Riddle of the Rope (Wonder Woman vs Riddler)

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Riddle of the Rope (Wonder Woman vs Riddler)

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Riddle of the Rope: Part one: The Riddle

Edward Nigma, known as the Riddler sat sucking his orange Tic-tac as he watched Bane twitch helplessly on the ground. The guards who had been sitting back watching and waiting for Bane to put Riddler in the prison hospital now rushed forward as it was clear Bane was quickly going to die without intervention.

As the guards tactical squad breached the door behind their riot shields, their powered stun batons stabbing to shock Edward Nigma, also known as prisoner D-171, but most truly feared as the Riddler submitted blandly, his body ignoring the convulsions that threatened to tear his muscles apart. He had questions in his mind, riddles, and they were so much more compelling than any physical pain, however intense.

“What did you do to him you freak?” The head of the tactical team screamed as he put power suppression cuffs and a matching power suppression collar on him. Useless, because they didn’t suppress his genius, nor his hunger for the puzzles of the universe, but more than enough to overcome standard technological or biological enhancements or alterations. They were also rated to resist about five tons per square centimeter of cutting force, and about twenty tons of sheering force. Since he could supply neither, the Riddler simply contented himself with answering the question.

“Bane asked how I would like to die; and told him when I my brain was empty of questions, my account empty of cash, and my balls empty of cum, but alas, only one of those was true. When I asked him a riddle in return, he failed to give me an equally well thought answer.” Riddler answered truthfully.

The head of the guard team, one Sgt Rufus “Hardman” Hardy, hammered Riddler in the side twice with his baton, missing entirely that Riddler leaned into it and the shortened swing hammered the tip into the ground, barely brushing one prisoner D-171, E. Nigma, He hammered twice, then screamed, spitting slightly and annoyingly into Riddler’s face. “What was the riddle you twisted freak?”

Riddler sighed dramatically, this was all so tiresome, and a distraction when he had real riddles to ponder. Still, sooner he answered, sooner he would have some alone time in Solitary to think. “Riddle me this, what is more dangerous than a hose with a hole? Our little monster Bane didn’t know.” Riddler laughed softly. This time Sgt Hardy took the shock stick and hammered it directly into the back of Riddlers head, causing him to spasm and scream. The effort was not a waste. He palmed a pack of orange tic tacs that fell from the guards breast pocket as he punished Riddler. Damned if he knew why he was obsessed with them since his arrest, nor why his cock and balls were both so sore. He really needed some alone time in Solitary to think. It would probably be best to answer the brain dead guard. He would never guess it on his own, and if Bane died, there would be lots of questioning that wasted proper Solitary puzzle solving time.

“What is more dangerous than a hose with a hole? A hose without one. I palmed some corn starch from the kitchen to put into Bane’s super steroid fluid and it thickened up like grandma’s gravy. It stopped flowing and he started dying. Just piss in it to thin it out and he will be fine. Well, pissed off, pissed on, but fine.” Riddler answered with a laugh. He was struck twice more, but the guard raced out screaming into his radio. It seemed Bane would live to thug another day, and Riddler would do what Riddler did best. Think.

As Riddler sat in Arkham’s Solitary cell, the power suppression cuffs and collars were giving him a headache. That didn’t make any sense, technically he had no more power than Batman, or Lex Luthor. He was just brighter than both, and somewhere between them and Joker on the spectrum of relationship with human normative thinking. He had two riddles that he was trying to puzzle out.

Riddle one: Why was he craving orange tic tacs?

Riddle two: Why was he processed into prison with phlebitis of the penis and deflated balls? He had kidnapped Batman, and fully expected a lovely game of deadly Jeopardy, using Batgirl, Robin, and Red Hood as prizes/punishments to die if Batman failed to guess his riddles in time. Honestly, he always guessed them in time. The death threats were just to keep him focused after all, and of course to kill the little bastards if he got it wrong. Only so many times you could be beaten by an entire family of justice addicted self righteous sadists before you got casual about their personal survival. Phlebitis you got from overusing your penis, not from having some costumed thug with daddy issues nut punch you. Come to think of it, he didn’t remember anyone cock punching him.

Riddler sucked on his orange tic tack, and he felt his cock try to get hard. “Oooh, down boy. Don’t straighten out my question mark or my big cane will bring big pain!” Riddler addressed his growing cock. Why does the taste of orange tic tac make my cock hard, and why is the power suppression collar making my head hurt. I am not enhanced, and nobody modified me.

Wait a tic, hold a tac, what if there is a flaw in that? What if someone’s been into my mind, sometime between prison and my glorious crime? Digging into the pain because Edward Nigma was his name, enigma was his game, there was no Riddle permitted inside of his brain! What had been done to his precious grey cells? Batman wouldn’t. He simply contented himself with killing a few of them when he got free with a few dozen punches and kicks. Honestly, he could not take a joke, let alone a riddle. Funny, I don’t remember him punching me or kicking me. Honestly, I don’t remember him getting out. Nor Batgirl, Robin-that-is, Red Hood Robin-that-was. Honestly, he had them trapped, there was a big bang as someone kicked through the floor, a flash of gold, red, blue and the blaze of two gorgeous blue eyes before everything went blank.

Blank blank blank. Why are there blanks in his head. He had them before, and they bugged him. No tech could hide from his genius, no drug could mask it, no concussion stop him from connecting to it again. Only magic could take what was his, because that stuff broke the rules in ways that were not fair or friendly to supervillains like him. Blank and blank and blank and…….wait a moment. This blank has edges, this blank has bars and locks. This blank has been locked away, sealed away, barred by science beyond any known by the sane or the saintly.

Riddle me this, riddle me that, who in the hell thought to get away with that? No tech could hide from him, no drug, not hypnotism, not lobotomy. His brain was twisted beyond Joker and focused beyond Green Lantern. Plus he was bored and the power suppression was eating away at the locks on the memory enough that his brain could finish the work of months in minutes.

