Heroines and Villains at large

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Heroines and Villains at large

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I’ve got the RP bug and I’m offering a sampling of potential OC heroines and villains for anyone interested. If we RP you're not required to choose a character from this list as well, this is just showing you some character concepts I'd be comfortable playing as. I’m typically most comfortable writing in the third person, I can come out of it if I like the character I’m working with enough but assume you’re probably going to get the best content in the third person. In terms of stakes, I prefer things low to medium, humiliation, sexual slavery, maybe the loss of a heroine’s powers. I don’t mind scenarios where the heroine escapes or comes out on top in the end as long as she went through some sexy peril before that. If you're interested after reading shoot me a PM and we can work out the details.

Fetishes I like (I don’t expect all of this in one session obviously just giving you a rough idea of what I’m into)
Muscle girls
Mind Control/Corruption
Woman on Monster/Tentacles
Sex machines
Public Humiliation
Feet fetishism
Age Difference (Within legal limits! Consider 18 year old heroine/villain versus forty-something heroine/villain)

Fetishes I pass on
Excessive violence (I don’t mind a bit of fighting, but heavy blood, gore and death do nothing for me)
Race play (Interracial is fine, I just don’t want to make the fact that the characters are different races the focus of the scene)
Heavy sexism (Not really interested in anyone's thinly veiled treatise on this is what women were made for, yadda yadda)

The Heroines

Gust Girl: A petit rookie heroine with pale skin, auburn hair, and gray eyes. She has the power of aerokinesis, able to bend the winds to her whims. She’s still working on the whole flight thing, but she can use the wind to speed herself up, enhanced the speed of projectiles and take smaller foes off their feet. As for weaknesses her powers work best in open spaces where it’s easier for her to control air current and she has little options to manipulate the air when bound and gagged.

Valiant Venus: A thicc and mature heroine with tan skin, Flowing black hair and green eyes. Valiant Venus draws her power from the Force Feminine, giving her the strength, speed, and durability of 100 women as well as the powers of flight, energy blast and an empathic link that lets her sense when women are in danger. While she’s incredibly tough her body has heightened sensitivity to sexual stimulation and because her powers come from/are for the female collective she feels her strength wain slightly when dealing with female villains unless other women are present to cheer her on.

Raijuu Reyna: A busty and athletic heroine with tanned skin black hair and brown eyes, both her hair and eyes turn blue when she's charged up. Reyna is a skilled luchadora and a living turbine, with the ability to generate electrical power as she moves and fights. Because she requires movement to generate her electric power, she’s another heroine who struggles with bondage.

Ivory: Think slightly thicker She-Hulk, a towering powerful and full-figured heroine with dark brown skin, brown eyes, and short cut hair. Ivory possesses the strength and durability of an elephant herd as well as their heightened senses. Those powerful senses occasionally lead her to being overwhelmed by strong smells and loud noises and like many Mccomix heroines she becomes lethargic and weak when her breasts or pussy get stimulated.

Genesis: Another black heroine, with a thick figure, light brown skin, purple hair, and green eyes. Genesis holds power over plant growing powerful vines, sharp thorns and sturdy wood at her command. The plants share an empathic bond with her and will sometimes act against her higher wants in favor of fulfilling her baser needs (that means they’ll tie her up and strip her if she gets horny)

Misty Mask: A small, but busty heroine with pale skin, gray eyes and black hair. A Kekko Kamen style heroine who fights with the power of ninjitsu and smoke bombs to disorientate her foes. She has no supernatural weaknesses, but is just as vulnerable to heavy blows, drugs and bondage as the next girl.

Aegis: A proper BBW, tall with pale freckled skin, blonde hair and blue eyes. Aegis breaks the heroic body mold due to her power to absorbed kinetic energy into her cells. Her big body allows her to easily disperse the impact from bullets, blades and more making her near invulnerable to physical harm. As a side effect of her body constantly sensing for incoming force to absorb Aegis is particularly sensitive to low level vibrations and she is still vulnerable to being drugged.

