Wonder Woman: The Beauty Parlor or That's What Friends are for

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Wonder Woman: The Beauty Parlor or That's What Friends are for

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The Beauty Parlor or That’s What Friends are for
By Vega Taxeca

Disclaimer: The character of Wonder Woman in this story is owned by DC Comics, Warner Brothers-Discovery and associated companies. The same is true for any other comic book character in this story. This story is not meant to infringe on their copyright. There will be no monetary gain connected to writing this story.
The Wonder Woman in this story is loosely based on the recent DCEU movies, with part of the background made up by me. Any real life name appearing in this story is not meant to represent the real person in any way.

Two beautiful young women were sitting together. Their style was elegant and rich.
“I will start a new trend.” The younger one declared.
“Yeah?” her sister asked. “What will it be about?”
“I will acquire a new pet, one that everyone will want to have as well. The others will be incredibly jealous.”
“Tell me more.”
A cruel smile played around the younger woman’s sensuous lips as she explained.

Two days later
Diana Prince was reading a budget report, when Sophie, her assistant and good friend poked her head into her office.
“Hello Diana, do you have a moment?”
Glad for the distraction, she waved the redhead in.
“Of course, what can I do for you?”
Sophie leant casually at the edge of her desk.
“Do you have any plans for tomorrow?”
“Not really, why?”
“Tomorrow, my sister and I wanted to spend a nice, relaxing day at a beauty parlor. But she just called me to cancel, since she is coming down with the flu. The session is already paid for, so would you join me instead? I had been looking forward to it, but don’t want to go alone, since that would be boring.”
“I am not sure. Spending a day at the beauty parlor is not really my type of fun.”
“You want to tell me you look this gorgeous without frequent visits to a beauty parlor? Now I’m jealous.”
Diana laughed, but still seemed reluctant.
“Couldn’t you ask somebody else?”
“No, my other friends are already busy elsewhere. Please?”
“Then what about one of your other colleagues. Maybe Nora from Medieval? She is a nice young woman. Why don’t you ask her first?”
“I am sure she is a nice person, but I do not know her that well. Not well enough to invite her to a beauty parlor. You see, part of the ritual of visiting is sharing some juicy stories. It’s just more fun if you know each other. So, pleaaaase!”
Diana finally gave in.
“Okay, when and where? But I’m doing this just for you and I’m now expecting some really juicy stories.”
“Thanks, you are the best. And you will be astonished how juicy it will become.”
Both laughed, before they exchanged the necessary information.

Later that day
The beautiful young woman we had met with her sister received a message from the handler.
“She accepted. We can start.”
She sent her answer immediately.
“Great job. As a reward, fuck the assistant.”
The powerful young woman chuckled darkly, before she informed her crew. Everything would have to be ready as planned.

