Shazzan - Heroine of Arabia #5

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Shazzan - Heroine of Arabia #5

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"No...Aaaaah..must not tell..Aaaaaah..must Uuuuuuuuuh...Tired....I am so tired...will soon become unconscious...I need help..." moaned Shazzan...knowing that if Headmistress Hanna kept torturing her hardening dark brown nipples in this way..she could very well reveal her true identity as Jasmin.daughter of the Sultan...the Princess of Arabia.

Fortunately for the Busty Arabian Superwoman... a teenage boy came leaping through the window. "What??" cried Hanna in surprise as she turned to receive a right fist to the jaw from the boy which knocked her out.

"Uuuuuuuh...Who?....What?" sighed Shazzan...surprised by the sudden turn of events. "My name is ALI DAN. I will explain later. Can you summon your magic carpet? We need to get out of here" said the teenage boy. In no position to argue with the boy...Shazzan focused her thoughts and her black silk magic flying carpet was soon in front of the window of the room.

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