms?” she thought as fear was eating her soul as fast as the cortisol was being released in her body.

“You’re weak Valeria….because you have not experienced enough fear…..It’s new to you. Don’t worry….let me relax you” He said as he stole her cherry coloured lips into his own. She felt the sharp bristle touch of his beard, and his tongue searching for hers. If not for her inability to move she would have easily broken free. His hands mangled her breasts behind the primally designed bikini she wore. Another hand swiped her torso down towards her most delicate folds of skin. He wasted no time and entered her with his large strong hand and fingers but noticed she was only mildly moist. He admired the mastery she had over her body and mind.

“Breaking her would be the ultimate challenge for a predator such as I” he thought to himself with excitement and Valeria felt his elation with the hardened brick between his legs which pressed so eagerly into her thigh. He was shirtless, but wore green coloured shorts. He wondered when she would yield as he wanted that before he took her.

“Maybe I will get the opportunity to torture her? Maybe that will cause her to surrender as so many have before her” he imagined deviously. He fantasised about all the terrible things he would to to her, all the fear he would unleash upon Valeria’s mind, delving into his mental darkness which demanded that she submitted before he fucked her. His barefoot slowly touched, caressed and then stepped upon her own foot without his awareness. Valeria moaned and her muscles became light as if a strange weakness had suddenly washed over her entire body. And then he could felt it. A flood of watery wetness pour into his fingers within her tight cavernous slit. The hunter frowned and wondered what had happened, his Cat like senses instantly activated, trying to detect his prey’s responses and move with them. “There is much I need to learn from this prey before I capture her..” he wondered. He whispered in her ear. “Something is different… are adapting to me…..perhaps its the savage environment of Dukun Vash and our energies which were given birth from this wild underworld. I have not introduced myself….they call me Zoltar….the heroine hunter….”

“uuuuuugh” she groaned as she became wetter and wetter.

“I must…..fight……wish….I could move…..I still have the will to fight and at least he doesn’t know my weakness…..there is hope….there is……uuuuugh….noooo! Valeria panicked again as he began massaging and wiggling his fingers inside her. Unless her body could move…..she was doomed.

“UUUUUUUUUGH……CANT…..FIGHT HIM!!!” Valeria wailed as if she was standing on the edge of an abyss, one that would lead to a delirious succumbing if she fell. She looked above and noticed Pterodactyls. Using her mastery of the primal forces of Dukun Vash, she vibrated her vocal cords and communicated a screeching tone which startled the flying Lizards. As if they were coming to her aid, or simply just annoyed; two of the creatures dashed downwards like spears, their talons attempted to swipe at the head of the so called Heroine Hunter. Zoltar reacted, throwing Valeria aside and cartwheeling into a flip to the opposite direction. Such were the enhancements of his Nikramo induced abilities.

Valeria was tired but not exhausted. Her cardio endurance was superhuman to say the least, as was her ability to recover. This time she attacked with a combination of wisdom and a furious burning that pumped adrenalin into her body. Maybe it was her over sexed body that allowed her access to such primal intuition. She ceased to think, as she gave Zoltar the fight of his life. A Pterodactyl swooped down again this time grabbing her shoulders allowing Valeria to plant her heel successfully on her abuser’s chin. Zoltar was stunned. The flying reptile continued to soar, taking her towards the cave. Without hesitation the creature threw her into the portal.

“Escaped…..but this makes the hunt even more delicious…well done Jungle Queen…” he said to himself as he held the artifact in his hand smiling with victory.

The portal took Valeria to a jungle close to the great volcano Mount Agung on the Indonesian island of Bali. As she landed on her feet, she realised something. The artifact was missing! She remembered. In the heat of battle, when her body was helpless and immobilised, the Heroine Hunter probably managed to take it off her. She cursed the air at her failure and screamed. She realised that she needed to go into problem solving mode as fast as possible, lest the anxiety of fight and flight take over. Her primal senses guided her, combined with her past training as a LORE agent.

She was forced to steal a shroud and sarong to cover her exposed appearance which would not be acceptable for the moral qualms of Balinese culture. Theft seemed like it would be even more unacceptable as she also snatched a bike from a sleeping paddy field farmer. Before long she was in the city of Ubud. The traditional architecture characterised by intricate designs and ornate carvings blended beautifully with the tropical environment. The images depicted myths and stories from Hindu and local folklore, it reminded her a lot of the many temples in Dukun Vash, whose vastness dwarfed anything that existed among the ancient ruins of the surface world.

The Jungle Queen slipped into the art market and eventually found her way to a LORE safe house. As she entered the courtyard of the secluded villa she saw a tall slender caramel coloured woman. The woman turned around to greet Valeria she wore a red mask that revealed nothing but her eyes. She was ninjaesque in her appearance but appeared like it wrapped around her face and head. The same red covering enveloped around her upper torso and chest. Her taut belly was exposed but a further wrapped coiled around her waist but was did not descend low enough exposing her red pants. Her red boots were tight, flat footed and split toed. She spoke.

“Its good to finally meet you Valeria” she spoke in a soft soothing voice. “I am Surya Dewi”

The two embraced. “Its just good to meet another heroine. Im afraid I lost the artifact, I was surprise attacked by someone called Zoltar, the Heroine Hunter.”

“hmm….I have heard of him……I am afraid to tell you that the Lighting League’s headquarters has been destroyed. Some heroines have disappeared but Lady England and some others are re-grouping. Also its strange….the male heroes have mysteriously vanished.”

Valeria was unnerved and found the news most disturbing. Her instincts told her that something was afoot.

“Your friend from LORE is nearby, Dr William Tyler”

Valeria smiled with relief on hearing on the vicinity of her friend. Surya Dewi continued to explain that they were to meet with him as soon as possible.

“Unfortunately my mode of transportation is a motorcycle, and I am assuming that the police will be on the look out for a blonde bike thief” she laughed.

“Not to worry, Im a teleporter, that’s my power” the Indonesian heroine explained.

“you are a life saver!” Valeria responded with glee.

Surya Dewi held Valeria’s hand and the two vanished in a flash of light.

Meanwhile Zoltar stalked the jungles near Mount Agung. Using the artifact he was able to access the portal. He was in pursuit of the feral Goddess….having taken her scent.

“She will be mine and mine alone….” he said to himself. As he arrived at the nearest road, he realised that travelling on foot would be slow. His were-cat senses already gave him an idea of where Valeria’s bare feet had travelled. As a Landrover passed by he pounced on the roof. He tore the roof apart, the night sky and lack of street light shrouded his form as he morphed into a full Nikramo beast form. The local driver screamed and braked harshly flinging the transformed Zoltar forward through the air. The driver foolishly exited his car, wielding nothing but a machete. But a farmer was no match for the claws and strength of the beast. The were-cat had taken over as he ripped the man apart from behind. Was he simply killing the poor man, or was the prey to be food? The sheer bloody mess made little difference.

