Xena - Distractions

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Xena - Distractions

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by Vega Taxeca

This story does contain very graphic descriptions of sex between women (including non con and allusions to BDSM).
I do not own Xena - the Warrior Princess, or any of its characters or storylines. It belongs to Renaissance Pictures, Studio USA, Universal Studios and/or related companies. But I do not make any money with this story anyway, so I hope it is okay. No copyright infringement is intended.
This story takes place at some undisclosed point after season one. It does not contain spoilers for any specific episode. The main parts should not be too difficult to follow, even if you do not know the show.

In a dark corner, two women talk. One is a dark-haired beauty known as the “Sorceress”.
“I will go for the little one first. Then I will use her to distract the Warrior Princess. She won’t see it coming.”
“Don’t underestimate the bard. She is tougher than she looks. And smarter.”
“Don’t worry, I won’t. I will use my girls to prepare the approach.”
“Ok, you know your method best. But remember, there will only be one chance. Once the Warrior Princess is warned, nobody gets behind her defenses. That’s true mentally just as it is physically.”
“It will work. I promise.”
When she entered the inn, the Warrior Princess saw Gabrielle talk with a young woman at the reception desk. She had first settled a place at the local stables for Argo and left the haggling over prices to the bard. When she reached the two women, Gabrielle handed her a message.
“Meeting postponed. Here, read for yourself.”
She turned back to the young woman.
“Arlanna, this is Xena. You will have heard about her. – Xena, this is Arlanna, the innkeeper’s daughter. She just gave me this message.”
Xena greeted the woman, then quickly scanned the text.
“Sorry, I will be running late, but I will come soon. The room is paid for. Please be my guests for now. Maybe it is a chance for you to relax a bit, before the action starts. S.”
The innkeeper’s daughter explained.
“A messenger brought the money and the letter for you. A beautiful young woman, but not from here.”
“Are you sure?” Gabrielle asked.
“Oh, definitely. I would never forget such a hottie. Too bad she had to leave in such a hurry.”
“Ah, okay. I understand.”
“Be assured, I won’t forget you either.”
Gabrielle blushed. Xena suddenly kissed the bard, then turned to the other woman.
“You should remember me as well.”
Arlanna just laughed.
“Don’t worry, I will. Please follow me. I’ll show you your room. It is the ‘quiet room’.”
The two did, accompanied by a quick exchange between them.
“That was quite the public display. Jealous?” Whispered the bard.
“She was very flirtatious. A little show didn’t hurt.” Xena replied with a smirk.
“Yeah, I noticed. At least she was good at it. Not like certain men you usually meet in a tavern.”
“True. So, you interested?”
“Don’t worry. I know exactly who will be in my bed tonight.” Both grinned at each other. So distracted, they did not notice a pair of dark eyes watching them.
On the way up, the ever inquisitive bard turned to their guide.
“Why is our room called the ‘quiet room’?”
“It is a bit separated from the rest. Directly ahead are my parents’ rooms. All other guest rooms are on the right side. Only my room and a storeroom are on this side. And of course, the quiet room. Washing room is with the other guest rooms.” She pointed the respective directions. “So you have to walk a bit further to relieve yourself, but you won’t have to worry about hearing too much noise. Or making it.” She smirked at them.
Once they entered the room, it was clear she had pegged them as a pair from the beginning, since there was only one large bed instead of separate ones. The innkeeper’s daughter turned to leave.
“Okay, you know the details. If there is anything you need, no matter what time it is, just come and ask me. It’s the second door to the left.”
“Ok, thanks.”
Once she left, Gabrielle turned to her partner, laughing.
“She is persistent, isn’t she?”
Xena smirked.
“Some people dream of bedding famous people and we are well known in this region. So, are you interested in a threesome?”
Gabrielle laughed throatily.
“Maybe later. Tonight I’m only interested in a twosome.”
The bard kissed her lover aggressively. Soon their tongues were engaged in a heated duel. One of Xena’s hands found its way under the bards green top and started to maul and caress her breasts. Gabrielle wanted to return the favor, but there was no way to get under Xena’s leather armor. The bard pulled back from the kiss, inhaling deeply.
“Too many clothes!”
“I agree.”
Within record time both women were naked and climbed into the bed. Xena pushed one thigh between the bard’s legs and started to move it up and down. Gabrielle moaned, then pulled her a bit closer and sucked a nipple in her mouth. She licked it and rolled it softly between her teeth. At the same time she felt Xena suck at her pulse point. ‘MMh, pay back for Bacchai time, it seems.” But soon it became impossible to think coherently. The Warrior Princess had changed her position slightly. She was riding one of Gabrielle’s thighs while still pressing down on the bard’s pussy. Both were too worked up to hold out for long. Gabrielle came with a loud cry of pleasure, soon followed by a series of moans announcing her partner’s climax. After such a good start they continued to make love for the rest of the evening.
When Gabrielle awoke late the next morning, the Warrior Princess was gone. On the table was breakfast, together with some coins and a note.
“You had your turn, so I will ride Argo this morning.
Have fun on the market!
The bard blushed, but also had to laugh. Xena could be such a tease, when she was in a good mood. They were in a good place with their relationship, but a few days of rest could still do wonders. She was glad they had a chance to relax, before the next adventure found them. After she had refreshed herself and eaten some breakfast – well, maybe more than just “some” – she picked up the coins.
“Okay, let’s see what we need. I’ll get the supplies first, then I’ll look around a bit.”
The bard picked up her staff and bag and left.
When she returned at lunch time, Xena was already there and had even gotten them some bread and fruits.
“Thanks, Xena, you are the best.”
“You are welcome. Hey, you look a bit red. I didn’t think it was that cold.”
“Oh, no, it isn’t.” Gabrielle’s face became even redder. “Oh, by the way, I think this town is great. They are really okay with women like us.”
“Women like us?”
“Well, you know, women who are together with women. Lesbians.”
Xena smirked.
“Technically I’d say both of us are bisexual, not lesbians.”
“Hey, words are my area. And you know what I mean.”
“Yes, I do. And what brought you to this conclusion?”
“Today at the market I saw two women making out, maybe doing even more. And nobody seemed offended.”
“That’s good. So what ‘more’ did they do?”
Gabrielle blushed once more.
“Well, one had her hand beneath the other one’s skirt. And she was, you know, ...”
“Fucking her?”
The bard now resembled a tomato.
“No! I mean, yes, maybe caressing her?”
“So, you are not sure?” Xena smirked.
“Wellll ...” The bard looked sheepish.
“Oh, that must be good. Well what?”
“It’s embarrassing!”
“Oh, what a surprise! The Bard of Poteideia is involved in something embarrassing.”
“Oh, be quiet! Do you want to hear it or not?”
Xena laughed.
“Of course I want to hear your story. Especially since it seems a good one.”
