Fallen Angel by Lee Carl & The Rye

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Fallen Angel by Lee Carl & The Rye

Post by LeeCarl »

Lee Carl Productions, in association with The Rye, bring you a Superheroine 3-Part epic, Fallen Angel!


Fallen Angel: Part 1
Superiorgirl is lead into an ambush from 2 of her deadliest enemies. She struggles to defend herself, unaware of the mastermind pulling the strings from behind the scenes.

Contains: Civilian Identity, Chloro Peril, Superhero Transformation (shirt rip), Heat Vision, Beatdown, Bearhugs, Low Blows, Choke Hold, Stomach Kicks, Backbreaker, Cradle Carry, Krypto-Peril, 2-on-1, and more!

Fallen Angel: Part 2
The Captured Superiorgirl is tormented by her captors, as they beat, shock, and abuse the heroine, inside and out.

Contains: 1-on-1 Beatdown, Debooting (one foot), AOH Bondage, Beating with Escrima Sticks, Electric Torture, F/F Fondling, F/F Krypto-Toy Torture (simulated), and more!

Fallen Angel: Part 3
Having been further weakened, humiliated, and degraded by her captors, Superiorgirl is rented out to her captor's guests to be used as they please. Once Superiorgirl's humiliation is complete, her captors stream a video of the heroine's final, brutal, and perhaps fatal degradation.

Contains: Group Sim Sex, BJs (simulated), Beatdowns, forced orgasms, groping, bearhugs, back breaker, costume destruction, battle damage, gratuitous fluids and Cumshots, Nudity, Krypto-Peril, Krypto-Goo, Permanent Ending.

We're also happy to tease our next film, also starring Alicia C. Moon! Embracing her resemblance to a certain Bat-Actress, we've decked Alicia out in the best costume we could! You'll find some costume test photos, below! This film will shoot in late November. If you'd like to contribute to this film in exchange for peril elements of your choosing, please feel free to email me and we will see if your elements can be added to the script!

Store: https://shg-media.com/DisplayStore.aspx?SellerID=lee
Email: [email protected]
IG: lee_carl_films
Twitter: @LeeCarlProducti
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"Dark Maiden: The Trap" now available at SHG-Media.com!
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Re: Fallen Angel by Lee Carl & The Rye

Post by Abductorenmadrid »

Wow - looks awesome - I hope that I continue to serve as a source of inspiration for other future scenes.

Got to admit - love that collar and the way it seems to makes its introduction in to the scene, from inside that case - that is class!
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Re: Fallen Angel by Lee Carl & The Rye

Post by batgirl1969 »

I love everything about this!!!!!
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Re: Fallen Angel by Lee Carl & The Rye

Post by Mephisto »

I'm new to the forums, but I purchased the compilation set of all three videos a couple of days ago and wanted to give a shout out to Lee Carl for putting together a really fantastic production. I highly recommend to anyone who's thinking about purchasing.

First, the production values were great, with good costumes, gadgets, torture devices, etc. And the pacing was well done as well. You got the sense that you were watching Superior Girl slowly being worn down over the course of her captivity as she was subject to continuous torments and degradations. The actress did a great job of selling this as well. Oh, and I love the use of narrative framing devices too: e.g. in between scenes there were brief location shots with cards announcing "Superior Girl's 3rd day of captivity", "Superior Girl's 12th day of captivity" etc. To me, that's the sort of thing where a little bit goes a long way towards establishing immersion in the story. Plus I always love filling in the blanks in my head as to all the nasty things happening to her in between.

One last thing I'll say: I think all superheroine videos have some ratio of camp vs grittiness, and if you're like me where you tend to enjoy the grittiness side more I think you'll like the video. It's not completely without it's comic-y fun, but it definitely plays up the psychological side of Superior Girl's torments in a really dark, delicious way.

Lee, it sounds like you're coming back to producing after a long hiatus. I don't think I've seen any of your older work, but I certainly hope you continue putting out quality stuff like this for a long time.
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Re: Fallen Angel by Lee Carl & The Rye

Post by halbranoct »

Will this ever be released anywhere else, like the C4S that still exists? A lot to jump through to start an SHG account.
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Re: Fallen Angel by Lee Carl & The Rye

Post by EricPerridon2050 »

I totally like the flim by seen that SG costume in this film but the 3rd part feels like just talking her out so fatality ended up and Alicia c moon is really good actor by chance but she's need bit more different camping but she is really good
Can't wait see her again in that BG costume.

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