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Disclaimer: All characters in this fan fiction are from the world of DC Comics that are owned, trademarked, and copyrighted by Warner Bros. Warning: This story contains sexual and bondage situations.

Wonder Slave


Wonder Woman is the most beautiful woman that ever lived. One of her most underappreciated characteristics since she is also the greatest superheroine of all time. She is a princess of the mystical, all-female race known as the Amazons. She is comparable in pure strength and speed of a Kryptonian. Gifted with other qualities like wisdom, durability, healing, and flight, Wonder Woman truly stood out from all the colorful superheroes in history.

Wonder Woman is dressed in her iconic red, white, blue, and gold costume. Her Bracelets of Submission is the only silver color she wears but it actually looks more like chrome. Her bracelets are indestructible and called the Bracelets of Submission to remind the Amazons of their history as slaves so that it can never repeat itself again.

Her costume consists of a golden tiara with a red star embellished on the middle, pair of red star earrings, a satin red bustier with a golden double "W" on top like a breast plate, a golden belt, shiny blue spandex bikini briefs with white stars emblazoned all over it, and shiny red leather boots with a white stripe going down the middle and around the top of the boots.

Her costume represents the U.S. flag with some gold ornaments added to it. The reason for this look is because the costume design itself is the official costume for the one who holds the title of Champion of the Amazons. A title Wonder Woman won in a contest of the Amazons to test all attributes of a warrior, so that she can become the ambassador of the Amazons and set out to man's world to protect not only the Amazons and their home world but also to save the world itself. The tiara actually symbolizes her title as a princess of the Amazons, but the golden "W" and red star earrings are part of the original design of the costume.

The colors of the costume that the Amazons were allowed to change by Aphrodite's Law were turned to look like the American flag because it was an American soldier by the name of Steve Trevor that swept ashore and told the Amazons about the dire situation the world was in because of the threat that the Nazi regime had on the world. And the colors were changed to what it is now so that there is no mistake as to who the Amazons had aligned with during that world conflict and up to now.

Decades have passed and Wonder Woman's costume didn't change as she stayed in the U.S. as an ambassador of the Amazons and serves the public she loves as a superheroine, saving the world and people countless times since her debut.

Wonder Woman has the perfect body to fill such a lavish costume. Her proportions and other features like her bust, waist, and hip sizes are all perfect to her height and weight. It was all gifted to her by Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty and love, since she is basically molded to be the perfect woman from start. Her body fills out the costume perfectly as the costume fits her like a second skin. People always wondered how her breasts never pops out when she fights but it is the custom fitting and the elasticity of the fabric that makes sure it always stays wrapped around her body.

Wonder Woman has perfectly shaped breasts and buttocks for her costume to highlight and exploit. Her bust is perky and her buttocks are perfectly round and tight. Her "WW" breast plate are shaped to fit her breasts and keep her well protected. Her star spangled covered butt is a mesmerizing sight. The bikinis are high cut briefs. It covered most of her butt cheeks but the cut still has a "V" angle so the lower outside part of her butt cheeks just above her butt crevice line isn't covered. The way her shorts fit is like a tight glove and never tends to wrinkle or bunch up whether she kicks, crouches, or bends over. But it did make her wear the bikini bottoms her of costume with a wedgie at all times. Still, the benefits are that she never has to pick at her shorts or adjust her top, she never had to worry about her costume going out of place nor about it getting ripped as it has magical properties that makes it actually tougher to rip than your average satin or spandex.

Wonder Woman is not only beautiful, but she is also very sexy. And her costume, to modern day culture's point of view, can be a bit skimpy and even look more like a stripper than a crime fighter. She was never too self conscious about the way her costume looked because this costume is a key symbol in the Amazonian culture and history, and most Amazons daily attire are short toga dresses or a warrior's attire that was basically a same type of bikini bottoms but with a skirt armor. Still, even after learning about the social norms in man's world, Wonder Woman never felt self conscious or embarrassed about wearing such a flashy and skimpy costume while fighting evil. Not only did she have nothing to be embarrassed about by having the most beautiful face and body of a woman in history, but mostly because she has pride in her costume representing the Amazons' history and culture. It doesn't matter what others think about her or how she looks. She grew up in a culture that adored and admired this legendary costume, a uniform adorned only by their champion. It is the same costume her mother, Hippolyta, once wore and lead a victorious rebellion against Hercules and their slave masters that ultimately won their freedom and stayed in hiding until World War II.

It was a bit of a culture clash and Wonder Woman's innocence showed through her ignorance when she first started to learn about the man's world that was kept a secret from her all her life due to the Amazon Queen's worry that she may run off to explore if she knew about it. To the Amazon Queen's credit, it turned out she absolutely had the right to worry about her daughter that way since it came true. It is one of many secrets she kept from her daughter. She learned and experienced many things since coming to man's world, but stayed true to herself and remained humbly the same person she was when she first left her home island, Themyscira.

Even after all these years of fighting evil and learning about everything that is unholy or perverted about man's world, Wonder Woman remains pure and uncorrupted. Not only did she have a sense of modesty and humility as an Amazon, but she was raised as a princess so also has a great sense of grace and nobility to her mannerisms and behavior. She really lives up to the image of the perfect role model for girls and women everywhere. And she naively thinks she learned about all the evil and corruption that the man's world has to offer. This confidence in her abilities and the lack of fear in the evils of man's world will ultimately be a hard learned lesson for Wonder Woman when that time comes.

Chapter 1 - Wonder Woman Captured

Everything feels like a dream. First there is nothing but darkness and emptiness. Then, through the foggy mind of the Amazon Princess, comes confusion and bewilderment as her eyes flutter half open. Wonder Woman can barely feel what's going on. Faded images comes to her in a blur. She sees nothing but darkness. After a slow and groggy blink, she sees the back of someone only to turn her head to see a moving wall of bricks.

In her current state, she can't tell if this is happening right now, if she is dreaming right now, or if she is remembering something from the past. Wonder Woman in a half sleeping daze continues to gain some sense of awareness. She still can't feel her body as it is quite numbed, but she does realize she's upside down and she's being carried. She doesn't get alarmed as she still in a dream like state. Anything is possible to her. Maybe she got hurt during a battle and Superman is carrying her to the infirmary for some treatment. She did feel some stiffness and a painful pinch on her right butt cheek.

Then, the little motion she could feel stops just temporarily as she feels herself descending while draped over someone's shoulder. Wonder Woman hears a buzz and the sound of something sliding. She assumes she's in an elevator now.

To Wonder Woman's ignorant dismay, she is only half right. She was carried over the shoulder down a dark, declining hallway, and now, she was going down a dimly lit elevator. What she's wrong about is that it Superman isn't the one carrying her at the moment nor any of her friends. And even worse, Wonder Woman is still oblivious to the fact that she is bound by her own lasso.

Unbeknownst to Wonder Woman, she is captured, she is rendered helpless by her golden lasso, and now being kidnapped. Her arms are box tied behind her back with her arms pinned to her back as the lasso is looped around her body, then the lasso goes down the middle over her back through her wedgied star-spangled spandex shorts to tie up her legs just above her knees and ankles. The lasso is very taut, therefore, this made the lasso dig deeper and harder into Wonder Woman's butt crack when her body is folded over the shoulder, making her body length longer while the rope length stayed the same. Wonder Woman's bondage is the reason she felt stiff the moment she opened her eyes.

She is carried by a tall female figure. Slightly shorter than Wonder Woman, but her body is definitely comparable in size and proportions. She is covered in shiny latex from head to toe. She is wearing a hood with a top hole for her high pony tail to fountain out. Her eyes are covered with a tinted visor and her mouth is covered with a ninja-like mask. She is wearing a full bodysuit, opera gloves, breastless corset that slims her waist, and knee high boots. She is carrying Wonder Woman over her left shoulder, her left arm is tightly wrapped around Wonder Woman's waist, and has her right hand holding down Wonder Woman by her right butt cheek with wrist pressing down over the left butt cheek. She holds Wonder Woman's cheek with a slight squeeze making the short claws on the fingertips of her gloves slightly dig in to Wonder Woman's vulnerable flesh, which is the painful pinch Wonder Woman noticed when waking up.

On top of everything, what makes things even worse for Wonder Woman is that there is another female figure covered head to toe in the same shiny latex as the one that's carrying Wonder Woman over the shoulder. The 2nd female is a bit smaller in stature than the 1st female but has just as beautiful of a body as the 1st.

Wonder Woman begins to feel even more discomfort as more of her senses return to her. The first uncomfortable sensation she notices is that there is something painfully digging into her butt crack. The 2nd thing she notices is the stiffness of her shoulders and the immobility of her arms. She still has some numbness in her body to feel the true pain of her magic lasso pressing against her sensitive skin like a piano wire because it is so tight and chafed her with even the smallest movement.

Still, unalarmed due to her ignorance of her situation, Wonder Woman lets out a soft moan as her eyes slowly flutter few more times in an attempt to shake off her grogginess more and tries to raise her head not knowing the danger she's in, "mmm..."

Wonder Woman's moan alerts the 2nd female of her consciousness. Wonder Woman suddenly feels the hand palming her right butt cheek release her, followed by a sharp pinch on the same spot, then she screams as a painful shock jolts, tenses, and blinds her body with pain until the familiar darkness and emptiness returns to her, "AHHHHH..."

The 2nd female quickly used a custom high voltage taser gun right on Wonder Woman's round ass cheek to put her back into dreamland. The 1st female uses the free arm to wrap around Wonder Woman's bound legs to embrace her while her body involuntarily convulses until it is lifeless.

Chapter 2 - Wonder Woman in Peril

Wonder Woman slowly wakes from her 2nd forced slumber since her ordeal began.

"Mmm..." she lets out a soft moan as her eyes flutter open like a butterfly.

She is on her knees with her upper body slumped forward but the most her rope bondage will allow her to lean forward is 45 degrees.

The first thing Wonder Woman notices as she fully gains consciousness is pain. She feels soreness and tightness all over her body as she recognizes the bonds she felt before when she momentarily gained consciousness while being transferred to her current prison. She is still incapacitated by her magic lasso. She is bound the same way with arms box tied behind her back and her legs tied tightly to each other with one added adjustment. It happens to be the most discomforting pain as her own lasso is deeply chaffing inside her butt crack and even her vulva.

The adjustment that her captors added to her rope bondage while she was unconscious is a crotch rope. Her kidnappers retied Wonder Woman to also wrap the lasso around her waist then looped it under her ass crack and between her labia before reconnecting to the front of her waist loop then the rest of the golden rope goes down to her legs to bind her knees and ankles. The superheroine is so tightly bound that the magic lasso disappears inside her star spangled butt crack and labia. The spandex clad cameltoe makes Wonder Woman's labia protrude and makes it look like a mini butt.

Wonder Woman doesn't know how long she has been unconscious for but can estimate just by the stiffness of her muscles and pinching pain over her sensitive parts that she was out for more than a few hours to have the pain built up this much. Even the smallest movement or shifting of her weight made the lasso digging between her legs painfully come alive making it impossible to ignore.

Wonder Woman slowly raises her upper body to a kneeling position while in her bonds. She quickly realizes that she has to sit in a kneeling position with her back straight up in order to alleviate as much tension to the line harassing her the most sensitive parts. Leaning forward means the lasso will dig harder into Wonder Woman's private spots. When Wonder Woman was unconscious, the weight of her entire upper body was held up by the rope flossing Wonder Woman's wedgie and cameltoe. The captive's crotch rope digs deeper into her that her star spangled labia swallows up her magic lasso to its limits.

She quickly observes her surroundings only to realize she's wakened up into literal darkness. She can only assume she is in a room since she can't even see the walls. The only thing she can see at the moment are the lower part of her body by looking down at the stone floor she is kneeling on due to the dim glow of her own golden lasso wrapped around her body and legs. The only relief she gets is that she is still full dressed in her costume.

One of her biggest concerns for herself when fighting evil, next to death, is being raped. All female superheroes have the same concern. Getting captured, raped, then killed. Male superheroes only have to worry about getting captured or killed. And due to this nature, many superheroines choose to wear something less revealing or try to look less appealing when fighting crime. Wonder Woman doesn't have a choice when it comes to her appearance since her looks and costume has been bestowed upon her. Also, her concerns stem from the Amazons' history when they were conquered by Hercules.

Wonder Woman can only imagine what horrors she may be in store for, but right now, the best thing a trained warrior can do is find any means of escape or try to devise a plan to escape. She will never lay still or surrender. She believes she will somehow get out of this alive and will never give up no matter what her enemies throw at her.

As if she's being closely monitored, Wonder Woman isn't given a chance to think as many bright halogen lamps light up the entire room. The brightness makes the bound superheroine squint. It is so bright that Wonder Woman can't even see how the ceiling looks or how high it really is. It is blinding and the timing of the lights were even more startling but it did confirm Wonder Woman's intuition that she is being watched. Wonder Woman wanted to scream out and yell questions but stops herself from looking and feeling ridiculous, especially if no one responds. All she can do is helplessly wait and see what is going to happen next.

Only a minute has gone by since Wonder Woman woke up, so she is still trying to figure out what's going on and fully regain her senses. Therefore, Wonder Woman doesn't realize the noose around her neck begins to slowly retract up into the ceiling until it's too late.

Wonder Woman is shocked and horrified. The noose was snug around her neck at first, but now, the noose is getting tighter as it continues to slowly pull her up. Wonder Woman has no choice but try to stand while in her bondage. Unfortunately, due to the bound superheroine's leather boots, she can't curl her toes enough to plant her feet on the ground to push herself up.

"Aghh..." Wonder Woman lets out a gagging moan as the noose continues to ascend, lifting Wonder Woman up by her neck.

After a few breathless seconds, she is able slide her legs forward enough to put the bottom of her toes on the ground to support her weight. This relief is short lived as Wonder Woman realizes her legs fell asleep from unconsciously kneeling for hours and stumbles to her side to choke herself more by her own weight. She isn't able to support even half her weight and has to balance her heaviness between her neck and wobbly legs.

Everything is going so fast, Wonder Woman's mind is racing and heart is pounding with adrenaline and some fear. Wonder Woman may be a powerful superheroine who can lift cars and trucks with ease, but she is still vulnerable to suffocation. Wonder Woman is forced up onto her feet by the rising noose, and by instinct, she takes a deep breath as she pushes herself up onto her toes with all the strength that's left in her legs.

Fortunately for Wonder Woman, the noose stops when it reaches the point where Wonder Woman has to tip toe like a ballerina while humiliatingly bound by her own lasso. The star spangled superheroine is strung up like a caught trophy, rather than lifting her off the ground to possibly hanging her to death. Unfortunately for Wonder Woman, this position is very strenuous to her to maintain without choking and it is getting really embarrassing to feel so helpless by an unknown enemy of hers. Her pride is in shambles for a brief moment until the pride of the warrior princess inside her picks her up to endure this predicament until she can find a way to free herself or get rescued.

With no further time to think, Wonder Woman hears a sound within the blinding lights up in the ceiling. The lights are so bright that she can't make out what is coming down until it is up in her face. To her shocking horror, the object hovering 1 foot away from her face is an ordinary .357 revolver with the barrel pointing up by a mechanical device that looks like a mini cage built around the handle with metal levers to remotely control the gun.

Wonder Woman's mind and heart are jumping faster than ever. Things continue to move beyond the pace for to think straight or stay calm to figure out a way to escape this dire situation.

"BEEP BEEP BEEP," 3 consecutive beeps go off loudly from within the blinding ceiling, and immediately the gun rotates down.

Before Wonder Woman knew it, she is looking down into the barrel of the gun. Her eyes are glued like a deer caught in headlights.

"BEEP BEEP BEEP," the hammer of the gun is pulled back.


Time slows down for Wonder Woman as complete shock and horror overwhelms her. Things were moving so fast and now it seems like time stopped as her life flashes before her eyes. She remembers everything from her oldest memories as a child, her days growing up and training in her home island of Themyscira, and to her most recent experiences after coming to man's world.

Wonder Woman as an Amazon warrior, is not afraid to die. But as a superheroine set out to change the world, she is not ready to perish just yet. She doesn't want to die and her panic shows it. There is still so much more she wants to do before she leaves this world.

"Click," to Wonder Woman's relief, there is no bullet in the chamber.

Immediately, Wonder Woman feels embarrassment for reacting so instinctively and showing a fear of death to her captors who she knows are observing her, messing with her, and worst of all, probably recording everything that they're doing to her.

Without warning or another set of beeps, the gun suddenly tilts few degrees to the right and quickly pulls the trigger of the gun without even cocking it.


The gun fires a point blank shot that narrowly misses Wonder Woman's face and makes her jump from the unsuspecting surprise. The bullet that could have killed the greatest superheroine of all time is stuck to the wall behind her. Her captors throw the helpless Amazon princess off by leaving the first chamber empty while firing off real ammunition from the 2nd chamber of the revolver. This also creates an anxiety of uncertainty deep inside the defenseless Amazon warrior.

Wonder Woman's heart is pounding as she gets the clear message from her kidnappers. She is in complete mercy of her captors. They can kill her anytime they please. But it did also say, for whatever their reason may be, her captors want her alive for now and that her life is not immediately in danger as the gun disappears into the ceiling it came from.

Knowing that her captors want her alive for now is a small consolation, since they can still kill her anytime they please. The idea that they may eventually kill her when they're done with her lingers in the back of her mind. To make things worse, the position they left her in is very laborious and taxing on her body. Even with the returning strength in her legs, it is taking a lot of energy out of her to maintain on her toes.

As Wonder Woman is finally given a moment to recollect herself, she is left with the most important questions to her now, who, where, why, and even how.

Chapter 3 - Wonder Woman Struggles

About an hour passes since the disappearance of the gun that almost killed the greatest superheroine of all time. To Wonder Woman, the minutes are slowing down as her situation hasn't changed and continues to struggle in her bondage.

Not only is she incapacitated by her own lasso, but it is torturing her nether regions as well. Wonder Woman's kidnappers showed their rope working skills through her bondage, as she learns when all her senses and feelings finally return to her. The smallest movement makes the rope tighten up or chafe Wonder Woman's most sensitive spots. Even breathing makes the rope saw back and forth along Wonder Woman's star spangled butt crack and cameltoe. The insufferable crotch rope of her own lasso is giving her rope burns in the most unwelcomed places.

Worst of all, the noose around her neck never lowered after the gun disappeared, making Wonder Woman struggle to balance on her tip toes. Even with her sense of balance back, she has to equalize her weight between the noose around her neck and the tips of her toes. The bound superheroine is able to stand on her toes with perfect balance moments at a time until she flounders and needs the noose to readjust her equilibrium. While keeping this balance act going, the Amazon princess does everything she can to avoid making any sudden moves or take a deep breath.

"Cough, cough...gasp," Wonder Woman chokes on the rope and gasps for air.

The captured princess holds her breath when adjusting her balance to avoid choking again but can't help it once in awhile. The more she tries to lessen the pain from the noose, her rope bondage, and her toes, the more energy she ends up using.

"When will these monsters ever return?" The distressed Amazon thinks to herself. "Great Hera! Are they going to leave me here to die?"

Even with the strength and stamina of the strongest Amazon that ever lived, Wonder Woman starts to feel aching in her toes, feet, ankles, calves, and thighs from holding a ballerina's pointe position for so long. Even the best ballerina in the world would have faltered and started choking after minutes. Although Wonder Woman still has her boots on, being forced to constantly hold such a strenuous position is slowly taxing on her strength and hurting her legs. Wonder Woman continues to focus on keeping still to minimize any pain from her predicament while shifting her weight between her legs and the noose around her neck.

Alone with her thoughts, she can't help herself from getting furious at the people who's doing this to her. Her mind explodes with thoughts of revenge and justice. She wants to make these cowards who doesn't face her in person to pay. The desire to catch and beat these criminals burn hotter with each passing moment.

Then, her next train of thought makes her wonder who the culprits are. She has so many enemies, it is hard for her to make any assumptions without any clues. She tries to think who may hate her the most to go to such lengths to make her suffer. She ponders if her captors will even show up or if she may possibly die before she can find out.

After minutes of brainstorming, Wonder Woman doesn't even have a hint to work with. With no inkling to the identities of her kidnappers, the next thing her mind leads herself to ponder about is their motivation. She wonders at the possibility of revenge or business but there are too many villains that want to hurt her or kill her. These thoughts lead her to a full circle as her heart fills with rage against her enemies that are doing this to her. This never ending cycle of suspicion and emotions fuels her frustrations.

With so many questions in her head, Wonder Woman can't stop herself from getting lost in her thoughts. Her anxiety subconsciously takes over for a moment as she can only think about what her captors have planned for her.

"What other tortures do these fiends have for me? Will they rape me? Will they kill me?" Wonder Woman ponders by herself, and unknowingly lets fear and anxiety inside her heart.

Time continues to march slowly as Wonder Woman runs in circles inside her head. Just as her captors intended, she is torturing herself with emotions she can't control. Thoughts are spinning so fast and so suddenly, it's like she is caught in a dead stop. This stirs all different types of emotions inside her from anger and hate, to shame and anxiety.

After another long hour goes by for the bound Amazon princess.


Wonder Woman jumps as she gets startled by the surprising beeps that are as loud as air horns. To her unexpected horror, she hears and sees the revolver coming back down from the brightly lit ceiling. The beep and sight of the gun makes Wonder Woman's heart jump out and race. She can't tell if this is another bluff or if it's for real this time. The bound superheroine can't help herself from letting the anxiety get the best of her due to the unknown.

Just like the first time, there is another set of beeps proceeding every action made by the gun except when firing the sudden bullet next to Wonder Woman's head, then ascends back to its home. This continues to recur at random times. Sometimes, the gun doesn't come back for over an hour and sometimes it comes back down seconds after its ascent to surprise the helpless damsel. This is mental torture the Amazon didn't expect to be added to her physical torture. But after few more random appearances, the gun's effect dissipates as Wonder Woman doesn't feel as threatened by the gun, but it still keeps her in constant alert because of the thought that it may actually shoot her when she least expects it or when her captors finally feel satisfied and decides to kill her.

The bright lights, the exhausting position, and the random gun appearances continues to torture the greatest superheroine of all time. She struggles to maintain composure but each passing minute breaks down the Amazon physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Worst of all, each passing hour makes the soreness in her entire body, especially her legs and sensitive parts, build up to the point her legs start shaking. The bound superheroine has to compromise her neck even more to compensate for her tiring leg muscles. Once in awhile, Wonder Woman has to take a deep breath and put most of her weight on her neck. She can't help choking sometimes, especially when she tries to breathe while putting pressure on her neck. The distressed superheroine quickly learns that coughing makes the rope burns come alive then feels its undeniable presence.

Wonder Woman's horrendous position doesn't allow her a chance to rest or sleep as this struggle continues for hours. She helplessly waits alone with no hopes as to figuring out who the culprits are or getting rescued anytime soon. All that is left for the star spangled Amazon to do is helplessly wait in distress.

Chapter 4 - The Night Before

Wonder Woman's mind races in circles all night long, lost and confused. If only she has a clue or a lead to who her assailants are, then she would be able to deduce what they want from her, and even where she may possibly be.

Everything from the blinding lights, the pain from her bondage, and to the gun randomly threatening her life are all interfering with the Amazon's focus. The trained warrior closes her eyes and tries to block out all distractions forced upon her. She focuses as calmly as possible and recalls everything she can.

Things come to Wonder Woman in flashes and blurs. She sees moving walls, sliding doors, and other images she can't make out or put together in her head. Then she calmly tries to focus on something she can clearly remember and retrace her steps from there.

The princess goes back to the night before when she was getting ready for a charity event supporting women's equality. It was a huge event and Wonder Woman was one of the guests of honor, among many of her other super powered friends.

Events like these means a lot to the Amazon princess when the world isn't threatened. She feels it's her duty as a representative for the Amazons and women all over the world, to make as much difference as she can. It is her mission and her reason for staying in man's world.

Wonder Woman went to the charity event in her costume, like all other superheroines that showed up as guests of honor. She was ecstatic since this was one of the biggest events of the year and coincidently, there wasn't a world threat to keep the heroine from attending this year. And best of all, many people she loves and adores will be present as well.

The Amazon princess relives the night before in her mind. The warm memories of recent past brings calmness to the struggling warrior. The night started off with greeting everyone that showed up and personally thanking the attendees that made big donations for the cause.

The evening progressed to many of the special guests making a speech about women's equality, and why it is important to them to see women treated equally in all social levels. Wonder Woman was the top guest of the event, therefore, she was the 1st one to make a speech, then the rest of the honorary guests made their following speeches.

After all the speeches, a fancy dinner was served to all the guests. Delicious food and drinks were served for the banquet. Years have passed since Wonder Woman got to enjoy such a lovely festivity. Such a memory gives her a glimpse of the many banquets she had growing up in her home island of Themyscira. The remembrance of such joyous days almost brings tears of joy and sadness to her eyes.

Then, finally, Wonder Woman remembers saying her goodbyes to all her friends and guests. It was a perfect evening for her and all her guests that got a chance to talk to her and share an unforgettable evening. Everyone who attended laughed and had a good time. There was not a single problem or issue that arose that night.

Wonder Woman doesn't remember any problems arising anytime after the charity event. As with all guests of honor, she was even given a luxurious hotel room to stay over night if she wanted to. She decided to pamper herself a bit rather than flying home, especially since she never gets the chance to enjoy the favorable things that man's world has to offer. She remembers checking in, looking around the beautiful penthouse suite, and settling in to get comfortable. She remembers going inside the bedroom, then everything from there is blank.

This makes the captured princess' eyes open in shock. She tries to refocus but nothing comes up other than the blurry flashes she can barely recall, like the moving brick wall and dim lights.

"Someone from last night must've done this to me!" Wonder Woman thinks to herself in horror. "But who could it be?"

Wonder Woman quickly tries to recall all the people that attended the charity event. A few of her close family and friends showed up, as well as many colleagues, acquaintances, and people she wasn't familiar with. Etta Candy, Wonder Woman's first friend in man's world, and Steve Trevor, Jr., the great grandson of the first man she ever met, both attended as her personal guests. Even her two adopted Amazon sisters, Donna Troy and Cassie Sandmark were there and made speeches of their own. Supergirl, who she thinks of as a little sister, appeared and made her speech. Other guests she adored that showed were Zatanna, Batgirl, Black Canary, and the Huntress.

There were a few guests that did make Wonder Woman ponder about. Power Girl was a guest of honor and she never quite got along with her. She felt Power Girl was a bit too headstrong and rash at times. They even butted heads a couple times in the past and never really saw eye to eye with each other, but there was no way in Wonder Woman's mind Power Girl would do such a horrible thing to her, even as a prank.

Next on Wonder Woman's mind is Hawkgirl. Ever since the Thanagarians, Hawkgirl's people, tried to invade Earth, the Amazon warrior never forgot about that incident. She has forgiven Hawkgirl, even though it was never Hawkgirl's fault nor was she part of the plan. Still, the helpless princess can't help herself from always being a bit suspicious with Hawkgirl.

The list goes on and on, especially with people she's not familiar with, who she can't judge whether they are a suspect or not. This small lead makes the desperate Amazon run in circles with a list of people in her mind. As she goes through all these names in her head, she even tries to think of any possible motivations like jealousy for being so praised more than the other superheroines or any bitterness from a disagreement in the past. But even if that were the case, Wonder Woman knows many of these people don't have the resources to put her in such an elaborate jail, nor a disagreement for anyone to go this far.

"If there wasn't a scuffle, then how could I have..." Wonder Woman ponders into an epiphany, "Wait, the food!"

The night was very busy for Wonder Woman and with her guard down, there weren't any reasons for her to watch her back or watch the food and drinks that were served to her.

"Who could have tampered with my food?" Wonder Woman asks herself.

With no other suspects in mind, Wonder Woman looks into the details of the event. Then, her narrowed eyes open wide in shock, again, as she recalls who funded the charity event.

"Veronica Cale! Could she have done this to me?"

Veronica Cale is a founding partner of Cale-Anderson Pharmaceuticals, who always resented Wonder Woman from the very start. She feels Wonder Woman got everything easily, was over privileged, and got love from the public only because of her superpowers while Veronica had to struggle all her life to gain what she has.

Wonder Woman tried to make peace with Veronica in the past but because Veronica never became a physical threat, she left her alone. Veronica Cale is the biggest suspect Wonder Woman has in her mind. She has the resources to build a secret prison like this and has the motivation to go this far to make the wonderful superheroine suffer.


Wonder Woman gets startled and jumps from the unexpected beeps because she has her guard down and lost in her thoughts. The bound heroine waits for the gun to descend.


A hidden door in front of Wonder Woman unlocks and slowly begins to open.

Chapter 5 - Wonder Woman's Captors

Wonder Woman, who's been captured, bound by her own lasso, and forced to stand on her tip toes by a noose around her neck, finally gets to see who her captors are after 24 hours of grueling bondage torture. The door in front of her that she was oblivious to begins to slowly open. Her eyes narrow to get a better look under the blinding light that's brighter than daylight.

The helpless Amazon's emotions begin to stir inside. Her rage, stress, and anxiety swirl inside as her heart begins pumping harder with adrenaline. But, there is a huge sense of relief that she can't ignore because she is beyond her limits of maintaining such a laboring position for hours, which feels like days for the captured champion. Still, she doesn't want any favorable emotions to get in the way with her violators and does everything her kind heart can to repress those emotions and harness her fury towards them instead.

As the door fully opens, the same female figures covered head to toe in latex walk in. This is the first time Wonder Woman sees the two culprits that kidnapped her and they are in the same costumes as they were the previous night. Their eyes are covered with tinted visors, they have zipped up zippers for mouths, and nostril holes for breathing. They are wearing waist cinching, breastless corsets and thigh high, high heeled boots. The only thing visible of their real body is their ponytail protruding out of the top of their latex masks. This gave the intelligent warrior couple clues to her kidnappers. The taller one has black hair and the shorter one has blonde hair.

There is another relief in Wonder Woman's heart when she see that her captors are females and reinforce her assumption that this is Veronica Cale's doing. She's been captured before where villains have sexually threatened her but always got away somehow before it was too late. But through her past experiences, no female supervillain ever sexually threatened her nor did she feel sexually threatened by them, especially not Veronica. The Amazon princess is ignorant and naive about the S&M themed outfits her captors are wearing. Her concerns are now just torture and death. Her focus is to escape.

The two foes walk in closer to the helplessly bound Wonder Woman. Their body language is emotionless and the thoughts of possible androids or cyborgs crosses the captive's mind. But, she realizes they are real people as they get closer. The bound Amazon is eager to ask questions but holds herself back from showing a sign of desperation or submission. She calms herself and tries to play cool as things begin to unravel. The two female miscreants stop when they are both at each of the prisoner's sides.

Suddenly, as if everything is timed or automatic, the noose begins to descend slowly until the captured princess can plant her heels back onto the ground. Wonder Woman can't help herself but gasp for deep breaths as soon as the noose is lowered since she hasn't been able to take a deep breath for a long time. She even ignores the squeezing pain the ropes bring with each deep breaths. The two minions grab and hold Wonder Woman up by her boxed tied arms. The brunette henchwoman takes the noose off Wonder Woman's neck.

"AHHH!" Wonder Woman yelps in pain as the two women slightly lift Wonder Woman by her upper arms, making her burden most of her weight by her two sore shoulders and worst of all, it is making the lasso tighten up and bite into her rope burns.

Any pain Wonder Woman feels anger her more and tries to focus that rage against her captors to build up as much strength as she can since she feels exhausted from such a torturous night. She continues to calculate every situation and moment to find the right opportunity to use her remaining strength to optimize her chance to escape.

With just her toes touching the floor, the two minions start dragging their captive out the room, down a brightly lit hallway, and into a new room. Wonder Woman tries not to show any emotions and continues to hold back hundreds of questions she has popping up in her head. The unknown continues raise Wonder Woman's level of anxiety. Her mind races by trying to predict what is next or anticipate the worst.

"Where are they taking me? Are they going to tie me to a chair and just interrogate me? Are they going to tie me to a table and electrocute me? Where is Veronica Cale? Is she going to use me as a martyr and execute me?" Wonder Woman's mind tortures herself with questions she can't answer.

The anxious captive bites her tongue until she gets a better idea of what's going on, but her heart pounding out of her chest and her mind racing in circles is making it really hard to control her emotions. She doesn't want to show that she's nervous and desperate. Also, the deductive Amazon knows Veronica Cale is the mastermind and these two females are just her henchwomen. She knows she has to wait for the right opportunity to get some answers.

Wonder Woman looks around to see that the walls, ceiling, and floor all look like reinforced steel. They reach the end of the hall to a steel door. There is a quick scan from the sensor above the door, then the door automatically opens.

Wonder Woman's pounding heart stops for a second as she is immediately startled by what she sees in the room. The room is much bigger than the room she was in. It is a rectangular room that is around twenty five feet by fifteen feet. She sees that everything here is plain, like the reinforced walls. But, it is the hip high examination table in the middle of the room that takes the helpless princess by surprise. It looks like a medical table made out of stainless steel and has a black padded bench that is 3 feet long and one foot wide that tapers up to a six inch wide top that is about 1' high.

The table surprises Wonder Woman because this is nothing like what she expected in her mind. Then, confusion settles in as she doesn't even know how she will sit or lie on that small bench or table. She quickly takes a look around the room and other than a control panel at one end of the room, there is nothing else in the room.

"Great Hera! What is she going to do to me?!? This doesn't look like any interrogation room I expected. Is she going to examine me? Or possibly dissect me? What does she want from me? I thought she just didn't like me?" the worried Amazon thinks to herself.

The two henchwomen drag the distressed superheroine to one end of the table.

"Argh..." Wonder Woman yells out in pain as the two holding each arm lifts her off her feet making her sore shoulders bear her entire weight while making her lasso constrict painfully into her rope burns.

They answer one of Wonder Woman's question as they pull her forward onto the table. The bound Amazon's knees bend automatically by the edge of the table. They rest her shins on the table then quickly bends her upper body on top of the padded bench.

"Argh..." Another yelp in agony escapes the proud Amazon warrior and grimaces in pain as the lasso bites and saws into her sore labia and butt crack when forced to bend over.

The lasso squeezes tighter in the worst areas for the helpless superheroine. She has no choice but to take a few deep breaths and let the pain subside a little as her body gets used to the tighter constriction that is starting to feel like piano wires are wrapped around her. She does what her captors expects of her and put as much effort into staying still as possible. They know any movement is agonizing for the bound warrior and it is only until now that the naive princess grasps the true horrors of her rope bondage.

The concerned Amazon tries to look back to see what the two females will do next but her neck and body is so stiff and sore that it hurts her to even try to look over her shoulder. Even if she uses all her strength and her peripheral vision to look back, the most she can see is the mid point of the room. All Wonder Woman could see is the front half of the room.

The latex clad villains don't waste anytime, they use reinforced kevlar straps to tie down the already bound superheroine onto the bench. One strap went over the captive's angles, another strap went over her knees or upper calves, and the last strap secures her waist, making Wonder Woman practically immobile.

This position makes the proud Amazon worry even more about her captors' plans and motives. Her shame slowly creeps up as her body and mind settles into the forced position she is in. Bent over with her star spangled butt displayed in the air. She didn't expect to be bound into such a degrading position. Worst of all, her concerns of sexual violence and rape resurfaces into her mind because of the way she feels in this vulnerable position. Her only relief of that worry is that she is still fully dressed in her own costume.

With Wonder Woman's worries aside, her shame and helplessness turns to anger as her pride inside fights back with fury. She tried to hold back and be calm but her emotions take over for a moment.

"AHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Wonder Woman yells in anger as she uses all the strength that she can muster to break free of her bonds.

Her emotional boost of adrenaline makes her ignore the painful rope burn as she tries to pull her box tied arms behind her back with brute force. The desperate superheroine knows she can't break the lasso but hopes the knots will untie itself. After an unsuccessful few seconds of putting everything she has to breaking free, her desperation makes her entire body wiggle and shake while trying to pull her arms out.

"GRRR..." The distressed warrior grunts loudly as her effort reaches its peak.

After few more seconds pass and absolutely no signs of her bonds loosening, the fighting Amazon finally uses all her remaining strength. Her regret immediately follows. Wonder Woman is out of breath and can't stop herself from panting. Her face and body is red from expending so much strength at once and from the tightly bound ropes as well. The only consolation is that her blood reddened shade is hiding any blushing from embarrassment for looking so pathetically desperate. Especially since, the only things she could do is shake her head and wiggle her butt side to side by about one inch.

Her hope to escape is disheartened and know that she can't liberate herself in her current situation. She did everything to keep cool for the right moment, but unfortunately uses up all her remaining strength. Wonder Woman has no choice but to wait until she recuperates her strength, continue looking for an opportunity to escape, and helplessly wait for someone to come and rescue her.

Her futile attempt to breakout of her bonds made things worse for the troubled Amazon. The lasso is tighter than ever before and it isn't slacking back to the way it was. It is a cruel design and technique used by her captors to punish anyone who attempts to escape, and it is making it harder to breathe for the distressed princess. She can't take a deep breath without making the ropes gnaw into her flesh. She can feel the rope burns even when she stays completely still. The antagonizing lasso pulsates pain into Wonder Woman's body with each breath, especially her lasso wedgie.

The two females didn't show any reactions to Wonder Woman's feeble anger tantrum. As soon as they finish securing their prisoner, they both walk to the front end of the room, turns around, then kneels in front of the bound captive. They both kneel in a submissive position with their upper body completely bent forward so that their foreheads are touching the floor. They both put their arms straight out in front of them with their palms flat on the ground. Their postures are perfect.

Wonder Woman gets perplexed for just a split second by the 2 villains' actions. She can't help but think if they are kneeling at her to perform some kind of ritual, then quickly deduces that they must be kneeling for Veronica. Just at that moment, she hears a door open behind her.

"Tack tack tack tack..." The sounds of high heels become audible and gets louder with each step.

Wonder Woman's heart speeds up again with anxiety. After a horrendous day of bondage torture, she finally gets to see who the real culprit is. She tries to control her emotions that is getting rowdy inside her. She holds back from trying to look back and seem eager. She knows she has to be as calm as possible and don't show her enemies any sign of fear or desperation.

"My, my, what a breathtaking sight!" The approaching voice says.

The bound superheroine is bamboozled by the unrecognizable voice. She was positive that Veronica Cale was pulling the strings to this fiasco. But this is throwing the deductive Amazon off guard.

Wonder Woman decides to wait for the footsteps to get closer and in front of her before she puts any effort to degradingly look up at her captor. She sees black leather boots step into her view. The captured princess slowly raises her head to see who her captor is. As her eyes pan upward, she sees beautifully shaped thighs covered in shiny, purple spandex.

"Looks like the cat finally has a mouse to play with! Me-ow!" The same voice says just before Wonder Woman sees her assailant's face.

"Catwoman?!?" Wonder Woman's eyes widen in shock and confusion as she yells out her captor's name with bewilderment.

Chapter 6 - Mind Games

"Well done, slaves! You may kneel up." Catwoman commands while her eyes are glued to the helplessly bound superheroine who is displayed in the middle of a room like a prized trophy.

The two slaves raise their upper body straight up with their backs arched then immediately puts their arms behind their backs in a box tied like position where they are holding their opposite arm's elbows. Their postures are perfect and stays still like a pair of statues.

"Hello, Diana! Comfy?" Catwoman tauntingly says while slowly licking her claws.

"Selina Kyle!?!" Wonder Woman says in confusion as her mind tries to digest the unexpected surprise.

"Oh? So, you know my name?"

"The Justice League has a file on you."

"Ah, Brucie! Always such a pain in the ass." Catwoman says as she rolls her eyes.

Catwoman begins to tauntingly walk around Wonder Woman in a clockwise direction knowing very well that the immobilized superheroine can't look back because of how tightly bound she is to the black stool bench. Her eyes stay focused on the captured Amazon princess like she is the greatest art piece of all time. She traces over as much curves and smooth contours her eyes can fathom of the most beautiful woman that ever lived. She even admires the way Wonder Woman's costume looks and fits on her.

The Amazon princess doesn't like being wrong. She has as much pride as the next person, even though she never really shows her prideful side to the world. But, with the small possibility that she may still be right, she chooses questions that takes a jab at Catwoman while trying to emotionally manipulate the truth out of her.

"What do you want, Catwoman? When did you become Veronica's lackey? Where is she?"

"Ha ha ha, that's actually a pretty good attempt at trying to hurt by feelings." Catwoman laughs while replying when she is behind Wonder Woman during her walk around.

"You used her name to throw me off, but why would you do this? We never crossed paths before." The perplexed superheroine asks.

"You do realize you're not in position to be asking any questions, right?" Catwoman taunts as she finishes her walk around and looks down at the strong willed warrior.

"Is someone paying you to do this?"

"Oh, please. I can't be tamed."

"Then, why, Selina?"

"Sigh, no special reason. Let's just say I'm bored and kitty wants to play." Catwoman sighs and rolls her eyes as she finally answers the determined captive to shut her up.

"You can't be serious! Why me, Selina? Don't you have people you have personal grudges with?"

"I don't hold grudges. Just ask Batman. I'm just bored and you happen to catch my eye."

This begins to frustrate Wonder Woman but tries to continue with reason rather than trying to instigate an emotional reaction out of her captor.

"Please, Selina. Release me and I will consider over looking this incident."

"Ha ha ha, what you should consider is the situation you're in before you give absurd demands with no leverage." Catwoman genuinely laughs as she responds.

"I swear, if you don't let me go now, I will make you pay ten folds." Wonder Woman narrows her eyes at her captor and threatens.

"Hmm, you're making threats, now? You know, your mouth might make things worse for you." Catwoman grins with amusement as she subtly threatens back.

Wonder Woman's face starts to turn red in frustration.

"There, there, Diana. No need to get so angry. You're so beautiful, you actually make me feel jealousy and envy." Catwoman taunts as she leans in to stare into her captive's eyes.

"Is this what it's about? Jealousy?" Wonder Woman asks as she unknowingly calms down by Catwoman's manipulating words.

"Hardly! I just take anything I want, and that includes you and that costume."

"My costume?" The perplexed Wonder Woman asks.

"Your costume is so sexy. You look...wonderful in it. But I'm surprised you can fight crime in that. I don't even think a hooker would stand in a corner looking like that." Catwoman continues taunting.

Wonder Woman's eyes narrow this time from the insult, "this look was bestowed upon me."

"Good for you! I'm just pointing out that I would personally be too embarrassed to run around in that costume, let alone, wear it in public."

"Are you trying to stain Amazon honor?"

"Honey, your costume is doing that for me. You just don't realize what you're wearing."

"What does she mean?" Catwoman's words put Wonder Woman into deep thought.

While Wonder Woman fails to emotionally entice her captor to give her any real answers to work with, Catwoman starts winning the psychologically battle by making her captive feel more confused with her words and actions. On top of that, Catwoman is psychologically putting the Amazon princess in a lower social status between themselves.

"Wait, how would you know anything about Amazon history?" The helpless princess curiously asks.

"I know just by looking at you." Catwoman says with a sly grin.

Catwoman confuses Wonder Woman more with her cleverly orchestrated mind games. Wonder Woman can't tell if there is any truth to the substance or if Catwoman is making things up to just make herself question her own history and heritage. But, she can't help get an uneasy feeling Catwoman knows something she doesn't or hiding something from her. This adds fuel to the captured warrior's frustrations.

"You're just a common thief!" The proud princess emotionally lets out an insult.

Catwoman smiles widely at her psychological victory by seeing Wonder Woman get emotionally riled up first.

The victorious captor chuckles then says "Heh heh, throwing low blows, now, princess? There isn't a difference between a common thief and an uncommon thief, just good and bad ones, your highness."

Wonder Woman continues to get confused by Catwoman's words. She can't tell if Catwoman means good and bad as in reference to a thief's skills or to a thief's morals.

"It's sad how you still don't realize how pathetic you are right now. You may have been gifted with wisdom but you're still a fish out of water, your highness. You are still too naive and righteous. That's why I'm actually here to help you." Catwoman adds.

"Help me? And how is that?" Wonder Woman calms down and asks in hopes that she finally get the upper hand by getting the villain to ramble on and give away her deviant plans.

"We're going to find out what you really are!" Catwoman exclaims.

Wonder Woman gets puzzled and a bit startled by what her captor just said. But the proud Amazon princess doesn't give it anymore thought and takes it more at face value thinking her honor, dignity, or morals will be tested somehow.

"Just give it up, Selina! You will eventually lose. And I will make sure..."

"Yes, yes, good will always triumph. Blah, blah, blah." Catwoman interrupts and makes the proud Amazon princess feel her own silliness for making empty threats again. "Since you don't learn, I will explain this to you. I know your game. You've been trying to get me emotionally upset so that I would gloat away my plan or give you some clues. But, sadly instead, you got yourself emotional and made yourself look foolish. And, the real truth is that you're actually really scared and worried deep inside what I'm going to do to you, even though you're fully convinced your life is not in danger." Catwoman explains as she starts circling around the bound prisoner again.

Wonder Woman quietly listens as Catwoman iterates every action Wonder Woman has taken in her presence so far. She feels a bit caught off guard because her captor seems to be inside her head and knows what she's thinking. Then, without warning, Catwoman places a hand on Wonder Woman's star spangled butt and slowly slides her hand across to two perfectly round mounds.

"Don't touch me, villain!" Wonder Woman yells and shakes her body in anger while ignoring any pain from her rope burns.

Catwoman grins with delight at Wonder Woman outraged reaction and continues, "Unfortunately, your highness, just because I don't kill doesn't mean I can't make your life worse than death. Your feeble attempts to delay me for some miracle rescue isn't going to happen, either. And, this conversation just got boring. Why don't we do a little experiment? No, a test. Hmm...actually, they both sound too serious. Let's play a game, shall we?" Catwoman says with a grin.

Wonder Woman's eyes narrows with disgust but holds onto as much dignity as possible by not showing any reaction.

"Let's play what hurts an Amazon. Or rather, let's play what hurts Wonder Woman!"

"You're sick and sadistic, Catwoman! Isn't that why your choice of weapon is a whip?" The Amazon princess isn't able to resist holding her tongue and insults Catwoman.

"Very clever. I like that, but still too tamed. You're really bad at trying to hurt someone's feelings." Catwoman amusingly says.

"I don't want to be like you."

"Better, but, you really should watch your mouth when you're powerless to fight back." Catwoman adds as she turns around in front of her captor.

"Argh!" Wonder Woman screams in surprising pain as Catwoman quickly spins to scratch the beautiful Amazon princess on the left cheek.

Four deep cuts by Catwoman's claws are visibly raked across Wonder Woman's flawless face. Blood starts to drip out of the cuts soon after. Wonder Woman stays poised and doesn't get emotional with her face being disfigured. She regrets screaming in pain but quickly recomposes herself and tries not to show any sign of fear or pain.

Catwoman looks at her handy work, then says, "Good, you're very soft and vulnerable. Slaves, bring me the poker!"

Both slave immediately get up and walk to the back end of the room. With a couple of buttons pressed on the control panel, a hidden door opens. They grab and carry a small black cauldron full of hot coals with an iron poker inside it back to the front of the room together.

Catwoman grabs the iron poker's handle then slowly pulls it out of the cauldron. The poker turns out to be a branding iron. The brand is Catwoman's logo. It is a diamond that is made to look like a cat's face with ears and has cat's eyes inside the diamond design. It is glowing red because of the heat and draws Wonder Woman's attention. Catwoman turns toward the captured and helpless superheroine with the branding iron.

Chapter 7 - The Experiment

Catwoman takes the burning branding iron, steps toward the helplessly bound superheroine, and without hesitation, puts the glowing end on Wonder Woman's beautifully smooth right cheek.

*Sssss....* The sound of sizzling can be heard but it's very light and short.

Surprisingly, Wonder Woman stays courageously still and doesn't show any reaction. She neither shows pain nor anger. Catwoman pulls the hot poker away from the Amazon princess' face with a wide grin, only to end up frowning in disappointment immediately. As it turns out, the sizzling sound was from Wonder Woman's perspiration and not her skin burning.

"Ooh, so, it's true! You're gifted and protected by the gods. Hestia's sisterhood of fire, was it? How disappointing." Catwoman disappointingly turns to put the branding iron back in the cauldron then turns back at her bound captive. "Hmm, and it looks like your bleeding stopped."

Wonder Woman suspiciously asks, "how do you know about Hestia's fire?"

"Greek mythology? Or didn't you do an interview with Vanity Fair?" Catwoman plays dumb.

"I have done no such thing."

Catwoman leans in at her captive's face and quickly takes the opportunity to change the subject, "Hmm, and it looks like your bleeding stopped."

