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Post by Dazzle1 »

In a previous thread, people posted how we hate the action being in a hotel room ect.

I am not a techie.

But when I have my virtual meeting I can put in a background behind me.

Can this apply to videos?
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Re: Backgrounds?

Post by Abductorenmadrid »

Well, I suspect you'd need to green out a background and have a locked off camera. I know some software can handle putting in a new background even if you did not green out the background but I am not sure how available that is to mass consumers.

The reason you'd probably need to lock off the camera is the background is not likely to be dynamic. That is to say, if the camera were to move you'd need a way to have the background account for the movement and track with the camera, something that is not easy to just do. If you are happy for a static camera and action to be in front of a lifeless background then sure, it's a way to get around the make-do set situation.
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