As Zoltar transformed back to human form, his clothes were torn. He dumped the victim’s body in a nearby river. After washing his own body he returned to the vehicle, started the engine and drove with haste.

“She will be a wonderful prey” the hunter repeated his mantra obsessively.

Valeria and Surya Dewi ported into what seemed to be an underground bunker. The blonde Goddess saw her old friend staring at a computer with his round glasses. He was surrounded by at least 5 armed men, clearly LORE agents.

“Well well well….it has been a while….” he said as he embraced Valeria, and kissed him on the cheek.

“I’m sorry William, I failed…..this Heroine Hunter managed to take the artifact from me….he was a formidable opponent.”

“Its fine….my scans show exactly where he is and analyse his movements……he is near a village not far from here….”

Valeria was overjoyed as her eyes glared at his computer screen.

“We must not waste any time…..” Said Surya Dewi. Suddenly one of the armed men interrupted.

“Dr Tyler…..we need you and Valeria for a special briefing from LORE Europe. It appears that we have more information with regards to the destruction of the Lighting League’s base. Theres another mission for you as there are more invaders with lethal intent on the island. Its none other than the notorious Modesty Blaze and she is planning a rendezvous with this Zoltar. It appears she has escaped from her maximum security prison and she is being accompanied by some strange super powered allies. We have not identified them. But LORE apparently needs you and Valeria to engage them. Thats your mission” He said staring into the blue eyes of the Jungle Queen.

“Its ok……I can teleport… deal with this Modesty Blaze…..i’ll engage Zoltar at the coordinates….” Surya Dewi said taking charge.

“Ok Surya, but he’s more powerful than you think…..he has the power and strength of a were-cat creature from Dukun Vash….I know you are a skilled martial artist and have defeated many powerful villains. I have heard a lot of your exploits…”

“you are too kind…”

“and yet…..Zoltar is different…..he’s a predator…..a hunter….not a simple villain or criminal….I would say in this situation he is more dangerous, perhaps one of the most dangerous foes you will have faced. Do not underestimate him as I did” Valeria warned. Surya Dewi nodded and vanished in a blue blazing flash of light.

The armed soldier turned to Dr Tyler. “The meeting via zoom will be soon… both might as well get some rest…”

William led Valeria to his quarters, and allowed her to use his shower. As she came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her, the man was somewhat gobsmacked by her physical beauty.

“So you know how to use a shower” he quipped, “not quite the savage I assumed you to be.”

“Well remember this savage put you on your back many times in the gym” she responded sassy with a laugh.

“Maybe I let you…”

“really….we all know I am physically stronger and enhanced”

“Maybe it’s just tension. You know I admire you….didn’t you say once that the British accent was your weakness and you can’t fight it?”

“I was joking around”

Valeria noticed that as they flirted their bodies seem to be drawn closer and closer. William removed his glasses and attempted to kiss Valeria.

“what makes you think I can’t resist…” she said as she welcomed his lips. William continued to enjoy her taste. “I think that answers the question.”

The lovers were all over one another. Slowly dancing their hands and mouths over their body. Valeria dropped her towel and made it clear she was his for the taking. He sucked every crevice of her athletically perfect frame. Her flesh was still soft despite her strength, and when he gorged on her clit he was happy to taste a sweetness.

“what a Goddess” he thought to himself as he stimulated her below in all the ways he knew. She could not last long, as she climaxed she took a pillow and suffocated herself with it so as to not alert the LORE agents in the complex.

“Sorry I can be noisy” she smiled. He returned a smile and kissed up her leg. As he ended she was instantly drenched, but Valeria knew that it was also because of the way he kissed and sucked her feet.

“ugh……why…..are men so…..attracted to that area….,mmmm” she wondered. He took her in missionary and she came again after some consistent penetration, his cock swam in her soaking sensual river. Using her legs she turned the tide, flipping him on his back. He was slightly frustrated at his inability to resist her but as she rode him masterfully, with a wonderful hip mobility, he felt so hard and stimulated. He also took a pillow and smothered himself as he released.

“damn…..I couldn’t control myself….you felt too good….”

Valeria laughed. “I really enjoyed that, it’s a shame it had to be so fast…..let’s get ready for the meeting.” Before she could clean up, William held her and kissed her lips again. He then proceeded to touch her foot. He took it in his hand as if it was her hand and he kissed it like in an old fashioned Victorian novel. Valeria felt a tingling sensation flood her body. She appreciated his romantic inclinations but she knew that this encounter probably weakened her slightly, but she did have an amazing ability to recover fast from states of diminished energy. As she donned her savage revealing jungle rags she walked with William to the meeting room. The armed LORE agents were standing. The view screen in front of them all came on.

“Professor Schimdt, it’s good to see you” Valeria said. The bald chubby man seemed to be nervous in the heightened eyesight of the Jungle Queen.

“I am happy to see you too….” he replied cautiously.

“The agents here were briefing us about a mission to engage the notorious Modesty Blaze…”

“Yes….that is right….I……” he turned his head then looked back at the screen. “Look Valeria….its a trap…..YOU HAVE TO GET OUT OF THERE NOW!!” Suddenly the man was knocked unconscious, and the devil herself walked towards the screen in all her glory, holding the gun she had used to render the Professor unconscious. It was Modesty Blaze.

“Sorry Jungle slut….but you’re trapped…” she said in her slow and confident British accent. She made sure the word “slut” came from a dirty tonality and stung like a bee, even though in contrast she generally spoke like every American’s stereotype image of an English aristocrat’s voice. The LORE agents in the room quickly turned their guns on Valeria and William. The Jungle Queen felt the prick of the needle pierce her skin from behind. She fell to one knee.

“Nooo… woozy….cant fall asleep…..William needs me…….got … fight these…..traitors” her words spun around in her head. Slowly she managed to stand.

“How the fuck! There was enough in that tranquilizer to take out a Rhino” the traitorous LORE agent said.

“Valeria, you will find that our new organisation has carefully placed agents all over the world…you have the pleasure of being one of the first heroines to be taken down by Project DEFEAT” Modesty continued to explain. “Anyway I shall be making my way to Bali very soon, as I want to meet you”

“DEFEAT?” Valeria inquired.