Diana and Sophie met at the beauty parlor and entered it together. The place was brightly lit, using mostly soft colors. Soothing music came from the speakers. Several other customers and some staff members were milling around, all of them women. It was a very pleasant atmosphere. Sophie pointed to a framed certificate beneath a poster of Kylie Jenner on the wall behind the reception.
“If you go to a beauty parlor, that’s what you have to look out for. It’s an endorsement by Kylie Jenner. You see, Kylie stands for high quality and fair prices. To have her approval is the highest praise you can aim for.”
“Okay, I will keep that in mind.”
Diana said slightly doubtful. Sophie nodded.
“Yes, you should. After all, looking at her, you just know that she understands beauty, since she is so beautiful herself. I think she is the most beautiful woman in the world.”
“I did not know you were so enamored of this woman.”
Diana looked surprised at her friend; then turned her eyes back to the poster. She had to admit, the woman was very beautiful, but for a second, an odd feeling claimed her. Maybe she would further investigate this woman afterwards.
The receptionist now greeted them. Obviously, she knew Sophie very well and welcomed her first. Then she turned to Diana.
“Hello, I am Rayna. Sophie said she would bring a new guest, but she did not mention how beautiful you were.”
“Hello, my name is Diana. And thank you, you are very beautiful yourself.”
The exotic looking, raven-haired receptionist smiled.
“Thank you. One of the advantages of working here is that I can use the facilities for free. Ah, there is Arianna. She will take care of you today.”
The newcomer was raven-haired as well, but had a very light complexion. She had more womanly curves and was very well bestowed. After she had greeted them, she pointed at a server behind her, who held a tray with colorful glasses.
“Please help yourself to our house drink. It is as very nutritious mix of mineral water and different juices. It helps to cleanse your body from the inside, where our other treatments work mostly from the outside.”
The server offered the drinks first to Sophie, who took one of the color-coded glasses. Next, she held the tray up for Diana, who thanked her and took the other glass. Sophie clinked her glass with Diana’s.
“Here’s to a day of beauty.”
Diana returned the gesture and took a sip of the cool drink. She could not identify all the ingredients, but it tasted great, very fruity. The drink was so good in fact, she had downed all of it while they exchanged a bit of small talk. The moment she had finished it, the server was at her side and offered a new glass. Diana took it, but let her eyes linger a moment on the server’s curvaceous body. She felt a sudden attraction to the cute blonde, but finally managed to reign in her impulse to touch her. She had not realized it before, but the atmosphere seemed sexually charged with all the beautiful women around them. Arianna, who had watched her customer discretely, suggested to begin with the first procedure. They followed her into the back, where they would start the day with a session in the sauna. It would open up the pores in their skin, Arianna explained, which would increase the effect of the oils used in the massage afterwards.
Once Arianna had shown them the locker where they could leave their clothes and bags, two further staff members appeared. The young women helped them out of their coats and offered further assistance when undressing. Having them so close by, rekindled Diana’s arousal. At the same time, it made her uncomfortable. As an amazon, she was very independent and not used to being waited to hand and foot. When she mentioned the latter part to her friend, Sophie just waved it off.
“It’s simple. They treat you with the respect you deserve as a beautiful customer. And admit it. It is nice to have them attend to you, isn’t it?”
Diana shrugged.
“I suppose.”
She did not mention that she felt it more arousing than nice. A few minutes later, they were lounging in the sauna, together with several other customers. All of them were beautiful women and in typical European style, all of them were naked. The steam in the sauna seemed to be enriched with perfumes. It smelled great to breathe it in deep. Diana did not realize how it relaxed her mind, without taking away the arousal buzzing in her core. Soft background music was playing, that really added to Diana’s mood. It seemed to speak to her on a deeper level. Unfortunately Wonder Woman was too distracted to understand the real situation. That her godly senses were picking up on the subliminal signals hidden in the music which were sent to penetrate her subconscious.
And there was another game played around her, a game of seduction. Every so often, one of the women would shift, allowing Diana a closer look at their bare pussies. Or one of them would start to play with one of her nipples, as if doing it subconsciously. All the while this was going on around them Sophie regaled her friend with raunchy stories. In the beginning, Diana had only listened with half an ear, until she realized how raunchy her story had become. She was just telling how she had seduced one of their coworkers and fucked her all through the night. Diana knew that her friend had a playful side, but this was more than she expected. At the same time, it was very arousing and gave Diana the feeling she should share as well. Once Sophie had finished, she started a story of her own.
“So, one of my sisters, she -”
Sophie interrupted her.
“Sister? You never mentioned your family.”
“Not a sister as in family, sister as in …”
Despite her drowsiness, Diana managed to recover. She had almost given away that she was talking about a fellow amazon.
“No, sorority sister. That was back at university.”
“Oh, I see. Sorry, please go on.”
“Okay, so you see, she loved to ride horses, but she also loved to ride in bed. I cannot remember how often she has sat on my face, forcing me to pleasure her. She was my first lover. I learned a lot from her.”
“Oh yes, I bet many women would love to ride your face. Did you have many lovers?”
“My fair share, I would say.”
By now, Diana had problems to hide her growing arousal. Wetness was already pooling in her crotch, but hopefully the others would think it was sweat. Thankfully, every so often she could cool herself down when it was time for the cold water treatment. Finally, the sweet torture ended and they finished the sauna session. The moment they left, a server appeared and offered them more drinks, again Sophie first. Diana downed almost half of the glass in one go, hoping to cool down the fire in her loins. She could not know that her drink was again spiked and would have the opposite effect. This brought her just in the right state for the next procedure, the massage, because this was the most important step. Here her opponents would attack Wonder Woman’s mind with full force and being distracted by her arousal would lower her resistance immensely.
A woman named Tara greeted Diana and led her to her massage table, while Sophie went to her own room. Another staff member stepped up and helped the amazon out of her robe. Diana was so distracted; she did no longer question being nude in front of several strangers, for even the serving girl was still at hand. The amazon had never been shy about her body anyway and the relaxants in the sauna steam had done the rest to lower her inhibitions. Tara explained the setup.
“Please lay down on your back. These ear buds will play some fitting music, to help you relax. And this visor will show some moving color patterns, again to help you to relax and to concentrate fully on the feeling of my hands on your body. It works better, if you keep your eyes open and watch those displays. Once everything is in place, I will pour some aromatic oils over the respective parts I intend to work on.”
Tara showed her customer the different items. Once Diana was on the table, the masseuse put the ear buds in. Next, she helped Diana with the visor, which was held by a strap around the head. Soon the massage was under way, with skilled hands gliding over Diana’s limbs. Wherever the oil touched her skin, it tingled. Every touch felt soothing, but at the same time arousing. Remembering Tara’s words, she kept her eyes open. She only saw the spirals and other patterns, but her unconscious picked up the other images as well. Those were only visible for a fraction of a second, too short to recognize them consciously. Most of them were showing a beautiful young woman, the same woman who had orchestrated this trap. Many were showing her from a lower angle, enhancing her dominant stance. Some were showing enlarged details, for example her naked pussy or her boots, as if the viewer was just about to kiss those. Some images were photoshopped seamlessly to show a naked Wonder Woman kneeling before her, often with a leash from the woman’s hand going to a collar around Wonder Woman’s neck.
At the same time, hypnotic commands and messages were mixed in between the music, working on breaking Diana’s resistance. At another time, Diana might have gotten suspicious at this point, for those hypnotic messages were becoming quite strong and almost obvious. However, her enemies had anticipated this and were prepared. The formerly soothing massage had turned erotic, the strong hands now massaging Diana’s sensitive breasts. The amazon could not suppress a moan, when skillful fingers played with her nipples. By now it was obvious that this was no normal massage, the more so, when the hands moved south towards her crotch. The masseuse used one hand to pull Diana’s legs further apart. Then she moved her hands where the aroused amazon needed them most. Only moments later two oiled fingers entered her vagina, beginning to fuck her in earnest.
Waves of pleasure branded through Diana’s body. She was so far gone, she only moaned in happiness when a second pair of hands appeared on her voluptuous breasts to play with them. A pair of soft lips started to suck on her clit, while those fingers steadily pumped into her core. Diana’s pleasure climbed higher and higher. She tried to hold back, to feel this sensation even longer, but her lovers were too skilled. One of the strongest orgasms of her life washed through her, destroying in its wake any mental shields she still might have had. Without defenses, she was easy pickings and became completely consumed by the hypnotic commands invading her mind. Those messages were so strong that they caused a slight shift of her personality. At the same time, several commands made sure that she would not remember what exactly happened this day, only how much she had enjoyed it.
Tara and her helpers had cleared up enough so that Diana would not get suspicious after waking up. She only knew how happy she felt when she met Sophie before the next procedure. Her friend explained the specifics.
“This is our final stop for today. Where the other two procedures were more meant to be relaxing, this is about enhancing our beauty. We will receive a face mask, coupled with a manicure and pedicure.”
“All at once?”
“Yes, that saves time. And it is an interesting experience. Several beautiful women serving you simultaneously, but at the same time you are in their hands.”
“Sounds intriguing, when you explain it that way.”
Sophie smiled mischievously.
“I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Oh, and for the nail polish I suggest something from the King Kylie Sinful Colors Shine collection. I suggest you go for I Klove You. I have heard it is Kylie’s personal favorite.”
For some reason it appealed to Diana to choose a color which Kylie Jenner would approve. In the depth of her mind, Sophie’s words from earlier resonated.
“To have her approval is the highest praise you can aim for.”
A delicious twitch in her pussy at just this thought was a sign of how deeply her conditioning was already ingrained into her thinking. They came to their next stop, where a whole group of women awaited them. One of them introduced herself as Faith, head of this section. Once again Diana took the drink she was offered, after Sophie had taken hers first. The room held two reclining chairs. One group went with Sophie to the right one, the rest stayed with Faith and Diana. With a last shred of modesty, Diana turned away from the other group, when one of the women helped her out of the robe. Too late she realized that she could still see everything in the large mirror on the wall. Her eyes met Sophie’s, who had not bothered to turn around and watched her naked body admiringly. This reminded her how much she was on display and that more than a dozen pairs of eyes were looking at her. It was a thrill to guess at the lust filled thoughts her naked body would instill in them. Faith helped her to sit down in the chair; then showed her a pair of ear buds.
“It will take a bit of time until the process is finished. These will play some music. But first let me ask, if you have already decided on a color for your nails?”
“Yes, please. I would like I Klove You.”
“A very good choice. I’m sure Kylie would love that color on you.”
Another twitch of her pussy had Diana almost moan aloud at this praise. She reclined fully and Faith carefully inserted the buds into her ears. “Have fun” were the last words she heard. Next her hair was covered, then her eyes, before Faith started to apply the face mask. Moments later her arms and legs were stretched and pulled apart, so that the other beauticians could start on her hands and feet. A thrill ran down her back, when she realized how far they had opened her legs. Her pussy would be on display for everyone who watched. They would see proof of her arousal, since her pussy had started to leak. Unconsciously she tried to open her legs even further, trying to show off for some secret admirer. She had no idea how close she was to the truth, since several surveillance cameras were turned on to her the whole time. In another part of the building, a beautiful young woman licked her lips approvingly at this wanton display.
Once again, the music was used to bombard Diana’s mind with secret messages. Many of them were aimed at making her horny, but also to accept the pampering she received here, telling her that it was her birthright as a beautiful woman to be served by lesser women, just as she one day would have to serve an even more beautiful Mistress. They also implanted the wish to return to this beauty parlor into her unconscious and added some more direct trigger phrases. When the messages turned again to an erotic nature, Diana’s arousal increased. Her breath hitched, when she felt a sudden touch on her inner thigh. Soon she realized that it was a tongue. Without realizing it, Diana pleaded to be taken. Soon she was eaten out by an expert. She could only pant when the tongue plundered her nether hole. It did not take long and a powerful climax wrecked her body. It seeded the lesson that accepting the service of other, lesser women would lead to overwhelming pleasure.
The hypnotic messages once again made sure to wipe her conscious memory. Just like before, she only remembered how much she had loved the treatment. Several minutes later Sophie and Diana were dressed again and ready to leave. They thanked Faith and her girls and walked towards the exit.
On their way out, Diana stopped at the poster of Kylie Jenner.
“You were right, Sophie. She really is gorgeous.”
“As I said, the most beautiful woman in the world.”
“Yes, absolutely.”
Sophie left the building and Diana followed her friend reluctantly. Just looking at the beautiful face had caused a tingle in her pussy.

The watcher
The beautiful young woman had watched the events through the surveillance feeds. She smiled knowingly when the two had stopped before the poster that showed the beautiful young woman’s own face. For this woman was none other than Kylie Jenner herself. Together with Kylie had been her head of research. The petite woman was a brilliant chemist and had developed most of their special products.
“Good work, Doctor. Your drugs seem to work well so far.”
“Thank you, it was a pleasure to work with the test subject you provided.” A smirk appeared on the beautiful face, although even her boss could not understand the true depth of her evil satisfaction. Dr. Isabel Maru had waited for more than a century for this chance. She would do everything do make sure their plan succeeded. “But let’s not celebrate too early. We do not know yet, if the long-term hypnotic commands have really taken hold. Still, the behavior change we have seen today looks very promising.”
“I agree. Once we know, if she accepts her next invitation, we will be in a better position to judge.”