“Ugh! Yeah, well, so I saw the hand disappear and I kept looking to find out, what exactly she was doing. When suddenly the other woman looked directly at me and winked. And then she mouthed ‘Love the show?’ That’s when I left.”
The bard was still red, while Xena laughed.
“Well, you are a performer yourself, so I am sure it was just professional interest on your side.”
Gabrielle laughed as well.
“Oh, you...”
Xena looked thoughtful.
“But you do seem to attract the ladies lately. You sure, I don’t have to worry.”
“Of course not. There is only you.” Gabrielle quickly kissed her lover.
“I know.” Xena smiled lovingly at her partner, which then turned a bit more lascivious. “And I might move my hand below your skirt tonight, if you are interested.”
“Oh, I am interested. Why don’t we start right now?”
Gabrielle kissed the warrior again. Xena kept with the kiss for a moment, but then moved back.
“Sorry, I can’t. I found out the blacksmith here is a former soldier from my army, one of the few I kept friends with. I promised to visit him today. I am looking forward to talk with him. Maybe he even knows something about that problem we were called to solve. Also it never hurts to know a good blacksmith in a town, in case something happens with Argo.”
“Well, I hope you say the same about shoemakers.” The bard grumbled.
“Hey, I did buy you a new pair of boots after Thessaly, didn’t I?”
“Yeah, yeah, now go. I am a bit too keyed up to go with you. I’ll have another look at the market later. I got a bit distracted from buying everything I wanted.”
“Okay, if you are sure.”
“Yeah, don’t worry about me. But promise me to come back early. I have plans for tonight and I don’t just want your hand beneath my skirt.”
Xena smirked.
“Don’t worry, with that incentive I will be back early and then I will be at your service. Remember to eat something, before I’m back, to keep up your strength.”
“Oh you, maybe I will tire you out. Okay, have fun.”
Xena laughed and left. Afterwards Gabrielle realized how horny she had become. She considered to masturbate, to let up a bit of steam, but she really wanted to be at full strength tonight. The warrior and her were lovers and great friends, but they always had some rivalries going as well, even in bed. She needed to do something relaxing. Maybe the innkeeper’s daughter had an idea. She thought she had heard her when passing her room earlier, so she went there without delay. She knocked and entered the room when she heard the invite, but there she stopped in her tracks. It seemed Arlanna had just woken up from a nap. Now she stood before a mirror and pulled her nightshift over her head, revealing her body in all its naked glory.
Of course, Gabrielle’s first instinct was to step back outside and close the door. But something kept her there. Subconsciously she felt a pair of beautiful dark eyes watching her and encouraging her to stay. It was almost as if something inside her mind changed her thoughts and even her feelings. It was on such a low level that Gabrielle had no chance to realize it, but still enough to keep her in the room. She watched as the innkeeper’s daughter pulled on a boot. The bard’s eyes followed the hands moving up the long smooth leg. Then her eye jumped to where the leg would end, but Arlanna’s crotch was hidden by the way she stood. So the eyes followed again the hands, picking up the second boot and pulling it on. When she was finished, the young woman stood up and turned towards Gabrielle. The bard gulped when she finally saw the beautiful pussy, covered by a light blond down.
“You wanted something?” The innkeeper’s daughter asked, as if everything was normal. As if she was not standing there, almost naked, presenting her pussy and a nice pair of breasts. Tits. A nice pair of tits. The bard did not even realize how the word changed in her mind. The dark eyes were still watching and encouraging her. She had problems to speak over her dry mouth.
“Relaxing. Do you have an idea what I could do to relax around here?”
“Oh, I have many ideas. But I would probably suggest a visit at the hot spring. There is one only a few minutes outside town. And you should have it to yourself at this time of the day.”
“Oh thanks. That is a good idea.” Gabrielle croaked.
She only came back to her senses, when Arlanna pulled on her day gown. But the bard was acutely aware that the other woman was wearing nothing beneath it. ‘Easy access,’ a voice said in her mind. Gabrielle shook her head, trying to clear it, while the pretty young blonde explained how to find the hot spring. The bard thanked her and said goodbye. She had almost left the room, when she felt herself turn around one more time.
“You are really beautiful.”
“Thanks, you too. Some day you have to show me more.”
The usually so eloquent bard stuttered.
“I, no, ... maybe, I mean. Bye!”
She quickly left the room. ‘Why did I say that?’ she berated herself. ‘Why am I flirting with her. Okay, so she does have a beautiful pussy. Body, I mean body.’ But without her conscious consent, her thoughts turned back to that one spot. ‘Oh yes, she does have a beautiful cunt. Worth showing off, definitely.’ Still, she did not realize the way her thoughts became even more sexualized. The beautiful dark eyes had now become a constant feature in her subconscious. Even some of her memories began to change slightly, giving some earlier adventures more of a twist. From their room, Gabrielle picked up all she needed for a bath and of course her trusty staff. She really needed to relax, that last encounter had made her even hotter than before.
The bard found the clearing with the hot spring easily. She had just dropped her stuff and started to pull off her top, when she realized that she was not as alone, as she had expected. A beautiful young woman was lounging in the spring. The same woman she had seen getting ... fucked at the market. And this time she had stuffed her own hand into her cunt. Fucking herself with three fingers. Gabrielle could not suppress a moan, which announced her presence. The woman looked at her with lidded eyes, but did not stop.
“Hey, you again. Do you want to join this time?”
“But don’t you have a lover?”
Gabrielle did not realize how telling her words were. Her first reaction was not “No, I have a partner.”, but just “don’t you have a lover?”
“Oh, she wouldn’t mind. Maybe even love to watch.”
“Oh.” Gabrielle gulped. The bard felt a strong impulse to follow the invite, but then this effect almost reached the conscious part of her mind and she stopped. The impulse faded away and Gabrielle had suddenly most of her control back.
“Thank you for the invite – and the show – but I’ll leave you alone. Have fun. I’ll take my bath at another time.” The bard said with a smile.
“Well, maybe come back tomorrow. Then my lover will be here as well, and you can watch us both. Or more...”
“Probably not, but thank you.”
Gabrielle picked up her stuff and left, but she was not more than 15 paces away, when she heard the telling sounds of a climax from behind. It seemed their meeting had not bothered the woman. The bard meanwhile found her body still thrumming with arousal. She really hoped Xena would be back soon.
Two women watched her leave, soon engaged in a heated discussion.
“You let her slip. Your method does not seem as perfect as you promised before.” A woman in warrior garb spat out.
“That was part of the plan.” The Sorceress explained. “You want Xena, not her, remember? The bard’s job is only to distract Xena. She couldn’t find release yet. She needs to be horny as hell, so that tonight she will go full force with the Warrior Princess and occupies her every senses. Then I can get the hook into Xena’s mind and start working. And then I could also take full control of the bard, if you want me to. Actually ...” She stopped.
