Perils of Batgirl, one off stories updated 2/4/2022

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Perils of Batgirl, one off stories updated 2/4/2022

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This was an idea for a Batgirl bat-trap I had recently and just hand to put fingers to keys... I had another batgirl peril from another thread that I also thought would been by more in the story thread than in the discussion thread so I moved it over here and converted this thread to random one-short Perils.

I have always thought Nora Clavicle was a great foil for Batgirl since the first time I saw her press a razor sharp knitting needle to het throat. Barbara Rush wasn’t given enough to do in her one crappy episode. I do think she would be extra cruel to Batgirl for her perceived betrayal of feminism. I also think playing to the sixties trope that feminists were all repressed lesbians would be fun to play with (not very PC, but it is porn and I loved lesbian villains).

Nora Clavicle’s October Surprise
S. Sneakly

“You'll never get away with this Nora. The Gotham Police are already looking for you.” Barbara struggled to uncross her wrists, but the two henchwomen had tied them far too tightly behind her back.

“Yes, well maybe so, Batgirl, but they don't have me on any real crimes... yet.” Nora Rubbed her hand along the tweed skirt covering her thigh. “Those cases of ballots you thought I was stealing were actually fake. I planted them and pretended to steal them just to lure you into a trap.”

“What's the point of stealing fake ballots?” Barbara twisted her hands around, her fingertips just could brush the top of her Batgirl utility belt.

“Why to steal the election of course.” Nora Clavicle had only recently reappeared in on the Gotham political scene after her ill-fated attempt to destroy Gotham with a collection of explosive mice in a plotted ten million dollar insurance fraud. The judge threw out the attempted murder charge because he simply didn't believe that the Siamese Human Knot was actually a thing and all the explosives laden mice were lost in the river. It turned out what ever explosive Nora had chosen, were water soluble. The few that were found appeared harmless. Now she had turned up and was running for mayor against Millionaire Bruce Wayne to lead Gotham. Her radical feminist platform had failed to catch fire. Barbara was actually agreed with many of the stated goals, but knew better than to trust a woman who had held a razor sharp knitting needle to her throat and tried to blow up the city.

“How is that going to to steal the election? What nefarious plans are you hatching?” Batgirl couldn't see how a woman of Nora's disreputable past and history as an arch criminal was going to overcome the enormous lead of a public minded stalwart and philanthropist like Bruce Wayne.

“Oh, you'll see Batgirl. Evelina, Angelina, bring our little Bat-bait along” Nora motioned for her two evening gowned campaign workers to bring Batgirl in to a basement storage room. A sign on the door “Secret Sound Proof Campaign Strategy Room” another sign read “Authorized Personnel Only”

Each of the husky beauties grabbed Batgirl by her bound arms and shoulders and ushered her into a nondescript conference room decorated with a large portrait of Nora in her trademark tailored wool suit wearing a ceremonial Mayor's sash and top hat.

“A little premature aren't you?” Batgirl kicked her leg out but missed Eveline. “Bruce Wayne is forty points ahead and there is less than a month left in the campaign.

“Yes, just enough time for an October Surprise....” Nora was almost breathless with excitement as she lead the way over to a series of tables covered in green sheets. Batgirl could seen the large lumps under the sheets was obviously some sort of contraption. The second contraption was taller and she guessed it might be some sort of dental equipment of some sort.

“What sort of October Surprise?” Barbara didn't like where this was going.

“What indeed, Batgirl....” Nora laughed a nervous giggle of anticipation. “What indeed....”

“What could possible make Gotham turn against her favorite son in such a short amount of time?” Nora put her hand on the smaller mound. “everyone knows that Mr Wayne is a millionaire playboy, picking up women and discarding them in every corner of Gotham. Treating them like so much disposable trash.”

“We all know how he treats women, but we never talk about it....”

“Mr Wayne has always been a perfect gentleman. True, he has dated a lot, but his conduct has always been beyond reproach.” Barbara writhed but with her arms pinned and two bigger and buffer women on either side, she was going nowhere.

“That is just a wall of shame protecting him, Mr Wayne has had his share of accusers. But They are either paid off or hushed by Wayne Foundation lawyers.” Nora approached her captive until they were uncomfortably close, the fabric covering Nora's heaving chest brushing up against the pointy nipples of Batgirl's uniform.

“Now what would happen to the Wayne Campaign if his sexual peccadilloes were laid bare for the world to see just weeks before the election?” Nora's Hand reached down and cupped Barbara's pussy in her hand. There was just the layer of costume between Barbara and Nora's probing hands. Nora was gratified to feel that Batgirl was already wet with anticipation.

“What are your getting at?” Barbara kicked and tugged, but she was going nowhere and Nora knew it.

“What if Wayne was caught in a scandal so heinous that it sent him to jail for the rest of his life?” Some how Nora's fingertips managed to rip a hole in the crotch of the Batgirl costume and sent her fingers probing into the wet, shaved clit of her prisoner

“WHAT?” Batgirl yelped in surprise, suddenly feeling herself being violated.

“What if Bruce Wayne was caught and charged with the rape-murder of his most visible female supporter?” With a flick of her wrist, Nora pulled the sheet from the first table. It exposed a round leather padded Sybian vibrating machine a post rose from the back with a neck collar dangling from it. In the middle of it rose a penis, thick but only extending up and a couple of inches. In front of that was a small patch of rubber fingers. Barbara knew exactly where this was going, her own sybian looked nowhere near the industrial design of this devise.

“Let's gag her girls and put her to work for the woman's vote...”

Within minutes Barbara found herself with her ankles tied back to her thighs and straddling the soft rubber of the dildo. A large purple ball gag filled her mouth and the collar kept her from being able to dismount the sex machine. Her knees couldn't reach the table and her entire weight was sitting on the dildo and the evil rubber fingers around her clit. The crotch of her uniform was ripped open and Barbara's clean shave pussy ground the device deeper as she struggled.

“I know what you are thinking, Batgirl. How is this little fuck machine going to convince anyone that Bruce Wayne raped and killed you?” Nora moved to the second table. “It's not. It's just to convince them that you were raped.” Her voice was giddy with excitement. “The real piece de resistance is the second part of this peril'” Barbara looked at the second sheet.

“You will recall the fire that destroyed Madam Troussard's Wax Museum a few weeks ago? Well, it wasn't an accident. It was just to cover up the real crime, stealing the perfect wax castes of Bruce Wayne's hands... perfect down to the smallest details, even his finger prints.
“With those wax impressions, I was able to make covers for this...” With a delighted flourish, Nora pulled away the second cloth and exposed a a large machine with two robotic arms extending from its central unit. At the ends of each arm was a human like hand, except for the pale yellow complexion.

“I call this Choke-Bot.” She rubbed her hands lovingly across the back of the humanoid wrists. On the base of the machine a sign identified it as Bruce 2.0.

“I am sure, you are familiar with the concept of erotic asphyxiation, considering your line of work. Restricting the flow of blood to the brain will intensify the orgasms. A very dangerous game, but I do know how you like danger..... don't you?” She sniffed her juice moistened fingers before continuing. I understand Catwoman is also a big fan....”

“Anyway, you and Bruce are going to play a little game...” She picked up a controller and caused the fingers to move in an eerily realistic fashion. “Choke-Bot is going to do just that, it is going to strangle you in a most delightful way, slowly choking off air from your lungs and blood from your brain. To be honest, it could crush your windpipe in nothing flat... leaving Bruce Waynes' murderous prints all over your pretty little neck. Of course where is the fun in that....” Nora smiled. “I mean, I did promise you a rape murder, didn't I?”

“That's where the second part of this plan comes into play.” This machine isn't there just to keep you from running away.” She patted the saddle of the vibrator. “It's there to give you mind blowing orgasm after mind blowing orgasm.” Nora patted the side of Barbara's face.

“As a matter of fact, those orgasms are the only thing that is going to keep you alive.” Nora was enjoying her monologue more than was healthy.

“You see, Choke-bot is going to strangle your slowly, just like a good lover should, while the sybian is going to rub you to orgasm. The only way to stop Choke-bot from killing you is to have a nice, super intense orgasm. When you cum, Bruce will relax his grip.... at least for a minute or two. Let you catch your breath... before starting all over again.”

Nora was touching herself under her skirt and rubbing the side of Barbara's face.

“I know that doesn't sound very deadly for a multi-orgasmic girl like you, just keep cumming and cumming unto the machine breaks down or Batman rescues you.....” She smiled her wickedest grin. “That would be just too easy. I have something more interesting planned...”

This isn't your standard off the rack Sybian. You see, this one has been modified. The dildo isn't just there to help you cum and stop you from sliding off. Every time your cum, it's going to push a bit farther inside.” Nora paused for dramatic effect.

“If Bruce here fails to kill you properly, this dildo-bot will finish the job in a much more messy but just as permanent fashion. Once you are no longer cumming, Bruce will be sure to leave the appropriate marks on your neck.” Nora was in the throes of passion rubbing her clit as she envisioned Batgirl's body turning up in the trunk of Bruce Waynes limosine.

“Isn't that totally delicious?”

Barbara umphed into her gag and tugged at her arms. She was totally imobilized and her struggles did nothing but sink her farther onto the vibrator. Evelina and Angelina removed her Batcape and made sure Choke-bot would get a good exposure of Barbara's soft white neck. Next they moved the Choke-bot around to face her.

Nora put a cutout mask of Bruce Wayne over the center of the Choke-bot and flipped the switch to turn it on. The arms waved around briefly until they found her neck. As the fingers settled on her neck and started to settle on their grip in a spookily human fashion the Sybian also sparked to life.
Like the hands of the Choke-bot, the Sybian seemed to come alive as if it were part of the same semi-consciousness that animated the hands. Batgirl steeled herself for what was yet to come, an assault that was mechanized, but was also strangely human....


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Re: Nora Clavicle and the October Surprise

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Now I can’t stop thinking of how Lady Prudence would take care of Batgirl down in the dungeon....

Fortunately the Phoggs never got rid of anything.... including great grandma’ma’s fuck chair. Once Batgirl woke from paralyzing fog, she found herself manacled into the chair as Prudence excitedly waited to explain her peril....

“You see Batgirl, Phogg Place has been a center for Depravity in Londinium for decades. The wealthy aristocrats have sought out our comforts even in the most conservative of times....” Prudence reached her hand down between Batgirl’s spread thighs to the wooden dildo extending from a slot in the seat and disappearing into her sex.