Ah, a memory of a memory loss, a riddle indeed. He saw himself talking with Lex Luthor, and exchanging Kryptonite for a…..gun? A funny looking gun. Not an EMP device, not a sonic stunner, but some sort of odd Luthercorp love child of the two? He thought harder, remembering the conversation.

“This will solve my Superman problem,” Lex was saying taking his Kryptonite, “But I don’t see how this memory neutralizer will solve your Wonder Woman problem. It only works on her if she hasn’t got access to that damned magic lasso of hers. It heals her memory issues every time she touches it, and it can wipe yours clean as a magnetized disk if she gets it on you.” Lex said, looking at Riddler as if disappointed another villain was so stupid, and would use his precious Luther tech to fail against another hero.

“Riddle me this, bald second rate brain, how are a rope and a life the same?” Riddler smirked at the slowly reddening Lex Luthor. He had slight inferiority issues about his hair. If Superman were bald, it is possible he would have stopped trying to kill him already.

Luthor snarled. “They both have two ends.”

Riddler could see himself laughing. “No my shining topped genius but not peer, they have only one end, that fact is most clear.”

Wonder Woman? Wonder Woman? Suddenly his mouth watered, his cock got hard as a tube of half crushed meat could get, and each hearbeat brought pain and aching satisfaction to his balls. He could taste that slight orange tang, he sucked his tic tac and thought to himself. Why would he trade for a memory neutralizer from Lex Luthor when he knew it wouldn’t work on Wonder Woman. How would that solve his problem?

A riddle, a riddle, a cat and a fiddle. Why would he need a memory neutralizer that can’t work on Wonder Woman, to solve the problem of dealing with Wonder Woman. Why is my cock so sore, and my jaw, and my poor empty balls? I surely didn’t hump the bat or the bird, my cane doesn’t crook that way, and Batgirl definitely plays scissors over rock every time. I am Riddler not rapist, so that can’t be it.

His head was killing him, the suppression collar made the artificial memory wipe fade faster and E Nigma, Prisoner D-171 saw a true Riddle in his own memories. He saw himself seal several compact disks in one envelope, and a riddle in his traditional green envelope, the second addressed to himself. Handing both to minions, Riddler watched in memory as he turned the memory neutralizer on himself.

His cock twitched. A flash of memory hit, a fragment, a bit too small and too unclear to have been caught. A figure, red, gold, blue, shattering the ceiling like the armoured blast bunker designed to resist a nuclear strike was nothing, and from the dust, two blazing blue eyes. Not even a shadow could be seen in that cloud of dust. Not even a silhouette, but those eyes left him one thought, one pure thought before recognition kicked in. Gorgeous.

E Nigma’s brain stopped. Blank, blank, blank, who could put blanks in my brain? Riddle me this, riddle me that, I went and erased my erasure, what is the point of that?

Not one riddle, two. And the answer was the question. Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman was the question, was the answer, was the riddle was the rhyme, His cock twitched painfully, and his tongue darted across his lips, in memory of a taste. Such a taste, a memory of orange musk, sweet and heady as any wine. His cock twitched again, but his memory could not hold whatever it was. It was gone, as if by……..magic.

Alone in Solitary confinement, the Riddler started to laugh. He laughed and laughed and laughed so hard that the Joker in the next solitary cell began to shake in fear.

Next episode, The Rope, wherein our heroine will appear.
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Re: Riddle of the Rope (Wonder Woman vs Riddler)

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I see a delicious plot forming. Very good riddles too. Looking forward to the next installment.
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Re: Riddle of the Rope (Wonder Woman vs Riddler)

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A fine start. Most intriguing. Keep the good stuff coming.
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Re: Riddle of the Rope (Wonder Woman vs Riddler)

Post by Valleyvixin »

Wonder Woman was on the trail of Doctor Psycho, he had managed to disable Green Arrow with his fear attack, and was in danger of getting away. The Doctor had hit Queen Research Group’s research center for sleep disorders, but Green Arrow had stopped him before he stole the somatic regulators, to do whatever the master of fear wanted with sleep brain pattern altering software. He had not been able to prevent Doctor’s escape. Wonder Woman knew Doctor Psycho was hyper-focused. If he had a plan that required that tech, he would not stop until he had it.

Kicking in the doorway to the concealed laboratory, Wonder Woman struck her usual challenge pose, only to find Doctor Psycho in no condition to meet her in battle. The not-so-good Doctor was suspended upside down with goggles blocking his eyes, ear plugs in his ears and a green ball gag in his mouth. He was hanging from an upside down green question mark, and a dark green envelope with a black question mark. Someone beat her to Doctor Psycho, someone who didn’t want the good doctor distracting her.

From your secret friend / Who? Haven't a clue / Let's play a game / Just me and you.

Come for me. Only you can answer me, only answers can stop me.

I’m locked up tight, but I’m not in jail. I’m safe as can be, won’t you come get me? I’ve nothing but money, and nothing but time, but if time keeps me safe, then the money will be mine. The Answer is in the Riddle and the Riddle is the name.

-The Riddler

Wonder Woman called in the police to deal with Doctor Psycho, as bound as he was, he couldn’t endanger a baby. Searching the letter carefully for poisons or magic, she detected neither. Looking at the riddle she frowned. While she had defeated Riddler in the past, it was to aid Batman or Batgirl who had solved Riddler’s sick riddles, only intervening at the end when the answer to the puzzle turned out to be a trap. Now, needing to deal with him herself, she frowned to admit she was out of practice working these things out herself. When she was an IDAC agent, she would do these sorts of investigations, but since joining the Justice League, she had Batman, Black Canary, Green Arrow to do the investigating. She blushed slightly, remembering passing a few investigations off to her ward Donna Troy to solve with the Teen Titans because she would rather do honest battle than mind games.

It wasn’t that she was stupid, it was just that she felt more in control in open battle where might made right, and being pure of heart and strong of limb was enough. Mind games, smoke and mirrors, truth and illusions, they were like a swamp to her, and she could feel herself becoming lost and powerless to act deprived of the clear direction her warrior nature craved.

Still, she had the Justice League computers and links to the Batcave’s AI and history of Riddler’s past codes. How hard could it be.

