"A Game of Interdimensional Peril Staring Archbaroness" Poll Driven Story (Completed 1/14/22)

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"A Game of Interdimensional Peril Staring Archbaroness" Poll Driven Story (Completed 1/14/22)

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Re-edited this to throw up a quick "cover" I threw together.

If you're looking to read the ongoing story in its current entirety you can go here:
https://philohunter.com/free-stories/un ... ven-story/
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Re: Poll Driven Heroine Story

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Archbaroness flew above Megatropolis, looking down at the bustling city below. She was on patrol, on the lookout for any trouble that might require the busty superheroine’s intervention.

Looks like I’ve found what I’m looking for, she thought as she spotted a disturbance below. She shifted her flight pattern and began to dive down, intent on putting an end to the trouble she could see.

I find that allowing multiple choices on the polls works out best. when I'm ready to start the next section I'll close the poll and base it on whatever has the most votes at that time!

What kind of trouble does Archbaroness find? (choose up to 7 options)
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Re: Poll Driven Heroine Story

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Here's the next entry! Also if you'd like to read it in its current entirety (and with full, proper formatting) head here:
https://philohunter.com/free-stories/un ... ven-story/


As she neared the ground Archbaroness could see it was a simple mugging. Nothing challenging, but getting to help an average citizen of Megatropolis is always a good warm-up, she thought.

Once on the ground Archbaroness had disarmed and knocked out the mugger practically before he realized she was there.

The woman she’d save was nearly in tears as she thanked her. “This city is lucky to have women like you protecting it,” she sobbed. “I don’t know what we’d do without you!”
Archbaroness smiled. “Neither do I. Luckily, no power in this universe could take me away from Megatropolis. I love it here and I’d do anything to protect it.” She started to open her mouth to say more but stopped, reeling back as a spell of disorientation overcame her.

“What’s wrong?” the woman asked.

“I don’t know…” Archbaroness replied, confused. “Something isn’t…” She interrupted herself with a moan and began rubbing her thighs together. “Can’t you feel that?” the superheroine whimpered to the woman.

“N-no!” she replied, starting to back away.

“In the air all around me!” Archbaroness moaned, reaching up and grabbing her large breasts. “Energy running through me… making me so hot!” Her nipples had become so painfully hard that she had to begin pinching and twisting them through her costume to try and relieve the intense sensation. “What’s happening!?”

The woman she’d just save screamed as she watched strange distortions in the air around Archbaroness appear. Sparking, pulsing energy erupted into life, swirling around the heroine and enveloping her in a cloud of glowing plasma. A moment later the swirling energy contracted then disappeared with a pop, all traces of Archbaroness gone!

* * *

It was the strangest thing Archbaroness had experienced till that point in her life. Somehow she knew innately that some strange, raw, sexually infused energy had pulled her through a crack in reality then sent her tumbling through the nothingness that existed between dimensions. It felt like she tumbled through that nothingness for both years and mere moments before being pulled through the walls of reality again.

She fell to her knees, panting and disoriented. Even as she struggled to focus her senses on the world around her she knew this reality was not the one she’d come from. “Different dimension…” she gasped.

“How very astute,” a strange alien voice echoed around her.

Archbaroness got to her feet, looking around for who, or what, was speaking to her. She was in a small room with metal walls and floors. There appeared to be nothing else in the empty room with her, nor could she see any doors. There wasn’t even any visible speaker for the voice to come from.

“Do not worry, mighty human champion, you will not be in the room for long,” the voice echoed around her.

“Who are you?” she demanded. “Where am I?”

“You can call me The Game Master, for that is what I am,” the alien voice replied. “As for where you are, well, that’s not easy to answer. Let us just say you are in a place I have complete control over, a kind of pocket dimension between all others where I broadcast my Great Games from!”

Archbaroness narrowed her eyes, wishing she knew where to point her glare. “I will not compete in whatever ‘game’ you intend me to be part of.”

“So astute! But I must apologize, you really have no choice. You will only be sent back to your home dimension AFTER you’ve completed all the challenges you’ll face. But know it is for a good cause. Your endeavors will be broadcast live to countless dimensions. During your time here you’ll entertain more beings than live in your entire dimension!

“Now prepare yourself, in just a moment you will be teleported to your first challenge. But I warn you, do not try to escape the ‘studio’ you find yourself in. And remember, you will not be able to move on to the next challenge, and get one step close to being allowed to return home, till you’ve accomplished this challenge!”


There’s a few polls this time as we set everything up!

