Abuela Amazona #9

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Doctor Josefina Montero...criminologist and professor at Simon Bolivar University, read the morning news on her laptop before leaving for the university to do some of the limited in person lectures that were being allowed during the covid-19 pandemic. The 70 year old lady professor with short brown hair, frowned as she watched photos of Abuela Amazona topless and in various stages of being tamed into unconsciousness inside El Club De Baco..juxtaposed with photos of her in her flimsy attire, fighting bouncers outside of the club displayed on on all the regular news media platforms and also on social media as well.

"The media loves to see me naked and unconscious as Abuela Amazona...it is something I have become accustomed to since I got super powers at this stage of my life...like I told the good doctor at the hospital...He was a good man and a good physician but I do not have time for trivialities of a relationship...I have responsibilities to the Venezuelan people as Abuela Amazona...There will be other times when the criminals outwit me and knock me out...I just have to let it happen but continue to fight for justice no matter what the consequences are for me" resolved Josefina.

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