“It stands for Disabling of Enhanced Female Enemy Actionable Threats…. a bit droll I know….a man came up with it” she said dismissively. “Modesty out!” The viewscreen went blank.

The men bound and cuffed Valeria and William and directed them to the main command centre of the bunker where they were earlier. Valeria felt tired and weak, the stimulation of her feet plus the drug that was charging through her blood stream had taken its toll but her amazing metabolism was adapting fast as was her mental resistance. There was something about the savage primal forces of the body, and she knew how to ride it. The power of Dukun Vash was from a land of immense bestial ferociousness and it enabled her the ability to embrace her power and flow with it.

She noticed that other heroines were easily defeated by their primal urges and once released by villains, they could not fight it and sought to repress the energy that weakened them. The Texan Wonder was the most obvious one that came to her mind. If they could surrender to it and embrace it, they would easily regain control of a situation. It was easy said than done, and it allowed Valeria the ability to gain second, third, fourth winds with ease. But no one had taken her to the limits of her abilities yet and riding the primal bull of raw desire was always precarious.

The men were quiet.

“So what now?” William asked the guard.

“We wait for the bosses”

“I can’t believe you would betray us like that, how much they paying you?”

The armed guard was silent.

“And who are these bosses?”

“You saw one of them”

“Yes…Modesty Blaze…..the notorious evil bitch who took out the Texan Wonder sometime ago…”

“there’s other……bosses Dr Tyler…be patient…can’t wait for you to meet them….especially you Valeria….it might be a surprise”

Valeria ignore him. She was playing possum, biding her time.

“Actually boys, since the mighty Jungle Queen is feeling a bit under the weather maybe we can… her relax?”

Valeria knew what they were planning.

“Dont’ touch her!” William intervened. The butt of a gun crashed into his jaw sending him to the ground.

“Will!” Valeria cried. Three men were all over her. Hands were invading her body, massaging and mauling her at the same time.

“Don’t you think the bosses will be against this?” one guard said.

“Look, She’s gonna get fucked ever way…..lets be the first!”

Valeria was emotionless and refused to respond, but the hands kept intruding. She waited and waited. Her strength returned and then she unleashed her savagery. A thrust kick to one man on the left shattered his ribs, the man to her right was knocked unconscious with a hammer blow from her bound hands. The vile man in front of her, the ring leader received the most torture as the Jungle Queen squished his eyes by pressing her thumbs into his sockets. The blood curdling scream would pierce any ear drum and all of her movements took 6 seconds to immobilise all three of them. But she had forgotten about the fourth guard. His rifle opened fire upon her, she was too slow to avoid the bullets. William provided himself as a shield, guarding her with his arms wide open. Valeria screamed. The anger gave her the super human adrenaline to break her bonds, the Jungle Queen was feral as she jumped over the bodies, evading the guards fire. She pounced at him taking him to the ground, pulling out the man’s own military issue knife she drove it into his chin, the large blade buried itself upwards through his head cleaving him twain like a melon.

Valeria wailed as she cradled her friend, her lover in her arms. All she could think of was the woman…..Modesty Blaze.

Meanwhile the villainess inhabited a black jet on its way to Indonesia. The transport belonged to Modesty’s new ally. “You’d think with all their power, this alliance would allow our friend to teleport us to the location in Bali…” Modesty complained to a mysterious comrade.

“He is currently busy…..magic and all that” he replied in a deep and growly voice.

“Maybe we can release some tension then?” Modesty said cheekily. The man was quiet. Disciplined as ever.

“You said you wanted Valeria…..Zoltar won’t be happy with that”

“I did say that the organisation was foolish to hire someone so primal and unpredictable…..and wild…he cannot be trusted”

“For once I agree……”

“DEFEAT should never have given him the serum….”

Again, the man was silent.

“enough of this…..lets do something more interesting..”

The villainess, knelt and unclipped the mans belt releasing his tight outfit….she went to work on his phallus and enjoyed its girth in her mouth.

The man was silent.

Miles away, the bronze skinned beauty was cautious as she moved through the thick vinery and bushes. Her litheness caressing the jungle with a silence that rivaled an insect. The mosquitos bothered her, but what really disturbed her was the eyes of the hunter. She would feel it, as if it was a cold hard blade gliding sensually against her skin. She took Valeria’s advice literally. The mighty Surya Dewi would not underestimate him.

“A tasty morsel, an entree before the main course that is Valeria” Zoltar thought to himself. That man beast was hiding, but hiding in a way where he had become one with the jungle. Surya had a solution.

“The coordinates are here, there is only so much space to cover from what I can see” she mentally debated as she viewed the small scanner device in her hand.

“Theres only one solution” she pondered. Initiating her teleportation powers, she went into overdrive. She engaged with her surroundings with multiple teleportations, covering an unbelievable amount of distance in a short space of time. This went on for a few minutes.

“where is he?!” she mused. Her device could not pick up his exact coordinates but she knew he was near. However the man of Nikrano blood was elusive as ever. In the primal environment he was in his element. Even the most super powered hero would find it impossible to locate him, even Lady England, the Texan Wonder or Captain Invincible.

“Its only a matter of time……my senses will guide me….she will fall into my trap…” He planned. Often she would pause to look around before porting again, but Zoltar never needed much time. A second was enough. He was the predator and he had the patience of a master sniper and a Zen Master combined. Surya Dewi materialised upon the ground, it was close enough to Zoltar. It was unfortunate that she did not possess the heightened senses of Valeria. Even her martial training had only given her so much. She was still and motionless for a mere 2 seconds before she attempted to initiate teleportation again.

Like an undead corpse rising, he sprung from the ground. The camouflaged opening he had prepared was part of the ruse and he was the living trap. He latched onto the heroines back as if he was her rucksack, and slowly using his immense strength he attempted to wear her down, and choke her.

“UUUUUUUGH……NOOOO!” she fought, but Zoltar was stronger. She teleported, but the hunter predicted this. He had done his research on all super powered foes and what’s more, his senses could almost give him the ability to predict movements in his prey. Surya ported to multiple parts of the jungle, crashing her foe against trees and forage, trying to shake him off. But Zoltar was only interested in weakening her more and more, dragging her into the quicksand of fatigue and oxygen deprived muscles. The struggle was intense, and Surya’s whimpering sounded like a woman that was giving up, a woman that was losing this fight. Zoltar knew he had won. Surya was at his mercy, and if he transformed into his full Nikramo form he would be able to tear her to pieces and there would be nothing this heroine could do. Indeed that would have been true, had she not have possessed the genius of strategy.