Wonder Woman finally gets the upper hand for the brief moment. She has a clue to her captor's true plan. The Amazon warrior assumes that her captor may be trying to learn about her powers and possibly find a way to steal them or copy them. One thing is for sure in Wonder Woman's mind, Catwoman knows something vital that she has yet to reveal.

The proud Amazon princess grins with confident and seizes the moment to taunt, "You see, Catwoman, you can't hurt me. I've been scratched worse by more formidable opponent like the Cheetah."

"Oh, please. Has the Cheetah ever capture you and render you helpless?" Catwoman taunts back.

"All you can do is tie me up."

"Oh, believe me, Diana. I'll do worse than just tie you up."

Catwoman snaps her finger at her slaves who are standing near the cauldron. Without any verbal communication, the brunette slave walks to the back of the room, comes back with a baseball bat, then hands it to her mistress while holding it with both her hands and head bowed.

Catwoman smiles at her servant, grabs the bat, then says, "good girl."

The brunette goes back to a standing position next to her slave sister. They both stand with their arms behind their backs and keep their legs shoulder width apart with their backs arched. They quietly watch while waiting for their next command from their owner. Their eyes may be covered with visors, but there is no question they are both staring directly at the captured superheroine. And, Wonder Woman helplessly can't ignore the added humiliation of their voyeuristic presence.

Catwoman turns and faces the immobilized Amazon princess with the bat. She winds the bat back like a professional batter and says, "Batter up!"

Catwoman swings the bat and hits Wonder Woman on the side of the head with everything she has, then uses the momentum of the swing to raise it up into the air and immediately swings it down with all her strength.


The first swing hits Wonder Woman on the side of her head where her golden tiara rests. The force makes her head whip to the right.


The second hit makes her head swing down since the bench's edge ends under the captive's neck.

Wonder Woman raises her head at Catwoman and says, "I'd say, about a two."

"Heh heh." Catwoman chuckles at Wonder Woman's confidence then says, "You are quite durable, I see.

"As I said before, you can't hurt me and all you can do is keep my tied up, Selina. Please, stop this nonsense. If there are things you want to learn about me, then I will gladly answer any questions you may have." Wonder Woman pleads as her kind heart tries to reason with her tormentor.

Catwoman disappointingly tosses the bat in front of her slaves. Without any spoken words, the blonde slave quickly picks up the bat and walks back to the room to put it away. She comes back to her designated spot once her task is done.

"Guess, I just have to do this with my own hands." Catwoman humorously says with her right hand raised and fingers wiggling.

"Ha ha ha, you couldn't hurt me with a bat, how do you reason you can hurt me with your bare hands?" Wonder Woman genuinely laughs at her captor's backward thinking.


Catwoman gives a lightning quick slap to Wonder Woman's left cheek. Wonder Woman's head is whipped to the right same way it did when hit with a bat.

Wonder Woman looks up and says with an angered look, "Zero."

The slap didn't hurt the mighty Amazon warrior, but there is a humiliating feeling that sparks from the bitch slap. Her inability to fight back is fuel to her flame of frustration.

"Good, I got your attention!" Catwoman grins and says. "Because there is something I do want to ask you."

"What is it?"

"I always wondered. Have you ever thought about your costume's intended design?"

"Costume shaming me, again?"

"No, I'm actually serious. I mean, it doesn't seem to give you that much protection for a warrior. I realize your tiara gives you some protection and your breasts are really well protected, but nothing more other than your bracelets. Did you ever...wonder about that?" The cunning villain questions.

"It gives me all the protection I need. As you can see, I'm more than durable without any armor at all." The proud warrior states.

"Of course, you are. But isn't your costume indestructible?" Catwoman curiously asks.

"Not against magic."

"Right, and we don't have much of that around here."

"What are you getting at, Selina?"

"It's just that, I find it an oxy-moron that your costume is indestructible but certain area is thin as you average spandex shorts." Catwoman ponders.

"Isn't it logical? It's so that my costume doesn't get ripped or torn during battle."

"Yes, I'm sure that's definitely the main reason, but I have a weird feeling there's something more to it."

"I'm getting tired of your silly games, Selina. Release me this instant!" Wonder Woman raises her voice in rebuilt frustration.

"Alright, just one more question and I'm done." Catwoman says then starts walking towards the bound superheroine's left side.

Wonder Woman watches her captor until she is out of her sight. Her neck is still sore, but it is her rope bondage with her arms box tied behind her back and being strapped belly down onto a bench that are restricting her movement. The captured superheroine can't follow what Catwoman is saying and begins to get more curious rather than anxious.

Catwoman gets close to Wonder Woman and lightly slides a claw from her pointer finger over the captive's bare left shoulder blade. The finger continues its wondrous journey over the back of the red bustier, and finally, slides off the curves of the perfectly shaped star spangled left butt cheek.

The Amazon princess holds her tongue when touched this time. Her confidence in her situation is growing higher since she feels like Catwoman can't seriously hurt her. She also knows through Batman's information that she doesn't possess any superpowers. Any sense of fear and anxiety that built up inside the Amazon warrior slowly dissipates.

"Because I always thought all those white stars imprinted on your butt draws a lot of attention. Ever feel like these stars on your ass are target marks or clues to your weakness, Wonder Woman?"

"Weakness?" Wonder Woman asks just before she realizes Catwoman is asking a rhetorical question and knows what she is about to do, there is a shockingly loud pain that surges into Wonder Woman's right butt cheek.


Chapter 8 - The 1st Spanking

"AHH!" Wonder Woman yelps from unexpected pain on her right butt cheek.

Catwoman raises her hand high in the air again and swings it down hard on Wonder Woman's left butt cheek.


"Hmph..." Wonder Woman quickly tightens her lips but lets a little whimper escape.

Wonder Woman is instantly embarrassed and regrets letting out any sound. She vows not to make another sound of agony that will add to her embarrassment and give any satisfaction to her captor.

The first 2 spanks took her by surprise. It overwhelmed any other sensation Wonder Woman's body was feeling at the time, especially because it was completely unexpected. She didn't expect Catwoman to spank her nor have time to brace herself, and the pain surprisingly hurt much more than anticipated, which took her completely off guard. She expected something painless like the slap to the face. She ponders through the pain at what Catwoman said just before she started spanking and asks herself, "is it true?!? Is my butt my weakness?"


Catwoman continues to alternately and very sternly spank the helpless Amazon princess' star spangles butt cheeks once every second.

Wonder Woman, who has a high tolerance for pain, quickly adjusts to the pain and doesn't make another sound. The spanking actually hurts her but it isn't quite enough to make the Amazon warrior cry out in agony. The sense of humiliation from the spanking over shadows the sense of pain. She has never been made to suffer so much. She's been bound by her own lasso, made to tip toe all night long while fearing for her life, and now, she is helplessly spanked hard like a naughty little girl with her ass out on display. The fact that she is the greatest superheroine and an Amazon royalty made it even more demeaning and disrespectful. On top of that, Catwoman's two slaves are watching every spank.

Wonder Woman was spanked only by her mother when she was young. The queen even forbade anyone else to discipline her daughter and even forbade herself when Diana matured into womanhood. The proud Amazon princess never felt so offended and infuriated in her entire. To be spanked by her own mother was humiliating enough, but to be captured and spanked by her enemy is easily the most embarrassing experience of her entire life.

"HOW DARE YOU DO THIS TO AN AMAZON PRINCESS!" The Amazon princess yells with fury.


Catwoman antagonistically responds by spanking harder and faster.

"Ahh!" Wonder Woman lets out a moan from the increase in pain then blushes in shame.

Wonder Woman feels embarrassed as she lets out another sound after vowing to herself she wouldn't. Catwoman doesn't say anything and responds with actions much louder than words. Wonder Woman can't help herself from grimacing once in awhile. Even though she doesn't make anymore sounds, knowing that the two slaves standing in front of the room watching sees her expressions of pain adds more humiliation to her shameful ordeal.


Catwoman's unrelenting hand bounces off Wonder Woman's star spangled butt as if they were tight rubber balls. They jiggle tightly and spring up back into shape instantly. Her butt is very well toned and the decorations of the white stars on shiny blue spandex makes her ass hypnotically mesmerizing to behold. Catwoman loses herself in the moment and isn't able to take her eyes off the bouncing star spangled ass cheeks. The sight becomes even more captivating as a shade of red begins to brighten up on the skin that's between the edge of Wonder Woman's star spangled shorts and the crevice of her buttocks. Wonder Woman can't ignore the heat radiating from her spanked buttocks.


Wonder Woman continues to get surprised and shocked by the pain from the spanking, and how fast the pain level seems to build up with each hard smack. She was so confident that Catwoman couldn't physically hurt her after the experiments conducted, but now, she is appalled by the stinging sensation that she's forced to endure. She even wondered if Catwoman acquired super strength somehow because it hurts so much, and the villain doesn't show any mercy nor any signs of slowing down. It actually seems like Catwoman is increasing the level of intensity as the spanking progresses.


Ten minutes into the spanking, Catwoman suddenly stops without warning. While smiling ear to ear, she circularly rubs Wonder Woman right butt cheek then squeezes it hard. She quickly does the same to the left cheek but adds a hard shake while squeezing Wonder Woman's spanked left butt cheeks. Then, she gives it a couple demeaning pats as soon as she lets go. The conniving evildoer deliberately stays away from Wonder Woman's wedgied butt crack or her inflamed cameltoe.

"Ooh, I can feel the heat through my gloves." Catwoman taunts.

"GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME!" Wonder Woman yells and shakes in rage, but Catwoman was already done admiring her work.

"Bad girl!" *SPANK* Catwoman degradingly scolds Wonder Woman when giving a punishing spank to the helpless superheroine's left ass cheek. "No! *SPANK* No! *SPANK* No!" *SPANK* Catwoman emphasizes each word with a powerful spank to the same cheek.

"ARGH!" Wonder Woman loudly growls in both frustration and pain.


Catwoman spanks the right ass cheek hard, squeezes it hard, shakes it hard, then declares, "I do what I want!"

As if Wonder Woman learned a lesson in obedience, she remains docile and quiet when Catwoman squeezes and shakes her sore butt cheek. The Amazon princess didn't like being scolded like a little girl or a dog. She just wants the spanking to stop, she doesn't want things to get worse than it is, and thinks that the best way to do that is by not antagonizing her tormentor. But, what the naive superheroine doesn't realize is that her method involves surrendering to her captor's will as well.


The supervillain resumes the spanking in a disciplinary manner. The merciless spanker uses the apex of her strength and speed as she raises her hand as high as she can and spanks as hard as she can. She's even wearing special latex gloves rather than her usual leather gloves to enhance the pain of the spanking. The villainess smiles in delight as she spanks Wonder Woman twice every second.


The sense of shame and humiliation continues to build up as much as the level of pain. As the spanking goes on, and as Wonder Woman is still able to tolerate much of the pain she is receiving, she begins to feel the agonizing rope burns mix into the fray of the pain. The spanks are now delivered with enough force and momentum to make the bound superheroine's body to involuntarily jerk forward within its tight bonds, which brings the lasso to life. The stinging rope burns all over her body, and especially over her sensitive parts, excruciatingly stings and burns with her tanned rear end.

Wonder Woman's glowing red butt cheeks begin to heat up her entire body. The Amazon warrior begins to breathe harder and perspire. Her sweat drips off her body while her spandex costume absorbs her perspiration. This makes her costume stick onto her body as if it's glued onto her immaculate skin.

The strong willed warrior wasn't able to keep her personal vow from making a sound. She even tried to act like the spanking didn't have any affect so that Catwoman would be fooled to use a different method of torture. Sadly, Wonder Woman miserably failed in every aspect. Her body is non-verbally telling her spanker that she's in distress. She is unable to keep her poker face as the pain of the spanking forces her to grimace, shut her eyes, or lower her head in agony once in awhile. Even with her lips tightly shut, she can't help let small whimpers escape her. Catwoman reads Wonder Woman's body language. She stops the spanking to provoke her captive and continue getting inside Wonder Woman's head.

"Your pain gives me so much pleasure, mmm..." Catwoman meows in delight as she roughly rubs Wonder Woman's burning buns to spread the pain and heat.

"Ugh...You're sick!" Wonder Woman responds with angry narrow eyes.

Catwoman replies with a wicked grin as she seductively licks her right middle finger claw, "and you're going to find out just how sick!"

Wonder Woman has nothing to say since she is still helplessly at the mercy of Catwoman. She also learned that provoking her torturer will only make things worse. It is a mindset Catwoman is determined to teach.


Catwoman resumes the relentless spanking.

The humiliation and the shame is now too much for Wonder Woman's pride to handle. Her unfamiliar helplessness keeps fueling her frustrations. The frustrations of not being able to fight back or do anything to stop what is happening reaches its peak. Her rage towards her assailant rises as her desire to escape and pay Catwoman back increases with each spank. With so many conflicting feelings inside, Wonder Woman fights an emotional battle within herself. She does everything she can to hold back her tears of anger.

After twenty more minutes of unrelenting spanking, Catwoman finally ends the spanking with emphasizing hard smacks to each star spangled butt cheek.


"Aww...ahh..." Wonder Woman moans in agony to each accentuating spanks.

Catwoman is a little out of breath but not a single sign of fatigue. Wonder Woman is panting heavily from tolerating and bearing so much pain in such a short time. She knows she can't convince Catwoman that the spanking doesn't hurt. But, she is relieved that the spanking finally stopped and she has a moment to recover to let the burning pain on her buttocks to subside.

"Whew, now, that's a warmup!" Catwoman exclaims and degradingly pats Wonder Woman well spanked left butt cheek.

"Uhh..." Wonder Woman moans in discomfort when Catwoman pats her burning butt cheeks.

Wonder Woman feels too tired and weak to lash out at Catwoman for disrespectfully patting her ass. Rather, the humbled Amazon princess tries to use diplomacy to reason her way out.

"Why are you doing this to me? What is it that you're really after?"

"Oh please, Diana, I already told you. I'm just bored."

Wonder Woman knows her boredom can't be the only reason. Not knowing Catwoman's true motives is agitating the helpless Amazon. She can't help but feel convinced that her captor really doesn't have a valid reason for this and doing this out of pure sickness and evil.

"Please, Selina. My friends and my sisters will eventually find me. And, if my mother learns how you dishonored Amazon royalty, she will try to execute you and I may not be able to stop her. Please, for your own sake, stop this madness before it's too late."

"Really?!? You're going to bring your mom into this?" Catwoman teases. "Seems like someone is trying to be a party pooper and ruin my fun. That's such a naughty thing to do!"

The brave Amazon warrior gets more agitated and annoyed than ever before. She feels foolish for opening up her heart to her captor and try to reason with her again. Nothing but words of hate and revenge enter her mind, yet she gives reasoning one last try.

"You are crossing a line you that you may not be able to come back from, Catwoman. I'm asking you for the last time, release me and I will forgive you. I give you my word." Wonder Woman sincerely says.

"Good, because I am tired of you asking. Better yet, I'm tired of you talking and trying to spoil my fun. Slaves!"

The two slaves spring into action. They both walk to the back of the room where the prisoner can't see. They go to the secret storage compartment in the back of the room. The blonde slave comes back with a wooden paddle and hands it to her mistress with both hands and head lowered. The brunette slave walks up to Wonder Woman's head with a red ball gag. She roughly grabs and squeezes the Amazon's cheeks to open her mouth, then viciously shoves the ball gag into her mouth. The blonde slave quickly turns to fasten the straps of the ball gag behind Wonder Woman's head. The slaves goes back to their designated viewing spots in front of the helpless superheroine.

The bound superheroine gets angry and frustrated for suddenly getting gagged without warning. Things went so fast that she didn't even have a chance to struggle and make things more difficult. Now, she feels even more humiliated and degraded as she loses the power to speak and reason. Her sense of helplessness and humiliation continues to reach new heights.

*Pat pat pat*

Catwoman pats the paddle in her hand. "Marble wood paddles. The strongest wood used to make a spanking paddle. The density makes it the most painful. I would hate to be on the receiving end of this one."

Wonder Woman is horrified to hear that her torment isn't over. She is even more appalled to hear that she is going to be paddled. The helpless Amazon princess can only imagine how much worse the level of pain will be, and this brings out a sense of fear and anxiety inside her. She never felt these emotions so intensely her entire life, something she's definitely not custom to.

Wonder Woman desperately shakes her head in protest and says, "on't oo is."

The Amazon princess never had a ball gag in her mouth before, and blushes with embarrassment for even trying to speak. She even feels the first drop of drool roll down her chin. She had be gagged with cloth or had her mouth taped up before, but never a ball gag. The ball gag feels way more humiliating and demeaning than any other methods she experienced. Not just because of the drooling, but also because her mouth is forced to stay wide open and limit her range of facial expressions. She can't make an intimidating or angry expression the way she could before. Worst of all, without the power of speech, all she can do is just receive and endure any torturous pain Catwoman gives her.

"Oh, and I really don't want you to miss out on your first spanking." Catwoman teases.

Without a command, the blonde slave walks back to the room and presses a button on the control panel. A small panel opens up on the floor in the front of the room. A large monitor slides up from the hole. Then, it turns on to display a close-up of Wonder Woman's spanked butt. She can see for herself how red her lower butt cheeks have turned already. The sight adds to her struggle with rage and shame.

Without warning, Catwoman grabs a handful of Wonder Woman's silky, long, black hair and pulls it harshly back so that the captive's head is forced up to watch her own ass on the screen. Before Wonder Woman can process what's going on and keep up with what's happening at the moment, Catwoman raises the paddle high in the air and brings it down with the full force of her strength.


The paddle sounds like gunshot.

"MMMPH!!!" Wonder Woman grimaces in pain and screams into her ball gag.


"Mmmph!!!" Wonder Woman can't help but let out a muffled yelp in pain after each appalling spank with the paddle.


Wonder Woman writhes and squirms in her bonds after each unbearably painful spanks. The pain of the rope burn gets overshadowed by the hot sparking pain from the paddle. She continues moaning and whimpering in agony after each maddening swat from the paddle. The Amazon princess even gets hypnotized by her own star spangled buttocks bouncing on the screen in front of her, and can't take her eyes off it. Her perfect round buttocks that is decorated by her own golden lasso with her lower butt cheeks turning from bright red to a darker shade adds to the mesmerizing affect.

The spanking is nowhere near a threat to her life, but the pain is frighteningly unbearable. The pain quickly builds up to such an unbearable level that Wonder Woman can't stop herself from clenching and tightening her butt cheeks to lessen the pain from the paddling. Even though, the lasso constricts and bites her rope burns deeper every time she clenches her butt cheeks, getting the scorching smacks to hurt less outweighs sacrifice.


Wonder Woman has been stabbed, electrocuted, punched by villains who can lift mountains, and even suffered broken bones, but she has never felt such intense pain in her entire life. The Amazon warrior is not used to experiencing so much pain for such long duration due to her durability and strength. Also, because of her situation, she is unfamiliar with adrenaline driven by anxiety, rather than the usual adrenaline driven by excitement. This makes her process the pain much differently than when in battle and struggling for life and death. Wonder Woman is confused why the spanking hurts so much more than anticipated.

Drenched in sweat, breathing heavily between each moan, tears begin to well up inside Wonder Woman's eyes. The humiliation and pain are beyond what Wonder Woman can handle and they pass her limit. The emotional and physical pain is taking its toll. Tears begin to flow down the mighty Amazon warrior's cheeks while moaning and whimpering in pain. Wonder Woman is spanked to tears. Now, her internal struggle is to fight back the overwhelming sense of submission growing inside her.

From the moment Catwoman captured Wonder Woman, every abuse played an important role. She weakened her physically and mentally by depriving her of her sleep, food, and water. She exhausted her strength through bondage. She attacked her psyche with mind games and humiliation. And now, she is making her suffer like never before with shameful spanking. Everything led to this very moment. The 1st sign of Wonder Woman breaking.

The sight of her captive's tears and the sounds of the whimpering moans revitalize Catwoman's strength with encouragement and motivation. She slows down the pace to paddle her plaything with more power.


"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMPH!" Wonder Woman moans through a series of spanks.

As Wonder Woman's torment continues, Catwoman starts playing with her prisoner. She paddles Wonder Woman with an erratic rhythm and pace. She usually alternated or spanked in the middle. Now, she becomes unpredictable by paddling Wonder Woman on the same butt cheek over and over, or hesitating on the next stroke to mess with Wonder Woman's anticipation.

Getting consecutively spanked on the same butt cheek multiple times hurts the helpless Amazon princess the most as it builds up the pain and never let the pain from the prior spank subside. Catwoman sees this by reading Wonder Woman's body language. Wonder Woman would squirm harder and moan louder every time Catwoman uses the consecutive method. The unpredictability is frustrating and maddening to Wonder Woman while things make it more fun and interesting for Catwoman, who is literally toying with her prey.


"Mmph...MMPH...MMMMMMMMMMHP!" Wonder Woman howls through the ball gag and jerks her head back in pain after each spank.

Paddling goes on for awhile. The paddling finally begins to hurt less each time as Catwoman shows signs of fatigue. Catwoman stops for a moment. Lets go of Wonder Woman's hair to grab paddle with both hands. Winds up and swings as hard as she can. She aims dead center to spank both cheeks at same time for about fifty more times until Catwoman is completely exhausted.


Wonder Woman shamefully sobs and weeps with her head down during the last 50 smacks.

Catwoman finally stops the paddling with a hard emphasizing smack to Wonder Woman's swollen red buttocks.


Wonder Woman is utterly beaten and shamed. The bright red color on her lower butt cheeks make her butt look like the U.S. flag. She is left panting for air with her head lowered in shame and defeat. Sweat and drool drips off her face. She is too weak to even think about fighting back or resisting. The only thing she can think about doing is to just outlast the torture before she breaks completely.

Catwoman lays the paddle down Wonder Woman's upper butt cheeks. She braces Wonder Woman by her right hip with her left hand, then pats Wonder Woman's sore butt cheeks with her right hand very sternly. Catwoman rubs, squeezes, and caresses each well spanked ass cheeks.

Wonder Woman softly moans in discomfort as her very sore bottom is roughly molested. She doesn't get mad or try to protest, she submissively stays still and takes the abuse. She even subconsciously puts in effort not to let the balancing paddle fall off her butt.

"Wow! Your butt is so hot, dense, and swollen. I love it!" Catwoman teases as she continues to adore Wonder Woman's spanked ass.

"Mmmmph..." Wonder Woman continues to sob through the massage.

"Good slave!" Catwoman pets Wonder Woman's ass for not lashing back.

Not only is Wonder Woman too weak and exhausted to fight back, she is actually too scared to fight back at that moment. She is scared that Catwoman will spank her more. She reinforces the idea in her head that being passive is the best route for her survival. She is just relieved that the torment is finally over.

"Slaves! Go grab yourselves a large paddle." Catwoman commands.

Wonder Woman's eyes widen in horror. Just when she thought it was finally over, her nightmare only seems to get worse.

"Great Hera! Are they going to spank me to death?!?" Wonder Woman thinks to herself.

The slaves immediately follow their mistress' order. They go to the back and each come back with a large, wooden paddle. The paddles are bigger than what Catwoman was using, and looks more like sorority paddles without decorations. The brunette stands on Wonder Woman's left side and the blonde stands on her right side. They both measure up with the paddle then wait for their next command.

Catwoman walks to the front of the room and orders, "Paddle away, my slaves!"

As soon as the order is given, without a spoken word, the brunette slave starts the rhythm by winding up and swinging as hard as she can with both hands.


By the time the brunette slave smacks the paddle into Wonder Woman's tortured derriere, the blonde slave winds up then swings as hard as she can.


"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!" Wonder Woman screams into her ball gag.


The two slaves paddle away at the swollen star spangled buttocks like two railroad workers hammering away at a nail. Wonder Woman is in pain beyond her imagination and expecations. The two slaves spank much harder than Catwoman does. She can feel their super human strength from how hard they can spank.


The brunette slave breaks the paddle from spanking too hard.

"MMPH!" Wonder Woman howls in pain then hopes the spanking can't continue.

"Get the bucket. And a rope." Catwoman commands.

Wonder Woman is confused and wonders what a bucket and rope are for in this situation. To her dismay, she finds out as soon as the brunette slave puts a large bucket full of the same wooden paddles that she just broke in front of the abused superheroine. The sight discourages Wonder Woman's heart. She even considers the idea of submitting and begging for mercy.

The blonde slave gets a rope from the back, ties the rope to Wonder Woman's hair, then ties the other end to Wonder Woman's lasso binding her arms behind her back. The Amazon princess is forced to watch her butt get tortured.

"Mmph...mmph...mmph..." Wonder Woman shakes her head in protest.

"I'm tired. I'm going to take a catnap. Slaves, paddle her until she's unconscious." Catwoman orders and gives the star spangled ass a few more pats as she leaves the room.

The slaves wind up their a heavy wooden paddles in hand, then begins paddling Wonder Woman's defenseless derriere.


"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!" Wonder Woman screams in delirious pain.

The pain climbs to newer heights for the mighty Amazon warrior. The excruciating pain is far worse than when Catwoman paddled her. Her butt feels like it's on fire. The paddles spank a scorching flash of pain on her already very sore bottom. The paddle leaves a burning sensation on Wonder Woman's bruised buttocks. Then, before the agonizing sensation subsides even a little, the other paddle comes down smacking Wonder Woman's tenderized rear end to add and build up the pain further.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!" Wonder Woman continues to scream in distress with tears of pain flowing freely down her cheeks.


The pace of the paddling is overwhelmingly more than what Wonder Woman can handle. They are spanking her much harder and faster than Catwoman just did. They spank her so hard that they continue to break a paddle on Wonder Woman's star spangled behind at an average of every 30 minutes.

Wonder Woman's sense of pride and dignity is nowhere to be found. The helpless Amazon princess does everything she can to stop or lessen the pain. She tries clenching her butt muscles but only seems to bring more pain from the ropes and motivates the spankers to spank harder. She tries wiggling her butt and moving it away from the next paddle but doesn't make any difference at all because she can only move an inch. She hysterically screams and yelps in anguish.

"AHH...ooease....Ugh...ercy....OH MWORE...OOEASE!!!" Wonder Woman begs for mercy for the 1st time in her entire life.

Wonder Woman is in such torment that she can't even think. Her mind and body is just reacting to the unbearable pain of a dual paddling. She shakes her head and continue pleading for mercy but her words are muffled by the ball gag and the slaves paddle with no regard.

The slaves are incredibly strong and durable. The helpless Amazon princess can tell the slaves are super humans from how hard they spank. The paddling continues for hours. They are strong enough to keep up the same pace with the same amount of force for hours.


The spanking torture continues on for many hours, which feels like an eternity for the greatest superheroine of all time. Wonder Woman is so weak and exhausted that she softly moans and whimpers into the ball gag. Her head is still held up by the rope but randomly jerks once in awhile when the searing pain shocks through her system. Wonder Woman's thoroughly spanked bottom is swollen to almost twice its original size. Her butt is so swollen and battered that she can feel it pulsate her heartbeat. The Amazon princess' lower butt cheeks, the crevice of her butt cheeks, and back of her upper thighs are dark red with blotches of purple.


After many more hours of nonstop paddling, the helpless Amazon princess drifts into darkness. Wonder Woman has been continuously spanked all day long. She has finally been spanked into unconsciousness.

Wonder Woman stops making any sound, her body lays still, and doesn't react to the spanking or pain. It looks like the slaves are spanking a dead body. Wonder Woman's butt just absorbs the blows. The pain goes unfelt. The slaves stop after a few more minutes to be thorough.

The brunette slave goes to the control panel and uses the intercom to call her mistress.

"Yes, my slave?" Catwoman answers.

"Your new slave has been spanked into unconsciousness, just as you ordered, mistress." The brunette slave speaks since Wonder Woman is unconscious.

"Excellent news! It seems she passes with flying colors. Or should I say purple and blue." Catwoman celebrates.

"Shall we wake her and continue, mistress?"

"No, I think she's been spanked well enough. Besides, she will be punished for the first time, tomorrow." Catwoman declares.

"Are you going to punish her without reason, mistress?" The blonde slave curiously asks.

"No, she is going to earn herself her 1st punishment."

"But, mistress, won't her 1st punishment delay her training?"

"Her punishment will be part of her training." Catwoman explains.

"How do you know she won't submit to you, mistress? It looked like she was ready to submit when we were paddling her, mistress." The brunette inquires.

"There is no way one spanking will tame and enslave Wonder Woman. She is very strong willed. She will not break as soon as you two did." Catwoman proclaims.

"But, I lasted much longer on my 1st spanking, mistress." The brunette slave contends.

"True, but I believe one of the magical components of her costume enhances the pain of the spanking." Catwoman says with delight.

"Yes, mistress." The brunette acknowledges her mistress and bows her head.

"Tell me, is she wet?" Catwoman asks.

The blonde slave reaches out, puts her closed fingers against Wonder Woman's cameltoe, then rubs it up and down to check if Wonder Woman got sexually aroused from the spanking.

The blonde slave turns to answer, "Her panties are damped, mistress. But it's all sweat, mistress."

"Excellent news! I'm very pleased to hear she is still pure and untainted." Catwoman gleefully says. "Clean her, feed her, then let her rest in the cell until tomorrow night. She's going to need it."

"Yes, mistress." Both slaves reply in unison.

Chapter 9 - Wonder Woman's Hygiene

After the brutal spanking session, the slaves take the beaten superheroine back to her cell. They begin untying the knocked out Amazon warrior. Then, they begin stripping the captive butt naked. The only thing they don't take off is her bracelets.

Wonder Woman is the quintessential woman. She has the quintessential body. Her body is perfectly fit and proportioned. Her breasts are just the right size for her body and very perky. She has an eye-catching hourglass figure with long slender legs that are spellbinding weapons. With her silky, long, black hair, her impeccable skin that is soothing to the touch completes the perfect package.

The slaves put leather suspension cuffs with D-rings on her wrists, then locks them together to the end of a chain link hanging from the ceiling. They tie each of Wonder Woman's knees with rope extra tight to make her lose circulation, then they tie each rope to its own corresponding chain's metal rings. Because of the slack, the Amazon princess is peacefully lying on her back. Her bound arms are on her stomach, and legs beautifully closed with slightly bent knees.

The blonde slave pulls a lever near them and the chain links begin to ascend. First, Wonder Woman's bound wrists slowly rises as it gets pulled up into the air. Secondly, her upper body rises like she is sitting up and her breasts mash into each other then bounce as they squeeze through the rising, bound arms. Wonder Woman's head hangs back and makes her back arch a little until her tenderized buttocks are lifted off the ground. Then, her slightly bent legs follow and straighten up from gravity. Finally, when the Amazon warrior is off the ground, the blonde slave stops the middle chain and starts retracting the two outside chains. Wonder Woman's legs begin to raise in opposite directions. Her knees continue to bend as her feet constantly point toward the ground. Worst of all for the superheroine, her legs are opening up and spreading wide like the gates of heaven. The brunette slave eventually stops the ascension of the chains when Wonder Woman's thighs are almost touching her stomach.

During this time, the brunette slave takes Wonder Woman's costume outside the room. She comes back with a bucket full of soapy water and a long scrub brush. She sets the bucket down a few feet to the left of the bound superheroine so that she doesn't get splashed with water.

The blonde slave goes to a control panel on the side wall, presses a couple buttons to bring out the water hose and open the drains underneath the knocked out Amazon princess. The blonde slave walks to the front of Wonder Woman, aims the hose at Wonder Woman's chest, then turns the hose on at max power.

"GASP!" Wonder Woman takes a deep breath as she shockingly wakes up because of the frigid cold water with her head whipping up.

Wonder Woman is being hosed down like some animal, and the pressure of the hose makes the water hurt. The water is so cold that it shortens her breath immediately. She is completely weakened by the severe spanking. She closes her eyes from the splashing water and turns her head away in attempt to protect her face from the stinging water. Her bosom takes most of the impact. It feels like they are spraying sand at her and feels her breasts deform from the pressure. The powerful spray reddens Wonder Woman's skin and leaves a sensation of being scratched over and over.

Wonder Woman gathers herself in just a matter of seconds from waking up, she finds herself horrified to realize that she is completely nude but her bracelets. She is instantly filled with embarrassment and rage.

"HOW DARE YOU DO THIS TO ME! STOP THIS, NOW!" Wonder Woman yells while wildly shaking in her bonds.

As if the brunette slave is responding to Wonder Woman's tantrum, the she dips the scrub into the bucket of soapy water, then roughly scrubs the helpless Amazon princess starting with her right breast then the left. She scrubs without a pattern or rhythm, and scrubs really hard and fast. Wonder Woman feels like her nipples and skin are being scratched off. The stinging pain lingers and heats up her skin.

"Wait! Donmph..." The blonde slave sprays water at Wonder Woman's face to stop her protest.

The Amazon warrior is forced to shut up and this infuriates her. She starts shaking violently and tries kicking the water. Unfortunately, Wonder Woman realizes that she doesn't have control over her lower legs. The blood circulation has been cut off for awhile and she is at the point of completely losing control and feelings in her calves, feet, and toes. They start dangling like dead legs.

The frustration inside Wonder Woman amplifies her rage and embarrassment. It always seems like her captors are one step ahead of her. Sometimes, it feels like they know what she's thinking or what she's about to do. It makes the brilliant crime fighter even consider the possibility that one of them may be psychic.

The humiliation of being washed like a piece of meat is a whole new experience of shame the proud Amazon princess is forced to suffer. Tears of anger well up in her eyes as she tries to shake and swing to make things difficult for the slaves to wash her. What the proud Amazonian champion doesn't realize is that such behavior can earn herself a punishment.

The brunette slave stops scrubbing Wonder Woman's breasts, pulls the long brush down behind the mighty Amazon warrior, then uses the back of the scrub as a long paddle by swinging it at an upward angle to start spanking Wonder Woman's swollen, red buttocks.


"AWWWWWWWWWW!!!" Wonder Woman screams in horrendous pain.

Surprisingly, getting spanked on a wet, naked bottom didn't sting as much as she expected, but unfortunately for the greatest superheroine of all time, she just got spanked all day long. The swelling and the bruises on her rear bottom makes any spanking intolerable. Wonder Woman lets her pride get in the way and tries to resist the spanking. She even tries to swing or pull herself up a little to dodge the unforgiving blows.


Her efforts are futile. The brunette slave's aim and precision is impeccable. Wonder Woman has no choice but to give in for now and submit to her humiliating cleansing.

The slaves resume to spraying and scrubbing. They even walk around the captive to wash her back, arms, and legs. Wonder Woman tries to keep her face away from the slaves due to unbearable shame and tries to keep her reactions in check. She hopelessly tries not to move or react to the pain when the water and scrub goes over sensitive body parts. The worst is between her legs and her freshly spanked ass cheeks.

The water and brush stings Wonder Woman's sensitive vulva. She grimaces in pain as it feels like hundreds of needles are scratching her most sensitive part. Still, the humiliation over shadows the pain and suffering. This is a culture clash for the regal Amazon princess to be subjugated in such manner. Her captors succeed in making the proud superheroine feel like a helpless animal.

The slaves sadistically wash Wonder Woman's tenderized butt cheeks last. The brunette slave scrubs extra hard to make the Amazon princess writhe and squirm in her bonds.

"Ahhhhh....." She tries to hold in her cries as long as she can, but eventually ends up howling in pain with her back arched and head swinging side to side.

The brunette slave even uses force to pry open and get inside Wonder Woman's butt crack. Wonder Woman moans in agony as the brunette slave uses an angle where the outside bristles of the brush rubs against Wonder Woman's puckered rose bud. She blushes and moans in embarrassing discomfort. The brunette finally finishes scrubbing every inch of Wonder Woman's body, leaving her skin red all over. She picks up the bucket then splashes the remaining cold, soapy water all over the helpless heroine. The blonde slave hoses down the captured superheroine head to toe one last time to end her latest ordeal. The slaves let their prisoner drip dry like old laundry while they put their cleaning tools away.

The brunette slave comes back with a liquid packet that has a tube attached to it and a portable pump that looks like a black, plastic box on wheels that also has a tube attached to it. The brunette slave grabs Wonder Woman's cheeks and squeezes them to force open her mouth. She slowly shoves the tube down her throat and esophagus so that Wonder Woman can't resist her meal. She hangs the bag off the left metal ring that the heroine's leg is hanging from.

"Awk...gak...gak." Wonder Woman chokes and gags on the tube.

The blonde slave starts lubing the end of the enema tip that has a small bulbous lump in the middle. She kneels down and uses the fingers of her left hand to spread open Wonder Woman ass crack wide open. She takes the lubed tip with her right hand and slowly twists the tube into Wonder Woman's puckered rose bud. The proud Amazon princess desperately tries to squeeze her anus shut to deny entry, but the way her legs are spread and ass cheeks spread, she has no leverage to stop the lube from entering.

"Aaagh..." She winces and moans through the tube in her throat as she feels an unfamiliar sensation of something invading her anus.

Wonder Woman's body fills up with blushing embarrassment. It is very fortunate for the virgin Amazon princess that the enema tip is mostly narrow except for the slight lump in the middle that functions as a butt plug. With the help of extra lubing that the blonde henchwoman uses, the round lump that's about as big as a small coin slides through Wonder Woman's anus with little discomfort. The blonde slave turns on the pump and begins pumping special chemicals into Wonder Woman's bowels.

Catwoman takes complete control over Wonder Woman's life. She decides what and when Wonder Woman eats, when she sleeps, and when she uses the bathroom. The super villain puts her newest slave in a liquid diet. It is full of nutrients. Rather than have her slave starve and wither, Catwoman wants Wonder Woman replenished with enough energy to endure through her slave training. Taking complete control over her prisoner's necessities also means taking away any passive aggressive tactics Wonder Woman may use, like going on a hunger strike or anything else that can be detrimental to herself.

Wonder Woman is so exhausted from sleep deprivation and her 1st nightmarish spanking, that she passes out minutes into her feeding. The brunette henchwoman gives a few stern pats to Wonder Woman swollen, red, left butt cheek as her mouth and butt hole swallow their liquids. Fortunately for the brutalized superheroine, she doesn't feel the minor pain from the pats thanks to her unconsciousness.

Wonder Woman is an Amazon who is immortal and doesn't age when she's on her home island of Themyscira. But, when an Amazon leaves her protected sanctity, she ages like any mortal person. Amazons only eat and drink for pleasure, but when they are off their island, they eat and drink out of necessity. Because they are still Amazons, they don't need to eat and drink as often as the average man.

Wonder Woman had her concerns and she was feeling very thirsty and a bit hungry by the time her first spanking started. Her pride will not allow her to beg for mercy nor any water or food. But, her pride never faced such adversity in her entire life before. She has never been so utterly beaten and tormented like she has been the last couple days. Now, her concerns about food, drinks, or restrooms have altered as she is forced to do all of the above at her captors' discretion. Her biggest fears are that she can't stop her captors from force feeding her something terrible like drugs or poison.

The slaves leave the room to give their captive time to eat and her bowels to fill up. Wonder Woman's belly gets slightly bloated as both packets of liquids are emptied into the Amazon princess. The enema tip continues working as a plug to keep the chemical liquid inside clean and break down anything solid in the captured superheroine's bowels.

A few hours after Wonder Woman's feeding time began, the cell door slowly and quietly opens. The blonde slave quietly walks toward Wonder Woman. She carefully takes the feeding tube out of Wonder Woman's throat. This makes Wonder Woman choke and wake up.

"N...no, please!" Wonder Woman says while shaking and turning her hear away in fear.

"Shh..." The blonde slave shushes.

The blonde slave gently touches the side of Wonder Woman's cheek, then softly caresses them to show her it's okay. She holds up a bottle of water next to Wonder Woman's mouth. Wonder Woman eagerly puts her lips over the opening and the slave gently raises the bottle so she can drink. Wonder Woman gulps the entire bottle in one breath. Some of the water drips down the side of her face. She gasps for air as soon as she finishes the bottle.

Wonder Woman looks up to realize it's the blonde slave that just helped her. Her gratefulness over shadows her anger towards the slave and can't help herself from showing it.

"Th...thank you." Wonder Woman whispers with the little strength she has left.

Unfortunately, the blonde slave has to put the tube back in the Amazon warrior's throat to make it look like she wasn't there. She holds the tube next to the captive's mouth, but doesn't try to use force. Wonder Woman cleverly reads the slave's body language and non-verbally understands what needs to be done. The Amazon princess takes a deep breath, lifts her head up, then opens her mouth. The blonde slave gently pushes the tube back down the prisoner's throat. Then, silently leaves the cell as Wonder Woman falls asleep due to heavy exhaustion.

Many more hours pass to the break of dawn. The henchwomen barge in the cell like it's a wake up drill in boot camp. Wonder Woman wakes up startled and in discomfort. She feels painful tension in her lower stomach. The bound superheroine looks down to see that her stomach is bloated. She looks up to see the slaves walking in with a couple of buckets and a sense of humiliation and anger washes over her.

It turns out, one bucket is empty and the other has soapy water with a scrub mitten this time. They leave the feeding tube alone to use as a gag. The blonde slave puts the empty bucket underneath the bound superheroine. The blonde slave kneels down and slowly twists the enema tip out.

"Ahhhhh..." Wonder Woman moans softly in relief.

This is one of the rare times Wonder Woman feels a sensation that is actually good. She can feel how extra gentle the blonde slave is. This continues to give Wonder Woman hope that she may have some help close by. She thinks it's possible that this slave wants to escape her herself or just help Wonder Woman escape.

The brief moment of hope is pushed away by a moment of humiliation as Wonder Woman hears the empty bucket placed right underneath her. The brunette henchwoman points her finger downward. The proud Amazon warrior knows exactly what she's being ordered to do and refuses right away by turning her head away. The thought of relieving herself in such a degrading and disgusting manner is too much for her. The Amazon princess hoped they would lower her to sit on top of the bucket at least, but to relieve herself in plain view while helplessly dangling is another huge blow to her pride.

The brunette henchwoman steps behind Wonder Woman and starts spanking her. Each slap reignites the burning sensation on Wonder Woman's rear end as they are spanked in alternating pattern.


Each slap reignites the burning sensation on Wonder Woman's rear end and loudly screams, "AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!"

Wonder Woman squirms desperately in anguish. She wants to resist until they lower her legs or her body, but the burning pain quickly flares up to an unbearable level. The Amazon princess blushes in humiliation and hides her face in her right bicep from the overwhelming shame. Immediately, thick liquid pours out of Wonder Woman's anus and into the empty bucket like oil leaking from a bottle. After seconds go by, the liquid stops dripping out of the superheroine's butt hole. The brunette slave stops spanking once Wonder Woman is completely drained.

The blonde slave gets the hose, turns it on, and sprays Wonder Woman's lower body. Wonder Woman winces in pain and discomfort as the brunette slave scrubs the captive's vagina and her bruised ass. Her weakened state makes her body more delicate and sensitive than normal. It feels like the brunette slave is trying to skin her most sensitive region off with sand paper. The henchwoman even gets brutal by using a the edge with a finger and scrub between deep inside the superheroine's butt crack. She sadistically saws the rough mitten up and down the captive's most sensitive regions, many times over.

"Aww....." Wonder Woman moans in agony.

The worst part of the scrubbing comes when the evildoer holds down Wonder Woman's folded left thigh, then brutally scrubs her swollen butt cheeks as hard and fast as she can. Her butt was still throbbing with burning pain, but the harsh scrubbing reignites the unbearable flames of agony on her tortured rear end.

"AHHHHH!!!" Wonder Woman whips her head back and howls in pain.

The Amazon warrior shakes wildly to escape the agonizing pain, but is held down very firmly. The captive desperately tries to twist and turn to either escape or alleviate the pain somehow. This difficult behavior quickly earns her a hard spank to each roughly scrubbed ass cheek.


"Ow...ow..." Wonder Woman whimpers to each punishing slaps.

The spanks become very effective in modifying the greatest superheroine's behavior. Wonder Woman quickly gets the message and tries to bear through the pain with her eyes tightly shut. Her traumatic washing finally ends after few more grueling minutes. The blonde slave even takes out Wonder Woman's feeding tube.

Once they finish thoroughly cleaning Wonder Woman, the blonde slave blots down the helpless Amazon with a towel. The brunette slave puts the hose, bucket, and brush away. The blonde slave's touch gets surprisingly gentle when the brunette slave leaves, then gets a bit rough when she returns. Wonder Woman continues to make mental notes of the small hints the blonde slave is giving her. They leave the room and Wonder Woman goes back into unconsciousness not long after.

They come back with Wonder Woman's cleaned costume. They untie the unconscious superheroine, put her costume back on, then use her lasso to tie her arms behind her back with loops around her body above and below her breasts. They let the bound Amazon warrior sleep on her side until their mistress sends the order to retrieve her.

Wonder Woman wakes up confused. She doesn't remember the henchwomen taking her down, putting her costume back on her, and retying her up. She feels uneasy that she wasn't able to wake up when her captors are handling her like an object. She wonders if something they fed her last night has something to do with it. She slowly tries to sit up but begins realizing that her buttocks are still very sore. This alarmed the mighty Amazon warrior because most wounds she has gotten in the past have healed overnight.

Before she knows it, the cell door opens and the slaves rush in. Wonder Woman is startled and caught off guard since she just woke up. It's as if they are monitoring every second like the first night. She is conflicted with anger and fear. This spectrum of emotions is new to her and doesn't know how to digest it. Wonder Woman thinks about fighting back and resisting, but her butt is so sore and her body so weak that it won't respond the way she wants it to.

The slaves grab Wonder Woman and drag her back to what Wonder Woman thinks is the examination room. But, it turns out that it's actually her slave training room.

Chapter 10 - Secrets

The two henchwomen drag the captured and recently washed Wonder Woman into the same examination room where she got brutally spanked and paddled. The thought of going back to that room brings shivers down the mighty Amazon warrior's spine. She has butterflies swarming in her stomach as her traumatizing experience makes her replay the horrible memories in her mind repeatedly. She conjures up her indomitable will and focuses her anger to fight away her anxiety.

To the superheroine's surprise and relief, the examination table is gone. The room is empty. Catwoman's lackeys drag the Amazon princess to the middle of the room. When Wonder Woman tries to plant her foot on the ground to stand, the brunette slave sweeps the back of her knees to make her crumble to the floor.

"Ugh." Wonder Woman winces and lets out a moan of discomfort as her knees fold up and her swollen buttocks land on the back of her heels.

The swelling and bruises that continues to linger distresses Wonder Woman physically and mentally. Her butt cheeks still feel really hot and the stinging pain just won't subside. It feels like she has a really bad sunburn on her butt or feels like her ass cheeks have been skinned.

On top of everything, it feels like her wounded butt didn't heal one bit. This grievously scares and worries Wonder Woman because she has no idea why her body isn't healing the way it's expected to. She had broken bones and deep cuts heal overnight before.

The slaves go to the front of the room and kneel in the humble position where they have their forehead touching the ground with their arms out in front of them. Since the henchwomen didn't box tie Wonder Woman's arms and just tied her wrists and upper arms, she is able to touch and feel the upper part of her spanked butt cheeks. Wonder Woman waits until the slaves have their heads down to rotate her hands then gingerly feel her severely punished bottoms. She gasps to herself in shocking horror. She saw how red and bruised her rear end got when she was forced to watch it happen on a large monitor, but she couldn't tell how badly her butt swelled up. She can feel where the swelling starts on her upper butt cheeks like a bump. She delicately rubs her sore butt cheeks and continues to get astonished by the current state its in. She explores the burning sensation and throbbing pain with concern. She reacts like a woman who found an unfamiliar lump in her breast.

"Does it feel good?" A voice behind Wonder Woman says.

"Gasp!" Wonder Woman gasps and jumps in her seat.

Wonder Woman blushes red with embarrassment. She can't help feel like a little girl that got caught touching herself or doing something inappropriate by her mommy. This sense of shame quickly turns to focused anger as she recognizes the voice.

"Touching yourself like that?" Catwoman finishes taunting as she walks around to the front of the room.

Wonder Woman can't think of anything to say. She is utterly embarrassed that her captor saw her touch and rub her star spangled butt. The Amazon princess can't help get the feeling that she has been set up by the way her arms are tied this time and how she is forced to uncomfortably sit on her bumpy heels rather than completely immobilizing her. This insight makes the intuitive Amazon warrior relive everything Catwoman did to her so far and feeds her focused rage.

Catwoman doesn't even wait for Wonder Woman's response. She walks up to her greeting slaves and says, "Thank you, my darlings. You may rise."

Catwoman's servants get up in unison. They stand in a ready position that looks similar to a soldier that is standing at ease. They both have their legs spread shoulder length with arms behind their waist.

Catwoman returns her attention to her prisoner and says, "Had a goodnight sleep?"

"What did you do to me last night?" The agitated captive demands with authority.