Batgirl tried to recoil as she realized she was mounted on a wooden shaft shaped into erect, massive cock emerged from bottom of the seat into her pussy. To her dismay, she had virtually no play in her bondage, her wrists and ankles were pulled back in iron clamps that gave nothing and a metal collar held her neck in a near choke hold....

“You see Batgirl, Batman and Robin are going to arrest Marmaduke and Penelope for stealing the Crown Jewels and, coincidentally the murder of Batgirl....” Prudence rubbed her self under her skirt in excitement at the thought. “And I will take over Phogg Place”

“You’ll never get away with this Prudence,” Batgirl yanked at her restraints, testing them. “Batman will put everything together.... He knows that you were giving me a tour of the cricket pavilion and you were the last person I was with”

“That would be true, but I am afraid the rest of the girls saw you go back to the manor house with His Lordship. And when your body turns up in his bed, well, there will only be one conclusion....”

“You’ll never get away with this....” Batgirl’s last words were cut off by the shiny purple ball gag Prudence shoved into the dominoes daredoll’s mouth.

“Yes, I shall Batgirl... We’re English....” Prudence buckled the gag in place. “This how empires are built.” She reached down flipped a toggle on the side of the chair. The chair sprang to life, sliding the medieval carved dildo inside her.

“Don’t worry Batgirl it won’t destroy you immediately. As long as that cock is well lubricated, it will just keep fucking you!” Prudence shouted over the grating rattle of the machine. “There is a tank of synthetic cum under your seat... with every fuck it takes, a spoon full of jism ejculates into your Bat-snatch. You will ride my pony up until the tank runs dry..... and then? Well, I am sorry to say my dear Unle Marmaduke is going to get blamed for a lot of fun he didn’t get to have.....”

“I hope you are the horny submissive lesbian type, Batgirl, because otherwise this this will be no fun at all....”. Prudence stood at the base of the stair drinking in the vision the captive Batgirl being methodically fucked by the hundred year old machine, writhing as it penetrated her repeatedly. The milky white jism just starting to leak from the torn crotch of her costume.

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Re: Perils of Batgirl, one off stories

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Love those stories. Just great to have Batgirl helpless
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Re: Perils of Batgirl, one off stories updated 6/14/20

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This is actually a multi-part story (3). I don’t think it has been posted in about six years, so I will set it out for a quick flogging. I was planning on just having this thread for one-off quick fictions, but work is painful, so I don’t feel the energy to get all porny and will post this as some filler until I finish authoring a new Batgirl peril at the hand of Egghead and Olga.

Batgirl vs. The Joker
Chapter One- The Safest Sex of All
by S. Sneakly ([email protected])

It was another fine day in Gotham City’s bustling financial district. In the office of J. P. Mulligan, president of Gotham Trust Bank, a happy birthday ritual unfolds.

“Hello Mr. President,” A breathy voice announces. “I am here to wish you a happy birthday and many happy returns.” The leggy young woman at the door clicked it closed and turned in her high heeled pumps towards the beaming birthday boy. With a flick of her shoulders, her plain grey trench coat tumbled to the floor, revealing a long pair of fishnet stocking rising into a swarm of colored balloons.

“My name is Bubbles, what’s yours?” She pulls a hat pin from her hair and lets the long metallic blue tresses tumble down her back. She smiled demurely, batting her big brown eyes.

“Umm, err, Mulligan, err, JP they call me.”

“Well happy birthday to you, Mr Mulligan,” she crooned as she pricked a balloon on her shoulder. The banker jumped slightly as the balloon exploded.

Bubbles glided behind the desk, a her perfumed body stopping inches in front of the seated banker. The leggy stripper slowly closed the man’s gaping mouth so he was holding the over sized pin between his teeth.

“Pick a balloon, Birthday Boy.” She swayed her hips invitingly. The banker leaned forward, shaking with anticipation. Another balloon burst, revealing the woman’s flat muscular tummy.

“Good shot Birthday Boy!” She cooed in mock excitement. “Why don’t you go for the gold, and let the real party start!” She swayed her hip in round, hypnotic gyrations in front of the man’s face. The gold balloon over her pubis swooshed close and burst on the pin’s sharp tip. A cloud of red gas enveloped the man’s face. He slumped forward and plopped on the floor.

Bubbles immediately ran to the door and waved to a customer standing in line. He immediately gave up his place as the slipped into the office, hoping that his light burgundy tuxedo and green hair would not cause any suspicion amongst the guards milling about. Fortunately, the guards were some of Chief O’Hara’s finest trying to supplement their income off duty.

“Hoo hoo! Good work Laurel! Those dynamic dildos won’t ever be able solve this one! J. P. Mulligan will never tell a soul how this clownish caper was committed. Now let’s skedaddle before he wakes up.” The Joker and Bubbles made quick work of the folders sitting on the bankers desk.


“The Bat-spectrometer should be able to tell us the exact molecular make up these strands of brown fabric I pulled from the suit of Mr. Mulligan.” Batman was in full flourish as he waved the tweezers containing the minute brown fibers.

“Saints preserve us Batman! I would have thought that those were just brown carpet fibers from when Mr. Mulligan fell down.” Chief O’Hara cooed in his usual stupefied adulation of Batman. The caped crusader tried to explain the theoretical workings of a gas spectrometer to the police chief.

“No, Chief O’Hara, to the untrained eye they may look like brown carpet fibers, but I suspect that they are in fact part of the disguise that our perpetrator was wearing during the robbery.” Batman was about to wax poetic about how regular mortal police and everyone else was so fucking dumb when they stood in the shadow of his eminence.

Barbara was ready to barf. Instead she moved slowly away. She could stomach Batman only in small doses. She had already figured out that Batman had no solid understanding of how a gas spectrometer worked either. She knew enough about them to say that Batman was about incinerate more evidence in his hunt for useless data. Fortunately, she thought O’Hara was right. It probably was just some carpet fibers that Batman was about to vaporize in the Batcave.

Robin was sleeping one off in the drunk tank (a cell quietly set aside and renamed ‘the Bat-tank,’ which was not to be confused with the Bat-APC rusting in the police motor pool. This had caused some problems early on when a request to have the Bat-tank readied went out.) Barbara guessed that Batman must have money somewhere in this bank to get him to break off his usual round of public speaking and honorariums to be here.

Barbara looked around at the office. It was the usual stuffy oak paneled bank setting that typified the movers and shakers of Gotham business. She did notice a scrap of gold something on the floor. When she was sure no one was looking, she quietly reached down and palmed it. She thought it might be a real clue and was in no hurry to have Batman incinerate it in his latest toy. It was a small shred from a gold latex balloon. She quickly stored it in a small container on her utility belt.

She looked around the office one last time. The cluster of police and reporters that always followed Batman around a crime scene had surely contaminated any other evidence or obliterated any remaining fingerprints.

In her sleek Batgirl costume Barbara sauntered out to the bank’s main floor. The press never really bothered her with questions. They usually would snap a couple of quick pics for the gossip or society pages and leave her alone. Black hip-hugger pants, yellow utility belt and a sporty purple jog bra emblazoned with the bat-logo was all that the pleasant summer weather required. Her trim midriff was exposed and she could feel the yellow and black fabric of her cape brush the small of her back.

Without drawing attention to where she was going she moved towards one of the bank tellers idling behind her window.

“So did you see anything unusual in the bank today?” Barbara knew that both Batman and the police would spend the whole afternoon interrogating Mulligan about how he came to wake up on the floor, groggy and a half million dollars lighter in bearer bonds. Bonds that had been meant for a new expansion of the Gotham Public Library.

“Well, it was JP’s birthday today.” the teller was an attractive woman in her late thirties. Barbara had picked her because she had always been a pleasant, but gossipy type when Barbara had been in to cash checks.

“What does that have to do with the robbery?” Barbara had an inkling, but did not want to interfere with the woman’s train of thought.

“Well every year some poor shmuck who owes the bank a ton of money usually sends a hooker over here on JP’s lunch hour and then comes by later for an extension.”

“Who sent one this year?” Barbara was fascinated. This would explain the absence of any details in JP’s testimony. His wife would kill him if she found out that he was getting hookers for lunch.

“I don’t know, the last couple of years it was Bruce Wayne, but the bank won’t do business with him anymore. As far as I know, there weren’t any takers this year.” She smiled sheepishly at Barbara. “At least that was what I though until I saw that blue haired woman in the trench coat go in there around a quarter to noon.”

“Did you see any other strange characters hanging around today?” Things were getting clearer all the time. The only villainess that was in town recently was Minerva and she certainly wasn’t about to act the part of hooker. The hooker had to be working with one of the other villains populating the streets of Gotham. The question was: which one.

“There was this odd looking gentle man who was standing in line. He had green hair, a whitish complexion and a reddish tuxedo, now that you mention it.” She looked a little embarrassed that she hadn’t thought it strange at the time.

“Do you have any family on the police force?” Barbara asked with a hint of sarcasm. The woman’s face lit up.

“Yes! How did you know? My uncle is Chief O’Hara!” Barbara immediately recognized the vacuous eyes that she had so often associated with O’Hara.

“Just intuition,” Barbara smiled. There was no reason for blaming the lady for a shallow gene pool. At least she had the good sense to avoid law enforcement.

Barbara looked around the bank one last time. She knew who. And she had an idea how. Batman would stay gabbing as long the TV crews had batteries and the print reporters were interested. Eventually, they would tire of his oration and leave. That was probably a couple of hours away.

Walking out past the police cordon toward her parked Batgirl-cycle, Barbara pulled the yellow plastic vial from her utility belt. She held the plastic tube up to her nose and popped the lid.

A faint odor of sweetness breezed through her senses. Chloroform, a main component of most of the most common knockout gasses. A blue haired woman who worked for the Joker had gassed J. P. Mulligan and then helped him carry off a half million dollars in barer bonds.

Chloroform would have eaten right through a regular latex balloon in a few minutes. Barbara looked at the torn remnant of rubber. There was a thin flexible coating on one side. A balloon like this needed to be specially made.

Going back to the library as Barbara Gordon, she was able to find an archival listing for the Lucky Latex Novelty Shop. It was listed as being an industrial wholesaler of novelties and party favors that had gone under about sixth months ago. It was presently under receivership to C. Jester, attorney at law.


It was getting dark by the time that Batgirl pulled up to the Lucky Latex Novelty Shop. Barbara parked her bike a block away behind a dumpster. She walked around the building. It was old, big and isolated. The truck entrances were locked but had been used recently. The store front looked unused. Barbara scaled an old drain pipe to the roof.