Hours later, it was hard. There were over fifty major banks, each with over fifty major branches operating inside Gotham city. How could she find the answer before she ran out of time. Time keeps me safe. But if she took too much time then “the money would be mine”. How much time was a question she didn’t have an answer too. Tired of listening to the long droning of the JLA computer listing possible banks by probability association with known Riddler events, Wonder Woman finally broke her reserve and shouted out loud.

“I don’t want a listing of every bank I just want the Answer!” She shouted at the dim but helpful Justice League artificial intelligence.

“Answers Mercantile Bank, location 1, 666 Deception Boulevard, location is open for business by appointment only from 0800 to 1600 hrs, the bank will be closing in fifty six minutes, shall I make an appointment?” The AI chirped helpfully.

Diana blinked. Rubbing her face, taking off her golden tiara to run her fingers through her hair and review what she just heard. Could that be it? Could it be that simple? The Answer is in the Riddle and the Riddle is in the name. The Answer is the answer, and the Riddler is already in it. Safe, safe, safe, he kept mentioning safe. Time will keep him safe. Major banks had vaults that were time locked so that they could not be opened out of hours even if management was brought at gun point and ordered to. If he was inside the safe when the time lock engaged, he would be safe inside with all the money. He wanted her there, but if she would not come, all the money would be his.

She leaned back, her back arching, her massive breasts straining against her armoured bustier. She hated mind games. Give her a straight fight against gods, demons, super powered enemies, hordes of aliens or robots, but not this psychological mumbo jumbo. Her world used to be so simple before coming into man’s world as the Amazon heroine. Why couldn’t anything be simple anymore? Riddler wanted her in the bank vault with him. He could ambush her, but since coming into her full power, she didn’t understand with what. He didn’t have access to magic, and hers was pretty powerful even if he did. He wasn’t physically much of a threat. Weapons? Well, a nuclear weapon would be a threat to her life, but she knew Riddler would not kill himself to harm her; he didn’t really have anything against her except a little irritation she ruined his game with Batman. As far as he knew, that is all the interaction they had ever had. Outside of a nuke, there wasn’t anything Riddler could have that was a threat to her. Poison wouldn’t work, even the absence of air wouldn’t work. She could punch through any reasonable thickness of steel in less time than it took to describe. Electricity would hurt, but unless he had a dedicated nuclear reactor set up, it wouldn’t be enough to stop her. No, no matter what he had, it couldn’t be enough. Why was she hesitating?

Riddler was a joke. A genius sure, but no Lex Luthor. He was twisted sure, but he was no Joker. Why were her instincts screaming at her to run away. No, Amazons run at what they fear, not away from it.

“Answers Mercantile Bank, location 1, 666 Deception Boulevard, location is open for business by appointment only from 0800 to 1600 hrs, the bank will be closing in fifty four minutes, shall I make an appointment?” The AI asked cheerfully, simply repeating the question with two minutes left in actionable time. Great Hera, had she been debating acting on this for two whole minutes? That was not a warrior’s reaction!

“Yes, tell them Wonder Woman will be by in thirty minutes, and to clear the bank of other customers and tellers. There may be an issue with their vault, and the Justice League was sending her to check.” She was Justice League, so it was not a lie. It simply became a fact when she told the Justice League AI that she was handling it.

Answer Bank,
A Division of Connundrum Investments
Security by Mystery Inc

By appointment only

Wonder Woman was met at the door by a security guard in an olive drab suit with a very expensive armour weave vest, styled to look like a fashionable men’s suit vest, but composed of microfiber mesh that would harden to stop a rifle round, or distribute the force of a supervillian punch enough to keep the wearer from serious internal damage, even if they still got knocked out. The side arm was equally sophisticated, a non lethal pistol firing gel stun rounds. While billed as being for safety and non lethal take down, Batman’s use of the same technology on his batarangs was all about the effectiveness of the gel capsuls soaking through body armour and bulletproof skin to deliver various debilitating compounds.

If this is the level of security that the Riddler was looking to beat, he was already pushing his limits. With her here, the Riddler was going to be badly bruised by this punch line.

“Good afternoon Wonder Woman, I am Igor, head of security. The Justice League system gave our manager the alert, and per your orders all the tellers and customers have been cleared. Only the security staff and the manager are still here. The manager is waiting for you inside the vault.

Our customers use the vault to secure artwork, jewelry, and more than a few design schematics for technology not yet through the patent process, so we do not have camera coverage in the vault itself. The boss wanted to make sure the vault was safe personally.’

As she shook his hand, she noted that for a bank security guard, he was in great shape and moved like a trained marital artist. Riddler was fast and sneaky, but a dozen men of this caliber could wrap him up like a present with a little green bow if he came calling. What could be here that was worth the risk.

“Pleased to meet you Igor. I look forward to working with you.” Wonder Woman said as she passed into the bank.

As she did, alarms went off, and steel portcullis slammed down over all the doors, and steel shutters rolled down over all the windows. Each shutter had a green question mark clearly painted on it, and on the portcullis behind her was a green envelope with a black question mark.

Igor started to reach out for it, but Wonder Woman stopped him.

“Be careful, Riddler demanded this was between him and I. I am not sure, but I suspect that the envelopes have been treated so that anyone who is not me, or at least not an Amazon with our resistances, would not survive touching the envelopes casually.”

Igor paled and drew his hand back, wiping its sweat on his dark green suit pants.

Wonder Woman looked at the envelope, then opened it. Inside in E Nigma’s own hand was a riddle.

“How is a dagger different from a rope?

One is clear which end wants a poke.”

Diana frowned. Not seeing the answer. A dagger is held by the hilt, and you strike with the blade. It has two ends. She looked at her lasso, there was a loop at one end, not both. How is that different.

Moving to the vault, Igor took his key card and went to press it to the sensor panel beside the door. Diana was almost too slow, but the reflexes of an Amazon trained since birth, who has strode the battlefields of two world wars and faced powers that can shatter armies are not to be scoffed at.

