FOX WOMAN - Doctor Sound #5

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FOX WOMAN - Doctor Sound #5

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Dressing only in a pair of tiny white panties...feeling her shapely white breasts occasionally while sipping coffee and looking at her laptop...Jade Hartley was fantasizing about her superheroine crush Fox Woman. The ace female skateboarder couldn't believe that the Big Breasted Superheroine was attracted to her.

She was grateful to her saving her from some Chinese criminals who wanted to kidnap her. But Jade was worried about how easy it was for Fox Woman to get knocked out.

"I gotta find out the criminals who nailed you Foxie. Then you'll know how much I love you" resolved Jade as she surfed the internet, looking at the stories of the various crimes in the city, especially those that involved weird sounds.
Jade's brown eyes lit up when during a random search the name of Doctor Sam Sullivan came up.
She read an article about Sullivan's sound experiment, which through music awakened different synapses in a person's brain, whether it was pleasure, happiness, or even actions such as sleeping.
In the article, it said that Sullivan's research had been cut due to lack of results and of interest from Howard University.

"This looks strange. I should investigate this" resolved Jade...wanting to impress her secret superheroine girlfriend.

Read on... ONLY in
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