Casing the skylights, Barbara inspected the interior of the building. There were lots of old carnival attractions and midway booths, all stored a way years ago for a new carnival season that would never come. She found skylight that looked down on a large, luxuriously furnished section of the warehouse. The walls and floor were painted with psychedelic swirls and spots. The upholstery was done in day-glow green with burgundy piping. This was the right address.

Reclining on a chaise longue was the self proclaimed clown prince of crime, The Joker. His pants were down around his knees as were his boxers, adorned with purple hearts. Straddling his torso was a slim athletic woman, her bright red hair was done up in a short Marilyn Monroe wanna-be style. She was naked except for a pair yellow and blue stockings held up with matching garters. She had a pretty face and a round bosom that had the suspicious ability to defy gravity.

Barbara thought for a moment, the Joker was clearly distracted from other duties and she had an opportunity to catch him and his new girlfriend by surprise. There didn’t seem to be any other thugs around and for the type of scheme they had been running, they didn’t need to split the take with anyone else.

It was only about ten feet to the floor from the skylight. Barbara looked down through the old glass. With her feet together she crashed down on the center pane. The glass exploded below her feet. She landed with a hop on the floor twenty feet from copulating criminal couple.

“I see you’ve got a new girlfriend, Joker!” The redhead was so surprised that she tumbled off the off the lounge chair and crashed onto the floor behind it.

“Hoo Hoo! Batgirl! Nice of you to drop in” The Joker was not so easily surprised. “You should have called ahead. We could’ve had a threesome! She’s quite a good fuck too, you know!” He pointed backward at the disheveled redhead, who was just climbing up from behind the dais.

“I ho__ you’ve been practicing safe sex.” Barbara needed to keep the banter up until she could get him subdued.

The Joker only laughed. “The safest kind there is!”

She would have had no time to react even if she had seen what was coming. The Joker slapped a red and white bulls eye on the floor with his hand. As soon as he did, a loud ‘POW’ echoed through the room. The purple circle that she was stepping across shot up in the and closed her in a purple sheath of shiny latex.

“Hoo hoo, the jokes on you Bat-babe! It’s a full body condom! The safest sex of all!” He was on his feet now, jumping and clapping his white gloved hands. “This is better than I had hoped. I was starting to worry that you were never going to catch on to such a wonderful ploy!”

Barbara was rolling around on the floor struggling in the tight confines of the latex sheath. It had closed neatly around her neck and was quickly getting tighter. It had formed a second skin over her body. Her arms were pressed to her side and she was soon unable to move them more than a few inches to either side. A warm, slimy coating on the inside of the latex let her body glide around inside the condom as she wriggled uselessly on the floor.

“You won’t get away with this Joker! You’ve already made too many mistakes. If I can find you so can others!”

“Tsck, tsk, Batgirl. I only left one piece of balloon behind. I also know the Dynamic Dickhead and the Balless Wonder are presently trying to organize a police raid on a New Guernsey carpet shop.” He kneeled down next to the struggling heroine. “I. . .” a prod from the redhead corrected him. “I mean ‘we’ have been stealing Gotham’s richest of rich blind for six months.”

“I hope you’re comfortable. It’s lubricated for your enjoyment! Haa haa!” Another kicked roused him from his gloating.

“Oh, and this fine young lady is my co-hort in crime, Laurel Sulfate, the finest stripper in all of burlesque” He waved his hand towards the naked stripper.

“You can call me Bubbles.” She gave a shallow curtsey.

“Yes, Bubbles and I have been pulling that same shtick for six months. But it was getting rather old. It was working too well I’m afraid. Oh yes, we robbed dozens offices at lunch time and no one ever reported a thing. Well, when I heard about all those bearer bonds, how could I resist? I knew Batman might find the balloon instead of you, but he would just shove it into one of his infernal machines and burn it up.”

“How do you like the latest in my line of ‘killer’ novelty toys? I made it just for you.” He held up a drooping condom. It was only a little over a foot long, made from what looked to be a thick quarter in of solid rubber. “This is what they look like when they aren’t all stretched out. Of course the one you’re wearing had tobe stretched out quite a bit to cover your petit little crime fighter body.” He gave a hoot of appreciation as he watched Barbara roll back and forth in a vain effort to pull her arms free.

“But not to worry my dear, the rubber in these condoms was specially designed to return to its original shape. Why in fifteen or twenty minutes it should have shrunk your svelte size four to a snug size one and a half.

“You won’t mind if Laurel and I hang out and watch? Laurel was asking me if I thought we would be able to hear the bones break as you you’re crushed to death.” His hideous clown smile grew even wider as he chuckled at the thought.

“He said he was sure they would” Bubbles moved over to The Joker, leaned on his back and started stroking his chest. “But, he’s always been a romantic”

The Joker leaned back and started kiss his co-hort in crime. Soon the two were engaged in session of heavy petting. The thin layer of latex was quickly contracting around the young crime fighter. Her body was totally immobilized within the contracting cocoon. Barbara’s legs had already fallen asleep from the pressure and her fingers were slowly turning to pins and needles. She wanted to cry out, but the pressure on her chest reduced her to gasps and hushed grunts of desperation.

Laurel Sulfate had her hands in the open fly of the Joker’s Tuxedo pants as she maneuvered to straddle him. As soon as she was firmly mounted on the end of his shaft, The Joker lurched to a standing position. He teetered momentarily as the naked dancer wrapped her legs around his engine. He then carried her back across to the lounge chair. Her hips were rising and falling as they moved across the room. Soon the two were reclining on the small couch, rising and falling in tight embrace as they watched the masked crime fighter struggling in her the contracting condom.

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Re: Perils of Batgirl, one off stories updated 6/18

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Batgirl vs. The Joker
Chapter Two-Bubbles’ Bath
by S. Sneakly ([email protected])

While the Joker and Bubbles were noisily rutting on the small couch only a dozen feet from her death struggle, Barbara was desperately trying to formulate some means of escape from the rapidly contracting condom.

She lifted her head and looked down her body. The latex sheath had contracted around her svelte body as if it had been vacuumed wrapped. Her arms and legs were being squeezed so tight that they had gone numb.

“So this is how your going to get rid of me then? Just strangle me like you did your last moll?” Divide and conquer. If she could distract Bubbles from her fucking long enough, Barbara might get a chance to drive a wedge between them.

“Hoo hoo, Batgirl, bravo! You do tell the most delightful tales!!” Bubbles was leaning back her arms gripping the edges of the couch as the Joker pulled ruthlessly at her nipples. It looked almost as if her weight was being held up by nothing more than the areola and nipples clamped between Joker’s white gloved fingers. “But, unfortunately, you won’t be strangled. The collar on that condom can’t close enough to do that. Instead you’ll just feel all your bones break inside that sexy little shrink wrap you’re wearing”

Bubbles rolled her head to the side and opened her eyes slightly. “Did you really kill her Jokey?” She pursed her lips and wetted them as she looked at Batgirl squirming desperately on the floor.

“As a matter of fact I did, while we were fucking on a couch just like this.” He pulled hard on Bubbles’ tits, making her groan and squirm.

“Mmmm. . . I love a dangerous fuck.” Her head rolled back as she glanced at Batgirl. “I hear that you like them, too.”

Barbara was too short of breath and exhausted to answer. Her efforts were becoming more and more feeble. Her bones ached under the pressure of the tightening second skin. The lubricating oil had permeated her clothes and was starting to be forced out of the neck closure. The laughter of the Joker and Laurel Sulfate hot and horny while watching the crime fighter struggling in the fiendish device echoed in her ears.

Dark spots formed over her vision and the sounds of rutting came to her as if they were coming through a long pipe.

Suddenly, Barbara felt a sudden surge of relief. Her back and arms suddenly shot free of the purple elastic. The condom had ripped along the backside. The tight fabric was spitting Barbara out the growing tear. Her feet and ankles were still wrapped by the taut latex. Her arms were flopping at her side, still asleep and tingly. Her head was pulled down to her knees by the remains of the condom.

“Blasted all! These things always rip at worst times.” He was momentarily torn between coming and risking the loss of his captive. He quickly regained his priorities and in a few hard thrusts, finished himself off as Bubbles gave a few squeals of tawdry delight.

Barbara was just regaining the sensation in her hands as the Joker holstered his quickly falling phallus and slid from under his also wilting wench. He stood up and zipped his burgundy tuxedo pants.

“Oh! Too bad Batgirl, just when you think your rid of an unwanted guest, they find some reason to stick around.” He dipped his hand into his pocket to adjust his member. Barbara could see the glint of something metallic in the palm of his hand when he drew it out. She tried feebly to roll away from him as he approached. Her legs were still hopelessly tangled in the remnants of the torn condom and her arms and hands flailed uselessly.

“Ooh, Batgirl, I belive you’ve had the pleasure of meeting one of my ‘Joy Buzzers,’ well Joy isn’t with me any more. One buzz too often, I’m afraid.” He looked at the small metal disk. Perhaps I should call it a ‘Bat-buzzer from now on.” He laughed at his own wit.

Barbara was about to tell Joker what he could do with his buzzer when he grabbed her hand and pressed it into her palm. Her gloves gave her no protection from the Joker’s buzzer. The joker’s hair shot out straight and his body jiggled in a little dance as the voltage coursed through the two of them. Barbara convulsed briefly and fainted dead away.

“Strange, that’s just what Joy did!” Joker motioned Bubbles to help him and the two started dragging the girl across the warehouse floor.

“I believe that the pleasure is now yours, my dear. I’ve had my go at it.” Joker laughed.

“I’m sure it will be, Pooky!” Bubbles was flush with excitement. She licked her lips in anticipation as she eyed the svelte heroine at her feet.


Barbara’s whole body ached as she slowly came around. She might have slept longer except for the probing hands exploring her. At first she thought it must be joker following one of his sick impulses, but she quickly realized that the hands were too small and the touch too light. She could feel herself shifting uncomfortably. She kept her eyes closed and explored the sounds around her. There were no sounds of machinery or traffic outside, just a gentle, workman like hum from her captor.

Bubbles, realizing that Batgirl was regaining consciousness, leaned over and gave her a soft kiss on the lips. Barbara’s lips felt dry and parched and the kiss was moist and warm, tasting like fresh strawberries. Her eyes fluttered open and adjusted to the soft light.

She was lying somewhere near the rafters of the old warehouse. Bubbles hair was now a wild shade of iridescent purple. Her make-up had been redone to match her new hair. In the darkness her eyes caught enough light to look like small dark pearls. The glitter and mascara were overdone in a come-hither-and-buy-me-for-an-evening kind of way. She was wearing silvery evening gown, at least Barbara thought it was one. She could only see a few inches below the bulging cleavage that was straining in the plunging V-neck.