She grabbed Igor’s collar and hurled him backward to slide across the floor as the sensor panel exploded like a claymore mine. Blocking her face with one bracer, she felt the man killing ball bearings hammer into her chest, arm and thigh, but her own eyes and the vulnerable Igor were kept out of harms way.

Panting as the smoke cleared, she saw another envelope with a question mark hidden in the recess the mine had occupied beneath the door’s sensor pad. She tore it open angrily.

“How is a collar better than a crown?

Any slave can say yes, any slut can go down.”

That was clearly some patriarchal sexual slur against her as a Princess of Themyscira, her head was still ringing from the blast, so she was thinking slower than normal. It was enough she knew it was some pervy villain sexist bullshit. He didn’t have to arrive at Arkham intact, just alive. She wasn’t Batman, if he didn’t make it all the way alive, she would shrug and move on. Fragile humans shouldn’t piss off demigoddesses.

The vault door was open and a crowd of security men in green suits was lined up before the door, their hands raised carefully as if worried about whatever weapon was currently pointed at them.

Snarling, Wonder Woman used her super speed and burst between the men, scattering the security personnel like bowling pins on a strike. Standing in the middle of the bank vault, holding a green walking stick shaped like a question mark like a rifle at the security men was Edward Nigman, the Riddler, in full mask and costume.

“Glad you could join us, Princess. This party really looks like a sausage fest without you.”

Wonder Woman was done with his posturing, so she struck her superheroine power pose, hands on hips, head thrown back, her eyes challenging, her magnificent chest heaving.

“Riddler, you went to the trouble to get me here, and came close to killing any number of innocent civilians with your traps. Tell me this, why did you do it. You cannot get away from me. You are going down.” Wonder woman challenged.

“Riddle me this, riddle me that, who is the Superheroine with the neediest twat?” Riddler asked softly.

"Enough Riddler, I have you now." Wonder Woman said, tired of his slurs, and with a flick of Hestia’s lariat, catches him with her lasso.

"Oh Princess, you have never been more right. You have me, and all of my boys, and you have us all night. You see princess, the difference between a dagger and a rope is that a dagger has a safe and and a dangerous end. A rope has only one end, Wonder Slut, and you are on it."

"The games are over Riddler, you are bound by my lasso, you must do as I say, and you may speak no more lies!" Wonder Woman said, pulling Riddler closer, bound tight.

"Riddle me this, riddle me that? Who is the heroine with the neediest twat?

No man is an Island but she comes from one

Before the night is through, she will be swimming in cum!"

Wonder Woman raised her hand to strike Riddler. "Enough of your filth Riddler. Stop your games, this ends now."

"I received a Riddle last week, from myself to myself. A Riddle I don't remember, but a Riddle I wrote.

Why do villains claim they saw someone else bang the Amazon's brains? A dozen supposedly tamed the defender of all women, yet not one of them ever bragged it in prison? How could so many have seen such a thing, and no one remembers the pleasures it brings? You made them forget Princess. You always make them forget afterwards, like you made me forget, but that was a puzzle, and I always solve those."

“You really are half Amazon, half goddess. That sounds like I should be the one in trouble doesn’t it boys?”

Riddler said, as Wonder Woman bound his hands behind him with a loop of her magic golden lasso.

“Thing is, Amazon’s have this whole thing, they can’t have sex with a man unless he defeats her and ties her up, except once a year at some festival that while every man they take there gets lucky, they get killed at the end, so not really my cup of tea.”

Wonder Woman slammed Riddler against a wall of safety deposit boxes, as the security men surrounded them in a grinning ring, apparently delighted to see the Riddler who had recently been threatening them getting roughed up.

“You see I can’t see that working for you either Princess. Your daddy was Zeus. Literally the horniest god in all of Pagnandom. He is the biggest horn dog in history, half the mythological beasts in existence exist because he couldn’t even limit himself to sticking it into the mostly human. Now big daddy Zeus, he isn’t big on taking no for an answer, and your mama being an Amazon isn’t allowed to say yes, so I bet she didn’t get a say in the matter either. How am I doing Princess?”

Wonder Woman turned him around, and raised a fist. “Be very careful Riddler, there are no camera’s in here. It would be a shame if something happened to you while you were resisting. “

Riddler smiled.

“You have his strength, you have almost all his power, you really are virtually unkillable. I bet you could kill Superman if you ever really needed to, but you got the whole package didn’t you Princess. You got the blood of the biggest man whore in all of reality running through your hot blooded veins, and an Amazon bloodline that says even though you need to have a train run on you worse than Grand Central Station, you literally cannot say Yes.”

Riddler stepped forward, and the golden lasso fell away.

“Funny thing about ropes Wonder Whore, is that they only have one end. It doesn’t matter which end of it you are on, it’s your rope, your magic, you and only you are in control. Anything the rope does, to anyone you caught, or anyone who thinks they caught you, it’s always under your control. "

“You can’t say yes, you need some bad man to make you. Fun fact Wonder Whore, this is my bank. I own it. Everyone here, they work for me. Everything in this vault, belongs to me. Including you.”

Wonder Woman’s swing aimed to take off Riddler’s head, but he was already ducking beneath it and stabbing his fingers up under her armoured skirt. She felt something cold bind to her panties, and felt a shock run through her pussy, spoiling her aim as she tried to kick Riddler as he flipped like an acrobat out of the way.

Riddler caught the faint smell of orange on his fingers, and felt his cock twitch. This explained his orange tic tac hunger.

Around her, the grinning security guards started to close in, and the vault door closed softly, engaging its time lock.
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Re: Riddle of the Rope (Wonder Woman vs Riddler)

Post by joejanus »

You got the blood of the biggest man whore in all of reality
So she has, and it's about to be, shall we say, exposed. I can't wait to see what that something cold does to our overly arrogant heroine. She also inherited Zeus' arrogance and "I can do anything I want" attitude.