Monday morning in Diana’s office
“You look stunningly beautiful.”
The words hit Diana directly to the core and made her moan. She had been standing in her office, evaluating some different design choices for a new display, when Sophie had entered the room. Suddenly Diana had to hold onto the table, for her knees had gone weak when the sudden wave of arousal rushed through her body. While she tried to recover, Sophie had stepped right behind her and placed her hands on the amazon’s hips. Diana felt her hot breath when she whispered in her ear.
“So beautiful actually, that I have to fuck you right now. Lean over the table and spread your legs.”
Overwhelmed by her sudden sexual need, Diana did not resist and bent forward. Soft lips peppered her neck with kisses, while determined hands pulled up her skirt. She was glad she had chosen one today for it gave easier access to where she needed it most. One hand wrapped around her body, allowing skillful fingers to open several buttons of her blouse. Diana moaned when the hand sneaked inside and started to fondle her breasts. Sophie’s other hand had not been idle either, with deft fingers running softly up and down her thigh. Diana’s breath hitched when those fingers moved closer to their target, caressing now her inner thigh.
With one swift move, Sophie gripped the panties and pulled them down her legs, until they got caught just above her knees. Diana arched her back in anticipation, waiting or those fingers to return to their former game. And it did not take long, before they touched her wetness, for Diana was already soaked. The moment Sophie had uttered that first sentence her juices had started to flow freely, as if some kind of dam had suddenly broke. Two fingers had found Diana’s clit, rubbing it softly. The amazon’s moans turned to groans, when her assistant began to counteract the soft caresses by mauling her breasts forcefully with the other hand. Needing more, Diana spread her legs further, until suddenly the panties snapped form being stretched too far. The amazon had no time to worry about it, because a finger suddenly entered her vagina.
“More!” Diana pleaded.
Sophie did not hesitate and added first one finger and then another. With three fingers now pumping into her core, Diana felt deliciously full. She mewled and moved her body in sync with the strokes to feel them enter her as deep as possible. Sophie was now biting her shoulder as if to mark her, causing the amazon to groan even louder. The brunette lapped at the wound to sooth it, before moving her lips to Diana’s ear. She whispered.
“From the moment you were finished at the beauty parlor, I wanted to fuck you. You just looked so incredibly beautiful after the treatment.”
Diana shuddered as she felt the hot breath caress her ear. For some reason, these compliments aroused her even more. At the same time, the powerful strokes of her lover hit her in all the right places. She was close to the boiling point. Sophie continued to whisper dirty suggestions.
“Oh yes, you are now so beautiful and fuckable. I want you to be this sinfully sexy all the time.”
She moved her left hand down between Diana’s legs to rub her clitoris, still fucking her with the other hand. Diana was so close now. Sophie kissed along her neck, until she reached the other ear.
“You want it too, don’t you? Next Saturday, you will come with me again to the beauty parlor.”
“Yes, I will come … I will … I’m comingggggg!”
Suddenly it was too much and an orgasm hit Diana. A spasm seized her and her vaginal muscles clenched down on Sophie’s fingers. Only when she had calmed down could Sophie remove her fingers. The redhead sucked them clean and then smirked.
“I take that as a yes.”
Diana had to laugh despite the situation.
“Okay, yes, you were very convincing. I will accompany you next Saturday, unless something important comes up. Same time, I assume?”
“Correct. And I assume you will want to refresh yourself, so see you later at lunch.”
“Yes, see you later.”
With that, Sophie left. For a while Diana was wondering why she had let herself be fucked so willingly by her young assistant, but then she just shrugged mentally. As an amazon, she had no problems with casual sex. Probably it was just the first time Sophie had made her interest so obvious. And Diana had really loved the dominant way she had taken her. Usually, Wonder Woman was the dominant one in her relationships, but every now and then she enjoyed to be submissive. Memories of her first lover Parthenie and the way she had topped her during their encounters followed her for the rest of the day. Being bare beneath her skirt added to the delicious distraction she felt. With her mind filled with carnal thoughts, she did not wonder about the oddness of this encounter.

Later that day
Sophie sent a message to her handler.
“Trigger has worked perfectly. She has accepted the next date.”
Ten minutes later, the handler gave the good news to her boss, Kylie Jenner. As a reward, she was allowed to suck on those perfectly manicured toes.