Barbara could feel Bubbles’ hands sliding around in the tight space of her Batgirl costume. A set of fingers were pushing down on either side of her labia and rubbing against the base of her inner thighs. It felt good, Barbara thought. Her shoulders ached and her elbows and wrists smarted from the supporting her body. They were tied tightly and efficiently behind her back and she was laying on them. The wrist bonds were cloth and she figured them to be scarves.

Bubbles looked down at Barbara and leaned over and gave her another kiss. The light playfulness of the first kiss was gone. This time Bubbles engulfed Barbara’s mouth and probed deep with her tongue. Barbara was too weak and disoriented to resist. The press of soft flesh against her lips was the sort of kiss that Barbara enjoyed, deep, passionate and a bit rough.

She kissed back, lifting her head in fight of wills. Biting at Bubbles’ lip, Barbara tried to give as good as she got. She let their two tongues slide past one another, letting the coarse surfaces run together. Bubbles drew up her hand from between Barbara’s thighs. Barbara could feel the fingers leave a damp trail across her abdomen. Bubbles pulled backed and smiled affectionately.

“I think she’s ready, Jokesy!” She ran her hand over the mound of Barbara’s breasts, which were pushing at the fabric of her thin form fitting Batgirl costume. Her finger traced the bump of the swelling nipple. Barbara tried to shift at the sound of Joker’s voice. She had hoped Bubbles’ passion might offer her a route of escape. That hope quickly faded at Joker’s words.

“Yoo Hoo! Batgirl!” The Joker was waving up to Barbara from the warehouse floor. He had donned a baseball cap with the word “Joker” written above the bill. On a stand next to him was bucket of baseballs. Barbara had to strain hard to lift her head high enough to see him. She also had a chance to see where she herself was. She was lying on at the top of a plastic slide that dipped from view half a dozen feet beyond where she was laying. Her body was entwined by coils of the Joker’s “party streamers.” Her ankles and knees were held tightly together by several inches of the colorful coils and part of her bare mid-riff was also wrapped in a generous layer of the plastic.

With a great flourish of style, Bubbles pulled a long purple scarf from between her bosoms. she waved it ceremonially in the air before
Bubbles stood up stood up and put on an identical hat. There was no way the hat could contain the swirls of purple hair and so it sat precariously perched on the woman’s head. She leaned over and gave Barbara a peck on the forehead before climbing down to join The Joker.

“I think you’ve heard of a Dunk-the-Fool, and so I don’t need to explain the game in too much detail. Needless to say, if I hit yon’ target the slide will drop and you will go into a giant meat grinder!!! Hoo Hoo!!! and we’ll have the last laugh on you!!!” He gave a theatrical wind-up and let fly with the first ball.

Barbara winced as the ball thudded against the tarp backstop. Bubbles squealed “BALL ONE! Low and to the outside!”

The Joker just laughed with joy. He would never hit target on the first pitch, he enjoyed the theatrics and the suspense too much. He wound up for another pitch. He shot the ball at the target with all his might. There was another ‘THUD’ as the ball hit the backstop.

“BALL TWO!” Shouted bubbles, giggling with excitement. The Joker immediately picked up another ball and heaved it at the target.

“BALL THREE!” Bubbles was beside herself with anticipation. She rubbed her hands up and down her stockinged thighs, fidgeting in excitement.

“I’ll tell you what Batgirl. If I miss this pitch, I’ll let you go.” He tossed the ball up in the in a mock display of sportsmanship. Bubbles leaned over and gave Joker an admiring kiss on the cheek.

Barbara was too involved in struggling to slip her bonds to dignify the Joker with a reply.

Before she knew what was happening there was another thud against the backstop and another round of laughter from Bubbles and the Joker.
“Well, I guess I’d better let you down,” the Joker laughed. His next pitch was followed by a loudly clanging bell.

“JUST KIDDING! ! !” The bottom of the ramp fell away as Barbara started sliding feet first down the ramp. She was just able to lift her head in time to see her legs clear the end of the chute. Before she could let out a muffled scream she was falling uncontrolled through space.

Barbara landed with tremendous splash and her body thudded heavily against a thick plexiglass window. The Joker and Bubbles were standing at the glass looking in. The Joker had his arms wrapped Bubbles waist. The water was only three feet deep. But with her arms, ankles and knees tied, Barbara had to struggle to keep her head above the foamy water.

“Sorry Batgirl! I was Just kidding about the meat grinder too!” Bubbles giggled merrily at the Joker’s prank. “I wouldn’t have minded watching a mechanical munching of your meddling muff, but I promised to let my dear sweet Laurel devised your untimely demise.”

Barbara tried to get a balanced footing on the bottom of the shallow pool. the bottom and sides were extremely slick and she could barely keep herself from slipping under the water.

The Joker’s hands had moved up from around Bubbles’ waist and disappeared into the plunging neckline of her sequined dress.

“Ha ha Batgirl! If standing up seems a little difficult, it might be because your in a tank filled with four hundred gallons of dish soap. You might say that you’re stuck at the bottom of a slippery slope. . .” Joker tugged ruthlessly at Bubbles’ nipple which was soon exposed. Bubbles wriggled sensually under the pain of Joker’s touch. She arched her head backwards to kiss him. Barbara could see her tongue darting out to meet his hideously painted mouth.

Joker’s free hand moved down over the front of the sequined dress, as it reached his cohort’s pubis he pushed it aggressively into her. The two ground together in a sickening rhythm of debauchery.

Barbara could see Bubbles glancing at her from the corner of her eye, watching and enjoying as the heroine struggled to keep her head above the soapy liquid. “Oooh, Jokesy, I think this may be the best orgasm ever!!!”

“Ahhh! But my dear, the lovely Batgirl doesn’t know the half it yet.” He released the damp stained crotch of Bubbles’ dress and undid his own trousers. He fumbled to get the pants to the floor. Barbara struggled to get the traction with heels of her boots. Eventually she found a stable position with her back to tank wall and the edge of one heel hooked in a narrow seem on the bottom of the tank. Her gag was soaking from the liquid and had swollen inside her mouth, causing it to ache bitterly. She gasped for air around the edge of gag and her nose.

“Good news, bad news, Batgirl,” The joker croaked as pushed his dick into his accomplis from behind. The good news is that you can probably find positions that keep your head above the soapy death.” He chuckled at his own cleverness, “the bad news is we’ve taped a dozen of my mini-Joy buzzers all over your body!!! Hee Hee!! If you stay still for more than twelve seconds, they’ll send you into an orgasmic orbit.”

Almost on cue in, Barbara was racked with a series of painful shocks. One of them centered on the edge of her pubis another burned at her left nipple. She convulsed briefly and slipped back, struggling into the sudsy death. The pain reminded Batgirl of the sharp claws of Catwoman digging into her flesh. The pressure was intense but they never actually broke the skin, she just had the painful sensation that they would any second.

Barbara pulled ad at her arms and tried to kick her legs out, desperately seeking a foothold on the bottom. She clenched her eyes tight and fought blindly against the slippery surfaces of the tank. After a few seconds, she wedged a heel of her boot against a seem in the tank. She pushed her head out of the suds only to see Joker thrusting deeply into Laurel from behind.

Joker was pushing and pulling at Laurel’s breasts with his usual sadistic ferocity as the two criminals watched Batgirl struggle for her few moments of air and survival. The Joker let out another of hideous laughs and Laurel moaned and told her mate that she wanted to feel more of the pain.

Joker obliged by releasing one of her tits and shoving his gloved finger deep into her sex. The head of head of his penis pushing from behind and the course fabric of his gloved hand taring into her pussy made her shout with agony. She started to buck at the end of his dick, being thrown about like a rag doll as the Joker finished off in side her. She bent forward to accept more of his length and trembled in ecstasy.

Barbara’s view of the scene was cut short by the sudden and fiendish pain of the Joker’s Joy Buzzers. This time two strings of them swept down the outside of her labia. The pain felt like a pair of crotch ropes being pulled up between her legs, lifting her off the bottom of the pool. The reality of it was that she was sliding back into the soap with a lurch. She gulped air as her head sloshed beneath the surface. She wasn’t sure which way was up. She kicked and twisted with her bound body. There was no way for her to escape the burning sensation in her sex. The sensitive skin tingled and she felt her legs clamp tight together as if prevent an unwanted probing. But there was nothing she could do to protect herself. The orgasm rushed through like fire. She lay shuddering and struggling at the bottom of the tank. She needed to get back to the surface for air.

When Barbara was able to struggle back to the surface and stuck her head above the froth, sputtering for air, she saw Joker easing himself from inside the wilting stripper. Bubbles smiled at the struggling heroine.

“It looks like we a had a mass orgasm Jokesy,” she smiled at Barbara. “Was it good for you, too, Bat-dyke?” She pulled her way free of the Joker and walked to the glass. “I would have loved to play with your twat a little bit, clips, clamps and dripping wax. I can be very creative.” She smiled demurely at Barbara. “But we have more crimes to commit. Today is Bruce Wayne’s birthday.”

“Yes and we have a duty to clean out what is left of the Wayne Foundation coffers” Joker was back in high spirits as he stuffed his dick back into his trousers. “I found out through one of my spies that he’s been holding out on the courts. He still has a million or so in uncut gems that he didn’t include in his bankruptcy filing”

“So Bubbles and I are going to make sure that he meets the requirements of the court and relieve him of his assets.” Joker was combing his green hair back from the chaotic mess that it had become during their rough sex to the chaotic mess that he usually kept it in. Laurel Sulfate was also cleaning up, she stripped out of the disheveled dress that the Joker had been groping her through and was pulling on a fresh set of balloons.

As the Joker and Bubbles finished freshening up, Joker turned to Batgirl in her soapy torture tank. “Well Batgirl, I hope that our little trap isn’t causing you undo stress.” Bubbles pulled up next him, fitting a platinum blond wig on her head. “But if does, here’s a little something for your tummy.”

Bubbles reached up and grabbed large ring suspended from the ceiling and gave it a sharp tug. Barbara was to busy struggling to pull her wrists free and to maintain her footing before the next deadly onslaught of the electrified joy buzzers raped her.

Suddenly from above came what Barbara at first thought were hubcaps. One of the disks clipped her shoulder as it crashed into the soapy brew, knocking Barbara from her precarious balance and once again to the bottom of the slippery tank. The second disk splashed into the tank a few inches farther away.