"I was worried about you. You haven't eaten for couple days nor use the restroom. So, I took the liberty of having my servants take care of that for you. Catwoman mockingly says with a smile then adds, "inside out."

"You monster! How dare you continue degrading an AMAZON PRINCESS!" Wonder Woman says while holding back tears of anger.

"Oh, don't worry. I'm not going to drug you or poison you. OK, maybe some drugging later, but nothing lethal."

"I will make you pay for this, Catwoman!" Wonder Woman swears with furious narrowed eyes.

Wonder Woman is so blinded by rage and fury that she vows revenge for the first time in her life.

"Gasp!" Catwoman sarcastically gasps then adds, "that doesn't sound like something a super hero would say."

Catwoman's comment brings the Amazon warrior back to reality. Wonder Woman knows she let her emotions get out of control and crossed the line as Catwoman continues to push her limits. Even if she is a warrior that is willing to kill as a last resort, her mission as an ambassador for peace forbids her to seek revenge or fight for personal satisfaction. But, rather than realizing her error and backing down, she uses this as a bluff in hopes of intimidating her captors enough to back off or even release her.

"You are playing with fire, Selina." The desperate superheroine says.

"From a threat to a warning? Are you softening up, Wonder Woman?" The conniving super villain tauntingly asks.

"I will overcome anything you throw at me, and you or your lackeys will eventually make a mistake."

"So full of spirit! I really like that." Then, Catwoman adds. "But, how are you overcoming your spanking?"

Wonder Woman blushes almost as red as her thoroughly spanked bottom. The recent memories of her getting bound and spanked embarrasses her. Worst of all, she can still feel the memories through her burning, throbbing butt cheeks. Her shame overtakes her and lowers her head without thinking. The distressed Amazon princess is trying to cope with a traumatic memory.

"Purrfect! It seems your title as Wonder Woman doesn't give you immunity to your people's weakness. I actually believe your costume enhances your weakness." Catwoman says while smiling with delight. "Mmm...simply purrfect!"

"Weakness? I have no such thing!" The insulted Wonder Woman looks up and retorts.

"You're in denial even after crying loudly in pain all day? You really are a stubborn one." Catwoman says while rolling her eyes.

Wonder Woman is unable to respond because it is true. The amount of pain that was felt made the Amazon warrior wonder why such a childish punishment can hurt her so much from the moment it started.

"What did you experiment on me with?" The bamboozled Amazon warrior asks thinking Catwoman physically did something to her so that her butt can't heal.

"Ha ha ha, I didn't experiment something on you. You were the experiment. You are the strongest, fastest, and most powerful Amazon ever. You also hold their title as champion. I had to make sure you share the same weakness. Although, you seem to be special and completely immune to fire." Catwoman explains.

"How can you possibly know anything about my people?" The baffled Amazon warrior asks.

"Well, let me tell you a story. Years ago, the dead sea scrolls were discovered. Among the scrolls that they deciphered is some kind of Greek fable written by some philosopher, so they overlooked studying it and was sold to a private collector. I happened to have stumbled upon it one day, and..."

"You mean, stolen, is more like it." Wonder Woman interrupts.

Catwoman grins, "Details. And, don't ever interrupt me again. So, when I had the chance to read it myself, I realized this scroll was never given a second look after you showed up. Because this scroll is about the secret history of the Amazons that's full of scandalous details. It kind of reminded me of an erotic novel, actually."

"What is the point of this, Selina? It doesn't matter what our history is, it is our future that matters."

"Is that what they teach you in Amazon school? Sounds kinda like propaganda." Catwoman mocks.

"We Amazons are proud of who we are. And, no matter what our history is tainted with, we accept who we are and move forward."

"I'm so glad you think that way. Because I'm trying to show you what you actually are."

Wonder Woman gets confused and Catwoman takes this moment to continue.

"Tell me if you heard this. The five goddesses, Hestia, Aphrodite, Demeter, Athena, and Artemis decided to create a race of women made specifically to serve as their messengers to the world in the name of peace and justice. But, I bet you didn't know that Ares got furious when he got word of the five goddesses' plan. So, he devised a deceitful plan himself to make the five goddesses create a race of slaves instead by threatening the five goddesses that he will corrupt any messenger of peace into a war monger. This tricked and convinced them into embedding a weakness into their great race of female warriors that are stronger and smarter than men. Otherwise, the Amazons can turn out to be too strong for anyone to handle. So, by Ares' prediction, they decided on a weakness that isn't obvious but accessible, based on their ideals of discipline through love. Therefore, regardless of any gifts that an Amazon may have, they will be weakened by spankings!"

"You can't be serious! That is ridiculous!" The offended Amazon princess exclaims.

"I think it's brilliant! Basically, the scroll says that the powerful Amazons' weaknesses are their sexual body parts. The reasoning is because such body parts are usually well guarded, but still reachable. Another reason is that they symbolize feminism and love that all Amazons are obligated to protect. And, the five goddesses believed in discipline rather than death as the solution. So, apparently corporal punishment weakens any Amazon physically and mentally until they fully heal. That's why I'm sure your ass stings like Hades."

Wonder Woman gets more offended and yells, "LIES! My mother would have told me if we Amazons..."

"Let me finish because Ares didn't stop there." Catwoman cuts Wonder Woman off then continues, "I'm sure you know that your mother beat Hercules the first time they fought, but lost the second time because she got tricked and had her magic girdle taken away. But, does your magic girdle give you special powers?"

Wonder Woman is speechless. While she is still trying to process the history lesson Catwoman is teaching her, she realizes that there is truth to everything she is saying. Her butt really stings, she feels very weak, and she doesn't depend on her golden belt for superpowers.

Catwoman continues before Wonder Woman can think of anything to say. "Here's where the cover up comes in play. You've been told that Aphrodite refused to help your enslaved people at first because she was upset at your mother for being tricked by Hercules. The truth is that Ares was the one who told Hercules about your people's weakness. He didn't have to trick your mother to defeat her. When Aphrodite heard news of your mother's defeat, she was stricken with so much guilt that she couldn't face your mother. She eventually helped free your people after she learned about the hardships your people faced as sex slaves."

"This can't be true." Wonder Woman says to herself with a defeated voice.

"By the way, the writer turned out to be one of Hercules' men. He was hunted down by your people, but they didn't know he wrote this scroll before he was assassinated. Talk about hypocritical. Anyway, it doesn't matter if you believe me or not since I already confirmed that you are a natural born slave. I just wanted you to know so that I can help you...what was it you said again? Oh, yeah, accept who you are and move forward."

Wonder Woman is stunned with the truth that she can't deny any longer. Her mind tells her that she's being tricked by her captor, but her ass screams to her that every single word that came out of Catwoman's mouth is absolutely true. This revelation makes her heart sink to her stomach and her sense of fear begins to rise realizing Catwoman's true motive. Catwoman plans to enslave her.

"Why didn't my mother tell me?" Wonder Woman asks loudly to herself.

"Oh, probably because of your Amazonian pride. I bet your people were so ashamed about their natural weakness that they did everything they can to hide it. Even if they had to change history and place your mother as the scapegoat for getting enslaved and the reason for not getting help from Aphrodite right away. Because, if the truth was told, then it would expose your darkest secrets, and your people will become the most targeted objects of all lusting men in the world. That's probably why the goddesses tucked you Amazons away somewhere safe. And, I'm sure your mother planned to tell you many times but just couldn't go through with it. I mean, who would've ever imagined that Wonder Woman's butt has the same symbolic and literal meaning as Achilles' heal? Ha ha ha!" Catwoman laughs.

"Don't you dare talk about my mother like you know her, villain?"

"Hit a nerve, huh? Well, from what I heard, your mother forbade you to be Wonder Woman, but you stubbornly disobeyed and competed for the coveted title of Champion so that you can wear that glamorized slave outfit and taunt your ass in man's world."

"What? How do you know that? No, it can't be!" Wonder Woman's eyes widen in shocking revelation. "Donna?!? Cassie?!?"

"You really are clever!" Catwoman applauds. "Slaves, take your masks off and show your sister your faces!"

Both finally talk in front of a conscious Wonder Woman for the first time since capturing her.

"Yes, mistress." Both say in unison.

The two slaves slowly unzip and take off their latex masks.

Wonder Woman is very happy to see any familiar face, especially her sisters' faces, but she is very disturbed finding out that the two cowardly slaves that mistreated her for the last horrifying couple days are her two beloved little sisters. Her mixed emotions start wearing down the Amazon warrior from the inside. She feels her heart breaking but knows she can't jump to any conclusions. Especially since she remembers Cassie being gentle and helpful, the possibilities of mind control or blackmail comes to the Amazon princess' mind.

"Donna, Cassie, are you two okay? Why are you doing this?" Wonder Woman pleads at her sisters then looks up at Catwoman and asks, "What did you do to them, Selina?"

Catwoman's demeanor suddenly changes as she looks down with a stern stare at her powerless captive and states, "I just helped them realize who they are, and this is the last time we speak to each other as equals, Diana. I am your mistress. Your owner. You will learn to fear me, respect me, and most importantly, serve me. You are to address me as your mistress from now on."

Wonder Woman is so upset that she ignores Catwoman and turns her head back toward her sisters with teary eyes and pleads, "Donna, Cassie, please, snap out of it!"

"I'm so glad you sisters are close. That's why your little sisters will be your trainers from now on. And, they will train you to be the greatest slave of all time. You will obey them as you are to obey me. You will address them as mistress Donna and mistress Cassie. If not, then they have my permission to severely punish you until you properly learn."

Wonder Woman is speechless. To hear such a decree is embarrassingly degrading. She's the one who trained Donna how to be a warrior, and she's the one who helped train Cassie with Artemis, the second most skilled Amazon warrior of all time. To be slave trained by them and to always address them as her mistressses is very demeaning and humiliating. Wonder Woman's heart burns with fury but continues convincing herself that this isn't Donna and Cassie's doing.

Wonder Woman focuses her rage at Catwoman and angrily says, "I will never obey you and I will never be your slave, SE-LI-NA!"

"Last warning, slave! Next time you call me by my name, you will be severely punished!"

"You will regret this, SE-LI-NA!" Wonder Woman says while blinded by furious anger.

"ENOUGH!" Catwoman shouts with authority and shakes her head slowly in disappointment, then says, "Pets, prepare this slave for punishment. And, bring me my favorite whip."

"Yes, mistress!"

Chapter 11 - The Punishment

Wonder Woman is going to be punished as a slave for the 1st time. Catwoman angrily leaves the room through a door on right side of the room. Her slaves prepare the captured superheroine to be punished. Cassie goes to the back of the room to get new restraints for Wonder Woman. Donna disrespectfully kicks the Amazon princess hard in the back, so hard that Wonder Woman's butt is lifted off her boots as upper body flies forward. The Amazon warrior skillfully twists her upper body so that her shoulder hits the ground first, but still ends up lying on her stomach as one of her trainer intended. Donna gets on top of her older sister then puts her knee and weight on the left back then begins untying the lasso. Wonder Woman tries to free herself but is too weak and easily held down by Donna, especially after she gives Wonder Woman a hard spank to each of her swollen butt cheeks.


"ARGH!" The Amazon princess screams in stunning pain and stops resisting while coping with the stinging sensations.

Cassie comes back to put special wrist and ankle cuffs over Wonder Woman's bracelets and boots. The cuffs have special links to them, and the slaves simultaneously lock the wrist above her head and ankle cuffs together. Then, they each grab Wonder Woman by the arm under her arm pits, lifts her upper body off the ground, then drags her out of the room.

Wonder Woman is taken through a new hallway. Unlike the hallway from her cell to the training room, this hallway is very dimly lit with red lighting. It manipulates the mood to a serious and dark level. The naive Amazon princess is blind to all the psychological conditioning her slavers have set up for her in every moment. Finally, they reach the end of the hallway and opens the door.

"Suffering Sappho! You can't be serious!" Wonder Woman says in horror.

Wonder Woman is mortified by what she sees and knows exactly what Catwoman is going to do to her. They enter a large circular room. It is dark except for one brightly lit spotlight in the middle of the room like a show on stage, and it is spotlighting a tall metallic whipping post. Three feet in front of the whipping post is a black, padded waist bar.

"Donna, Cassie, why are you doing this? What has Catwoman done to you, girls? Please, help me loose and we can all escape! Please, don't do this!" Wonder Woman pleads with all her heart.

The trainers take Wonder Woman to the whipping post and ignores her questions and pleas. They push her hips into the waist bar making Wonder Woman bend over a bit. Donna quickly takes Wonder Woman's locked wrists, pulls them up to the chain link near the top of the whipping post, then locks Wonder Woman's wrists onto it. Cassie takes the short chain link at the base of the whipping post and locks Wonder Woman's bound ankles to it. Wonder Woman is immobilized by her bondage position, her arms and legs are stretched straight together, and she is forced to bend over at a forty five degree angle. She can only move her head and slightly twist her upper body.

The two trainers leave the room. The doors close behind them making a huge locking sound that echos. All sound and lighting effects are designed to be part of Wonder Woman's conditioning to associate with punishment and fear.

Time drags on, especially since she is alone with her suppressed fear and anxiety. Wonder Woman is confused since she is left by herself. Wonder Woman ponders if she has the wrong idea, and it's possible that her punishment is a time out in this humiliating position. Then, she quickly reasons that can't be the case because this is the most comfortable position she has been bound in since she's been captured. Her anxiety builds up while she spends more time alone.

*Whoosh CRACK*

Catwoman cracks her whip in the dark.

Wonder Woman jumps from the surprising sound that's as loud as a gunshot. She quickly looks around to see where Catwoman is standing, but the attempt is futile since she can't look back and vision is limited to just her frontal 180 degrees radius. And worst of all, she is in the middle of the spotlight, so anyone standing outside the spotlight is invisible to her.


Catwoman whips Wonder Woman's star spangled buttocks.

"AHH!!!" Wonder Woman screams in pain as her back arches and her head whips back in immense pain as if her upper body is trying to detach from her lower body.

"Scarecrow once said, it takes pain to create fear!" Catwoman says from the shadows.

Wonder Woman's head lowers while her body registers the painful lash of the whip. It feels like Catwoman cut her with a hot knife and the wound continues to burn and sting. But, Wonder Woman didn't get cut, she got her 1st taste of the whip and got her 1st whip welt ever.

*Whoosh CRACK*

Catwoman whips the ground.

Wonder Woman jumps again, even after putting in the effort not to flinch from the sound or pain. Then, the moment Wonder Woman relaxes and exhales, Catwoman strikes again.


Catwoman creates a welt on Wonder Woman's lower ass cheeks with her impeccable accuracy.

"ARGH!" Wonder Woman whips her head back in pain, again.

A sharp red welt appears just above the crevice of Wonder Woman's butt where her star spangled shorts aren't covering. Wonder Woman starts breathing harder as her body tries to endure a level of pain she never felt before. Her entire body heats up as the burning sensation lingers long after the contact. Beads of sweat begin to form on distressed superheroine's forehead.

Catwoman walks around her prisoner. Wonder Woman can hear her footsteps but can't see her. Then, Catwoman steps forward into the light in front of Wonder Woman. The darkness gives her an omnipotent presence to the bound superheroine.

"This is a special whip made just for you, my slave. It is made out of special rubber. It doesn't perform too well in the field, but it is one of the most painful implements for punishing disobedient slaves. Remember, slave, you earned this punishment." Catwoman taunts.

"I will never serve you...Selina." Wonder Woman says under her panting breath.

"Resist as much as you can, slave. I want my enjoyment of training you to last as long as it can." Catwoman says, disappears in the darkness, then whips her slave's ass to emphasize her point.


"AWW!" The Amazon princess yells in agony.

Wonder Woman desperately tries to follow where Catwoman is going, but the contrast in lighting makes it impossible. The best she can do is listen for footsteps, but Catwoman uses her talents to silence her footsteps like a stealthy ninja.

*Whoosh CRACK*

Catwoman cracks the whip on the ground.

The bound superheroine gets startled as the cracking of the whip comes from an unexpected direction.


Catwoman unpredictably whips Wonder Woman from the front but makes the whip wrap around her slave so that the end of the whip ends up stinging her swollen ass cheeks, rather than swiping the whip accross when behind her slave.

"AHH!" Wonder Woman howls in pain as this makes the tip of the whip bite into her tenderized buttocks.

*Whoosh CRACK*

Wonder Woman flinches from the sound, again.


The lash crisscrosses the prior welt.

*Whoosh CRACK*

Catwoman tricks Wonder Woman and makes her shudder.

Then, Catwoman suddenly whips Wonder Woman's defenseless ass in a frenzy.


Wonder Woman uncontrollably shakes her head, making her hair whip around, and frantically screams in agony, "AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!"

Wonder Woman is receiving countless scalding welts all over her swollen and well blistered behind. The agonizing pain lingers within every new welt she receives and pulses with scorching heat. Then, before the pain subsides from the kiss of the whip, a fresh new welt is made by her tormentor. It gets even worse for the captured superheroine when Catwoman creates new crisscrossing welts over the any of existing welts. It makes the pain dig deeper and burn hotter into Wonder Woman's defenseless flesh.

Not in a thousand years can Wonder Woman ever prepare for such horrible pain and torment. Her sense of humiliation and pride is nowhere to be found. The proud Amazon princess can't help herself from cringing, grimacing, and crying out in pain with every lash of Catwoman's favorite whip. She starts glowing with her own perspiration while breathing heavier than before. She holds back her tears of pain, anger, and frustration. All she can do is try to endure and cope with the immense pain of her punishment.

*Whoosh CRACK*

"Gasp!" Wonder Woman flinches like a frightened prey.


"ARGH!" Wonder Woman cringes in pain then shakes her head and upper body in frustrating agony.

The tormenting punishment goes on for a couple hours. Wonder Woman is delirious with pain as her whipping continues without mercy. Catwoman doesn't taunt or gloat. She is punishing her slave for disobedience. Her solution is pain and fear. She continues using unpredictable pain to create and elicit fear out of her newest slave. She fakes whipping her slave by cracking it on the ground from a random area in the dark, she whips her slave continuously without warning, or she waits in the dark for awhile before the next lash. The timing and location of Catwoman carries on to be unpredictable for the helpless Amazon princess and progresses stirring an unfamiliar emotion of fear.


"Hera, help me! The pain is so overpowering...but, I mustn't give in." Wonder Woman encourages herself.

Wonder Woman tries to protest and resist by enduring her punishment in silence, but fails every time. Her body jumps and screams in reflex to each kiss of the whip. Her Amazon pride keeps herself from submitting to Catwoman and begging for mercy, but continues to weaken from the whipping and shows signs of fear and pain as she tries to futilely sway her butt away from the last direction the whip came from. Tears of shame and defeat begin rolling down Wonder Woman's blushed cheeks. The blinding pain makes it harder for her to keep her composure and push away her sense of fear. Her buttocks feels like it's been skinned and lit on fire.

After couple more hours of grueling punishment, Catwoman starts whipping Wonder Woman's thoroughly punished star spangled ass cheeks by swinging the whip in a circular motion above her head which shortens the time between each lashing.


"Ahhhhhhhhhh..." The helpless Amazon princess howls and screams to the fast whipping.

After about a hundred quick lashes using the rapid twirling technique, Wonder Woman shows fatigue as her loud screams are turned to soft whimpers and moans of pain. Her head is lowered and hangs from exhaustion. Catwoman suddenly stops, then quickly closes in to grab her slave's hair and pull her head back.

"Understand who you're dealing with, NOW!?! Catwoman questions with authority.

"Ngh..." Wonder Woman moans in agony as her butt is radiating with painful welts.

"Speak up, slave!" Catwoman lets go of Wonder Woman's hair, quickly jumps back, then whips her slave's star spangled globes.


"Argh...ye...yes!" Wonder Woman answers while delirious with pain and on the verge of fainting from over exhaustion.

"Yes, what, slave?"


"AHH...YES, m...mmm..." Wonder Woman bites her tongue and stops herself at the last moment.


YES, WHAT?!?" Catwoman demands.

"AWW...ARGH...YES...m...ma'am..." Wonder Woman avoids calling Catwoman her mistress and submitting to her slavery, but feels shameful for showing her torturer respect.

"How clever in trying to find a loop hole." Catwoman lets go of her slave's hair, drapes the whip over her shoulder to free her other hand, then reaches down with both hands to squeeze Wonder Woman's thoroughly punished ass cheeks.

"Agh!" Wonder Woman gasps in pain as her body tenses up and shivers in discomfort.

"But unfortunately for you, it really doesn't matter if you haven't accepted me as you mistress, yet." Catwoman states as she lets go Wonder Woman's spandex clad ass cheeks and softly slides her straightened right fingers up between Wonder Woman's wedgied ass crack where it's still untouched by any bruises or welts.

Wonder Woman shivers from the combination of the sensual feeling sliding up between star-spangled butt crack and the fear created by the pain radiating from her butt cheeks. Her body subconsciously welcomes any positive sensations after days of nothing but negative sensations. She doesn't protest the embarrassing, sexual harrassment and even submissively lowers her head in silence. This welcomed interruption to her whipping doesn't help the pain subside from her punished buttock, but the interruption helps because she isn't receiving new welts.

"Once your training is complete, you will beg me to be your mistress." Catwoman roughly rubs and kneads the harshly punished butt cheeks with both hands.

"Ahh..." Wonder Woman grimaces with her head still lowered.

"And, I don't compromise with slaves!" Catwoman gives a hard smack to Wonder Woman's right butt cheek as she lets both cheeks go, steps back, then resumes whipping her new slave mercilessly.

Wonder Woman screams in pain and frantically starts bunny hopping to shake off the immeasurable pain. The superheroine's star-spangled butt bounces up and down with her swollen butt cheeks jiggling perfectly. This desperate reaction backfires on the helpless Amazon princess as her welts resurge with pain from the violent jiggling and her bouncing ass cheeks entices Catwoman to whip harder and faster.


"AHHHHH!!!!!" Wonder Woman howls in agony as tears begin to flow freely down her cheeks while desperately hopping and wiggling her defenseless butt away from the pain. "P...please...no...more...AWW!!!"


Wonder Woman's butt is completely covered with bright red welts underneath her star-spangled spandex shorts and her bare lower butt cheeks. It feels like the whip is cutting her deep and tearing off the flesh of her buttocks, but she learns that her body and costume is built specifically to take any amount of punishment without any permanent damage. The magically enhanced spandex stays tightly wrapped around Wonder Woman's buttocks, never ripping or tearing from the whip to intensify the pain.

The whipping continues but Wonder Woman doesn't submit. She doesn't even want to call Catwoman mistress in vain just to save her hide. She just hysterically shakes her head pleading for the whipping to stop. Catwoman ignores her slave's pleas for mercy and continues teaching her slave the meaning of fear and obedience. The punished superheroine's head and arms hang limply from the whipping post. Her body and head limply jerks from each impact of the lash by reflex only. Wonder Woman is too weak and hurt to move her body, let alone stand on her own power.

After about an hour more of non stop whipping, Wonder Woman's screams turn to moaning and mumbling. Then, after another hour or so, Wonder Woman finally faints from the pain. Catwoman licks her lips in delight from the display of resistance her new slave has shown her during her punishment. She drops the whip and leaves Wonder Woman hanging from the whipping post for her two slave trainers to prepare the punished slave for her next ordeal after her nightly hygiene routine.

Chapter 12 - Lesson Learned

Wonder Woman is cleaned and fed through her nightly routine after her unforgettable punishment. The punished superheroine stays unconscious throughout most of her humiliating hygiene time because she was whipped all day by Catwoman. The only time she can't stay unconscious is when her trainers hosed her down with high pressurized, cold water.

The punishment completely exhausted and weakened Wonder Woman to a feeble state. Her butt is so sore and in so much pain that even the slightest movement hurts her enough to make her desire immobility. She can't even stand up on her own. She can only move her upper body without causing pain, if she wasn't bound.

After Wonder Woman's forced feeding, enema, and bathing, her two trainers bind her wrists to the hanging chain link in her cell. Catwoman was generous enough to allow her to rest in a more comfortable position after her 1st whipping punishment. The punished Amazon princess is hanging limply by her wrists in her cell.

Wonder Woman's sisters come back a few hours later to get her prepared for her 1st day of slave training. Donna and Cassie are wearing dominatrix outfits rather than their prior latex bodysuits and breastless corsets. Their outfit consists of their personal collar decorated with spikes and an O-ring on the front, a shiny vinyl corset, fishnet stockings over shimmery tights, vinyl opera gloves, and vinyl, thigh high boots. Donna's outfit is black while Cassie's is red. They both have their hair down and have more makeup on than usual to give them a sexually seductive look. Their outfits and makeup give them a very intimidating presence.

Donna and Cassie come back with only their older sister's tiara and boots since they never take her bracelets off. The hench women don't fully dress Wonder Woman for the first time since her captivity began. The great Amazon warrior is left naked except for her tiara, bracelets, and boots.

"Pat, pat, pat." Donna disrespectfully slaps Wonder Woman's face a few times. "Wakey, wakey, slave! It's the 1st day of your new life. Well, technically 4th day, but I think you'll know what I mean soon enough."

"Ugh...D...Donna?" Wonder Woman groggily wakes up confused as her eyes flutter open, then gets appalled realizing she's naked. "What is the meaning of this?"

"Bad slave! Remember, it's mistress Donna to you. But, I'm in a good mood so that'll be just strike one."

"Please, Donna, help me."

"Strike two."

Wonder Woman notices Cassie behind Donna and tries to reason with her since she isn't getting anywhere with Donna. "Cassie, please, help me!"

"Slave, you're supposed to address Cassie as mistress, too."

"Please, girls, at least tell me what's going on!"

"As I said when I woke you up, it's your 1st day of slave training!" Donna exclaims.

Wonder Woman's eyes widen in shock as her worst nightmares continue to come true. She still can't fathom why her sisters won't just free her in such an opportune time and escape. But, hopes that she may find out the reasons for their treachery and help her sisters while finding a way to escape. The Amazon warrior continues to live in denial as she prepares to resist any torment planned for her until help arrives, even after she was clearly told what will happen to her by Catwoman.

With that same hope in her heart, she pleads to her sisters, "please, girls, help me escape and I will help undo anything Catwoman has done to you. I will make her pay for what she did to you both."

The girls ignore Wonder Woman. Donna reaches up and unhooks her sister's bound wrists off the hanging chain link. To Wonder Woman's surprise, she doesn't have any strength in her legs and drops to the floor as soon as her bound wrists are released. Her knees buckle as they hit the ground first, followed by her left hip, then her left shoulder as she twists to protect her breasts and face from the fall.

"Argh!" Wonder Woman yelps in pain when her left hip hits the ground hard, reawakening the pain their her swollen bruises.

Her trainers waste no time and pick up their assignment by her arms. The helpless Amazon princess is being dragged by her armpits to her training room. Her knees and feet slide across the floor. She is too weak to resist or protest, especially when the smallest movements or vibrations bring back the throbbing pain. They take her to the middle of her training room then lay her face down on the ground near some prickly ropes they already prepared.

Wonder Woman only has her wrists bound and tries to get up, but can't because her entire body is sore. Two days of nonstop spanking and whipping took a toll on her body. Not only does such torturous method have a Kryptonite effect that weakens any Amazon, but just enduring the pain made her body sore as if she ran a marathon for 2 days straight. The throbbing pain continues to torment her even after a night of rest. She lays still for the time being and too scared to even try to roll onto her back in fear of making the stinging pain worse. Her butt feels like it's been skinned, cut, and sunburned. She can feel the burning pain pulsating with her heartbeat through her welts. The bruises settled deep into her tissue as the colors of the welts and bruises have a darker shade of purple and blue with the rest of her lopsided butt cheeks being dark red. The welts made by Catwoman's whip are still noticeably bright red with some purple tone where the welts overlap each other which are signs of deep bruises or torn blood vessels. Still, a normal person's bottom would've been shredded and bleeding, but an Amazon's derriere and other private parts are designed by the gods to feel the same amount of pain while their skin is durable enough to take much more punishment than the average person. It was the gods' contingency plan to control a powerful race of warrior slaves in case they get corrupted or rebels against them.

"Nngh..." Wonder Woman moans in discomfort once in awhile even when she is lying completely still.

Donna puts her left knee on the back of Wonder Woman's back. She pins her down by putting all her weight on it. Cassie bends down to untie Wonder Woman's bound wrists in front of her head. Donna picks up a prickly rope then they box tie Wonder Woman's arms behind her back. The helpless superheroine is in too much pain and too weak to resist. All she can do is moan in discomfort as her arms are repositioned.

"Please...Donna, Cassie...I love you girls so much. Please, let me go..."

"Strike three, slave! I guess leniency is not going to work on you!" Donna tells her slave, pulls her head up by her hair, then humiliatingly slaps her face from behind. "SLAP!"

"Argh!" Wonder Woman grimaces and yells in pain.

"I guess I need to punish you myself since you don't learn!" Donna proclaims as she gets up then picks her sister up by her bound arms.

"Ugh!" Wonder Woman moans.

"But, mistress told us to let her butt heal." Cassie warns Donna.

"Yeah, but she also gave us permission to punish her when necessary." Donna retorts as she takes the bound Amazon and another prickly rope to a sawhorse near the back of the room.

Wonder Woman's eyes widen in horror at first glimpse of the sawhorse and already knows why Donna is taking her there. The thought of getting spanked frightens her more than ever before. She has yet to heal physically or emotionally as each spanking continues to traumatize her. She's in so much pain as is and doesn't want to find out how much worse it can get. Wonder Woman struggles and shakes her upper body in hopes of being dropped or her sister changing her mind.

"No, no, don't!" The helpless Amazon princess desperately protests. "Please, don't do this!"

Donna drops Wonder Woman over the horizontal bar of the sawhorse. The Amazon princess is draped over the sawhorse with her toes barely touching the ground and her head dangling upside down. The ends of her hair is touching the ground. Donna loops the rope and ties it around the disobedient slave's neck then both her ankles so that the rope will tighten and choke her if she kicks or pulls with her legs and also, when she lifts her head up or pulls it back. She is unable to bend her knees without feeling the rope tighten around her neck.

The back of the wall is littered with all types of implements from different types of whips to a variety of paddles and everything in between. Wonder Woman can't see anything on the wall or what her trainers are doing. All she can see is her red and white boots, a blank wall near the corner, and her sisters' legs when it comes in her line of sight.

Donna doesn't hesitate to go to the wall and pull down a thick and wide, leather strap. She walks by Wonder Woman while holding the strap above her waist so that she can't see what she's holding when she passes by. She positions herself on the left side of the bound superheroine. She reaches down with her left hand to rub and squeeze each swollen butt cheeks, and admires her mistress' work.

"Geez! It looks like raw meat! I bet it hurts just to bend over like that." Donna taunts her older sister while kneading her battered ass cheeks, then pats it roughly before she administers another punishment. "It's too bad you continue to be a disobedient slave. Pat, pat."

"Ugh..." Wonder Woman gets distracted by the pain but regains some strength only to get frustrated and upset with Donna for ignoring her. "Enough of this, Donna! You are an Amazon! Don't submit to Catwoman's will. You will stain Amazon honor!"

"Honor?!? You people turned me into a slave. Do you call that honor?" Donna angrily replies.

"We are not slaves! We gave you a gift, a home, and a family."

"All while hiding the truth and not giving me the freedom to choose. You will pay for your mother and your sisters' crimes, slave!"

Wonder Woman feels exasperated by Donna's words. "How dare you accuse your sisters of such horrid things after everything we did for you. You'll feel Hera's wrath for this!"

"Did you just curse your trainer, slave? Now, you're really gonna get it! And, I told you, slave..." Donna says as she winds her body with the strap behind her back, then swings as she declares, "...IT'S MISTRESS DONNA TO YOU!"


"AWW...awk...cough, cough." Wonder Woman screams in pain then chokes from the tightening rope as she involuntarily kicks her legs.


Donna mercilessly wails away at the swollen buttocks.

"Argh...gak...awk...cough, cough." Wonder Woman starts to choke more than she can scream as her punishment continues.

The pain is much worse than Wonder Woman anticipated. It's more than she can handle and try to hide. Her 1st spanking and her 1st whipping rendered her much more helpless than she realized.


"P...please...awk...Donna...it hurts...cough." Wonder Woman screams, squirms, and pleads for the spanking to stop.

"This *WHAP* punishment *WHAP* ends *WHAP* when *WHAP* you *WHAP* call *WHAP* me *WHAP* "mistress!" *WHAP* Donna scolds her older sister while emphasizing each word with a slap of the strap.


After about 100 strokes that only takes minutes to administer, Donna holds the heavy strap with both hands and swings as hard as she can. The strap is long and wide enough to cover both swollen ass cheeks. The flexibility makes the strap more painful than the hard paddles used on Wonder Woman's 1st spanking. Her bent over position also adds to the pain factor since her posterior muscles are stretched thin compared to a standing position where it has more muscles to cushion the blows. On top of all that, her bottom has never been in a worse shape than it is now and continues to get worse and worse. Each spank from the leather strap made each welt it lands on revives the flames of agony. It almost feels like she is reliving the pain of the whipping she just got yesterday only this time it feels like multiple welts spark back to life simultaneously.

It is very humiliating and degrading for a princess to be punished by one of her little sisters or subjects, but it doesn't take long for that sense of embarrassment to be washed out of Wonder Woman's heart. The pain she experiences eclipses her sense of pride and shame. She is once again coping with the stinging pain that is forced upon her. Each burning spank strips away at her pride, dignity, and even self awareness. Her captors continue breaking her through her newly discovered weakness, and they continue raising the level of pain to newer heights. The overwhelming agony makes the punished slave break into tears of pain while moaning and sobbing.

Cassie walks around to the upper body of Wonder Woman and kneels down next to her. She leans in and gently embraces the back of Wonder Woman's head. She brushes her hanging hair with her fingers and pets her cheeks to comfort her older sister while she's severely punished.

Cassie quietly whispers into her sister's ear, "please, princess, you must resist by submitting. You must approach this as a game and go by the flow. Your time will come."

Cassie gently kisses the back of Wonder Woman's neck then stands up to witness the relentless strapping.


The strapping continues for a few more minutes. Wonder Woman feels like her butt is on fire. She is past her limit and knows she can't endure until she passes out like she did during her whipping. She takes the advice from Cassie.

"Ow...gak...p...please...mistress Donna...ow...I...ahh...learned my...gak...lesson...sniff...aww...please...ow...it hurts...hah..." Wonder Woman begs for mercy for the second time in her life.


Donna ends the punishment with 5 slow and hard spanks with the leather strap.

Wonder Woman hangs limply from the sawhorse sobbing and whimpering in pain.

"Finally! That wasn't so hard. Now, was it, slave?" *SPANK* Donna asks with a bare handed slap to her sister's freshly punished bottom.

"Ow...no, m...mistress..." Wonder Woman mumbles.


"What slave?" Donna demands.

"OW! NO, MISTRESS!" Wonder Woman shuts her eyes and yells.

"Good slave! Now, that's more like it!" Donna says with delight and rewards her slave with discomforting pats to her walloped behind.

*Pat pat pat*


Wonder Woman couldn't possibly imagine calling Catwoman or any of her little sisters mistress. Her sense of pride would not allow her to submit or degrade herself to such a lowly level. She always felt like she would choose death over submission or slavery. Her sense of anger and hate supports her indomitable will to resist when Catwoman was whipping her for hours without mercy. But, she has no feelings of anger and hate toward her sisters like she does against Catwoman. She still can't pretend or lie by calling Catwoman mistress. But, on the other hand, she still sees her sisters as victims and believes that they are not responsible for their actions. Like the advice that Cassie just gave her, she sees it as proof that there is hope in getting her sisters back.

The fact that she loves her younger sisters make it easier to call them mistress. Wonder Woman resisted calling them mistress to the point of being broken, but after she finally addresses Donna with the title, she realizes that it isn't that degrading to call one of her sister's mistress. She is proud of her sisters and respect them individually.
Wonder Woman chooses not to lie or deceive, but realizes she has to compromise her integrity in order to survive her captivity. The perception of approaching her scenario as a game that she has to navigate through makes it easier to compromise her morality. But, she doesn't realize her honor and dignity is being broken down the same way her body and will is being broken. The greatest superheroine ignorantly takes her first step into slavery.

"Now that you learned your lesson, shall we commence your training, slave?" Donna rhetorically asks.

Chapter 13 - Stage 1 of Slave Training Begins

Now that the strapping stopped, Wonder Woman's shame and embarrassment begins to sink in. She tries to stop crying and whimpering but the pain gets more traumatizing after each spanking. She never shed more tears over the last few days than she did her entire life. And, they were all tears of pain, anger, and suffering.

The two slave trainers untie the rope off Wonder Woman's neck and ankles. They leave her arms box tied behind her back, and lift her off the sawhorse. The henchwomen drag the defeated superheroine back to the middle of the training room, then lay her face down.

"Now, be a good slave and lay still while we prepare you for your training." Donna orders her older sister.

Wonder Woman is still too busy sobbing and sniffling to acknowledge her sister's command. She is still desperately waiting for the furious pain of the strapping to subside. But, to no avail, time doesn't seem to help her suffering as the pain continues to remain on her butt cheeks like a 2nd-degree burn. The sting makes her docile and subconsciously submissive. She is very apprehensive to resist, struggle, or protest against her torment.

"I will introduce you to the tawse if you struggle, slave!" Donna condescendingly warns her punished slave with a bare handed spank to her butt.


"Argh!" Wonder Woman squirms in anguish.

Wonder Woman doesn't like being threatened by her younger sister and hates getting spanked by her even more. It fuels the sense of shame and humiliation she can't block or ignore in her heart. An Amazon princess being threatened and told what to do by one of her subjects is almost as demeaning as getting spanked by one. It makes her feel some anger towards Donna and feels the urge to lash out at her for doing such horrible things to her own sister and princess.

But, her butt is radiating with more pain than she can handle. She doesn't know what a tawse is, but she has a good idea what it's used for and sends shivers down her spine just thinking about another spanking. Wonder Woman swallows her pride and complies against her wishes. Like a punished child that is holding onto the smallest bit of pride she may have left, the dismissive Amazon princess follows orders but doesn't acknowledge nor respond by pretending she didn't hear her trainer's words. This is the most passive-aggressive thing she can think of that has the lowest risk of earning another spanking. But, it's more because her defense mechanism attempts to make her feel like she's behaving by choice rather than force to save any self-esteem she has left.

The two trainers get to work on Wonder Woman with the prickly ropes. Donna disrespectfully steps on her older sister's deformed buttocks to pin her down, then bends over to grab her hair and lift her upper body up.

"Ugh!" Wonder Woman grunts when she feels Donna stepping on her punished derriere.

Cassie takes the slack of rope from the Amazon princess' box tied arms and ties her up similar to when she was captured, but this time she crisscrosses and twists the upper and lower ropes at the middle of her chest between her breasts and at each of her sides to frame the round base of each teat. This makes each breast protrude out more than usual. She folds the remaining slack to double up the rope, ties the ends to the knot on her back, then leads the doubled rope down to her ass.

Donna lowers Wonder Woman's upper body by letting her hair go. Wonder Woman's head slams onto the ground. It doesn't hurt her head but she feels humiliated being manhandled like a livestock. She is too distracted by the pain of her sister's foot pressing down and squeezing her swollen and bruised bottom to get upset. Donna continues to be rough by taking her foot off her slave's ass then kicks her hip to roll her over whenever the situation is needed during the preparation.

"Argh!" Wonder Woman yells in pain as she feels the strain on her shoulders, back, and the burning sensation on her buttocks when forced onto her back.

Cassie takes the rope and tugs really hard. The rope slips in between Wonder Woman's butt crack. Cassie pulls hard enough to lift her sister's battered butt off the ground for a brief moment to make sure the rope is nicely tucked in between her crack. The rope gets tighter around every part of her body that it's wrapped around, but especially around her breasts and deep inside her ass crack as they are the most recent body parts to be tied. She separates the doubled rope so that each rope is at the base of her legs to outline and frame Wonder Woman's vagina. The rest of the rope is used to tie around the waist for the crotch rope, then looped around the knot on her chest. Finally, the rope goes back down and tucked under the belt of the crotch rope with just a small loop of rope sticking out like a tiny bunny ear.

This may be similar to the way she was tied when kidnapped or when she received her 1st spanking, but this is much more embarrassing as the ropes highlight her private parts and more importantly, she doesn't have her costume on. Without her costume, her breasts are squeezing out between the ropes making them bigger and rounder. Her missing costume also contributes to a more painful rope burn.

They roll her back onto her stomach. Donna folds the captured superheroine's left leg and Cassie takes the right leg. They fold it at the knee then individually ties the ankle against its respective thigh. When finished, Wonder Woman looks like she's hogtied but her legs ankles are not tied to her wrists.

Wonder Woman feels pain all over her body. She is sore to begin with but begins to feel the strain all over her joints and muscles. She even feels the prickly rope dig into her flesh. It is a sensation that isn't new to her, but the lack of her costume raises the intensity of the rope burns. Any movement makes the nettlesome rope rub and dig deeper into her flesh.

Donna crudely kicks Wonder Woman one last time to flip her onto her back.

"Argh..." Wonder Woman moans as her back is forced to arch and the ropes biting into her skin from the sudden movement.

"Look at her beautiful little pussy. It's so perfect! And, it looks like a little butt squeezed out like that!" Cassie admires Wonder Woman's vagina, leans in, and gives it a kiss on the protruding labia. "Muah!"

Wonder Woman feels degradation and gratitude from the compliment and affectionate kiss to her defenseless vulva. Emotions stir inside her heart as she feels the tendency to thank her for the praise and instinctively feels the compulsion to lash out for such an act of humiliation. But, after days of nothing but pain, she welcomes the rare touch of pleasure and affection. She silently takes the sexual harassment with mixed emotions.

"Mistress gave us strict orders not to give her any pleasure, remember?" Donna warns Cassie.

"That wicked scoundrel will pay for this." The mighty Amazon warrior thinks to herself as Donna's words direct her anger towards the mastermind.

"I know, but I just can't help one kiss. I'm sure mistress would understand if she sees what I'm seeing. Heh heh."

"Enough, let's get this started." Donna demands.

Cassie goes to the nearest control panel and pushes a button to lower a snap hook attached to a chain link from the ceiling. As soon as Wonder Woman sees the hook, she realizes what her trainers are planning to do. Donna takes the snap hook, opens it up, then hooks the loop sticking out. Cassie raises the harness back up then stops until the helplessly bound superheroine is almost 3 feet off the ground.

"UGH!" Wonder Woman groans in pain as the hook pulls on her rope bondage until she is lifted off the ground.

The shibari style rope bondage was already very tight enough to hurt the Amazon warrior with the slightest of movements, especially since the prickly rope feels like sandpaper. But, as Wonder Woman is lifted off the ground by her binding rope, the rope squeezes every part of her body that it is wrapped around. Because there aren't any tied knots except on her wrists, the rope tightens to her body weight and squeezes enough to indent her skin and disappears between her butt cheeks. The doubled part of the rope pinches her pussy out even more and makes it look like she has an unnatural hump between her legs. Her breasts are squeeze to their limits as they balloon to a bigger and rounder form. She can feel her teats stiffening and hardening as the blood gets trapped inside her bosoms. She can feel the blood flow getting cut off certain body parts.

"No one will understand how cruel and painful this torture is until they experience it first hand." Donna remarks.

"Don't worry, slave princess. Your body will eventually get used to it." Cassie assures her sister.

Wonder Woman continues to grimace and strain in pain. She feels very helpless in her newest bondage. The rope is making it hard for her to take deep breaths and even the smallest breath makes the rope dig deeper into her soft skin. The Amazon warrior feels her joints and muscles straining, especially at the shoulders, back, and knees. But the worst pain of all is the rope squeezing and pulling inside her ass crack and against her vulva. The rope hurts more on her sensitive areas and this devious design forces all her body weight to be supported by her breasts, waist, and crotch.

Wonder Woman's silhouette looks like an amputated magician's assistant levitating during a performance. Her head head is hanging upside down and the way her neck is bent backwards also contribute to her restricted breathing. She isn't suffocating but her breath is shortened by her bondage and can't take a deep breath even if she wants to. Her silky long hair is hanging straight down with its ends just inches off the ground.

Donna rudely shoves Wonder Woman's face making her spin like a propeller. Cassie goes to the back of the room to bring back two, long riding crops and hands one to Donna. Everything is spinning for the defenseless Amazon princess and can't see what her little sisters are doing. As she slows down and before her eyes can adjust to see what her sisters are planning next, Donna raises the riding crop and swipes at Wonder Woman's protruding right teat.


"AWW!!!" Wonder Woman yells in pain as soon as the riding crop bites into her sensitive breast.

Donna swings the riding crop down hard and hits squarely on Wonder Woman's bulging vagina.


"AHH!!!" Wonder Woman's body jolts with pain and screams.

Wonder Woman is introduced to a new world of pain as her most delicate body parts are whipped. The Amazon princess feels the end of a riding crop for the first time in her life. The sting of the new implement makes the curious Amazon warrior look up at Donna's hand to see what she's using. She is horrified by the sight since she seen this used on horses in man's world. The connection washes Wonder Woman's heart with more humiliation and shame, which soon turns to anger towards her sisters for the continued degradation and suffering. But, her anger almost immediately diminishes as the riding crop kisses her left breast.




"ARRRRRRRRRRGH!" Wonder Woman screams and writhes in pain with her eyes clenched tight.


Cassie swings her riding crop and smacks Wonder Woman's right nipple from her other side.


*SNAP snap SNAP snap SNAP snap SNAP snap SNAP snap*

Donna and Cassie continue the barrage of spanks from the riding crop.

"AWWWWWWWWWW!" Wonder Woman shakes her head and moans in agony as her body is convulses from the nonstop breast and pussy whipping.

*SNAP snap SNAP snap SNAP snap SNAP snap SNAP snap*

Minutes go by which feels like several hours for the captured Amazon warrior. She feels her body weakening with pain and exhaustion even more than before. Her breasts and butt are bright red as it takes the abuse from her two trainers. She is sweating profusely and she is breathing very rapdily. The pain from the whips, rope, and already spanked buttocks builds up to a new level of pain for the greatest superheroine of all time. She is overwhelmed and continues to howl in pain regardless of her pride and dignity.

Donna pushes the dangling slave to swing her back and forth. The trainer use her momentum against her by swiping and swinging at her teats and pussy when swinging back towards them. This heightens the level of pain and continues to climb with each kiss from the riding crop. The worst part is when the rope bites into her breasts or vulva and butt crack. Depending on the direction she's swinging, the rope squeezes at either her chest or her crotch harder every time her swing stops at the peak and starts the new decline the other way. The torment is maddening but the great Amazon warrior musters up all the will power she has left to resist complete submission.

"Fight through the pain, Diana. They won't break you!" Wonder Woman thinks to herself for encouragement.


Donna seizes the moment and swings particularly hard on Wonder Woman's bound labia.

"AWW!!!" The unsuspecting Amazon princess screams in agony and closes her bound legs.

"NO!" *SNAP SNAP SNAP* Donna shouts and flails at Wonder Woman's inner thighs. "DON'T YOU EVER CLOSE YOUR LEGS UNLESS TOLD TO, SLAVE! *SNAP SNAP SNAP*

"AWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!" Wonder Woman howls in pain while trying to keep her shaking legs open for more torment.

*SNAP snap SNAP snap SNAP snap SNAP snap SNAP snap*

The two trainers continue Wonder Woman's slave training.

Hours of nonstop torture goes by, and Wonder Woman is lost in pain. Her breasts and vagina are swollen and burning with agony. She can even feel that her nipples and clitoris are erect, but she is not sexually aroused rather just her body reacting to the abuse. Blood stays trapped in her sensitive body parts and most of her circulation is cut off by her tight rope bondage. She just begins to realize that all her limbs are completely numb. The only feelings she have left are on her head and body, highlighted by the burning pain on her bust, loins, and posterior.

Wonder Woman feels her bosoms and labia are swollen, tight, and hard as they are pulsating with pain and heartbeat. The colors of her chest and crotch have turned to a darker shade of red. The abnormally enlarged private parts flap, bounce, and jiggle as they are continuously smacked with the riding crop.

*SNAP snap SNAP snap SNAP snap SNAP snap SNAP snap*

"Ahh...p...please...stop. Wh...why...argh...are you...ugh...doing...this?" Wonder Woman reaches her limit then begs for mercy and reasoning for this senseless torture. "Ow...is...ahh...is this punishment?"

"You know, slave, you can't avoid not addressing us as mistress just because you choose not to use our name. This is your only warning, slave." Donna stops whipping her slave to warn her, then gives her an extra hard snap to her stinging crotch.


"ARGH! Yes, mistress!" Wonder Woman grimaces in pain with clenched eyes to hold back tears of pain.