Next Saturday
During the days until their next trip to the beauty parlor, Diana felt a heightened awareness for female beauty. She noticed the women she met more consciously and often found herself evaluating their beauty. Sometimes she even fell into short daydreams, where she would fuck them or in a few cases be fucked by them. She also noticed how she tended to compare them with Kylie Jenner, but always found them lacking. Even those she considered worthy to bent her over a table dominantly and fuck her into oblivion were never a match for the gorgeous business woman.
Since she had been busy with work and several outings as Wonder Woman, she had found no time for more dates with Sophie or even some quality alone time. Therefore, she was already buzzing with need, when she joined with the redhead and they entered the beauty parlor. It was again Rayna, who greeted them at the reception, this time greeting both of them by name. When they were offered drinks and services, Diana did accept it without question. She did not even consciously notice how the drinks were always offered to Sophie first, completely unaware that this simple trick ensured that she always got the spiked drink.
Like the first time, they started the day in the sauna. The relaxed atmosphere was a great way to ensure Wonder Woman’s defenses were down, aided by the potent drugs she was inhaling with the steam. At the same time, it was a good chance to tune up her arousal another notch, by offering her teasing glimpses at the beautiful nude bodies of the other customers in the sauna. Of course, Sophie regaling her with more stories of her many sexual exploits helped as well. In between two stories, she engaged Diana with some questions.
“So last week you mentioned how you liked your lover riding your face. I would have pecked you as more of a top.”
“Oh, I love both. It really depends on the situation and on the other person.”
“Yeah, somebody would have to be quite beautiful to be worthy to top you. On the other hand, with the right woman it is very fulfilling to submit and to be the bottom.”
Diana had only half consciously noted how her friend equated beauty with worthiness. And it quickly slipped away when she watched another customer open her legs and flash her bare pussy for several moments. Therefore, she only responded to the other part of Sophie’s answer.
“Exactly. It can be so much fun to submit and I would never mind it in the right circumstances.”
“Yeah, and I could imagine who would be part of these right circumstances.”
Almost on automatic, Diana’s mind conjured up pictures of Kylie Jenner and a shiver ran down her spine. She had googled the self-made billionaire and then spent half the time on browsing through pictures of the gorgeous woman.
They exchanged some jokes, before Sophie told another of her raunchy stories. Then it was time to finish up and go to the next procedure. At this point, Diana was wet and full of need, just the way her enemies wanted her.
Once again it was Tara who would take care of her in the massage room. Diana did no longer even try to pull off the robe herself, so much had she become accustomed to the service by the helpers. She stood proudly in her naked glory, sipping on the drink a server had handed her until the seat was ready for her and Tara helped her lay down. Soon she enjoyed the skilled hands moving over her body. The moment they touched her thigh, she opened her legs further on her own accord. It seemed only seconds had passed until Tara had her writhing in pleasure, trying to buck against the oiled fingers that explored her cunt thoroughly. Overcome with pleasure, Diana had no defenses against the onslaught of hypnotic messages invading her mind, coupled with even more explicit images showing her to submit to Kylie Jenner. Several consecutive orgasms washed through her body and mind and made sure that the hypnotic messages were implanted deep into her unconscious.
When Diana left the massage table, she was a changed woman. Next, she followed Sophie to the beauticians, where once again Faith would take care of them. The strong brunette took a look at Diana’s naked body and shook her head.
“Today we will have to take care of your hairy legs and cunt. Don’t you shave?”
Diana was taken aback by the strong language, while also feeling all eyes on her.
“Isn’t it natural to have hair down there?”
Faith just shook her head again.
“What does it matter, if it is natural? Your goal is to look beautiful, nothing else.”
Before the amazon could respond, Sophie stepped over and let her hand glide over her thigh and pussy.
“Think, Diana. What would Kylie Jenner prefer? Could you imagine her with a bush?”
Suddenly Diana felt ashamed. In the last few days, she had ogled all these pictures of Kylie Jenner. Her legs were always smooth. Of course, she would shave her sex as well.
“No, of course not. You are right.”
She turned to Faith.
“Yes, please help me get rid of the hair. What do you recommend?”
“You will want to be thorough. We will give you a waxing. Afterwards we renew your nails and I think we will take care of your eyes and eyebrows.”
“Thank you. That sounds great.”
Faith helped her down onto the chair.
“Okay, we will now fix your legs, so that you can’t move them. Otherwise, you might accidentally kick someone. I am sure you won’t mind.”
“No, that’s okay, I understand.”
“Yeah, I bet. You look like someone who likes to be tied down.”
Faith joked. Diana chuckled.
“Maybe in the right hands, I would.”
“Thought so. You know, some women ask me to fix their arms as well. They say it is nice to feel helpless, while somebody plays with their pussy. Maybe you should consider it as well.”
“Maybe next time. As I said, it would have to be the right circumstances and the right woman.”
Faith smiled.
“Okay, we will keep it in mind. Now I will insert your earbuds and give you a visor. It will help you to focus on the feelings.”
Diana did not understand why she should focus on her feelings in this situation, but she simply nodded and accepted the explanation. Soon her brain was again flooded with hypnotic messages. Depriving Wonder Woman of her senses had a further reason in this case. Without sight or hearing, she would not be aware how closely they were recording her this time. One of the helpers had a hand-held camera trained on Diana’s naked body, filming every reaction. The film would be educational for the scientists, but at the same time could be used as blackmail material, should something go wrong.
Faith and one of her helpers would each start with a leg, working their way up slowly to the more sensitive areas. First, they sprayed the area; then they applied the hot wax. When the wax had cooled down, it would be pulled off. Seconds before that happened Diana suddenly felt fingers exploring her pussy. The dichotomy of pain and pleasure confused and thrilled Diana at the same time. Once again, she was too far under to question that she was touched sexually without her consent. She only learned that pain was coupled with pleasure. The closer the beauticians worked their way up her legs, the higher rose her arousal. When they reached her thighs, hands guided her fingers towards her breasts. Diana understood and soon she was playing with her nipples. For a moment, the helper with the camera filmed up her body, making sure that below her waist only the hand in Diana’s pussy could be seen. The hand in Diana’s pussy was now more insistent, bringing her the first orgasm. Again, it was timed to happen seconds after another strip of wax had been pulled off.
Since the beauticians were now nearing Diana’s pubic area, they changed their tactics. A bullet vibrator was pushed into Diana’s vagina and then turned on via remote control. The rest of the waxing was done by Faith alone. Strip by strip she cleared Diana’s pubic hair off, each time causing pain that was set of by the pleasure provided by the vibrator and Diana’s own hands playing with her breasts. The amazon came twice more, before Faith was finished and slowly removed the vibrator, before carefully wiping Diana’s pussy with a soothing crème. Aided by respective hypnotic messages, it was now deeply ingrained into her brain that pain and pleasure were connected. While Diana rested for a moment, Faith renewed the polish on her nails. Finally, Faith removed the leg restraints, followed by the visor and the ear buds.
“Okay, let’s take care of your eyebrows now.”
Faith plucked the eyebrows and gave them a clearer shape, imitating the famous Kylie Jenner bow. Then she worked on the lashes, added extensions to give Diana a more feminine look, again similar to the amazon’s new role model. Once finished Faith handed her a mirror and Diana felt a rush of heat running towards her core. She immediately recognized the style and that her look now closer resembled the beauty of Kylie Jenner. Sophie was already finished and stepped closer. She trailed her hand along Diana’s thigh, even daring to touch the still bare pussy.
“Smooth as a baby, great. You look even more beautiful than before.”
Diana blushed at this compliment. She did not mind to be touched this intimately in public, although the whole group was circling her now. On the contrary, Diana posed to show off for her watchers, enjoying to be in the center of attention and getting off on the hungry looks of a dozen beautiful women. Of course, the hand-held camera had already been hidden by now, but the surveillance cameras caught great footage of Wonder Woman’s lewd display. Finally, the show ended and Diana was dressed by the helpers. They left off the panties, since they would be too restrictive and irritate Diana’s freshly waxed pubic area. Diana did not even mind when Faith took the panties and casually mentioned she would keep them as a souvenir. On their way out, Sophie had no problems to persuade her friend to sign right away for another visit the following Saturday. Diana even thanked her for being the one who had brought her here in the first place.
The redhead just smiled.
“That’s what friends are for.”
She knew, for this success she would receive a reward from her contact, hopefully another thorough fucking.

Sunday night
On Sunday night, Kylie showed her sister Kendall parts of the film, her team had edited from the material they got the day before. Kendall could not refrain herself from pushing a hand into her panties.
“Wow, that’s hot! Your plan is working brilliantly.”
“Yeah, during the live feed it really got my juices flowing as well. Luckily, I had Sophie’s handler there and could order her to eat me out. I had to reward her for a good job anyway.”
“That’s my sister, always so efficient.”
Kylie laughed, but kept her eyes trained unobtrusively on where her sister was masturbating. She licked her lips at the hot scene. Once she had climaxed, Kendall kept watching the film, but turned part of her concentration back to her sister.
“So, what’s the next step?”
“It’s time I get involved personally. On Saturday, I will fuck Wonder Woman, so that she knows whose bitch she is.”

On Tuesday, Diana left her office to get coffee. When she returned, she found Sophie there, sitting in Diana’s chair instead of a visitor chair. She raised her eyebrow.
Sophie smirked.
“Very. So let me know, Diana, are you service oriented?”
When Diana heard the trigger phrase, it set off a bomb of pleasure in her mind and body. She lost part of her higher brain functions and was suddenly controlled by carnal lust and desire. At the same time, a deep-seated need arose in her to please the person who had used the trigger. Her breathing became ragged.
“What can I do for you?”
“First, close the door.”
Diana obeyed, without turning her eyes away from the beautiful woman she wanted to serve so badly.
“Now, come to me.”
Diana almost ran around to desk, where the redhead swiveled the chair to face her. Diana’s breath hitched, when she took in the sight before her. Sophie had pulled up her already almost indecently short skirt, showing that she was not wearing anything beneath it. The redhead opened her legs and nodded to the space in front of her.
“I think you’ll understand what you have to do.”
Diana dropped to her knees immediately and crawled forward. Inches away from her inviting goal she stopped and looked up.
“May I service you?”
“Good girl, you remembered to ask. Yes, I want you to lick my pussy until I’ll tell you to stop.”
Diana bent forward and licked along the slit. Under other circumstances, she would have started slower when licking another woman, not going directly for the pussy, but in this case, she strictly followed her orders. She licked and sucked on the pussy lips, before entering the slit with her tongue. For several minutes, she fucked Sophie slowly. Then she pulled back out and found the clit instead. She sucked on the little nub with increasing force, feeling it grow in her mouth. The redhead could not suppress a moan, while Diana returned to the vagina. Deeper and deeper, she pushed her tongue into the moist tunnel. Sophie hissed in pleasure and called out.
“Oh yes, eat my cunt!”
Diana doubled her effort and pumped deep inside her lover’s core. Her face was already glistening with juices. Suddenly the phone rang, but Diana did not even look up from her task. Instead, Sophie picked up and answered slightly out of breath.
“Office Miss Prince. Hello.”