Barbara gasped and sputtered in surprise as she tried to regain her footing on the bottom of the tank. She brought her head out of the sudsy liquid and tried to blink the soap from her eyes. She could barely see, but something immediately told her that there had been a change in the tank.
The water had seemed to have come alive. Before there was the sloshing and fizz of soapsuds being created and popped by her struggles against the tight bonds and the raping buzzers, but now the tank was alive with a hissing and bubbling that muffled the sloshing water and even the Joker’s maniacal laugh.

“Hoo hoo! Batgirl! Don’t you love a good seltzer bottle?” Barbara turned in horror to see what the joker was talking about. She was sucking hard on the thick cleave gag that had swollen in the soapy brine. She could see that Joker had his arms wrapped tightly about Bubbles abdomen and as he squeezed her tightly her round breast breasts were pushed upward.

“My dearest Laurel, knows that I have a soft spot for the old standards and she decided to incorporate that one into your diabolical demise.” His tongue disappeared briefly into Bubbles’ ear until she turned return his kiss. Joker probed the stripper’s mouth with his tongue as Barbara tried to gain enough of a footing to hear what the two fiends had in store. The more she knew about the trap the more likely she could come up with an effective counter measure.

Laurel pulled away from the Joker and looked at Barbara. Her lips were wet from the heavy petting that she and the Joker had engaged in. Her eyes had a soft and dreamy glow, Barbara thought. Barbara recognized it instantly, it was love. Or lust maybe. And it was directed not at her partner, but at Batgirl.

Barbara immediately felt a chill come across her. This beautiful young stripper really was the Joker’s soul-mate. Like the Joker, to her murder was not just professional reality, or even a sensuous act (like she had seen in many other homicidal maniacs), it was an art of torture, a play in the theater of base human acts.

Bubbles put her small hand on the back of the Joker’s white glove and guided it down her body to her damp crotch. Joker needed no encouragement, as he ground his hand deeply into her sex and slid his erection into her from arrears he laughed.

“Those two dinner plates are actually giant seltzer tablets, my Dear Batgirl! And as they dissolve into the your bathing tank they are producing carbon dioxide gas, Hee- hee, and as the gas is released it forms bubbles and as the bubbles get deeper, your bat-dasious little body is going to get slowly covered in Laurel’s lethal bubble bath. When they cover your head you can choose to fight to the last and suffocate in them or perhaps the Joy buzzers will make you slip and you can drown while cumming at the bottom of the tub.”

“I always found bubble baths so sensuously wicked, don’t you Batgirl?” Laurel Sulfate was staring at Barbara with an unsettling mix lust and love that for the moment eclipsed Barbara’s fear of the Joker’s own sick perversions. The Joker, meanwhile was engrossed in his rough and rhythmic penetrations of his moll.

Barbara, feeling the bubbles sweeping up over her body, renewed her struggles against her bonds. The bubbles tingled against as they burst to the surface, adding to the foamy layer that was suddenly building up around her. She had lost track of the time while The Joker and Bubbles gloated over her dire peril. Suddenly a fresh set of Buzzers sprang into action, one at the head of her labia and the other pressed at the soft base of her inner thigh.

The intensity of the sensation was unexpectedly intense and Barbara’s knees buckled as her body shivered in ecstasy. Her head dipped under the surface as she let out a deep moan through her gag.

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Batgirl vs. The Joker
by S. sneakily
Chapter 3- Bubbles’ Clean Sweep
Barbara floundered under the surface of the bubble bath. Under water the dissolving seltzer tablets roared like a freight train in her ears. With her legs tied at the knees and ankles, it was all she could do to get her heels planted on the bottom of the slippery tub. Barbara had to porpoise kick to get her head to the surface and then bring her feet underneath.

It seemed like forever and her lungs were about to burst when Barbara was at last able to push her head above the layer of suds. She coughed and snorted trying to clear the soap from her eyes, nose and gagged mouth. When her eyes finally blinked open, she realized that the Joker and Bubbles had finished their business and had cleared out. A tell-tale red light glowed from the hollow mouth a carnival clown mouth.

Barbara was alone, but she was being monitored. The question that plagued her was whether there was anyone monitoring the monitor? Or was the Joker making one of his jerk off-tapes while Barbara drowned.

She wasn’t going to dwell on the voyeuristic fetishes of the Joker, or Bubbles for that matter. Barbara wasn’t going to be able to wait for a better time to escape. If the Joker and Bubbles were in the next room watching her struggle while humping each others brains out, then Barbara had no choice but to give them a show.

Her stomach muscles ached from the powerful thrusts of that she need to make to get her on her feet and her head above the soapy water. Each time a set of Joker’s joy buzzers would bring her to a convulsive orgasm, she would fall struggling and kicking back into the suds. Now with the added attraction of the bubbling seltzer tablets, Barbara had to work twice as hard to get her head up to breath. Each minute the layer of bubbles became thicker and deeper, each breath becoming a more and more un-winnable prize.

Barbara tried to evaluate her plight. Her torso was wrapped thoroughly in the thin colorful ribbons of the Joker’s bondage streamers. They weren’t his usual favorite, the constrictor confetti, but they did hold her body in vice like grip. Barbara’s arms were pinned under the layer of ribbon behind her back, just above the elbow. Her wrists were tied in a cross with something extremely tough that she assumed to also be bondage streamers. Her ankles and knees were also tied together. The bindings had been made wide enough to keep maintain a vice like grip, yet it still allowed adequate circulation in her limbs. The Joker and Bubbles probably hoped to maximize the time Barbara would suffer in the tank before drowning.

Each time that Barbara struggled back to the surface she tried to prop herself against the wall of the tank so that she could recover from the searing orgasms, before another series of electric shocks would knock her senseless and back to the bottom of the pool. To call them orgasms was less than accurate, even though Barbara had always liked her sex rough and tumble, these climaxes left the soft tissues of her body feeling as if a thin, light whip had been snapped across them. It was the type of punishment that Catwoman excelled at.

Barbara fought hard to keep her body in constant motion even as she maintained a precarious perch on the slippery bottom of the tank. But it seemed almost useless, no sooner did she start to get her breath back, her body was forced to endure another one of the unnatural orgasms. . .

A thought occurred to Barbara: what if the Joker wasn’t playing it straight? He was a murderer and thief. Why shouldn’t he be a liar too? He had tried to kill her in the past and she escaped. Maybe this time he had hedged his bets by lying to her.

If the joy buzzers weren’t activated by motion, what controlled them? Barbara needed to figure it out and quickly. If she could foil the perpetual rape that the joy buzzers induced, she would be a lot closer to escaping.

Barbara thought hard. An optical sensor outside the tank would work well, except that the rising layer of suds would interfere with it.

What about a sensor glued to her cowl? When her head was out of the water it could start counting down to the next torturous eruption. That was a possibility, but not the only one. Whenever she got her head above water managed to prop herself up against the side of the tank the water level would go down because she would displace less water. That was another possibility.

Just as Barbara reached that conclusion, a series of shocks raced down her inner thighs and terminated at the outer hood of her labia. Barbara’s eyes winced closed and air whistled out between her lips as she was again dunked underwater.

Barbara was just able to regain her composure long enough to formulate a test. If she held her face just out of the water, she would discover if there was a sensor on her or in the tank. She knew the danger was going to be that regardless of the out come, she face would face more of the violent orgasms without hope of being able come up for a breath.

This was going to be her only chance at survival though and she knew that it would only be a matter of time before she would lose the strength to fight for herself. She struggled to the surface and propped herself up. She used all her effort to gulp in huge breaths of air as got ready for the onslaught. The suds covered her face and she could taste them being inhaled. She after three deep breaths, she submerged when she sensed the impending shocks. Once she was submerged she started to wriggling back to her feet. When her head broke out of the suds, she was standing almost straight up. She took a few more deep lungs full of air before starting her experiment.

She moved and twisted her body as best she could, so that her legs were brought under her body and she was resting on her knees. This was by far the easiest position that she had found to control her balance. It would have been ideal except that her head was a good foot below the surface of the soap suds. She leaned her head back so that the water was supporting all of her weight. The soapy mixture made her surprisingly buoyant. As long as she didn’t struggle, her face remained above water.

That was exactly what she couldn’t do, if the sensor actually was motion sensitive, she needed to keep moving to prevent it from activating the next round of sexual torture. Barbara started gyrating her hips in rhythmic cycle that she had learned in a belly dancing class she had taken in college. The warm sudsy waters sloshed around the as the fluid picked up the rhythm of her movements. Her stomach flexed expertly as she tried to take mind off her desire to take a fresh breath of air. She remembered the only two times that she ever belly danced in front of other people.

Once was for Pinky Pinkston, as birthday treat for her lover. The other time was when she was trying to infiltrate the lair of Marsha, Queen of Diamonds. Barbara worked hard at keeping her mind focused, and her head just above the water. Her eyes were closed as her hips ground and swayed under her. She knew that if took a breath amidst the soap bubbles her lungs would fill with the useless and eventually fatal carbon dioxide gas.

Just when Barbara was starting to feel that a fluid level sensor was her problem, the joy buzzers exploded into action. The assault was the worst yet, it felt to Barbara like the Joker and Bubbles were trying to tear her in two. Every Joy buzzer on her body lit up in highly orchestrated assault. She fought to keep control of herself. The life giving air in her lungs fought to escape in gasps of arousal, pain and ecstasy. Her thighs quaked, rigid and highly sensitized to every motion. She rocked back and forth gently with sloshing of the water. She was biting hard into the soap soaked gag, oblivious to the nasty taste of the detergent that filled it. Her lungs burned and her mind swam.

She was on the verge of blacking out when the sensations finally ebbed. She was still kneeling on the bottom of the tank her head lost in a murk of her perverse orgasm. The Joker and Bubbles had done their worst. But, Batgirl was still there and ready to fight.

Barbara struggled to get herself to a standing position, the only way she would be able to get her head above the suds to breath. Still holding her breath, she rolled off her knees and onto her rump. Her body was cramping and the bondage streamers were slowly cutting off the circulation to her hands and feet. She was just able to snake and shimmy her way up the side of the tank using the same types of movements that she had learned in belly dancing class.
Barbara head broke through the layer of foam. She sent a spray of soap out around the edges of her gag as her lungs finally burst from the exhaustion. For a moment her eyes locked on her fleeting reflection on the glass of the tank. Just above her nose was a little purple dot. It was only a half-inch wide, but Barbara knew exactly what it had to be. She tried to control her balance on her bound legs. She was desperately out of breath and time was running out. The shifting liquid pushed her from side to side.

With all of her remaining strength, Barbara slammed her forehead against the plexiglass tank. The tight grip of the Joker’s bondage streamers and her own fatigue led only a weak thud against the glass. She could already feel the light sensation of the Joy buzzers building up for another round of perversions.