"No, slave princess. This in not punishment. It is your slave training. And, I think I should gag you before your mouth earns yourself an another punishment." Cassie answers her curious slave.

"I know just the gag!" Donna exclaims and exits the room only to come back with Wonder Woman's star spangled panties and tape. "Your panties is the one thing we never washed since capturing you and soaked with your sweat from all the spanking and whipping."

Donna explains as she walks over to her slave's upside down mouth, squeezes by the cheeks to force her mouth open, then shoves the dirty star spangled panties into Wonder Woman's mouth. She takes the roll of tape off her wrist then tapes her slave's mouth and wraps the tape around her head several times so that it is shut tight.

"Mmmph..." Wonder Woman's eyes widen and shakes her head in protest.

Wonder Woman feels a new sense of humiliation. She feels so degrading with her own dirty panties in her mouth that was sweated on for few days straight. She can taste the tangy, saltiness of her sweaty panties. She was able to hold back most of her tears for hours of torture and humiliation, but this panty gag cut deep into her pride as her tears of anger and frustration pours out of her eyes.

Donna sees her older sister's reaction, then wickedly grins and says, "Tastes good, doesn't it? Now, it's time to continue your training."

"Training?!? How is this training?!? They're not even asking if I will submit to them. This is just mindless torture. Have they gone mad? Is that why my sisters are acting this way?" Wonder Woman ponders as she tries to rationalize her trainers words and actions.

Wonder Woman is confused because she can't tell the difference between punishment and slave training. She can't figure out the motive or intentions for such horrible pain. She is also too weak and delirious to analyze her situation the way she's capable of doing.

*SNAP snap SNAP snap SNAP snap SNAP snap SNAP snap*

Donna and Cassie resumes Wonder Woman's slave training.

"Mmph...mmm...mmf..." Wonder Woman helplessly moans into her gag as she is forced to endure more hours of breast and pussy whipping.

Wonder Woman continues to fight and endure the torment of being whipped like an animal. She is humiliated and defeated by some rope and a pair of riding crop. She is so drunk with pain and exhaustion that she is tempted to submit to slavery and beg for mercy. But, she momentarily forgets that she is gagged and isn't able to plead for mercy even if she wants to like when she got her 1st spanking. Wonder Woman helplessly cries and moans in despair for the rest of the relentless whipping.

The heartless slave trainers finally stop whipping Wonder Woman's bruised chest and loins just before she is faints.

"You did so well on your first day, slave princess." Cassie praises her slave as she rubs her sore nipples.

"But, this is your bed for the night. Goodnight, slave!" Donna says and walks out.

The weak and exhausted Amazon warrior passes out not long after her trainers leave her room. She hangs like a piece of meat for the rest of the night.

Chapter 14 - A Champion's Resolve

After her 1st day of slave training, Wonder Woman is left hanging in her uncomfortable bondage. She passes out from over exhaustion, but wakes up shortly after due to the painfully uncomfortable position. She isn't able to get the rest she desperately needs and realizes she is being deprived of her sleep. She is immobilized, all her private parts are throbbing with pain, and she is having a hard time breathing.

Another day in captivity traumatizes Wonder Woman's mind. She can't stop her mind from replaying the prior day's activities over and over again. By the end of the day, she was ready to beg for mercy and submit to slavery in order for the horrible torment to end. As she is left alone with her own thoughts and memories, she feels shame and regret when recalling herself screaming in pain and begging for mercy. She can't believe how much she cried and wailed during her torture. She is upset at herself for losing a battle of will versus pain, and how she was ready to submit when the pain was beyond what she can handle. Getting helplessly spanked or whipped is incredibly embarrassing by itself but recalling her behavior adds to her humiliation. Then, her train of thought leads to how her own sisters were the ones to make her suffer like she never did in her life. She uses this anger to fight off the fear that's growing inside her.

"How dare they do this to their sister?!? Better yet, their princess?!? They better have good excuses for their actions or they will pay dearly for their treachery," Wonder Woman thinks to herself. "I must endure! They mustn't break me!"

As Wonder Woman continues replaying all the horrible incidents since captivity in her head, she realizes that Cassie didn't hit her as hard as Donna did yesterday. Wonder Woman doesn't like to lie, but Cassie's tip to perceive her captivity as a game did help her look at things with a different perspective when she needed it the most. Even Cassie's soft kiss was embarrassing but felt really good and feels a sense of warmth thinking about that moment. The deductive Amazon warrior tries to figure out if there were any hidden messages in Cassie's actions from the beginning.

"There must be a reason why Cassie is trying to help me. Perhaps, she knows something I don't and has a better idea when the opportunity to escape is best. I hope those girls will eventually be back to normal. Whatever happened to them, I hope it's not too late. I must overcome for their sake." Wonder Woman naturally refocuses her anger into compassion as she thinks about her sisters.

Wonder Woman is still in so much pain. The spanking weakened her to that of an average female, except her natural physique makes her above average even at her weakened state. Her private parts are healing at a normal person's rate, otherwise she would be close to fully healed by now. Everything that Catwoman told her is real. Her people were made to be slaves. The effects of the spanking and the way her body feels prove it's all true.

Wonder Woman's heart is filled with mixed emotions as her revelation leads to the conspiracy of her people and how they covered up the shameful truth. They never changed the history books of being slaves to remind the Amazons to never forget the horrors of the world they left behind. But, they left out details in their history books. They took out any details about their embarrassing weakness so that their secrets aren't carelessly given away or stolen by spies as well as burying their shame.

"But, why didn't my mother tell me? Did she think I would be disappointed or heartbroken? Did she think I couldn't keep a secret?" The Amazon princess ponders to herself for answers.

Wonder Woman feels bitterness for her mother and her closest friends who were also her mentors for not telling her the truth. She knows she would have been more cautious when fighting evil. But, her emotions stir once more when she also feels sadness knowing how much pain and suffering her mother and other Amazons went through when living in man's world, thousands of years ago. Then, her mind comes full circle as she connects their past with the nightmare that is her reality as she learns the true terror of captivity and slavery first hand. She feels sick remembering the horrible pain from the spanking and how she acted.

At this moment, Wonder Woman remembers what Donna said and wonders if she is filled with a bitter and resentful heart after she was force fed the shameful truth in the same traumatizing fashion. Her heart fills with sympathy and empathy as she understands how Donna may feel and may be doing everything out of her own will. She wonders if Cassie's possibly just submitting to her newly found nature or if she is pretending to be obedient until she has a chance to escape. The Amazon princess' head continues to spin in all directions as her body aches and mind replays her unforgettable spankings.

Wonder Woman knows she can't give up hope no matter how desperate things get. She knows she will lose and be a slave forever if she gives up. She finds hope knowing that her friends will worry and look for her when they don't hear from her after a few days. They check up on each other because of the dangers they put themselves into. She also finds relief that her sisters are close by and Cassie is helping her the best she can, even if they are the reasons for her anguish.

Even if it was easier to call her sisters mistress, she didn't feel right calling them that and heart fills with regret for using deception to shorten her torture or punishment. She vows to herself never to falter again no matter how much pain they give her and no matter how worse things get. The only consolation for her is that they haven't sexually assaulted her or showed any signs of doing so. But, she worries things may not stay that way for too long and needs to find a way to escape before it's too late.

As time slowly passes while Wonder Woman is forced to stay awake in the dark with just her thoughts, she vows not to become a slave herself and resist to the end. Not just for her sake but for her sisters' as well. She decides not to lie or play games anymore. She is the goddess of truth and feels the hypocrisy eating inside her every time she remembers herself addressing her little sister as mistress.

Now that Wonder Woman experienced the pain she will continue to suffer, she mentally prepares herself for the worst. She declares not to let her emotions get in the way and resist any slave training imposed upon her. She still doesn't understand how senseless torture is slave training other than during her punishments when she was taught to address her captors as her mistresses. Regardless of the reasoning, the resilient Amazon's champion knows she must endure the pain with as much dignity and honor she can hold onto without the distractions of her emotions. Surprisingly, the durable Amazon warrior is more prepared to resist than before when she was ignorant and everything caught her off guard.

"It is possible they have been enslaved with the same method of torture. I must endure any pain and show them that an Amazon can overcome any weakness she is born with. I will NOT submit to slavery. They will have to keep me in chains forever or kill me, for I am an Amazon warrior and princess!" Wonder Woman vows to herself as she mentally prepares for next day of slave training.

Just as Wonder Woman has her moment of resolution, her sister trainers open the door and walk in. Donna walks up to the upside down superheroine while Cassie goes to the back of the room to prepare for the slave's sanitation time.

"Good morning, slave! And, how are we doing today?" Donna condescendingly asks while looking down at the hanging Amazon.

"Doing just fine, DONNA!" Wonder Woman replies with an emphasis to her sister's name.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk! Seems you forgot your lesson already. Must I punish you again to make sure you won't forget, slave?

"It is not punishment because I am not anyone's slave! It is mindless torture."

"Hmm, mistress warned me about your so called 'indomitable will.' And, here I thought we broken you already and your slave training will turn out to be fun for us." Donna patronizingly discloses. "Fine, then I will make sure that the 1st stage of your slave training will be 10 times worse than it's supposed to be, slave."

"You can't scare me, Donna. Besides, I will resist your 1st stage of training by never calling you mistress again." Wonder Woman boldly insists.

Donna leans down, pinches Wonder Woman's upside down cheeks, and says, "You are an ignorant slave! You can't resist your 1st stage of SLAVE training and it has nothing to do with you addressing us as your mistresses, slave. The 1st stage of your slave training is..." Donna grins wider, squeezes her sister's cheeks harder, and explains, "pain conditioning."

Wonder Woman's eyes widen in horror.

Chapter 15 - Stage 1 of Slave Training Continues

"Great Hera! How does senseless torture have anything to do with slave training?" Wonder Woman thinks to herself as she is horrified and perplexed by what her trainer has revealed to her.

Cassie comes back with the hose, couple tubes, and a bucket. She sets them down next to the control panel where she pushes a couple buttons to lower the hanging slave and lower a couple of wrist cuffs from the ceiling. Donna flips the slave over with her foot.

"Ahh!" Wonder Woman lets out a moan as she feels her bound and sore breasts supporting her upper weight as it gets compressed underneath her.

The struggling Amazon princess squirms in pain while trying to keep as much pressure off her battered chest as much as possible. The ropes squeezing around the base of each of her breasts makes them stiff, in position and can't be pushed to the side. They are smashed to its limit by her own weight but swollen enough to keep her upper chest and shoulders off the floor. This distracts the slave while Cassie presses another button to open two small compartments on the ground.

Donna keeps the bound slave pinned with her knee while she unbinds the slave's arms. Cassie joins in to help as she takes a hold of Wonder Woman's right arm while Donna takes the left arm.

"ARGH!!!" Wonder Woman suddenly shrieks in pain as the ropes are loosened around the base of her breasts, the blood rushes back in, and the biting rope leaves excruciating pain as it is peeled off her skin.

Donna grins at her sister's reaction knowing that she didn't anticipate how much pain she will feel when unbinding her sensitive breasts that's been tightly bound for 24 hours and supported a good portion of her weight the whole time. Wonder Woman's bosom throbs with pain.

"Ugh" Wonder Woman grunts in pain as her stiffened arms are quickly pulled out to the side.

The mighty superheroine had her arms box tied behind her back and supported most of her weight for 24 hours. All her joints, especially her shoulders and knees, are very stiff and any sudden movements hurt the superheroine more than anticipated. Still, she overcomes the pain and tries to fight back and resist by struggling and pulling her arms in so that her sisters can't bind her the way they want. She knows they are going to keep torturing her so the risk of earning a punishment disappeared. But, Wonder Woman is too weak to make things difficult for her slave trainers and her noodle arms are helplessly pinned to the ground as they respectively bind each arm to the lowered wrist cuffs. They untie the slave's legs, take off her red boots, then quickly bind them with ankle cuffs linked to a secret compartment on the floor.

Wonder Woman lays on the ground defeated. She is exhausted and struggling with the resonating pain all over her body, particularly her bruised private parts. Cassie goes to the control panel to raise the bound slave into her new position. The ropes begin to ascend as it slowly lifts Wonder Woman's upper body by her arms and folds her back. The pressure builds in the superheroine's sore shoulders as she is lifted off the ground. Then, Cassie presses a button to retract the chains connecting to the slave's ankle cuffs.

"Uhh..." Wonder Woman moans in discomfort until her body gets used to her hanging spread-eagle position.

The helpless Amazon struggles in pain and blushes with embarrassment. Her sore joints and muscles are trying to get used to the new position as her arms support all her weight. Her legs are spread out wide to display all her thoroughly punished private parts. She tries to hide her shame and humiliation by turning her face into her left shoulder.

The trainers do Wonder Woman's hygiene time in the morning this time, before her slave training for the day. They force feed her and clean her inside with tubes as usual. They even freshly shave her pussy, armpit, and legs. But, this time, Donna sets the hose at the coldest temperature and at the highest pressure. The freezing water shortens and speeds up the bound Amazon warrior's breath. The pressure from the hose makes the water feel like tiny pins and needles rather than sand. The pain makes the slave writhe in discomfort. She tries to move away from the spraying water but realizes she can't move a muscle. Her limbs are so tightly stretched out that she can only move her head, fingers, and toes. Cassie dries her off with a big air blowing tube from the wall, making the slave feel a sense of degradation compared to being dried off with a towel. Wonder Woman feels the shame and humiliation as she is treated more like an object as each day passes.

Donna grabs a cane from the back of the room where Wonder Woman can't see. As she walks back to her slave in training, she starts to sprint the last few steps, and raises the cane in the air.

*Swish CRACK!*

Donna swings the cane at Wonder Woman's defenseless butt while at running speed.

"AWW!!!" Wonder Woman screeches in pain.

Donna walks around to the front of Wonder Woman to show her the implement she will learn to fear.

"The cane is one of the most painful implements. We usually use it for punishment. I will use this implement today as your punishment rather than the riding crop from yesterday, slave." Donna explains. "I will show you the difference between your slave training and punishment, slave."

Donna takes her position on the left side of Wonder Woman before she can even respond. The cruel slave trainer raises the thick cane and swings away at the swollen butt.

*Swish CRACK, Swish CRACK, Swish CRACK, Swish CRACK, Swish CRACK, Swish CRACK, Swish CRACK, Swish CRACK, Swish CRACK, Swish CRACK*

"ARRRRGH!!!" Wonder Woman screams in agony then bites her lower lip to shut herself up.

To Wonder Woman's credit, she was able to keep herself from screaming and crying for much of the caning. Donna gives her around 1000 strokes of the cane. Even the proud Amazon warrior can't help herself from shedding silent tears from the unbearable caning. Her swollen butt cheeks are covered with new blood red welts from each bite of the cane.

Cassie grabs a couple of leather floggers. She hands one to Donna then the two girls start walking around the helplessly bound superheroine and whip her entire body.

*WHAP whap WHAP whap WHAP whap WHAP whap WHAP whap*

They whip every body part except for the slave's face. They whip her back, stomach, and limbs. They give extra attention to her bruised tits, pussy, and ass. Sometimes they both hit the same body part or they are on opposite sides flogging different body parts.

*WHAP whap WHAP whap WHAP whap WHAP whap WHAP whap*

Wonder Woman is overwhelmed with pain and struggles for hours as her pain conditioning of her slave training continues. They whip her all day long without any rest for the slave in training. They each take turns resting when needed but the pain never stops for the helpless Amazon princess. The only break she gets is when they whip a different body part after whipping a specific part for a long duration. They whip her until they are literally tired and out of breath. The beaten slave is left to the point of fainting from pain and exhaustion. She silently sobs into her right shoulder while panting for air. Her entire body is red while her private parts highlighted with a purplish tone.

"Whew, that was a workout!" Donna exclaims then walks away to put the flogger away.

Wonder Woman finds some relief that the relentless whipping is finally over. Her body feels like it's on fire after absorbing so much caning and whipping. She feels out of breath from enduring enough pain to kill a normal person. She is glistening with sweat and makes her red welts shine brightly.

Cassie comes back with a special leather hood. Donna walks up behind the bound slave and whispers, "Goodbye, slave. You won't be seeing us for a long time."

"What?" Wonder Woman mutters with confusion.

Suddenly, Donna squeezes Wonder Woman's cheeks with her left hand while she grabs and pulls down her chin with her right hand to force open her mouth. Cassie walks up to the front of the bound slave, pulls up the opened hood to her face, then shoves the built in dildo gag inside the slave's mouth. The gag is thick and long. Wonder Woman chokes on the gag as the tip hits the back of her throat. Donna lets go of the slave's face as Cassie drapes the hood over Wonder Woman's head. Donna tugs on the hood from the back to make sure it's on tight then pulls the zipper down from the top to secure the hood.

Wonder Woman shakes her head in protest but it's already too late. The specially made hood is tightly fastened around her head. She quickly realizes the meaning of Donna's words as she realizes she can't see, smell, or hear anything out of her new mask. The only hole in the hood is a hollow hole built in the dildo gag. She tries to breathe through her nose but gets very little air and she's still out of breath from the flogging.


Donna alternately gives each of Wonder Woman's swollen butt cheeks.

"Ahh...ahh..." Wonder Woman helplessly moans into her dildo gag.

The pain of each spank is heightened by depriving Wonder Woman with her senses. She can't see when her slavers are spanking her. She can't even hear the pistol loud smacks. She is forced into a mental prison with just her thoughts, emotions, and pain. Even her sense of taste is taken away by the silicone dildo gag. She is left with only her sense of touch and forced to focus only on the pain.


Donna spanks her for about an hour before everything suddenly becomes silent and Wonder Woman is left alone with nothing but the sense of pain and shame.

Chapter 16 - Stage 1 of Slave Training Routine

Darkness and silence becomes Wonder Woman's worst enemy and fear. It gets more agonizing than any whipping or spanking as time slowly passes by.



Unfortunately, for the super slave in training, she gets both complete isolation and unbearable pain.

*Whoosh...CRACK, Whoosh...CRACK, Whoosh...CRACK, Whoosh...CRACK, Whoosh...CRACK, Whoosh...CRACK, Whoosh...CRACK, Whoosh...CRACK, Whoosh...CRACK, Whoosh...CRACK*

Countless days go by. Wonder Woman continues to live alone with only her thoughts, emotions, and pain. Nothing but pain because all her senses are still deprived since the 1st stage of her slave training began. She can't see, hear, smell, or taste anything. Her life has been deprived to nothing but, force feeding, sleeping only after passing out from pain or exhaustion, forced enemas, and getting whipped or spanked for hours.

The spread eagle bound superheroine helplessly shakes in pain as she is whipped with multiple single tailed whips. She can't tell what's going on or how many people are whipping her. Sometimes she feels only one whip hitting her and sometimes she feels four whips hitting her at same time. She can't tell where the whips are coming from, which body part it's aiming at, and when it's coming.

*Whoosh...CRACK, Whoosh...CRACK, Whoosh...CRACK, Whoosh...CRACK, Whoosh...CRACK, Whoosh...CRACK, Whoosh...CRACK, Whoosh...CRACK, Whoosh...CRACK, Whoosh...CRACK*

Since her capture, Wonder Woman has been learning to fear pain through every spanking and whipping she received. At the same time, her body has been conditioning to tolerate higher levels of pain. The permanent psychological and physical damage are so subtle that the proud Amazon princess doesn't notice the harm or dangers of bringing out the natural fear of the whip every Amazon has been born with. She continues to fight and resist her slave training by suppressing any thoughts of fear and coping with the pain rather than submitting to it. But, after days of constant agony and unpredictable pain, the fear of pain gets harder to suppress by the once fearless superheroine.

Wonder Woman loses herself to fear every time she is whipped or spanked. She continues to put every ounce of energy and willpower into controlling her fears, but her body proceeds to learn how to react instinctively to her new fear of pain. The slave in training can't stop her heartbeat from racing after each spank or whip. She can't stop herself from breathing hard and fast. The special mask and dildo gag is designed to make it harder for her to control her breathing if her heartbeat rises. She can only take regular breaths through the hold in her dildo gag and can only get a small amount of air through her nose because it is blocked by the tight latex hood without any holes for her nostrils. Breathing through her nose is practically impossible because as soon as she gets some air through her nose, her mask quickly blocks her nostrils.

*Whoosh...CRACK, Whoosh...CRACK, Whoosh...CRACK, Whoosh...CRACK, Whoosh...CRACK, Whoosh...CRACK, Whoosh...CRACK, Whoosh...CRACK, Whoosh...CRACK, Whoosh...CRACK*

Wonder Woman has been sensory deprived for so long that she continues to lose the sense of her identity. Especially during her pain sessions, her sensory deprivation heightens the pain and fear of the unpredictable spankings and whippings, and more importantly, leaves her with a sense of objectification where she is degraded to just a slave being tortured or a property being trained.

The routine for the 1st stage of her slave training consists of the same thing, pain and hygiene. But the timing and duration of either session is unpredictable and never the same. Sometimes they have multiple sessions before feeding and washing the slave in training, and sometimes they have only one session before attending to her necessities. Sometimes, her trainers will only feed and skip the washing, and sometimes they will only wash her and let her starve until the next session. The duration of each pain session is unpredictable as well. Sometimes, her slavers spank and whip her all day long, just a few hours, or even cruelly just one single spank that leaves the helplessly Amazon princess anticipating in fear for the next spank that never comes until the next session. Sometimes, the next pain session comes within the hour and sometimes the next session doesn't come until the next day.

Wonder Woman barely hangs onto her sanity and integrity. Many times she wanted to give in but even that choice was taken away from her. Not only did she lose 4 of her 5 senses to the special mask, she also lost the power of speech. The only choice given is to endure or break. Even though she is forced to live a routine life, she has no pattern to grasp onto. The unpredictable timing of her spankings torment her even when she is not being tortured because all she can do is worry when the next pain session will begin. The might Amazon warrior never had to focus on pain like this her entire life.

The tortured superheroine shed countless sweat and tears. The inside of the latex hood is always wet because of her sweat and tears but she can feel her rheum, tears, and saliva crusting up around parts of her face. Her trainers rarely took off her sensory deprivation mask to clean her face, but when they did, it was always in the dark and after a long pain session when Wonder Woman is unconscious. But, she can always tell her face was cleaned when she wakes up after because it gets uncomfortably wet, slimy, and crusty after just one day in the mask.

The only hope Wonder Woman continues to hold onto is that the longer she is missing, the sooner her friends are out there looking to save her. The helpless Amazon princess lost all hopes of escaping her current predicament by herself. Just holding onto her sense of identity and not breaking is already taking every ounce of strength she has left. She already tried to break free of her bonds with all her strength and effort but only reinforced her weakness to spankings. All she can do is wait for her friends or slavers to end her nightmarish predicament.

Her body is completely covered with welts and bruises. Her breasts, vulva, and buttocks are freakishly swollen. The Amazon Warrior has never been through such hardship before. She has never been beaten and tortured to this degree before. It only gets worse with each passing moment as her body takes its toll from the bondage and pain sessions while never getting enough time to heal. The degree of pain feels like it's getting worse each passing day as well. Every type of implement and variations of the implement have been used on the defenseless superheroine.

*Whoosh...CRACK, Whoosh...CRACK, Whoosh...CRACK, Whoosh...CRACK, Whoosh...CRACK, Whoosh...CRACK, Whoosh...CRACK, Whoosh...CRACK, Whoosh...CRACK, Whoosh...CRACK*

The current pain session of single tailed whips finally stop. Her two trainers were both dual wielding two whips to make this session unpredictable. Wonder Woman's body shuddered and twitched in pain with each stroke of the whip, but now, she hangs lifelessly in her bonds. She is left barely unconscious this time while most pain sessions don't end until she is unconscious. And, whether she is left unconscious or not, she is always on the edge of breaking and submitting after every session.

Wonder Woman is left alone in her personal darkness. Time is her enemy whether she is pain or forced to think about the pain after another traumatizing pain session. It is impossible for Wonder Woman to keep track of time. The best she can do is try to guess how much time passed after each session and keep track until she's saved or her slavers let her out of her bondage. Biggest problem for is trying to guess how much time passed when she was unconscious.

Finally, the day comes when they have a really long and painful session where they focus on her tits, pussy, and ass. Then, they thoroughly wash her, dress her up in her cleaned costume, and bind her in a new position.

Wonder Woman is in the middle of her training room bound in a strappado position. Her ankles are bound to the ground by chained, ankle cuffs and spread little wider than two feet apart. Her wrists are bound behind her back by a leather arm binder and the end is hooked to the chain hanging from the ceiling. Her arms are raised behind her back to force her to bend over halfway at the waist. She is wearing a leather belt over her costume with O-rings on every side and has the back ring locked to a chain link hanging from the ceiling to immobilize her butt and keep her legs straightened. Also, her hair is tied to a rope connecting to the same hook that is keeping her arm binder up. This forces Wonder Woman to keep her head up and straight. Finally, a three foot rope is tied from her neck with a loop knot to the ground so that the rope chokes her if she tries to stand straight or lift her head higher than waist level. She can slightly turn her head to the side but still makes the rope squeeze around her neck while putting stress on the roots of her hair. Otherwise, she's completely immobilized.

Once the slave in training is prepped up, she is left by herself in her training room for hours. The bound superheroine is relieved to finally have the sensory deprivation mask off after wearing it for such a long time. But, she can't help herself feel anxious about what her next dilemma will be. Her heart rate is consistently high as she tries to suppress her sense of fear. She musters up all the strength and courage she has left to control her emotions and anxiety.

Finally, she hears footsteps from a distance. Her heart begins to pump harder and faster as the footsteps get closer and louder. She feels her body nervously shake and shudder. The Amazon warrior takes a deep breath and holds it in a desperate attempt to suppress her anxiety and keep her body from shaking to conceal her undeniable fear.

"Great Hera! Why can't I stop my body from shaking?!?" Wonder Woman thinks to herself as she takes another deep breath to calm herself down.

Wonder Woman manages to calm down just enough in time as the footsteps get close enough to sound familiar. She barely keeps her body from shaking like a leaf to hide the fear she has for her slavers. The footsteps pass by her side as she feels a hand softly brush against her left star spangled butt cheek. Even the most gentle touch on her very sore butt cheeks leave a trail of burning sensations that startles the slave in training and makes her body tremble uncontrollably with anxiety.

"S...Selina!" Wonder Woman gets surprised to see Catwoman as her heart begins to race even faster at first glimpse of her captor.

Catwoman is in her purple and black spandex costume. Her costume consists of a purple, spandex bodysuit with a cowl, a pair of black, leather opera gloves, and a pair of black, leather thigh high boots. Her cowl has holes for her eyes, mouth, and a pair of cat ears for decoration.

"Hello, Wonder Slave! Looks like you need a reminder lesson on what you're supposed to address me as." Catwoman says delightfully and grins seeing her slave trembling in her presence.

"I will never be your slave!"

"Mmm...so resilient! I'm glad you're as resilient as I expected you to be, slave."

"I've been missing for weeks and my friends will eventually find me." Wonder Woman warns Catwoman.

"Weeks? No, my slave. It has been months, now. Ha, ha, ha." Catwoman laughs with pleasure.

"Great Hera!" Wonder Woman gets shocked by the news. She knew at least a month has gone by but never did she imagine multiple months passed by already.

"Yes, actually 3 months to be exact. And, forget about your friends finding you because they're not even looking for you, slave." Catwoman announces.

"You expect me to believe that, slaver?" Wonder Woman defends her friends' loyalty.

"It's because your sisters have told them that you're obligated to complete the trial of 12 labors as penance for leaving your island and proof of your worthiness to your gods and your people. You know, they said it took Hercules 12 years to finish his 12 labors. I wonder if you will last that long." Catwoman clarifies.

"Suffering Sappho! I'll be done for!" Wonder Woman thinks to herself in shock as her heart sinks from the news.

Catwoman sees her slave's reaction and adds, "your despair is delicious, slave."

"My friends won't believe that and you won't get away with this!" Wonder Woman retorts as Catwoman expected from raising her slave's spirits by antagonizing her.

"It doesn't matter whether you believe me or not, there is no hope of being saved, my slave."

Wonder Woman is disheartened by the revelation. She can't believe so much time has already passed. She gets discouraged and loses hope of being saved as she realizes what Catwoman said is all true. She hasn't been saved by her friends yet, because they are probably not even looking for her. All this time, she has been surviving off false hope and realizes why Catwoman chose her sisters to capture her. Her sisters are perfect because she and all her friends trust both of them without question. Wonder Woman's heart sinks deep into despair as she feels helpless and trapped more than ever. Hope is the one thing she had left that fed her strength to fight and resist, but Catwoman's words just distinguished that burning flame. She is suddenly overwhelmed by the anxiety and fears she's been trying to suppress.

"Now, time for that punishment you just earned before we get started, my slave." Catwoman says as she walks to the back of the room where her slave can't see.

"Started? Start what?" Wonder Woman nervously asks as she hears Catwoman fiddling with something.

Catwoman finishes getting ready for her slave. She grabs a metallic paddle with "Diana" engraved on it. She pats the paddle in her hand for her slave to hear as she walks back toward her face. She shows her slave what she is holding and what she put on then exclaims, "to start the graduation from your 1st stage of your slave training, my pet."

"Great Hera!" Wonder Woman shouts as her eyes widen with horror and disgust when she sees Catwoman holding the metallic paddle with her name on it and wearing a leather strap on with an 8" dildo.

Chapter 17 - The 1st Raping

"Don't do this, Selina! Don't cross a line you can't come back from!" Wonder Woman pleads to her captor as her worst nightmare is about to come true.

"Is it getting hot in here?" Catwoman rhetorically asks while ignoring her slave's protest.

"Damn it, Selina! Listen to me! DON'T DO THIS! Please, show some mercy, Selina. I...I beg you not to do this." Wonder Woman pleads.

"Perhaps I should fire things up to really get things heated." Catwoman says while walking towards Wonder Woman's star spangled buttocks and patting the paddle against her free hand.

Wonder Woman gets furious at Catwoman for ignoring her words. Her desperation to get out of this predicament gets her emotional. It gets harder for the Amazon princess to maintain her composure. The superheroine's heart is pounding so hard that it feels like it's about to burst out of her chest.

"If you do this, then I will kill you!" The proud Amazon princess makes her final defense with a threat.

"Congratulations, slave! You just made your mistress very angry. It is time you learn a valuable lesson on the consequences for such a deed, my naughty slave." Catwoman declares while putting the paddle back on the wall then grabs her favorite rubber bullwhip.

Wonder Woman furiously shakes in her bonds. She digs deep into her rage to get an extra burst of strength out of herself. The mighty Amazon warrior pulls down hard on her elevated wrists and tries to bend her knees to break the bonds holding her ankles or waist.

"GRRR!!!" Wonder Woman grunts as she pulls and shakes on the chains as hard as she can.


Catwoman swings the bullwhip as hard as she can on her star spangled target.

"AWWW!!!" Wonder Woman screams from the 1st lash of the whip on her very tenderized rear end and immediately stops trying to break free of her bondage as her body instantly tenses up to cope with the pain.

*Whoosh...CRACK, whoosh...CRACK, whoosh...CRACK, whoosh...CRACK, whoosh...CRACK, whoosh...CRACK, whoosh...CRACK, whoosh...CRACK, whoosh...CRACK, whoosh...CRACK*

Wonder Woman tightens her lips and holds her breath after each kiss from Catwoman's torturous whip. The rubber bullwhip hurts a lot more than the first time she felt the whip. Her butt is so swollen and bruised after several months of spanking and whipping that even a bare handed spanking from a child would make the weakened superheroine cry out in agony. Trying to hide her pain in front of her slaver and holding her cries saps all of the strength she gathered from her emotional boost. She is able to tolerate around 30 lashes of the rubber whip before she begins to howl, scream, and shiver in pain.

*Whoosh...CRACK, whoosh...CRACK, whoosh...CRACK, whoosh...CRACK, whoosh...CRACK, whoosh...CRACK, whoosh...CRACK, whoosh...CRACK, whoosh...CRACK, whoosh...CRACK*


Wonder Woman desperately shakes and wiggles her butt to avoid or lessen the unbearable pain from the torturous whipping. She earns new welts over her old welts. The pain doesn't just linger but continues to build up. Her entire body rises in temperature and her breathing gets heavier after each lashing as her ass feels like it's being scorched. Tears begin forming shortly after she started singing in pain. Her loud screams slowly soften to beautifully, submissive whimpers.

Catwoman grins with joy and satisfaction. She is happily whipping the most beautiful ass in the world. The mastermind is pumped with adrenaline and excitement, and seems to get stronger as the whipping goes on. The mistress accurately aims her whip to make sure her slave's bottom is completely covered with fresh welts. Then, she spreads the pain on her slave's butt to her upper thighs and hips.

*Whoosh...CRACK, whoosh...CRACK, whoosh...CRACK, whoosh...CRACK, whoosh...CRACK, whoosh...CRACK, whoosh...CRACK, whoosh...CRACK, whoosh...CRACK, whoosh...CRACK*


After about an hour of non stop whipping, Catwoman skillfully steps back and swings the whip upward in a thrusting motion to accurately whip Wonder Woman's star spangled vulva.


"AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Wonder Woman jumps in shocking pain and shakes uncontrollably in her bonds.

Catwoman grins wider watching her slave writhe in agony while bound in such a helpless and exposing position. She swings the whip and continues to accurately snap the tip of the bullwhip on Wonder Woman's spandex clad cameltoe.


"AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Wonder Woman loudly screams in pain at the top her lungs as her vagina feels like it's being cut and ripped apart.

After awhile of pussy whipping, Catwoman mixes things up and whips her ass, pussy, and hips. Wonder Woman screams and moans in pain while tears freely roll down her cheeks and drip off her chin. Not a single word of protest or resistance come out of Wonder Woman's mouth since Catwoman began administering her punishment.

"Bad Slave! *WhaCRACK* Bad, bad, bad!" *WhaCRACK* Catwoman embarrassingly scolds her slave as she continues punishing her.

"Ahhh...mmmph...ugh..." Wonder Woman moans to each stroke and blushes with shame as the scolding words hurt her heart as much the whip hurts her behind.

Finally, after about another hour of non stop whipping with constant reprimanding, Catwoman walks up to Wonder Woman's head. She grabs the tied hair and pulls it up to turn her slave's head towards her and asks, "anything you want to say, slave? Or should I continue your punishment?"

Wonder Woman is in tremendous amount of pain and continues to suffer from it lingering and throbbing. She is weakened and exhausted from the horrendous whipping. She even feels shame and regret as the scolding seemed to have broken down a bit of her spirit. Worst of all, she is frightened and scared to be whipped anymore. But, she doesn't want to submit to Catwoman either, so she just passive aggressively stays silent.

Catwoman tugs her slave's hair down and exclaims, "I'll take your silence as a yes and progress in your behavior, Wonder Slave! But, I will punish you even more severely the next time you fail to answer a direct question from me, Wonder Slave!"

The threat rattles the slave in training's heart. She never felt such fear from spoken words since she was scolded by her mother when she was a child. Her heart sinks from the threatening promise made by her captor. She tries to shake off the overwhelming feeling of insecurity as her heart sinks but loses herself to an instinctively submissive side inside her then tries to turn her eyes and face away from her tormentor.

"GOT THAT, SLAVE?!?" Catwoman tugs on her slave's hair with an unexpected slap on her star spangled butt.

"Gasp! Y...YES!" Wonder Woman gasps from the surprising combination of yelling, tugging, and spanking, then quickly answers to avoid more punishment before she can stop herself from the embarrassment.

Catwoman happily grins with satisfaction then taps her slave's sore butt a few times while embarrassingly praises her slave in training, "good slave!"

The degrading words hit Wonder Woman harder than the scolding words. Even though she didn't submit to Catwoman, the fact that she obeyed her captor's order without any hesitation made her feel like she submitted. Even the fact that she can't find the courage to protest the title of slave makes her feel disappointed in herself. She is not used to feeling fear caused by pain and doesn't know how to deal with it. The Amazon princess gets overwhelmed by her shame and humiliation and more tears flow out of her clenched eyes as she tries to turn her head away from her slaver.

This also means Wonder Woman understands that she can't stop Catwoman from doing whatever she wants to do. She knows she can't stop Catwoman from raping her and that attempting to stop her will only bring her unnecessary and unbearable pain. The throbbing pain under her star spangled panties make Wonder Woman more submissive than ever before.

Catwoman smiles with delight seeing how docile the greatest superheroine has become under her care. She finally lets go of her slave's hair then takes her rightful place behind her slave's severely punished ass. The mistress licks her lips in delight and anticipation.

Soon, Wonder Woman's tears of shame turn to tears of sadness. Her heart sinks knowing that Catwoman will forcefully have her way with her. This is not what Wonder Woman wanted. This is not what Wonder Woman had dreamt for her first time of coitus to be. She wants her first time to be perfect. She wants romance and love like any normal woman in the world. This is something she always secretly wanted as soon as she learned about the concept of courtship and mating in man's world.

Even though Wonder Woman is an Amazon or a superheroine, she still has physical desires like any human being. Ever since meeting Steve Trevor and coming to man's world to become an ambassador for peace, there have been many times when she wanted to make love to a man for the first time in her life. She was attracted to Steve Trevor, Superman, and Batman when she first met them. The desires of making love to each of them had crossed her mind. She had many opportunities but waited for true love and the perfect moment like a helpless romantic that she is. She was also preoccupied with her duties as an ambassador for peace. Now, she will regret for the rest of her life that she didn't give her virginity away to any of the three men she had physical and emotional attraction to and to give her virginity away at her consent.

Now, Catwoman is about to take away the last symbol of her dignity and her innocence away from her by force. A mere mortal female without any super powers has captured her, tortured her, and is about to rape her. It shames Wonder Woman deep in her heart knowing that Catwoman is someone she can easily defeat in a fair fight. But, she's been bested and outsmarted by this cunningly brilliant woman. She knows more about her people's history than she did and she has always been at least two steps ahead of her.

Catwoman rubs and kneads Wonder Woman's freshly whipped buttocks. Wonder Woman moans softly in discomfort then submissively stays quiet without a single word of protest. Catwoman kneels down to softly kiss Wonder Woman's swollen and tenderized butt cheeks. Slowly her trail of kisses lead her between the star spangled butt crack. She tilts her head and licks the spandex clad labia protruding out of the star spangled panties.

"Ahh..." Wonder Woman softly moans in delight for the first time in a very long time then blushes with embarrassment for showing pleasure.

Catwoman grins knowing how good her tongue should feel even over the star spangled panties due to the heightened sensitivity from inflicted pain.

"Mmm..." Catwoman softly moans with delight, pinches the swollen cameltoe while her arms are wrapped around her slave's spread thighs, then roughly bites into Wonder Woman's star spangled labia.

"AHH!!!" Wonder Woman yells in surprising pain as she feels her slaver's teeth squeezing into her thoroughly bruised pussy lips.

Catwoman can't help herself from tugging on Wonder Woman's labia with her teeth then shaking her head like a hungry lioness trying to pull the meat off a bone.

"Ngh!" Wonder Woman grimaces and lets out a yelp of agony as she tries to hold her cries of pain.

Catwoman lets go of the star spangled pussy and begins licking. Making the horrible sense of pain quickly turn into the most pleasurable feeling Wonder Woman ever felt in her life. Wonder Woman doesn't realize that this is her first taste of what a perfect blend of pleasure and pain feels like. She is ignorant to the fact that pleasure is heightened if it immediately follows the sense of pain. Her pussy is even more sensitive due to the bruising and swelling.

Wonder Woman tries to focus her anger to find the will to resist and not let her body betray her. But, Catwoman's tongue and lips feel too good after months of terrifying pain, and she can't help herself from getting aroused as her heart begins to race and her vagina starts to get wet. Catwoman licks harder and softly nibbles on each labia or both at same time. The crotch area of Wonder Woman's star spangled panties get soaked with Catwoman's saliva and Wonder Woman's own juices.

The bound slave in training begins to moan softly from the irresistible sense of pleasure, "mmm...ahh...uhh..."

Catwoman suddenly stops licking and lets go of Wonder Woman's vagina when she hears her slave's moans. She gently peels aside Wonder Woman's star spangled panties from underneath the right side of her crotch and reveals Wonder Woman's swollen, bruised, and wet punani. The greatest vagina in the world glistens with sweat, saliva, and Wonder Woman's own honey. Catwoman smiles with delight as she pierces her clawless pointer finger between the perfectly symmetric pussy lips then slides the tip of her finger up and down the sensitive opening.

"No, donnnhhh..." Wonder Woman's protest quickly turns to moans of pleasure.

Then, Catwoman continues to violate Wonder Woman further by shoving her pointer finger all the way in Wonder Woman's virginal flower.

"Ahh!" Wonder Woman's moan is mixed with pleasure and discomfort.

"Wow! My pointer finger barely fits. Purrfect!" Catwoman exclaims in delight then starts pumping her finger in and out.

"Ahh...no...ugh...stop!" Wonder Woman continues protesting as the sense of shame and violation rises with each stroke.

Catwoman stops pumping her right finger but keeps in fully buried in Wonder Woman's womanhood, then gives her slave three hard spanks with her left hand.


"Bad slave! Shut up or I will whip you more." Catwoman disciplines her slave.

"AWW!" Wonder Woman lets out a loud yelp of pain from the scolding spanks.

The mighty Amazon warrior doesn't want things to proceed any further but she definitely didn't want to be whipped again. The shame and humiliation from being sexually abused and violated is devastating. She feels more helpless than ever before. She feels disgusted by feeling her enemy's finger inside her most vulnerable and private body part. It is the symbol of her greatest pride and now in danger of being the symbol of her greatest defeat. She is proud to be a virgin and knows that her purity is meant to be the ultimate prize for her ultimate love she hopes to find one day. Wonder Woman feels a sense of defeat she never felt before. Tears of shame and sadness slowly drip down her cheeks.

Wonder Woman's emotions mix and stir inside her. She knows what is going to happen but in denial through her last glimmer of hope that something will intervene or Catwoman may have enough mercy to stop at the last minute. She knows she can't just lay still and let things continue but she also knows she is completely powerless to stop Catwoman from doing what looks to be inevitable. Wonder Woman's pride won't let her give up but the spanks reignite the pain in her welts from the recent thousand lashes. The pain and the fear of receiving more pain wins the battle inside her and Wonder Woman stops protesting for the time being.

Catwoman takes her pointer finger out then slides in her middle finger. She continues to molest Wonder Woman, forcing her to get wetter and lubricate her vaginal walls. She feels Wonder Woman's pussy muscle tighten up trying to keep her fingers from intruding. Catwoman grins as she starts twisting in the finger and wiggling it while buried deep inside her slave's vagina. Then, Catwoman slides in both pointer and middle finger inside her slave's womanhood. She pumps, wiggles, and twists her fingers unpredictably.

"Ahh...uhh...ahh..." Wonder Woman's moans get louder as she starts to squirm in her bonds.

Catwoman keeps her fingers buried deep inside then pushes her thumb on top of Wonder Woman's erected Clitoris. She rubs Wonder Woman's pleasure knob then squeezes it with her vagina and shakes her hand.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!" Wonder Woman moans in pure ecstasy.

Catwoman pulls her fingers out of Wonder Woman's wet vagina. She stands up, grabs her star spangled slave by the hips, then places the tip of the dildo of her strap on to Wonder Woman's glistening labia. She slowly rubs the phallic tip up and down against the slit of Wonder Woman's pussy lips until it burrows in. She pushes the dildo against Wonder Woman's vaginal opening.

"You will remember this fucking for the rest of your life, my pet!" *SPANK* Catwoman says as she squeezes her slave's left hip for leverage, spanks her slave's right ass cheek to reinforce her dominance, and thrusts the entire 8" dildo inside Wonder Woman's vagina as hard as she can all simultaneously.

"P...please, Catwoman...d...AWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!" Wonder Woman makes a final attempt to stop Catwoman from raping her but quickly turns to a loud screeching howl of agony as her hymen is ripped in one fell swoop.

Without any delay, Catwoman begins pumping the strap on as hard and fast as she can. Her precision is perfect with each thrust as she pulls the dildo out 3/4 way and back in all the way. She never lets the dildo out completely to mess up her furious rhythm.

"NOOOOO!!! STOP, PLEASE!!!" Wonder Woman screams and violently shakes her head in horror and pain.

Wonder Woman never felt so violated than she does now. The humiliation and shame of her total defeat feels far worse than just being tied and tortured. The greatest superheroine of all time continues to experience new levels of humiliation and shame as her captivity and slave training perpetuates. The mighty Amazon warrior feels more powerless and thoroughly defeated like never before. Even through all the degrading things that her captors did to her so far, she was always left with some dignity to hold onto. She was worried this moment may come, now her nightmares become reality as she feels pain in her stretched vagina. The pain is much worse than anticipated.

Catwoman takes advantage of the tight pussy with no regards to her slave's suffering. The tightness gives enough resistance to make her feel the base of the dildo push hard into her own vulva and clit. Filling herself with ecstasy while her slave is filling with agony. The perfect balance for the sadistic at heart and a masochistic slave in training.

Wonder Woman writhes in pain from her loins. Each hard and fast thrust feels like her vagina is going to rip. She cringes in pain. The slave in training feels a combination of pain in many body parts. Her bruised buttocks sting from being bumped and compressed by Catwoman's thrusting pelvis. Her tortured labia hurts just from being touched or stretched. Worst pain of all are concentrated in her vagina. It throbs in pain because of her freshly ripped hymen, her vaginal wall stretching to its limits, and the phallic tip of the dildo jabbing against her cervix.

Catwoman slowly pulls the fake penis out to the tip, smacks her slave's star spangled butt as hard as she can, then slams the dildo back in. Wonder Woman's breath is taken away as she feels her vagina stretch to its limits again. Catwoman keeps it buried for a moment, then continues raping her slave with random smacks to either of the star spangled cheeks bouncing in front of her.

"Ahh!" Wonder Woman moans in pain as she whips her head back from the pain caused by the combination of hard spanking and rough fucking.

Wonder Woman doesn't have much experience in sex. She has experimented with close sisters before she came to man's world, but her strict mother and her love for learning and training kept the dignified Amazon princess from pursuing lustful acts. She gets lost from the sensations Catwoman is forcing on her. The innocent Amazon princess is trying to register and process all the stimulation her body is absorbing. After few minutes, a sense of pleasure begins to mix into the slave's over stimulated body.

Wonder Woman shakes her head in horror when recognizing the pleasurable sensation for the 1st time. She experiences the ultimate sense of defeat and her level of violation reaches heights unlike ever before as her 1st raping proceeds. She feels her insides stretched to the limit. She feels so full down there. She is hating the feeling of something intruding inside her, especially because it's forced by one of her nemesis. Each random spank and unbridled thrusting continues to add and reinforce her sense of defeat. The worst part of her shameful defeat is that her body instinctively gets aroused with each painful thrust into her tight pussy. She fights the sense of pleasure mixing in with the sense of pain. Nothing that was done to her even comes close to this feeling of being personally invaded and conquered.

Wonder Woman doesn't want this to be her 1st time. She wants love and romance. Like every girl, she imagined and fantasized how she will lose her virginity after learning about courtship in man's world. She wants to be held, kissed, and look into the eyes of the man that conquered her heart when she has coitus for the 1st time. But now, she has to cope with reality of being forced to bend over with her ass in the air and get raped like a piece of meat.

Wonder Woman is living her worst nightmare. She has been captured, tortured, and now, she's being helplessly raped like all the thousands of rape victims she has helped in the past by saving them during the act or through support groups for female victims. She is now, officially a helpless rape victim herself. This surreal experience brings new tears of sadness to mix in with her tears of anger and pain.

The Amazon princess was able to hold onto some dignity no matter how much pain her slavers forced onto her, but the unexpected pleasure that is forced upon her now is too much to bear. She tries to focus her hate and anger of Catwoman to give herself emotional strength, but it doesn't work anymore. The sorrow in her heart overpowers the rage in her heart.

Dying would be far more merciful for a noble warrior like Wonder Woman. For all Amazons, dying with honor and dignity is very important to them. To be captured and shamed is particularly one of the worst things an Amazon can allow because of their history as slaves. It would've been glorious if the Amazon warrior died in battle. Even an execution would've been a merciful death compared to her current circumstances.

"AWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! NOOOOO, STOP, PLEASE!!!!!" Wonder Woman begs as she is humbled like never before.

"Shut it, slave!" *SPANK* Catwoman commands as she raises her right hand and smacks her slave's upper right butt cheek.

"ARGH!" Wonder Woman yelps in pain and stops protesting in fear of punishment and making things worse.