The heroine teleported again, this time suspending themselves 7 feet in the air, and upside down. Using her powers again she materialised them both in a position that suited her, crashing Zoltar’s head inverted into the ground. She sprung free from his grip and prepared herself for a fight as the hunter recovered fast. Zoltar’s eyes suddenly appeared slit shaped and amber like a cat, he rushed towards Surya who ported again and then kicking the back of her opponent. As she landed on her feet she pulled out her weapons, two wooden escrima sticks. Zoltar snarled, his appearance was terrifying, the were-cat was struggling to burst from his human form. Zoltar was arrogant and refused to transform completely.

“I am a master hunter…..I do not need to fully transform… current power and abilities will be enough to deal with this Surya Dewi” he pondered. The red scarlet heroine of Indonesia reacted. Teleporting around the hunter, clobbering him with her sticks before porting again and doing the same to him at another part of his body. The combos were cruel and it came to a point where there was not one part of his body that had not been struck.

“You are lucky I did not use my blades..” she said to him. Zoltar’s hands quickly morphed into threatening claws. He slashed at her with his razor sharp fingers and Surya was lucky to port again.

“You did well…..but those wooden toys have little effect on me…..give me everything you have!!” Zoltar demanded. Surya dropped her sticks to the floor and pulled out two short knives. She was master of the Indonesian martial art of Silat. Combining that with her teleportation made her a deadly opponent. She was silent and immediate in her attack. Porting and slicing, drawing blood from the Zoltar. He barely winced, but Surya wondered how much longer he could endure her bladed attacks and the cuts they left in his flesh. As she looked closely at his body from her red coloured shroud, her eyes widened as she noticed his wounds were healing.

“I am a hunter….a hunter cares not how it catches its prey…” he kept telling himself as if he was trying to maintain his human identity. Surya continued to attack, opening up new wounds, but Zoltar continued to heal.

“She will go for a kill strike to my head” he sensed, and as she came again, her movements confirmed his prediction. The primal gifts of Dukun Varsh were superior to any animal or human that inhabited the surface world. As Surya lashed with her blades at Zoltar’s head, he feinted to one side, sacrificing the flesh upon his forehead. As his blood oozed and gushed, he used his hand to flick his red life force liquid into Surya’s eyes. Even blind she continued to attack, Zoltar ducked as she teleported to recover. As soon as she cleaned the blood from her eyes, the heroine hunter had vanished, as if he had teleported himself. She translocated again, venturing deeper into the forest, but still he was nowhere to be see. Again and again she searched. Nothing. He was gone.

“maybe he retreated for good…..” she pondered. Then she felt the eyes again. The hunter was hunting. Surya knew she was more than a match for him, but in her overconfidence the scarlet clad and bronze skinned heroine started to ignore Valeria’s advice. Zoltar was not a warrior….he was a heroine hunter. The red masked beauty was clouded by an belief in her ability to take on Zoltar, face to face. She failed to notice a trip wire, and as her foot was caught, a trap was unleashed. A large tree trunk collapsed upon her but luckily her swift movements transported herself somewhere safe.

“one of Zoltar’s traps no doubt!” she mused. But the traps were far from over. Suddenly exploding gas enveloped all around her, like pellets thrown on the floor. She looked upwards and saw a shadowy figure jump from tree to tree. The smoke filled her lungs causing her nauseousness, coughing and her eyes began to water. She noticed her muscles were numb as were her synapses. She panicked when she realised that she could not teleport. Running, she dived into a river below, surrendering to the current which took her to a waterfall that cascaded into a lagoon. She swam to the surface and front crawled in the water to a rocky ledge. The waters had helped clear her vision and in her heart she thanked the Gods and spirits of Bali. Before she could even attempt to initiate a teleport, he was like a boulder from the sky, plunging into the water beside her. His size had increased as he had morphed into his full Nikrano form. His arms hugged her and dragged into the waters depths as he dived with his prize deeper and deeper.


Surya’s stress levels were blocking her abilities, she was unable to keep calm as the water filled her lungs and suffocated her. Everything went black. As Zoltar emerged from the waters, he carried the limp unconscious body of Surya Dewi above his head for it mattered not to the hunter whether the prey was dead or alive.

Some miles apart, Valeria buried her friend and lover. She found a suitable spot and marked his passing with the rituals of Dukun Varsh which she learnt from the her Shaman friend Um Salit. On his grave she took a blood oath, a ritual of the Vos Otho tribe, vowing to destroy Modesty Blaze and her allies once and for all. This was her quest alone, one she absorbed into her heart, her very being. She cut her communication with the Lighting League, ignoring messages from Lady England. She also possessed a talisman, to block the magic of Madame Nox. She did not want any intrusion. What she was about to do was from a place of pure primal energy and savageness, it had nothing to do with the life of a superheroine.

In another part of the island, a dark coloured jet finally reached its destination. Two black-suited figures exited like agile cats, landing in the depths of the jungles, camouflaged by the darkness of the night.

“what should we do first? Intercept Zoltar or neutralise Valeria?” Modesty Blaze asked her silent male companion. She was dressed in the latest advanced military attire, black, stealthy and most suitable for covert operations. She carried an assault rifle on her back and wore night vision googles.

“We will split up……I will deal with this Heroine Hunter….he will listen to me….” The man spoke.

“You deal with Valeria…..I am sure you are more than a match…….if you can take down my former colleague the Texan Wonder, the Jungle slut will be a walk in the park” he continued.

“I welcome your confidence in me”

“I have plenty of confidence in you Modesty……you already proved yourself when you was on your knees before me on the plane”

Modesty was half insulted and half turned on, but a part of her knew her place, she knew who this man was.

“Well you are the legendary Dr Shadow, how could I resist”

“I will find Zoltar and retrieve the artifact if he actually succeeded in the his mission”

“The artifact allows people from above to travel to hollow earth no?” Inquired Modesty.

“Yes…it will be a very useful tool for DEFEAT.”

“I am curious, how did DEFEAT enable Zoltar to transport to this Dukun Varsh place?”

“The Occultist saw to that one…but as I said he is now occupied….taking care of Madame Nox…anyway enough talk….I will leave you”

The Lighting League traitor and member of Project DEFEAT smiled and became one with the night as he opened his cape like a demon, soaring away from Modesty. She could not even tell if he used a grappling hook or not. Such was his supernatural speed.

“Does he have powers or what?” Modesty pondered with confusion.

The animal was in her as she swam through the trees. Although she could not teleport or fly, she was closer to her prey. She was more effective than Surya Dewi, who even failed in her quest to capture Zoltar, despite all her powers. The world of the hunter and the prey, is one beyond the hero and the villain, and Modesty Blaze was soon going to experience what it meant to anger Valeria of Dukun Vash.

