Rescued Fantasies- Wet Dreams of Wonder Woman w/Cali Logan

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Rescued Fantasies- Wet Dreams of Wonder Woman w/Cali Logan

Post by CaliLogan »

It looks like you somehow knocked yourself into a loopy daze. You can see a blur through your hazy eyes and hen you notice the beautiful Wonder Woman (Cali Logan) doing everything she can to administer first via chest compressions and mouth to mouth. As you try to come to, you keep fantasizing about Wonder Woman stripping herself down out of her tight red, blue, and yellow Wonder Woman leotard and shaking her ass right inn front of you, her hands pinching and squeezing her perky strong breasts. The vision of this fantasy in your mind seems all too real and you want nothing more than to reach out and dominate her as hard as you can.Every time you reach out to her though, reality comes

back in and you come back to your hazy daze and Wonder Woman is doing her best to revive you form whatever peril you got yourself in. Still, the subconscious mind of yours slips in and out between reality of trying to wake you up and ow the fantasy of her sexy naked body mounting you and riding your package like a wild stallion! You know it’s not really happening, but the cries of passion and lust that echo from her lips as she fucks you into a loud earth-shattering climax are trying to get you to think otherwise! Just when the both of you scream out your last groans of hot passion, reality comes back as Wonder Woman somehow wakes you all the way up and thanks the heavens above that you are ok and tries to get you to stand back up.

Of course, all that hot lovemaking fantasy you just had with Wonder Woman was a fantasy… or was it?

This clip runs 8 minutes long and includes superheroine fantasies, cpr, POV, topless breast and nipple teasing, ass teasing, and orgasmic fantasy ending. The 1080hd format can be found in POWER AND PERIL under the SUPERHERIONES Category: ... r-woman-hd


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