After a series of long hard thrusts, Catwoman speeds up the pace by pulling the dildo out only halfway and rams it back in really fast. Wonder Woman's body continues to betray her as it gets more aroused from the sped up rhythm. Her breathing speeds up as the sense of pleasure and pain mixes deeper inside her. She tries to fight off the pleasurable sensations. She focuses on her pain and anger towards Catwoman for such anguish, humiliation, and torment. But, the forced stimulation is too hard to fight off for the slave in training. Her body is too sensitive and delicate from all the spanking and whipping it endured over the last few months to resist. Her body desperately craves for the sense of comfort and relief and gets enticed by the euphoric sensations building up in her loins.

Unfortunately for Wonder Woman, something inside her makes it even harder to fight her body from getting more turned on. The sense of being completely dominated becomes intoxicating and arousing. She never felt this feeling before. The Amazon princess' heart is pounding in her chest. She can't stop her body from being pumped with adrenaline and anxiety. She gets more aroused as the pain in her groins and ass cheeks builds up and the sense of humiliation rises. The sensations of the pleasure and pain mixing becomes overwhelmingly arousing for the powerless superheroine. The ignorant Amazon princess is desperately trying to fight off the natural masochist inside her heart.

Wonder Woman is able to hold back her moans, but her body is not able to hide the pleasurable feeling growing inside her. The Amazon warrior tries different breathing techniques to calm herself but all fail to distract her body from getting drunk with ecstasy. She loses grip of her own body with each indulging thrusts. New beads of sweat form over her forehead as her mind loses grip over her body. Her muscles relax. Her body sways to the rhythm of the violating pumps while she tries to hide her face in shame by turning her to the right and tucking her chin against her collarbone.

Catwoman feels her slave's struggle within herself. She licks her lips in glee then leans forward. The villainess pulls Wonder Woman's bustier down from the front to reveal her slave's breasts. She fondles her slave's bruised breasts and nipples. Wonder Woman feels pain from the soreness at first, but just like her vagina, the sense of pleasure mixes in and confuses her body and mind. Catwoman continues to feed Wonder Woman's body with more pleasure.

Wonder Woman starts panting loudly. Her body becomes putty in Catwoman's hands. The added stimulation to her breasts is too much for the Amazon princess to handle. She softly moans with every ravaging thrusts to her wet pussy while her perfect bosoms are fondled and pulled as leverage to Catwoman's merciless humping.



Catwoman takes this opportunity to spank her slave in rhythm while pumping her fake dick in and out of her wet pussy.


"Aww...uhh...ahh..." Wonder Woman moans louder as she gets spanked with each thrust.

The spanks sting her bottom at impact, but it quickly turns into a tingling sensation. The pain from each spank makes Wonder Woman's vagina automatically clench tight around the pumping dildo. This action and reaction adds fuel to the lustful flame building inside the slave in training. Her body is overwhelmed by her 1st taste of pleasure and pain perfectly swirling inside her body. The helpless Amazon princess can't keep up. Her beautiful body takes over as her mind can't process nor fight off all the sensations that is forced upon her. Wonder Woman's over stimulated body instinctively pushes back into the rhythmic pumping and spanking. Her body jumps forward as soon as she is spanked, then pushes back into the thrusting dildo for the next commanding slap to the ass cheek. Catwoman grins as she continues to spank and fuck the bound Wonder Woman faster and harder.

Catwoman gets more turned on than ever before. Fucking and spanking the greatest superheroine of all time is the best moment in her life so far. She is drunk with power and pleasure as she dominates the mighty Amazon warrior like no other. She never felt more powerful in her entire life. The feeling revitalizes her strength with adrenaline as she spanks and thrusts as hard as she can.



Wonder Woman moans louder. Her mind can't stop her body from just reacting to the sensations of pleasure and pain. Her body has been conditioned for pain and has a much higher pain threshold after her 1st stage of slave training. She tries everything from taking deep breaths to even holding her breath for long periods of time, but she is helpless to control her body. The more she tries to hold back her cries, the louder her moans of pleasure and pain bursts out of her. The mighty Amazon princess continuously fights for the smallest shred of dignity and pride she has left. Her heart is racing and her breathing continues to speed up as her first raping continues.

Catwoman can feel her slave struggling within herself to let go. She demonstrates her dominance over her slave by pinching her slave's nipples then pulling on them to thrust herself harder and deeper. The increase in pain and pleasure sends a clear message to the helplessly bound superheroine that there is nothing she can hide from her mistress to be. Tears of shame and defeat flows down her cheeks as her body is rocking in her bonds from the power of Catwoman's thrusting hips.

As both women get closer to climax, Catwoman releases Wonder Woman's right nipple to pinch and twist her erected clitoris, then changes rhythm to short fast strokes. Wonder Woman yelps in pain as body is trying to process the overpowering pain that shadows all pleasurable sensations.

Finally, while draped over Wonder Woman's bent over body, Catwoman reaches up with her left hand to grab and squeeze her slave's left breast while her right hand pulls on the twisted clit. Her body starts to shake as she takes the final lunge into Wonder Woman's pussy while using her breast and clit as leverage. She buries the full 8" dildo and pushes against Wonder Woman's swollen butt to bury it as deep as she can into the magnificent Wonder Pussy. Catwoman convulses against her slave's exhausted body as she rides waves of ecstasy from her volcanic orgasm. Pain in the helpless slave's shoulders, from bearing half of Catwoman's weight, adds to the combination of torment that's preventing her from having an orgasm herself. Catwoman cums and moans loudly while Wonder Woman's body writhes in discomfort.

The villainess makes sure her slave feels the gleeful energy of her epic orgasm by holding her tight while convulsing uncontrollably for a few minutes. The message is clear to the slave in training, the worst experience in her life is directly feeding her enemy's most triumphant moment of her life. Catwoman cums inside her costume and feeling the warmth spread inside refuels her lustful appetite.

Finally, Catwoman cools down from her explosion of pleasure. Both women are panting for air, only difference is that the one on top is smiling and the one on bottom is crying. No one ever made the greatest superheroine of all time feel so defeated and humiliated in her entire life. Being a victim of physical and sexual abuse made things feel more personal than Wonder Woman could have imagined. The feeling of hate towards her captor grows as much as her fear and gets conflicted to the point where that hate gets redirected to herself and blames herself for allowing herself to get captured in the first place. She even feels the guilt of wearing such a sexually alluring costume while fighting crime. Her mind races to find more reasons to blame herself for her failure as an Amazon and superhero.

"You don't get to cum unless I allow it, slave." Catwoman whispers into Wonder Woman's ear before raising her upper body.

The Amazon champion's sense of degradation reaches its climax. The proud Amazon warrior was trying not to cum the whole time, but to be told she can't without permission makes her feel like a slave for the 1st time during her captivity. Even through her slave training thus far, she always felt like a prisoner. Wonder Woman hangs her head in shame while Catwoman holds her star spangled butt and quickly pulls the fake dick out.

"Ahh..." Wonder Woman helplessly moans in pleasure and relief as she feels the big dildo slip out.

Wonder Woman feels so empty after feeling so full just a moment ago. The relief from the stretching pain quickly turns to a sense of pleasure. The Amazon princess can't stop her body from staying aroused. Her body continues to confuse pleasure and pain. The Amazon princess tries to relax and cool herself down thinking the worst is over.

Catwoman walks over to her slave's face, pulls her slave's tied hair up to raise her face up to the dripping 8" dildo, then commands, "Clean your mess, slave!"

Chapter 18 - The 1st Orgasm

Wonder Woman's eyes widen with horror as she realizes her humiliation is far from over. Shock quickly turns to fury. The Amazon warrior doesn't care if she gets spanked or whipped for a week as punishment. She will never disgrace herself in such a repulsive way. Forced to suck a fake dick isn't as bad as sucking a real dick in many different levels, but the act itself is too shameful and degrading. Worst of all, the thought of sucking one drenched with her own vaginal lubrication is very disgusting to a dignified Amazon princess.

"NEVER!" Wonder Woman yells with daggers in her eyes then tries to turn her restrained head away from the fake penis.

"Bad slave!" *SLAP* Catwoman scolds her slave and slaps her face.

Wonder Woman's head snaps from the slap but doesn't turn much due to her hair being tied. Catwoman grabs the Amazon warrior's chin then tries to force the rubber dick drenched in Amazon juices into her mouth. The proud Amazon princess closes her mouth tightly and clenches her lips shut.

"MMM...MMM!!!" Wonder Woman moans while struggling to keep the dirty dildo out of her mouth.

"Heh, I knew you would be stubborn like this." Catwoman taunts then snaps her fingers in the air.

On queue, Wonder Woman's Amazon sisters open the door and walk in as soon as Catwoman snaps her fingers. Like a pit crew for a race car team, the two trainers work on the helplessly bound slave. Cassie kneels in front of Wonder Woman and grabs her chin while holding something in her right hand. Donna quickly moves behind Wonder Woman to put on a chained clit clamp on her exposed clitoris. The clamp has rubber tips, a thumbscrew, and long thin chain connect to the end. Donna turns the thumbscrew to make it as tight as it can. Wonder Woman's clitoris hood is mashed between the rubber tips.

"Ugh!" Wonder Woman yelps in pain but quickly closes her mouth and attempts to pull her face away from Cassie's grip.

The clamp and chain is made of heavy materials so it pulls down on the greatest superheroine's clit from the gravity. Donna grabs the paddle with her sister's name on it then tugs on the chain while paddling sister's star-spangled buttocks.


"AWWWWWOOO..." Wonder Woman screams in pain.

It only takes five hard spanks with the paddle to get the mighty Amazon warrior to scream in pain and open her mouth wide. At that very moment, Cassie pushes an O-ring gag into Wonder Woman's mouth and tucks it behind her teeth. Then, Cassie gets up to secure the two leather straps behind her sister's head.

"OUU! OOU!" Wonder Woman desperately shakes her head and even tries to crush the ring gag with her mouth.

Once, the two trainers are finished, they kneel in the front corner of the room and stays in the room to witness the rest of Wonder Woman's most degrading moment of her life. Her little sisters' presence and observation raises the level of humiliation. It almost makes her regret not obeying Catwoman in the first place. Catwoman comes back to her slave's opened mouth. She grabs her slave's bound hair with both hands then just shoves the dirty dildo in all the way.

"ACK! *Cough, cough* Awk!" Wonder Woman helplessly chokes on the dildo covered with her own honey.

Wonder Woman desperately shakes her head and tries to pull it away from Catwoman's grasp, but only makes things worse by making the tip of the dildo dig deeper into the back of her throat. She continues to gag as saliva and mucus builds up inside her throat and mouth quickly. The mighty Amazon warrior even tries to bite the dildo off but the ring gag continues to keep her mouth powerlessly wide open. Through sheer desperation, Wonder Woman instinctively uses her tongue to push the dildo out but backfires as her tongue cleans off the dildo as Catwoman desires and tastes her natural lubrication for first time. It doesn't taste as bad as she expected. It just tastes slightly bitter and acidic. Catwoman thrusts her hips back and forth to begin face fucking the greatest superheroine of all time.

"Mmm...mmm...ack..." Wonder Woman moans and gags into the dildo as tears of humiliation and defeat flow down her cheeks again.

Catwoman grins then holds the dildo deeply buried inside Wonder Woman's mouth. The bulbous tip is pushing against the back of the slave in training's throat. Catwoman adds this to her rhythm of holding it deep after every few pumps. Wonder Woman chokes every time at first but the consistent pattern helps her adjust and control her gag reflex. She even learns when the best time to inhale and exhale while holding her breath in between a series of thrusts. Catwoman and her two slaves grin with delight seeing how quickly Wonder Woman learns.

The naive Amazon princess doesn't realize she is being trained for deep throat cock sucking. Catwoman also meant to add to her slave's humiliation and teach her slave her rightful place. But, the proud Amazon warrior only sees this act as a way to further demean and embarrass her. She is still blinded by her pride and emotions to see the true motives of her torture and sexual assaults.

After about five minutes of face fucking, Catwoman finally feels satisfied and stops. Wonder Woman is panting for air as tears, drool, and mucus drip off her chin and nose. She can even see her little sisters enjoying the show with wide smiles through her peripheral vision. The anger inside her washes away from the overwhelming sensation of humiliation and defeat. Her helpless position and experience only allows room for embarrassment. She is physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted. She just wants to get the little rest her captors allow her from time to time.

"Good slave!" Catwoman lets go of Wonder Woman's hair then pats her on the face.

Once again, after all that's been done, Wonder Woman feels some sense of relief that this nightmare is finally over for now. Unfortunately, Catwoman walks back to Wonder Woman's swollen ass. She reaches down, grabs the star spangled panties, then gives it a hard wedgie. Then, she squeezes each swollen ass cheeks to spread open the wonderful butt crack.

"NGH!!! ANHHHHH!!!" Wonder Woman angrily moans and grunts through her ring gag while shaking her head in protest.

Catwoman pushes the bunched up part of the star spangled panties against the left side of Wonder Woman's butt crack. She pushes the wet dildo against Wonder Woman's puckered rose bud. The villainess uses her weight to burrow through her slave's tight, virgin sphincter. The helpless Amazon squeezes her anus as tight as she can but it's not enough to stop the invasion of Catwoman's fake dick. The slave in training feels her butt hole stretch to its limits as the bulbous head pierces the Amazon princess' forbidden hole.

"AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Wonder Woman's moans of protest turns to howls of pain.

Wonder Woman never felt such horrible pain. It is just as bad as getting whipped but in a different way. The pain from her virgin anus trying to stretch and accommodate the girth of its intruder is far worse than anything she imagined. It feels like her anus is being ripped apart and the piercing pain spreads inside her entire body. Catwoman tries to jab thrust her hips to force the dildo in further. But, the the inner sphincter of the virgin asshole is at its limit and halts the dildo's progress. Even the unfamiliar sensation makes the Amazon princess involuntarily trigger her defecation reflex, causing peristalsis in her empty intestines. Wonder Woman can feel her body desperately trying to poop the dildo's bulbous head out.

After a few more attempts, Catwoman stops and pulls the globular head out. She cannot get the widest girth of the globoid head to push through the Amazon princess' 2nd virgin hole. Wonder Woman stops screaming in agony as soon as the dildo is out. She is panting for air as she waits for the lingering pain in her anus to subside.

"Wow, you must have the tightest asshole in the world!" Catwoman mocks Wonder Woman then yells, "slaves!"

With one word, her two slaves spring into action. Cassie gets lubricant, kneels in front of Catwoman, then lubes the fake dildo with a hand job. Donna gets lubricant to roughly lube her older sister's butt hole by molesting her.

"ERRR! URRH" Wonder Woman grunts through her ring gag and frantically shakes in her bonds.

Donna uses a middle finger at first then gradually adds a pointer finger and ringer finger. Donna wiggles and pumps her fingers erratically, which humiliates and arouses her older sister.

"Ahhh..." Wonder Woman's grunts of anger quickly turns to moans of pleasure as blushes in shame and embarrassment.

Donna smiles with enjoyment seeing her older sister fight against the pleasurable sensations. She can see her sister struggle fighting against her forced enjoyment and humiliation at same time. She starts spinning her hands as she pumps them in and out, even spreads her fingers apart through the progression of finger fucking her older sister. Wonder Woman is lost with pleasurable sensations she never quite felt before. She doesn't even realize that Donna is stretching out her butt hole for Catwoman. Finally, Donna suddenly slips her fingers out without warning then kneels on the side of the wall with Cassie to get a side view of Wonder Woman's 1st butt fucking.

Catwoman comes back to her rightful place. Spreads the bruised Wonder Buns apart then pushes the tip of the dildo against Wonder Woman's puckered rosebud. She tries to tighten her anus again as she fears the over bearing pain. But, the extra lubrication makes the dildo and her sphincter much more slippery than before. It slides in with much more ease then before and a lot less pain. Catwoman uses jabbing thrusts to push wide bulbous head inside Wonder Woman's forbidden hole. No matter how tight and how hard she squeeze her anus, the Amazon warrior is helpless to stop the dildo from stretching and invading her most private hole. The widest part pierces through the tightest part of the bound superheroine's inner sphincter making her grimace in pain. Finally, after increasing the level of force with each jabbing thrust, Catwoman buries the widest part of the dildo in greatest superheroine's ass hole.

"Ahh..." Wonder Woman lets out a soft moan when she feels the bulbous head push through her sphincter and relieving some pain from the stretching.

Catwoman pulls the bulbous head back slightly. Wonder Woman doesn't let out a sound but her body tenses up again as the tightest part of her forbidden hole is forced to stretch around the widest part of the fake penis. She grimaces in discomfort as Catwoman pulls the dildo out completely then inserts only the head to stretch out her slave's sphincter.

"Uhhhhh..." Wonder Woman lets a moan mixed with pleasure and pain escape her as the bulbous head slips in and out of her rosebud repeatedly for a minute.

Catwoman grins in delight from her slave's moan, lets go of the swollen ass cheeks to get ahold of her slave's hips, then she plunges the 8" dildo all the way in with one hard thrust.

"AHHHHH!!!" Wonder Woman screams in pain as she feels the huge dildo push against her rectum wall.

Wonder Woman becomes the sheath to Catwoman's sword. The helplessly bound superheroine is forced to feel the sensation of having two bodies connected as one once more. Catwoman keeps it buried for a few seconds then wiggles her hips to demonstrate her dominating position over her slave. Wonder Woman is helplessly bound and fully impaled by the fake penis. Tears of shame and defeat squeeze out of her shuttered eyes as her body is forced to react and move to Catwoman's movements. The slave in training feels like a puppet doll on a stick, and helplessly tries to move as much as her bonds allow her. When Catwoman turns slightly to the right, then the bound superheroine has to turn her body to the right as much her strappado position will allow to alleviate the pain in her anus. This puts stress on her shoulder as she has to stretch her arms to their limits in order to keep her body straight with the dildo that's deeply buried inside her. Worst part of the sudden movements is that the clit clamp wiggles and reinvigorates the pain in her clitoris.

Wonder Woman doesn't like the feeling of a foreign object entering her anus. Unlike when Catwoman penetrated her vagina, this perverted invasion of her most private hole feels much more humiliating and domineering. This leads to a sense of disgust that over shadows the feelings of shame and humiliation since she feels this very act is vulgar. Especially when it's forced upon her by one of her enemies. She never imagined or thought about anal sex. Even when she started learning about sex, sodomy never interested her. She was raised too modestly and always felt her anus is strictly for defecating.

Wonder Woman is new to the sensation of having something stuck up her butt. She is not used to it and initially feels the sensation of wanting to defecate like the first time her body involuntarily attempted. It is a natural reaction even from a superheroine. But there is nothing in her system as she was thoroughly cleaned out before she was presented to her mistress. She tries to squeeze her anus to poop out the dildo but backfires as it makes her feel the unwanted sensations of the invasive dildo even more. Her rectal wall envelops every moving surface of the enormous dildo. She can feel the extra friction caused by the thick, fake veins on the strap on. Unfortunately, this desperate attempt also grabs the attention from her rapist.

Catwoman sees her slave in training struggling and desperately trying to squeeze out the dildo while pulling herself forward as much as she can. She seizes the moment to shake her hips while keeping the dildo fully buried. She even pulls on her slave's hips while pushing her hips in to bury the strap on as deep as it can get, then erratically shakes or sways her hips to teach her slave how helpless she is in her current situation. She even gives her defiant slave random spanks while unpredicatbly jabbing forward or jolting sideways.


"Ugh...uhh...agh..." Wonder Woman grunts through the ring gag as she feels the sudden movements painfully stretch and pierce her rectal walls.

The super slave in training quickly learns not to resist or protest in this situation anymore. This is the deeply rooted lesson in most, if not all, of Wonder Woman's slave training. Like every punishment she received so far, such negative reinforcements allows her to consciously and subconsciously learn that it is better and easier for her to not resist or protest. Such lessons help awaken the natural born slave inside the captured Amazon. It doesn't take the super slave in training to submit to her butt fucking and relax all the muscles of her aching body. This sense of submission deep within her helps her anus get used to the feeling of having something so big in her butt. The bound slave starts moving with her rapist in order to alleviate the pain built from Catwoman turning the buried dildo. She uses her learned technique and tilts or turns her body in any direction her mistress physically commands.

Finally satisfied and aroused by her super slave's reaction and efforts to move with her, Catwoman starts a rhythm by slowly pulling the dildo out completely then slipping it back in all the way slowly. Wonder Woman's anus is forced to stretch each time the bulbous head passes in and out of her tight sphincter and get used to the size. There is less pain and more pleasure with each long and slow pumps.

"Ahhhhh..." Wonder Woman moans in pleasure and pain.

Wonder Woman blushes with shame and embarrassment again for letting out a sound of pleasure from such a despicable act. The helpless Amazon princess tries to stop her body from mixing the sense of pleasure and pain. As many times before, the Amazon princess tries to focus her anger and pain to block out the sensations of pleasure. She grimaces in efforts to fixate on the pain and even tries biting her lip hard to create pain, but her actions are futile as the wetness in her loins spread from the growing ecstasy.

Catwoman picks up the chain of the clit clamp that's attached to Wonder Woman's clit off her back with her left hand. She pulls the dildo out slowly to the tip, spanks Wonder Woman's right ass cheek really hard, then pounds her ass hard with long strokes. She rides her slave's ass like a pony. She tugs on the clamped clitoris just before she shoves the dildo back in. Wonder Woman's butt hole feels like it's on fire as the dildo saws in and out without mercy.

Pleasure and pain stirs inside the great Amazon champion. Her heart races, nipples are erect from being aroused, and loins throbbing with mixed sensations of pleasure and pain. Without any thought, Wonder Woman naturally continues to fight off the feelings of pleasure and arousal. She even tries to refocus on her hate and anger but quickly loses concentration from the cocktail of sensations that is forced upon her.

Even with all her will and efforts, Wonder Woman can't deny the arousal from her first butt fucking. Catwoman speeds up the rhythm by shortening her thrusts. She wiggles and shakes the chain instead of tugging on it. The fast and hard pounding of Wonder Woman's ass creates a slapping sound and the jiggling reminds Catwoman to raise her hand in the air and spank her slave's butt cheeks while riding her ass. She is able to spank and fuck with perfect timing and precision. The different timing of the spanks make the captive involuntarily squeeze her sphincter right when the dildo is fully impaled or right before she thrusts the dildo while the head is still buried.


Wonder Woman's body jolts from the spanks. Her body jumps with pain and she helplessly squeezes her anal canal at the command of each painful spanks. Catwoman sees the fruition of her slave's training so far as her fear, reaction, and tolerance from spanking is showing this very moment. Unlike before, the spanking hurts but it is immediately followed by a tingling sensation for the first time in her captivity or life. The tingling builds up like how the painful stinging sensation would build up. The forced dopamine created by the raping causes a chemical imbalance in the Amazon slave, making her feel pain unlike ever before. The captured superheroine still doesn't realize that her body is changing as her slave training progresses.


"Ahh...ahh...uhh...uhh..." Wonder Woman begins to moan in pleasure as the ass fucking and spanking continues.

Catwoman grins with delight when she hears her slave moan without restraint. She elongates the strokes and slaps her slave's butt even harder. Wonder Woman's mind gets more blurred and lost by the overwhelming stimulation to her body. There are too many new sensations her body is trying to process and ends up blending the sensations of pleasure and pain completely. Her body can't tell the difference between the two anymore. It doesn't take much longer until her slave's body takes over her mind and starts pushing her ass back into the powerful thrusts.


Catwoman smiles wider than ever. She is very pleased with her slave's natural instincts. The villainess stops thrusting and just spanks harder in rhythm. As the mistress intended, Wonder Woman's body learns to obey the rhythmic spanking as a command to thrust its ass back into the dildo. The Amazon princess' mind is so fogged that she doesn't even realize she's fucking herself against the dormant penis.

Catwoman stops spanking Wonder Woman to proudly watch her newest slave in auto pilot. The slave in training rocks her entire body back and forth. The spot Catwoman is standing and the little movement her rope bondage allows is just enough to bury the dildo all the way and pull it out to the base of the bulbous tip. After couple minutes of self degradation, the Amazon princess suddenly stops and opens her eyes in shock to realize her disgraceful behavior. She is dumbfounded and can't remember when Catwoman stopped fucking and spanking her. She is overwhelmed with more embarrassment than ever. She blushes red with shame. Before Wonder Woman can fully process how and why she couldn't realize her own actions, Catwoman starts thrusting again with a series of resounding spanks.


Catwoman pounds hard and fast making even louder butt slapping sounds. This also makes the captive's clit clamp wiggle harder and faster. The slave in training is caught off guard and doesn't take long for her to lose control to her body again. Wonder Woman's swollen butt gets mashed but makes the tingling sensation spread deeper inside her. Her entire body is filling up with this titillating sensation while her sense of pain dissipates even more. So much so that she loses her awareness of the aching pain.

There is something that wakes up inside Wonder Woman. Everything negative she feels and felt before disappears for a brief moment of disorientation. She gets lost in pure ecstasy. A tidal wave of pleasure builds up to a climax before the Amazon warrior realizes it. An orgasm hits her like a speeding train as her ignorance and inexperience is caught completely off guard.

"AHHHHH!!! Ugh..." Wonder Woman screams in pleasure she never felt before while shaking erratically in her bonds but quickly fills with shame and tries to restrain herself from giving her captor the satisfaction by making any sound. "Ugh...ugh...ugh..."

Wonder Woman does everything she can to suppress herself from making any sound or movement. Unfortunately, all she can manage is to let out soft, humming moans through her O-ring gag each time she exhales and her body uncontrollably convulses as the orgasmic earthquake shakes her to her core. All sensations of pain disappears and there is nothing but pleasure. It feels like her entire pussy and asshole are throbbing and pulsating with pleasurable sensations as her vagina and anus contracts then relaxes repeatedly. Wonder Woman frenziedly cums as her juices gush out of her pussy, dampens her star spangled panties, then drips down her inner thighs. She involuntarily continues squeezing and relaxing both her vagina and anus while riding her orgasmic tidal wave and keeps pumping out her glistening honey.

Catwoman feels her slave struggling with her 1st orgasm. She delightfully seizes the moment by keeping the fake penis fully buried then spanks while wiggling the clit clamp as fast as she can to prolong Wonder Woman's first orgasm as her slave.


"Ugh...ahh...Ahh...AHh...AHH..." The slave in training's suppressed moans get louder with each spank as her body responds to the slave training she has endured so far.

The villainess feels her captive's body buck and shake as her forced orgasm continues. Her position of power and dominance mixing with her beautiful slave trembling against her dildo pushes her off the cliff of ecstasy. The two sexy female bodies convulse erratically while still deeply connected. They ride their orgasms out for over a minute.

"Uhh...uhh...uhh...uhh...Oh, YESSSSS!!! AHHHHH..." Catwoman excitedly lets herself go and delightfully howls in pleasure.

Catwoman's body fiercely shakes against Wonder Woman's swollen ass cheeks. Adding insult to injury, the raped Amazon princess can feel her captor's satisfaction and enjoyment through her ravished anus. Catwoman makes sure the powerless superheroine feels her body convulse with bliss by pulling her tight by the hips.

Wonder Woman helplessly feels Catwoman's every movement. Her sore butt is excruciatingly squeezed and chafed while her anus feels like it's ripping apart from the unpredictable movements. Tears of shame and frustration streams down her blushed cheeks as she continues to softly moan and quiver through the the final seconds of her epic orgasm.

The screams and moans that filled the room begins to quiet down. Both glowing women's moans slowly turn to panting as they both are out of breath. Catwoman folds over to relax and embrace her bound slave's body. Her gloved hands fondles and caresses her costumed slave's breasts, stomach, and mons. Then, she uses her opened pointer and middle finger to rub and massage Wonder Woman's sore labia while avoiding her clamped clitoris. This slowly wakes up the pain from the squeezing clamp as the neurochemicals released from the orgasm that worked like a pain reliever disappears.

"UGH..." Wonder Woman unpleasantly groans through her gag as she learns with 1st hand experience that pain is enhanced after an orgasm.

"Prrr..." Catwoman purrs against her slave's shoulders in delight.

Like a stretching cat, the villainess slowly raises her upper body while both her hands slides down against the Amazon's body from the sides of her chest to her star spangled hips. The captor's grin turns into a wicked smile as she violently rattles the buried by shaking her hips side to side, gives a hard swiping spank to her slave's upper buttocks, then quickly pulls the fake penis out of her slave's butt hole.

"Ahh..." Wonder Woman moans as she feels the unexpected spank and the dildo buried in her ass suddenly slip out, making her rosebud pucker up.

Both women tries to catch their breaths as they are both exhausted. They are both covered in sweat and cum. Catwoman is hunched over her slave's bent over body. Wonder Woman's emotions mix as she comes down from the high of an orgasm and the reality of her humiliating captivity resurfaces. She hopes that her ordeal for the day is finally over, but learned from this session that she can't let her guard down for a moment. The sense of relief is short lived as the wisdom of the Amazon princess proves to be right. Catwoman starts walking over to Wonder Woman's face.

Wonder Woman is horrified. She already knows what's coming as soon as she hears Catwoman's footsteps get closer. She has a desperate hope that her captor will just gloat about the raping and call it a night.

Catwoman walks around to stop in front of her slave in training's face. The tip of the sully dildo is just an inch away from her new pet's lips, knowing fully well that her captive has enough freedom in her bondage to swing forward a few inches to take it in her mouth. The sadistic teacher doesn't say a single word. She just puts her hands on her hips and patiently waits.

"OH!" Wonder Woman shouts no through her O-ring gag and desperately turns her head away as far as her bonds allow her to, while shutting her eyes and lips as tight as she can.

The silent stand off goes on for at least a minute. But, as if everything has been prearranged, Donna and Cassie gets up from their kneeling positions, each gets a long, metallic paddle, then they take their adjacent positions next to Wonder Woman's star spangled derriere. The proud Amazon princess is so determined to keep her eyes and mouth shut that she doesn't realize what's about to happen next.


"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wonder Woman howls in light flashing pain.

Wonder Woman's little sisters swing the paddles really hard and fast from the start. The paddles are long enough to cover both star spangled butt cheeks. They swing away like baseball batters and paddle their captured princess in coordination like two railroad workers hammering at a nail. They have perfect timing as the speed and power of their swings are like a precise machine. The pain and scenario resurfaces the memory of Wonder Woman's traumatizing 1st spanking. Each smack from the paddle quickly builds up the pain factor to an unbearable level.


"OHHHHH!!!!! AHH!!! UGH!!! UHH!!! AHHHHH!!!!!" Wonder Woman shrieks and yelps at each whack of the paddle without any self-restraint.

Wonder Woman's will and determination didn't stand a chance against two paddling Amazons. The paddling didn't even last a minute before the tears of shame are replaced by tears of anguish. The mighty Amazon warrior struggles in her bondage, wildly shaking her head and swaying her butt. The degree of pain intensifies to a level Wonder Woman can't handle. She feels desperation and panic take control of her body and mind. The Amazon princess raises up on her toes and uncontrollably quivers in agony. She tries to clench her buttocks to dull the sparking pain, but her legs are too spread apart and doesn't have the leverage to squeeze or tighten her butt muscles.


"OOH!!! OHH!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! UGH!!!" Wonder Woman continues randomly letting out short and long screeches.

Wonder Woman's intolerable suffering goes on and on. Her sisters are so fast that the bound slave is paddled twice every second. What already seems like an eternity, only seconds have gone by. It's bad enough the slave in training just got spanked and whipped for months on straight, but the fact that spanking is a type of Kryptonite for the Amazons, the paddling doesn't just weaken Wonder Woman to a feeble state but her weakness allows her to feel more pain from a spanking than an average, normal human being. On top of that, her star spangled panties magically amplifies the pain for the double whammy.

"AHHHHH!!! EASE, OH ORE!!! UGH...UGH!!! I...I'LL...OO IT!!! EAAAAASE!!! AHH!!!" Wonder Woman wails and desperately begs for mercy through her O-ring gag.


The paddling doesn't stop nor slow down. There are no signs of either paddlers getting tired. It just keeps going and going. Wonder Woman would welcome passing out from the pain like many times before, but she knows she must endure such horrible pain for a very long time for that to happen. Even the mighty Amazon warrior is self aware of the pain tolerance she has built due to her slave training so far. Spanking sessions always got longer and more extreme to push her to her limits each time. But now, she doesn't understand why they won't stop paddling her even though she is willing to comply.


"Is this torture!?! Or punishment!?!" The slave in training thinks to herself while crying out loudly in agony, "HAH!!! UGHHHH!!! OUH!!!"

Then, Wonder Woman gets another glimpse at the soiled dildo that's pointing right at her. She realizes that Catwoman hasn't moved an inch nor said a single word since she took her position in front of her. The slave in training learns through the pain. She turns her head to face the sloppy dildo. To her surprise, the fake dick doesn't smell and it doesn't have excrement all over it like she thought it would. Still, the thought of something that was just in her ass is about to go in her mouth makes her stomach curl. But, the pain of the paddling easily outweighs her repulsion as it feels like her butt is caught on fire and she is desperately trying to find a way to put it out.


The bound superheroine musters up the strength to tolerate the horrendous paddling just long enough to stop squealing, open her mouth, then pushes herself forward with her toes. She guides in the 1st half of the dildo into her opened mouth with her tongue, then closes her lips around it very delicately like she's trying to suck it without touching it. To further her surprise, the dildo doesn't taste bad thanks to her daily enema. Catwoman smiles widely and takes one step forward so that her cautious slave in training can take in the rest of the dildo.

"ACK!!! *cough* UCK!!! *cough* Ugh!" Wonder Woman gags and chokes as soon as the dildo pierces the back of her throat.


"Ugh...agh...ahh!!!" Wonder Woman groans into the strap on while trying not to gag.

Wonder Woman is forced to disgracefully suck the dirtied rubber penis while enduring a traumatic paddling. The beautiful superheroine is sucking the very thing that just fucked her ass to her 1st orgasm. She is overwhelmed with shame and disgust as her gag reflex goes into overdrive. This makes her stop sucking so she can choke and try to push the washed saliva out through her stuffed ring gag.

"NO!" Catwoman shouts as she holds her slave's head in a deep throat position then threatens, "Swallow, Wonder Slave! Or you get a spanking!"

The alarming words pierce Wonder Woman's heart with daggers of terror. Even though she is getting arguably one of the worst paddling of her life, the threat of a spanking just causes her to shiver in fear. Clouded by panic, the captured superheroine doesn't recognize the irony of her situation. Wonder Woman's 1st stage of slave training immediately shows its results as the slave in training doesn't hesitate and swallows right away.

"Ulg...ulg...agh... *cough* Ugh...ulg..." Wonder Woman swallows and chokes while squeezing out her tears of shames.

Wonder Woman's sense of dishonor goes off the charts as she blushes red from embarrassment while tears drip off her chin with some drool. All the mixed emotions from anger to sadness stirs inside. Her dignity as a royal princess is crushed. She never imagined she would be forced to stoop to such a pitiful level.

"Good, Wonder Slave!" Catwoman praises her slave in training then orders, "now, finish cleaning up your mess, and not a drop on the floor, bitch!"


The helpless Amazon princess gets her gag reflex under control and learns to tolerate the bulbous tip of the dildo hitting the back of her throat as she sucks on it at a fast consistent pace. The pain and fear is keeping her too distracted to feel anymore shame or disgust as she rocks her body with all her might. She teaches herself when to inhale, hold her breath, exhale, and even swallow while rocking to a raging pace that matches the tempo of the paddling. She learns to submit to the force of the paddling to push her momentum forward while she just focuses on pushing herself back with her toes. Catwoman observes her slave learn and adjust with content.


"Mmph...uph...uhh...mmph..." Wonder Woman moans in pain as she sucks the rubber penis like never before.

Wonder Woman's level of shame and humiliation continues to climb new heights for having her first orgasm in man's world by butt fucking. Even worse, she has to clean off her own excrement off the dildo that penetrated her anus. Both acts are something she would never consent to. She feels more helpless than ever before. Her subconscious sense of fear and respect for Catwoman grows within, for thoroughly defeating and dominating her like no one ever has. Her colossal pride amplifies such feelings and makes it harder to fight it.


"Ngh...ugh...uhn...ngh..." Wonder Woman moans and gags in a controlled rhythm.

Each flaring kiss from the paddle continues to break down the mighty Amazon warrior. She shamelessly sucks on the rubber dick with streams of tears flowing down her flushed cheeks. There is a small puddle of tears, drool, and sweat just underneath her upper body with little drops splattered around it. The pain keeps the slave in training focused at hand. Everything from dignity to pride are all out the window. The only thing on Wonder Woman's mind is to suck Catwoman's fake penis as fast as she can so that she'll be satisfied enough to stop the paddling.



Finally, Catwoman raises her right fist to signal the paddling to stop. The Wonder Girls stop paddling immediately then each takes a step back. The villainess slowly takes a step back and pulls the fake dick out of Wonder Woman's mouth.

Wonder Woman is relieved the paddling finally stopped but is left gasping for air, "hah...hah...huh...hah..."

Catwoman bends over to get close to the face of the panting slave. She tilts her slave's head up by the chin, then stares deeply into her frightened eyes. The superheroine is like a deer caught in the headlights. She can't tell if it's over or if it's going to get worse. All she knows is that her heart is pounding with fear when deadlocked with Catwoman's frightful eyes.

"You did so well, Wonder Slave! Get some rest, my dear pet." Catwoman calls Wonder Woman 'pet' for the first time to attack her slave's psyche while her mind is vulnerable from the overwhelming sense of submission and the neurochemicals released in her brain by her orgasm.

Wonder Woman doesn't recognize the profound affect being called a pet has on her subconscious. She doesn't realize yet, that ever since their last conversation as equals, Catwoman never called Wonder Woman by her name. She only called her by a degrading title of slave, derogatory words, or her new name, Wonder Slave. The captured superheroine doesn't even realize 'Wonder Slave' is her new name yet, but the process of engraving the name into her subconscious to make her instinctively respond to it has already begun. Now, being called a pet after such a long period of time, the slave in training has a sense of achievement or reward as if she just got a treat or compliment.

Catwoman stands straight grinning, walks toward the backside of her slave, then gives her two hard pats to her helpless derriere.


"Ahh!" Wonder Woman moans softly from the stern pats to her tenderized ass cheek then hangs her head in utter defeat.

"Consider tonight the initiation to your 2nd stage of slave training. Your real lessons start in the morning, Wonder Slave!" Catwoman taunts as she reaches down then releases Wonder Woman's clit from the clamp without any warning.

"AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Wonder Woman screeches in pain.

The naive Amazon princess didn't know how painful taking off the clamp would be. The blood rushing back to the mashed clitoris hurts more than she imagined or anticipated. The pain is extreme and its intensity lingers for awhile. She shakes and convulses in her bonds. Catwoman and her slaves watch with delight and satisfaction. Finally, after about thirty seconds of agony, the throbbing pain slowly dissipates as Wonder Woman hangs in her bonds breathing heavily.

"Come, pets! I need a bath." Catwoman commands and walks out of the room as her slaves follow.

Wonder Woman is finally left by herself in the dark with only her traumatized thoughts and memories. She tries to fight off her sense of humiliation and defeat. Unfortunately, she never felt so violated and disrespected in her entire life. It's worse than she could have possibly imagined. It doesn't take long for her to lose her emotional battle and breaks down to begin weeping alone in the dark. Her traumatized mind begins to replay her raping in slow motion or blurring bursts over and over. For the first time in her life, the greatest superheroine of all time sheds tears of self pity, softly whimpering in the dark until she falls asleep from complete exhaustion.

Chapter 19 - Preparation For Stage 2 of Slave Training

Morning comes in a blink of an eye. Wonder Woman still hangs in her strappado position. She is a mess because of her 1st raping and orgasm. Her iconic costume is soiled with her own cum, sweat, and tears. All dried into temporary stains.

Suddenly, Donna and Cassie comes into the room, dressed in their latex outfits that resemble professional dominatrices, to prepare the super slave for her training. They begin untying the ropes that leave its imprint on Wonder Woman's skin. Her ring gag is taken off. She is so exhausted that she remains unconscious.

The henchwomen starts Wonder Woman's regular cleaning routine, but this time it seems more thorough and special. They undress her, hang her by her arms and knees, then clean her inside out. The iconic costume is taken away for a quick dry clean while she is fed, has her pubic shaved, and cleansed. But this time, they even clip all her nails and trim her hair. The slave in training goes in and out of consciousness during her routine until the moment cold water splashes her naked body.

Donna and Cassie finish prepping the slave for her 2nd stage of slave training. After the thorough washing of both body and costume, they redress Wonder Woman and drags her by the shoulders towards her training room. The Amazon princess groggily wakes up in the corridor leading to her training room. She regains enough strength and awareness to comprehend her situation.

As they turn the corner, Wonder Woman sees the familiar examination table that has the stockade with an adjustable waist bar restraint but this time with a neck restraint. She frantically struggles to free herself by wiggling her body and kicking her legs. Unfortunately, her butt is very well bruised and swollen, leaving her weaker than an average woman. The two ignore her struggling and lifts her onto the examination table.

Wonder Woman is draped over the waist bar but resists with flailing arms and kicking legs. Donna holds her sister down by the back of the neck and waist against the corresponding restraints. Meanwhile, Cassie tightly binds the back of her sister's waist to the raised bar with a leather restraint. It's so tight that the helpless Amazon princess can't move her waist anymore. The bar's height is the exact length of Wonder Woman's thighs so that her knees are planted on the table bent at a perfect 90 degree angle.

Everything is moving too fast for the Amazon warrior to prevent being bound to the nightmarish bondage table. By the time Wonder Woman realizes she's trapped by the waist restraint, the neck clamp locks down on her. She is overwhelmed with desperation as her fear and anxiety fuels the flames. But her position and weakened state makes it difficult to even put up a fight. All she can do is to continue flailing her arms and kick her legs to keep her sisters from grabbing and restraining them while she desperately thinks of a way to escape or delay the inevitable. But her neck and waist are restrained so tightly that her upper torso is completely still while her head and limbs shake wildly about.

The girls giggle at seeing their sister in such a comically pathetic state for the very 1st time. The frantic superheroine hears the laughter and adds fury to her desperation. But kicking her legs makes her choke on the neck clamp. To make matters worse, the glute kicks amplify the soreness in her sore butt cheeks. Wonder Woman even tries to grab and break the vertical, metal bar of the neck restraint but doesn't budge. Unfortunately, her efforts are futile. One by one, her little sisters restrain each limb into place.

Donna and Cassie starts with the slave's right arm. Donna grabs her by the back of the hand and elbow, then plants her forearm down flat against the table. Cassie quickly restrains the arm with a built-in wide, metal framed leather harness that covers the entire forearm, including her bullet deflecting bracelet. They move to the other side and lock the left arm in place the same way.

Wonder Woman's forearms are restrained at around two feet apart and parallel to each other. But her arms are positioned much more forward than the last time she was bound to this table, so that her elbows only have a 30 degree angle while her neck is raised as high as it can to keep her back arched at all times. This position gets more uncomfortable and painful by the second. She continues to choke on the tight neck clamp when she tries to move or kick her legs to resist.

Donna grabs the left leg by the back of the knee and sole of the boot. She pushes down hard to straighten the slave's ankle so that her shin and top of her foot are flat against the table. Cassie binds the calf with a similarly built-in, metal lined leather strap that contours tightly over her calf like the ones restraining her forearms. All the restraints feel tight and fit like a glove as if this bondage table has been tailored for the slave in training.

The trainers move to the final limb. Wonder Woman changes tactics by tightly folding her right leg like a hamstring curl but her bold efforts end with the same results. Donna overpowers her sister and unbends the knee enough to place the shin and ankle against the table while Cassie locks the harness down.

This position almost immobilizes the might Amazon warrior except for some freedom of movement to her head. She's still able to somewhat tilt her head up and down or slightly to her sides but at the cost of choking herself or straining her neck. Rest of her body, most importantly her butt, are completely paralyzed by her bondage. This position always reminds her of her traumatizing 1st spanking. But she notices how this position feels much tighter and more uncomfortable than before. She even notices the subtle differences like her legs being wider than before and forced to fully arch her back. The powerless Amazon princess is forced to cope with her uncomfortable position.

This position forces Wonder Woman to bend over a little more than ninety degrees due to the arching of her back. The massive swelling of her butt cheeks not only makes her butt bigger than usual but the position keeps her gluteus maximus stretched to make it tight and hard. Her star spangled butt looks and feels very rigid. They hardly jiggle and bounces like a stiff, star spangled, rubber ball as Donna gives the enticing ass a few hard smacks.


"Ugh!" Wonder Woman grunts in pain.

Wonder Woman feels more vulnerable and embarrassed than ever before in her newly bound position. She is on her elbows and knees with her star spangled ass forced up in the air for display. Her back is arched in a very degrading and submissive doggy style position. Even though she is familiar with this position, she still can't get used to the feeling of having her butt and cameltoe exposed to her captors for abuse. Her anger and frustration takes over as she tries to shake and rattle herself free. But the more she tries to frantically free herself, the more she feels the strain of her bondage. She even feels more embarrassed than before as all her emotionally feeble efforts come up empty.

As soon as the initial preparation is ready, the two slave trainers kneel on one knee and bows down toward the north door of the room. With perfect timing, the door opens to reveal Catwoman's silhouette. She walks into the lit room and smiles at the delightful view that is her prized trophy.

"Your slave is ready for training, mistress." Donna and Cassie say in unison while keeping their heads lowered.

"Well done, my pets. Shall we begin?" Catwoman praises then playfully asks a rhetorical question.

"Yes, mistress!" The two trainers answer in unison then simultaneously gets up to and walks to the back of the room behind the readied slave.

Both slave trainers grab something from the back then walks back to the front. Cassie comes back with a chrome box that resembles a mini briefcase. Donna comes back with a bottle and a towel. They both take their position and stand at opposite sides of their mistress. Cassie stands to Catwoman's right while Donna stands to her left side. Cassie holds up the case with her left hand with her elbow bent ninety degrees like a cocktail waitress then opens it with her right hand. Catwoman looks inside the box to 1st take out a metal butt plug. It is shiny, oblong, and looks similar to a spade from the side. Head of the plug is in the shape of rounded out cone that slightly tapers down from the widest part and looks like an upside down diamond from the side. It has a short but somewhat thick stem with a flat, circular base. The shiny butt plug is a medium sized plug. It is 70 millimeters in length and 40 millimeters at the widest part with a slightly thick stem and a 30 millimeter wide base.

Wonder Woman's eyes widen in shock as soon as she sees the oblong shaped object but keeps herself from gasping out loud. No matter how innocent she may be, she instantly figures out what this foreign object will be used for. She desperately shakes and tugs on her restraints to jar it loose.

"Cough, cough." Her vain struggle only makes her choke against neck clamp.

Catwoman points the chrome butt plug toward Donna. The small bottle Donna brought turns out to be lubricant and pours some onto the plug while using her free hand to spread it evenly throughout the cone shaped head. Catwoman diabolically grins with excitement and anticipation. The mistress in charge struts by the incapacitated slave toward her star spangled ass while the two trainers closely follow.

"NO!" Wonder Woman yells and fiercely pulls on her arm restraints with all her might.

Catwoman stops right behind the struggling superheroine. Donna goes to the left side of her mistress while Cassie stays to her right. While holding up the lubricated butt plug with her right hand, the villainess reaches down with her right hand to grab the bottom right lining of Wonder Woman's star spangled panties. She slowly lifts then peels it to the left until it bunches up within her butt crack and exposes her vagina and anus.

"I SAID NO!!! STOP IT!!!" Wonder Woman yells in rage and horror as she feels the tight panties slide across her sensitive skin.

Catwoman puts the tip of the butt plug against Wonder Woman's defenselessly presented rosebud due to the position of her spread legs. Wonder Woman blushes when she feels the cold tip of the lubricated plug against her butt hole. The Amazon princess is determined not to be ashamed any further as she clenches her anal muscle as hard as she can. Wonder Woman's efforts and the natural tightness of her anus are just enough of an obstacle to thwart Catwoman's plan to plug Wonder Woman's butt. Catwoman gets frustrated after a few unsuccessful jabs and impulsive pushes.

"Bad slave!" Catwoman quickly raises her left arm high in the air then spanks her disobedient slave several times hard and fast while keeping the plug halfway in with her right hand.


"ARGH!" Wonder Woman screams in pain as her entire body tenses up to endure the pain.

"I don't have time for this silly game, slave!" Catwoman scolds and continues to discipline her slave in training while pushing the plug.


"Ugh!" Wonder Woman grunts in pain as she tries to win the reverse tug of war with the plug while enduring the spanking.

"That's it. Donna, bring me my whip!" Catwoman commands as she lowers her right arm.

"Gasp. NO!" Wonder Woman's eyes widened in fear of punishment, then shamefully lowers head and apprehensively begs, "P...please, not the whip. I...I won't resist, anymore."