So glad you're back VV, and looking forward to more of this story.
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Re: Riddle of the Rope (Wonder Woman vs Riddler)

Post by Valleyvixin »

Wonder Woman was a warrior before Riddler was born, and she was moving even with the ambush turned against her and the security forces she was here to “rescue” now closing to attack her. Four men, moving with the grace and explosive power of trained MMA artists closed on Wonder Woman in a combination that was clearly practiced hundreds of times to be impossible to block completely. Perhaps only Batman could have matched her skill in blocking, but not even he could match her ruthlessness in pushing into the attack.

Turning her right leg slightly outward she took the foot sweep on her armoured shin guard, her immovable object impression being a whole lot better than the guard’s irresistible force. Anchored firmly, she ignored the hit and took the spinning side kick that was aimed at her left temple and slapped it down and in to foul the reverse punch aimed low at her ribs, sending those two attackers into a tumble. The final attacker swung his telescoping tungsten heavy baton down at the Amazon’s vulnerable face only to see her raise her head to take the blow firmly on the tiara, breaking the telescoping baton as the full force of his blow met the upward lunge of her Amazonian head. At the moment of impact, she shut her eyes against the fragments from the baton breaking, and missed a leaping Riddler passing over her head and diving down her back to unzip her armoured bustier.

As she spun with a devastating hook kick that blasted the two tangled minions across the vault and into the wall, Wonder Woman felt her bustier suddenly become loose and her hands unconsciously stopped half way to blocking the kick directed at her face from the previously foot sweeping fighter. The kick knocked her off balance for a moment, allowing a green cane to lance up from Riddler who was sliding between her wide spread legs and hook her bustier off, leaving the Defender of All Women topless surrounded by attackers.

Stepping forward to blast the man who kicked her in the face with a backfist that hammered him breathlessly into the wall, Wonder Woman tried to step forward when the remaining guards on the wall opened up with what looked like fire extinguishers, only instead of C02 or dry chemicals, they shot a spray of clear liquid that coated the Amazonian warrior from head to toe, as well as covering the floor around her. As she waited for whatever flammable, explosive, or poisonous result from Riddler’s trap to appear, her years of facing whatever pain this World of Men offered to Amazons, Wonder Woman’s eyes flew wide as where Riddler had rudely jammed his fingers in her private areas suddenly began vibrating fiercely, sending a hot jolt of pleasure through the long-neglected center of her being.

“You MALE CHAUVENIST PIG!” Wonder Woman screamed, huge breasts bouncing, glistening in the vaults light like some well oiled dancing girl as the vibrator turned her attempts to burn our her sexual tensions through violence back on herself. She lunged, but in her distraction failed to notice the strange lubricant she had been sprayed with was not just slippery, it virtually eliminated static friction altogether. Her lunge forward turned into a fall face first, where even her hands failed to grip the floor and slid out from under her, leaving her tits down, ass up in front of her enemies.

“Happy pigs princess, with a well oiled fuck pig to play with. Up and at her boys, she is all greased up for you. Why don’t you get some skin contact with the Princess of Fuck-puppet Island.” Riddler smiled as he fiddled with the straight end of his cane, watching his muscular minions attempt to bury the amazing amazon, somewhere between seriously attempting to pin her and seeing how many sexual violations they could commit as she tossed them away. The lack of friction hampered everyone, but with a total lack of stability and grip rendering strength, skill, and speed nothing but pale jokes, Wonder Woman had to deal with fingers grabbing her ass as handholds, pinching her nipples, sucking on her neck, and trying to slip fingers INTO her around the edges of her ever slipperier bottoms.

Just as she found purchase by lowering herself on widely spread knees and picking up two thugs to slam together until they stopped resisting, she felt a pinching impact on her chest, as Riddler lunged it from a slide as he passed in front of her on the slippery floor, his cane poking each breast with his cane tip, causing a strange pinch on each. As Wonder Woman threw his minions after the green suited questioning pervert, she felt a powerful tingle in her nipples and realized Riddler had clamped two strong nipple rings to her Royal bosom; vibrating and electrified nipple rings she found as one of the thugs tried to grab her. While he failed to knock her down, as soon as his arms touched her, his watch set off the vibrator on her pussy and the vibrating rings constricting her nipples and induced a shock of electricity that lanced through her consciousness in a blast of pleasure/pain that drove thought from her head.

“Don’t worry Wonder Woman, no one will wonder if you are a real woman after we get through with you. My boys are going to get themselves a piece of the finest brunette pussy the gods gave this good earth, and are going to find out what a royal blowjob is when you get worked up enough to suck us hard to fuck you again, Wonder Whore.” Riddler said, holding what looked like a little orange pill up in front of her face.

Wonder woman lunged at Riddler, succeeding in slapping the one pill out of his hand, and trapping him beneath her. Unperturbed, the Riddler watched her face contort as the shocks through her pussy and nipples shocked her so deeply her mouth hung open in a moment that had her fighting off a forced orgasm. Riddler struck, pushing his face into the embattled Amazon, driving the little orange tablet into her mouth, as he slid one crooked finger like a question mark under her panties and into her hot, wet, and vice tight vagina. Wonder Woman’s eyes flew wide as she swallowed reflexively, taking the strange orange tasting pill down in the shock of the digit invading her innermost sanctum.

Grabbing Riddler’s throat with one hand, and his shoulder with the other to pin him, Wonder Woman screamed “What did you just give me?”

Riddler smirked, knowing it was just the orange tic tac that he had been sucking, “Just the most powerful aphrodisiac I have ever heard of. So powerful it could bring Superman to his knees, and Lex Luthor to charity. One so strong it put this crook on the hook, and is going to make you my personal fuck toy forever.”

Wonder Woman raised the hand that was around his throat to her shoulder and began to slam it down hard enough to shatter Riddler’s twisted little brain, but as she wound up, the thug to her rear got a firm hold on her star spangled hot pants and whipped them down to her knees, exposing her Wonderous ass. He buried his face in it, rimming the royal rosette with perverted abandon.

Wonder Woman’s fist shattered the concrete beside Riddler as she rolled over in the slippery goo and failed to kick her assailant with legs bound by her star spangled hot pants.