“Sorry, Miss Prince is very busy at the moment. I am sure she will call you back, once she has finished her current task.”

“Thank you. Good-bye.”

She placed the phone back in its cradle.
“That was a Mr. Wayne. Something about an artifact he bought at an auction. You can call him later, but for now you have a more important job.”
Diana did not answer. She was busy pumping her tongue deeper and deeper into Sophie’s love tunnel. The redhead grabbed Diana’s hair to pull her even closer. The amazon had trouble breathing, but all she cared for was servicing her lover. The psychological trigger they had implanted into her mind worked perfectly to turn her into a complete submissive. Even the name of her Justice League partner Batman could not wake her from this state. Several minutes later, Sophie had come twice all over the amazon’s face. She allowed her to stop and even helped her to clean up a bit. She used the end phrase before she left the office. When leaving, she turned around to Diana.
“I’m looking forward to Saturday.”
Diana just waved in response. She knew she had just eaten out her assistant, but could not remember all the details. Mentally she shrugged. Office flings did happen often in France. Nothing wrong with that, she thought, after all Sophie was very beautiful. That was all the reason she needed. She went to the bathroom to freshen her make-up. Only then did she call Bruce Wayne. For the rest of the day, she was busy with superhero business, even though for once it involved mostly her knowledge of the occult and did not directly lead to a Wonder Woman mission.

Third Saturday
Once again, Kylie Jenner was sitting with Dr. Maru in the surveillance room to watch Wonder Woman in the Beauty Parlor. At the moment their victim was in the sauna, where they used drugs and hypnotic music to undermine her mental defenses. Several customers – in reality handpicked staff members – were putting on a lewd show for the unsuspecting superhero. By now her pussy was probably steaming as much as the sauna. After checking on some data, Dr. Maru turned to her boss.
“You will get personally involved today as planned, I assume?”
“Yes, that bitch is ready for taking, or do you disagree?”
“No, she should be ripe. Everything has worked well so far. I just want to make a request. I would like to have a go at her today as well. Would that be okay, Miss Jenner?”
“That seems fair. You have done a great job, after all. Just as long as it is understood that I get her first.”
“Of course, she is yours. And I do not want to disturb the process of imprinting you on her subconscious. I really don’t mind, but I have dreamed of fucking Wonder Woman for a very long time now.”
“Understandable, she is quite beautiful.”
Dr. Maru nodded, remembering the moment when a Goddess in human form lifted a tank and held it over her head, but then spared Isabel’s life.

After the sauna
When Diana left the sauna with her friend Sophie, her whole body was buzzing with arousal. The other customers had not just been teasing her; a pretty couple had fucked a third woman before her eyes. And Sophie’s commentary had stoked the fire in her loins even more, for she had compared the action to nights of pleasure she had had in the past. The drugs in the steam of the sauna had lowered Diana’s inhibitions immensely. She was still too modest to act on her horniness in public, but nevertheless accepted the scene in the sauna as normal. In the massage room, she waited till helpers had removed her robe and handed her a drink. But then she was eager to let Tara help her onto the massage table.
After ten minutes of being treated by Tara, her eagerness had increased tenfold. The whole time, the hypnotic messages had concentrated on building up her expectations: That she would have a revelation, that she stood just before a life-changing moment and that she would taste the essence of the Goddess. Unbeknownst to her, Kylie Jenner had entered the room. Several helpers appeared and immediately helped her to remove her clothes. She only kept her high-heeled boots on. Staff members helped her onto the massage table, where she knelt above Wonder Woman’s face. Diana’s mind had been hammered with the message that she needed something more than water, more than air itself. What she would taste next, would be the most generous gift and the most important nourishment she would need for the rest of her life.
When Kylie Jenner lowered herself onto her face and the moist pussy pressed down on her mouth, Diana’s taste buds exploded. The preparations had worked wonders to overwhelm her with the feeling of the juices covering her lips. From now on, the once proud Wonder Woman would do anything to experience this taste again. For a moment, Diana had the feeling of being a throne for a Goddess to rest on, before Kylie began to fuck her face. Together with the way the heels pierced into her sides, it turned Diana into a mount ridden by her Mistress. The self-made billionaire did not care about Wonder Woman’s pleasure. She stopped immediately after she had reached her own climax. Several women helped her down and then attached a strap-on to her hips.
Diana was waiting. She was craving more of the divine essence, hoping to taste it again. She was almost reduced to begging, when strong hands pulled her closer to the edge of the table and then pushed her legs apart. Again, the hypnotic messages bombarded her mind.
“This is something that you want. This is something that you need. This is something that you crave!”
When something hard touched her crotch, Diana realized how true the messages were. Her mysterious Mistress was preparing to fuck her. It was a dream coming true. Diana opened her legs wide and started begging.
“Yes, please, fuck me! Take me, Mistress, and make me yours!”
Yet Kylie let her wait for several minutes, just lightly teasing Diana’s pussy with the head of the phallus. The amazon was panting in anticipation. Suddenly Kylie started to push. Diana was so wet, the phallus went in almost half way. The amazon wrapped her legs around her lover’s waist, to be as close as possible to her Mistress. Kylie pulled back an inch and pushed in again. Deeper and deeper, she pumped the phallus into Diana’s vagina, hitting every sensitive spot. With surprising strength Kylie fucked her future pet, making the amazon yelp in pleasure. In and out, in and out, the billionaire had created a powerful rhythm. Diana’s arousal had increased beyond measure. A keening wail was her response to the strongest orgasm of her whole life. And Kylie did not stop. Again and again, she hammered the phallus into Diana’s moist cavern. Here and now, she would fuck Wonder Woman into submission.
More than two hours later, Diana was soaked in sweat. She had come too many times to count. Her voice was hoarse from screaming and drool was running from her mouth. Her brain had been completely overloaded with pleasure, helping to burn all those hypnotic commands into her synapses. Despite her exhaustion she whimpered in disappointment, when her Mistress pulled out and left her without a word. Diana lay there, panting and slowly recovering, when she felt another pair of hands on her thighs. It did not take long and another woman fucked her with equal enthusiasm. When a powerful stroke pushed her over the edge, the person whispered in her ear.
“This climax is a little gift for sparing my life.”
However, Diana was too far out to recognize a voice she had not heard in over a hundred years. After the second woman had left, Tara finally helped her to come back to her senses. Diana took the glass a server offered her and finished it off in one go. Several servers wiped her down, before they helped her into her robe. Sophie appeared and led the still slightly dazed amazon towards their next destination, the beautician’s lab. While they prepared Diana and helped her onto the chair, Faith explained the next procedure.
“You are quite beautiful, Diana, but there are still some steps necessary towards perfection. For example, you will agree that perfect lips would be fuller than yours are. Therefore, we will inject Restylane into them, so that they come closer to your goal. This is only a temporary solution, but it will do for the next six to twelve months. In the long run, you will need surgery, but at that point, somebody else will make the final decision. We will strap you down so that you cannot move and accidently disturb the process. This is necessary, because it is painful, as we won’t provide you with local anesthesia. After all, you love pain, don’t you?”
In a halting voice, Diana replied.
“Yes, I do, because pain is pleasure.”
“Don’t worry, we will provide the pleasure as well.”
They strapped the naked Diana into the chair, with her legs opened wide. While Faith prepared the injections, Sophie took up positions between Diana’s thighs. When Faith started the painful process of injecting the Restylane, Sophie bent forward and licked the succulent pussy of her friend. Soon Diana was suspended between two powerful feelings, the pain from her lips contrasted by the pleasure she received from the tongue caressing her nether lips. In her mind, both melted together to create even greater pleasure. Without her bindings, she would have been unable to hold still. Just when the last injection entered her lips, the tongue in her pussy pushed her over the edge and she climaxed violently. After she calmed down and Faith had cleaned everything, the beautician showed her the finished look in a mirror. Diana almost wept in happiness, when she noticed how closely her mouth now resembled the form of Kylie Jenner’s.
A few minutes later, Diana and Sophie signed in for next week. While they left, the redhead turned to her friend.
“I love the taste of your cunt. It’s one of your best features.”