“Do not underestimate her….” Dr Shadow said to Modesty in the intercom. She heard his words and took it as concern.

“She is not an omega level heroine like the Texan Wonder but she is more dangerous than that cowgirl slut, especially in terrain such as this!” He warned.

“I appreciate your love and care for me….” she replied with sarcasm.

“You mistake my words, I am only thinking of strategy. Anyway I have to deal with this Zoltar and I doubt he is calm enough to be used and manipulated. My hovering shadow cameras will track you and send your movements via video to my suit”

“ahhh how sexy……always the voyeur…”

“Dr Shadow out.”

The night made the jungle transform into a realm of pitch blackness. If not for her night vision googles and technology Modesty would be helpless. But the golden haired mistress of Dukun Varsh did not need such toys. All she had was her senses and her bare exposed flesh, her body, which knew how to become one with any primal landscape. No omega powers, no tech…..just the body.

“I do not know how you broke the Texan Wonder……no doubt to defeat such an powerful heroine you used tricks and deviousness for I know her to be too honourable for her own good, too trusting and too hopeful that she could change you…but you wont find that with me, tricks will not help you here……you are in my world…” Valeria spoke, her voice echoing through the air and Modesty could hear her as if the wind was speaking to her. She moved like a startled cat, raising her assault rifle. But she knew not where to aim. She would have to rely on her eyes, her night vision. Valeria did not need eyesight for her prey. Modesty was at a disadvantage despite all her preparation.

“You don’t know who you messing with jungle bitch!!” Modesty cried as she mowed down the jungle vegetation with her weapon. She sprayed bullets in all directions. A normal human being would have been killed, but Valeria was the night, she could feel Modesty’s arm, and her movements. She swiftly ran passed Modesty, a few metres away, still keeping a safe distance from her weapon but close enough for her to throw a stone that struck her visor, cracking the lens. Modesty fell to the ground. Readjusting herself she noticed the googles were damaged but still operational.

“Fuck!” She said as she decided to retreat to a clearing in the forest. Valeria was in pursuit.

“I am everywhere Modesty” the voice spoke again.

“Come out and face me in a fair fight! It’s revenge you want!” She screamed in response.

“If it wasn’t for that damn Surya Dewi, Zoltar would have taken care of this jungle bitch long ago….fuck!” Modesty said to herself. “Come on woman! You are Modesty Blaze….the destroyer and enslaver of the Texan Wonder….what’s a dumb white bush woman with no amazing powers got on you?!” She said psyching herself up. Modesty remembered her own martial training, and realised that she was relying too much on her eyes. She yanked off her googles and threw them to the ground. She noticed a shadowy figure moving. It was Valeria. The Jungle Queen had miscalculated the ability of her opponent to feel energies around her.

She applied pressure to the trigger of her weapon again , the bullets followed Valeria like flies on shit. This time Valeria’s dance with the brass ammo casings, was like dancing with death. A bullet struck her in the shoulder and Modesty smiled with victory. But Valeria did not fall. Was she bullet proof, did she have a healing factor she though? The latter was true, the former was not. But a bullet would normally at the least, knock her back with its impact and force. She would also feel the pain. Valeria was used to the dance with death. Death was her slave, and she always put him in his place. Her body knew which pockets of space to move into, and so the bullet merely pierced her skin, drawing blood but failing to fell her. Her thighs stampeded onward, closer and closer to her prey. Modesty dragged her weapon to focus the line of fire directly at Valeria. But the weapon was slow.

Valeria’s blow rendered the rifle useless and her strikes found their way to the target, as did her knife. Modesty felt the stinging sharpness of the blade open her thigh and blows to her face and chest. She collapsed and then ran again, panting with fear.

“fuck that bitch!! Valeria you slut!! Fight me fair…..” she cried. Taking out some flares she lit the ground around her, and then used one of her pellets which created a circle bonfire. It was as if Modesty had created a fighting ring of flames.

“Fight me in the light! Unless you’re scared…..remember I beat the Texan Wonder! She was my slave!! What the fuck will that make you?!” Come into my ring!

Valeria sensed fear, and fear was food for her. The Jungle Queen was done with the niceties of her stealth attacks. Modesty was de weaponed and Valeria wanted nothing more than a fair fight. The small flickering flames danced wildly, casting an ominous orange glow on the makeshift arena. Valeria flew over them, and stood ready, muscles taut and eyes focused, as Modesty circled her prey. It would be a fight without weapons. No guns, no knives. For the first time Modesty felt naked and scared. She looked around, she gazed at the night sky hoping that Dr Shadow would save her.

“Where is that cunt?” She thought to herself. Some distance away the mysterious Dr Shadow soared through the night sky, before taking rest atop a cliff. He unclipped his shadows tracker. His infrared hover cameras were all over the jungle, and he had his eyes on Modesty’s movements. The cameras beamed images of the British crime diva to his handheld device.

“Hmmmmm it seems our little Crime Diva is in trouble….” He said as if speaking to someone.

“Aren’t you going to help her?” Said a youthfully male voice inside his device. It was clearly more than a simple tracker and camera.

“I don’t think so……But lets take bets….You can have my Shadow Stormer if you win…I know you have always wanted to take it for a spin, my young Sparrow”

“Listen boss…..I know I’m supposed to be your side kick but Night Sparrow has his own mode of transportation..”

“That two wheeled hunk of junk? I promise you the Shadow Stormer, you can even rename it to…..I dunno…..the Sparrow car?”

“You have no imagination sir….”

“So who wins?”

“Modesty’s has got this…..she took down the Texan Wonder….”

“I see…..thats a good opinion to have but I have to disagree and will go with Valeria”

“Hey! Shouldn’t you be supporting your team mates?? Whats more….I think you really should go help her….”

“Id be wasting time….I am almost at Zoltar’s coordinates….I might need to save my energy for that mutant were cat scum”

Another voice appeared. It was a woman’s.

“Modesty is in trouble Dr Shadow…..what are you doing?” Said the voice of the new Agent X, one of the commanders of the Project DEFEAT alliance.

“I was wondering when you would interfere” Said Dr Shadow.

“Whose side are you on I wonder?”

“Always the side of heroes……heroines need to know their place…..”

“That may be but your teammates are now former criminals, villains……”

“I am fine with that…..women are getting too powerful in this world wouldn’t you agree Agent X? Even your predecessor agreed?”

“And look where that chauvinism led him? An early grave!” She retorted.

Dr Shadow laughed. “I am ok working with the likes you….and other establishment authority figureheads that have helped form our alliance….but Modesty and the likes of Darius? They are all still criminal scum and filth to me….I can accept that they are useful to us…..but remember who they are….when the super villains get a chance they will stab us in the back….”