Riddler slid over to her golden rope and began tying loops in it. Hearing the buzzing of his toys working on the Champion of All Women, driving a nervous system that can match Superman or the Flash in full flight into a state of excitation so intense the Man of Steel would be tearing a hole in his tights and Flash would have premature ejaculated himself into unconsciousness. Riddler smirked as Wonder Woman went down under a sea of horny men, each desperate to get a finger in pussy, or ass, to get a mouth on the most famous and desired tit flesh in the history of mankind, to spank the ass of the Amazing Amazon.

Her body shuddered and a moan tore from her lips as one thug got two fingers into her while his teeth and mouth clamped down on her breast. Her moment of weakness was slight, but in that moment, Riddler dropped the loops from her lasso around her feet.

Sensing her danger, Wonder Woman spun, throwing off her penetrating partner as she turned to face her foe. This played right into Riddler’s trap as he let the lasso wrap around her neck as she spun, and dropped the last two loops over her fists as she swung at him. He lost his breath as his chest tried its best not to shatter under the mere fraction of the grazing punches force, but he kept hold of the rope as he flew, and it drew tight, pulling her hands up to her neck and her legs spread wide and ankles brough up to her bum. Riddler tied off his knots, the Princess of Themyscira, the Goddess of Truth bound naked and spread legged before him, wrists looped to her neck.

“Do you think you can bind me like this Riddler, better men have tried, and none of them lived to tell about it.” Wonder Woman snarled, her chest heaving, her pussy wet and open, almost screaming its need despite her defiance.

“Oh I bet most of them didn’t just try, you let them. You just didn’t let them remember afterward. Don’t worry Princess, It won’t be your choice. The big bad man has tricked you and drugged you, tied you up, and now will ravish you. All three holes Wonder Whore, all three holes are going to be mine. The boys get to use your mouth cunt and your cunt cunt, but your ass belongs to me alone.”

Wonder Woman lunged with all her strength to ram Riddler with her head, but he touched her with his cane and the powerful capacitors in it shocked her nipples so hard the Defender of All Women screamed as she came for the first time.

“Tie her to the hard point’s boys, this is going to be a long night. Viagra is in safety deposit box 69, along with a polaroid camera so she can’t digitally erase your souvenir shots.” Riddler said as he forced Wonder Woman to writhe against her bonds, pressing his cattle prod modified question mark cane into her clit, keeping the Goddess of Truth spasming in a rolling orgasm so strong she was nearly choking herself out.

“Good thing I put her arms in loops connected to her neck or she might have snapped her own neck cumming like that. Good thing, I am not into necrophilia.” Riddler smirked as Wonder Woman was finally bound, on her back, knees spread wide, and pussy open to all.

“Work on her tits and mouth for me boys, I spent a long time in Arkham hankering for the best snack in the goddamned world, and I am going to have it now. Yes sir, a sweet serving of Amazon Pie.” Riddler said as his boys began working over the overcome Amazon, still struggling against the magic of the rope and the power of her own orgasm. Mouths and hands were all over her body, her face was pushed from man to man, each kissing her deeply, driving their tongues into her as Riddler worked his tongue down into the holy of holies, Wonder Woman’s wonderful honeypot.

Hot sweet honey burst under his tongue, with the maddening hint of orange, not like a real orange, not quite. Her pussy definitely tasted like orange tic tac. That is why I got addicted to the damned things! One tase of this pussy, and I am addicted for life. Even wiping my memory out cannot take away my addiction. Riddle me this, riddle me that, once tasted, can you ever be free of this twat? No, I don’t think so. I will risk everything to know I can have her again. If it kills me, fine. If it kills all my men, well that obviously is the better option, but I will have this pussy again!

Riddler found himself worked into a frenzy, sounding more like a savage animal tearing apart prey than a lover as he devoured Wonder Woman’s pussy like a starving man devouring found food, he sucked her clit, tongue flicking across it so fast that it outran his racing heart. Wonder Woman’s eyes grew wide and pleading, her mouth opened to shout a protest, but her eyes rolled back and all she could do was scream as she bucked so hard she tore out one of the anchor bolts her lasso had been secured to on the vault floor. Riddler almost drowned as he sucked up the nectar of the gods, the literal nectar of the gods, pussy juice so potent that he could feel years rolling off his body as he drew godly vigor from her holy fountain. A man could live forever, if he drank from this cup, Riddler mused. Or he could die by Snu Snu, and die happy.

“Back off boys, time for the boss man to show you how it’s done. Flip her over, I need to let her know where she stands in our little party dynamic?” Riddler said as he watched his boys flip the unresisting Amazon face down, ass up to their boss.

Gripping his cane, he hooked it under Wonder Woman’s throat as he lined up his throbbing cock, like a bar of adamantium after eating her magical pussy, the stolen power of the gods transforming his prick into one fit to rape a goddess, to make a temple virgin beg for defilement.

“Here is what you came for Wonder Whore, time to show you how your mama felt when Zeus made her his fleshlight.” Riddler shouted, as he pushed his cock against the opening so tight Superman couldn’t force his way in. He rubbed his cock against her resisting pussy, then he yanked her up with his cane by the throat until his lips were pressed against her ear.

“Don’t think that strength of the Amazon is going to help you. I gave you that aphrodisiac earlier, and if we weren’t here to run a train on your tight little holes, you would be out there spreading your legs in the nearest high school for the football, basketball and debate teams, before you offered every dealer and pimp a ride on the Princess train, just to fill that slut hole you can’t control. Open wide princess, I beat you, and you know that makes you mine by right.”

Riddler felt her shudder, and she looked over her shoulder with a wild hunger, as her pussy flowered before his cock, accepting him into a velvet paradise undreamed of by mortal men. It took him a dozen strokes to bury himself in her, and another dozen until she was forced face down into the lube covered floor, her tits sparking with shocks of current as he fucked her brutally, his foot coming out to press a green dress shoe into her face, his hard cock stroking into her full length as he pressed the defeated and bound Amazon’s face into the ground, grinding it beneath is foot.