When Archbaroness starts each of the encounters will she know what she needs to do to move on? (vote for up to 1 option in this poll)

How many encounters shall Archbaroness have to go through before she is allowed to go home? (vote for up to 1 options in this poll)

What will the main threat/antagonist of Archbaroness’ first encounter be? (vote for up to 6 options in this poll)

What is the challenge Archbaroness has to actually accomplish to move on from each encounter? (vote for up to 2 options in this poll)
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Re: Poll Driven Heroine Story

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To get notifications.
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Re: Poll Driven Heroine Story

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You'll find the new entry below, but if you want to see the story in its current entirety (and with full proper formatting) you can go here:
https://philohunter.com/free-stories/un ... ven-story/


Before Archbaroness had a chance to respond she felt the air around her begin to tingle. A moment later she disappeared, teleported from the small room.

Challenge One: Pussy Huggers in the Derelict Spaceship

“Greetings inter-dimensional viewers! The mighty human superheroine from the planet Earth is about to begin her first challenge!”

Archbaroness was disoriented from the teleportation, so dizzy she could barely see the world around her. But she could hear the alien voice of The Game Master clearly as the evil master of ceremonies narrated the sick game she’d been conscripted into.

“The current challenge will be taking place in the studio we like to call ‘the derelict spaceship’ because it is, well, a perfect description! But what threat have we filled this fan-favorite location with today? Well, I am happy to tell you all we’ve populated the derelict spaceship with another fan favorite: the dreaded alien species known throughout their home dimension as ‘Pussy Huggers’!”

“Some kind of nightmare,” Archbaroness whispered weakly as she stumbled and had to use a nearby wall to keep herself on her feet. The world around her was coming in to focus and she was seeing that it did seem to be a derelict spaceship. The cold metallic corridor she was in looked as though it had been left abandoned for some time, although on closer inspection she could see the dust-covered floor showed signs that things had moved across it, she just had no idea how recently.

“You viewers at home, and now Archbaroness herself, know that the threat she’ll be facing in the derelict spaceship are the Pussy Huggers. But how many will she face and what is the task she’ll need to accomplish to move on to the next challenge? Those will be mysteries that Archbaroness will need to discover herself. Of course, those of you watching at home can see the answers displayed on your screens. Now enjoy as our pan-dimensional recorders broadcast the challenge live!”

Archbaroness glanced around, not seeing anything that could be a camera. She wondered if they were cloaked and invisible to her. No, she thought, the technology behind this all is vastly beyond anything I’ve ever encountered. I probably can’t even comprehend the way this is all being recorded broadcast. And I need to stop thinking about it, I just need to complete this challenge so I can get one step closer to getting home.

Since what, exactly, she had to accomplish was still a mystery she decided to simply begin by cautiously exploring. She first decided to test if she was able to fly and found, after hovering a foot off the ground for a few moments, that her powers seemed unhampered.

She normally only flew in short bursts and very rarely used it to “hover” since it quickly grew tiring but decided for now she’d remain in the air. She had no idea what the menacing “Pussy Huggers” were but wanted to avoid them if she could and she’d already heard that the place was so eerily quiet that even the softest of steps echo through the still, dead air.

There were plenty of doors in the long hall but she decided she wanted to see where the hall led before investigating them. She floated quickly, but silently, ahead till she came to a turn. Cautiously she peeked around the corner.

She gasped, forgetting all about her desire to keep quiet as she dropped to her feet. She dashed around the corner and looked on in wonder at the sight before her. She was in another corridor, with a large grime-covered viewing port looking out into space in one wall. Archbaroness stepped closer, using her arm to wipe a large swath of the grime clear to get a better look.

“It seems our plucky heroine has discovered the truth about the ‘studios’ we use,” the alien voice of The Game Master echoed around her. “Each one is actually just a location plucked from the limitless options of the multiple dimensions we have access to!”

The vast emptiness she saw expanding out before her awed Archbaroness. There were countless stars, but their dim twinkling lights were so distant they felt insignificant. She had no idea how far from anything resembling civilization the derelict spaceship was, she didn’t even know if the dimension she was in was her own.

It might not even have any native life remaining in it, she thought, looking out and realizing wherever this was had far fewer stars than her home. I could be looking out at a universe that’s nearing the end of its existence, a universe collapsing as it nears to the point of inevitable heat death with all intelligent life long extinct.

A faint skittering sound made her look away from the viewing port as she remembered that there was, in fact, other life in this universe besides her that she wasn’t alone on the spaceship. She lifted off from the ground and flew back away from the direction she’d heard the faint noise come from. Her body tensed and she balled her hands into fists, preparing herself for a fight.

She was just starting to relax when she heard the sound again. She flew further back, staring down the corridor before her for any sign of the skittering sound she could hear. It was getting closer. It can’t be very big, she thought, keeping her eyes on the hall before her.

