Supergirl and The Robin Hoods - Chapter 14

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Chapter 14 - Midvale -

Northern lights. As Earth rolls around the solar system - spinning and locked to her sun - she’s bathed in light and particles from her parent star. Krypton’s star is red giant that lends a hint of amber light to sunsets on that ill-fated planet. Earth’s sun is a yellow star about midway through its’ main sequence. Before Sol turns into a red giant, and engulfs the planets of the inner solar system, she busily converts hydrogen to heavier elements which makes for some pretty interesting effects. Apart from lending near god-like abilities to any Kryptonian who just happened to end up on Earth. Sol has a surface that boils and flames and, occasionally, burps out showers of subatomic particles. Back on that little rock - the third one out from the sun - the charged particles spiral into the magnetic poles, exciting atoms in the atmosphere along the way, creating a spectacular shimmering show of color and light. It’s also an indication of the solar radiation - that gives Kryptonians their abilities on Earth - is in flux. Changing so rapidly that said powers might get a bit …. Interrupted.

National City rarely received snow, being on the cost where the Pacific was as a huge heat sink, not letting temperatures drop below freezing for more than a few days at a time. Midvale a bit more inland, did get the occasional blanket of the powdery white stuff, and on this November night it felt like there could be snow any minute.
Kara, even, was feeling the cold as her and Lena landed in Midvale. Unusual for her, but she was a bit too preoccupied to think about a chill.
Lena, however, stood next to Kara while a red and while cat wove its way between Kara’s booted ankles while Kara clutched herself to try and regain some warmth. The flight from Central City to Midvale hadn’t taken long but Kara was feeling unusually spent… along the way the sky shimmered in blues and greens and reds.
The northern lights were more than active up here along the coast this evening. They were positively dazzling. Like the swirling eddies of a river painted on a black canvass, they slowly changed shape and colors, faded, then mixed and brightened in improbable shapes and patterns.
Kara landed with a bit less grace than usual … even given that she was carrying Lena on this journey to her adoptive home town. Tired from the exertion of saving National City from the “Robin Hoods” and their dam breach? Maybe …
“Kara …” began Lena. “Supergirl …” she said louder. “Where are we? What is this?”

“Lena …. You’re not going to believe this ….”


Just as Kara was about to speak her next line a flashlight illuminated them both. Kris ran back towards the house on the rise from which she came … found the porch and zipped on through a ca door. Why hadn’t Kara noticed someone walking up to them, she thought to herself. Normally Kara could hear people tiptoeing a mile away … Now, Kara and Lena stood in the glow of a police flashlight on a country road in the town of Midvale in the middle of a chilly, evening.

“‘Evening ladies …” began a silhouette … “Nice evening for a stroll.” As he walked closer his own light, and the northern lights themselves, illuminated his face. Kara had a glimmer of recognition as he continued; “Not sure you saw the calendar, but Halloween was LAST week young lady …”
Kara and Lena looked at each other as another officer, emerged from the car and strode towards them at a leisurely pace.
“LAST week?” Said Lena. “Uhm, sir … I think you meant to say that Halloween is IN a week …”
The first officer held his light high in his left hand, by his hat. Standard police procedure. It keeps the other hand free to grab his or her weapon, should the occasion arise. Also, it’s gives something of a “spotlight” effect and tends to obscure to vision of the person at the other end of the beam.
“Oh, uh, yes … the costume …” stammered Kara.

Lena was still trying to compose herself. Her logic wasn’t, quite, working while she tried to piece together what had happened. Was she dreaming? Maybe, she thought.

“And….” Began the next officer. She had brunette hair tied in a pony tail and no hat. Getting closer to Kara her “Midvale Police” arm patch was illuminated by the glowing sky ….

“I’ll take this …” interrupted the officer with the flashlight. Even in the dim light both Kara and Lena could see the second officer roll her eyes just a bit., as the green and blue glow seemed to intensify just a bit.

“Watch and learn Joe.”

