The Supergirl Killer

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The Supergirl Killer

Post by TheWatcher »

Warning this story depicts acts of sexual violence and things that should only be read by those of age within wherever you are. This is not for the faint of heart and if sexual violence offends you, don't read this story. Also, this is unfinished and I just wanted to post this to hear how people feel about this kind of story. So if you would let me know what you think and if you want more, I'd appreciate it.

The Supergirl Killer

It was a cold and blizzardy day in the city. At nearly midnight, we see Kristen, a young up and coming stage actress step out of a run down building. She just finished auditioning for a star roll in a big play that was going to make CATS seem small. She looks up and down the back alleyway, from the top of the metal grated staircase. “What a horrible place to let the future star find her way home!” Kristen says to herself, in a stuck up tone, as the door behind her locks closed. “Hmmph” she says, as she pulls her jacket up around her neck… a small bit of red and blue peaking through her brown button up winter jacket. She walks down the lightly snow covered stairs in her modest high heals, being careful but confident that she wont slip. Once at the bottom, she again looks up and down the alley. There’s nobody there and it feels almost eary in the cold winter night. She hugs the jacket closer to her as a light snow falls and she decides to take the route with more light and begins walking towards her bus stop. As she begins walking, she hears something behind her… it’s another potential cast member, being cast out the back alley door. Kristen wonders who it might be, there were some cute guys at the auditions. Kristen blushes as she turns and continues walking to her stop.

Lucky for Kristen, her bus stop is right at the end of the alley. Unfortunately, there’s no cover from the cold or a seat to curel up on and stay warm while she waits for her bus. Kristen stands by the bus stop pole in the shadows looking down the street for her bus. When suddenly, the male actor, that she saw walk out the back door, speaks up behind her. “Hey! You’re Kristen right?” Kristen uncertainly turns and says, “yeah, that’s me.”

“Oh, wow, you were great!! I bet you got the part for sure!” Kristen blushes and looks down as she brushes her fallen hair back from her face. “You really think so?” says Kristen, to this stranger in the shadows… she suddenly realizes that she can’t even see his face because of the glare from the distant street light, but he’s being sweet so she doesn’t think much of it. “Yeah, I definitely think so! You’re going to be a ‘super’ star!” The man says, emphasizing the ‘super’ part. “In fact, could you sign this napkin of mine? I want to get your autograph before you’re all rich and famous.”

“Wow! This guy really thinks I’m great…. I mean, I am. None of those other actresses stand a chance.” Kristen thinks to herself in a cocky manor. “Uh… sure, do you have a pen?” The man pats his pockets with the napkin in hand and with a dumbfounded shrug says, “No… unfortunately, I don’t have a pen… do you have one?” Kristen gives a smirk then rummages through her purse and pulls out a pink glitter pen but drops it on the ground and it bounces behind her. The man quickly moves towards the pen and shouts, “I got it!” With the napkin in hand the man lunges behind Kristen to retrieve the pen. “Motivated much?” Kristen thinks to herself. Suddenly, the man reaches around Kristen’s stomach, just below her breasts, and places the wet napkin over Kristen’s mouth and nose!

“Mmmm whaaa…” moans the struggling young actress as she breathes in heavily in surprise. One of her arms is trapped by the man’s grasp but the other one reaches up to the mans hand and napkin on her face… trying to pry his hand away. “That’s it, go to sleep super slut!” says the man with disdain in his voice. “Uhhh…” Kristen moans further as she begins to feel light headed in her struggles. It’s almost as if she is acting, playing the seductive damsel in distress but this isn’t a play, this is real! “What is this? I thought he just wanted my auto…graph… fe…feeling… sleepy…” Kristen thinks to herself as her thoughts trail off and she succumbs to the chloroform invading her system. Once out, the man moves his hand and readjusts the sleeping actress. Then tosses her over his shoulder and takes her into the shadows, looking around to make sure nobody saw what had transpired.

Kristen wakes up slowly to her arms hurting, head aching, the feeling of something in her mouth, and the feeling of being exposed, as a cold breeze blows through the room. She opens her eyes to see that she is in a dark room with a bright yellow light overhead. She squints in pain at the brightness as she looks up. Then in horror, she sees that her blue clad wrists are bound with a thick rope to a water pipe in the ceiling. But what makes her heart sink, is that there is another rope snaking down… then she feels it… and sees it... There is a noose around her neck and she has been strung up by her arms with her toes barely reaching a chair under her feet! She also see’s the famous blue, red, and yellow ‘S’ insignia of her exposed Supergirl costume; which she wore under her winter jacket to the audition.

“MMMmmm! Wha… iss… disss…” Kristen tries to say through the ball gag in her mouth. As she squirms seductively, trying to free her arms. Suddenly a dark figure appears in the shadows in front of her and the memory of what had happened comes rushing back to her. “The guy from the alley! Oh God! Noooo!!!” Kristen thinks to herself and screams through the gag in her mouth as her struggles intensify. “Here, let me help you.” Says the man, as he rushes behind her and begins untying one of her wrists. Once one of her wrists is free, the other side of the rope slides down from the pipe slightly and the bottom of Kristen’s boot covered feet touch the base of the chair. However, having her wrists no longer holding her up, the noose tightens around her neck and with the ball gag, she struggles to breathe! “Ulgk…” Standing back on her tippy toes, Kristen is able to relieve some of the pressure blocking her airway. Having her arms mostly free, minus the one wrist still wrapped around the pipe and the rope dangling from the other, Kristen becomes acutely aware of how tight the noose is around her neck! She begins moving both of her hands up to try and remove the other hand and noose when the man standing behind her suddenly grabs the loose end of rope as well as her untied wrist! He pulls both of her arms down and behind her back then begins tying her wrists together! “Nooo….” Screams Kristen into the ball gag as she squirms and struggles in her sexy costume.