Quickly, Barbara slammed her head back against the wall of the tank one more time. The buzzer at the head of her clitoris was already at half strength and Barbara was sure that she would drown if she didn’t get some relief. This time her body moved in synch with sloshing tank of suds. Her head pounded against the glass so hard that she didn’t even feel the tank start to tip. The sloshing liquid and the movement of her body had made the portable dunk tank unstable.

The lightly built frame that held the tank up right could not cope with the mass of shifting liquid inside and buckled, spilling the several hundred gallons of liquid soap, suds and half conscious Batgirl across the warehouse floor. Fortunately for Barbara, the tank had never been designed as a death trap and had been built narrow and deep for ease of transportation.

Barbara hit floor and slid out of the tank like a marooned fish, flopping helplessly in a daze. Her breath sputtered through the gag and she was only vaguely aware that was in the relative safety on the Joker’s lair, bound hand and foot. The one joy buzzer that had been activated before the sensor had been smashed was still buzzing away at the head of Barbara’s clit. Unlike the previous activations, the buzzer was working at half power.

The fatigue of her struggles, the impact of the fall, the self induced bump on the head, near suffocation and the whirring sex toy kept Barbara in a strange half conscious state. Her mind was back in her days of experimentation.

She was in her sophomore year at Gotham State University. Pinky Pinkston had just introduced to the joy of lesbian bondage games. She had recently taken some belly dancing classes, bought the whole harem girl outfit and everything for Pinky’s birthday.

She had been dong some clerking in her father’s office while his secretary was on vacation. Over the course of several weeks weird things had been occurring all over Gotham. Men had been disappearing across the city and then reappearing a week later. No explanations or excuses. Sometimes they were on the brink of ruin when they returned. Others were not. Major crimes would go unsolved and often unreported.

Barbara started tracking the trend by following the paper trail being created in the police archives. She quickly realized that the source of the odd occurrences was Marsha Queen of Diamonds. Marsha was known to use darts with psychotropic drugs to brainwash men to do her bidding.

The drugs, Barbara found, were experimental chemicals produced by the chemical warfare division of Wayne Enterprises. Although they were quite effective against men, they were much less so against females.

Barbara realized that Marsha must have been using large amounts of the drug against an array of people in Gotham’s government and financial institutions to loot the city’s diamond exchange. She also realized that the police department and Batman were probably also compromised.

Working on her own, Barbara started researching the flow of gems and the strange occurrences. She eventually located what she was sure to be Marsha’s hide out, the penthouse suite in the Chump Towers. She discovered that Marsha had been throwing gala parties almost nightly.

The next scheduled party was in honor of Babylonian Ambassador and his wife, Jewelle Verucke. Through an advert in the paper, Barbara was hired as a backup dancer for the night’s entertainment of middle-eastern dance and music.

Flush with the success of her research and totally lacking in experience as a crime fighter, Barbara was caught in Marsha’s private dressing room by one of the Queen of Diamonds booby-trapped cupids.

Before Barbara knew what was happening, she woke tied up on the apartment’s main dining table. The party was long over and the guests gone.

Marsha tied Barbara much more tightly than Pinky ever had, in a position that was agonizing even to a naturally limber athlete like Barbara.

She was still dressed in the thin chiffon of her Harem girl outfit, the lining bra and panties had been removed so that her nipples and kitty were clearly visible through the shear material. Her hands and elbows were tied behind her back. She was lying on top of them on the cold hard table. A loop of rope was pulled tight around Barbara’s waist. One end of the ran down her stomach and passed between her spread thighs. A strategically placed knot pushed itself against her clitoris as the rope wound its way across her sex and behind her. It looped over her bound elbows and down between her wrists across the massive table, where it was anchored. The ropes were a silky smooth nylon, and had been drawn tight as a piano cord.

But this was not what was causing her the greatest pain. Marsh had tied Barbara’s ankles back to her thighs and then run ropes from each ankle up to the head of the table, Barbara’s entire weight was supported by feet, knees and shoulders at the center vast oak table.

Barbara’s sex was pushed up by her arching back and the ropes that pulled her ankles back to her thighs dug into her skin, chaffing through the thin fabric of her harem pants. The thick cotton packing in her mouth was held in place the silk scarf that had acted as her veil. It was wound twice around her head and tied tightly in back.

Barbara was totally immobilized. When Marsha finally sauntered in wearing her usual pillbox hat and mink coat, Barbara was only barely able to turn her head to see her captor. She was on her way out of town.

After pillaging the elite of Gotham for more than a month, Marsha had decided that if one person had come around snooping there soon would be more. Marsha sat on the edge of the table, waxing poetic about the success of plans to bilk the rich of their diamonds and jewels. She sat next to Barbara, stroking her hair and admiring the resourcefulness of a young coed to almost catching a major criminal like her. She let her hands wander across the thin fabric covering Barbara’s tautly drawn body.

But the Queen of Diamonds was there to say good-bye, not to play. She was on her way out of town. She gave Barbara a quick kiss and lifted the girls head so that she could see all the way down the table to the end.

At the edge of the table was the motorized scrubber from the bottom of the lavish apartment’s pool. It was a simple device that crawled along the bottom of the pool on caterpillar track, cleaning off the algae that accumulates. The scrubber was hooked to the rope that went up through Barbara’s wrists, elbows and back to her crotch and to her around her waist.

Mounted on top on the tractor was a small high speed electric motor, turning a steel disk. Marsha relished her moments explaining that the edge of the disk had been fitted with a diamond necklace she had acquired, but did not seriously fancy.

Instead of fencing or re-cutting the stones, Marsha was going to let the stones cut Barbara.

Marsha slipped off the table and flipped the power switch as she left the room, never looking back to see what happened to her young captive.

The jury-rigged diamond saw was a monstrosity of bad design. The whirring blade was unbalanced and vibrated so much that whole table shook like an earthquake. The taunt rope hummed and rang like an over tightened guitar string. The vibrations fed up the rope to the knot tied over Barbara’s sex, which was only protected by the thin veil of silk.

The rubber treads of the pool scrubber had excellent traction on the highly polished wood table, but in was unable to stay in a straight line. It was constantly veering from one side to the other pulling the line even tight. When the line became too tight, the front end of the machine would be pulled back into towards its intended target.

Barbara had been playing sex games with Pinky Pinkston for several months and had discovered the joys of helpless submission to another woman. But, as the buzzing saw trundled and vibrated its way down the table, Barbara found a new level of intensity that was a magnitude beyond all her other experiences.

She pulled and fought like a demon to slip free of the ropes. She was terrified and totally absorbed at the same time. Even in over air-conditioned confines of the dining room she was drenched in sweat, the remnants of her silk harem outfit clung to her as if they had been painted on. Her areola swelled and her nipples stood at full attention. The adrenaline rush of danger was like heroine to Barbara. She had always been an excitement freak, in love with dangerous sports and dangerous sex.

Here she was getting both, in double doses. Even as she fought to slip out of the ropes she started coming. Orgasm after orgasm raced through her. In the ten minutes the little machine inched up the table, getting closer and closer with blade blowing cool air across her damp body, she must have come twenty times.

Just as Barbara began to think she might die of exhaustion before the blade got her, it succumb to its poor design. The blade shook apart and sprayed the diamonds and bits of plastic and metal from machines casing all around the room. A few bits of shrapnel tore through rope that had been guiding the saw towards her.

With the tension gone from her wrists, Barbara was able to work herself free from the rest of her bondage and she was eventually able to escape.

Scared and exhausted, she made it home. She never told anyone about that close call, except Pinky. Pinky was also an action junky, but had gotten her kicks in the safe confines of her mansion boudoir and the dangerous, if not lethal, board rooms of Gotham.

She and Pinky had long since gone her separate way and Barbara had never told her about how much she craved the intensity of her close call. When college resumed, Barbara switched her major to pre-law.

Barbara didn’t know how long she had been in the twighlight realm of semi-consciousness thinking about Marsha, Queen of Diamonds. Her exhaustion and the purring Joy buzzer had distorted all sense of time. It must have been quite a while, because the sun sunlight filtering through the high smudgy windows of the warehouse had taken on the softness of afternoon.

The battery on the Joy buzzer was completely spent and the only thing that remained was the oversensatization of the skin around it. It reminded her of when she was a teenager and masterbated to excess. It was sore, but in senuous sort of way. If she played with her self anymore, she would climb to a quick, but not very fullfilling orgasm.

She was still held tightly by the Joker’s strands of bondage confetti. Her arms had fallen asleep behind her. Fortunately, as she lay on the floor, passed out, her legs had been out straight in a much more natural position. She started rolling herself back and forth over her arms to get the blood flowing again. She was briefly worried that the restricted blood flow might cause permenant damage. Luckily, some flexing and struggling brought the distinct feelings of pins and needles that told her she would be okay.

The course condrete flooring gave her toes some traction as she started to worm her way across the room. Barbara didn’t have a distinct destination in mind, but she did hope tha that the scraping of her body against the rough surface would eventually grind through the outer layers of confetti.

It took several minutes before Barbara was able to acquire some play in the material. Within five minutes she was able squirm to a sitting position and pickup a shard of the broken tank and begin cutting herself free.

Barbara worked furiously as her strength returned. Bubbles and Joker must have already finished their latest heist. The Joker always got sadistic and horny after a successful job. He and Bubbles would certainly want to return the warehouse to see if Batgirl had drowned in the suds as they planned.

If Barbara wasn’t free by the time they came through the door she it would be Joker’s turn to engineer some sort of torture device. And this time he would have the luxury of time to see that it was able to operate to its lethal capacity.

Barbara sawed furiously at her bonds. The jagged plexiglass was not nearly as sharp as real glass, but it was better than rolling around on the floor. The gloves of her costume made life a little easier. She was able to have a solid grip while she hacked away at her bonds.

The Joker’s bondage streamers were tough and they held tight and flat around Barbara’s body. Trying to get them off had its own hazards. As she sliced at them she tore and cut the fabric of outfit, occasionally nicking herself in the process. Each layer of the plastic streamers peeled away with agonizing slowness. Barbara felt in the pit of her stomach that she wouldn’t make it.

It was getting dark out when the last few strands were peeled off her body. Barbara felt disgusting and tired. The soap had matted her hair down and dried into an unsavory paste over the entirety of her body. Her outfit was shredded and the dirt of the factory floor had embedded itself in the gluey layer of dried soap.