Shopping Trip
On Tuesday, Sophie accompanied her friend to lunch. While they enjoyed their food, she made a proposition.
“Today we should go shopping. You wardrobe is mostly okay, but it has some gaps you’d want to fill.”
“Are you sure? There is a lot of work waiting for me.”
“Then tell me, what do you have to impress a woman like Kylie Jenner? Could you go on a date with her and have the right outfit, no matter what venue she would have had chosen?”
Just the thought of a date with Kylie Jenner sent a thrill up Diana’s spine. But she also deflated, because she could not honestly say yes. She had plenty of nice clothes, some of them very chic, but in general it was a different style from what Kylie Jenner wore. She knew this very well, for she had spent the last two days searching the web for more information about the fascinating billionaire. With each new picture, she fell a bit deeper in love with the beautiful woman. Diana finally answered.
“Actually, you are right. I need more clothes, Kylie style. Once we are finished here, we can go.”
Sophie nodded satisfied.
“Okay, I pick you up in half an hour at your office.”
Their first stop was for shoes. The pretty blonde salesgirl in the upscale boutique was happy to serve Diana and help to find the perfect footwear. She would kneel before the amazon and pull off her current pair and replace it with the next selection. The first hit was a pair of black, very high-heeled leather boots Sophie had spotted. Once the sales girl had closed the zipper on both boots, Diana got up and made a few steps to test them out. She was not used to such high heels, but she liked them, for they seemed like a style Kylie Jenner would accept. Diana also loved the feel of towering over the salesgirl, who still knelt before her and looked at her in admiration. The other success was a pair of blue-black sock boots, with 4-inch stiletto heels.
Next, they went for clothes. In the first boutique Sophie led them to, they were the only customers. Their salesgirl introduced herself as Sally. The first item Diana got was a shoulder-free white top. On her friend’s insistence, Diana wore it without a bra. Watching herself in the mirror, she could clearly see her breasts. Even her nipples were visible, giving her a sexy, almost slutty appearance. Sophie came up behind her and hugged her. She gave a lewd smirk and started to play with Diana’s breasts.
“This look definitely suits you.”
She whispered in the amazon’s ear. Diana shivered. Sophie turned to the salesgirl.
“She will get this one, but she will leave it on right away.”
Sally nodded her assent. Sophie continued.
“Okay, now you need some skirts and maybe a pair of shorts or two. Kylie always likes to show off her gorgeous legs. You should too.”
Diana agreed, feeling a light heat, for she remembered several pictures of Kylie Jenner in shorts that she had used as masturbation fodder late last night.
Sophie again addressed the salesgirl.
“Pick out some samples. We will wait in the changing room.”
Inside, Sophie urged her friend to remove her shoes and trousers, leaving only the socks, panties and the new top. Almost casually, she mentioned the salesgirl.
“She is cute, don’t you think?”
“Sally? Yes, she is nice.”
“Would you like to feel her pretty mouth on your pussy?”
Diana was flustered.
“Well, yes, I suppose, but we cannot … we are in public …”
“Of course, you can. She is pretty, but not as beautiful as you are. Therefore, it is your natural right to use her, if you feel like it.”
Suddenly a new understanding overcame Diana. Beauty was power. When moments later Sally appeared with a selection of shorts, Wonder Woman turned a haughty look towards her.
“Get on your knees! I want your tongue in my pussy.”
The salesgirl almost swooned. She had been in lust with her new customer the moment she saw her enter the shop. Eagerly she complied and knelt before the amazon. On Diana’s command, she slowly pulled the panties down until she could drop them to the floor. The amazon sat down on a chair, opening her legs wide.
“Now get to work.”
Soon the salesgirl had buried her face in Diana’s pussy. Her tongue proved to be agile and talented. This was obviously not the first time she had eaten a pussy. Sally had found her lover’s clit, circling it with her tongue and then sucking on it. Diana was moaning by now. She was too busy to notice Sophie taking several pictures. Sally had moved lower, licking along the amazon’s slit, before she pushed the tip of her tongue between the lips. Diana wrapped one leg around her lover’s body, urging her to penetrate her deeper. Soon Sally was tongue-fucking her in earnest. Diana’s juices flowed freely, while her passion grew higher and higher. Several more minutes of pumping the tongue in and out were enough to push Diana over the edge. She came with a loud cry and sank down in the chair.
Her shouts had drowned out any other noises. Therefore, Diana looked up in shock when somebody else suddenly entered the changing room. Her shock turned to bliss, when she recognized the woman with a black coat, a short skirt and over-the-knee open-toed boots. With a look of confident superiority, the woman looked at Wonder Woman.

“Hello, pet. How do you greet your Mistress?”
Diana quickly pushed the salesgirl aside to kneel before this woman. It was the woman of her dreams, Kylie Jenner. With complete acceptance of her status, she bowed down and kissed Kylie’s toes. Sally and Sophie scrambled to kneel as well in the face of so much beauty, but Kylie stopped them.
“Good job, Sophie. Keep filming me with my pet. Once we are finished, you may fuck Sally as a reward. Sally, you get more lights in here. Then you may watch us.”
Both smiled, happy that Kylie Jenner had actually acknowledged them, and did what they were told. Diana meanwhile did not stop, bathing every single toe she could reach with her saliva. Kylie watched her with a cruel smirk. When the salesgirl returned with the lights, Kylie had a new command for her pet.
“Okay, now get rid of your socks. Then kneel on the chair, facing backwards.”
Diana happily obeyed the commands of her Mistress. Once she was in position, the salesgirl was ordered to remove Kylie’s coat and skirt. Next, she had to buckle the billionaire into a strap-on harness. With the 8-inch dildo in place, Kylie ordered the girl back aside. Sally had to kneel in a corner, from where she could watch the whole show. With slow, deliberate movements, Kylie stepped behind the chair. Without delay, she pushed the phallus into Diana’s mouth, forcing her to deep-throat all eight inches. The amazon choked several times, until she managed the task and her nose touched Kylie’s pubic bone. The billionaire pumped the phallus back and forth, fucking Diana’s oral cavern for a long time. Finally, Kylie pulled back. She moved around the chair and watched in delight her new pet’s body on offer.
Kylie pointed the tip of the now wet tool at the entrance of the vagina. She pushed with surprising strength to impale Diana. The amazon moaned in delight at feeling her hot core invaded. Soon Kylie had managed to push more than half the phallus inside. She pulled back an inch and pushed again. Soon she had pumped the full length into Diana’s vagina. Within minutes, Kylie had created a rhythm and fucked her pet with a steady pace. The amazon moved in counter rhythm, trying to get impaled as deep as possible. She loved the way the large tool hit all the sensitive spots of her inner walls. Again and again, Kylie pumped the phallus deep into her submissive lover’s nether hole. She started to shout encouragement.
“Yes, pet, open up. I love to plunder your needy cunt.”
“Thank you, Mistress. I love the way you fuck me so thoroughly.”
Kylie just laughed cruelly at her pet’s absolute submission. For more than an hour, she fucked the amazon to successive orgasms, until the superhero was reduced to a whimpering mess, completely exhausted, but still begging for more. Finally, Kylie finished her off with another powerful stroke, causing a last earth-shattering climax in her pet. She pulled out and bent over the fucked-out amazon.
“Yes, my pet. That’s the reward for submitting to your Mistress. Let me tell you, what you have to do next.”
She whispered her commands in the amazon’s ear. Standing up, she had the salesgirl remove the harness and then help her with the skirt and coat. She handed the phallus to Sophie to lick it clean, and took her phone instead. She wanted to make sure she had the valuable film in her possession right away.
“You will get it back later from your handler, when you return the cleaned dildo. She will also give you a nice reward. Otherwise, you already have your orders.”
Next, she turned to the salesgirl.
“Good job. You will receive the reward from your contact. Don’t forget to have my pet pay for her purchases. She looks a bit out of it.”
Smirking Kylie Jenner left the room. Her body guards awaited her and followed her through the back entrance, the same way they had come in. The salesgirl helped Diana into her clothes, one of the new miniskirts and the sock boots they bought earlier. On Sophie’s insistence, Diana left the panties off. With a smirk, the redhead handed them to the salesgirl.
“Here, a little extra bonus.”
For a minute, Sophie admired her friend’s new look. With the see-through top, a short skirt barely covering the naked pussy and the high-heeled boots she looked more like a top-class hooker than a curator at the Louvre.
“I am tempted to fuck you again, but we have our orders. Let’s go.”
They said good-bye and left the boutique, after Diana had paid for her purchases.
When she was home, Diana modeled her new clothes in front of a mirror, imagining her Mistress watching her. When she had knelt before her, she had realized the depth of her devotion: she was in love with Kylie Jenner and the beautiful woman cared for her as well. Kylie Jenner had fucked her! Diana was the luckiest woman in the world. Thoughts of her beautiful Mistress soon led to Diana masturbating in front of the mirror, still imagining her Mistress was watching her.