“Joe?” Thought Kara and Lena … Maybe it was short for “Joanne” or something. It didn’t’ matter. There were slightly more pressing problems right now. Like two ladies - one in a pseudo-Superman “costume” (sans cape) being interrogated on the road while, likely, a twelve-year-younger version of herself slept in the house on the hill behind them.

“Let me talk with them …” began the younger officer.

“Junior Officers watch and learn … they do not talk.”

Ah … J.O. … “Junior Officer.” … Kara and Lena thought simultaneously. Maybe she’s be a little more easy to reason with than the guy in front of them that was using the full measure of his height and tactics to try and maintain his perceived advantage.

“Officer …” began Lena. She stepped slightly towards the tall policeman with her fingers raised, slightly, in a gesture that denoted both a plea to explain and a mini “arms up” pose …

“Sir … we just , uhm, flew in. We’re quite tired and it’s a long story.”

“A story you can tell me after you’ve shown me some ID …” interrupted flashlight man.

“ID …”. began Kara … “Yes .. see … uhm …” she stammered.

“Let me guess. No ID?”ink

The younger officer stepped towards the three and began; “Joe… I think what …”

She was quickly cut off again. “WE are on duty girl … You do not call me by my first name Junior Officer Stewart!”

“Officer Higgins ….” Began junior officer Stewart …

“That’s better ….”

Kara had a wave of recognition pass through her while the two officers conversed. “Joe Higgins. Lieutenant Joe Higgins. He was one of the names she recalled from one of her first reporting assignments. - ‘Midvale Officer Indicted’ -“ It was harassment charges. Something about using his power over subordinates. Kara and Lena were getting a first-hand look at the Midvale Officer who would be drummed out of the force … But that would be in ten years!
Kara was a reporter assigned to the case because she was from Midvale. Her editor sent her out to her “home town” knowing Kara already had the lay of the land. National City newspapers didn’t carry much news from the backwaters outside of city limits, but the Midvale case warranted attention. Lieutenant Higgins was forced to resign for abusing power which paved the way for … for the first female Lieutenant in the Midvale force! Of course … Lieutenant Stewart! Kara remembered the whole story now. It was a week of reporting from her home. Of visiting her mom and catching up with Midvale life after getting her big break in the city.

Lena glanced over at Kara noticing her expression. Realizing something was connecting in her Kryptonian mind.

“Junior Officer Stewart … Please call the Station and tell them we’re bringing in two suspects.”

“Suspects?” Said Kara and Lena in unison.

“We’re … ‘pedestrians’ you genius … Not “suspects” …” began an indignant Lena.

Officer Higgins took a step back and placed his right hand on his holster. He had no intention of pulling a gun at this point, he just liked to show his … equipment to the ladies.

Even Junior Officer Stewart was taken a bit off guard.

“Uhm …. Sir, what are we arresting them for, uhm, exactly?”

“With all the home break-ins around here your really have to ask that?” Said Higgins.

“You city slickers come out here and figure you can take what you want from us country bumpkins in Midvale … Sneaking into vacation homes that you know are probably empty. Well costume-girl and whoever you are, you picked the wrong town and the wrong police force.”

Higgins was never happier than when he got to lecture someone. He was in full “Midvale Finest” mode now.

“Sir … Officer Higgins … “ said Stewart. “I really don’t think we have much to hold them on. Two ladies walking without ID isn’t a crime.”

“You let me worry about that little lady … Get the cuffs.”

“Now wait just a minute!” Said Kara. “There’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for us to be out here …”

“Uh … yes ….” Interjected Lena. “Perfectly reasonable ….”

There was a long silence … then Kara began again, spotlighted by Higgin’s flashlight.

“We …were ….at a costume party … in town.”

“Yes … that’s it … a costume party.” Said Lena.

Kara looked over at Lena … waiting for her to pick up the thread that really was attached to nothing.

Lena continued; “…and, we wanted to leave but our Uber never showed …”

“What the hell’s an ‘Uber?’” Said Higgins.

Kara, realizing that “Uber’s” would be around for another decade interrupted the interruption.

“Our friend … Uhm … ‘Mike Uber.’ He was supposed to drive us back to National City.

