Crocodile Woman - Toxic Terror #2

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Crocodile Woman - Toxic Terror #2

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Crocodile Woman tried to figure out how to deal with these mutated animals without hurting them. ""Dingoes, woa you a big doggies! Easy boys, don’t want to have to hurt ea. How bout I get you all a nice treat and we be friends" said the Sex Super She Croc with a smile and her muscular creamy arms raised as she slowly approached the dingoes. . But driven by rage, the eight dingoes lunged at her, snarling and snapping their powerful jaws.." Scome on mytes we troyd thiies the aysy why, naow we hahve t' do ih' the hahd why. yah mie be fahst buh' yah cahn't baest moy crawc straength!" declared Crocodile Woman as she was forcedd to defend herself.

Read on... ONLY in!
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