Spider-Woman: The Good, The Bad, The Punished

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Spider-Woman: The Good, The Bad, The Punished

Post by SHL »

Spider-Woman: The Good, The Bad, The Punished
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File Size
1080P: 2.7GB
4K: 12.4GB
Length: 32 Minutes


http://www.superheroinelimited.com/spid ... e-punished

COST $40

After the events (from the comic book) of the attack at George Stacys home - Punisher has laid out a trap to catch the vigilante known as Spider-Woman. Punisher, whom recently became the Captain of the
Special Crimes Task Force, is utterly frustrated by the former captains (George Stacy) inability to capture Spider-Woman. He has studied her from afar and has a plan to make her utterly defenseless to his attack. But plans change when she is unmasked… and Frank Castles desire for revenge gets his blood flow pumping for something more than just handcuffs and time served.

  • Mackenzie
  • Greg Weller
  • Full body costume
  • Shoes stay on
  • Costume gets destroyed
  • Breasts are exposed
  • NO cradle/shoulder carry
  • Internal voice monologue
  • Softcore
  • KO scene
  • Two cum shots in mouth
  • Unmasking -Identity peril
The Setup / Action / 17 Minutes
  • Hand to hand combat
  • Web action
  • Sonic weapon used to disrupt spider senses
  • Throat Lift
  • Rib torture
  • Breaks rib
  • Stomach punches
  • Molested
  • Pinned to floor
  • Tranquilizer dart
  • KO
  • Bondage via handcuffs
  • Unmasking (Minute Maker 14 minutes 30 seconds)
BJ / 7 Minutes
  • Handcuffed to table
  • Tasered in throat
  • Sloppy ending
Gwens Last Stand / 2-3 Minutes
  • Gwen has one last desperate attempt to fight back before being defeated
Sex Scene / 6 Minutes
  • Gwen is taken
  • Punisher finishes in her mouth
  • Lose ending
Preorder Benefits
  • Vocal Disguise Copy of Film (for any serious unmaskers out there who don’t want reveal spoiled)
  • Pre-Release - Identity not revealed copy of film
  • Behind the scenes content

http://www.superheroinelimited.com/spid ... e-punished
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A few reviews of the film so far

"Having bought all SHL films. This one is simply my favorite. The reveal scene was really hot and got me off even before the ending. The build up was really strong and the actress was indeed really well casted. I enjoyed the back and forth between the two. The detail in the ripping of the bodysuit was domineering and sexual. And i personally love the Converse.

Your work continues to improve with each release. Production value goes up, the directing of the actors gets cleaner and the sex scenes are more sensual vs. straight up f*king. Well done!

For anyone reading, on the fence, if you can swing it, $40 is a bargain for this one."

"This was a 10/10,

Don’t think many will be disappointed by the actress and despite the somewhat shorter tun time on this one compared to SHL’s more recent releases, I actually thought this one was better paced and the sex scenes shown where all highlights!

The major improvement that elevated SHL’s standard here is the dialogue and writing, a step above his previous releases. Constant back and forth between actors, a story that set the stakes for the unmasking, internal dialogue and lines that arent super corny. Gotta be 50% more lines than compared to previous releases and those are all way longer than the 30 min we got here.

Actually went into this one with slightly lower expectations than usual but was blown out of the water with what we got."

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////// Original Post Regarding Content //////

I decided to attach my narrative following the actual Spider-Gwen comic series: In Spider-Gwens universe (Earth-65) George Stacy ends up in the pursuit of Spider-Woman’s arrest following the death of Peter Parker unaware that his daughter Gwen Stacy is Spider-Woman. He discovers her true identity surprised to find out she is his daughter. Frank Castle/Punisher is a dirty cop who has been assigned the job of bringing Spider-Gwen to justice after George Stacy fails to do so. He has a history with using excessive force to complete his job.
Thats where my films begins, after the events in the comic in which Punisher runs into Spider-Woman outside of George Stacys home (George is attacked by the vulture). I will include a link below to a book which includes this storyline in case you’d like to read it in preparation for my film.

https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07XTT1J4Y?re ... nkCode=kpd
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Re: Spider-Woman: The Good, The Bad, The Punished

Post by bushwackerbob »

This looks good. I love a good unmasking scene, especially when it is played up. The phrase that makes me excited to purchase this film is better pacing. In some of the films I see today, the films seem to be in a rush to get from point A to point B, they rush from one immediately from one scene to another, not letting the previous scene or act of superheroine humiliation breathe and letting the audience take a second to process what they saw. I have high hopes for this film, it seems very promising.

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