Catwoman shows mercy for the first time and replies, "fine, I will not punish you this time as long as you behave, Wonder Slave."

Wonder Woman takes a moment to swallow her pride then relaxes her anus. Catwoman begins to twist and push but can only push in halfway like before. The villainess snarls and grunts as she struggles to push the plug in all the way.

Catwoman warns her slave, "you better not be resisting me again, slave!"

"Agh...p...please, it's too big..." Wonder Woman grimaces in pain as she responds with caution hoping Catwoman will believe her and avoid punishment.

"I just fucked you last night yet your asshole tightened back to its virgin size over night." Catwoman points out then laughs in delight, "ha ha ha, simply amazing!"

The mocking comment makes the captured superheroine blush with embarrassment. She's too sexually naive to take the comment as an insult or a compliment. The only thing she's certain of is that the humiliating feeling seems to only grow by the second. She hates this feeling yet powerless to stop or fight it. No Amazon training ever prepared her for such a conflict inside herself.

Then, Catwoman holds the butt plug in the air and snaps her fingers with her free hand. The slave girls quickly get up to attend to their mistress' needs. Donna lubes the butt plug Catwoman is holding up while Cassie lubes Wonder Woman's uncovered anus. Cassie uses her pointer finger to rub her sister's puckered rosebud with the anal lube then slides her finger inside until it disappears.

Cassie's plundering finger catches Wonder Woman by surprise and lets a moan escape her, "uhh..."

Catwoman pushes the tip of the relubricated butt plug against Wonder Woman's defenseless anus. She palms the base of the plug to get better leverage then gives it a hard shove. The widest part of the bulbous head gets stuck against the narrowest part of the slave's rectum, again. The villainess starts twisting while pushing and even adds impulsive jabs.

"Agh... argh... ugh...AWW!!!" Wonder Woman grimaces, trembles, and screams in pain as it feels like her butt hole is tearing apart.

Cassie sees her mistress struggling with the butt plug and asks, "Is she still resisting, mistress?"

"Shall I fetch your whip, mistress?" Donna adds with enthusiasm.

"No, my pets. She's just tighter than anticipated." Catwoman answers both with a statement.

Catwoman pulls the plug out to let her slaves put more lubricant on the butt plug and in the slave's anus. The relentless captor pushes, twists, and gyrates the metal plug against the defenseless rosebud. To Wonder Woman's surprise, it hurts a little less every time they relubricate the plug and her anus. It's enough decrease in the pain factor for the Amazon princess from making anymore sounds and even tries to hold her breath as her rectum gets stretched by the butt plug.

After a few minutes of struggling, Wonder Woman's rectum finally stretches enough to accommodate the girth of the butt plug but doesn't relieve much pain from the tightness. Catwoman finally pushes against the tightest part but doesn't let go. She keeps the plug midway so that her slave's asshole can stretch. Seconds go by very slowly. The pain makes the superheroine forget how humiliating this situation is to her.

Finally, Catwoman begins to pump the butt plug in and out of her slave's butt hole. Catwoman never pushes the plug in or pull out completely but just pumps against the tightness. It feels like a little speed bump to the villainess. She starts adding a twisting motions to the pumps or even randomly stops in the middle to gyrate the widest part to expand her slave's rectum.

After a few more minutes of stretching through pumping, Catwoman can feel less and less restrain from her slave's asshole. The long and brutal efforts begin to show progress as Catwoman can pump the plug back and forth with more ease while the slave in training feels less pain. The villainess wickedly grins as she pushes the plug just past the narrowest part then lets go of the base. The slave in training involuntarily initiates her rectoanal inhibitory reflex then engulfs the rest of the plug herself again.

"Gasp!" Wonder Woman gasps loudly in surprise and with sudden relief of pain as her asshole automatically swallows the entire butt plug.

"Ha ha ha!" *Pat pat pat* Catwoman laughs loudly as she proudly pats her slave's star spangled ass cheek.

Wonder Woman blushes with shame from gasping out loud and having her butt plugged for the first time in her life. The mocking laugh and patting adds to her humiliation. Her face is flushed with contempt and feels utterly disgraced.

The pain is alleviated dramatically as her rectum is only force to accommodate the size of the short stem rather than the widest part of the bulbous device. But, the stuffed feeling takes her breath away and shortens her breath dramatically. The new sensation leaves her panting and tries to hold her breath as her heart paces rapidly.

The slave in training hates the feeling of the butt plug stuck up her butt. It feels like she has a poop stuck in her ass or she's constipated. Her rectoanal inhibitory reflex goes into overdrive as her sphincter contracts and relaxes over and over. But no matter how hard her muscles squeezes or pushes, the butt plug remains inside her without even budging. It actually has the opposite effect as her rectum ends up sucking it as far in as possible. Wonder Woman tries to compose herself and manages to stop her pooping action. The worst part is that she starts to involuntarily get wet from having something foreign stuck inside her anus.

The villainess watches her newest slave struggle and adjust to the feeling of having her rectum stuffed. As soon as Catwoman sees her slave get accustomed to the butt plug, she grabs the base with a grin and pulls the plug back out slowly. She struggles to pull it out at first and even tries to tilt the plug in different direction. She even randomly adds a rotating or twisting motion to get the sex toy unstuck.

"Ahh!" Wonder Woman moans in distress as her anus is pulled with the butt plug.

The plug is stuck so tightly firmly that Catwoman palms her slave's left ass cheek to get more leverage. She tugs the device while pushing off against her slave's left butt cheek. Wonder Woman's muscle stretches to accommodate the girth of the plug but makes her grimace in pain again. The slave in training's hugging sphincter bulges out with plug. Due to the shape of the object, it is harder to pull out than pushing it in. Wonder Woman helps her captor by activating her rectoanal inhibitory reflex until the wide base of the bulbous head crosses the tightest part of the rectum.

The naive Amazon princess is relieved that Catwoman is going to take the butt plug out of her, but the devious mistress has a different plan in mind. She never takes it out all the way and begins fucking her with the wicked instrument. But, unlike before, she pushes the dreadful tool in all the way with every pump. The sensation reminds the slave in training of being butt fucked by her captor but not quite the same. She learns the difference right away between getting fucked by a shaft and fucked by a bubble.

Catwoman can feel the progression of her efforts even more than before. Wonder Woman's anus feels much more loose than when they first started. She can pump the plug with more ease so she begins to speed up the rhythm. The captor deliberately makes the anal stretching as painful as possible. She tilts the plug to pump it in different angles.

"Arrrrrgh!" Wonder Woman lets out a lengthy scream when the ass fucking speeds up then continues to pant and moan softly in rhythm to the plug molesting.

The screams of her pet in training gives motivation to Catwoman. The cruel villainess squeezes Wonder Woman's well spanked butt cheek to get a better grip then relentlessly pumps the plug in and out of her slave's tight rectum as fast and hard as she can.

"Ah... ugh... uhh... ahh... UGH... UGH... ARGH..." Wonder Woman's soft moans slowly turn to distressed grunts as the pain intensifies.

After a few minutes of ass fucking with the plug, Catwoman gives the naughty instrument a final push into her slave's nether regions. She playfully gyrates and wiggles the base of the plug. She reaches inside the already opened ass crack with her left hand then uses her fingers to spread Wonder Woman's butt cheeks as far apart as she can while she pushes the plug in as deep as in can possibly go until the inner side of the base is flat against the Amazon princess' sphincter. She finally lets the butt cheeks go so that it squeezes the base of the butt plug and keeps it nicely tucked in at its deepest position.

"Uhh..." Wonder Woman moans in both pain and relief as she feels the plug shove in and tightly press up against her anus.

The pain slowly dissipates while the sense of pleasure begins to elevate in her anal canal. Her shortened breath speeds up as her body reacts to her stimulated rectum. The helpless Amazon warrior feels her clit and nipples throb and tingle as they begin to swell up. Wonder Woman can feel her body betray her as she can't stop herself from getting aroused from such a humiliating scenario. She tries to hold her breath but her heartbeat races and begins panting as soon as she exhales while she begins to sweat. The slave in training only feels pain yet she starts to feel moisture build up in her loins and her clitoris pulsing with the rhythm of her heart. The degraded superheroine involuntarily produces enough fluid to cover her labia and makes them shimmer. Wonder Woman blushes with shame when she feels her Amazon juices drip off of her glistening pussy lips.

Catwoman observes her slave's reactions and conditions. She licks her lips with delight as she sees her slave in training dripping wet. The experienced dominatrix sees her struggling pet trying to cope with her dilemma by panting and perspiring. She leans in and reaches out to fondle and feel her slave's clitoris. She doesn't just do this to tease and humiliate her captive, but also to examine how swollen her clit is.

"Hmm... just as expected, not swollen enough." Catwoman exclaims.

Catwoman turns to Cassie who's still holding up the case to pull out a new object. Wonder Woman can't see what her captors are doing. Before she knows it, she feels something push up against her vagina. Catwoman puts the open glass tube of a clitoris pump around her slave's defenseless clit, pushes hard against her skin, then begins to pump the air out.

"Ugh..." Wonder Woman groans in discomfort as she feels her clitoris painfully pulled then questions, "what are you doing?!? Stop!"

Each pump makes the slave's clit grow and fill up the empty tube. The sucking force of the pump makes her clitoris longer and fatter as it swells up inside the glass tube.

"Argh...NO!" Wonder Woman can feel her clit painfully grow inside the pump as she feels the harsh pulling from the pump. She even feels her clit throbbing with her heartbeat more than before.

"Relax, Wonder Slave. It's not permanent." Catwoman responds as she stops pumping and pulls the rubber tube out while leaving the glass tube stuck against Wonder Woman's vagina so that the swelling can stabilize.

Wonder Woman feels rigorous pain. Her clit feels sensitive, stiff, and strained like there is something tightly wrapped around it. The painful pulling force has stretched, lengthened, and widened her sex organ more than triple its normal size. The throbbing sensation becomes noticeably discomforting. She can feel the weight of the glass tube pull down on her skin and clit as well. Even the slightest movement like a shiver can make the glass tube shake and force the slave in training to feel the aching pain increase.

Catwoman flicks the glass tube that's stuck against Wonder Woman vagina. Wonder Woman barely manages to stay silent and even stops herself from begging her torturer to stop. The villainess grabs the tube and releases the pressurized air in the tube to release her slave's clit. The tube falls out but leaves Wonder Woman's clitoris enormously huge.

"Ahhhh..." The abused superheroine lets out a long moan that's mixed with pain and relief.

Catwoman turns to the case to pull out a metal vibrator. Donna lubricates the medium sized vibrator that's about seven inches inch long and about two inches wide. It is chrome in color and doesn't have a base a like typical metal vibrator but has a curved, metal rod and a metallic coil hanging from the tip of the base. The thin metal rod has a small ring at the end and the metallic coil ends with a loop that looks like a mini noose.

The ruthless villain reaches down with her left hand to spread the Wonder Labia with her fingers. She positions the tip of the vibrator against Wonder Woman's vaginal hole. Catwoman grins widely as she doesn't hesitate to slide the vibrator in all the way. As predicted, the aroused slave in training takes in the full length of the vibrator without any resistance.

"Ugh!" Wonder Woman moans as she feels the cold steel fill her loins.

The vibrator is just the right size as the base lines up with the bound slave's pussy lips. Catwoman lets go of the glistening labia to let it hug around the base. She takes the metal ring from the rod then snaps it against the base of the butt plug to lock them together. She then reaches out to pull the swollen clitoris with her left hand, pulls the mini noose forward with her right hand, then quickly slides the metal lasso over the enlarged clit. She closes the loop with the rubber adjuster to tightly secure the metallic coil around Wonder Woman's throbbing clit.

"Argh!" The helpless slave in training lets out a loud shriek of agony as she feels the loop tightly squeezing around her sex organ.

Wonder Woman involuntarily squeeze her vaginal muscles and learns the deviant design right away. The tightening of her vaginal canal tries to push the vibrator out of her but the sturdy rod connecting to the plug and the strangling coil around her bloated clitoris keeps the vibrator firmly sheathed. The worst part of the design is that the harder she pushes the vibrator out, the harder the loop yanks on the inflamed sex organ. It doesn't matter if it's voluntary or involuntary, the slightest movement of the vibrator respectively effects her clit and rectum.

"AHHHH!" The excruciating pain makes Wonder Woman screech in anguish and surprise.

The slave in training quickly learns not to squeeze or push the vibrator out but, continues to feel her inflated clit pulsating with the rhythm of her heartbeat. The pain is unbearable and nothing she does seems to alleviate the throbbing torment. Unfortunately, even the smallest of movements like a shiver seems to have an impact of aggravating her suffering. All she can do is try to be as motionless as possible while her body gets accustomed to the biting pain. Catwoman licks her lips in delight when she sees her slave adjust so quickly.

"You are such a quick learner, Wonder Slave! I'm so proud of you!" Catwoman taunts as she licks her newest slave's pussy juice off her fingers from touching her wet labia then proudly gives her slave a few commending pats to her spandex clad butt cheek. "Pat, pat, pat."

"Ahhhh..." Wonder Woman moans in discomfort as the pats to the ass starts a chain reaction that ends with the jerking of her bound clit. She's so distracted by the twinging pain that it overshadows her bottom's soreness and even the positive words that is very demeaning to her goes over her head.

The effects of the butt plug, the vibrator, and the constricting clit noose that works like a clamp is too much stimulation for the slave in training to handle. She tries to fight it but can't stop her body from feeling aroused through the pain. Her Wonder Honey produced from within drips from her glossy pussy lips even more as it builds up a small puddle beneath her .

Cassie hands her mistress a very small metallic coiled ring. Catwoman goes to the right side of her pet in training. She partially pulls down the front top of Wonder Woman's bodice until her perfectly round and perky breasts plop out and dangles. She cruelly flicks the right nipple a few time until swells up to the size of a small pea.

"Mmm..." Wonder Woman lets out a muffled moan but manages to keep the lower half of her body still nor tense up.

Catwoman stretches out the coiled rings that resembles a metallic rubber band, raises it around the swollen nipple, then instantaneously lets go over the base of Wonder Woman's right nipple.

"ARGH!" The Amazon princess screeches in pain as she feels the metal band snap around her sensitive nipple then her breath shortens even more as she tries to cope with another distressful sensation.

The heartless villainess walks around her bound slave's front to get to the other side of the table. Wonder Woman is in too much pain and grimaces to even notice her captor is walking over to the other side. Catwoman repeats the same process. Flicks the hanging left nipple until it swells to the right size then snaps the narrow ring over the 2nd nipple. Both nipples are beautifully decorated by the tiny bands as it sits against her areola and frames the lusciously plump nipples.

"UHmm..." Wonder Woman yelps again but suppresses it into a moan and continues to keep her lower body motionless.

The Amazon warrior continues to scowl as she feels pain in all her sensitive sexual body parts. The painful stimulation is overwhelming for even the mightiest superheroine of all time. She tries everything she can not to scream and groan in pain. All she can do is take really fast and short breaths like a pregnant woman in labor to manage the pain. But the short breaths makes her entire body slightly jolt, creating a vicious cycle of torment. She changes tactics and holds her breath to keep her body still in between a series of short breaths. It takes a few minutes for her to get used to the paralyzing pain, just enough to open her eyes again and calm her erratic breathing to stop creating self-inflicting pain.

Catwoman evilly smiles widely as her pet is almost prepared for phase 2 of her slave training. She reaches down with both hands to pull up the top part of her slave's bodice. Wonder Woman's breast plate covered top conceals the superheroine's erect nipples or the binding bands. She walks to her slave in training's backside and peels back the bunched up crotch part of the star spangled panties. She adjusts the panties so that it is smoothly fitted over the bright red butt cheeks and tightly wedged into Wonder Woman's butt crack. It almost looks seamless like before except for a half dollar sized bulge against her anus created by the butt plug's base and a very small little bump made by her swollen clitoris that resembles an outie belly button. They are both only noticeable when looking up close.

"Beautiful!" *Pat pat pat* The villainous can't help herself from commenting at the marvelous eye candy and gives it a few light taps.

Wonder Woman is still too distracted to resist or even react to the degrading comment and slaps. She concentrates on not making sudden movements even in her constraining bondage or flexing any of her muscles.

Catwoman snaps her fingers. Cassie and Donna walks away to retrieve the last couple items needed to finish the slave in training's preparation. Cassie returns and hands her mistress a thick, leather sensory deprivation mask. It is slightly different from the sensory deprivation hood used during her 1st stage of slave training. This mask is made mostly out of leather, has a built in gag grommet, and looks somewhat thicker. She walks around to the front of her bound slave while tracing her fingertip over Wonder Woman's left ass cheek, waist, back, then left shoulder. The running fingertip just barely tickles but creates anxiety within the traumatized Amazon princess as it draws closer to her front. Catwoman faces her defenseless pet while hiding the mask behind her back.

Cassie and Donna follows their mistress without further instructions as if everything has been planned and rehearsed. Cassie goes to the right side while Donna goes to the left side. Cassie gathers and grabs the slave in training's raven black hair then pulls it up into a high ponytail. Donna uses her left hand to grip the slave's neck then right hand to help hold the ponytail just above Cassie's hand to keep her face in position.

"Open wide, slave!" Catwoman commands with a wicked grin.

Everything is moving too fast for Wonder Woman to apprehend what they're planning to do next but adjusts to the pain from the deviant devices just enough to make a plead and beg for mercy, "Please, Se... Catwoman. Hav... ack!"

Catwoman doesn't wait and seizes the moment to shove the dildo gag inside the opened mask all the way into the helpless slave's opened mouth before she can even beg for mercy. She doesn't even have time to gasp in surprise. The mask covers the slave's entire face as it's tucked over her lifted chin. Donna holds the ponytail in place so that Cassie can pull the hair through the built in ponytail tube of the hood with both her hands. Like a game of leap frog, now Cassie holds up the ponytail so that Donna can tie the slave's hair with rope then ties the rope to an O ring at the end of a chain hanging from the ceiling to keep the slave's head up. Finally, Cassie zips down the back of the mask to enclose and secure Wonder Woman's head inside the sensory deprivation mask.

Her captor and slave trainers move too fast for her to react. Almost in an instant, everything goes dark and silent. She tries to scream and yell as panic rushes through her mind and body like a tidal wave. Fear captures the superheroine like never before. She's never been scared for herself before, only for others, and it's too much for her to handle.

"Mwease... ah suhmee... moh mwoh, mwease!" Wonder Woman tries to submit by her own free will for the first time during her captivity but her pleas are too muffled and goes unheard.

Wonder Woman can't see anything, hear anything, nor smell anything. Her power of speech is reduced to mumbles. She can't even hear the footsteps around her. The Amazon warrior's heart is unnerved and takes up all her will power to hold back the tears of fear.

"Mwease... ett me awt... ahm sowee... mwease... moh mwoh!" The slave in training continues to beg.

Wonder Woman pleads her heart out but there isn't a single reaction or response for her desperate efforts. She's been traumatized by the 1st phase of her slave training and doesn't want to experience that again. But, the fear of not knowing what is happening and not knowing what's coming elevates her fear factor the most. It feels like minutes have passed by already but in reality, it's only been a matter of seconds. To her shock and surprise she feels a prick on her right butt cheek then a slow, stinging burn quickly follows.

"Great Hera! Did they just drug me?!?" The incapacitated slave in training thinks to herself.

Her violators didn't even bother to disinfect her skin nor move her star spangled panties aside. They inject her with a special concoction of a drug that has similar properties and effects of MDMA or ecstasy, but tailored to the slave in training so that all her senses are heightened and a dosage that is just right for an Amazon princess. The villains leave Wonder Woman by herself until she is ready for her 2nd stage of slave training to begin.

Chapter 20 - Prelude To Stage 2 of Slave Training

Darkness, silence, fear, anxiety, and worst of all, pain, is all that Wonder Woman is forced to endure. She can't see, hear, or even smell due to the efficiency of her sensory deprivation mask. Even worse, she can't breathe through her nose and has to breathe through her mouth from a straw like hole in the dildo gag. When she was bound to this table's stockade with her elbows, knees, and waist strapped down for her 1st spanking, it was actually comfortable, but the added neck restraint that forces her to fully arch her back with her ponytail tied to keep her head raised makes a world of a difference to discomforting.

The only sense Wonder Woman's captors left her with is her sense of touch. She tries to focus on sensing their presence through their body heat or the slightest draft made by their movements. Unfortunately, she can't tell if they are just standing completely still and watching or if they aren't even in the room anymore. Not knowing where her trainers are or what they are doing adds to her anxiety directed by her fears.

The captured superheroine never felt so isolated in her entire life as her mind races. Her heart feels like it's pounding out of her chest. So many questions unanswered. So many thoughts crowding her brain.

"Are they going to spank and whip me nonstop like during the 1st stage of slave training? What drug did they inject me with? What am I going to feel? When will I feel the affects of the drug? Am I going to hallucinate? Will I ever get out of this mess? Is anyone even looking for me? Will I ever see home again? Home! I wish I was home!" Wonder Woman thinks to herself as her fear and anxiety swirls deeper and faster inside her.

Wonder Woman's emotions get the best of her. Her breath gets quicker and shorter like she's on the verge of a panic attack. The slave in training's struggle for air makes her realize how her dildo gag is bigger and longer than the one they used during her 1st phase of her slave training. The dildo gag is touching the back of her throat. As saliva builds up and her breathing speeds up to an all time high, her gag reflex initiates and makes her cough, "ack, cough, cough."

Wonder Woman's gagging and coughing starts a chain reaction, making her involuntarily tighten her vagina, pushes the vibrator stuffed deep inside her, then ends up tugging on her sensitive clitoris that's hitched by a metal cord.

"UGH! Cough, cough. AGH! Cough, cough." The slave in training's grunting immediately makes her choke on the gag that restarts her chain reaction of gagging, tensing of her body, then pulling on her sore clitoris which becomes a never-ending cycle of suffering and pain.

"Gahhhhh!!!!!" She howls out of frustration as tears from gagging and tears of anger roll down her eyes inside the suffocating mask.

The tears, sweat, and now mucus from gagging inside Wonder Woman's head prison continues to add to her distress as the soggy sensation builds. Her rectum, clitoris, vagina, and nipples are sore. The soundly spanked Amazon's bottom is also still aching and stings like a bad sunburn. The captured superheroine never felt so distraught before. She's on the verge of breaking and submitting to slavery just so she can get the painful clit clamp off of her. But her captors even took away her freedom to submit to slavery.

Given her situation, Wonder Woman has no choice but to summon all the willpower she has left to compose herself and tolerate the uncomfortable sensations. She relinquishes her frustrations, adapts to the gag touching her uvula, then relaxes all her muscles. The new strategy stops her cycle of gagging, choking, and tensing up. She swallows the built up saliva, mucus, sweat, and tears in her mask. Now the bound Amazon princess has a chance to focus on regulating her breathing to a consistently slower rhythm by taking long, deep breaths. Finally, the slave in training keeps her body still long enough for her body to adjust and get used to the clinging pain. She finds some relief as the pain level subsides to a tolerable level and learns to cope with the pain.

The slave in training continues to concentrate her breathing and body control. This distracts her from her wild imagination and anxious thoughts. She gets used to the dildo gag jammed in her throat and the neck clamp as she stops choking on either of them. Without realizing, the greatest superheroine of all time has just taught herself deep throat cock sucking and pain management. It takes the bound captive almost 10 minutes from the moment she has been prepped for the 2nd stage of her slave training to adjust to the forced discomfort and pain then finally stops perspiring.

Time crawls for the helpless Amazon princess. It feels like hours go by when only about 30 minutes have passed by since her slave trainers left her this way. The only concern in her mind now is whether her tormentors are gone or still with her in the room. She can't tell if they are preparing for something more, just observing her struggles, or left her to suffer alone.

Wonder Woman, who is wise as Athena, deduces any clues to predict what her 2nd stage of slave training could be. She recalls Donna saying that her 1st stage of slave training was pain conditioning. The bound superheroine also realizes she has been stuffed or bound with sex toys to keep her sexually aroused. As painful as these toys are, she does remembers how good it felt when Catwoman allowed her to have her first orgasm. The Amazon princess finds some consolation in hopes that her 2nd stage of slave training will be more about pleasure than pain no matter how degrading and humiliating it will be. The thought of certain implements like the paddle, whip, or the cane strikes fear in her heart. The traumatized superheroine stays anxious as she suspects and anticipates a surprise spanking or the vibrator stuff inside her vagina to start buzzing. While her uncertainty scares her, all she can do is wait like a good pet for them to return or continue her slave training to see if her deductions are correct.

Wonder Woman tries to stay focused but her mind continues to wander. Even though she kept herself calm and slowed her heart rate for awhile, she notices her heart is pounding and speeding up on its own. That's when her intellect speculates how the affects of the drug she was injected with has crept up on her without any warning. She refocuses to observe for other symptoms.

The helpless superheroine starts to feel queasy but differently from having a panic attack. She has butterflies in her stomach similar to when she was nervous but has an urge to discharge her bowels even though she's been completely cleaned out by the enema. The bound Amazon princess starts to feel chilly even though the room temperature didn't change. Her jaws feel like it's tensing up and has an urge to clench her teeth so she bites down on the dildo gag.

An hour since Wonder Woman's injection passes. She starts to feel a tingling sensation all over her body, especially on her sensitive butt cheeks. Her heart continues to race but feels much more relaxed than before. The slave in training doesn't even feel the butt plug or the vibrator anymore as her body is used to their sizes and their placement. She still feels somewhat aroused by the sex toys but feels impotent. The captive can't seem to get wet and feels dry as a desert.

Wonder Woman felt cold not long ago but now she feels really hot. The slave in training notices her star spangled panties and her bustier stick onto her hot body like a second skin and arouse her. Wonder Woman's soaked costume makes her realize how profusely she's sweating.

The star spangled superheroine begins to notice other symptoms caused by the drug until it's too late. She doesn't notice her mouth is dried until she starts to feel thirsty. It's as if the effects of the drug keeps sneaking up on her without any notice. Wonder Woman tries sucking on the dildo gag like a pacifier to generate any saliva she can. The slave in training learns how to suck a penis without her awareness.

As time passes and her body absorbs the drug, she gets more lost by the second. The Amazon princess doesn't just get lost in thought but also loses her sense of awareness and surroundings. For brief moments, Wonder Woman literally forgets she is captured and helplessly bound for slave training. The disoriented superheroine feels tired, sleepy, and weaker than ever before. The drug even breaks down the spandex clad heroine's inhibition for the moment. She is always mindful of any sound she makes since her captivity but lets out a long melancholy moan, "Mmmmm!"

Wonder Woman feels so exhausted that she just wants to fall asleep or pass out. She even tries to close her eyes and relax her body as much as possible but can't seem to drift into unconsciousness. The Amazon princess yearns for some rest. She would welcome just knocking out into unconsciousness for a break from this nightmare. This desire even makes her ponder how she got any rest during her captivity and only recalls getting spanked into unconsciousness or crying herself to sleep.

Suddenly, Wonder Woman hears an unfamiliar sound with a synchronized white light flashing into her eyes.

*Whomp whomp whomp whomp whomp*

"Suffering Sappho! What is this?!?" Wonder Woman thinks as she is shocked to realize her sensory deprivation mask has a built in video visor and headphones.

The flashing white light is bright as a fluorescent light bulb. The "whomp" sound is like a deep, low keyed humming sound. The light and sound simultaneously fades in then quickly turns off or stops. The lights are bright enough to leave blotches of black in Wonder Woman's vision while the sound sends out its vibrations throughout her entire body.

"Oh no! This must me some kind of hypnotizing gear!" The helpless superheroine assumes and shuts her eyes tightly as predicted by her captors.

*Whomp whomp whomp whomp whomp*

The electrical sound and flashing white light consistently beats every second.

The light and sound reinvigorates the slave in training with some energy and self awareness mainly because of the sudden activation. Wonder Woman perilously struggles to fight the forced lights and sounds. Even with her clenched eyes, she can see the brightness of the flashing through her eyelids. She desperately tries to shake her head as much as her neck clamp allows but the intensity stays the same due to the attached VR visor and headphones.

Not knowing the purpose of this steady beat and sound makes her feel more nervous than before. The slave in training is unable to keep her thoughts focused anymore as random thoughts and emotions she experienced during her captivity so far rushes into her head. She is unable to fight off the effects of the light and sound as her mind won't stop reflecting the last few months. The star spangled superheroine's memories of pain and suffering throughout her captivity flashes before her eyes. She can't help replaying the traumatizing visions in her head over and over like a bad car accident.

Wonder Woman continues to clench her eyes worried she will be hypnotized but her assumption is wrong. Her headgear isn't designed for hypnotizing. Rather, it's designed to accelerate and assist her slave training. Its current purpose is to regulate her vitals, particularly her heart rate. The slow rhythm not only slows down her heartbeat and breathing, but it also slows down her thinking.

The lights are designed to psychologically manipulate her train of thought. They are the same lights that were used while she was in her cell and during her 1st punishment from Catwoman. It is the same light that deprived her from sleeping and the same light that was spotlighted on her during her first terrifying whipping. The particular brightness and hue of the light has been subconsciously embedded in her mind to associate with her fears and anxieties.

What the helpless superheroine will never guess is that the headset also feeds extremely low frequency directly into her brain that she can't hear. This signal begins to generate fear, anxiety, and high stressors within her. This state of mind makes the Amazon warrior even more vulnerable to the drug injected into her blood stream. She loses the will to resist the effects of the drug physically and mentally until it's fully metabolized by her body.

*Whomp whomp whomp whomp whomp*

The constant rhythm of the light and sound unseemingly eats away 15 minutes as the helpless prisoner loses all track of time.

The bound superheroine begins to feel lost again as she gets sensitized by her own memories. The more she remembers her horrifying experiences, the less it seems to bother her. All her worries and anxiety gets disoriented in her hazy mind. Her mind just drifts on its own darkness like she's lost within herself, even more lost than before the lights and whomp sound started. The Amazon warrior forgets about the queasy feeling and the butterflies in her stomach as they disappear without her even noticing. She doesn't just forget when she stopped observing for the symptoms of the drug but forgets to observe altogether.

*Whomp whomp whomp whomp whomp whomp whomp whomp whomp whomp*

The rhythm of the flashing lights and sound slowly speeds up.

"Mmmmm..." Wonder Woman moans into her gag before she takes deeper breaths to catch up to her speeding heart rate.

Slowly but consistently the speed of the rhythm increases to 3 per second. Wonder Woman feels like adrenaline is being pumped into her as her breathing and heart rate climbs, yet she feels like her energy is being drained. The change in the rhythm brings a tingling feeling throughout her body. The bound superheroine is uneasy experiencing these new sensations. She feels restless and exhausted at the same time. The drug in her system, the extremely low frequency, and the special effects of her bondage hood continues to manipulate her physical and emotional states. When the rhythm was slow, the star spangled Amazon felt mellow, but now she feels antsy.

The slave in training randomly moans in discomfort every now and then, "uhhh.... mmm..."

Minutes go by in a flash since the flashing lights and sound sped up. Wonder Woman continues to breathe heavily through the dildo gag while trying to keep pace with the force fed rhythm. Her body gets used to the changes as the tingling sensation goes away but continues to feel tense and tired at the same time.

The mind of the future slave is so distracted by the stimulations that it's cleared of any thoughts for concern or worries as her body just responds to the lights and sounds. She gets anxious for all the wrong reasons as the drug, lights, sound, and signal completely wipes out her inhibitions. The curious superheroine even opens her eyes once in awhile to peek at the strobe lights in her goggles.

Wonder Woman endures about 15 minutes of the sped up flickering lights and sound. It's a little over an hour and a half since the slave in training's drug injection. The bound captive is now peaking with the secret drug cocktail that leaves her docile and hypersensitive. Then, without warning the trance inducing lights and sounds suddenly stop.

"Uhhhhh..." The slave in training lets out a loud sigh of relief as her body relaxes like it's deflating while her mind goes blank.

The sudden silence and darkness goes on for a few seconds but feels like an eternity for Wonder Woman. She is so completely lost the moment of abrupt silence and darkness that she asks herself, "huh? wh... what happened? where am I?"

Before Wonder Woman remembers that she's a slave in training, a loud buzzing sound suddenly erupts, "buwawawawawawawawawawa."

The unforeseen introduction of the continuous octave sound reestablishes the tingling sensation all over Wonder Woman's body from her skin to her bones and lets out a lengthy moan of pleasure, "ahhhhhhhhhh..."

Rather than flashing bright lights, Wonder Woman can see a hue of the color blue fading in through her closed eyelids. Curiosity gets the best of the bound superheroine as she slightly opens her eyes to take a peek. The blurry picture looks kind of like a blue and white checker board at first. Then, as it slowly comes into focus, it is a close-up of her star spangled buttocks.

"Gasp!" Wonder Woman's eyes widen and gasps loudly in surprise as she sees her swollen, spandex clad butt with a small but noticeable lump in her butt crack.

At that very moment of revelation, everything goes silent for a second then a song begins to play in her headphones, "ba, ba, bum, bum... ba, ba, ba, ba, bum, bum."

"ARGHHHHH!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" The slave in training screams and screeches with her eyes clenching in horrid pain as her rectum and vagina contracts while it feels like the noose and bands are tightening around her clit and nipples. It also feels like one thousand needles are piercing her clitoris, vagina, rectum, and nipples.

Wonder Woman opens her eyes in shock to see her shivering butt in the video visor and thinks, "merciful Minerva! That wasn't a vibrator?!? It's some kind of shocking device! They... they all are!"

Chapter 21 - Stage 2 of Slave Training Begins

"AHHHHH!!! NNGGHHH!!!" Wonder Woman screams and moans in agony as electricity surges through all her sexual body parts while tightly bound to a table stockade, forced into a humiliating position on her knees and elbows with her back arched and head up high.

The helplessly bound superheroine thought her captors put an ordinary vibrator inside her vagina. She even thought the butt plug, clitoris noose, and nipple bands were just plain sex toys already doing their jobs of filling her rectum and pinching her clit and nipples to force her to be sexually aroused through pain. The innocent Amazon princess thought the vibrator, and possibly the butt plug, would only vibrate at worst. Never in her wildest imagination did she think these common sex toys are designed to sexually torture all her sensitive body parts with electrocution.

All of the sexual torture devices are metallic to conduct electricity which happens to be the one vital clue the innocent superheroine is too ignorant to recognize. She just dismissed the design as something that looks pretty like jewelry. Never did she imagine or expect such innocent looking objects would turn out to be so terrifying. But no one could have guessed its diabolical functions due to its nanotech design that's unknown to the public. None of them are even wired. They all individually have a nanowire-based lithium ion battery, which means they can keep running for years without ever recharging, and a built in Wi-Fi system to sync with the songs used for Wonder Woman's 2nd stage of slave training.

The 1st song loudly playing in Wonder Woman's headphones is "Theme from Latex" by Latex Empire. The slave in training doesn't get the benefit of a warmup. The level of pain or the amount of electricity the devices induce starts at 20% of its maximum power output, which is adjusted for an Amazon as the same level will burn off the skin of a normal human being. She's absolutely shocked and horrified by the amount of pain she is in as she jolts back to life from lethargy.

Wonder Woman's body quivers in pain as she tightens all her muscles to endure the pain. She's so tightly bound to the stockade that her bondage hinders her from squirming or wiggling. The star spangled Amazon cringes with agony as her vagina and rectum are forced to ceaselessly contract until her body absorbs enough electricity to establish an equilibrium so that her body parts contract when current is high and relax when the current is low. The electric current feels like thousands of sharp needles are piercing her insides or sensitive skin. Even worse, it feels like something with incredibly sharp teeth is biting her clitoris and nipples really hard. The slave's clitoris and nipples erect to its maximum sizes and feels the tightness of the tailored clamps even more than before.

It doesn't matter if Wonder Woman tries to keep her body relaxed or keep all her muscles tensed up, her sex organs contract and relax to the pace of the song and won't relieve her from the pain no matter what she does. The torturous devices just force feeds concentrated anguish to her sexual body parts at the super fast tempo of 200 beats per minute. It doesn't take long for tears to well up in the distressed Amazon princess' eyes then flow out to fill up inside her tight bondage mask.

Even though Wonder Woman continues to struggle in pain, it doesn't take long for her to stop moaning and shaking. The superheroine's body adjusts to the pain quickly, much faster than she realizes or expected. This is due to her 1st stage of slave training that raised her tolerance for pain and forced her to learn how to cope with pain by taking deep breaths or by holding her breath.

The pain stimulation is so fast and intense that Wonder Woman gets out of breath quickly. She is panting harder through the hole in the dildo gag as her heart pounds inside her chest, keeping her incapable of using any breathing techniques often, especially since the built in breathing tube is too small for her to take deep breaths quickly enough to keep pace with the pain stimulation. She only holds her breath when the pain gets unbearable, but makes her pant harder as she is forced to catch up with her racing heartbeat.

12 seconds into the song (Author's note: using the CD's track time), the beating of the bass is introduced. The sexual torture devices' power surge pulsates with the rhythm of the bass. The electric flow synchronizes with the bass which makes her pussy and asshole contract harder while the clit loop and the nipple bands feel like it gets tighter during each beat while they relax in between beats.

"Great Hera! The pain matches the sound!" Wonder Woman thinks to herself in horrified revelation then groans into her dildo gag while shivering and tightening up all her muscles as she struggles to adjust to the painful stimulation in her bondage. "NNNNNg!"

The entire body of the slave in training continues to tremble while she keeps her muscles contracted. But just as before, it takes about 10 seconds for her body to cope with the pain enough to relax her muscles. Yet those 10 seconds feel much longer for the struggling Amazon princess.

On the 25th second of the song, the sounds of the treble is introduced. The torturous devices produces more pain as a new energetic pulse is added to match the beat of the treble. The added stimulation feels like more needles or even sharper needles are jabbing deeper into all of Wonder Woman's sexual body parts.

"Ughhhhh!" The star spangled slave tightens up all her muscles again, holds her breath, then lets out another long moan of agony as she exhales while her body convulses in her strict bondage.

Not long after, on the 37th second of the song, sharp drum beats are added to the rhythm. The unwilling slave in training quickly learns that different types of sounds dictate what type of pain is imposed on her, just as how the timing and loudness of the beats reflect when and how much pain is inflicted on all her sensitive body parts. Every sound that is played delivers the spandex clad superheroine pain. The song is fast and furious with over 3 beats per second. It constantly pushes the limits of her tolerance for pain.

"UghhhMMMMmmm..." The suffering Amazon moans into her dildo gag as she bites down and tightly wraps her lips around it while tightly clenching her fists as more tears squeeze out of her eyes.

The throbbing pain is fast and intense. The amount of energy each device discharges onto Wonder Woman's body coordinates with each and every sound playing in the song. The level of electricity matches the level of the sound's pitch and loudness. The higher the pitch and the louder the sound, the higher the amount of electricity the devices delivers. Throughout the song, the bass continues to feel like the inserted toys are momentarily growing in size due to her pussy and rectum contracting and the wrapped toys feel like they are momentarily shrinking in size due to her nipples and clitoris swelling while the trebles feel like sharp needles are stabbing her harder on all of them. Therefore, the louder the bass, the harder her sex organs squeezes or tightens, while louder the treble, the deeper the needle sensation penetrates.

Wonder Woman's heart is pounding harder than before. Her heart rate is trying to match the 200 beats per minute and peaks at a dangerous level. It feels like her heartbeat is faster now than during any physically exerting activity like running at full speed. It feels like her heart is going to burst out of her chest. The burning sensation inside her chest starts to remind the helpless superheroine the same feeling she gets from a broken heart.

Not even a minute into the song and the slave in training is drenched in sweat. Her costume starts to get damped as it absorbs all her sweat and sticks onto her skin like glue. The costume feels tighter than before. In a matter of seconds, her costume is soaking wet as sweat begins to drip down her entire body, making both her body and costume shimmer under the room's bright lights. Only part of her body that's dry is her high ponytail that's pulled through a hole in her bondage mask and tied to a chain link hanging from the ceiling.

The bondage hood fills up with Wonder Woman's sweat, tears, drool, and even snot produced from gagging and crying. It gets really uncomfortable quickly. The only relief comes from a ventilation system made up of tiny holes and small built-in fans around her ski goggle shaped headset to keep it from fogging up. She can feel a slight breeze but nowhere near enough to keep her cool and dry. The built-in headphones contours the shape of her ears and presses tightly against them to keep ambient sound and liquid out of her ears so that she's either deaf or clearly hears what is playing through the headphones. Unfortunately, her fluids build up the point that it slips into her mouth between her lips and the dildo gag, and forces her to swallow her own concoction of sweat, tears, drool, and snot while some of it gets pushed out the breathing hole from panting so hard.

Wonder Woman's vaginal and rectal muscles stay constantly contracted then contracts even harder to the bass. When her rectum tightens up from the upsurge in power, it sucks the butt plug in deeper creating a deep, penetrating thrust. When her vagina squeezes up more, it tries to push the dildo out. Both go back to its original place in between beats and the combination of the 2 reactions create either a seesaw motion or a simultaneously pumping motion. This puts a toll on Wonder Woman's strangled clitoris as either the seesaw motion or the pushing out from a deep penetration movement painfully tugs at it. Even the sudden contracting and relaxing action shoots the pain deep into the slave's cervix and sigmoid colon. It feels like the rod and plug are deeply penetrating her, which mashes on her bound clit. The worst part is that since all power levels of each sensation is synchronized with the song, the louder the beats or higher the note sounds, the more painfully the slave training tools shocks and penetrates. Also, longer the note value or the duration of the sound, the longer contraction or penetration lasts. She gets to witness all this in action through her slave training hood's built-in headset that is displaying her own star spangled butt with the little bumps protruding in her ass crack, dancing to the beats.

Wonder Woman can't help but stare at her own star spangled butt and gets mesmerized. Curiosity gets the best of her as she wants to observe what they are doing to her or find out is planned for her. The metal hitch connecting both bases of the dildo and plug creates a hypnotic effect by pumping and rocking to the music. In her drug impaired state of mind, it's like following the bouncing ball. The only time she closes her eyes is to blink, grimace from the pain, or to squeeze sweat and tears out of her eyes. Otherwise, it's as if her own star covered ass has caught her complete attention and continues to eagerly watch, just as Catwoman predicted she would when asked by her slaves if they should tape her eyes open in case she tries to resist her 2nd stage of slave training.

Wonder Woman is still quite innocent and ignorant to many things created in man's world. The superheroine in agony obviously doesn't know what song is playing. It is one of the songs in man's world that is made to secretly brainwash the masses by putting them in a trance and enhancing the euphoric sensations of the designed drug it accompanies with. The slave in training doesn't realize the power and the affects it has on her. She is too occupied by the pain to even enjoy how good the song is.

The slave in training is in anguish as her tightly bound body tightens and shakes to the bursts of pain rushing through all her sexual body parts. The star spangled heroine desperately tries to cope with the pain as she tries to tighten up her body but her bound position makes her efforts futile as she can only tighten her fists, arms, thighs, calves, anus, and vagina. She can't even tighten her butt muscles with her legs spread apart the way it is. Indirectly squeezing her pussy or asshole causes the pain level to increase so she quickly learns to keep them relaxed as much as possible, doing exactly what her captors want.

Suddenly, on the 50th second of the song, bass and drum beats stop while only the main rhythm comes into play. It still hurts with the main rhythmic sound going "vwhing vwhing vwhing..." but a highly welcomed relief for Wonder Woman. She feels much less pain whenever the bass and treble sounds disappear or when there are less sounds playing in the song. The pain becomes somewhat bearable as the needle poking sensation with the treble and the thrusting contractions with the bass lightens or goes away. She still feels tightness around her clit and nipples and the constant squeezing of her 2 vulnerable holes, but due to her body adjusting to the higher pain levels, each elongated notes or whirring sounds feel like an uncomfortable, buzzing sensation rather than a painfully, sharp squeezing sensation like when the torture devices first came alive.

This moment of the song gives the suffering Amazon princess' body a chance to catch up to enduring the degree of pain forced upon her. Through close observation, she notices the decrease in movement from the jutting mounds between her butt cheeks and on her vulva. This helps her verify how much the torture devices coordinate to the sounds and collaborate with the pain. This moment of less pain stimulation also gives her a chance to catch her breath.

Unfortunately, the treble comes back into play only 6 seconds after it goes away, and to Wonder Woman's shocking surprise, the degree of pain from the electric current increases as the energy output suddenly increases 25% from level 20 to level 25. Then, only 5 more seconds later at the 1 minute and 1 second mark, the bass returns. The reappearance of both the treble and the bass after a brief disappearance with the increase in the shock level more than reinvigorates the pain level as it takes the slave in training to a new height of agony.

"AAAAAAAAAGHnnnnn..." The helpless superheroine screams loudly inside her sensory deprivation hood and her body starts shaking so hard that it looks like it's vibrating.

Few seconds of insufferable pain goes by as Wonder Woman screams through it, then her body adjusts to the newly created pain limit. The sounds of her cries get lower and softer as it transitions into moans until she is silent in the following few seconds. The Amazon warrior continues to adapt to the pain very quickly as she has a high pain threshold to begin with, especially after her 1st stage of slave training increased it.

All her tensed up muscles begin to relax but her legs always tenses up when the bass or treble is reinserted to the song. The abruptly, reestablishing pain matching the beats makes her want to close her legs but her bondage won't allow her to, so she just ends up contracting her thigh and calf muscles until she gets used to the pain enough to keep them relaxed. The pain in her clit is so intense that it overshadows the pain in her nipples, vagina, rectum, and spanked buttocks.

Just as Wonder Woman adjusts to the intake of pain rushing into her body, at the 1:28 (1 minute and 28th second) mark of the song, the minor rhythm that started the song that goes "ba, ba, bum, bum... ba, ba, ba, ba, bum, bum" is added and the pain level increases 25% from level 25 to level 31.

"AHHHHHHHHHH!" The helpless slave in training shrieks through her dildo gag while tightening her leg muscles from attempting to close her legs again and trembles in agony.

At the 1:41 point in the song, the treble, bass, and minor rhythm goes away, leaving just the main rhythm playing. Just like less than a minute ago, most of the shocking pain goes away with them and gives the poor superheroine a chance to catch up and adjust to the raised electricity level and the severity of agony in all her sensitive body parts.

"UNGH!" Wonder Woman moans as the bass comes back with its corresponding shocks at the 1:47 mark. Then, moans again when the treble comes back with its synchronized shocks only 7 seconds later.

Amazingly, the superheroine's body continues to adjust to the pain as she is forced to reach a new limit every time a sound comes back or when the electricity output escalates. Unfortunately, the song and the pain continues to increase its intensity as the 2nd or minor rhythm is reintroduced into the song at the 2:06 mark, and simultaneously, the pain level rises 25% more, going from shock level 31 to 38. For the 2nd time in this song, all sounds including both rhythms, treble, and bass are playing at full blast.

"UGHHHHHH!" Wonder Woman moans in agony again but louder and longer than 19 seconds ago as she is forced to feel another new limit of pain her body can't handle.

The slave in training struggles to keep up with the painful stimulations. She continues to sweat profusely as her heart is pounding hard and fast. The once proud Amazon warrior reaches her breaking point once again as tears flow freely down her cheeks. The long moans of agony quickly turns into short whimpers, "ngh... uhg... uhh... nngh."

The bound and tortured superheroine has never been more desperate for this nightmare to end. She would gladly submit to slavery for the pain to stop. Unfortunately, her voice has been silenced by the dildo gag and her pleas for mercy only sounds like moaning or whimpering. A sense of regret for being stubborn and not submitting to Catwoman when she had the chance imbues in her heart. She feels this regrettable feeling for the first time during her captivity as she never felt this degree of pain and desperation. It even eclipses when she wanted to submit during her moments of weakness when punished or certain moments during her 1st stage of slave training.

Finally, as a broken Wonder Woman feels things just can't get any worse, the naive slave in training learns once again that she should never make such an ignorant assumption. At the 2:32 point of the song, the finishing touches to the song and her 2nd stage of slave training are added. A new beat that sounds like a whipping sound is added to the song, and an actual bullwhip whips Wonder Woman's star-spangled butt to coordinate with that sound. Like icing to a cake, the whipping pain completes the 2nd stage of her slave training's sensations. Even worse, just as the slave in training feels the 1st kiss of the whip, the electric output level increases another 25% and goes from level 38 to level 47.


"AAAAAAAAAAGHHHHH!!!" Wonder Woman screeches loudly inside her sensory deprivation hood as her head jolts up the allowable 1 centimeter of movement her bondage allows and her entire body tenses up while grimacing from the intolerable pain, then thinks in ultimate shock, "great Hera! They're whipping me to the rhythm of the music!"