Fourth Saturday
Diana stood in front of the mirror, applying her make-up carefully. Lately she spent much more time on it than she used to, since now she finally understood the importance of beauty. Once she was satisfied with her appearance, she picked up her coat and keys and left her apartment. Half an hour later, she met Sophie at the beauty parlor. They started with the usual routine, sauna and massage. The drugs and hypnotic messages made sure that the unsuspecting amazon was perfectly prepared for today’s events. Today Kylie Jenner would officially claim her pet.
When they reached the beauty section, Diana waited for the helpers to remove her robe and hand her another drink. Over the last few weeks, she had slowly lost the impulse of doing something herself, when lesser helpers were around to do it for her. By now, she had accepted the hierarchy of beauty. These people were not as beautiful as Diana and therefore had the duty to serve her, just as the amazon had the delightful duty of serving her Mistress. Obviously, since Diana’s own beauty could not match that of Kylie Jenner. And today she would commit herself to this service. Faith already had the necessary tools at hand. One of the helpers got in position between Diana’s legs. She knelt down and began to lick the amazon’s pussy. Her ministrations would work to balance out the pain Diana would feel from the following procedure.
Sophie had picked up a camera to film everything, since this would be one of the highlights of the process of turning Wonder Woman into Kylie Jenner’s pet. Diana did not even notice it consciously. She was full of anticipation; waiting to follow the delicious commands her Mistress had given her back in the boutique. A shiver ran through her body, when the helpers tied her down in the chair. Faith appeared at her side with a bottle in hand.
“For disinfection.”
Faith used her gloved fingers to manipulate Diana’s nipples. Then she coated the sides of the first one with disinfectant. The amazon moaned, when she felt the fingers on her nipple while simultaneously the tongue in her pussy had hit a sensitive spot. Faith had picked up the needle. With sure hands, she pushed the needle through the nipple. Diana almost came from the pain, since she had become a strong masochist. Faith cleaned the nipple. Next, she repeated the procedure with the other nipple. Diana’s breasts were now adorned by ornaments made especially for her. The design had been picked out personally by Kylie herself. Sophie came closer with the camera.
“Hey Diana, present us your tits.”
Faith removed the bindings from the amazon’s arms, allowing Diana to push up her breasts with her hands. The right nipple was adorned with the letter K, while the left nipple held a J. Sophie zoomed in, showing only those fabulous breasts with their golden ornaments.
“Okay, Diana, and what do your piercings represent?”
“K and J. They are the initials of my Mistress, Kylie Jenner. She is showing the world that she owns me.”
Sophie made a pan shot from the breasts up to Diana’s blissful face.
“And you love that, don’t you?”
“Of course, it is an honor to be Kylie’s pet.”
“Absolutely. So now let’s make it even clearer.”
Diana nodded enthusiastic. She knew what would come next. Helpers opened the leg bindings, allowing Diana to turn onto her stomach, where her arms and legs were fixed again. They made sure that the amazon would not move accidentally. Pushing a cushion under her middle made sure that Diana’s butt was elevated and just in the right position. Being pressed onto her currently sensitive breasts hurt the amazon, but she loved it as a reminder of her new piercings. As a Goddess she was more resilient than a human. There was no danger of an ongoing injury. At her side, Faith was preparing a new set of tools, but Diana was too busy to watch it. Strong hands had pulled up her head, allowing her a close-up view of a naked pussy. And it was not just any pussy. It was the beautiful pussy of her Mistress. Her first words had Diana swoon.
“Get to work, pet!”
“Yes, Mistress!”
Diana started to lick this welcome treat. It was uncomfortable to hold her head in this position, but the amazon did her best to pleasure her Mistress, burying her tongue deep inside wet folds. The taste of those love juices was worth any discomfort. Meanwhile Faith had started to outline the first tattoo, which would adorn Diana’s left ass cheek. Several minutes later, the outlines of a word were ready and Faith switched to the other cheek. There she outlined another, shorter word. The sweet combination of pain from her butt and the delicious juices flowing into her mouth caused Diana to climax, but she did not stop to service her Mistress. Faith had switched her needles, so now she could fill in the tattoos. She worked very carefully, for she knew how important this tattoo was to her boss and she would never dare to disappoint Kylie Jenner.
After more than an hour, Faith was finally finished. She cleaned both butt cheeks; then stepped aside to allow Sophie to zoom in with her camera. The redhead smiled while she panned the camera from the tattoo up to Diana’s head still bopping up and down in her effort to tongue fuck her Mistress. Then Sophie panned back down to the butt, zooming in one more time to show the tattoos. In bold letters they proclaimed “Kylie’s pet”. Her friend had been fully turned into a plaything for the powerful billionaire. Kylie meanwhile came one more time all over Wonder Woman’s face, before she ordered her pet to stop. She stepped around the chair, to get a good look of the tattoo. A very satisfied smirk crossed her face while she admired the evidence of her success. On her command, helpers brought two mirrors, to allow Diana to see the artwork as well. When the amazon saw the tattoo, she smiled happily and thanked her Mistress. While Faith covered the tattoos with bandages, Kylie turned to the helpers.
“It’s time to celebrate. And since my pet is already propped up nicely, get me my strap-on.”
For almost an hour, Kylie Jenner fucked her new pet. Diana had come countless times, with her blissful face recorded by her friend Sophie. When Kylie was finished, she pulled out and stepped back around the chair. There she had her pet clean the phallus with her mouth, before she ordered a helper to remove it. Once she was again fully clothed, she gave an announcement that had her team cheer for their generous boss. She handed over her pet to her team for the rest of the day. The beautiful leaders like Faith and Tara would fuck her, while the others were allowed to eat the amazon’s pussy. Taking the camera from Sophie, the billionaire left to take care of other business.
For Wonder Woman it would turn out to be a very long day, yet a very happy one. She had fully accepted that Kylie Jenner was her Mistress. Kylie Jenner, who was the embodiment of human perfection, intelligent, of divine beauty and a natural dominant, owned her. And this generous Mistress had not only marked and fucked her; she had also allowed her to gain pleasure from other beautiful women. More than ever, Diana was convinced that she was the luckiest woman in the world.