“I don’t disagree however….”

“So I will work with them to a point…..take this present situation for example. Modesty has dug her own grave….she could have avoided killed those members of LORE. I see no reason to go out of my way for her when I have to deal with this other madman you recruited….Your pet cat man….It seems he has gone off the rails. You need a stronger leash and that is why you need me……you need superheroes…..real male superheroes……”

Agent X was silent, tongue tied. She knew that Dr Shadow was right and she expected nothing less from the master detective. Night Sparrow interrupted.

“Errr….Agent X, do you think you should send someone else to help Modesty?”

“Boy!! Why are you so smitten with that criminal bitch!! You know what she is!” Scolded Dr Shadow.

“I appreciated your concern Night Sparrow but there is no one in the vicinity to aid her other than Dr Shadow…..Modesty is alone on this one.”

Truly alone she was as she gave up starring at the night sky in the hope that a winged dark angel would swoop down and save her. She turned to face Valeria and all she could think of was one thing.

“I wish I never sucked that son of a bitch’s cock!”

Modesty struck first, her fists a blur as she unleashed a furious combination of strikes. But Valeria’s effortless agility was almost telepathic, dodging and weaving through the onslaught of hands. A round housing kick, her feline grace, ducking, diving under Modesty's attack, coming again like a returning needle thread, intertwined and sharp, the Jungle Queen’s lightning-fast sweep sent her opponent crashing to the ground with no time for her to scramble to her feet. Desperation etched across her face, as Valeria mounted her like a lover, flesh pounded against flesh, the two traded bone and blood. Sweat drenched as Modesty’s fight waned but her wits were always her saviour. Wits of steel that found a rock of hope, dashing it across Valeria’s head sending the golden haired savage to the floor.

“I will capture you and take you as my prize……I crushed the Texan Wonder and made her my slave….You will be mine do you hear me Jungle slut!” She screamed with vengeance, as she crashed the rock towards the jaw of Valeria. But she was very much awake, feinting to the side, shrimping and slithering with that amazingly formed body, oozing and worming in ways that were uncanny, too uncanny for Modesty’s predictable blows that met dust and earth, instead of the pretty face of her foe. Knee caught the chin, elbow smashing eyeball, Valeria rolled with her opponent, flipping and tossing her towards the ring of flames. Her skin burned as she whimpered in pain, attempting to retreat again. Not this time. The Jungle Queen was now the mistress of suffering. Her bare foot appeared, as if she had the teleportation powers of Surya Dewi, the disorientated Modesty caught it full in the face, her nose smashed. Valeria wasted no time as the anger and vengeance ate her own heart. There was no love at all anymore. Yanking Modesty’s hair she pressed the right side of her face into the scorching earth. Her skin sizzled as much as her scream pierced the air. She darted to her feet.

“Damn you bitch! My face, my beautiful face!! What have you done!!”

This villainous beauty was scarred, her face defiled. She wailed wraith like, charging forward with her nails, strategy melted away as did all her martial skill. A lizard brained attack, which Valeria had seen dozens of times in the world below of Dukun Varsh. She was the huntress there, and had felled beasts more ferocious, and many times larger than this tiny diva. Valeria was unimpressed with the crime boss, the slayer and destroyer of the Texan Wonder, this enslaver of an omega level super heroine. No…to the Jungle Queen she was just another prey as she plunged Modesty’s own dagger into her owner’s solar plexus, jarring it upwards, she withdrew the blade letting her enemy bleed out.

“That was for William” she whispered into the ear of her foe. She was too busy personifying shock and terror. No thoughts, nothing, as tears escaped her eyes. Tears of the mightyModesty Blaze’s failure, a legend in the criminal underworld had come to an end, a legend that once stood toe to toe with super powered heroines. Life escaped her and Valeria would continue the ritual of the Vos Otho by removing Modesty’s heart from her body. The Jungle Queen fell to her knees, and much later a tropical rain would come to wash away her fury. As she bathed in the waters, the primal feral rage weakened and cooled. Valeria realized this was no very unbecoming of her, being a Lighting League member, and some regret would cross her mind. But the wisdom of the jungle would always reign supreme in her blood and body. Vengeance and tribe, the ways of Dukun Varsh always gave her an inner wisdom that transcended morality or shallow codes of justice. She stopped herself from completing the Vos Otho ritual which would involve eating the heart of her enemy and prey. She knew who she was, she was still Erica, she was not an animal, she is Valeria and a Jungle Queen, which meant she could choose her own path. Umm Salit would have been proud of her as she buried the Villain in an unmarked grave, to at least honour her as a warrior.

“She did defeat the Texan Wonder after all…… she needed to die today but respect has to be given for one who is without enhanced abilities and gifts……for one who had only her wits, charm and body as her weapons….and she was a fellow woman…” Valeria’s thoughts were like a prayer.

Then her thoughts like a laser, focused on a new target. Zoltar! The hunter was miles away, deep in a forest. He had taken his fallen prey to a wooden cabin he had found. He hung Surya Dewi like a piece of meat, stripped her of her costume and unmasked the heroine. Her body was marked with subtle cuts and openings, from the long agonizing torture of Zoltar. He was enjoying his toy. She had fallen unconscious from the pain, but she awoke to feeling of his tongue on her torso, tasting her from the wounds he had made from his claws, licking her blood. She looked down and could see that he was in human form. She was mortified at her disrobed status, and this man beast’s mouth drinking her essence. Squirming, she attempted to kick Zoltar with her bound bare feet. The heroine hunter sensed her attack and distress and easily used his strength to bring her under control. His fangs unleashed sinking them into the thigh of his prey.

“Aaaaaarrggggggh!” The heroine screamed helplessly. The pain and fear immediately ended her resistance. Surya had never been in this situation before. Her missions were always successful, this was her first taste of failure and defeat.

“Whats happened to my powers?” She thought to herself and panicked. Then she noticed how weak and dizzy she felt. “I know he beat me up but….I shouldn’t be feeling like this”

“You are probably wondering why you cant teleport” said Zoltar. Pulling out a syringe. This is useful for prey such as yourself that inhibit certain abilities such as your ability to teleport. I made this concoction myself”.

He continued the torture hoping her screams would attract the heightened senses of the Jungle Queen and this lasted hours. Eventually Valeria burst through the walls of the cabin, but froze at the sight of her comrade hanging naked, her flesh decorated with cuts and bruises. Zoltar stood behind her, one of his hands clasping her breast, his other hand half transformed into the were cat creature he is. His eyes had morphed. Glowing amber orbs with a black feline slit down the centre, starring at his ultimate prey, the mighty Jungle Queen of Hollow Earth, Dukun Varsh.