“Yeah, so what? That does make sense, though.”
“Actually, I want to talk with you about the payment.”
“You want more money? Now!?! Woman, nobody blackmails me. Not even somebody with your powers.” The warrior said angrily.
“No, no, not a pay-rise. At least I wouldn’t see it as one, and hopefully you neither. I would just like another price instead of money.” The Sorceress quickly tried to calm down the quick-tempered woman.
“So, what do you want?” The warrior asked more rationally.
“I want the bard for myself, instead of any money. I mean, you are only interested in the Warrior Princess, aren’t you? And of course we could talk about you having a ride with Gabrielle at some point even though she’d be mine.”
“Hm, it is true that I want Xena more than anything, but the bard is the best way to get leverage against her. Tell you what: I will let you have Gabrielle, once the Warrior Princess is completely mine. But you will grant me open access to the bard, within reasonable limits of course. After all I might be after Xena, but I am not blind. That irritating blonde is a nice package.”
“Well, that’s true for Xena as well. If you get free access to the bard, I want the same with the Warrior Princess.”
“Hm, I am not sure. The thing with Xena is very personal for me. Tell you what, why don’t we have a little party at the end of this: You, me, those two and maybe even your girls. There you can sample Xena’s nectar. Afterwards you get the bard and I take Xena, with each of us getting free access to the other’s price. But with the understanding, that I will need a bit more alone time with the Warrior Princess before I am able to share.”
“Okay, sounds reasonable, especially considering your more personal interest. I agree.”
They signed the new deal with a warrior’s handshake. Then the blonde warrior pointed to the task at hand.
“Okay, enough dividing the bounty before we catch the price. Let’s make sure, that we actually get them.”
The women returned to town to prepare for the next phase.
While she was waiting for Xena, the bard tried to distract herself from her horniness. She considered their invitation and what it might imply. The message had mentioned Callisto. Was it really possible that the beautiful warrior was in the area? Oops, did she just call her ‘beautiful’ in her head? But, well, she was hot. Those smooth abs and long legs, incredibly sexy. And those glorious tits, shown off by her revealing armor. Oh, and this ‘I will eat you alive’ grin, where all you can think is ‘Let it be the right kind of eating!’ Gabrielle felt wetness leak from her cunt. ‘I always wondered, if she would fuck as fiercely as she fights. I bet all she dreams about is taking Xena. Oh yes, those two going at it. That would be a show. And Callisto would fist Xena.’ The bard almost came imagining the blonde’s arm disappearing in Xena’s cunt, when suddenly everything cooled down a bit. ‘Okay, maybe I should forget Callisto for a while. It wouldn’t do, if I came thinking about her of all people. She did some bad things.’ She turned her thoughts back to this evening. She did not realize how vague that last statement had been. But most of her memories of Callisto were covered in a haze, only her physical beauty and strength stood out clearly. But she really could not concentrate on the past, when suddenly her mind was bombarded by a new idea: She should fist Xena tonight!
An hour later Xena returned and was greeted by the innkeeper’s daughter.
“Gabrielle is waiting in your room. Have fun.”
That woman really was a flirt. But also right; Xena had every intention to find just that kind of fun tonight. She still smirked when she entered the room. Before she could say a word, she was attacked by a strawberry-blonde – and very naked – tornado and thrown backwards on their bed.
“Finally!” was all that the bard said, before she mounted Xena’s face.
‘Wow, she is really wet!’ was Xena’s first thought. ‘Maybe I did wait a bit long.’ But she had every intention to get to work immediately, taking care of this juicy pussy. The bard’s writhing and grounding made it difficult to find a target, so she licked wherever she could at first. Once her lover had calmed down a bit, she concentrated on the clit. She found it and pulled it with her lips from its hood to suck on it. That was enough to bring Gabrielle her first, much needed release. A fresh wave of wetness announced her climax. It would obviously not be enough, so Xena stiffened her tongue and pushed it between the neatherlips. Gabrielle helped by fucking herself on the welcome intruder. Once the warrior felt the muscles contract around her tongue, she pulled back. Instead she pushed two fingers inside and returned to sucking on the clit. This combination proved itself irresistible. A sudden strong grip on her fingers announced the new orgasm, followed by a second pussy juice shower for Xena.
Slightly sated, Gabrielle leaned back.
“Okay, good start. Now let’s get rid of your clothes.”
Xena grinned.
“Hi to you, too.”
But otherwise she did not waste any time and removed her leathers, followed by her boots and the undergarments. Inwardly she considered how many more orgasms the bard would need, though by now she was quite aroused as well. Gabrielle’s aggressiveness was a surprising turn-on. Maybe they should try that more often. She was not sure where that thought suddenly came from, but she did not care. All she concentrated on was her bard with her sudden increased libido. But before she knew what had happened, she was thrown back a second time on the bed. The bard followed immediately and with a happy “My turn!” dove in. She licked up and down Xena’s pussy lips, interspersed with quick swipes between the lips or licks around the clit. Several times she scraped her teeth over the little nub. The light pain was quickly erased by pleasure when she sucked on it afterwards. With the new warcry “I love your cunt!” Gabrielle changed tactics again and tongue-fucked the warrior.
Xena was a bit taken aback by this strong language from her usually so eloquent lover, but it was also a turn-on.
‘But isn’t that, what it is? Pussies are for pussies! Real women have a cunt.’ This thought suddenly emerged from her subconscious and she accepted it with a shrug. Though she would love to have something bigger in her cunt. As if she had heard her, the bard moved her mouth back to suck again on the clit. Instead she pushed first one, then two fingers inside Xena. Once she added a third one, it was too much and Xena came with a shuddering climax. Somehow it was as if more than just an orgasm had exploded in her mind, though it felt seductively good. It was one of her best orgasms ever. Maybe there was something about this being taken so aggressively, that made it so hot. It was not that she had never thought about it, like when she had fantasized about Callisto taking her. Wait, had she really...? Oh, yes, she had. She had often wondered, what would have happened, if the beautiful warrior had not tried to kill her, but instead to take her. And then to fuck her into submission.
In her subconscious, two beautiful dark eyes had appeared, watching her carefully. They seemed to egg her on. And seed new images or thoughts in her mind or change memories. Xena finally managed to suppress the images of Callisto, but only because the bard was doing wonderful things with her body. Instead of slowing down after Xena’s climax, she had added a fourth finger and was fucking her even harder. Her cunt felt deliciously full. Her own hands were mauling her tits, adding another level of pleasure-pain to her arousal. Her legs were opened wide, to give her lover even better access. Xena moaned in disappointment, when Gabrielle pulled back. That is until she realized what really happened: The bard wanted to enter the fifth finger, she wanted to fist her! Gabrielle’s whole hand in her cunt! Oh yes, please! Xena had not realized before how much she had wanted this. How much she had desired to be fisted by Callisto. By Callisto? Yes, by Callisto! She had always fantasized of her cunt being conquered by the blonde warrior’s powerful fist. Of her body being held in a strong grip, while the fist pumped inside mercilessly.