Next night, Kylie’s mansion
On Sunday, Kendall Jenner was over to visit her younger sister and get an update on her latest project. The television showed the recordings made last night. Kylie explained.
“Everything went well. She is now completely mine. The treatment with drugs and hypnotic messages allows us to deepen or lighten her submission with simple commands. Outside, she can function as Wonder Woman or as Diana as normal, but inside these walls she is my devoted pet. I will let her keep her public roles for the time being, to avoid having the rest of the Justice League on my heels and to use her as a business asset. But in here … well, you can see for yourself.”
Kendall Jenner inspected the piercings on the amazon’s breasts. Diana kneeled naked before the two sisters, showing off her body at her Mistress’ command. Kendall was obviously turned on by the story and the pictures on the large screen.
“Yeah, this is really hot. Can I use her?”
Kendall nodded.
“Well, I handed her over to the girls last night as a reward. They fucked and licked her non-stop till the sun came up and it seems even a Goddess has limits. Her cunt is fucked raw. But I have got an idea and we might even share in the fun. Just some nice sisterly bonding. Let me explain.”
Kendall nodded with great enthusiasm while she listened. Moments later, Diana was kneeling on all four. Behind her was her Mistress, fucking her in the ass with a strap-on dildo. And in front of her knelt Kendall, fucking the amazon’s mouth with her own strap-on. Kendall shared her attention between Diana’s face and the ongoing show on the television screen. Kylie on the other hand was completely focused on the way her pet deep-throated the fake dick of her beautiful sister. It was another wonderful night in the life of Kylie Jenner.

Presentation of new Kylie Jenner beauty products
Outside the headquarters of Kylie Cosmetics, Kylie Jenner entered the podium, where she would announce her new product line. After she had made her introduction, she looked at the sky. Seeing a tiny dot getting bigger, she smiled satisfied at her plan working out perfectly. To the waiting press, she said.
“Today I have invited a good friend. She will take the mic for a few words, before I take over again for any questions you might have.”
Only seconds later, shouts of surprise could be heard even up here and then Wonder Woman landed next to her on the platform. Kylie greeted her guest.
“Hello Wonder Woman. It is so nice of you to drop by.”
Diana smiled charmingly.
“Hello Miss Jenner. It is an honor to be here.”
Next, Wonder Woman turned to the media.
“Please let me explain, why I am here. As you know, I have pledged to protect this planet and its inhabitants. Unfortunately, over time I had to learn that as much as I try, I cannot be everywhere and cannot save everyone. Therefore, I have to focus on where I can do the most good. I have to be where I am needed most and where I can save what is most precious. But what is that? Well, look at the museums, what is precious to us is usually that what is beautiful. But beauty is not only among things, beauty is also with people. Once I understood that, I understood what I have to do.”
She turned back to Kylie.
“Miss Jenner, you are the epitome of beauty. You are the most beautiful person in the world, inside and out. Not only are you looking breathtaking, but for years you have been working hard to bring beauty to the world, so that others can share this beauty and make this world a better place. And I should know, since even although I am a Goddess, my skin feels much smoother since I use your products. Therefore, whenever you need me, I’ll be there. If you’d ever be in danger, I will be there to protect you.”
She picked up Kylie’s hand and kissed the back of it delicately.
“I am at your service. Because to serve humanity, I have to serve humanity’s finest above all else.”
Hundreds of cameras were flashing, but Kylie looked regally at her guest.
“Thank you, Wonder Woman. Your service is appreciated. I understand that your time is precious, therefore I will let you leave to do your duty.”
“Good bye, Miss Jenner. Please call me, if you need me.”
Wonder Woman waved to the press, then jumped up and flew away. With her enhanced hearing, she heard the excited chatter from the press benches. Several watchers noticed her changes in beauty style and how she more resembled Kylie Jenner with the new look. Diana smiled proudly at this compliment. To be compared to Kylie was a great honor. Kylie meanwhile answered all the questions patiently, while inside she was gloating. This day was a great success.

Three days later
Three days later, Kylie watched another news report of the press conference with her sister Kendall. When it was finished, Kendall turned to her.
“Brilliant. Your name is everywhere at the moment.”
Kylie nodded.
“Sales have increased more than tenfold and the shares are up by 45%. I have already more than recovered the investments I had to make to get Wonder Woman.”
“So, your plan has worked perfectly.”
“Not yet. That show was great, but not perfect.”
Kendall frowned.
“Why? What could have been better?”
“I would have preferred to show the world that Diana belongs to me completely. That she is my pet now.”
Kylie smiled evilly as both of them looked down in front of them, where Diana was kneeling naked on all four so that her owner could rest the feet on her back. Meanwhile the amazon’s head was bent forward, as she had been licking Kendall’s feet for the last twenty minutes. The older sister nodded.
“Yeah, sis, I get while you see this as your real accomplishment. It’s fun to use her like this.”
“Yeah, isn’t it? Let me show you how much I own her.”
Kylie turned to Diana.
“Pet, what would you do, if your mother were here?”
Diana stopped licking for a moment.
“I would lick your sister’s feet, because that is what you commanded me to do, Mistress.”
“And if I asked you to rape your mother, so that my sister and I could watch it?”
“Then I would rape my mother and try to make a good show, because I want to please you, Mistress. Nothing else matters.”
Kylie turned back to her sister.
“As you can see, I completely own her, body and soul. Unfortunately, it is still too early to show the world. I could have had her kneeling at the press conference and kiss my shoes, but for many, that would have made her look weak. Her endorsement would not have been as powerful and we had earned less. But the day will come, when we will expose my marks of ownership on her tits to the world.”
Kendall chuckled evilly. She knew of the piercings and the tattoo and imagined the mighty hero kneeling topless at her sister’s feet.
Kylie turned once again to her pet.
“Enough foot service for now. Get us coffee.”
A few minutes later, Diana knelt before the two sisters and presented a tray with two cups of coffee. Kylie picked up one of them and looked at her sister.
“With milk as usual?”
“Yes, please.”
To Kendall’s astonishment, her sister held the cup under one of Diana’s breasts and started pulling it. She explained.
“We have injected her with some new chemicals that have her lactating permanently. It makes her tits bigger and has the bonus that her milk tastes great. The same chemicals also help her snatch to lubricate more easily, so from now on she is always ready to be fucked.”
Kyler handed the cup over and then prepared her own cup the same way. Watching it, Kendall was in equal measure amused and aroused. She took a sip and had to admit that the coffee had a very nice aroma. Kylie watched her sister secretly. The milk had some side effects that she would not even tell her sister about. Knowledge was power. Kendall was not just her sister, but also her closest confidant within the family. Nevertheless, only one of them could be the boss and that was Kylie. Besides, even without knowing the secret Kendall would profit from it. One side effect was that the milk contained traces of Diana’s divine essence and worked like a youth serum. Drinking the milk regularly would keep the sisters young and beautiful. The other side effect was more connected to the changes they had made to Diana’s body. The milk was an aphrodisiac. Soon Kendall would be so horny that Kylie would have a chance to finally fuck that lovely cunt of hers.
But first things first. It was time to play with her pet some more. Only moments later Kylie had attached her strap-on and was fucking her pet doggy style. Diana’s moans of pleasure were muffled, though, since her face was buried in Kendall’s pussy. With a steady pace, Kylie pumped her strap-on into her pet’s well-oiled vagina. Almost casually, the self-made billionaire talked to her sister.
“I think we should get you your own pet. Wonder Woman knows so many helpful secrets. If we add some Kryptonite to our formula, I am sure we will be able to catch Supergirl. With her we will own the two most powerful female superheroes. Getting more will then become easy. It will be a new trend. Every woman who is rich and beautiful will have her own super pet, provided by us.”
Kendall pulled Diana’s face deeper into her crotch, turned on like never before. She moaned in arousal at the thought of fucking the famous Supergirl, not knowing that first it would be her to be fucked – and by her own little sister no less.
The End
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Re: Wonder Woman: The Beauty Parlor or That's What Friends are for

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That was amazing! You are very good.
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Re: Wonder Woman: The Beauty Parlor or That's What Friends are for

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Thank you for your kind words. :)
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Re: Wonder Woman: The Beauty Parlor or That's What Friends are for

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Much more in-depth then The New U Salon. Quite good.
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Re: Wonder Woman: The Beauty Parlor or That's What Friends are for

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Thank you. :)

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