For a brief moment, Wonder Woman can't tell if the whipping sound is actually part of the song or if it's the actual sounds of the bullwhip whipping her spandex clad butt reverberating into her bondage hood since the timing of the sound and pain are so accurately precise. She remembers how quiet her surroundings were when her captors first put the sensory deprivation mask on her and realizes the whip sounding beat is part of the song which works the same way as the electrical devices. But such trivial thoughts pass by quickly because of the intense pain she is forced to endure.

"UUUUUUUUUUHNNNNN!!!" The horrified slave in training screams through several more lashes then starts howling to each lash of the whip as panic overtakes her and her breath gets shortened even more than before, "UGH! AGH! AHH!"

For the 2nd time since Wonder Woman's 2nd stage of training started or since the song started playing, her sense of embarrassment and humiliation resurfaces. As soon as she feels the unexpected whip for the first time, she realizes the magnitude of her helplessness in her current predicament. The slave in training can't help but feel like a poor defenseless animal that's bound and tortured. The 1st time she felt this helpless degradation was when the song and shocks started, long after she felt this way when being prepared for her 2nd stage of slave training and injected with liquid ecstasy.

Sadly, this sense of disgraceful degradation is short lived. The drug in Wonder Woman's bloodstream, the fear incited by the whip, and the preoccupation of desperately trying to endure the pain quickly suppresses her emotions of humiliation and degradation by the 5th lash of the whip. On top of the suppression, the abominable pain continues to humble the once proud Amazon warrior.

Wonder Woman's natural instincts from such an atrocious sensation is to flee, dodge, or jerk forward to move away from the pain. Unfortunately, the slave in training is so meticulously tied down that she lost freedom of movement to all her body parts except for her fingers, toes inside her red and white boots, and very limited movement to her hands and head. There isn't any room for her body to jolt forward from the impact of the whip and her ass is forced to absorb the painful blows. Like her 1st punishment from Catwoman, the inability to move forward forces the bullwhip to swipe through her spandex covered flesh, which makes the sensation from the torturous instrument as painful as possible. The slave in training involuntarily and simultaneously tenses up her body and snaps her head up to each punishing kiss from the bullwhip. She musters up any strength she has left to desperately wiggle away to dodge or at least shake off the stinging sensation, but the only thing she's capable of is to shut her eyes, yelp, and erratically tremble in her bonds.

Even with her sense of touch slightly dulled by the drug in her bloodstream, it doesn't take long for the helpless superheroine to realize the whipping hurts much more than the whipping she received in her 1st punishment. Even though the power of each swing of the whip is the same, the captive's body is bent over slightly more than 90 degrees which stretches and thins out her butt muscles compared to being bent over at just 45 degrees. Also, Catwoman used anticipation and anxiety to create fear and tension to enhance the pain while the whipping she is receiving now is fast and furious. The slave in training doesn't get any time for the pain to dissipate as each consecutive kiss from the whip builds up the pain unleashed on her perfectly sculpted derriere. The pain from the constant shocks to the Amazon princess' sexual body parts were immense and overwhelming already, but the addition of the whipping makes the experience devastating.

After grimacing through the first 8 lashes, the helpless superheroine is able to open her tear filled eyes to watch her own swollen ass get whipped to the sounds of the newly added beat. The stinging pain overwhelms not just her embarrassment, but all of the electrically, shocking pain as well, even though its pain level has more than doubled since her 2nd stage of slave training started. It gets harder and harder for Wonder Woman to adjust to the level of pain that is forced upon her. The desperate superheroine is constantly trying to catch up but keeps getting pushed passed her limits and over the edge.

The 1st stage of Wonder Woman's slave training and punishments increased her tolerance for pain but also learned to fear the whip. She learned how painful each spanking implements are and quickly realized that Catwoman's signature bullwhip is the worst torture instrument that has been inflicted on her. Just the cracking sound alone brings shivers down her spine as she has been thoroughly traumatized by the pain it brings. The supervillainess deliberately instilled that fear inside her future slave by cracking the whip on the ground and by building up anticipation during her 1st punishment.

The much feared whip that's coordinated with the whipping sound of the song hits Wonder Woman's shiny, spandex clad buttocks every 1 and a half seconds. It hurts so much that the slave in training starts squeezing the electric pussy rod and butt plug with her sex organs whenever her body involuntarily tenses up and head snaps back to each and every blow. This chain reaction makes her convulse in her tight bondage. Each stinging kiss of the whip creates a brand, spanking new welt over her already well bruised and swollen butt.

Wonder Woman can only see her star spangled butt and the glimpse of the whip's end when it lashes through her swollen flesh, so she can only assume Catwoman is the one whipping her as she remembers that only Catwoman used the bullwhip on her so far. The slave trainers never used the bullwhip on her so that a special physical and psychological connection can be established to the future slave with Catwoman and her favorite weapon. The worst implements her Amazon sisters used on her are the cane, the paddle, and the single tail whip, which is a shorter and thicker version of the bullwhip. Wonder Woman also learned to fear those implements through her 1st stage of slave training and from the humiliating punishments her younger sisters gave her when she resisted.

As Wonder Woman is astonished by Catwoman's perfect timing and accuracy of the bullwhip, the humiliating reality is that Catwoman and her 2 trainers are not even in the same room. Wonder Woman is all alone in her slave training room. The sensory deprivation mask keeps the slave in training ignorant to her surroundings and her reality. It only allows her to see and hear what her slave trainers allow.

A whipping machine in the form a metal post with a robotic arm holding a bullwhip that simulates the movement of a human arm is what is whipping the superheroine's defenselessly exposed, star spangled ass. The machine was raised from one of the floor's secret compartments not long after the song started playing, and it is perfectly positioned about 15 feet to the back left of the slave training table so that the end of the 20 ft bullwhip strikes and inflicts an equal amount of pain to both spandex clad butt cheeks. The robotic arm built with powerful hydraulics within its 3 joints to move like a human arm swings the frightful implement while rotating the top to whip the bound slave in training. Then, the post spins around while raising the arm to reset for the next swing.

The whipping machine has the ability to raise and lower the height of the bullwhip or its swing to cycle through all its programmable heights so that Wonder Woman's butt can be thoroughly whipped from top to bottom. It is so accurate and precise that it can create a cascade of welts right next to each other to cover her entire ass with swollen welts. Even worse, it can also accurately whip the same spot or the same welt repeatedly to increase the amount of pain felt by the slave in training. Finally, the machine has more than enough torque and power in its movements to make it feel exactly like Catwoman's hardest swing or many times worse. If desired, then it can even spin at a high speed while the arm is stationary for a fast and hard whipping that surpasses any human's capabilities.

After 16 insufferable lashes of the bullwhip, the whip sounding beat with its coordinated whipping stops at the 2:56 point of the song while the rest of the sounds continue. Wonder Woman receives 8 freshly burning welts under her star spangled panties as the whipping machine started from her upper buttocks then cascaded down to create adjacent welts. Then, on last 8 lashes, the machine moved from bottom to top to kiss the same new welts that it just created. Hitting the exact same spots either created a new welt on top of the existing one or made it bigger. Therefore, the last 8 lashes hurt more than the 1st 8 lashes, and the 9th kiss of the bullwhip was excruciatingly the most painful since the same spot was whipped consecutively. Her butt swells up even more with fresh welts that throbs to the rhythm of her heartbeat.

The whip sounding beat and its synchronized sensation stopping gives the completely exhausted slave in training a much needed break, even though the electric shocks continue at level 47. Incredibly, without even realizing it, Wonder Woman's body adjusts enough to the pain level of the electricity flowing into all her sensitive body parts to stop whimpering as soon as the whipping stops. It's mainly due to her mind helplessly focusing on the throbbing pain that continues to linger on her spandex covered buttocks. She continues to be on the edge of her pain threshold and can't stop panting.

Suddenly, to Wonder Woman's wildest surprise, she hears an unexpected cymbal sound that sends a jolting current to all the deviant sex toys then the song suddenly stops as she hears someone talking at the 3:22 mark of the song. The weird, deep voice that sounds like German or English with a bad German accent hurts as the electric shock matches his tone and loudness of his voice, but nowhere near as much as when the music was playing. This gives the slave in training's body to recuperate, break out of her trance like state, and let her mind wander with embarrassment.

"Great Hera! Is... is someone watching me?" The appalled Amazon princess thinks to herself as she gets completely flushed red with embarrassment as questions race through her head, "who is this man? What is he saying? What is he doing? Is he in the room? Who is he talking to?"

Even though Wonder Woman can understand and speak every language created in man's world, she can't make out what he's saying. She is bewildered by this man's voice and presence. The sudden surprise takes her completely off guard. Her confusing surprise and humiliation climbs to even greater heights when the man finishes what he's saying then she suddenly hears a crowd laughing. The sounds of the laughter sends a coordinated amount of electricity into the superheroine's sex organs but it's not even close to the level of pain she was experiencing when the music was playing, and her sense of shame only raises more questions.

"Suffering Sappho! Is there an audience watching me, too? Wh... who are these people? Are they laughing at me? Are they enjoying watching me suffer? Are they in this room with the man? Are they watching from a video screen? Why aren't they helping me? Is this some kind of sick show? Am I being broadcasted?" Wonder Woman's mind races through multiple questions in a matter of split seconds as she never felt more humiliated and embarrassed in her entire life.

During her captivity, Wonder Woman only saw and interacted with Catwoman and her 2 sisters that are slave training her. She knows that Catwoman can't show or tell anyone that she has the world's greatest superheroine in captivity or else the authorities and other superheroes will come looking for her. Yet, the sound of a crowd laughing takes her by complete and utter surprise. It makes her wonder if Catwoman has a trusted circle that she invited to watch her get tortured and humiliated. Even worse, she feels the laughter directed at her and feels the embarrassing shame of being laughed at while in such a pathetically degrading position. This shameful moment puts a massive blow to her psyche and pride. The slave in training feels an overwhelming sense of insecurity that she never felt in her life.

Wonder Woman's mind is too clouded by the drug to realize the voice and laughter is just part of the song. She is too exhausted from experiencing so much pain in such a short amount of time to calm herself down and figure it out. Also, all the mind tricks that Catwoman has been using on her since her captivity contributes to the slave in training's sense of confusion and humiliation. Things are just going too fast for the helpless superheroine to keep pace with her 2nd stage of slave training. All of her slave training continues to affect her mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Wonder Woman doesn't even have time to continue feeling the deep sense of shame as the music comes back as soon as the 1 second of laughter ends at the 3:30 point of the song. Even worse, the pain level increases 25% once again as the electrical output raises from level 47 to level 58. For the 2nd time in less than a minute, the unbearable pain extinguishes any thoughts or feelings of humiliation and shame. The slave in training is forced to experience a new limit of agony once again and doesn't have time to think about her embarrassing predicament. The rising pain level is so excruciatingly intolerable that it makes her forget or literally not care who or how many people are watching her. Like before, the lowered pain level due to the short absence of the music combined with a 25% surplus of electricity flowing into her body as soon as the music returns manipulates the slave in training to focus solely on the pain and forces her to let out a long and loud cry of agony, "AAAAAAAAAAGH!!!"

The Amazon warrior is helpless to endure whatever pain her captors unleash on her, and Catwoman always seems to be 2 steps ahead of her. But Wonder Woman, who is wise as Athena, vigorously tries to keep pace with what her captors are planning or doing to her. She tries really hard to memorize and predict what is coming next in the song so that she can brace herself and be ready. Unfortunately, her ignorance, innocence, and impaired mind hinders her efforts as she doesn't even realize the treble is missing. She realizes her attempts to get ahead of Catwoman are futile and only seems to sidetrack her as she gets caught off guard when the treble returns at the 3:42 mark of the song. The slave in training lets out an involuntary moan as the pain synced with the treble is reintroduced, "ughhh."

Then, as Wonder Woman tries to cope with the pain level that continues to push her over the edge, the extra drumbeat she also forgot about returns into the mix at the 3:55 mark. The restored sensation forces out another groan from the helpless superheroine, "uhhhgh."

As Wonder Woman learned from her 1st stage of slave training, breathing techniques help with pain management by taking deep breaths and holding it. She desperately tried during the beginning of the first 4 minutes of this stage of slave training but didn't work too well since it left her out of breath and gasping for air. The combination of the pain, the small air hole, and the manipulation of her heart rate through the drug and music seems to regulate her pulse rate and breathing.

As the pain increases, her breath gets shorter and quicker, which helped her realize that panting helped manage the pain a little. Therefore, the slave in training forces herself to learn a new technique by combining the techniques she learned in her 1st stage and learning in this stage of slave training by taking deep breaths then exhaling several short pants. Through trial and error, her technique evolves and realizes it is better to take a deep breath then exhale 2 short pants followed by a long blow. Wonder Woman self teaches herself the "pant-pant-blow" breathing technique that a woman in labor uses during contraction. After using this technique a couple times, she remembers seeing this same technique used by mortal women in labor. The immortal Amazons only knows about pregnancy and childbirth from historical books and scrolls, so the Amazon princess was fascinated to witness it after coming to man's world.

But due to her bondage hood and the small air hole, the captured superheroine can't breathe in with her nose, and using this technique for long gets her out of breath and leaves her gasping for air. It leaves her out of breath almost as much as when she takes deep breaths and/or holds her breath. Still, she tries to use this newly learned technique when the pain gets unbearable. Catwoman watching her slave in training learn and adapt breathing techniques for pain management only puts a wide grin on her face as she monitors this session from an observation room adjacent to the slave's training room.

Unfortunately, Wonder Woman's entire slave training is preplanned and accurately predicts how she will react to the slave training and what she will do. As soon as the slave in training manages to adjust to her new pain limit, the whip sounding beat returns for the 2nd time of this slave training song at the 4:12 mark and just like before, the pain level of the shocks rises 25% more from output level 58 to 71.


"ARGH... AHHH... UGHH... NNGH... UHHH..." Wonder Woman starts screaming in pain and jerks head up to each devastating swipe of the bullwhip while her body erratically shakes from tightening up. It doesn't take long for the cries to turn into whimpering sounds that are begging for the whipping to stop, "uugh... ahhh... uhhh... huhh... mmmn..."

In the beginning of her captivity and throughout most of her slave training thus far, her pride put every effort to hide her pain from embarrassment and to avoid giving her captors any satisfaction. She also didn't want to show her captors how much pain she was in so that they may think their torturing methods are ineffective and stop using them or trick them into trying different methods that hurt her less. Not making a sound or suppressing any expressions of pain was her way of putting on a poker face and to hide any tell tale signs of how effective a spanking or a whipping is against her. But the pain Wonder Woman is forced to endure now is way beyond her limits, beyond her breaking point. She can't help herself from howling and wailing in agony. Unable to use any breathing techniques because her heart is racing and out of breath, the slave in training realizes and learns that screaming and whimpering in pain is the only pain management technique she can use in her current predicament.

Fresh tears squeeze out of Wonder Woman's eyes. Her lips quiver against the dildo gag as the fearful pain of the whip breaks her once again. The mighty Amazon warrior wants to submit to slavery if it means this torment will stop. The sense of regret of not submitting to Catwoman when she had the chance haunts her once more. The greatest superheroine of all time wishes she can just go home. If this is the price or consequences for being a superhero, then she would rather quit and doesn't want to be one anymore. The Amazon princess even starts to regret defying her own mother and secretly entering the contest of champions as she misses the comfort of her safe home.

The bullwhip lashes at the same 8 welts that were created just a minute and 16 seconds ago. The machine accurately goes from top to bottom then back up in the same pace as the sound of each whip sounding beat. Wonder Woman gets new, scalding welts on top of the already burning welts. The slave in training's butt feels like it's lit on fire similar to her 1st spanking, her 1st punishment, and during most of her 1st stage of slave training.

Even though Wonder Woman screamed and cried many times before, she doesn't try to hide it anymore. Rather, the star spangled superheroine is very expressive of the pain she's in. She hopes that her uninhibited cries will give her captors some sense of sympathy to show her mercy, especially from her sisters, hoping that even the smallest glimpse of love that they may have left for her would break through. Even through her tight bondage with her neck clamp and tied ponytail, Wonder Woman is able to turn her head about 1 centimeter left or right. The helpless Amazon princess desperately shakes her head side to side to signify "no more" or "I submit" in hopes that the slave training will stop. Her sobbing pleas and desperate body language goes unanswered.

Fortunately for the broken superheroine, the beats of the whipping sound ends after 16 intolerable lashes. Wonder Woman never felt such pain and agony in her entire life as she feels the welts on her ass cheeks throbbing harder than ever while the torturous sex toys doesn't let up. Ironically, the slave in training felt this way less than 2 minutes ago when the whip sounding beat was first introduced in the song. Only difference is that it's twice as bad now than the 1st time around and the pain level just continues to rise to worsen her misery.

The slave in training never imagined she would be tormented like this, especially after her 1st stage of slave training when she thought it couldn't get any worse, yet it has. Now that she's learning to be Catwoman's slave, she understands that things can always get worse than she thinks and fears that it will. This thought puts her in despair like never before and finally learns helplessness and psychological restraint after resisting for so long. This moment also marks the beginning of Wonder Woman consciously learning to fear and respect Catwoman which leads her to start acknowledging Catwoman as her superior and her authority. The captured superheroine gains a new desire to be an obedient slave to Catwoman in exchange for her mercy.

With the whipping stopped, Wonder Woman gets some sense of mercy and gains a moment to recollect herself even though the electric shocks continue with the fast beats. The level of pain from the bullwhip continues to boost the Amazon warrior's limit beyond what it was in matter of seconds. This gives her the ability to barely tolerate the shock treatment that she couldn't handle every time the power level increased. The slave in training continues to get relief from enduring slightly less pain.

Sadly for Wonder Woman, the whipping beat comes back with her most feared punishment at the 4 minutes and 50th second of the song and as expected, the pain level of the electric shocks increases 25% more to raise the energy output from level 71 to level 88. Rather than obedience through mercy that the slave in training hopes for, her sentiments of submission are reinforced by the insufferable pain.


"AAAAAAAAAAGH!!! UGH! AHH! AHH! UHH!!!" Wonder Woman screeches in pain as her body tenses up through a series of blows and desperately shakes her head side to side while clenching her teeth onto the dildo gag and watching the bullwhip bounce off her spandex covered butt cheeks, then yelps at each strike.

The whip sounding beats and its synchronized lashing came back sooner than expected. It was almost 2 minutes before it came back the 2nd time but less than a minute for the 3rd series of whipping sounds to come back. Worst of all, the whipping machine doesn't raise or lower the height of the bullwhip as it constantly whips the middle of Wonder Woman's butt. The slave in training's star spangled ass is on fire as each strike builds up the intensity of the sting. This also makes her freshly added welt at the center of her butt cheeks grow in size as it gets thicker and wider.

The whipping, including another 25% increase to the severity of the shocks electrocuting Wonder Woman's sexual body parts, distresses the slave in training into a shameful hysteria as she doesn't know how to handle herself or the amount of agony she has to bear. She is forced to reach another new limit as her body convulses in her bondage. Her knees begin shaking within its leather straps as she instinctively tries to close her legs to protect herself and wiggle away from the fury of the whip. But all that the powerless superheroine can do is howl and watch her ass get punished as she absorbs the overwhelming stimulation.

Just as Wonder Woman's sense of humiliation was washed away by the unbearable pain not long ago, her thoughts of submitting to Catwoman is out the door for the moment. The tortured superheroine is too busy focusing on the pain to have any other thoughts, concerns, or desires. She is panting harder than ever while sweating profusely. Her heart is pounding out of her chest but feels like she's freefalling on a rollercoaster as she feels her heart sink and makes her bite hard onto the dildo gag like she's holding for dear life. This is the Amazon's body naturally fighting to adjust to the torment it's enduring to regain some composure.

Wonder Woman tries to remember and grasp the pattern of the song. Second time around, she actually counted 16 whipping beats and recalls it matching the 1st amount of lashes. The slave in training can't use any breathing techniques for pain management because she's completely out of breath and left panting as her heart rate is through the roof. Her only hope is that the whipping will end soon after counting up to 12 beats, but to her unexpected surprise, the whipping sound doesn't stop after the 16th strike. Even more surprisingly, after the 18th kiss of the whip, the overpowered superheroine feels an unexpected sensation.

Wonder Woman's eyes widen in shock and thinks to herself, "Great Hera! I'm going to cu..." but can't even finish her thoughts as her body explodes into an orgasmic state.

"Ahhhhh... ahhh... ahhhhhhhhhh..." Wonder Woman moans in ecstasy as her vagina contracts and relaxes to pump out all her pent-up juices while having the orgasm of her life.

Wonder Woman never felt such a powerful orgasm before. Even the orgasm that was forced out of her by Catwoman during her first raping didn't feel this good. Not only does all her pain and suffering disappear, it actually makes the electric shocks and the whipping feel good like a tingling sensation as endorphins explode out of the superheroine's hypothalamus and pituitary gland in her brain and rushes throughout her entire body.

Wonder Woman is in disbelief. She can't believe she's having an orgasm right now. The slave in training was having the most painful experience of her entire life. She was doing everything she can just to cope with the pain and not pass out. There weren't any signs or a buildup to the climax that is rattling her body with an earthquake of blissful sensations. The innocent Amazon princess can't fathom how or why this is happening and thinks it's accidental like someone pees in their pants from fear, pain, or laughing too hard. Her uncertainty makes her blush bright red with embarrassment inside her sensory deprivation mask while riding her tidal wave of euphoric pleasure. In that split second of thought, the spandex clad superheroine realizes her enemies are watching her have an uncontrollable sexual excitation while tortured then blushes even brighter with humiliation and shame. But all her thoughts and feelings of embarrassment and disgrace are shortly lived and quickly swept away as she never felt so good in her entire life. All she wants to do is enjoy this orgasmic state of nirvana as long as she can.

Wonder Woman's cum squeezes through the metallic pussy rod and begins to soak her sweat stained star-spangled panties, creating a slightly darker wet spot at the crotch of her star-spangled panties. The slave in training reflexively starts to tighten and relax her vagina and continues to pump her juices out as it overflows and starts to drip down her inner thighs. All her inhibitions are gone as she proceeds to moan louder into her dildo gag and doesn't care if her captors hear her expressions of enjoyment. The thought of trying to stop herself from showing any pain or pleasure for the benefit of her enemies are nonexistent, compared to how she felt earlier in her captivity. After all the torment and hardship she's been through, all her pain and suffering washes away and can't help but wish this feeling lasts forever.

Wonder Woman consciously shifts her efforts into prolonging this powerful orgasm. What started out as involuntary spasms becomes a voluntary act as she squeezes her vaginal walls against the statically charged vibrator and tries to stick her butt out against the thrashing bullwhip. Then the slave in training starts to focus on contracting and relaxing her pelvic floor muscles to tighten and relax both her vagina and anus after her orgasm involuntarily initiated this lustful action. She can feel all her built-up honey running out but tries to keep pumping it out even if there isn't anything left to pump out. She is doing everything she can to make this captivating sensation last as long as she can.

The pain from the whipping and the electric shocks seem to help drag out Wonder Woman's orgasm. For the first time in her slave training, she welcomes and embraces the pain. Even the visual image of her star spangled butt cheeks bouncing from the slashing bullwhip sexually arouses her and helps extend her climax. At first, it was very humiliating to see her own derriere get whipped but forced herself to watch out of curiosity and to see what her enemies were doing to her, even possibly get a clue to what may be coming next. But she never imagined a time would come where she wanted to see her own spandex clad buttocks bounce and jiggle from a hard whipping like she does this very moment. She falls prey to its hypnotic effects as the overload of dopamine from the effects of the drug rewards her lustful actions. The bound superheroine rides out her sexual excitation through the rest of the whipping sound until it slows down and stops after the 32nd hit at the 5:35 mark in the song.

Unfortunately, the greatest orgasm Wonder Woman ever had slowly fades away when the song slows down and fades with the 32nd kiss of the whip. The naively innocent superheroine has yet to realize or learn that the song picked for her 2nd stage of slave training incorporates the increased activity of the brain chemicals, dopamine and serotonin, forced by the drug combined with the synchronous pain that is systematically raised in levels unleashed on her body manipulated the timing of her orgasm from start to finish. The controlled climax could've been prolonged longer if the music kept its pace and painful stimulations but the sounds winding down and the stimulations fading shortened it. She is disappointed her orgasmic ride comes to an end but a sense of relief and hope takes over her disappointment as she mentally asks herself, "is it finally over?"

Dismally, Wonder Woman's question gets answered as she hears a cartoon like elf voice say something. She doesn't understand what he's saying but realizes it's taunting her. She even feels like the song tricked her for thinking it's over. The sense of humiliation and embarrassment returns to the slave in training, but doesn't feel as shameful as when the song 1st stopped and heard a man talking with a crowd of people laughing in the background. The defenseless superheroine has been desensitized of her state of humiliation and embarrassment to a small degree in just a matter of couple minutes but too ignorant to realize the subtle change in her perception. The serotonin even subconsciously keeps her sexually aroused through such shameful feelings.

The song restarts at the 5:46 mark with just the 2 rhythms and the bass. The pain level goes up in all the shocking devices for the final time but only about 13.5% of power since it reaches the maximum power of level 100 from level 88. Wonder Woman lets a long groan of agony escape her, "uhhhhhhhhhhg!"

All the pain receptors in Wonder Woman's body is rejuvenated after having a natural painkiller in the form of endorphins fill her entire body from an epic 24 second orgasm and from the brief moment when the song and its synchronized pain faded and disappeared that forced her body to adjust to the lower pain level. This has a similar effect to a person being in the Jacuzzi or a sauna for a period of time then jumping in the pool or vice versa as one sensation of either hot or cold drastically effects the feeling of the opposite. The slave in training experiences that pleasure and pain has the same results. Her moment of pleasure or even no pain can lead to a much more painful experience or as her greatest orgasm taught her that the worst pain can lead to the highest sense of pleasure she can ever feel. Unfortunately, Wonder Woman is too preoccupied with the pain and too impaired by the liquid ecstasy to learn this valuable lesson or even grasp the concept. She thinks it's the raised power level and doesn't realize it only went up slightly over half of the 25% increments she got used to.

While at full power, the treble returns at the 5:59 point of the song. This gives the slave in training a boost of pain to endure and cope with. Then, 12 seconds later at the 6:11 mark, the sharp drumbeats return to the fray of pain. Finally, at 6 minutes and 18 seconds into the song, a very fast drumbeat is introduced for the finale of the song. The speed and loudness forces Wonder Woman over the edge again and makes her scream loudly in pain into her dildo gag, "AHHHHHHHHHH!!!"

Finally, at 6:24 point of the song, all beats stop and a winding down sound plays to end the song after 6 minutes and 29 seconds. The torturous experience didn't even last six and a half minutes but felt like hours to Wonder Woman. The star-spangled superheroine had her 1st forced orgasm of her 2nd stage of slave training in just little over 5 minutes. The bound Amazon princess is completely exhausted after just 1 song as she is covered in sweat with cum dripping down her legs. Her patriotic costume is drenched as it tightly clings onto her wet skin. She has been forced to swallow her sweat, tears, snot, and drool while breathing through a small built in tube in her dildo gag. Her nipples, clitoris, vaginal and rectal walls are buzzing and throbbing with pain while her swollen butt cheeks layered with fresh welts are burning and throbbing with pain as well. She feels the throbbing match her accelerated heart beat since her swollen body parts are filled with her blood. Wonder Woman is out of breath and panting audibly hard. All this in less than 7 minutes.

Catwoman and her 2 slave trainers are thrilled Wonder Woman had her 1st forced orgasm during her 2nd stage of slave training as planned and pleased with the results thus far. They acquired many important data and recorded all of the slave in training's vitals from the moment she was prepared and injected with the drug, with the most important vitals coming before, during, and after her forced orgasm. They collected and recorded her body temperature, pulse rate, respiration rate, and even her blood pressure through laser sensors. The supervillain is ecstatic that her future slave's timing and duration of her orgasm came and lasted exactly as planned. It confirmed how well the greatest superheroine of all time reacts to pain.

Wonder Woman is too exhausted and too naively innocent to think of any deep reasoning for this method of torture. Just as she felt about the 1st stage of her slave training, she can't justify any logic to it and sees it as Catwoman being a sick sadist that just uses barbaric pain to break her and enjoys watching her suffer. She can't even distinguish the difference between the 1st and 2nd stages of her slave training. The only difference she sees are the use of drugs and the torturing of her sexual body parts using electricity rather than just using corporal punishment type of torture consisting of spanking and whipping. She had her breasts and pussy whipped during her 1st stage of slave training so she doesn't see the importance of how sex toys are being used in her 2nd stage of slave training since she still thinks her orgasm was an accidental side effect. From Wonder Woman's point of view, the 2nd stage of slave training achieved its purpose of hurting and degrading her more than the 1st stage of slave training and simply sees it as an increased level of pain and humiliation.

Wonder Woman's mind is so foggy and impaired that she can't keep focus on her thoughts or on the subject at hand. Her mind starts drifting as she thinks about the orgasm she just had. She remembers how great it felt and wonders whether if it was forced or if it was an accident. The drug in her blood stream lowers her cognitive powers enough to keep her from making any assumptions or even form a theory from any clues she may remember. The slave in training is just relieved her torture is over and can't take anymore of the pain she just felt. Yet, these wandering thoughts that makes her reminisce her experience tends to keep her sexually aroused.

Sadly, Wonder Woman's 2nd stage of slave training has just begun. After just a couple of seconds of relief or intermission, the next song in her 2nd stage of slave training's regimen begins. The slave in training yelps in horror and dismay, "aghh!"

There is some fundamental connection between pleasure and pain as an orgasm activates 2 parts of the brain that are also associated with pain, the insula and the anterior cingulate cortex. Catwoman applies this knowledge in Wonder Woman's 2nd stage of slave training to blur the line between the two sensations. Each forced orgasm through only pain continues to rewire Wonder Woman's brain into feeling pain as pleasure because the serotonin keeps her sexually aroused by the pain while the dopamine reinforces her behavior in the reward system, and the endorphins become her ultimate reward.

As the 1st stage of Wonder Woman's slave training was to break her spirit, establish the fear of spanking, and increase her pain threshold, the purpose of her 2nd stage of slave training is to condition Wonder Woman into being Catwoman's ideal, masochistic sex slave, or the quintessential pain slut. This stage in Wonder Woman's slave training will condition her to love pain, especially spankings. Like Pavlov's dog that was conditioned to salivate whenever it hears a bell, Wonder Woman is being conditioned to get wet or sexually aroused whenever she gets spanked.

Chapter 22 - Stage 2 of Slave Training Continues

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Preview of the chapter:

Wonder Woman is bound to the slave training table's pillory. It puts her body on her elbows and knees in a doggy style position. She is wearing a sensory deprivation mask with built in headset and headphones to force feed her any images or sounds with a hole on the top for her ponytail to stick out and tie up. It also has a dildo gag attachment that forces the slave in training to breathe through a straw like hole in the gag.

The captured superheroine gets a grasp of what her 2nd stage of slave training is, as far as what she can see or feel. She found out the hard way that the vibrator, butt plug, nipple bands, and clitoris noose are not regular sex toys but devices that electrocutes her. They are even synchronized with the music that plays in her headphones. The strength, duration, and type of charge the deviant sex toys emulate depends on the type of sound is played.

After the 1st song, Wonder Woman thought her slave training session was over. But to her dismay, her session continues with the 2nd song. She musters up any strength and will she has left inside her to get ready for what's next, even though she doesn't want to go any further. The star-spangled superheroine doesn't realize how much more intense the next song of her 2nd stage of slave training will be.

The next song is "Join the Army" by Moonraver. It starts off fast with a pounding drum beat then it jumps to a faster tempo when the treble is added only a second after the song starts. The shock level stays at the highest level where it gradually raised to before the end of the 1st song. The pain level of the squeezing and needle stabbing sensations caused by the electricity synchronized with the sound of music surging into Wonder Woman's sexual body parts is dictated by the sounds.

The constant surge of pain makes the slave in training squirm, but in her tight bondage, it looks like she's shaking and shivering. Wonder Woman can see herself tremble through a close-up view of her star-spangled butt cheeks shown through her headset's screen. At a closer look, she can see the base of the anal plug, vibrator, and its metal bridge bounce to the pace of the beats in her butt crack and crotch.

Suddenly, while Wonder Woman is trying to cope and adjust to the level of pain she has to feel, she gets caught off by surprise from the spanking sounding beat adding to the song at the 7 second mark. The star-spangled superheroine jumps in her bonds and screams into her dildo gag from the 1st strike of the paddle that correlates with the sound, "AHH!!!"

Chapter 23 - Stage 2 of Slave Training Continues Part 2

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Preview of the chapter:

Excerpt A:

The slave in training goes into a trance-like euphoric state of mind where she is content with her situation for the 1st time in her captivity. A veil of incoherence covers Wonder Woman's mind. She forgets where she is and what is happening to her. She doesn't remember who or why someone is making her suffer so much. All she knows is what she sees, hears, and feels. What she sees is her own butt getting spanked and whipped. What she hears are brainwashing beats of trance music with a sexually kinky theme. What she feels are pinching, electrocuting, and spanking which are all aimed at her sexual body parts. All sensations hurt her body while her brain processes them as pleasure. Only when Wonder Woman orgasms is when the pain actually feels good. The slave in training moans in a monotone voice that sounds emotionless, "ahhhhh... ahhhhh... ahhhhh... ahhhhh... ahhhhh..."

Not long after entering subspace, from the start of the 3rd song of her slave training, Wonder Woman begins seeing images of herself getting tortured in the past rather than a live footage of herself. Every second of the star-spangled superheroine's captivity has been recorded in multiple angles. There is enough material to make thousands of hours of fetish porn. The recorded footage has been edited like a music video to match the beats of the music playing in her headphones. Now, the fetish porn starring herself is being used to condition her to love the mistreatment she learned to fear and hate.

Wonder Woman is confused at what she is seeing due to her incoherent mind. She can't tell if the footage is real or fake. She can't tell if it really is herself or someone else in the videos. She's having trouble recalling when such cruel things were done to her. It takes her a moment to fully comprehend what she is forced to watch on her headset screen.

The star-spangled superheroine is shocked that everything during her captivity has been recorded. Everything from the beginning to now, all her bondage positions, her degrading showers, embarrassing enemas, harsh punishments, merciless torture, and her slave training so far have been recorded and continues to record. The Amazon princess has never been more humiliated and ashamed in her life as she is forced to watch herself suffer while suffering the most painful, humiliating, and helpless situation since getting captured. Knowing that Catwoman has months worth of the most embarrassing moments of her life on tape is what hurts the most. She cries in frustration and sadness as she feels herself on the verge of breaking from utter hopelessness. She just wishes for all of this nightmare to end.

Excerpt B:

Wonder Woman is thrilled to get water. The drug makes her thirsty but makes her forget about it. It's only when she swallows her mixture of sweat, tears, and mucus that she realizes how thirsty she is during the last hour and a half. Her gratitude and appreciation for this woman helping her grows. She forgets that this is the same woman that made her suffer like never imagined in the first place.

After Catwoman feeds Wonder Woman all the water in the bottle, she says, "there, there. That's a good girl. You're doing so well. I'm so proud of you!"

Catwoman gently rubs and caresses Wonder Woman's body as she walks toward the other side of the table. She gingerly touches and massages her breasts, back, and buttocks as she works her way down to the other side. She starts rubbing and kneading the star-spangled butt cheeks. She even strokes her spandex clad vagina and butt crack. She lightly moves the base of the dildo and butt plug. The pain and soreness makes the slave in training very sensitive to even the slightest touch.

The kind gesture and words of encouragement twist Wonder Woman's mind. Catwoman's loving touch soothes her pain and turns it into pleasure. The line between pleasure and pain blurs under her expert touch. It confuses the captured superheroine as her gratitude and appreciation in her most weakened and vulnerable state starts the development of positive feelings toward her captor. The 2nd stage of Wonder Woman's slave training is also the start of her Stockholm syndrome. Catwoman is deliberately creating moments for the captive to develop a positive psychological bond with her captor.

After a few minutes of therapeutic massages, Catwoman walks back toward Wonder Woman's head. Her gentle touch doesn't only calm the slave in training down, it also gets her sexually aroused. This contributes to the positive reinforcement of how the star-spangled superheroine feels when her most sensitive and private body parts are touched. Wonder Woman still has no clue how much the 2nd stage of slave training is damaging her psyche.

Chapter 24 - Stage 2 of Slave Training Routine

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Preview of the chapter:

Wonder Woman can't help herself as her 2nd stage of slave training makes her precipitate despair. The amount of pain she has to suffer on her most vulnerable body parts in the most humiliating manner is the worst experience of her life so far. The disgrace of this magnitude is far beyond what she ever imagined or anticipated. It only seems to get worse every time she feels this way. She has never felt so thoroughly defiled. The time spend in humiliation makes her feel like Catwoman stole her dignity and virtue completely.

After almost 4 months under Catwoman's captivity, 3 months of stage 1 of slave training and a couple weeks of stage 2, Wonder Woman acquires learned helplessness. After enduring repeated aversive stimuli beyond her control, especially the positive punishments from her 2nd stage of slave training, the star-spangled superheroine accepts her powerlessness. She doesn't resist at all when getting set up. She stops begging for mercy or try to negotiate her servitude for the torturing to stop. She can only hope for a rescue as she stops trying to escape even if an opportunity presents itself. The slave in training shows psychological restraint as she gets conditioned into loving pain. Each day forth, the resentment, anger, and hatred inside her get harder to find. The doubts in the Amazon princess' mind get reinforced everyday. At the end of each day, her spirit is broken. Her pride is shattered. And, her hope is extinguished. Wonder Woman, the greatest superheroine of all time, is completely and utterly broken after her 1st month of her 2nd stage of slave training. Catwoman is sexually breaking Wonder Woman everyday and forcing her to enjoy it.

After 1 month of Wonder Woman's stage 2 of slave training, she starts getting smaller doses of liquid ecstasy each day. Her daily dose regresses until she gets a placebo instead. After acquiring learned helplessness, the forced routine conditions the slave in training to keep her defensive walls down and engage her slave training. The star-spangled superheroine takes a few days to adjust to her sober sessions because the drug used to slightly dull her pain receptors.

Over time, the conditioning starts to show the fruits of its labor as Wonder Woman's body and mind keeps adjusting to her slave training. The spanking starts feeling good sooner each following day. The time it takes for the stinging sensation to turn into a nice tingling sensation shortens everyday as her conditioning progresses. In the beginning, the tingling sensation from getting over spanked doesn't come until the session is almost over. After months of her 2nd stage of slave training, she gradually gets conditioned so that the tingling sensation comes before her 1st break comes. When it does, the spanking feels good even if she doesn't have an orgasm.

Chapter 25 - The Test

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Preview of the chapter:

Catwoman sees Wonder Woman fidgeting in her bonds. She knows exactly what her slave in training is going through. The spandex clad dominatrix starts swinging the paddle harder and faster. The star-spangled superheroine squeezes her pelvic floor muscles to fight off the growing collection of ecstasy filling up her body through her tingling buttocks.


"MMM... NGH... AHH... UHH..." Wonder Woman moans loudly into her ball gag.

Now, the spanking feels like a punishment. The pain building up from the paddling is maddening. Just like throughout her entire stage 2 of slave training, no matter how much Wonder Woman squirms, jerks, wiggles, twitches, shakes, or shivers, due to her tight restraint, it really doesn't look like she's moving at all. The star-spangled superheroine can't run or fight back. All she can do is helplessly accept every stinging swat from the paddle and moan into her ball gag. The slave in training embraces herself for a roller coaster of pleasure and pain that Catwoman is putting her through.


The biggest difference between this paddling and Wonder Woman's systematic punishments during her 2nd stage of slave training is that Catwoman gave her a harsh warmup before the paddling got serious. The next biggest difference is that this paddling doesn't seem to end. It already feels like hours have passed for the star-spangled superheroine in agony.

Wonder Woman's loud moans eventually turns to soft whimpers, "ugh... ngh... ahh... uhh..."


The near indestructible paddle rains down on Wonder Woman's blistered butt. It takes a while for the slave in training's nerves to adjust to the more powerful paddling and produce the tingling sensation she is learning to love. Her pleasure intensifies from the pain and the heat. The star-spangled superheroine feels a perfect balance of stinging and tingling

Chapter 26 - Stage 3 of Slave Training Begins

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Preview of the chapter:

The innocent Amazon princess is curious to see how other women have sex, now that she's been forced to experience so much of it recently. The slave in training observes for a moment, then gets lost. Wonder Woman is bewildered to learn so many women want to be treated this way. She understands how good it feels, but it's so degrading. Suddenly, she shakes her head realizing how distracted she got from her stimulations.


Wonder Woman fights with all her might. First thing she does is close her eyes. Tightening, relaxing, breathing, and everything else she tried or anything new she can come up with are all attempted. She even tries releasing the energy her body is absorbing by voluntarily moaning. It doesn't have the effect she was hoping for, but at least it blocks out the sounds of random women moaning in the porn that's playing on her visor. Anything that can help fight off the orgasm that her captors are forcing her to have is tested through trial and error.


Wonder Woman is able to fight off an orgasm for now. The level of the pleasure and pain stimulation keeps her sexual arousal sustained at a level close to her peak. The longer the slave in training gets f***ed by the machine, the more she gets used to it. The more the star-spangled superheroine resists, the deeper she falls into Catwoman's trap.

Suddenly, the machines speed up to 4 spanks and pumps per second.


"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Wonder Woman loudly moans through over 20 spanks and pumps.

Wonder Woman's vagina and buttocks are on fire, but in a good way. The stream of pleasure that's flowing into her body breaks her dam of resistance. Each thrust and swat comes at such a fast pace that even her mind can't manage the intake. The star-spangled superheroine momentarily gets lost and forgets what she's doing.


Chapter 27 - Stage 3 of Slave Training Continues

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Preview of the chapter:

Wonder Woman gets 9 more fast edging like this, but with a heated dildo instead. The slave in training gets 20 edgings in less than 2 hours before she finally gets a break. Almost 5 hours have passed since stage 3 of her slave training began. All machines power off, including her VR goggles and headphones.

Wonder Woman's VR headset and headphones switch to live feedback. Wonder Woman gets excited as she has been conditioned to recognize her break time like Pavlov's dog was conditioned to salivate when it hears a bell. As expected, Catwoman opens the front door and walks in with a water bottle in her hand. Instead of wagging her butt, the slave in training subconsciously tightens her pelvic floor muscles a few times and squeezes out a small amount of her sexual fluids.

"Aw, poor baby. Look what those nasty slave trainers are doing to you since I left you." Catwoman says with a sympathetic look and voice.

Wonder Woman looks up and frowns through her ball gag with her eyebrows slanting down to show Catwoman how miserable she is, then moans, "mmmmm."

"I know, I know. There, there." Catwoman responds while compassionately petting Wonder Woman's hair.

The cunning villainess adds a good cop/bad cop routine to the slave in training's Stockholm syndrome developing time. Good cop/bad cop is a psychological tactic that's been set up since Wonder Woman was reintroduced to her 2 younger sisters as her slave trainers. They took the role of doing all the negative things during the slave training, while Catwoman always does all the positive things.

Now, the shrewd mistress chooses her words carefully and puts on an act to draw a defining line between her and the slave trainers, and make it clear whose side she's on. Catwoman avoids using Wonder Woman's new name or any degrading titles that would remind her of her dire situation during these special bonding time. She uses positive pet names to play the role of the best friend that she never had, and break down more of the star-spangled superheroine's defensive walls after she's allowed in like a Trojan horse. These moments dramatically boosts to establish more trust, grow the slave in training's positive feelings toward her captor, and continue to emotionally bond.

It has taken months of positive reinforcement to get to this point with the greatest superheroine of all time. Whether Catwoman was really present or not, in Wonder Woman's eyes, she was there for every single break time during her 2nd stage of slave training. The cunning villainess broke down enough of the star-spangled superheroine's guard to get cozy with her. It gets harder for Wonder Woman to hate or resent Catwoman. These interactions mold their relationship and the slave in training's connections and attitude toward her captor.

Wonder Woman doesn't even ask to be freed or to stop the slave training. This is a special time when someone who understands her pain cheers her on to keep fighting the good fight. It's a time where she's learning to vent her emotions freely. The Amazon princess continues to moan with a sad face and shakes her head in an attempt to explain to Catwoman how awful things are going. The sly villainess nods her head while petting her future slave's head.

Catwoman pulls Wonder Woman's head up by her drool covered chin, looks down smiling while holding up the water bottle in the other hand, then says, "I'm going to give you water, but you have to promise you'll be a good girl and put your ball gag back on. Can you do that for me, honey?"

Wonder Woman eagerly nods her head up and down and moans, "mm-hmm."

"Remember, no speaking or resisting. Got that?"


"Okay, here, hold." Catwoman nonchalantly says and sets the water bottle in Wonder Woman's right hand.

Wonder Woman casually holds the water bottle as it rests on the right forearm platform of her floor pillory. Catwoman reaches around with both hands to unbuckle the straps of the red ball gag. She slowly pulls it out of the slave in training's mouth. Extra drool from her mouth trails down her chin and some drip off the ball gag while it's pulling away. Wonder Woman immediately takes a deep breath of relief.

Catwoman doesn't say anything when she quickly takes the water bottle out of Wonder Woman's right hand and replaces it with the wet ball gag. The slave in training automatically holds the gag covered in her saliva and mucus without any hesitation or complaints. She's too distracted with taking deep breaths and anxious to get water. Catwoman opens the bottle, places the opening against Wonder Woman's bottom lip, then supports her chin as she tilts the water bottle up.

"Gulp, gulp, gulp..." Wonder Woman guzzles the water. She didn't realize how thirsty she was until the first drop of water hits her throat. She drinks all the water in the bottle in one breath.

Catwoman tosses the empty water bottle for one of her slaves to pick up later, then wipes Wonder Woman's mouth with her gloved hand. She doesn't clean her mouth efficiently and smears some of it, but the meaning of the gesture is what counts. Then, she snatches the ball gag from Wonder Woman's hand.

"Please, more wa-MMM!" Wonder Woman moans in surprise when Catwoman quickly shoves the wet ball gag back in her mouth when she opens it wide while asking for more water.

Catwoman quickly fastens the leather straps of the ball gag, then looks down shaking her head while saying, "Uh-uh-uh, naughty girl! You know they're watching and I have to punish you for breaking your promise."

Wonder Woman looks up at Catwoman with her head tilted down to give her the sad puppy eyes.

Catwoman hugs Wonder Woman's head and whispers, "aw, it's okay. Shh, don't worry, it'll be out little secret."

The gentle words and gesture warms up Wonder Woman's heart. She's very relieved to hear she won't be punished. She's glad Catwoman is so kind and supportive. The star-spangled superheroine continues to dissociate the woman who helps her during her break times from the woman that put her in this dreadful predicament in the first place.

Chapter 28 - Stage 3 of Slave Training Continues Part 2

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Preview of the chapter:

Wonder Woman sees the dildos coming back for another attempt. She gets ready by taking a deep breath, then she swings her butt to the right to sacrifice her left butt cheek for the hard poking and scraping of the dildos, put stress on her left hip joint, and stretch her aching clitoris in the other direction this time. Her sacrifice ultimately pays off as she gets the same result of deterring the dildos from reentering her. She may still be absorbing a lot of pain, but it's different because she's choosing this over a type of pleasure she doesn't desire. It leaves her satisfied even in the face of defeat.

As expected, Wonder Woman's victory is short-lived, as her screen goes black and the word "PUNISHMENT" flashes in red while an alarm goes off in her headphones. The Amazon warrior bears down against her floor pillory and braces herself by flexing her muscles. She takes a deep breath and waits for her one thousand excruciating swats administered within five minutes.

The swats never come. The delay while the word "PUNISHMENT" blinks feels like a trick to Wonder Woman, to catch her unprepared by throwing the timing off. All she can see is the flashing word over a blacked-out background and hear the constant beeping sound.

The fucking machine bends its arm for Wonder Woman's vagina down, opens the dildo housing compartment in its base, then switches out the studded dildo with a clit teaser to a different dildo. It closes in and angles slightly upward. It pins down the unruly slave's pussy by sneaking up on her unexpectedly. She was expecting a paddling the whole time and feels disappointed in herself for being tricked. That's when she notices there isn't a counter for the strokes on her screen. The Amazon princess is left perplexed and very worried.

Wonder Woman tries to push her hips in further and slide away, but it's too late, and there's nothing she can do anymore. The tip is already between her shimmering slit, then shortly after, inside her vaginal opening. Getting stuck between the dildo and the waist bar keeps her from running away. The dildo keeps burrowing its way in until it traps the captured Amazon princess' vulnerably exposed vagina in place, by keeping it impaled.