Only with a great effort Xena managed to turn her thoughts back to Gabrielle. It was as if something pushed her mind towards the beautiful blonde warrior. But no! It was Gabrielle’s fist in her cunt right now. It was Gabrielle, who pumped it back and forth, fucking her in a fast rhythm. It was too much; Xena came with an earth-shattering climax. Pleasure pulsed through her for several minutes, pushing aside any rational thoughts. When she finally came down from her high, she decided to forget about all this Callisto nonsense – for now – and to concentrate on her lover. But before she could start the payback, Gabrielle first had to remove her arm from the warrior’s cunt. In the end, Xena got another climax just from that. But that was okay. More juices meant it was easier to plop out the arm without too much pain. Not that a bit of pain could not bring pleasure as well. After a moment of rest it was time to turn the tables. Xena worked the bard over, bringing her one climax after the other. Though of course she did not try to fist her. ‘She couldn’t take it. She is not a warrior.’ A voice whispered in her mind. She tried to ignore the voice, without realizing that the origin of this voice was not really her subconscious, but came from another mind. And that this mind, the mind of a sorceress, had now planted several strong hooks in her subconscious, allowing her to subtly alter not just Xena’s memories, but also her thoughts and feelings.
Later at night, Gabrielle woke up. Wow, Xena really had worn her out. She felt deliciously sore in all the right places. Actually, they had not fucked that long, just that they both had been in such a frenzy. Hm, just thinking about it had her horny again. A quick look to the side showed her that the Warrior Princess was still deep asleep. Well, I better let her sleep. But what woke me up? Oh yes, I need to piss. Well, everyone should be sleeping at this time, so I will not bother finding my clothes in this mess. Just the boots, for the floor might be cold. She felt naughty, moving at nighttime through the inn, almost completely naked, but for a pair of boots. In the bathroom, she sat down on the seat over the hole in the ground. The cold wood felt funny on her ass. And when she moved her hand to her cunt, to direct the stream of piss, the strong reaction to her touch almost shocked her. Wow, I am still so horny. I should fuck myself, to take away the edge. But she decided to wait till she was back in their room. The strong smell of cunt juice there would surely arouse her even more. Only now she remembered how much she had enjoyed the smell while waking up.
On her way back she realized what she had missed the first time. There was candle light coming from Arlanna’s room. And she could distinguish some undefined noises. Once there she found the door slightly ajar. One step further and she could look inside. And she was entranced by what she saw. The beautiful blonde was spread naked on her bed, fucking herself. Once again, something stopped her from stepping back. ‘It’s natural to watch a beautiful woman.’ Arlanna looked at her.
“Nice, you have copied my look.”
The bard blushed, remembering the last time she was in this room.
“Well it looked good on you, so why not?” Gabrielle did not know where these words came from.
“Then why not copy what I am doing now as well?”
“I ... but...”
Gabrielle was at a loss for words. ‘It’s the least you can do to return the favor. And you are a performer. Give her a show!’ The voice in her mind was back, though she realized it only subconsciously. But she felt it was important to impress the innkeeper’s daughter. ‘Make her want you! You want women to desire you.’ She thought of Xena, her soulmate. ‘You don’t touch Arlanna. She won’t touch you. So Xena won’t mind.’ Gabrielle’s struggle ended, when her right hand touched her own wetness. Her cunt was a boiling inferno. All she wanted now was to come and to watch Arlanna come. The blonde’s smile was triumphant, while she drank in Gabrielle’s body and watched the bard’s finger pump faster and faster into her cunt. Her own fingers kept the same pace as Gabrielle’s. Finally she climaxed with a loud cry.
Hearing her name triggered the bard’s orgasm. Juices sprayed from her cunt. Gabrielle tried not to acknowledge that it was Arlanna’s name she had shouted. The blonde looked sated.
“Great performance, Gabrielle. You should show off your body more often. Women would pay for it.”
With a yawn, Arlanna turned to her side.
“Good night.”
“Good night.”
With a final look at the blonde’s naked body Gabrielle left the room and returned to her own.
For once Xena woke up as late as Gabrielle. Well, such a night was worth missing a morning, she decided. After a healthy lunch, she went to check on her armor. Some repairs might be needed. After about an hour of quiet work, Gabrielle picked up her staff and turned to her.
„Hi Xena, I’ll go for a walk. I want to see somebody I met yesterday“.
„Okay, have fun”.
After she left, the warrior noticed that Gabrielle’s underwear was still lying discarded where she had dropped it last night.
‘Oh, naughty bard. You are going commando to meet your friend. I suppose your cunt does need some cooling off after yesterday’s workout.’ Xena chuckled and went back to work. ‘Well, and it does provide easier access.’
A few minutes later, Gabrielle reached the hot spring. And just as she had hoped, both women were there, engaged in a heavy make-out session. When they sensed her, they stopped and greeted her.
“Hey Gabrielle, nice of you to come.”
“Oh, I simply had to. Your friend invited me to come and watch. And as a bard myself, I do appreciate a good show.”
“You are welcome to take part as well.”
“Thanks, but not yet. Please go on.”
“Okay, we don’t want to disappoint such a pretty girl. Just join us whenever you want.”
Quickly they were engaged in another heated kiss. The bard removed her clothes slowly. Then she waded into the spring and took a seat opposite of the women. Silently she took in both their beautiful, naked bodies. The clear water hid nothing, not their smooth long legs, nor the beautiful down-covered cunts. The glistening tits were raised slightly above the surface, each one inviting her to feast on it. Soon they were French kissing again, with their hands roaming over the other’s body. Once again, the redhead was the more aggressive one. Her hand disappeared between her lovers legs and she plunged two fingers in the waiting cunt. Her lover threw back her head and cried out in pleasure. The redhead had started to pump the fingers in and out, fucking the blonde deeper and deeper. To get a better angle, she pulled one leg over her shoulder without stopping with her pumping.
The bard was incredibly turned-on by this show. She rubbed her own clit without taking her eyes from the women before her. She timed her movements to be in synch with those of the redhead. It was a beautiful view, the gorgeous redhead fucking her lover with abandon and the blonde writhing and moaning, her head thrown back. Gabrielle tried to drink in every detail, the fingers disappearing under water between the cunt lips, the smooth skin of the leg wrapped around the redheads shoulder and the toes clenched tightly. An image in her mind of herself sucking on these toes increased her arousal by another level. She was now very close to coming. When the blonde cried out in climax, it was enough to push Gabrielle over the edge as well. When her breathing had returned to normal, the bard saw both women looking at her. The redhead spoke first.
“Come! It is time for you to join us.”
Gabrielle hesitated, thinking of Xena, her lover and soulmate, who would be waiting in the inn. But the redhead pressed on.