“Who is the Heroine with the neediest twat?” Riddler riddled as he diddled. The lasso of Hestia compelled the truth in whomever it bound, and it worked on Wonder Woman as pleasure sapped her will.

“I am. I am” Wonder Woman cried, her hands twitching as she tried to reach her own breasts to further punish the nipples that were vibrating and shocking her at alternating intervals to keep her will and body overwhelmed.

“Who beat you, Wonder Woman, who defeated you. Who outthought you, outfought you, and out fucked you?” Riddler asked as he worked lube covered fingers into the asshole of the Amazing Amazon in counterpoint to his fucking her.

“Can’t make me say it?” Wonder Woman whimpered, but it came out as a question not a statement, as she could not lie under the lasso.

Taking a Question Mark shaped butt plug, he worked the big thing into her ass, and grabbed the hook like a handle and began riding her like a bucking bronco.

“Who beat you, Wonder Woman, who defeated you. Who outthought you, outfought you, and out fucked you?” Riddler said, working her asshole with the Question Mark as he long stroked her royal pussy, he whipped her clit with the ends of the magic lasso has he rode her like some sort of rodeo cowboy out to break a bronco. She broke.

“SWEET HERA! Riddler. Riddler beat me. Riddler broke me. Riddler owns me!” Wonder Woman howled as she came around his cock so violently that his own orgasm was crushed and unable to get more than the first shot into her before her pussy floodgates pushed back so hard the backpressure just about drove his sperm back into the nut.

“Sweet Snu Snu, what a fuck.” Riddler gasped.

Pulling his aching meat out of his defeated goddess, he pulled her up by her hair and slapped her face with his cock. He rubbed his cock all over her royal face before he slapped it against her lips.

“Wonder Whore, time to show your master that you know your place.” Riddler said, looking down into her vulnerable blue eyes.

She took his cock in her mouth, and began to suck and lick it with reverence bordering on worship. As his poor punished cock straightened back into the bar of man muscle it was, he grabbed her face and began to face fuck the Defender of All Women as he decided to share some truths about her defeat.

“You never had a chance against that aphrodisiac Wonder Woman, don’t feel bad. That drug drove me mad in Arkham. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I grew addicted to these damned orange tic tacs, and kept getting a hard on every time I took one. Every time I did, I would think about those blanks in my memory, and my cock would get so hard. So hard, and the memory, just a flash, the memory of a taste so divine it could not be from this world. That was you Princess. The memory of your pussy was so fucking hot that even your magic rope couldn’t make me forget it. That was my wonder drug, the drug that turned you from resisting superheroine to helpless fuck meat. A single orange tic tac, because it reminds both of us of the taste of your well fucked pussy. I got addicted liking your slit, and you got addicted sucking it off my cock. It’s you, Wonder Whore, you are the drug that turned off your ability to resist.”

Riddler stopped talking as cum began to blast out of his cock and the Defender of All Women sucked on his cock like it was her last hope of salvation.

“You can make the boys forget afterwards if you want Princess, but you and I both know that no man who has ever tasted your pussy can ever forget it.” Riddler whispered as he used his cock like lipstick on Wonder Woman’s pouting lips as she digested what he said.

Stepping back, he told his boys.

“Go get her boys. No man alive can tame her, but I brought a dozen of you bastards, and all the Viagra you can pop. Fuck all thoughts of feminism or justice out of her. Fuck all thoughts of being anything but an obedient little fuck puppet like Man’s World want’s all her superheroine sisters to be. You know she wants you to. Don’t you Wonder Whore?”

Tears in her eyes, Wonder Woman whispered “Yes.”

Hours of fucking later, Wonder Woman had been fucked into unconsciousness. Riddler took her uniform and tucked it into a time locked safe and patted it gently. He began assembling the two wheeled chariot like buggy and horse tack as his minions fucked the Amazing Amazon in her mouth and pussy. At one point he had to lash out with his cane and knock one of his men out when he attempted to remove her butt plug and fuck her ass.

“Her ass is mine minion. Or your ass is dead.” Riddler did not use riddles on his men, violence was pretty much all they were capable of understanding after all.

When he had completed his assembly he walked over to the fucked out Amazon in the pile of fucked out minions. One was whipping her ass with his belt, angered he could not leave a welt on her perfect posterior.

“Give it a rest Clifford. I have seen Lex Luthor put a third generation anti tank warhead into that ass cheek and not leave a mark, your belt hasn’t got a chance.” Riddler said with a disappointed sigh.

“Rise and shine Princess. It is time to end the show. The vault opens in five minutes. You have fucked the whole night away, and drained every ball in the place dry, you sperm addicted goddess of fuck.” Riddler said, touching the golden rope and sending the command for it to loosen. True to his assumptions, it ignored his command, and loosened about thirty seconds later, as if someone was slow off the mark in pretending it was under his command. Getting gang fucked for six hours straight can do that to a superheroine.

Wonder Woman rose to her feet, and with a series of brutal slaps, rendered Riddler’s fucked out men unconscious. She walked over to Riddler and he pointed to the halter, bridle, blinders, ball gag and leather arm binding sleeve, and the great black hoof boots of the pony girl bondage rig on the table behind him.

“You have a problem Princess. That vault door opens in four and a half minutes. Now you should wipe the memories of all my thugs, or they will talk. Someone always does, but before you think about wiping me, your uniform is in another time locked safe inside the vault. Given time you could find it, but not before the door opens. I could tell you, but I can’t open it. You are going to get found naked and dripping with cum, but Wonder Woman doesn’t have to be. What is more important, preserving the Defender of All Women, or putting me back in Arkham, until I break out again, brain wiped, until I unwipe it again? “

Riddler asked, and Wonder Woman looked at him coldly. “What is the alternative?”

“This stay’s between you and me darling. I beat you. I solved your riddle. No one else beat you, no one else deserves you. I don’t want this getting out either, but it isn’t enough for me to beat you. You need the risk of exposure, the threat, and I need to get my supervillain moment in the sun. So if you want Wonder Woman to stay squeaky clean defender of all that is right and good, then you will put on the pony girl rig, and I will ride some cum dripping nameless slut of a bank teller that The Riddler abused during a bank robbery out of here past police as you prance right past them as my preset traps go off to foil their inept attempts at pursuit.

