FOX WOMAN - Rise of the Fox #11

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FOX WOMAN - Rise of the Fox #11

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24 hours later, 7 pm

"Uuuuuh..." Jade groaned as she slowly began to regain consciousness as the scent of the Chinese aphrodisiac incense in the room she was being held prisoner in, started to fade. As she woke up, the teen brunette began to remember how she was kidnapped by Chinese female skateboarders who wanted to keep her from winning the world skkateboarding tournament. Jade saw a clock on the wall and knew the start of the tournament in the city was two hours away.

"Uuuh...I can't get free" groaned Jade as she tugged in futility at the ropes which were binding her hands and feet to the arms and legs of a chair that she was sitting in. As the teen brunette struggled to get free...her eyes fell on a voluptuous and muscular woman who lay sprawled out on her back on a bed in front of her...her muscular shiny bronze arms extended and bound above her head...her shiny bronze hands bound by ropes to the top of the bed...her long muscular shiny bronze legs spread wide open below her broad shapely waist... her erotic bare feet resting on the mattress on their smooth heels...wide spaces beween her sexy toes with glossy orange claw like toenails.

Read on... ONLY in
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