“Remember, watching is good, being watched can be even better. But taking part is the best.”
“And with a body like yours, it would be a sin not to share it.” The blonde added.
A voice in Gabrielle’s mind agreed and said it was her destiny. Still, she tried to resist. But the smooth voice of the blonde tempted her even more.
“Did you ever have a three-some? It will blow your mind away.”
The bard felt her resistance dwindle. The redhead stood up and presented her glorious naked body, one hand held out invitingly.
“You want to learn, to experiment. The more you know about pleasuring women, the more it will please the woman you belong to.”
Unconsciously Gabrielle opened her legs. The voice in her mind was back. ‘Imagine a life, where you don’t have to seek the women. The women will come to you instead. All you have to do is to fuck them.’ In her mind’s eye, the bard saw the beautiful dark eyes look at her, commanding and irresistible. She suddenly felt the urgent need to please the owner of those eyes. Yes, for her she would do it, would she do anything.
“Yes. Please teach me.” The bard said aloud.
“Then let the fun begin.”
Both women came around to the bard’s side of the pool. Soon they were fucking her in every way imaginable. Gabrielle went from one high to the next, experiencing multiple orgasms. And it was only the beginning.
Several hours went by, without the bard returning. Xena became restless. She was not really worried about her lover, but she could not forget last night and was now incredibly horny. Finally she decided to look for her. Maybe the innkeeper’s daughter would have an idea. She was so agitated that she entered the other room without knocking. Once inside she stopped in her tracks. The beautiful woman was lying naked on her bed, with two fingers stuffed into her cunt. She pumped them in and out, while she rubbed her clit with the left hand. The Warrior Princess did not leave. An inner voice told her to stay and that she would be welcome to do so. The smile in her direction, when Arlanna saw her, was evidence of that. Xena felt compelled to get closer, maybe even get involved, but she suppressed that impulse.
The masturbating woman shifted her position, as if to give the warrior a better view. Xena could now follow every inch of the fingers disappearing in the hole and returning back outside. The wanton display was an incredible turn-on. Only with effort the warrior could stop herself from touching her own cunt. The need to get a release was almost overwhelming.
Arlanna finally came, with the bard’s name springing from her lips. Xena watched the juices seep out from her cunt. She had enjoyed the show immensely, but still, this girl cumming to thoughts of Gabrielle disturbed her.
“You do know, to whom the bard belongs, don’t you?”
“Don’t worry, I know exactly, to whom she belongs.”
The warrior was still too distracted by the show to get the hidden meaning. She was now extremely aroused. She desperately wanted to find the bard to fuck her or even better, to be fucked by her.
“So, do you know where she is?”
“Yeah, I’ve got an idea. Come with me.”
Arlanna just pulled a dress over her head and linked arms with Xena. With the gown sticking to her sweaty skin, it left nothing to the imagination. Together with the musky odor of sex coming from her, it was a real assault on the warrior’s senses. The blonde pulled Xena towards their room.
“First you have to change into something more comfortable. Your leathers are not the right choice for where we are going.”
Obediently Xena removed her leathers. Standing there clad only in her shift, she was acutely aware of the innkeeper’s daughter watching her. It compelled her almost to show off everything, but then she recovered and put on a summer dress from one of their bags. It was the one she had worn for the Miss Known World contest. Arlanna seemed to like it. She looked at her appreciatively. Then she caressed her ass and linked their arms back together. Once again Xena followed the young woman’s lead. After walking for a few minutes, the warrior asked where they were headed.
“To a hot spring. Some of my friends like to bath there at this time, and I think Gabrielle went there as well.”
“Oh yes, she mentioned meeting somebody.”
The blonde nodded.
“That’s probably them. They work for my mother as well.”
“Does your mother own the inn?”
“Yeah, among other stuff.”
“Other stuff?”
“Well for example she owns some of the girls.”
Xena lifted an eyebrow.
“They are slaves?”
The innkeeper’s daughter looked at her as if she had said something stupid.
“Didn’t you notice that most guests enter with a young woman at their side, but leave alone?”
“You mean, they are …?”
“Exactly, they are whores. This “inn” is actually a whorehouse.”
“But most of the guests are women.”
“All of them, actually. Mother’s whorehouse caters solely to women.”
“Well that’s a unique idea. Does it work?”
“It works great. The town loves it. It brings extra revenue and causes much less trouble or fights than your usual whorehouse. And of course many women here are regulars.”
Xena smirks.
“Yeah, I have noticed how this town seemed rather friendly towards lesbians. What about you? You mentioned that your friends “work there as well”, implying that you do, too.”
“Yes, I do, though my main job is cleaning and preparing the rooms. I help out with lots of stuff. And yes, sometimes I help with entertaining the guests. It’s a fun combo, getting laid and getting paid for it.”
“Okay, it is your life.”
“Exactly. And remember, that earlier description ‘Enter with a young woman at her side, but leaves without her’ would fit you as well.”
Xena laughed out loud.
“True. But while Gabrielle might have the body and the talent for a whore, she does not work here.”
“Not yet.”
“Huh?” Xena looked at the other woman.
“It just seems mother really likes the bard. She mentioned that she wants to have her for some kind of show or so.”
“Oh, you mean telling some of her stories?”
“Yeah, something like that.”
A knowing smirk played around Arlanna’s lips. The Warrior Princess did not notice it, she was deep in thought. ‘So somebody is worried about missing girls, hires us and gets us a room in a whorehouse. I have to say, our actions here did fit in quite well.’ For a moment, Xena got distracted by memories of their last two days. Once again, she felt her arousal rise, but soon her thoughts turned darker. ‘Was it by intend? Arlanna said her mother did own some girls. Does our informant want us to investigate the whorehouse? But why not simply tell us beforehand? So that we approach it with an open mind?’ She decided that this was as good a time as any to ask some questions.
“You know, we actually came here to investigate some missing girls. Our informant specifically got us the room in your house, and you did mention that your mother owns some of the girls.”
“Believe me; if my mother acquires new girls, they are not hidden away. They are put very much on display.”
“Okay, you are probably right. After all, you have been very open with us.” The last was said with a smirk and a look up and down her body.
The blonde laughed.
“Maybe your employer just wanted you to have a good time. Sample some of our wares. I mean you did love my show, didn’t you?”
“Maybe. And well, yes, I did. But I did have lots of fun with Gabrielle.”
The innkeeper’s daughter smirked.
“Yeah, I heard it. Maybe she is more open to some outside fun. You have more of a one-track mind, haven’t you, thinking only of the one woman to fuck?”
“Yes, Gabrielle is my soulmate.”
But why was it Callisto’s face that appeared first for her mind’s eye? Xena tried to suppress any thoughts about the gorgeous warrior, but then she remembered something else.
“Our employer also mentioned Callisto. Do you know her?”