“SO …” Higgins said … “You were going to walk the forty miles back to the city then?”

“Oh, no … don’t be silly …” said Lena …

“Oh, no … said Kara … looking over at Lena

Kara said; “You know this is pretty much the only road back to the interstate. We were bound to see some of our friends driving this way on their way home.”

“Yes. Yes that’s it. We needed a walk and some air. Boring party, you know …We just wanted to get away from that house.”

“And what house WAS it, asked Higgins?”

Lena jumped in … “Oh, I don’t know Midvale well … it was some ‘Air B and B.’”

“Uh huh …” said Higgins. Even Stewart, who was Lena and Kara’s only potential ally in the situation, furrowed her brow.

“Air Bee and what?”

Kara knew that “Air Bed and Breakfast” places would exist for another ten years as well. Hell, at that point why not just tell them who the president is in ten years and have a real ‘Back to the Future” scene play out ….

“What my friend meant today was …. “SomeWHERE … it was a B and B … You know … A bed and breakfast.”

“The only ‘Bed and Breakfast’ in Midvale is run by my friend Thelma. And she aint hosted no parties for nobody from National City no how.”

Why hadn’t a light gone on in the Danvers house while all this was going on out front? Granted, the house was well set back from the road, but not that far? Her cat came out and remembered her. Where was her mom? Where was SHE? Well, her younger self anyway. Her sister Alex, in the upstairs room, should have at least noticed something.

Kara’s teenage home remained quiet as Officer Higgins had reached his limit …

“Cuff them …” he told his junior officer protege’ …

Stewart looked at the ladies in the spotlight of her “superior” officer. She looked somewhat sheepishly at Kara and Lena, then walked to the Midvale Police car, returning with gleaming cuffs … destined for the wrists of Kara and Lena …

“Listen …” started Kara … “This is ridiculous …You’ve no right. We’re just walking down to road ….”

“Walking down MY road ‘Halloween Girl.’” Interrupted Higgins.

As Kara and Lena half lowered their arms and began to turn their backs to the officers, Lena gave a sideways whisper to Kara.

“Psst … How about you fly us outta here? Like, now?” Said Lena.

Kara took an extra moment to process the request. “Are you kidding? And how would two ladies flying off get explained?”

“Who cares? They can figure that out later. We’re out of time … literally out of time. We’re not even supposed to be here. It’s twelve years AGO …”

“Enough banter you two …” said Higgins.

The future Lieutenant Stewart had closed the gap between them.

“Besides …” whispered Kara to Lena … “I’m suddenly feeling …. Off.”

As Kara began that phrase there was the sound of “clicks” behind her.

“Off?” Pressed Lena. “Off…How?”

“Nuff talkin’ girls.”

Lena wasn’t sure which was more infuriating; Kara not zipping them out of there or the Officer referring to them as “girls.”

Junior Officer Stewart began with Kara …She held Kara’s elbows, for a moment … ran her hand down to Kara’s wrists, then surrounded one of Supergirl’s wrists with a cuff and the mechanism ‘clicked’ home. Kara’s other arm was draw close and the cuff was clicked on her right wrist … with no cape, Kara stood in her blue suit. There wasn’t much in the way of “patting down” as her tight blue top and skirt didn’t reveal much … but Officer Stewart was under the watchful eye of her senior on the force … so Stewart went “by the book.” She ran her hands up and down Kara’s stocking-clad legs, over her boots, around her waist and under her, now cuffed, arms.
“Clear … no weapons.”

Lena, for her part, was simply looking at Kara with a bit of incredulity.

Kara felt something beyond a strange nausea … which she assumed was from their recent time slip. She felt the cold of the manacles upon her skin. Normally she knew if something WAS cold, but it didn’t - usually - affect her. This was different.

As Junior Officer Stewart took the second pair of cuffs and began to place them on Lena’s wrists … her hands already behind her back anticipating the circles of steel that would hold her helpless … Higgins began talking again …

“You must’ve got wind somehow that the Danvers house here was empty tonight. Bet you ladies were looking to help yourself to their car and whatever you could find inside.”