Wonder Woman notices how smooth the dildo feels since she's always forced to train with something more intense. The new dildo has the shape of a regular vibrator. It looks like a smooth rocket and looks like it's made of metal with a chrome finish. It's less stimulating than the spiked or ribbed dildo, but the smooth surface feels really good for the slave in training's overworked pussy.

Wonder Woman pushes her hips forward to delay the inevitable. The fucking machine stops after it fills about three-quarters of her pussy. Without any warning, the arm starts tilting up until the dildo is parallel to the ground, and it forcefully raises the naughty slave's ass back in position.

Wonder Woman shakes her bonds out of frustration. After everything she went through, which only delayed her slave training for a few minutes, is back where she started from. The only resistance she has left is to tighten her anus as hard as she can and hope that's enough to somehow block out the silicon intruder. To top it off, the "Punishment" word is still flashing.

Wonder Woman's worry turns into fear. She expects to be paddled, but the only thing she got was a smooth dildo. The Amazon princess wonders if getting less stimulation is her punishment, but knows deep down in her traumatized heart that's far from what her instincts are screaming.

"AIEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!" Wonder Woman suddenly lets out a gut-wrenching screech from unbearable pain.

As soon as Wonder Woman feels the worst pain she ever felt in her life, the words "Cat Penis" flash underneath the word "PUNISHMENT." The Amazon princess' eyes widen with shock and horror, then she shuts them tightly and shakes her head wildly as her body forces her to continue crying out loudly from the excruciating pain.

"GREAT HERA! A CAT PENIS?!?" Wonder Woman thinks to herself while in despair and distress.

With the Amazon princess' vast wisdom, she now knows exactly what her savage punishment is. Wonder Woman is horrified that someone would be sick enough to create something like this and evil enough to actually use it on somebody. The captured superheroine is filled with regret for underestimating and resisting her captor once again.

Wonder Woman never realized there are tiny holes in the shaft of the dildo. They are too small for the slave in training to feel, even with her most sensitive skin. It was the tiny sharp barbs sticking out from those tiny holes that made her scream. They protracted like switchblades and hooked onto her tender vaginal walls.

It's one of Catwoman's most sadistic creations. She designed the dildo after a real cat penis, but in the form of a vibrator to maximize physical contact. The barbs are small spikes that are curled backward to mimic penile spines. Just like the real thing, it's designed to keep the female from running away before the mating process is complete. In Wonder Woman's case, it prevents her from escaping her anal slave training.

Wonder Woman can feel more liquid inside her stinging pussy. She thinks she's cut and bleeding. But, it's actually her vagina producing extra lubrication to protect itself, like the mouth salivating more when eating spicy food. The slave in training doesn't need conditioning to get this natural reaction from her body, like the way the clamps arouse the body from the first experience. It happens to be another function of the cat penis' design. Not only are the barbs used during sexual intercourse to keep the female cat from running away, but they're also designed to stimulate ovulation, in the slave in training's case, they force her to produce more female ejaculation to lubricate herself.

The curled spikes are sharp, but they're not sharp enough to lacerate the skin and draw blood. But, they are sharp enough to abrade Wonder Woman's very sensitive skin. The slave in training can feel the tiny hooks dig in deeper from the slightest of movements, especially when she pulls away from them.

Wonder Woman regrets her actions right away and screams, "wease, oh ore! I own ooh ee uhehn. I eh sowee."

Wonder Woman tries to holler at her slave trainers that she won't do it again, but her gag prevents her from saying anything coherently. Her words sound like panicking moans, which technically are from the horrible pain she's feeling. If she knew such a cruel and sadistic punishment is going to be her consequence, then she never would've tried to resist in the first place.

Tears trail down Wonder Woman's cheeks without crying or sobbing. Her eyes just water up from the pain and squeeze out when she blinks. She begs through her gag, "wease! Ed id ou! Ed id ou!"

Wonder Woman gets the opposite response from what she begs for. Instead, she gets "Spanking: 1000" displayed in the middle of her screen. The other words on top stop flashing. Then, she gets a hard paddling from the machine, while the barbed cat dildo is stuffed in her delicate vagina. She screams and shakes her head, then she grimaces and braces herself to absorb the impacts in order to move less against the prickly sex toy.


Chapter 29 - Stage 3 of Slave Training Routine

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Preview of the chapter:

As the days go by and Wonder Woman's resistance and willpower continue to wane, her learned helplessness behavior continues to grow from where stage two had left off. It gets stronger inside her, as she stops thinking about resisting or escaping. She gets more content with her situation as each day passes. Most days, she just goes through her motions while trying to mentally block everything out just to get through the day of grueling slave training. She just hopes that she gets rescued before Catwoman changes her any further.

Wonder Woman's sexual frustrations grow to an all-time high. She wants relief so bad that it's driving her crazy. She can't stop thinking about sex. She even thinks about her second stage of slave training. She thinks about how it felt and how many times she came. Even if it's very painful and always cut short of a satisfying release, it's still better than what she's going through now and she would be willing to go through a session of stage two for a shortened orgasm.

After a month of edging without release, Catwoman finally comes into the slave training room near the end of Wonder Woman's slave training session. The bound superheroine is surprised with mixed emotions. She misses the nice water breaks and massages, but she's also bitter about the harsh and degrading treatment of her slave training. Also, there is a sense of fear inside her from the conditioning through all the images of her mistress and subliminal messages during her punishments. The slave in training gets more nervous as the sultry villainess gets closer.

"Oh, you poor thing. I can give you relief, Wonder Slave. Would you like that?" Catwoman playfully asks while wiping away the sweat from Wonder Woman's eyebrows with her finger in a playful manner.

Wonder Woman's eyes get round in shape from the offer. She doesn't know how many days it's been since she felt a blissful orgasm. It feels like months to the slave in training. It doesn't matter how long it's been, all that matters is that it's been too long. She feels like she's going to blow up if she doesn't get some relief soon.

Wonder Woman gets tempted at her hungriest and weakest point, but she looks away discouraged. To get water and massages are one thing, but to get a sexual favor doesn't sit right with the Amazon princess. It feels like a big deal, like a line she has to cross, especially when she's given the choice to accept or decline. It also makes her feel like she'll owe Catwoman if she takes the offer. The star-spangled superheroine refuses the offer because it literally and figuratively feels like she is submitting to be Catwoman's slave if she accepts when in reality, she would be submitting to slavery through sex.

"Oh? Is something wrong? I thought you'd be ecstatic by my offer. Don't worry. Accepting my offer doesn't mean you're submitting to slavery. No strings attached, promise. I'm not even going to make you beg. But, there is a price that comes with it." Catwoman says while walking to the back of the star-spangled superheroine and brushing her fingers against her body to tease her into accepting the offer.

Wonder Woman lets out a loud sigh of delight from the soft touches, then moans out a negative response in a whiny tone while the rubber cock continues to pump in her mouth, "Nnngh."

Catwoman stops when she gets behind the slave in training. The spanking machines stop automatically. The bound Amazon princess has two spiked dildos that pump, spin, and gyrate at an angle for today's slave training session. The sadistic villainess leans down and pushes the two protruding bases of the dildos tucked under Wonder Woman's star-spangled panties. The external shoving and shaking of the dildos intensify the stimulation and force out a loud moan of pleasure from the spandex-clad slave in training, "Mmmmm!"

*SPANK rub SPANK rub SPANK rub SPANK rub SPANK rub SPANK rub SPANK rub SPANK rub SPANK rub SPANK rub*

Catwoman starts spanking Wonder Woman's star-spangled butt cheeks followed by a circular rub with her other hand. The seductive mistress times the pushing and wiggling of the dildos with spanking and rubbing. She either alternates the stimulations or does them simultaneously. She toys with her slave in training like a plaything. Wonder Woman gets excited as she feels close to a climax and wonders if her enemy is just going to let her cum without the acceptance of any offer. Then, Catwoman suddenly stops by pulling away, and the dildos inside her vagina and rectum stop, except for the dildo for her mouth which never stops pumping. The shiny spandex-clad villainess just teased and denied her slave in training personally.

Catwoman walks back around while tracing her fingers over the curvaceous body of Wonder Woman. The helpless Amazon princess looks up with disappointed eyes. The cruel mistress looks down with a playfully sympathetic expression and says, "But you didn't accept my offer, slave. It's too bad, we could've had so much fun! Ta ta, Wonder Slave!"

"Ngh... mmm." Wonder Woman moans from discontent as the machines restart her slave training while watching Catwoman leave.

A week goes by without Catwoman showing up. Wonder Woman wonders if it was a one-time offer. A sense of regret mixes in with her resolve. It gets harder to fight off her sexual desires. Sex is always on her mind. She even dreams about orgasming. All the while, she gets used to being sexually aroused all the time.

Chapter 30 - The Second Test

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Preview of the chapter:

The speed of the pumping increases slower than usual. It eventually reaches two pumps per second and stays there. It's fast enough to keep Wonder Woman's sexual arousal increasing, but still slow without going any faster or extra stimulations. She doesn't realize for a long time that the fucking machine isn't going any faster.

At first, Wonder Woman thought she was going to eventually climax if the fucking machine kept this speed up without stopping. She softly moans as she starts sweating and panting. But after getting penetrated at two pumps per second for a while, the slave in training's sexual arousal hits its peak. The pace of the fucking machine keeps her constantly aroused. But she doesn't get anywhere near the edge.

An hour goes by, then another, and another. Wonder Woman feels less aroused as the fucking continues. She's still forced to stay wet, but not as wet as she was a couple of hours ago. Her sexual arousal isn't climbing anymore. Instead, she can feel it slowly descending, even though the pace of the fucking maintains its intense speed and power. She realizes there's no way she can reach climax with this amount of stimulation.

Wonder Woman starts to get sexually frustrated even without edging. Its absence makes her realize how good edging feels even without any relief. There is a sense of thrill that adds to her sexual journey of rising and falling over and over again. Also, she feels more pleasure when her sexual arousal grows and when she's close to the edge.

Wonder Woman's third stage of the slave training session starts to get boring. It shows how much she's been desensitized by her slave training. She's not trampled by emotions of anger, fear, shame, and humiliation that keep her mind busy and occupied. The slave in training is not bothered by her current situation, especially because it's much easier than her regular sessions. It makes the stoic Amazon princess even wonder if boredom is her new torture.

Visual stimulation is what the star-spangled superheroine misses the most. There's nothing to zone out on and pass the time. Wonder Woman doesn't realize how much she enjoys watching herself get spanked, humiliated, and violated. It keeps her mind occupied and makes the time go by faster. Without it, time crawls for the slave in training.

When boredom sets in, the bound superheroine thinks about her situation. Wonder Woman wonders whether it's her body that changed or just a natural reaction to the lack of other stimulations for not getting close to an orgasm. She had never been stimulated at this speed for this long before her conditioning to know if her body has changed at all. All she knows is that she feels trapped on a plateau, rather than a roller coaster ride of pleasure and disappointment.

Wonder Woman's cause for concern is rightfully placed. Her ignorance of the situation makes it hard for her to understand the bodily changes Catwoman has made. Anyone will orgasm at this intense speed within about fifteen minutes of fast and deep penetrations. The star-spangled superheroine is at her fifth hour of the nonstop pussy pounding and counting.

Wonder Woman gets more frustrated as each second ticks away slowly. She starts wishing the dildo had more friction like a stuffed dildo to increase her stimulation. Her mind starts to wander as she thinks about other things that can enhance her sexual arousal. She wonders if getting anal stimulation may help. The slave in training recalls all her experiences since Catwoman captured her. The forced quiet time makes her self-reflect on what she's learning to enjoy. Her mind subconsciously drifts toward the yearning for pain. Each time the star-spangled superheroine daydreams, it takes longer for her to realize what she's doing to stop herself from thinking about naughty things.

After one-third of a day of torturously steady fucking in complete darkness and silence, Wonder Woman's growing boredom makes her more sexually frustrated. Fantasizing about other painful and degrading punishments to enhance her experience is not enough for her to keep her mind occupied. For the first time in weeks, the slave in training risks getting punishment by trying to enhance her stimulation using a variety of techniques. She can't rock her hips back and forth because of her waistband, so she tries tightening her vagina. The savvy Amazon princess thinks she can get away with it by keeping her movements subtle, but she doesn't know she will be caught for raising her heartbeat abnormally by exerting too much energy. She experiments with different techniques by keeping her pelvic floor muscle squeezed through a series of pumps or by tightening impulsively at various times of penetration. She tries everything from tightening right when the dildo is at its deepest to when it's pulled out to the tip and everything in between. They all seem to work best if she keeps changing up her techniques. She even squeezes her knees together to create as much friction as she can against the churning dildo, squeezing her legs and pussy simultaneously.

Catwoman and her two slave trainers watch Wonder Woman from the control room next to her slave training room. Donna and Cassie monitor the slave in training's vitals while they set the pace of the fucking machine from their seats equipped with computers and monitors. They continue collecting data to analyze the progress of the Amazon princess' transformation into the greatest sex slave the world will ever know. Catwoman lustfully enjoys the show from a raised throne in the middle of the control room.

Cassie turns her head to her mistress and alerts her by saying, "Wonder Slave is trying to induce an orgasm. Would you like to punish her, mistress?"

"Ha ha ha! Yes, I see. She can be quite diligent when she wants to be." Catwoman laughs as she licks her lips watching Wonder Woman struggle against the penetrating dildo, then she adds, "Don't punish her, my pet. Just proceed with the plan."

"Yes, mistress." Cassie nods and pushes a few buttons on her control panel, then slowly turns a knob.

Chapter 31 - Stage 4 of Slave Training Begins

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Preview of the chapter:


"Ah... ahh... nnh..." Wonder Woman softly moans in pleasure while she feels nothing but pain. The slave in training is captivated by the new addicting sensation she feels. She never imagined something that generates so much heat could feel like the complete opposite just with the addition of cool air blowing against her derriere.


As the paddling continues, the pain keeps building up. Wonder Woman's butt feels hot and cold at the same time. This sensation adds a new experience to the star-spangled superheroine's soon-to-be favorite activity as Catwoman's slave. The cooling makes her butt tingle more and helps her to endure even more pain. It feels like she can go on like this forever. The enraptured Amazon princess continues letting out soft moans of pleasure through pain when it hurts badly.


Wonder Woman is blind to realize how much she's enjoying her spanking. Her star-spangled butt cheeks buzz with pain. Pain that she has come to adore and appreciate. She never felt so true to herself as she does now. The pain that surges through her buttocks and burns like a beacon reveals who she truthfully is, the perfect masochistic sex slave. The humiliation she feels from getting dominated by her younger sisters continues heightening her sexual arousal to the embarrassing torture that she shamefully loves now. The Amazon princess subconsciously wishes it hurts more since she's fully aroused, without her vagina, anal, or nipples ever getting stimulated.


It takes a long time, but the paddling eventually gets Wonder Woman on the verge of sensually exploding. She starts squeezing and relaxing her pelvic floor muscles as she's about to burst with pain-driven ecstasy. Then suddenly, her slave trainers stop spanking her. The Amazon princess doesn't let out a whiny moan of disappointment. She blushes red with embarrassment for being fooled by her younger sisters instead. The star-spangled superheroine just silently hangs her head in defeat while panting for air and feeling her entire buttocks and upper thighs throb to her heartbeat with burning heat while constantly buzzing. The slave in training is spanked hard and long enough to stay wet for the rest of the day, no matter what she does or what is done to her.

The slave trainers leave the room, and Wonder Woman's VR headset turns off. They force the slave in training to have a quiet time alone to reflect on the paddling and what she's currently feeling, while her butt cheeks buzzing with pain. The stinging and burning sensations that linger constantly torment and chastise her. It feels like she has a terrible case of sunburn on her butt and upper thighs. The back of her shiny spandex panties feels like pins and needles. The lingering pain keeps her sexually aroused and ready to serve at any time.

About thirty minutes pass, but it feels like hours for Wonder Woman. After fantasizing about more spanking from her forced contemplation, the slave in training starts to get bored. The lack of stimulation gets her after being overloaded with them for the majority of her nine months of captivity under the sadistic claws of Catwoman. But there's nothing she can do but wait for her slave training session to begin to wipe her boredom away.

Suddenly, Wonder Woman's VR headset turns on. Her visor and headphones go to live feedback mode from her point of view. She curiously raises her head as she can see with her own eyes through her high-tech slave training gear. She looks around to see if anyone is in the room with her. She turns her head to her right and then left. She checks behind her by lowering her head and looking between her partly spread legs. After verifying that she's by herself without any spanking or fucking machines in sight, she exhales a sigh of relief and then patiently waits with her hanging head.

Without warning, the door in front of the slave in training opens up. Wonder Woman quickly raises her head when she hears the sound of the door, hoping it's an early visit from Catwoman. The bound star-spangled superheroine looks up confused when she sees a masked man instead of the sultry cat burglar dressed in her sexy, skintight outfit. For a split-second, Wonder Woman thinks someone finally came to her rescue. But the Amazon princess' eyes bulge out of her skull when she realizes the masked man is naked except for the leather hood with a zipped-up mouth hole, and he's holding his erect penis in his hand. Her heart stops and sinks to her stomach when she realizes in her heart that her worst nightmare is about to come true. She is about to get raped by a man for the first time since she left her home island of Themyscira.

Wonder Woman freaks out as she panics when the naked man walks in and gets closer. She grimaces with anger as she shakes and pulls on her bonds. The desperate superheroine tries to put her weight into the impulsive tugging against the harnessing straps, but the spanking has made her weaker than a mortal woman. All she can do is throw daggers with her eyes to try and scare the dirty man away.

From what Wonder Woman can see, the man looks out of shape with a flabby spare tire around his waist but shows some muscles like he used to be an athlete. He has black hair, not too hairy but more than average. His body resembles one in middle age. And she can tell he's smaller than she is, at about five foot eight inches tall and around one hundred and fifty pounds.

Wonder Woman can't see the man's face, but she can feel his lustful gaze piercing through her skimpy costume. At closer observation, it doesn't look like he takes care of himself much. The strange man is a bit dirty as he doesn't look like he grooms or maintains good hygiene. Her intuition serves to be correct when she gets a whiff of the filthy man's musky odor as the man gets closer. The dominating body odor makes the nose hairs of the helpless Amazon princess curl with disgust and repulsion.

"Who are you? What are you doing here? Does Catwoman know you're here? D-did she send you?" Wonder Woman angrily asks, then she starts yelling when the strange man gets close enough to touch her hair, "NO! DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH ME, YOU SCUM!"

Chapter 32 - Stage 4 of Slave Training Continues

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Preview of the chapter:

The only thing the greatest superheroine can do is feel every dirty man have their way with her. They get to take as long as they want until they cum. Whether it takes five minutes or over an hour, every man leaves after they have their orgasm. That seems to be the one thing every man that raped her has in common. The inexperienced Amazon princess wonders if that's simply the nature of a man or a rule set by Catwoman.

Wonder Woman feels and learns how every man's style of fucking can be different and similar in many ways. The slave in training notices the differences in the penetrating sensations depending on the length and girth of the man's penis. Durability, stamina, and energy all tend to contribute to the different factors, but she also learns how the size of the man can change the way her pussy gets stimulated. Due to the variety of sizes, Catwoman used to train the star-spangled superheroine, it doesn't make much of a difference to her. The captured Amazon princess is conditioned to like all shapes and sizes, especially dildos with extra stimulating features like spikes or ribs.

With men's genitals, Wonder Woman notices the positives and negatives of all sizes. She learns to love how big dicks make her feel full, but it can hurt when the man tries to fuck fast and hard with his thick and long rod. Smaller dicks don't give the slave in training the breathtaking feeling of getting stretched to her limits, but it always feels good, especially when they fuck hard and fast. The size she likes the best is the cocks that fit her like a glove to her physiology. As a six-foot-tall woman, slightly bigger than average is perfect for her.

Wonder Woman gets to experience a variety of genital shapes and sizes before she gets a break halfway through the first day of her fourth stage of slave training. The slave in training gets her food and water through a straw from a feeding machine that rises from the ground. After her feeding time, the spanking machines rise from the ground and paddle her for the second half of her slave training session. The spanking machines don't stay in perfect rhythm at all times to simulate the way her younger sisters may paddle her to assist her sexual arousal through her humiliation by making her think they are. Even if the star-spangled superheroine is still wet from the lingering pain of the paddling she received in the morning, another one guarantees she'll be juicier for the rest of the day.

Like the first half of Wonder Woman's new slave training session, she gets fucked for hours straight during the second half. Man after man, dick after dick, the slave in training is forced to take them all and helplessly pleasure them to a sexual climax they will never forget. But, as the day continues, the Amazon princess can't stop herself from feeling the pleasures of each cock penetrating her into a submissive state, as Wonder Woman experiences the true nature of a woman's role during sexual intercourse.

Wonder Woman learns by the end of the night how selfish all men are. None of them cared to make her cum. They only cared about their needs and left when they were satisfied. Not a single one tried to adjust so that she may end up cumming with them.

Because of Wonder Woman's slave training thus far, she forgets that the last thing she wants is to feel ecstatic pleasure from a forced orgasm during rape. The Amazon princess can't help herself from feeling bitter and disgruntled even in her demeaning position of getting defiled by every man she encounters during her captivity under the claws of Catwoman. She doesn't realize it's none of the men's fault and that it's the fault of her conditioned body to service men or women all day by trying to satisfy her insatiable hunger for pleasure.

Wonder Woman feels used and dirty like she never imagined. She has never got inseminated before today, yet she's filled with semen from forty-nine men within fourteen hours of the first day of stage four of her slave training. Most of it gets pushed out and drips out, but she'll never know whose cum is still inside and who's have been churned out. It's a filthy thought she never thought she had to think about.

Wonder Woman feels hopeless by the end of the day. Even without submitting to being Catwoman's slave, she knows how it feels to be a sex slave. It makes her question her resolve and efforts, whether it's worth the trouble or not. It's the first time that the star-spangled superheroine feels like a slave rather than a prisoner. The empty feeling makes the Amazon warrior feel angry and frustrated for feeling like all her efforts to avoid getting conditioned or defiled like she did today are for nothing. And it's worse than she suspected because she thought only one man would violate her if this ever happened.


"AWW!" Wonder Woman suddenly whips her head up and screams in pain when she feels a sturdy hand rain down at her sore butt cheeks. The spanking surprises her, especially since it's fast and hard from the start, and the spots she gets spanked are unpredictable. The dominating hand is everywhere, and its stinging handprints rekindle the burning sensation on the star-spangled superheroine's entire buttocks. The Amazon princess gets intoxicated from the pain of a familiar spanking style as the unrelenting hand covers all around both her round butt cheeks. The slave in training asks herself, "Catwoman?"


The well-conditioned superheroine is right on the money. Wonder Woman lost count of how many men ravaged her, but the fiftieth spot ends each day of her fourth stage of slave training, and it's reserved for her future mistress. Catwoman is in a dominatrix version of her shiny spandex purple costume. Instead of a spandex bodysuit, it consists of a sleeveless mock-neck leotard, opera gloves, thigh-high stockings with purple high heels, and a mask made of latex. For the finishing touches, she has a spiked collar on but without any O-rings or D-rings like a submissive's collar, a smooth breastless leather corset with straps and buckles in the back, and an eight-inch dildo strap-on.


Wonder Woman is startled by how rough and mean this Catwoman is. It's not the gentle and loving woman that she got used to from the daily visits during her third stage of slave training, and it makes her second guess if it is the mastermind behind her enslavement. This spanking is from the woman that the star-spangled superheroine learned to fear over the past nine months, and she's having a hard time suppressing her fear. She knows this isn't punishment, but the aggressiveness makes her wonder if her future mistress is upset. The slave in training quietly takes her spanking while being mindful of not doing anything wrong to get to her captor's good side.


Wonder Woman's body adjusts to the pain of the spanking rather quickly. She already secretly wishes the spanking hurts more than it does. The slave in training produces fresh lubrication for her future mistress. The pleasure and pain she feels overwhelm her by shrouding her in her lustful desires. All day of not getting sexual satisfaction makes her feel like she went through a day-long session of nothing but edging. The star-spangled superheroine moans loudly with painful pleasure when Catwoman throws in a pussy slap between the resounding spanks, "AHHHHH!"


Catwoman grins after watching Wonder Woman's head sway or shake. The sadistic mistress starts randomly pinching her slave in training's pussy lips together, pulls, and twists before giving it a hard slap or two. She adds sensual rubs to the stinging butt cheeks before or after she spanks it hard. The lecherous villainess toys with the star-spangled superheroine by using her conditioned responses against her.

Chapter 33 - Stage 5 of Slave Training Begins

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Preview of the chapter:

"What insult is this?" Wonder Woman yells from feeling appalled and infuriated by what Catwoman presents her.

The end of the metallic rod is a life-like dildo with a hairy scrotum inching toward the slave in training's face. Wonder Woman is disgusted by the sight of the realistic sex toy. She moves her head to the left to move out of the dildo's way, but it stops right in front of where her head would be in the proper position with her head up.

"Ugk!" Wonder Woman winces when she smells a bold musky odor exuding from the fake penis. The smell reminds her of all the men who violated her, not realizing they were all impersonated by her slave trainers and androids. Her memories magnify her disgust and ignite her anger.

But the Amazon princess can't help but stare at the accurate replica. Wonder Woman has never seen male genitalia up close before. She examines it from different angles and notices all the realistic features, from the veins on the shaft to the wrinkles on the balls covered with pubic hair. She even discovers that it has a urethral opening.

After examining the penis up close, Wonder Woman thinks how pointless it is for her slave trainers to leave a penis out of reach. She wonders if it's there to stare at and smell. But the captured superheroine knows by experience that won't be the case. That's when she hears a click below her. The Amazon princess lowers her head to look down and investigate what that sound is for. She doesn't find anything suspicious but feels her body move slightly forward from her shifting her weight.

The clicking sound unlocks and allows the waist bar and the joint of the "L" frame holding up the waist bar to swivel. Allowing both parts of the frame pillory to move allows the slave in training to move her body forward and backward while her limbs remain stationary. The ability to rock back and forth is the most freedom the captured superheroine has ever gotten since her captivity under Catwoman began.

Wonder Woman is surprised that she's able to move back and forth. She tests out how much she can move her body. Her range of movement for both forward and backward combined is slightly over a foot. She can move forward enough to touch the tip of the dildo with the back of her throat.

The monitor turns on, and the words "Suck penis for water" pop up. Wonder Woman is outraged by the command. To serve without a choice is one thing, but for her captors to think she will ever obey and serve by choice is ludicrous. There is no way an Amazon princess will suck that hideous thing willingly. And there is no way the star-spangled superheroine will submit as Catwoman's sex slave, no matter how thirsty or hungry she is.

A timer on the monitor appears under the commanding words. It starts counting down from ten minutes. Wonder Woman gets nervous when she sees the timer and realizes she will earn a punishment for not obeying. It seems to her that she has less than ten minutes to decide whether she will give the prosthetic genitalia a blow job or not. The Amazon warrior clenches her fists, takes a deep breath, and holds onto her resolve not to voluntarily be a slave.

When the timer hits zero, the monitor starts flashing "BAD SLAVE!" in bold red while the same sound associated with her punishments starts beeping. "Punishment for disobedience!" appears under the flashing words. Then, the word and number "Spanking: 1000" emerges under the reason for her disciplining while the spanking machines rise from the ground behind her.


Wonder Woman panics when she sees the details of her punishment. She's subconsciously conditioned from her slave training to fear every word except for the word "bad." She wants to stay strong, but she gets an uneasy feeling and gets queasy. The star-spangled superheroine anxiously looks back at the spanking machines elevating to their positions. She desperately tries to move her body forward, but the floor pillory pushes her back with the waist bar and locks in its vertical position.


"AWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!" Wonder Woman springs her head forward, screams, and twitches erratically in agony. The intensity of the paddling hurts. The power and speed of the spanks quickly exceed her threshold for pain. She barely tolerates the buildup of pain as she gets one hundred swats in less than a minute. The paddling hurts too much to get an orgasm, but it leaves the spandex-clad superheroine nice and wet by the hot throbbing pain radiating from her buttocks. Once her spanking is over, the box and spanking machine descend back into their housing underground. The slave in training quietly sobs by herself with her head down.

After an hour of quiet time for the slave in training to reflect on her bad behavior, the box comes up for the second time. It opens up and presents the dildo to Wonder Woman with the same command and timer. The waist bar unlocks for the bound superheroine so she can participate in her slave training.

Wonder Woman stares at the realistic penis closing in. It stops right in front of her face, then the timer starts. The beautiful superheroine parts her luscious lips, closes her alluring blue eyes, and slowly moves her body forward. The Amazon princess' red lips brush against the glans of the fake cock then she wraps her lips around the shaft as she pushes herself forward.

Suddenly, Wonder Woman clenches down on the middle of the dildo with her teeth and tries to bite the dick off. When she realizes she's not strong enough to cut the silicone sex toy with her teeth, she tries to tear it off by wildly shaking her head from side to side. The Amazon warrior pulls while she shakes her head, resembling a guard dog biting the limb of a trespasser.


The monitor and alarm go crazy. As before, "BAD SLAVE!" flashes in red, while the words "Punishment for bad behavior!" appear shortly after. But this time, the word and number "Spanking: 2000" emerges at the bottom of the screen. And the slave in training is too busy to realize her punishment has doubled.


Chapter 34 - Stage 5 of Slave Training Continues

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Preview of the chapter:

Wonder Woman glances up at the monitor and gasps in shock. The pleasure meter is barely over half full. The edge of the blue-to-red color spectrum bar inside the rectangle changes from orange to yellow and moves toward the green part as it shrinks before her eyes. The slave in training gets overwhelmed with the fear of spanking, especially because she's not sure if she'll get five thousand swats or just one hundred.

Wonder Woman quickly puts her head down and licks frantically. She's unable to lick and look at the screen simultaneously because her face is facing down when eating the vagina compared to facing forward when sucking the penis. Not being able to see her progress raises her anxiety level.

Wonder Woman licks intensely for about ten seconds, then looks up to see her progress. She's disappointed and disheartened by the result of her effort. The bar isn't even where it was when she first checked. The Amazon warrior feels frustrated. She wonders why her efforts didn't produce the same results. That's when she realizes and mentally kicks herself in the pants. She's been neglecting the most critical part of the vagina, the clitoris. The inexperienced princess realizes her mistake of approaching pussy eating like sucking a dick by focusing on one repetitive motion or just one part of the genitalia.

Wonder Woman leans in quickly, puts her face down, and goes full steam on the pleasure knob. She licks and sucks the clitoris hood. The spandex-clad superheroine can feel the fake clit get slightly larger through an inflatable feature of the high-tech training tool as it's stimulated more. Unfortunately, she's under too much duress to be astonished by the realistically innovative features.

Wonder Woman looks up to check the meter and time. It's almost complete, with only ten seconds left on the timer. The edge of the colored bar is orange-red. It's a do-or-die moment.

Wonder Woman feels rushed and panics. She quickly tries to think of something that will push the pleasure bar over the edge. The captured superheroine recalls her past experiences and the many times that Catwoman pinched and wiggled her erect clitoris to tip her over the edge. The slave in training clamps her teeth around the inflated clit and then shakes her head.


The monitor flashes "BAD SLAVE!" in bright red. "Punishment for biting!" appears underneath. But this time, Wonder Woman sees a new punishment for the day as "Pussy spanking: 1000" fades into the screen.

"What?! But I wasn't trying to hurt it!" Wonder Woman desperately pleads her case, fearfully looking over her shoulders as the spanking machines rise behind her.

The bound Amazon gets confused and alarmed when she sees the fucking machine ascend from the ground as well. For a split second, she gets hopeful that she'll get penetrated by a dildo during her spanking, but the machine opens its main compartment and reveals a wheel with leather straps attached to it.

"No! That isn't fair! I was trying to make it feel good. I swear on Mount Olympus, I wasn't trying to hurt it!" Wonder Woman makes her final case with teary eyes while pushing her hip to the side so that her star-spangled cameltoe is off target.

The arms of the spanking machines on the sides don't have paddles at the end. Instead, they have small rectangular pads that contour to Wonder Woman's curves because the slave in training doesn't have her waist restraint on. They close in on the shiny spandex-wrapped hips. The one on the right pushes her butt into position while the other traps her in place. The touch of the left padding on her left hip reminds her of Catwoman's touch, and it gives the slave in training a sense of disappointment for failing to set the prosthetic vagina off.

The pussy spanking wheel is about a foot in diameter. It has two eight-inch leather straps connected on opposite sides of the circumference, designed to administer two swats in one revolution. The straps are narrow to avoid hitting Wonder Woman's thighs or the arms holding the wheel. The leather tongue is rigid and has the best balance between its length and weight for maximum pain of an implement of this size.


"AIIIEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!" Wonder Woman grimaces and screeches in pain, her body tense and writhing against her restraints.

Only after a few seconds into her pussy spanking, Wonder Woman is already past her pain tolerance level. She has nowhere to go or hide. The padding keeps her firmly in place no matter how much she tries to move out of the way or how violently she reacts to the pain of the severe pussy strapping. The helplessly bound superheroine has no choice but to submit and endure.

The pussy spanking is fast and brutal. The wheel has to spin very fast to create the momentum it needs to inflict the amount of pain Catwoman desires. It's almost twice as fast as two spanking machines, and it sounds like a Gatling gun spinning at about five hundred revolutions per minute.

"Argh!" Wonder Woman shrieks in pain when she cramps up at the hips and calves from contracting her muscles too hard and for too long. She's in triple the amount of pain. Her bondage keeps her in place from straightening her legs to alleviate the stress. She's stuck with it. Unfortunately, her only option is to relax her muscles and ride out the cramp until it fades.

Wonder Woman screams until silenced from breathlessness. Her lower extremities shiver in agony as the pain builds up between her legs faster than she can handle. Moans of anguish seep out between her lips as soon as she quickly draws in a breath.

Catwoman's message is clear. She is much more strict and severe when it comes to Wonder Woman's training with a vagina than a penis. It's because she owns one and to ensure her slave in training learns how to please her mistress. And if that slave in training in question will hurt a pussy she's supposed to serve intentionally or unintentionally, then her pussy will face the consequences one thousand folds with a thousand more for each subsequent transgression.

Wonder Woman's punishment only takes about a minute. The brutality of the quickness is very traumatizing. As soon as the spanking machine stops, Wonder Woman has a moment of silence from recollecting and processing the thoughts and emotions she just experienced, then breaks down and cries loudly like a little girl.

Wonder Woman's shiny spandex-covered vagina feels like it's on fire. The burn feels hotter than the burn on her butt cheeks. It stings like a thousand needles are biting into the area the leather straps slapped her on. The swelling is already visible as the star-spangled cameltoe is puffier than before.

A sense of regret and remorse washes over Wonder Woman. There isn't an ounce of anger or bitterness for misunderstanding her intentions. It's a learning experience, and the slave in training is determined not to make the same mistake twice. The fear of receiving another pussy spanking is motivation enough, but there's something deeply embedded inside she's unaware of that wants to impress Catwoman for approval.

The silicone vagina retreats into the metal box, the monitor folds in to close it, then the box descends to the ground. Wonder Woman is left sobbing with her burning clit and pussy lips to contemplate what she has done. As the star-spangled superheroine is always grateful for the short breaks she gets after her punishments, her bondage and throbbing pain distract her from realizing Catwoman is using this moment to condition corner time into her future slave. These moments of reflection help train the Amazon princess to learn the lessons her slave trainers instill in her.

As Catwoman planned, Wonder Woman starts thinking about her mistake. She wonders why the biting didn't work the way she expected. The Amazon princess struggles to pinpoint the reason with what she knows and doesn't know.

"Suffering Sappho! I'm a masochist!" Wonder Woman exclaims in shock when she comes to self-realization as a masochist for the first time.

Wonder Woman is devastated. She can't believe it, but her thoughts and actions prove otherwise. Further proof is how wet the shiny spandex-clad superheroine is after her pussy spanking. Even if she blames her bodily reaction on the forced blood pressure around the region, the memories of the types of pain Catwoman unleashed on her get her sexually aroused.

Wonder Woman sefl-reflects and searches deep inside herself. She questions whether she was born this way or if Catwoman conditioned her to be this way. It bothers her more if it's the latter. But she wasn't sexually active before she got captured by the sadistic villainess to know which is the case.

Wonder Woman looks back on her life for any clues on whether she was a natural-born masochist or not. She doesn't remember any incident that may have been a sign of her enjoying the pain. The more the Amazon princess searches her memories, the more she feels concerned she is the product of Catwoman's meddling.

The star-spangled superheroine traces back from the beginning of her captivity under Catwoman and what she said about the Amazons created to be the perfect sex slaves and their weaknesses. She realizes the contradiction of getting turned on by her weakness but is too innocent to determine if part of it is a natural reaction to everybody. Then, when Wonder Woman traces back to her slave training, she remembers the irregular sessions and remembers orgasming with only spanking. As long as she has been in denial, it's time for her to accept reality. She always knew there was more to her slave training than just mere torture to break her will, but she didn't realize how far Catwoman had conditioned her.

Wonder Woman starts shedding tears of anger and frustration. As much as she wants to blame Catwoman, she looks at herself for allowing this to happen. The star-spangled superheroine kicks herself in the pants for getting complacent and not resisting more. The Amazon princess wonders how she slipped so far, but most days of her captivity are a blur because of the repetitive routine. Wonder Woman can only remember distinctive days that stand out. The rest of her days are mostly chronologically shuffled under the stage of her slave training. It's just as hard for the spandex-clad captive to remember how long each stage of her slave training was or how long it's been under Catwoman's captivity.

Just as Wonder Woman gets her resolve back and starts contemplating the purposes of the recent stages of slave training, the metal box returns to resume her slave training. Her sense of determination falters when she sees the timer running. Her sense of fear threatens to take over when she thinks about more pussy spanking. The brave Amazon princess takes a deep breath and clenches her fists.

"BEEP BEEP BEEP." The monitor beeps and displays the defiant slave's punishment of the expected two thousand slaps to her vagina, but there is an additional line that reads, "Spanking: 1000."

"Merciful Minerva! Spanking, too?!" Wonder Woman exclaims in horror.

The spanking machines get in position while the monitor visually scolds her with flashing red letters. Wonder Woman feels a rush of anxiety. She knows it will be painful, especially because her pussy still stings and very sensitive. The bound superheroine tries to wiggle and shake, but the padded arms hold her firmly in place like before. The arms with paddles and the wheel with the straps get in their respective positions after the naughty slave is prepared for punishment and then starts.


"ARRRRRGH!!!" Wonder Woman frantically shakes her head and screams in agony and despair. The spanking is hard and fast, as usual. She gets hit in the pussy twice for every time she gets paddled once due to the difference in speed, which is why there is twice the amount of strokes for her vagina than buttocks.

Wonder Woman twitches and shivers as she howls and squeals. She regrets her actions right away as she gets overwhelmed by the pain in her vagina and buttocks. The captured superheroine understands why she didn't resist as much as she should have because she can't. Catwoman always spanks the resilience out of her rebellious heart.

Chapter 35 - The Final Test

https://www.patreon.com/posts/wonder-sl ... =join_link

Preview of the chapter:

Like in the prior stages of Wonder Woman's rigorous slave training, she hopelessly falls into a routine. She loses track of time through the repetitive days. The Amazon princess gets desensitized from the humiliating degradation of voluntarily learning to service sexual body parts orally as a sex slave. It's a compromised position that Catwoman forces the resilient Amazon warrior to make to save herself from unnecessary pain and suffering. At the same time, she bides time for the opportunity to escape or be rescued by her friends, especially since the cunning mistress holds the captured superheroine's butt cheeks hostage at all times. And when the slave in training is rebellious or misbehaves, the strict slave trainer unleashes the dreaded cat penis and cat butt plug on her.

Wonder Woman is a quick study because of her intelligence, awareness, and adaptability. She continues to polish her techniques of pleasuring with her mouth, tongue, and lips while learning to tolerate unsuspecting pain. The slave in training is motivated by realizing that better technique leads to faster orgasms, which ultimately reduces the risk of making a mistake and the number of random spanks during the process. The star-spangled superheroine avoids punishment for nearly five days straight in the last week of stage five of her slave training.

After such a streak of success, Catwoman deems her slave in training ready for her final test. The next day, the spandex-clad mistress orders Donna and Cassie to prepare Wonder Woman. But everything is routine, from her daily cleaning and no feeding, including being stripped of her star-spangled costume for her training session after wearing it for a few consecutive days without washing. It's not until the slave trainers restrain her thighs she gets an uncomfortable feeling of change.

Wonder Woman gets startled, and her fear is in the right place as they deprive her of her senses by putting her VR headset on. The training assistant device covers her eyes and ears. It's in sensory deprivation mode and feels like the power is off, but it continues to monitor her eyes. Her captors can see whether her eyes are open or closed and if she's stressed or not.

Not being able to see or hear what's happening brings fear and anxiety to Wonder Woman's heart. Her blood pumps faster as she swallows and clenches her fists. Pain is what she has learned to fear, and through her experience of being in this situation, she knows it's coming.


"Ahh!" Wonder Woman yelps from the surprising pain, then tightens her lips to suppress any sounds of shame.

Just as the intuitive Amazon princess expected, Donna and Cassie arm themselves with her custom paddles, then start spanking her furiously. The paddling hurts because most of the hard layer of blistering healed during the last five days of her fifth stage of slave training by avoiding punishment. The random spanks she got during the sessions weren't enough to injure her.

Wonder Woman also has enough experience with this situation to know this spanking isn't punishment like she used to think. It doesn't hurt enough to be a punishment. But it's painful enough to bring her distress. She knows this is most likely a warm-up for something more sinister. Continuing the journey of the unknown through stinging hot pain only adds fuel to the flames of her anxiety. As she's at the mercy of her captors, the only thing the helpless superheroine can do is endure the torture and wait to find out what they have in store for her today.


Wonder Woman tries to tolerate the pain with all her might, but she's no match for the power and speed of her two Amazon sisters. With each on one side, they never relent or give their older sister a rest. They incessantly pound and hammer the bared butt cheeks with the nearly indestructible paddles. They take turns but are unpredictable with the location of the impact. The slave trainers either cover both butt cheeks, only the one on their respective side, or only the one far from their side. It gets more random when they spread out to her upper, outer, and lower butt cheeks. The pain builds up too fast for the Amazon warrior, and she eventually starts screaming and yelping in pain, "Argh, aww, ahh!"


Wonder Woman starts to squirm within her bondage more. The slave in training can tell by the way Donna and Cassie try to catch her off-guard that they are students of Catwoman. They will team up and synchronize on hitting the same spot repeatedly until the pain gets intolerable, and then they spank an area that hasn't been spanked for a while to maximize the pain. It feels like two Catwomen are spanking her at the same time.

The paddling continues for a long time until Wonder Woman is too exhausted to twitch and writhe from the pain. Her moans get weak. Tears well up in her eyes. Not only can the slave trainers see by the captured superheroine's body language that she's ready, but also by her brightly red butt cheeks with whitening circles in the middle due to dryness caused by the relentless beating.

Cassie gets some lotion and rubs it on Wonder Woman's burning behind. The Amazon princess gasps from surprise and discomfort when she first feels the cold lotion and the younger slave trainer's hand against her sore and sensitive butt cheeks. Then she exhales a deep breath as it soothes some of the stinging sensations briefly until the cool air starts to sting the tenderized skin. That's when Donna suddenly squeezes Wonder Woman's right nipple and puts a clover clamp with a weight on it.

"Argh!" Wonder Woman draws in a sharp breath and screams in agony. She clenches her fists and whimpers when the older slave trainer clamps her left nipple. Before the slave in training can exhale, Cassie resumes the paddling and makes her yelp in pain, "Aww!"


The short break from spanking and the lotion revitalizes the intensity of pain Wonder Woman feels from the swat of the paddle. The surface of the implement sticks against her burning skin because of the moisture, causing more pain through the friction during impact. Cassie holds the paddle with both hands to add more power to her swings.

Right when the pain from the paddling builds up to an intolerable level, Cassie abruptly stops without warning. Donna immediately reaches in, pulls on Wonder Woman's right labia, and then puts a clover clamp with a metal weight on it. This time, Cassie gives the slave in training a series of swats before Donna clamps the left labia.

After another quick flurry of spanks, Donna clamps the bound superheroine's erect clit with a pincher clamp that has an adjustable screw. The older slave trainer tightens it until Wonder Woman's pleasure knob is squeezing out of shape. The sensation teeters between the line of pain and discomfort, forcing the masochistic sex slave in training to feel constantly aroused. It takes a long time for the slave in training to get used to all the clamps until she can only feel them when they move.

Cassie resumes paddling again without warning. Donna grabs her paddle and joins her. They spank away until the dangling weights of all four clamps swing because of the slave in training's squirming and twitching.


Wonder Woman's butt cheeks shine like two red apples because of the lotion and hard spanking. Donna and Cassie smile at each other for the job well done, then walk out of the slave training room. Wonder Woman doesn't know they left because of her sensory deprivation headset. The slave in training quietly goes back to helplessly wondering about what her captors have planned for her.

Wonder Woman's bottom constantly radiates heat as it throbs with her heartbeat. It stings, but not as much as the budding masochist wants it to. She's weak and exhausted but feels good, like after a workout. The slave in training subconsciously savors the burning glow as she waits for what's next.

As time goes by, Wonder Woman's anxiety and stinging burn on her bottom fades away. Boredom starts setting in as she wonders how much time has passed and how much longer she has to wait. It's when the slave in training realizes for the first time how something degrading as sucking dick or eating pussy can still stimulate her mind enough to make the time go faster.

After waiting about an hour in sensory deprivation, Wonder Woman's headset turns on. The slave in training suddenly sees a familiar sight when she finds herself staring down at the head of a penis. But as she looks further down the shaft, things start looking unfamiliar. The realistic-looking scrotum is gone, including the metal box housing and the monitor. Instead, the dildo is attached to a fucking machine.

Because of the training and conditioning Catwoman unleashed on Wonder Woman, she is ready and willing to service any dildo that's pointed at her face, even without instructions or a promise of a reward. She licks her lips to wet them. The slave in training tries to lean in to make contact, but the waist bar is still locked. Her eyes widen with shock when the penis closes in instead.

Wonder Woman's mind rushes as she isn't sure of what to do. She looks at her heads-up display for instructions, timer, or pleasure gauge. But there isn't anything, and as the dildo gets closer, her slave training takes over. The bound superheroine opens her mouth and welcomes the rubber penis with her soft, warm tongue.

The dildo moves in at a slow but constant speed. The intruding pace allows Wonder Woman to adjust the shape of her mouth and tongue to accommodate the size of the silicone genital. During entry, she keeps her mouth wide and her lips loose against the shaft but holds her tongue tightly against the bottom as a guide from her teeth.
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Re: Wonder Slave - Chapter 5 - Wonder Woman's Captors

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I'm enjoying this series quite a bit, wonderslave, and thanks for sharing it; however, going forward please simply add future chapters to the bottom of Chapter 5 post and rename that post "Continuation of Wonder Slave Series." Put chapter titles at the top of each new post within that renamed post from now until the end of the series. Thanks.
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Re: Wonder Slave

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Mission successful! All chapters now available in one continuous thread.

:thumbup: :thumbup:
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Re: Wonder Slave

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Thank you for the great story WonderSlave!
I enjoyed reading very much.
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Re: Wonder Slave

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nearkos wrote: 1 year ago Thank you for the great story WonderSlave!
I enjoyed reading very much.
You're welcome and thank you very much for reading and for the nice compliment!
I updated the post with the links and preview to the newest chapters! :lynda1:
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Re: Wonder Slave

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Thank you! Can't wait for the full chapter.
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VegaTaxeca wrote: 1 year ago Thank you! Can't wait for the full chapter.
You're welcome and thank you for the supportive comment!
I also have the newest chapters on Patreon.
I can really use all the financial support I can get right now.
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Re: Wonder Slave

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Just added a preview for Chapter 28 - Stage 3 of Slave Training Continues Part 2.
It's on the very bottom of the post.
It's a special 3-page preview because I wanted to show that Wonder Woman was being a naughty slave by resisting her training.
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Added a preview for Chapter 29 - Stage 3 of Slave Training Routine, to the bottom of the original post. :D
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Added a preview and links for Chapter 30 - The Second Test
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I added a preview and links for Chapter 31 - Stage 4 of Slave Training Begins. :D
Thank you all for your WONDERful support!
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Added a 3 page preview and links to Chapter 32 - Stage 4 of Slave Training Continues. :giggle:
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I added a preview and links for Chapter 33 - Stage 5 of Slave Training Begins. :D
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Added a special 5 page preview and links to Chapter 34 - Stage 5 of Slave Training Continues. :yahoo:
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I added links and a 4-page preview of Chapter 35 - The Final Test at the bottom of the post. :smile:

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