Once finished tying her wrists together and while holding the knot behind her back with one hand, the man reaches around in front of Kristen. He slowly moves his hand over her sheer costume covered stomach and up to her luscious breasts! He begins groping her through her tight costume while she struggles to stay on her tippy toes to avoid strangling herself. “Oh, god! Why is he doing this to me!?” Kristen thinks to herself as she squirms and moans into her gag. Then the man’s other hand begins massaging her other breast. Kristen’s nipples begin to tint through her tight costume, in the cold dark room. The man begins lightly pinching her nipples through her costume and Kristen begins feeling herself getting wet. “Mmmm what is he doing to me? Oh god! I’m getting turned on by this?” Kristen moans and thinks to herself. She imagines that she’s actually Supergirl and that this evil villain has captured her and subjected her to this dark sexual torture!

“Mmm… I’mm… Supa… gir… you can’t… do.. diss… tooo… me.” Kristen says through her gag as she squirms seductively. One of the man’s hands begin trailing down from her breast to her short red skirt. The man slowly moves her skirt up and out of the way and begins groping the damp blue fabric that covers her most private area. “Does it turn you on Supergirl, to know that your powerless, and that I hold your very life in my hand?” says the man in the shadows. “Yesss…” moans Kristen through her gag as she squirms and struggles to maintain her balance on the chair and keep from hanging herself. The lack of oxygen to her brain, turns her on even more! “I own you Supergirl! I could kill you anytime I wish! You’re mine! At my mercy!” Says the man with disdain in his voice as he continues raping Supergirl… Kristen, with his hands. “Mmm yes! Yes! YES!” Screams Kristen through her gag as the man becomes more aggressive in controlling her. “Yes! Fuck Supergirl!! Destroy her!!! Kill her!!!!” Kristen thinks to herself as she is being raped and destroyed!

Suddenly, Kristen loses her footing on the chair and it tips over! She tenses her neck as the man in the shadows behind her continues ravishing her body. “Oh god! Oh god!! Oh GOD!!! Ooohhhh!!!!” Kristen screams through her gag as she begins convulsing in an oxygen deprived orgasm! Dancing in the air and searching for the ground with her boot covered feet. Straining her arms and trying to break free of the rope that binds her wrists, which thrusts her breasts and incredibly erect nipples out as they reach for the ceiling, through her tight costume, and almost seem to vibrate from her struggles! The man stops raping her and walks around in the shadows to watch ‘Supergirl’s’ struggles. “This is exactly what I want. I can’t wait for the real Supergirl to see you like this and for her to suffer a similar fate!” Says the man with lustful anticipation as Kristen continues convulsing from her orgasms and lack of oxygen. “Oh god! He wanted to kill me! To show me to the real Supergirl!! To Kill Supergirl!!! Aahhhhh… ulgk… can’t breathe… nooo…” cries Kristen as her vision fades to black! Her body continues convulsing and spasming in short spurts… searching for oxygen that will never come. Once her body goes limp and only swings slightly from the rope, the man turns to a desk in the shadows and begins writing a letter.

The next day, a bumb looking for a warm place to stay the night, stumbles upon the room with the hanging Supergirl. Not wanting any trouble with the JLA, the man alerts the authorities of his find. Detective Sanders walks into the room first. Inspecting the hanging Supergirl. He looks closer at the rope around her neck as well as the rope and knots that bind her hands behind her back. Then he inspects the costume, feeling the fabric. He lifts her skirt and notices several dried wet spots on the thin strip of blue fabric. Then he walks over to the note… the paper is held to the wooden table with a butcher knife. After reading the note, detective Sanders turns back and says, “detective Wakowskie, call the chief and tell them to call the Leesburg police and tell Supergirl to come here immediately!” “ Yes sir!” says detective Wakowskie.

The detective’s inspect the room further, dusting for prints, and looking for clues to who the killer may be. Then there is a loud sonic boom as Supergirl gracefully lands on the fire escape outside of the old building. She steps through the window, her beautiful toned features accentuated more by her tight costume, as her cape slips off of her shoulders and she steps into the room. She instantly sees the girl hanging in her Supergirl costume and gasps in shock! “What is this detective!?” Says Supergirl as she looks at the scene before her. “We were hoping you could tell us!” Says detective Sanders as he motions toward the note, anchored to the wooden table with a butcher knife! Supergirl walks over and begins reading the note.

“One by one they fall. Leaving bread crumbs to the one that floats above them all. So strong the Maiden of Might may seem, but wait until a few more are strung up, attached to a pipe, attached to a beam, with a rope made of string. We’ll see how long the ‘Girl of Steel’ may sing, in her tight little costume, with nothing. When her fear and senses are consumed by sensual paralysis. Will the the miraculous Supergirl escape our clutches or dance on air without any crutches?”
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Re: The Supergirl Killer

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An intriguing opening chapter.
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Re: The Supergirl Killer

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Love it, cant wait to see what happens to Supergirl.
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Re: The Supergirl Killer

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My favorite blonde in a delicious 😋 new many things to do to her!!!!
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