CROCODILE WOMAN - Mike Dandee King's Collection #06

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CROCODILE WOMAN - Mike Dandee King's Collection #06

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Northern Territory, Australia
2 pm

MIKE DANDEE...the most notorious and wanted criminal in the Northern Territory was in his glee as he steered his airboat through a network of winding tributaries of the Adelaide River which ran through the entire length of the territory. Down on the deck of the boat before him...his arch enemy...CROCODILE WOMAN...lay topless and unconscious before him.

The 50 year old former zookeeper and tracker couldn't help but be aroused...his dick stiffening under his pants as he looked at the 20 year old Sexy Super She Croc. Her naked immense firm creamy breasts...capped at their sexy summits with big puffy hard erect and bullet-shaped glossy pink nipples and hard wide glossy pink areolas...shiny steel needles embedded in the tips of her famous nipples...needles sunk deep into her famous areolas...rising and falling slowly with each deep relaxed breath she took.

Mike saw her eyes were tightly closed in the slits of the croc mask which stretched across the upper part of her beauteous face that was framed by her long mane of tousled blonde hair...her glossy pink lips slightly parted. Her muscular creamy arms were pulled behind her back...bound together at the wrists by strong, thick ropes. Her erotic bare creamy feet...with sexy toes with short, glossy toenails were tied together by another set of strong, thick ropes that were wrapped tightly around her round, creamy ankles. He also gazed at the outline of the her hard, wet, camel toe- shaped cunt that was framed against her croc string that barely covered the space between her huge creamy thighs. Tucked into his waist was her croc bra which did little to cover or contain her immense firm creamy breasts.

Mike remembered it was one week ago that he was hired by a rich English noble named SIR THOMAS KING to capture Crocodile Woman for his private collection. While he once again had outwitted and defeated the Sexy Super She Croc... as he gazed upon her as she lay helpless, bound and unconscious before him on his moving airboat...Mike was reluctant to turn over his arch enemy to his new employer.

"Good t' say yaw kaypin yoah woahd crocodoile womahn and gaowin t' stie uncawnscious faw a die. yah slayp toigh'. ol' moike dahnday's gaowin t' tyke good caeh of yah" said Mike to the unconscious Crocodile Woman as the airboat continued on its journey.

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