“Not really. I only heard that she is beautiful, dangerous and always simply takes what she wants. And usually she gets it. What does she want, Xena?”
“I don’t know.”
But inside of her, it screamed ‘Me! She wants me.’ Suddenly her mind was flooded with all the ways, Callisto might take her. And most disturbingly, Xena was sure she would love each one of those ways. For the rest of the walk, she was quiet, only fantasizing about her beautiful nemesis, while a pair of beautiful dark eyes watched from her subconscious.
Finally they had reached the hot spring. Xena stopped in shock when she took in their surroundings. The bard was there, but she was sucking the cunt of some beautiful stranger, while another woman fucked her from behind. The Warrior Princess could not say a word, while she took in the scene. At least the strangers had seen her, but kept going. Xena wanted to step forward and stop them, but something held her back. Her mind was suddenly flooded with thoughts of how hot they looked, while those beautiful dark eyes appeared in her subconscious. Her body was flushed and arousal shot through her veins. Her conscience was screaming at her that this was her soulmate, but it was drowned out by the other voices in her mind. She felt Arlanna step up closer, with her tits pressing in the warrior’s back. The innkeeper’s daughter embraced her from behind and started to fondle her tits and palming the nipples. Her seductive voice whispered in her ear.
“You love watching them, don’t you? It makes you hot. Look at Gabrielle’s tongue, buried so deep in Cora’s cunt. At the same time, she is spread wide open, for Maria to take her. You are so turned-on, watching her, your nipples are hard as pebbles and the juices ooze from your cunt, you are drenched. You see, they are training.”
“Training?” Xena moaned more than asked.
“Yeah, Gabrielle is a great fuck already, but there is still a lot she can learn from them about servicing women. She wants to be the best when she works for my mother.”
One of Arlanna’s hands had now moved down between the warrior’s legs. Roughly she rubbed the cunt through the cloth. The pleasure was almost too much to think, but Xena managed to voice her question.
“Working for your mother? What...?”
“I told you already, remember. She’ll become one of mother’s whores.”
The shock registered only shortly in Xena’s mind, before it morphed into understanding. Yes, Gabrielle would make a great whore. She even voiced this thought aloud.
“Exactly! She has a great body, she knows how to service a woman and she is eminently ‘fuckable’. She is a perfect whore.”
Xena groaned. Her mind was suddenly flooded with hundreds of images of different women fucking her bard, or of Gabrielle pleasing them.
“You are so wet, I bet you think about Gabrielle sucking your cunt. How much would you pay for her to go down on you?”
Xena moaned while she tried to picture it. But as hot as the image was, something was missing. Arlanna must have felt it.
“Yeah, it is great, but not enough, is it? You don’t want someone servicing you, you want someone to take you.”
The warrior almost whimpered. This young woman knew her so well. The images in her mind suddenly changed to herself, bent over and someone fucking her from behind. And not just someone, but a warrior clad in black leathers, with one strong arm holding her down and the other buried in her cunt. The dark eyes in her mind shone brightly, telling her she was so close to release.
“There is only one woman, who can take and own you, is there? Who is it? Who will own you?”
“Callisto!” Xena almost came just from saying this name aloud.
“Exactly! You are mine, Warrior Princess!”
Xena’s heart jumped in her chest, when suddenly the voice of her great nemesis rang out. The voice of the woman she wanted more than anyone or anything. Callisto came into view, accompanied by a beautiful woman with dark eyes. For some reason she looked very familiar, although Xena was sure that she never met her before. But she soon forgot about her, just as she did not really realize Arlanna stepping away. Instead she was solely focused on the blonde Warrior Queen. With her left hand on the back of her head, Callisto caught a tight grip on her hair. With this leverage, she pushed the Warrior Princess down to her knees. With her right hand, she pulled up her skirt, revealing her naked cunt beneath.
“Hi Xena, say hello to your new owner.”
Xena did not resist, when her face was pulled closer towards the glistening cunt. She inhaled the musky aroma and then kissed the pubic mound reverently. She almost swooned in happiness at the heavenly taste. The kiss turned into a French kiss, when she pushed her tongue between the cunt lips. She swiped it around in the tight hole, stiffening it to reach as deep inside as possible. Starting a pumping motion, she tongue-fucked her dominant lover. With every push, her nose rubbed over Callisto’s engorged clit. Several minutes of devoted fucking later and the blonde came with a satisfied ‘Yes’. To underline Xena’s submissive position, she rubbed her cunt all over the dark warrior’s face, smearing it with her juices.
“For now, that will do as my mark. Because who owns you?”
“You, Callisto. I am yours!”
“I am glad we understand each other. Let’s get rid of this.”
Callisto ripped the dress from Xena’s body and dropped it aside.
“Open your legs! I will take you now.”
The Warrior Princess lay down on her back and spread the legs wide. Her heart pumped wildly while she watched the beautiful Callisto towering above her, still clad in her black leather armor and boots. This image got imprinted on her mind, because it represented perfectly their relationship.
All the while, the dark-eyed Sorceress watched their interaction. She was proud about a job well done. She stepped over to Arlanna, who was watching as well, and greeting her with a searing French kiss.
“Good job, my daughter. You have done well.”
“Thanks mother, but it was all you.”
“No, no, you were a wonderful tease, with both Xena and Gabrielle. Speaking of the bard, let’s greet our latest acquisition.”
The bard was cuddling with Cora and Marie, resting from their latest round of sex. All three of them were watching the erotic show presented by the two warriors. The Sorceress nodded towards her two girls, thanking them for a job done well. They knew they could look forward to a nice reward. Then the Sorceress called the bard towards her.
“Gabrielle, whore, it is time to welcome your new owner.”
The bard hastily crawled towards the dark-haired woman and knelt before her. A thrill ran up her spine, when she heard the way she was called. She looked up into those same beautiful eyes she had dreamed of lately. They were already imprinted on her soul. The Sorceress slid a finger into Gabrielle’s mouth to check her teeth. Then she weighted the tits and pushed a probing finger into the bard’s cunt. It was a full body check you might see at a sleazy slave market. When the Sorceress was satisfied with her ware, she pulled up her leather skirt, revealing an ivory strap-on phallus. It was about nine inches long.
“Prepare it. I call it my ‘Big One’.”
Gabrielle immediately went to work. She bent forward and licked along the shaft. After she had licked it from all sides, she engulfed the tip with her lips. Soon she was deep-throating the imposing phallus. For a few moments, the Sorceress fucked her mouth. Finally she pulled it out and ordered the bard down on all four.
“Look in Xena’s direction. I want you to watch her being taken by her new owner. You will enjoy the show. But even more than that show, you will enjoy me fucking you. I will take you like the whore you are and close the deal. Once you have come, you are mine for the rest of your life. You will fuck for money or let yourself fuck for money, which you will deliver to me, your owner. Your whole purpose in life will be to please me, and to please your customers. Do you understand?”