The Villains

Dr. Squirm: Think Marvel’s Lizard, but less reptile and more Mindflayer. A large gray skinned tentacle monster in a lab coat and black shorts. Dr Squirm seeks to become the pinnacle of evolution and has experimented on himself to give his body amazing powers. He can change his limbs to powerful tentacles at a whim, hypnotize foes with color changing skin and spew a stick black ink to blind or bind his enemies. Greedy, selfish and depraved he’s always on the lookout for technology he can steal to further modify his body and will have his way with any heroine who interferes with him.

Echidna: The feminine counterpart to Dr. Squirm, a pink skinned woman with a curvy figure, golden octopus eyes and a head full of tentacles rather than hair. While Dr. Squirm seeks to make himself the perfect being Echidna expresses her bio-engineering skills by creating hordes of monsters a la Mr.X’s Dragon Queen. These sick creatures are either used to commit crimes to fund her experiments or just let loose upon the city to test their abilities or breed more of their kind. Any captured heroine will likely end up a seedbed for Echidna’s creations, but she’ll have her own fun with them first.

The Squad: A rookie villain, tall with a muscular frame brown skin and a face hidden behind a mask with an Infinity symbol emblazoned on the front. The Squad has the power to make an unknown number of duplicates of himself and he has used his one-man gang to slowly build up his own criminal empire. Young and looking to make a name for himself he’ll treat any heroine he can get his hands on to a humiliating defeat to increase his reputation as the next king of crime.

X and O: A pair of BBW’s with pale skin, curly blonde hair and green eyes. X and O are the twin proprietors of 'The Hug & Kiss,' a den of decadence and debauchery that often sees many illegal activities including the sex and drug trade. X has the ability to drain the energy from anyone she touches leaving even the most powerful heroine’s weak as a kitten with enough time. O has a super charged kiss that, along with feeling amazing, scrambles the mind of her victims making it difficult to think or do much of anything. Any heroine unlucky enough to be caught between their plump forms will have a hard time finding their way out.

Spiral: a tall and willowy woman with tan skin, black hair (with white highlights) and blue eyes. Spiral owns the worlds fastest growing tech conglomerate, its growth fueled by her aptitude for mind control devices. Spiral often kidnaps and brainwashes her competition to get them to hand over their companies and leaving them with a few interesting hypnotic suggestions as well. She delights and pulling powerful heroines in and out of trances, tricking them into thinking she’s an invincible Goddess or making them believe that they have humiliating weaknesses that she playfully exploits. When she’s done with her personal fun she sends the heroine’s out to commit crimes on her behalf or act as moles in larger organizations.

Alchemight: A tall and powerful bronze skinned woman with black hair and green eyes. Alchemight is a gun for hire, the guns being her arms. She sees herself as the world’s most powerful woman and relishes at the chance to prove herself right. In addition to her impressive physique, she also has the ability to transmute her body at will turning herself into solid steel, viscous liquids or sedative gas. If she defeats a particularly attractive heroine, she will take them home with her to keep as her trophy/sparring partner/sex slave.

Pole Cat: A thick futanari with tan skin, red hair and green eyes. Polecat is a notorious thief and equally notorious sex offender. She delights in robbing the homes of wealthy women and as well as blowing her load in their helpless holes. Granted feline agility and her extra appendage by a mystical cat totem, Polecat is incredibly slippery to catch, and she uses her fair share of tools to get in get out and leave her victims with a little present. Many heroines have tried to stop her crime spree only to wind up with a cream pie for their trouble.
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Re: Heroines and Villains at large

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I am always ready to RP. Send me a PM and we can discuss. I prefer to play the villain/ess
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Re: Heroines and Villains at large

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Same as above, always up for something new. Although I do mostly enjoy playing as the villain/villainess. PM me or find me on Discord. Blob#0768

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