At some point after nine am, you come back in your civilian clothes and ask to open safety deposit box D-171, which by that point will have your uniform. The key for the box will be up your tight little ass.”

Shuddering as she felt herself becoming aroused again, face burning with humiliation, Wonder Woman, Princess of Themyscira, began to lace on knee high pony girl hoof boots, as Riddler fitted the plumed harness to her head, with big black blinders over her eyes and a big green bridle between her teeth. Lacing her arms into the sleeve that joined them behind her back helplessly, and whimpering helplessly as the Riddler forced a large butt plug with a long black pony tail matching the long black pony tail he gathered her hair in up her ass. He then clamped two heavy green upside down question mark weights from her large and aroused nipples, and sat down in the harness racing chariot like seat she was forced to pull like a human pony.

The high boots forcing her feet into a ballerina’s point as they artificially forced her to prance like a pony, the prancing gait made her proud breasts bounce madly, waving the big green question marks at every hoof beat. Riddler whipped her ass with a golden shining whip attached to his Riddler cane as the bank vault opened, and at his secret command, the outside and inner doors of the bank opened in sequence, allowing Riddler and his naked pony-slut to gallop past waiting police and out of the bank. A series of explosions filled the air with smoke and glitter, even as pneumatic pistons drove large question marks up from beneath the pavement disabling police vehicles even as the sparkly flash bangs disoriented the perimeter officers.

News cameras and bystanders all saw the Riddler in full costume whipping his captive pony girl, some close up’s revealing cum dripping from her poor abused pussy, as he drove off through the city in a chase that would ultimately stun police, and work Wonder Woman into a new sexual frenzy of humiliation.

In the Themyscira embassy parking garage, where he pulled them out of sight, her outraged sisters watched as she was ridden in like a slave or animal by a human man. When the Amazon guards made to arrest him, Wonder Woman, who had just torn free of her bindings, ordered them to clear the bay, and forget what they saw. They fled the bay, but watched through various security feeds as the Riddler freed her from her head dress, leaving Wonder Woman to bend over her official limousine, as if offering her pony tail sprouting ass to the super villain.

“Are you offering something to me Princess?” Riddler asked tugging on the pony tail butt plug, causing Wonder Woman to whimper.

“You said my ass belonged to you to your men. You hurt the only one to try using it. Was that just talk Riddler, or did you mean it?” Wonder Woman said, a hint of defiance creeping back into her tone.

Riddler twisted out the plug with a slow malice, making the Champion of All Women whimper like a slave slut. “It was a promise, and the Riddler always keeps his promises. Now Princess, get me nice and hard, and I will show all your watching sisters, exactly who owns your ass.”

To everyone watching’s surprise, Wonder Woman dropped to her knees and tore open the villain’s pants to get to his cock. Sucking on his cock like she was worshipping at the altar of Hera and not the Patriarchal penis, she took each of his balls reverently in her mouth as she let him slap her face with his hardening manhood. To their horror, he grabbed their princess by her lustrous black hair and bent her over her official state limousine. Moving slowly, he inserted his punishing piston into her heroine hidey hole and proceeded to pack her fudge like the hardest ass master of Arkham Asylum.

“Oh Wonder Whore, do you ever wonder why they call it Ass-ylum? Because without Wonder Cunt’s like yours, ass is all you get, but no one has ever gotten an ass this good. Fucking Amazing Ass-azon, Derriere of all Women, Do I need to get the rope, or are you going to confess on your own? You need this, don’t you. To be taken, to be broken, to be used like a cheap three hole whore in front of the world, don’t you!” Riddler swore as he grabbed a handful of hair, and began spanking her bouncing tits from the side as he grudge fucked Wonder Woman right between her proud matriarchal flags on her state limo, while her Amazon guard force watched and quietly fingered themselves in a hundred secret watching places.

“Fuck me Riddler. Fuck me like the whore I am for you. Break me. Own me. Defile me. I need it. I want it. I want you. I LOVE YOU!!!!!” Wonder woman screamed as she came, spraying his thighs and her car with the signs of her shame as Riddler blew so much into her that he stopped breathing, for a moment afraid her ass was sucking the very life from him.

He staggered back, unable to breathe or think. Wonder Woman dropped to her knees, took his cock right from out of her ass, and lovingly licked it clean.

“I solved the Riddle you see. You needed it to be public, but you couldn’t risk Wonder Woman’s name. The World needs you Princess. Even toxic little shits like me need you. I didn’t do this to break you. I did this to save you. I gave you public, but no one knew it was you. I gave away your greatest shame in front of all your sisters, but they are the one group that the gods won’t permit to talk about it. I solved the Riddle for you Princess. You get to be Wonder Whore, and the World keeps Wonder Woman.” Riddler smiled as he pulled his cock out of her mouth, and tucked the poor abused thing delicately back into his pants.

“So what now. You going to erase my memory, or are we going to be grown ups, and you just let me know when you can’t take the straight and narrow any more. When you need me, just drop by the bank, and drop a question mark in box D-171, and the big bad Riddler will do something terrible that hurts absolutely no one, but no one but you needs to know that part.” Riddler asked, flicking the question mark on Wonder Woman’s amazing amazon nipple.

Whimpering, Wonder Woman nodded.

“Yes sir.” She said, not looking him in the eye.

Riddler reached out with one hand and raised her head to look him in the eye.

“Good girl.” He said, and watched the Defender of All Women blush.
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Re: Riddle of the Rope (Wonder Woman vs Riddler)

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Wow what a delightful riddle!! :)
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Re: Riddle of the Rope (Wonder Woman vs Riddler)

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My poor attempt at portraying Wonder Woman after she knocked Riddler across the room and accidentally pulled the lasso taut around her neck (and wrists that you can't see).

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Re: Riddle of the Rope (Wonder Woman vs Riddler)

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Wow! That is some masterful psychological and physical domination! Fantastic job.
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