“Let her go Zoltar…..its between you are me….”

“Yes it is…..remember how I bested you last time…”

“I remember no such thing but we can settle this now, just let her go….”

“I dont think so….I am enjoying this prey” he said as his tongue licked her other nipple causing her to groan in discomfort.

Suddenly the dark apparition burst through the ceiling, with a grey mist around him, his body causing more splinters to rain from above. Out of the smoke appeared Dr Shadow, he speedily threw more smoke pellets at Zoltar, gliding forward and kicking him with two feet through the other side of the cabin. He pounced on the Nikrano mutant, as the two fell and rolled down a hill some distance from Valeria and Surya. The Jungle Queen cut down her comrade and lay her down as she was too weak and unconscious to move.

“Rest here my friend….”

Then she noticed the artifact on a wooden table across the room.

“I cant let this get into the wrong hands…”

Meanwhile at the bottom of the hill Dr Shadow proceeded to give the Heroine Hunter more than a beating.

“You was supposed to bring any captured heroines to us, that was the deal….I knew you could not be trusted, you are just a wild beast….barely human..” He scolded Zoltar.

“A two faced liar and traitor to your own Lighting League is in no position to judge me….and does Valeria know?”

“No she doesn’t….and I intend to keep it that way so I can easily take her down without her awareness”

“What a dishonorable swine you are! Where is the fun in that?! The Jungle Queen is the most desired creature in Dukun Varsh, she is my prey, not yours!!”

“And where is the artifact!”

“I think I will keep it” Zoltar smiled.

As he made his declaration, he transformed, increasing in size and body hair, claws like knives manifested, as he tore through his clothes. His face was wild and feline, yet still resembled something of the facial form of a human which made him even more terrifying to look at. It was clear to Dr Shadow that his beastial half had taken over, with its blood lust and all. The fearsome feline creature raged at Dr Shadow, challenging his agility.

“That stupid bitch Agent X has created more problems for me with her incompetent recruitment!” He thought to himself. Hiding his body in his vampiric cape he absorbed Zoltar’s razor sharp attacks with his dark shielding, backward flipping, heel striking the beast so as to stun him, opening up his night colored shield scattering bladed darts as fast as bullets from a gun which tore through the Nikrano’s skin. Zoltar moaned slightly, and then laughed.

“Those felt like little pricks Shadow man, and I heal very fast!”

“Good thing I am always prepared” Dr Shadow prepared who never shied away from lethal force. From his utility belt he pulled out two silver hand guns, he opened fire with a desire to end Zoltar. The creature retreated, moving like a blur. And suddenly out of the sky she came, crashing Surya’s wooden escrima upon his forehead.

“AAAAAARGH!” Screaming as blood spurting from his crown. But she came again this time with Surya’s short bladed sword, opening the side of the beast man who fell to one knee.

“Good work Valeria” said Dr Shadow as the traitor joined forces with her, throwing strikes as rapid as the bullets that sprayed from his guns earlier.

“ENOUGH!” Zoltar screamed. It was as if a berserker rage had taken him. He was already enhanced in strength enough as it was, but his adrenalin increased allowing his speed to throw the two Lighting Leaguers off their game. They were outmatched. The blow was enough to kill a normal man, but Dr Shadow took it, using his cape to block, the impact still winded him, flinging his body off the hill into to the river below. He failed to resurface and Valeria called to him, distracted. She quickly turned to deal with the advancing Zoltar, everyone of his strikes were fatal and Valeria knew it. The Jungle Queen was able to keep up, the primal spirit gave her the skills she needed to read the movements of all beasts, even man beasts.

“FIGHT ME!” He screamed!

“Whats the matter Zoltar? Can’t catch a mere woman? Why don’t you fight me in your human form? Then we will see who is the superior hunter!”

It was clear to the Jungle Queen that the beast had completely taken over. She realized that his Nikrano form was artificially induced, and part of a modern chemical process. He had not gone through the Nikrano tribes' rituals, training and upbringing to condition the human mind and master the feline beast.

“If he is not careful he will lose his humanity completely!” She thought to herself as Zoltar’s voice sounded like a screeching Cheetah’s wail. In his primal state, his senses were enhanced and the human man, the heroine hunter, was still present deep inside the beasts mind.

“Get a grip of yourself Zoltar! You cant let the beast win! Are you not a mighty hunter!?” Valeria shouted, challenging him. The words were like a lifeline for his human side. He grabbed it and slowly got a sense of his humanity. Slowly he morphed back to his human form, naked and bare before her. He fell to his knees.

“Its over…. Time to take him out” She thought to herself walking towards the heroine hunter in his docile state. She carried a tranquilizer syringe that she had swiped from Dr Shadow’s utility belt. The Jungle Queen felt there was already enough violence and death. Zoltar however was not done. He came alive and swept her legs, stealing the tranquilizer from her as she dropped it. He locked her leg, Valeria fought but his speed, even in human form the surprise attack was too much for her. The heroine hunter stabbed the stringer into the ball of Valeria’s foot.

“Uuuuuuugh…….nooo!” She groaned as a weakness conquered her entire body. Zoltar laughed victoriously.

“So Jungle Slut… have a great weakness in your feet…..especially when you are away from Dukun Varsh. When I was in my full uncontrollable Nikrano form, I could sense your weak spots on your body….smell it….now you are finally mine….”

“Uuuugh…..cant….move…” moaned Valeria.

“I know you are durable….but using the tranquilizer on your foot will make sure you are subdued long enough for me to own you!” He said as he morphed into the half Nikrano beast form, his tongue and fangs flashing. Grabbing her ankles he began sucking and licking his toes with his enormous glossa, enjoying her taste and taking her into his palate.

“I shall enjoy devouring you…….you will be even more tastier once I have fucked you….and then your head will be mine to take as a trophy for the mantlepiece! I have a space for all the heads of your heroines! Even a special spot for Lady England herself!”

“Aaaaargh… you cant!”

“Stop protesting!” He demanded as his claws shredded her already revealing attire, tearing off her pants. His nose inhaled the scent of her sex….she could feel the heat from his snout, tingling her clit.

“Uuuugh….why am I getting…turned on!” She thought to herself. Then she remembered the words of Um Salit when she told her the effects of her weakness upon her body. When his tongue glided over her dry bulging clit, she took a long gasp and felt her body writhe with the an energy that dragged her like a raging river towards to an unwanted feeling. Zoltar’s feral hands reached upwards to took her breasts, as if they were his objects of possession.