The sound stopped for a moment. Her heart was pounding. She thought about turning and fleeing but refused. The vile beings watching me want to see me terrified. I won’t give them the satisfaction, she thought. I will stay here and fight whatever is coming for me.

Almost as if in response to her thought the skittering began again, faster and closer now. But as it drew near and there was no sign of its source she began to panic. It sounds like it's right here, practically on top of me!

Far too late Archbaroness looked up. She saw a metal grate in the ceiling being lifted open as something crawled through and jumped down at her.

Archbaroness screamed, throwing her arms up to protect herself from the revolting alien creature projecting itself at her face. Its body was about the size of her head and it had eight large bony, finger-like legs that gave the creature a disturbing arachnid quality. Yet it clearly wasn’t, for it had no bone-like exoskeleton, instead it was covered in leathery yellow-brown skin. She could also see it had a long, strongly muscled fleshy tail-like appendage at its back.

It slammed into her upraised arm, its bony legs franticly scrambling at her head, trying to grab hold of her. The tail lashed about wildly as she tumbled to the ground on her back, struggling to keep the surprisingly strong creature off her. It seemed to be trying to adhere itself to her face and was driven by a single-mindedness that terrified her.

During the struggle she became aware of two large bulges at the base of the thing’s tail that was disturbingly reminiscent of giant testicles. For a brief moment her eyes darted to its underside, fearing it was trying to adhere to her face to shove some kind of alien penis into her mouth. She felt a moment of relief when she saw the underside of the creature was smooth.

A moment later its long, fleshy tail flicked past her face and she realized she had been looking in the wrong place. The tip of the long, densely-muscled appendage had a bulbous tip that was frighteningly cock-like. And taking a second look at the length of the “tail” she realized it might be a giant prehensile cock!

Is it growing more rigid, fuller, and denser like it’s getting erect?!

Archbaroness had her answer when it lashed close to her face, rubbing its tip on her face and smearing thick moisture across her cheek. She snarled, trying hard to throw the alien off.

Its cock-tail flew back towards her mouth again. Archbaroness closed her mouth and sealed her lips but the thing forced its way past them into her mouth. As soon as it was past her lips she felt the fleshy cock-tail pulse then felt an explosion of gooey moisture blast into her mouth.

The Pussy Hugger suddenly let go of Archbaroness and she was able to toss the alien creature away from her. Before she had a chance to begin to puzzle out why the Pussy Hugger had let go of her she felt a rush of heat spread through her body. She had intended on doubling over and spitting out the mouthful of goo the alien had ejaculated into her mouth but now found herself on her knees, throwing her head back and compulsively gulping down the mouthful of alien spunk.

As the goo ran dawn and stuck in her throat the heat pulsing through her body intensified. She felt her cunt gush moisture and felt her nipples harden so fast she gasped in alarm. Her tits felt so hot and overheated she felt the need to yank the top of her costume down. Her large, full, heavy breasts fell free. The cool air of the spaceship felt amazing on the burning heat of her breasts.

“N-no,” she gasped as she began groping at her breasts and playing with her nipples. “Have to… get control…” She forced her hands away from her body and moved to stand but discovered she felt too weak to get up. “What did it do to me?” she whimpered, not accustomed to feeling so enfeebled without enduring a forced orgasm.

Archbaroness fell over, rolling onto her back. “Feel sleepy…” she whispered.

The sound of skittering helped shock her back awake, although she remained too weak to do much but pathetically try, and fail, to roll over. “Must get away,” she whined, wanting but unable to crawl away from the alien quickly coming for her.

She was only able to lift her head and look up just as it jumped towards her. The helpless heroine screamed and tried to get away from it, weakly lifting her legs to try and push herself back but all she managed to do was give the creature a clear target. It landed on her crotch, attaching itself there.

Archbaroness screamed again as she heard a hiss and felt a warm release of steam into her crotch. She screamed louder as she felt the vapors the creature had expelled into her crotch dissolve her costume there, exposing her pussy. It shifted up, its cock-tail lashing under its body and pressing its tip against her cunt.

She was so wet the alien appendage slid easily into her. She shuddered and arched her back as it entered her, hating how good it felt. It’s the goo it blasted in my mouth, she told herself. That’s the only reason this feels so good. The only reason I don’t want to fight it anymore, the only reason I want it to keep fucking me with its cock-tail!

But Archbaroness knew she was lying to herself. The mighty heroine had always enjoyed being fucked after being defeated, although she did all she could to hide this shameful secret from the world. The degradation of being used that way always got her uncontrollably hot, and being used by an alien creature was an intense degradation she’d never imagined enduring. It was too much and she began to cum almost as soon as the thing’s cock-tail began pumping her cunt.