The fading sun was creating an orange glow inside the warehouse. Barbara was just picking herself up and contemplating what to do next. She was in no shape to slug it out with Joker and Bubbles. She knew that if she left before they returned, they would be gone before she could come back with help. If she stayed she would have to face two lethally sadistic opponents on their own turf.

Before Barbara had a chance to make up her mind about what she ought to do, fate made it up for her. The empty street rang with the unmistakable racket of the Joker-mobile pulling into the truck port.

Barbara knew that she didn’t have the strength to climb the wall of warehouse and out the skylight. The rest of the exits were locked and probably booby trapped anyway.

Looking around the room, Barbara had an idea. To get the drop on the Joker, she needed to know exactly where he would be standing. As quick as she could, Barbara ran to the ladder Bubbles had climbed to fondle Barbara at the top of the “Dunk the Fool.” She slipped into the trough of the slide and clung to the slick edges, waiting until Joker and Bubbles gave Batgirl’s escape a closer look.

“Honest, Jokesy, his dingle looked like it had been run through a sausage grinder.” Without an audience Bubbles come-hither voice had reverted to its natural nasal-born-in-Crooklyn-whine. “ I don’t know what that freak does in private. But, it’s a lot scankier than the shit I like. And you know what a perv I am.”

“Yes, pooksey, you are one sick little girl.” The Joker’s voice was getting louder as the two moved through the empty building towards the bondage trap where they had left Barbara.

The joker laughed, “yes, well let’s see what happened to your lady friend. She should be all washed up by now.” The joker hooted at his own sick humor. “Batgirl should be dead by now. In any case we got will we went there for, Bruce Wayne is now in compliance with a court order to turn over all his assets. Except now, he turned them all turned it all over to me.”

“To US you mean, Jokesy.” Barbara could a glimmer of mistrust in Bubbles voice. She didn’t trust Joker. And from Joker’s repeated slights and slips, she had good reason.

The Joker stopped in his tracks. “Gad-zooks! What have we here! It seems Batgirl has given your bondage bath trap the slip, my soapy sadist.”

Barbara could hear the Joker kicking the chunks of the broken dunk tank with his foot, as if to see if Batgirl was hiding under the remains of glass.

Barbara wanted to get the drop on both of them at once, but Bubbles didn’t answer the Joker. It was now or never, if Barbara didn’t take down the Joker now, another opportunity might not present itself.

Letting go of the sides of the slide, Barbara started down towards the end of the ramp. Without the bondage and death trap awaiting her at the bottom, Barbara had to fight back the desire to let out a whooping cheer.

Clearing the end of the slide, Barbara got beautiful view of the Joker’s face illuminated with surprise. His garish clown make-up made his expression even more memorable as Barbara’s heeled boots made contact with his head.

Barbara landed on the floor in a controlled roll. She immediately turned to face the Joker, only to see him crumpled on the floor, out cold and blood gushing from his broken nose.

The loud clacking of high-heeled pumps on the floor alerted Barbara that Bubbles was not planning to save her boy friend.

Barbara was after her in a second. She saw the stripper, now dressed in a orange wig and trench coat, running at top speed towards the door. Her arms flayed under the weight of a briefcase filled with the days plunder. As she passed through the door, she grabbed a rope that hung from one of the giant industrial shelve so common in warehouses.

Barbara was stopped up short by the groaning of weak metal giving way. A row of plastic barrels lining the top shelf came crashing down all at once. At first Barbara was worried that the barrels might contain a caustic agent, but she soon realized they were filled with the same soapy fluid that Bubbles had used in her bondage trap. When the barrels hit the floor, they exploded from the force, spraying the area with a thick layer of the goo.

Sliding to a stop on her rear end, Barbara could hear Bubbles laughing as she ran. “Thanks for all the fun, Jokesy. I really had a blast! And Batgirl, I’ll be keeping an eye out for you! Maybe I’ll get the chance to give you a private bath!”

Realizing that she risked losing the Joker if she followed Bubbles, Barbara picked herself off the floor and gingerly waded through the slimy mess of soap to where the joker lay. He was just starting to come around when Barbara snapped a pair of bat-cuffs.

Pulling the dazed crook from the floor, he smiled a malevolent grin and said, “ I looks like Bubbles gave you the slip, Batgirl.” He gave a half-hearted chuckle, his face and make-up coated mustache crusted with blood.

Just then Barbara noticed a black wire dangling from the Joker’s pocket. Out of curiosity, she tugged it out of his pocket.

“It looks more like SHE gave you the slip, Jokesy-Pooh.” Barbara beamed. Hanging at the end of the wire was a black button with a yellow bat emblem on it. Bruce Wayne must have stuffed the micro transmitter inside the briefcase that Joker and Bubbles used for clearing out Bruce’s office. Bubbles probably found it on the way back to the hide out and decided she would get rid of her partner before he got rid of her.

“Curses, Batgirl! That’s the last time I trust some bubble-headed broad as a partner, and I was going to whack her myself tomorrow.” He leered at Barbara. “It was going to be almost as much fun as trying to do you.”

The wail of approaching police sirens surprised both Barbara and the Joker. Chief O’Hara’s men were being uncharacteristically prompt. Barbara was also surprised that Batman and a fawning TV crew weren’t set up before the police were on the scene. batman wasn’t one to give up the limelight unless he had something valuable at stake. Barbara wondered what Bubbles had just stolen from Bruce Wayne that would get Batman to risk missing a photo op.

Before she could finish her thought, Chief O’Hara and two other cops were skating through the door and collapsing in the enormous lake of detergent that covered the floor.

Barbara had almost finished escorting the Joker to the loading dock outside when O’Hara finally escaped the soapy swamp.
“Saints preserve us, Batgirl, is he already gone?” Barbara knew what O’Hara meant, but it was to painful to admit to herself.

“Who, Chief?” She said in doe-eyed sort of way.

“Batman.” Barbara wondered why she even bothered to play along. Probably because her father had relied on this man for twenty-five years. She sometimes thought that he couldn’t have always been this dumb. Perhaps Batman had demonstrated some wonder toy on him that cut off the flow of oxygen to the brain or he let O’Hara sit to close the reactor in the Bat-cave. Thinking back, Barbara couldn’t be sure. She remembered him at dinner when she was a kid, ‘Yeah, I guess he was.’

She pushed the Joker towards the two flat foots. “I don’t know Chief, I haven’t seen him.”

“Isn’t that just like him? So modest. Take this scum o’ the earth away, boys.”

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2/4/22 Perils of Batgirl, one off stories updated

Post by sneakly »

One of my favorite molls on Batman was Lotus. She was an exotic looking Asian and she was genuinely enthusiastic about putting Batgirl into some kind of Death trap. She uttered one of the single best lines in the entire series when Louie the Lilac tells her that Batgirl was to die anyway, she responded “I was hoping you would say that.”

You just have to admire her commitment, none of this “gee I don’t know” crap. She is straight up looking forward to it. Louie the Lilac wasn’t a particularly great villain, and from what I have read was kind of an asshole in real life. He played Louie straight, which made him kind of a dishwater villain. The real shame here was mid-episode he captures Batgirl, has an evil moll who is more than down with getting murderous don’t even bother tying her up for what, conceptually was a pretty damn awesome deathtrap. They were planning boiling her alive (macerating) is glass tank in a perfume factory. But they just had her standing in a trance unbound, with NO BONDAGE OR STRUGGLING. For fuck’s sake, didn’t they even watch Vincent Price movies? They did the almost exact death trap in House of Wax and it was a classic…
Anyways, it had great potential. Unfortunately, Batman was running out of steam and they just weren’t doing it right any more. Berle was also phoning it in. He did, even back then have a pretty blue reputation as a comic. Apparently, his schlong was supposed to be pretty epic in proportions. In his honor, it too has been invited to make a guest appearance in this retelling of the episode…

Don’t forget to leave feedback
Lotus’s Lethal Lilac Time
By S. Sneakly
Louie pushed his way into the fragrance center of the Gotham and Gardenias Petal Processing Plant He dropped the plastic overnight bag on the counter and turned to his two henchmen, Acacea and Arbutus. “Make sure we are on the next jet out of Gotham. I have a buyer waiting in Paris for us in the morning.”

“Are you sure we can get out of Gotham before the GCPD or Batman realize we hit ambergris vault at the Gotham City Fish Market?” Asked Lotus, his ever loyal moll.

“Commisioner Gordon and his nitwit Chief of Police will never connect me to a fish market robbery. That would be much more in line with the Penguin. Besides even if they did, the dynamic dunderheads are in Londinium helping Ireland Yard track down Dr Sonambula.” Louie pulled out a fresh one of his special aromatic cigars.

“But that still leaves Batgirl, she could still be a problem.” Lotus sighed lightly, “I wouldn't mind getting another chance to kill her...” Lotus leaned into Louie and moved her lacquered lilac nails across the front of Louie's suit.

“Yes, I wouldn't mind getting another chance at killing her, either, but we won't have time. This twenty five pounds of ambergris is a cool two million oderizing the inside of this satchel. If we can deliver it to the international perfume syndicate tomorrow we can make it to the Amsterdam lilac festival by Sunday.” Louie snipped off the tip of his specially hand rolled cigar.

“I am afraid you are going to miss your flight, Louie...” Batgirl lept defiantly through the open factory window.

“Batgirl! How did you find my hideout so quickly?”

“It wasn't hard, once I realized you would be the one behind the ambergris heist at the docks. I figured out the two million dollars in easy to carry perfume components would be just too tempting for the likes of you....” Batgirl took two steps closer to Louie and Lotus. “I started looking for your hideout even before you hit the vault last night.”

“Well, you haven't got me yet! Acacea and Arbutus, pluck her petals!” Louie and Lotus stepped back just in time for the two male henchmen to descend on the caped crusader from behind. Batgirl sensing the their presence easily fainted to the side avoid the mass of rushing thugs. With a balletic spin she landed a kick to the kidney of the Acacea and sent him reeling to the floor. Arbutus turned on Batgirl after his first, unsuccessful attack and met one of her high-stepping kicks. The low heel of her boot connecting with his chin, sending him directly back and onto the floor with the other goon.

“Are you ready to go quietly Louie or do I have to lay the two of you out the same way?” Batgirl pulled two pairs of Bat-cuffs from the back of her utility belt.

“I am afraid you've got us, Batgirl.” Louie finished lighting his cigar and extended his wrists to the crimefightress. As Batgirl stepped forward to place the cuffs on the purple clad gangster, a jet of purple smoke shot from the burning end of the cigar. Batgirl, enveloped in the purple haze coughed briefly and crumpled to the ground.

“Oooh can we kill her? “ Lotus excitedly purred.