“Yes, you will take me, and I am yours forever. Please do it! Make me your whore.”
“Okay, let’s start.”
Gabrielle got in position and wriggled her ass to show her readiness. The Sorceress knelt down behind her and started to knead the soft globes of the bard’s fabulous ass. Gabrielle was already wet. She could not wait to get fucked. But at the same time, she watched with awe the incredible show before her eyes. Just as the Sorceress had ordered, she got deeply aroused by seeing her soulmate getting fucked into submission. The Warrior Princess was begging to be taken and begging for release, while Callisto had rammed her whole fist into Xena’s tight cunt. Gabrielle could see the juices squeezing out from the stuffed hole, while the blonde warrior pumped her fist back and forth. Just as she watched the arm move in once more, the bard felt the big phallus sliding along her lips. For the moment, her lover kept it at the outside, to capture some juices with it. But then the phallus entered her. The Sorceress used enough strength to push it halfway in with one shove. The sudden fullness was almost enough to make the bard come, but she managed to keep a lid on it for the time being. She knew that the Sorceress would expect her to hold out longer. And she was sure that the final reward would be even greater.
The Sorceress pulled back the phallus and pushed it in again. This was repeated until she had achieved a rhythm. She was a great fucker, not surprisingly for the owner of a whorehouse who knew her business. Gabrielle mewled in pleasure and tried to move back against the phallus. Their combined effort helped to push it deeper and deeper. With the last push more than seven inches had been inside. Now the Sorceress changed the angle of attack, in an effort to reach every sensitive spot in the bard’s cunt. All the action created a double assault on Gabrielle’s senses: physically since she was receiving the best fucking of her life, but also mentally from watching Callisto fisting the Warrior Princess.
Gabrielle had to admire her former enemy at the way she had reduced the formidable Warrior Princess into a writhing mass of want. The usually so stoic Xena was begging for release, promising eternal servitude, if she could get this one much needed orgasm. Not just the fist, but also part of Callisto’s arm disappeared into the succulent cunt, whenever she pushed inside. Even from the distance, Gabrielle could hear the squeaky noises the arm made while sliding through the wet tunnel to Xena’s womanhood. It was an incredible turn-on to imagine, how it would feel to have this fist in her own willing cunt. Which of course was easy, with the way said cunt was filled right now by a fat, long ivory phallus. The bard had to hold on, not to be pushed forward by the forceful fucking she was receiving.
In the end, it was too much. Gabrielle cried in pleasure when a massive climax overwhelmed her.
“YESSS! Thank you, oh goddess, thank you!”
“So, you have accepted the deal. You are mine now, working as my whore. Let’s celebrate by fucking you some more.”
Once more she pumped her ivory phallus into Gabrielle’s cunt, causing groans of pleasure from the elated bard. With one hand, the Sorceress was now fondling Gabrielle’s tits, while the other held the bard’s thigh. Gabrielle moved her body in synch with the fucking she received. She wanted to feel the phallus as deep inside her cunt as possible. A loud series of shouts and curses had her look up. Xena had finally come and was still wrecked with pleasure. Callisto looked down at her in triumph, while she removed her arm slowly. Once she got it out, she ordered the Warrior Princess to lick it clean. The submissive warrior went to work immediately. Seeing her former lover reduced to this submissive slut was enough to push Gabrielle over the edge as well. She came a second time.
Afterwards Callisto and the Sorceress decided it was time to share the fun and swap their new acquisitions for a while. The blonde warrior started by having Gabrielle eat her out. She made sure to tell the bard that she was not only the woman who fucked Xena into submission, but that she was also the one to sell Gabrielle to the Sorceress. The bard almost came on the spot when she realized she had to thank Callisto for her future as a whore. She pushed her tongue as deep as possible in the juicy cunt to thank Xena’s new mistress. The warrior just laughed because of this reaction. It was really remarkable how much the Sorceress had changed her victim’s thoughts and feelings. Not only was Gabrielle now a willing whore, she actually got off just from the thought of it.
In the meantime the Sorceress had ordered Xena on her back. Then she called her daughter Arlanna to her side.
“You have done a great job, my daughter. As a reward, I will allow you to sample the Warrior Princess. Go and lick her cunt, to prepare her for my Big One.”
“Thank you, mother, with pleasure.”
The young woman knelt down between the open legs of the Warrior Princess. She began to run her lips with quick kisses along the smooth skin of both legs, switching every so often between the sides. Once she reached the inner thighs, she slowed down and took more time for each kiss. Finally she reached Xena’s hot core and licked along the length of her slit, up one side and down the other. Arlanna had just started to push her tongue between the cunt lips, when she felt movement behind her back. Moments later she realized what was happening and squealed in joy. Her mother was kneeling behind her and had started to enter her with her strap-on phallus. With her tongue in Xena’s cunt, and her mother fucking her from behind, she was in paradise. Her mother had trained her well, but this double action was soon too much and she came with a crushing climax.
After Arlanna had recovered, she moved aside, so that her mother could take the position between Xena’s legs. The Sorceress aligned her massive tool with the warrior’s entrance and pushed forward. Since Xena’s cunt had just minutes before been widened by a fist, it took the ivory phallus easily. With just a few quick thrusts it had entered her to the hilt. Using her tool expertly, the Sorceress had Xena quickly on the edge of another climax. But there she kept her for long minutes, without granting her the desperately needed release. Suddenly she stopped completely. The Warrior Princess moaned in disappointment, when she felt the phallus pull out. But the next words from the Sorceress had her moving quickly.
“Turn around. I want to fuck you from behind. And there is something I want you to watch.”
Xena quickly complied and got up on all four, facing now towards the others. What she saw took her breath away. Callisto was about to push her full hand into Gabrielle’s cunt. Only a true dominant warrior like Callisto would dare it with a delicate person like the bard. But then again, like the complete whore she was, Gabrielle had spread her legs wide open to take everything she got. She obviously knew her sole job was to please her client, though she probably got off on being used this way. She had always been that kind of slut, happy to fuck anybody, missing the pure devotion Xena had for Callisto. She had not really earned to be fisted by the Warrior Queen like Xena had. Still watching them was hot as well. It had her even more eager to be taken by the Sorceress.
Xena moaned happily when the big phallus entered her again. The Sorceress was an incredible lover. She hit all her best spots and always with just the right force. It was as if she could read Xena’s mind and feel her pleasure. The warrior could not know that this was actually true. So all she could do was enjoy to be taken and enjoy watching the Warrior Queen fuck the whore Gabrielle. When finally the Sorceress allowed her to come, Xena climaxed with a cry of absolute pleasure. And it did not stop there, for the Sorceress fucked her to two more orgasms. Meanwhile Gabrielle had come as well from the powerful fisting she had received this whole time. Afterwards Callisto turned to the Sorceress.
