Looking for Superheroine NSFW Rp Partner

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Looking for Superheroine NSFW Rp Partner

Post by SamsonandDelilah »

Hello everyone. I am quite new here, so if I'm doing something wrong please warn me so I can nurture and learn better how to socialize and behave on this server.

I'm Italian (I live near Milan) and quite found of RP online as well as decent educated on superheroes tropes, stories, classic plots and anything else related to the world where men can jump over skycrapers, outrun a speeding bullet and push back a locomotive.

Recently, I am looking for a partner for an 2-person NSFW Rp, playable on Discord (or anywhere else we can agree to) heavily based on one of my favourite comics on Hipcomix of the artist Mr Cryptic, American Goddess: Ring of Domination , with the two main characters being an all-powerful superheroine (tought not another Wonder Woman ripoff) and an unlucky everyday henchman/crook, not truly evil, who works for supervillains or criminal organizations to pay the bills.

After looking around and having a chat with Hipcomix's admin, they suggested for me to look here.

Someone interested?

((message already posed on the Hipcomix session, moving it here after they suggested it was a better place to ask))
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Re: Looking for Superheroine NSFW Rp Partner

Post by Baralton »

Okay I am game.

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