“I wouldn't want to unless we can do it properly. killing Batgirl was not part of the plan. Besides, we need to get out of here before those bungling boobs from GCPD show up. With Batman out of the country, Batgirl probably called them for back up.”

“It's too late, Boss. The cops are already pulling up to the front of the building” Acacea was nursing his bruised kidney, but had made it to the front window and was looking down at the rapidly encircling police cruisers.

“They cut us off from the back alley, too” Abrutus reported looking from his his remaining eye, the other swollen shut from Batgirl's devastating kick.

“Well, I'll take care of them,“ Louie picked up a mega phone from lab counter.

Just as he reached the window he heard the officious growl of Commissioner Gordon. “Louie the Lilac, we know you are in there. Surrender! Throw out any weapons you have and come out with your hands up.”

Louie threw open the window and flicked what was left of his poisoned cigar out the window. “It's not going to happen Gordon! I have a hostage. If you take one step towards this building, Batgirl dies instantly.”

There was a long pause from the Police Commissioner.

“If you do anything to her, Louie, you'll be going to go away for ever...”

“I am planning on that in any case...” Louie looked at Lotus. “Tie her up and put in the giant macerating vat.” An excited look crossed Lotus's face.

“Gordon, killing Batgirl was never part of my plan.” he snarled to the throng of police encircling the warehouse.

“We want proof of life, that Batgirl is still alive.”

“Very well, go to the guard shack at the parking lot. There is a security monitor in it. Turn it to camera three and you will be able to see that Batgirl is still alive and, as yet, unharmed.” Louie left his post and directed a wall mounted security camera to the bottom of the macerating vat. Laying on a bed of lilac flowers was the now hog-tied and gagged Batgirl, slowly stirring from the short lived knockout gas of Louie's cigar, a thick purple ball gag wedged in her mouth.

“This may work out better than I had originally planned. Lotus start the macerating vat, our threat has to have some bite.”

“Gordon, if you want Batgirl back alive, I am going to need one million dollars as ransom and a helicopter, fully fueled.” Louie pulled another cigar from his suit pocket.

“Louie, you curr, that is a lot of money. Gotham city doesn't just have that sort of cash lying around.”

“Do you want me to kill her now then?” Louie looked at Lotus, who was approaching her task of binding the crime fighter in the Shibarii style of her native Japan.

“This was used by police on criminals in the olden times,” Lotus whispered in Batgirl's ear. “Very ironic, no?”

“Get the money from that douche bag billionaire, Bruce Wayne.” Looking out the window at Commissioner Gordon Louie could see him mouth the word 'fuck.' No one in Gotham could stand the prick and making them grovel at his feet was just an added bonus.

“You have one hour” Louie slammed the window shut and headed back over to the macerating vat where Lotus was putting the finishing touches on Batgirl's stringent bondage. It was needlessly complex and Batgirl could barely struggle. An elegant set of knots framed her breasts and bound her legs and torso in a dramatic pattern criss-crossing knots and ropes. Her arms were pinnioned together behind her back. A series of loops around her neck from collar bone to just below her chin.

“How long until the macerating vat hit the perfect temperature to create the Cologne d'Batgirl?”

“About forty-five minutes, Louie.” Lotus looked at the helpless victim barely struggling. “She should struggle harder.”
“She just needs the proper motivation” Louie looked at the bound girl.

“We are going to fly out with an extra million dollars?” Lotus was watching Batgirl. “I was looking forward to killing her.”

“Who said we aren't?” Louie puffed his cigar smiling at the happy light crossing Lotus's face. “The ransom is just a clever ruse. We are going to escape through the subterranean maze that runs below the building while those stupid coppers wait for the million dollars and the helicopter to be delivered.”

Lotus was running her hand up and down the front of Louie's suit trouser. His preternaturally large dick had worked it's way to full attention. They both enjoyed an especially slow execution.

“In the meantime, Batgirl will be waiting for the macerating vat to dump hundreds of gallons of boiling hot oil on her, extracting both her delicate scent and her life...”

Lotus's small hands and lacquered nails had freed Louie's cock from his trousers and she pumped her fingers enthusiastically up and down the shaft.

“I was hoping you would say that.” Lotus was on her knees, forcing the large cock into her small mouth as her delicate hands worked the shaft in and out between her lips. Both of the villains kept their eyes locked on the helpless Batgirl.

It didn't take long for Louie to finish his business in Lotus's mouth. As she stood up she looked in the door of the macerating vat and spit the large ball of cum at their soon to be dead hostage. It landed with practiced accuracy across Batgirl's face.

“That's why they call her 'Snowball'” Louie laughed. “We should be leaving soon. The boys are making sure the exit of the building will be hidden when we are gone and we will be over international waters by the time Gordon and O'Hara see their purple princess getting boiled alive.”

“We won't be able to watch it?” Lotus was dejectedly dabbing the semen from her lips as Louie the Lilac picked up the travel bag filled with millions of dollars in ambergris.

“When we are safely out of the country, I will have the video tape that is secretly being made sent to us so we can enjoy it with the lights of Paris.” Louie fumble with his cigar as he shoved his cock back into his pants. “Tell the purple princess something to motivate her to put on a better show for the nice policemen.”

Lotus climbed back into the glass macerating vat and whispered into her ear.

“Batgirl, in just forty minutes you are going to be boiled alive in four hundred degree macerating oil. Those dolts outside are going to watch you do it because they think they have an hour to collect the million dollar ransom that we have no intention of collecting.” she kissed her forehead, carefully avoiding the pearls of Louie's cum that were spread across her gagged face.

“You have just one chance. If you struggle very hard and very vigorously the rope around your neck might, I say, might strangle you before the oil gets hot enough to kill you....”

“You are tied in what I like to call the Executioner's Peril. Normally, the victim is left tied in this intricate bondage and are left to self-strangle in a matter of minutes. Every movement tightens the the seven deadly coils around your delicate little throat. Each coil representing one of the seven deadly sins.”

“This death is made for those that should have committed seppuku or ritual suicide, but failed.” Lotus was warming to the topic as she anticipate the deadly intricacies of the bondage. Every movement of the condemned transfers some of the slack from the neck to other parts of the body. The looser the bondage, the faster you strangle.” Lotus brushed the a strand of loose red hair from Barbara's face. She was becoming giddy as she explained the nuances of the final minutes of Batgirl's life.

“I tied this particularly tightly, which requires much more struggling to cause the desired strangulation...” Her breathing was a deep huff of sexualized evil. “left on your own, you would strangle with a few hours, of slow erotic asphyxiation....” She leaned in, “or so I have heard from other in the crime world.”

“Unfortunately, that is going to be cut short by the rapidly heating vat of macerating oil. If you manage to strangle your self in the next half hour, you will die a slow death, but if you fail, I can't even imaging the exquisite pain of your death....”

Lotus stood up and brushed the lilac petals from her silk dress and stepped out of the macerating vat closed and locked the door. Before she left, Lotus pushed the lever “Hot” to “Macerating Hot” and clicked another lever from “manual” to “Automatic”. She then pulled the levers out of the switches, preventing any rescues.

The last sound Barbara Gordon heard was the staccato click of Lotus's heels abandoning the Parfumarie.
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Re: Perils of Batgirl, one off stories updated 2/4/2022

Post by Dazzle1 »

You are right about Louie Lilac being on of the lamest villains.

When was Poison Ivy introduced into the series?

Because the actress could have played her and it would have been a much better plant based caper
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Re: Perils of Batgirl, one off stories updated 2/4/2022

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Dazzle1 wrote: 2 years ago You are right about Louie Lilac being on of the lamest villains.

When was Poison Ivy introduced into the series?

Because the actress could have played her and it would have been a much better plant based caper
Poison Ivy was introduced in Batman #181 well before the TV show and the Siren character is believed to be based on her.
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Re: Perils of Batgirl, one off stories updated 2/4/2022

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Visitor wrote: 2 years ago
Dazzle1 wrote: 2 years ago You are right about Louie Lilac being on of the lamest villains.

When was Poison Ivy introduced into the series?

Because the actress could have played her and it would have been a much better plant based caper
Poison Ivy was introduced in Batman #181 well before the TV show and the Siren character is believed to be based on her.
Joan Collins' Siren was another pretty lame one from the last season as well
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Re: Perils of Batgirl, one off stories updated 2/4/2022

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Dazzle1 wrote: 2 years ago
Visitor wrote: 2 years ago
Dazzle1 wrote: 2 years ago You are right about Louie Lilac being on of the lamest villains.

When was Poison Ivy introduced into the series?

Because the actress could have played her and it would have been a much better plant based caper
Poison Ivy was introduced in Batman #181 well before the TV show and the Siren character is believed to be based on her.
Joan Collins' Siren was another pretty lame one from the last season as well
With the exception of the addition of Batgirl and Earth Kitt as Catwoman, the last season was running out of gas. The writing was getting strangled because they weren’t willing to spend money. The cats whiskers were fishing line and the Siamese human knot? They threw her in a steam room (off camera)?

Joan Collins was hot as fuck, but they gave her nothing to do. Her power worked only on men, so she would have to go old school to get rid of Batgirl. If they had stuck with the original double episode format and spent money on sets and Bat-traps, we would have a much better legacy of Batgirl episodes. The crying shame was they were almost picked up for another season and were going to ditch Robin. Unfortunately, they had already struck the set for the Bat Cave and rebuilding costs that killed the deal.
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Re: Perils of Batgirl, one off stories updated 2/4/2022

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Really enjoyed the stories
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Re: Perils of Batgirl, one off stories updated 2/4/2022

Post by sneakly »

BDUDU wrote: 2 weeks ago Really enjoyed the stories
I’m glad you enjoyed them. I try to have fun with them. I have been building an archive of my writing on DeviantArt
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Re: Perils of Batgirl, one off stories updated 2/4/2022

Post by MaryAnn »

I must had read your stories about 50 times and I just realize that I didn't took the time to tell you I much I'm loving each story.
Great writing, amazing imagination and mind-blowing traps!

Holy astonishin Batman!
Some of my all time favorite Batgirl stories at the same place.

Thank you!!!
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Re: Perils of Batgirl, one off stories updated 2/4/2022

Post by sneakly »

MaryAnn wrote: 1 week ago I must had read your stories about 50 times and I just realize that I didn't took the time to tell you I much I'm loving each story.
Great writing, amazing imagination and mind-blowing traps!

Holy astonishin Batman!
Some of my all time favorite Batgirl stories at the same place.

Thank you!!!
Awe... Thanks, I have always enjoyed your works, too.

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