“You have gained a great whore, but you have earned it, great job from your side.”
“Thanks. It was a pleasure doing business with you. And I am sure you will have lots of fun with your new toy.”
“Yeah, I am sure I will. And I think it is time to play a bit more. I will get my own strap-on and fuck her in the ass.”
“Sounds like a good idea. I will have Gabrielle lick me while I watch the show, if you don’t mind.”
“Of course not, be my guest.”
The Sorceress removed her strap-on harness and handed it to her daughter.
“Here, you might as well fuck the bard while I have her lick me. You have earned a nice fuck and she can learn from you.”
“Thanks, mother, you are the best. After watching you with Xena and Callisto with the new whore, I am itching to get into the action as well.”
Arlanna fastened the harness around her hips, while her mother ordered the bard on her knees. Gabrielle quickly complied and got to work. Soon she was licking the succulent cunt of her new owner and showing her that she really knew how to use her tongue. It was important for the bard to impress the Sorceress, for if she was lucky, she would be her property for the rest of her life. And what a life it would be! Fucking and getting fucked all day long, to earn money for her beautiful owner. And if she was very lucky, she might be allowed to service her or her equally beautiful daughter as well. She moaned at the wonderful taste of the juices, enjoying also the feeling of fullness in her cunt. For the young woman behind her was quickly proving that she was an expert with a strap-on. Gabrielle finally understood what it meant to be in heaven.
Similar thoughts ran through Xena’s mind. With Callisto fucking her ass relentlessly, life could not be better. She was finally in a position, where she could submit to the glorious Warrior Queen, who was taking her without mercy. She pumped the strap-on back and forth deep in her rectum, bringing Xena to ever new heights of pain and pleasure. Actually the pain was pleasure, since it was proof of Callisto’s superiority. She was taking with force what was rightfully hers: Xena’s body. The Warrior Princess groaned. She was already so close, but she had no permission yet to come. Callisto owned her body, so only she could grant her an orgasm. She had conquered Xena completely, now she used her as she liked. Xena was happy that the Warrior Queen spent so much time fucking her. She was lucky to have such a generous owner. Finally the command came she had hoped to hear and she climaxed violently.
While Xena cleaned the strap-on with her mouth, the group gathered their clothing and other stuff. The Sorceress turned to Callisto.
“That was a fun trip. But let’s go back to town. There you can have a look through their luggage, since it is now yours. I am assuming you will at least want her weapons. Of course you are welcome to stay for a while.”
“Thanks, but we will head out soon. I want to start her proper training. But yes, I will take her weapons and her horse. Maybe some other stuff as well. Still, it was a pleasure doing business with you. Once the basic training is finished I will drop by for a visit, so that you can play some more with her. After all, I promised.”
“You are always welcome. Maybe you’d want some fun with the bard while you are there, e.g. fuck her ass while it is still tight.” The Sorceress turned to her girls. “Okay, let’s go home. Tomorrow you may play with the bard. You have earned a reward. And it will be good training for her, since she has to learn to pleasure different women.”
Everybody was well sated and in a good mood while they walked home.
The room was packed, when a few days later Gabrielle entered the stage of the main room in the inn. She wore her usual top and skirt, but not the boots. This gave her audience a great view of her smooth legs. Cat calls and whistles greeted the bard. Some women in the front rows leaned to the side, to try to get a look up her skirt. Gabrielle just smiled at their antics. Once the noise had died down a bit, she introduced herself.
“Hi ladies, I am Gabrielle. I am here to tell you some stories about Xena, the beautiful Warrior Princess, and her horny little bard.”
Raucous laughter answered this announcement.
“You see, this little bard was really horny, and often this brought her into tight spots, where her lover had to rescue her. No, ladies, I didn’t mean those tight spots under your skirts, though she does love to go there as well.”
More laughter.
“So, one day, the horny little bard is walking through a forest, all on her own, since the Warrior Princess is away on some errant – probably a date with Cleopatra, or something like that. And while the horny little bard is walking through this forest, suddenly two dangerous, but also very beautiful women step in her way.”
Two women enter the stage, wearing very revealing dresses.
“Oh, it is getting hot in here?” Gabrielle fanned herself with her skirt, flashing the audience with her bare pussy underneath.
More laughter, but also cat calls from the audience.
“So these women approached the horny little bard.”
Both women on the stage closed in on Gabrielle, caressing her arms and shoulders.
“What do you want?” The horny little bard asked.
“We want your treasure.” One woman answered.
“But I do not have any treasure.” The horny little bard protested.
“Oh yes, you do.”
Both women on the stage put a hand on her crotch, to show where the treasure was.
The horny little bard got a clue. This treasure hunt might be fun.
The show progressed, with Gabrielle telling how the women ravaged the little bard, while on stage the performers stripped her naked and then did just that. Until close to the end, the bard actually managed to keep talking. Only when the climax overtook her, she had to stop. In the audience, mother and daughter enjoyed the show.
“She is really good. A natural sex performer.” The daughter said.
Her mother agreed.
“Yes, she is. And the audience loves her. I have already booked seven customers for her tonight, and several for the following days. Please keep an eye on her. She is still new to working as a whore.”
“Don’t worry, I will. You will make a lot of money with her.”
“Definitely. The combination of her mouth and cunt is pure gold. It was a great bargain to take her instead of some money.”
“Especially since we can also have some fun with her on her free day. It was a good deal.”
“Agreed. Though I am sure that Callisto is just as happy with her part of the deal.”
Both women laughed dirtily, imagining all the ways the blonde warrior might fuck her acquisition into oblivion.
Several miles away, in her secret hideout, Callisto was fucking the Warrior Princess for the third time that day. Once again, she had her writhing in pleasure.
“Oh, yes, you are great!”
“I am glad you think so. For today we will start your training.”
“Training?” The Warrior Princess asked with a shaky voice. She had problems to concentrate.
“Yes, your training as my submissive sex slave.”
“Oh.” Xena could not remember, if she had thought about such an idea before, but she was suddenly sure, it would be great. “I would love that.”
There were many things, Xena could not remember clearly. But if there was one thing she was sure about, then it was that she belonged to Callisto. The blonde warrior ceased all movement of her arm.
“The first thing you will learn is how to beg your Mistress. For you will never come without my permission.”
Xena moaned in disappointment, but then she quickly understood her task.
“Please, fuck me again, make me cum!”
“What is the magic word?”
“Huh? Oh, I got it. Please, Mistress, make me cum. I am yours. Please, fuck me!”
“And how would you like me to fuck you?”
“Fist me, please, Mistress. Hammer your fist in my cunt.”
“Okay, slave, then brace yourself! That’s your second lesson, by the way. You are not ‘Xena’ or ‘I’. You are just ‘slave’. You will refer to yourself that way.”
“Yes, Mistress. Slave is yours.”
And so the training began.

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