“Cant…..fight…….I’m….losing….uuuuuuugh!!” She wailed inside her mind, slowly giving up.

“I want his…..yes……inside….me….I….and yet I don’t want it!!” Valeria was a confused mess as Zoltar unearthed his large stem which raged at least 9 inches long, and wide with a an unbelievable girth. She wondered how durable female Nikrano’s must be, perhaps the screams she had heard deep in the darkness of Dukun Varsh’s forests were the mating rituals of those were cat creatures.

“I cant…..possibly take it!!” Valeria thought worried she would not be the same woman once Zoltar was done with her.

Just as he was about to ram it inside her, a flash up blue manifested the deceptive Surya Dewi infront if the heroine hunter. Valeria sighed with relief, whilst Zoltar’s amber eyes were startled. She dug her blade into his lower extremities.

“She is a meal you are forbidden to touch!!” Surya defied. Valeria rolled to the side in a weakened state, she felt useless as she watched her tired and tortured friend battle for her life.

“I need time to recover…..I have to… Surya….but need time….” Valeria thought as she lay weak and paralyzed on the grassy ground.

“She needs me! But I cant move!” Valeria did not want to watch. Zoltar was too strong and Surya was being destroyed by his claws. He ended the fight by backhanding her away. He moved closer to the Jungle Queen.

“Enough! No more time wasting…..I will take your head now and fuck your body afterwards!” The deranged heroine hunter said, raising his bladed fingers above her head. The final and last teleport of Surya came out of nowhere, shielding the Jungle Queen as the claws tore through her body, head, face and down through her naked flesh of her entire torso. The bronze skinned heroine, who could be in more places at once, could no longer maintain her own life in the place of its body. She collapsed into a lifeless heap. Tears welled in Valeria’s eyes, tired of her friends dying and sacrificing themselves for her against the ruthless and cruel foe. But Surya had given her enough time to recover, and the raw anger had taken her again as it did with her battle against Modesty. She moved in a way to rival the were cat, her unorthodox, and strange movement was weird and too unpredictably timed for Zoltar to see her dagger stab him in the side of his body. The attack took a lot of energy from Valeria who collapsed to her knees winded from the emotions, the beast still very much alive. But like a savior from hell, the black winged demon returned, Dr Shadow flew down landing his boot into Zoltar’s teeth throwing him some distance away. As he licked his wounds he realized the difficulty of the battle before him, morphing into his full were cat form. The wildness took over immediately as he released a scream to the moon above him, displaying his ferocity and hulking physique.

“Valeria….on your feet!! Lets end this now!” Dr Shadow commanded.

The Jungle Queen wasted no time and entered the fray again with her fellow Lighting League teammate. Fighting side by side in unison was testimony to their training, it was as if they fought as one, like a creature with eight limbs. Valeria was armed with a knife in one hand and one of Surya’s silat swords in the other. Her mind was filled with her thoughts of her friends and revenge. Dr Shadow joined with sharp gauntlets and claws that emerged from his armour. The beast was becoming more and more sluggish as the two cut through his flesh faster than he could heal, Zoltar was bleeding and weakening.

“Keep him occupied!” Dr Shadow commanded again. Valeria did not even think. Her attacks were relentless, but Zoltar was durable as ever.

“You will not win this hunt….you are my prey…!” He shouted. Valeria threw herself backwards into the air, evading the creatures right claw as she span in the air she could see what Dr Shadow was planning. Piecing together parts of his costume. In moments it was a large harpoon or crossbow weapon. She had kept the heroine hunter monster occupied long enough and was out of harms way. Dr Shadow pressed the trigger and the silver arrow thrusted itself into the chest of the Nikrano monster. As he screamed and collapsed, a chemical was released from the weapon into the beasts bloodstream. He groaned as he slowly regressed into his human form. Zoltar continued to wail in pain, his eyes fixated on Valeria who towered over him with a look that made it clear who the victor was and who it always was going to be. She knelt down, and held the hilt of the harpoon, digging in deeper and upwards through his solar plexus.

“I told you I would end you!”

Zoltar died instantly.

“I was hoping to take him peacefully….but thanks to you the harpoon is so deep it no doubt has priced his heart. The chemical in the arrow was designed to nullify him…” Dr Shadow said. Valeria wondered how would he know exactly what chemicals to use against a Nikrano from Dukun Varsh, let alone one whose powers were synthetic like Zoltar? She remembered the report from Surya about the Lighting League Headquarters and the disappearance of the male team members. Thoughts, images and flashes. It was too late, the blow across her head sent her to the floor. In her already exhausted state she looked up at Dr Shadow, the traitor. Three more blows landed upon her face. Still Valeria attempted to resist, pulling what little consciousness and energy she had left. Dr Shadow however grabbed her foot.

“I know your weakness Jungle slut..”

The words stung as he began sucking her toes.

“I have always wanted to do this to you….” He said. She could not even put together any words or sentences, as she groaned into a slumber, he drained what little energy she had left from her feet, the sensual stimulation erotically took every away from the once mighty Jungle Queen. As she fell into defeat, she could think of nothing but Surya and William.

Dr Shadow spoke into his suit. “Night Sparrow, the job is done. Come pick me up.” Some time later the Shadow Blade stormed down from the sky, its wings looked as though it covered the entire island from above. The young sidekick could see the Jungle Queen lying unconscious in his arms. He could also see the body of Zoltar.

“Dispose of it” Dr Shadow said. A blazing inferno raged from one of the torrents of the Shadow Blade reducing Zoltar’s body to ash. On board the Shadow Blade, Valeria was restrained in her seat by straps and metallic bonds. She remained unconscious as Dr Shadow sat in the cockpit.

“Well done boss!” Said Night Sparrow.

“I suppose that bitch, Agent X will be pleased with the outcome. A good victory for DEFEAT and criminal scum like Modesty and Zoltar are also disposed of. Lets hope Captain Invincible’s team mission is a fruitful as ours. And I managed to swipe this” he continued as his hand massaged the artifact in his hand.

“Nice one boss! What does it do?”

“It can enable transportation to Hollow Earth”

“Doesn’t seem very useful then….why would you want to go to that terrible place boss?”

“DEFEAT has many reasons, there are many untapped resources in Dukun Varsh. Look at what our scientists manage to achieve with the blood from one of those werecat creatures. But I think our friend the Occultist will be most pleased indeed….I don’t think I will hand this over to Agent X…the bitch can suck a dick…Our heroic sorcerer has plans for Madame Nox and he will need all the help he can get”

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