“Empty?” Thought Kara. “Why …?”

As the cuff “clicked” around Lena’s left wrist there was almost an audible “click” in Kara’s head.

As the shimmering sky now illuminated the scene Kara blurted out …

“It’s NOVEMBER … November … Senior year!”

Everyone stopped. What was she talking about?

“A little too much to drink at that ‘party’ little lady?”

“Stop calling me that!” Said Kara … Finding not only her voice but her memory of that night.

The other cuff found its home on Lena’s right wrist. Lena was now being pat down by the Junior Officer who was more confused than ever.

“Clear … no weapons.” Said Stewart.

“Get em to the car, girl …” said Higgins.

Apparently the “rule” about dressing officer properly in the field didn’t apply to him.

Kara and Lena were led to the back seat of the Midvale Police car. The Danvers home remained quiet. Each had their head protected by J.O. Stewart as they ducked in and sat with their cuffed wrists at the small of their back. Officer Stewart reached over and seat-belted in Lena, then walked around the car and did the same with Kara. Each squirmed, a bit, and tried to get as comfortable as they could while being stuffed and belted in the back of a squad car.

As the door to the car shut, Lena could speak at a regular volume with Kara as the two Midvale officers stood outside the car.

“Kara … would you mind telling me what the HELL is going on?”

“This night …” began Kara. “I remember this night. I was in the kitchen and felt, suddenly, sick and weak. I’d dropped a plate and when it shattered it actually cut me! It was the solar storm. Clark … Uhm Superman … came to my ‘rescue.’ He, literally, flew out here from Metropolis.”

“Flew? I take it you don’t mean he flew like he always does?”

“No! He had to catch a flight! He actually flew in a plane. This was November - twelve years ago - the biggest Solar storm in a half a century!”

Lena had a flash of recall … “I remember that. I was in high school. We talked about it in science class.”

“Clark showed up at the Midvale clinic. He explained everything to my mom. The solar storm interfered with … with our powers here on Earth. Superman took a flight out because he couldn’t fly … he was … oh no.”

“He was what, Kara….”

“He’d lost his powers for a few days … until to storm passed. I didn’t know about solar storms. interfering with our powers before that evening. Mom and dad thought I was sick. They brought me into town to the doctor. Right now, Kara Danvers is at Doc Bindra’s at the clinic in town … She’s looking Kara over and will tell her she probably has a flu.”

“A flu?” Said Lena. “Kryptonians can get the flu?”

“No …” said Kara. But she didn’t know I was anything but a regular kid. A senior at Midvale High at his point.

Superman had help set up this life for me here. My mom knew everything and Superman explained to mom that, while the solar storm was pelting Earth … Kryptonians would be just like everyone else.”

“Are you saying you’re powerless right now?”

Kara tried her cuffs … she pulled with just a but of strength, not wanting to break the cuffs and arouse suspicion. Nothing

Kara pulled a put harder … this time feeling the seat belt press into her chest as she tried to lean forward. The seat belt ran across her “S” symbol … Nothing.

“Kara …” began Lena …

As Kara was pulling against the cuffs, now with all of her strength … and finding no freedom … there was a scuffling noise outside the car.

“Stop right there … Police!” They heard Officer Higgins scream.

Both Higgins and Stewart rapped an the car and screamed to the back seat; “Stay put …” as they ran off into the illuminated night in pursuit of two fleeing figures …

“What the HELL is going on?” Said Lena?

“It looks like our arresting officers are chasing someone across my property! Well, my mom’s property …”

As Officers Higgins and Stewart disappeared into the field adjacent Kara’s childhood home Kara now began arching, pulling, and struggling with all her strength.

“I’m helpless, Lena! I can’t break free!”

Just then, they heard a single shot echo through the cold, bright, November night.
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Good start. Any chance you'll continue this story?
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Hey there ... I've a few more chapters to add but wasn't sure if there was interest in the story so I kinda left it hanging .... I'll get them posted this weekend :-)
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