“Noooooo,” she wailed, sobbing as the pleasure wracked her body.

“Do you see how the human seems to be growing weaker as she sexually climaxes?” the alien voice of The Game Master called out. “Most of these human superwomen are weakened when they cum. It is an interesting bit of biology that will surely lead to more of them becoming contestants in our games!”

Archbaroness whimpered, remembering her humiliation was being broadcast into multiple dimensions. Her mind flooded with the images of aliens of countless species jerking off to the sight of the creature fucking her, a degrading thought that only made her cum again and further weakened her.

She was barely holding onto consciousness and might have passed out to the pleasurable rhythmic pussy pounding if not for a sudden change. She felt something thick slamming into the outside of her cunt, a bulge had appeared in the creature’s cock-tail. Weakly, she lifted her head and saw that the two testicle-like sacks next to the base of the thing’s tail were now empty and deflated.

“No,” she gasped, trying to push herself up onto her arms and failing. The Pussy Hugger pressed tighter against her body and she realized it was trying to fuck the round things now in the cock-tail into her. “No,” she gasped again. “I will not be impregnated by some alien creature while perverted aliens watch!”

Even as she made her declaration the first of the round things were forced past her vaginal opening. She felt her insides floor with moisture as if it was cumming in her and knew the ball, or egg, had been deposited inside of her. A moment later the second was fucked into her as well.

The revulsion she felt pushed her over the edge and she came again, barely awake enough afterward to feel the Pussy Hugger pulling out of her and letting go of her body. As she struggled to remain conscious she concentrated on the sound of The Game Master’s alien voice.

“In case this is your first time seeing a Pussy Hugger in action I’ll explain what to expect next. The cum-like substance it ejaculated into the helpless human along with its two eggs will help alter her body as they incubate over the next few hours. She’ll soon pass out as the parasitic eggs hijack her body and steal nourishment to help them mature and grow. When they are nearly too big to still fit in her the goo controlling her body’s functions will induce labor and she’ll wake just as she ‘births’ the eggs.

“As you can see, the Pussy Hugger that has impregnated Archbaroness has lost all interest in her. It has doubled the number of its race and will now slink off, hiding as it recovers and produces two more eggs. But even after it does it will not return to Archbaroness. An individual Pussy Hugger will NEVER impregnate the same female twice.”

Knowing what was in store for her, Archbaroness lost her struggle to remain conscious but she heard one final, terrifying thing The Game Master said before passing out.

“Of course, other Pussy Huggers will still be interested in impregnating her!”


What happens during the rest of this first challenge? (choose up to 3 options from this poll)

What will the main perverted antagonist of the next challenge be? (Choose up to 8 options from this poll)
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Re: Poll Driven Heroine Story (updated 10/18/21)

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New entry below! And if you want to see the story in its current entirety along with full formatting you can go here:
https://philohunter.com/free-stories/un ... ven-story/


* * *

“Look, viewers! She’s giving birth now,” the alien voice of The Game Master called out. “That’s one hell of a way to wake up! But she doesn’t need to worry about pain. As you know, this goo helps hijack her body so it can incubate the eggs. But it does MORE than that. It eases the pain of labor, morphing it into a euphoric high that the women of some races find addictive. Let’s watch and find out if humans are one of these races.”

Archbaroness sat with her legs spread open, arms braced behind her as she birthed the eggs. Her eyes stayed rolled up into her head and she moaned in delight all through the labor. When she was done she lay on the ground for a short time, eyes closed and grinning madly.

“The birthing process leaves the females of most species drained and most need days or even weeks to recover. But these superpowered humans are not only tougher than most and they also have an unnatural ability to heal quickly that is rarely seen in their home universe. As you can see, the blissed-out slut already looks like she’s recovered!”

Archbaroness stood, still grinning. She had a dazed, vacant expression on her face that made her look like an addict that had just gotten a fix.

“Need more,” she mumbled, turning about searching for another Pussy Hugger. Disappointed that there was none in sight, she simply stumbled down the hall calling out for a Pussy Hugger. “Please, give me more! Come impregnate me again, I need to birth more eggs!”

It wasn’t long before one found her. There was no fight this time, no struggle. Archbaroness simply laid down on the ground and spread her legs. She bucked and howled in delight as it ravished her, implanting two more eggs in her. She passed out, woke to birth them, then went looking for another Pussy Hugger. She hunted the Pussy Huggers down, letting them impregnate her over and over again.

“This is really something,” The Game Master said. “We’ve never had a contestant that could handle being impregnated by these horny little parasites so many times! I know we’ve been broadcasting this challenge for days now but I’m interested in seeing how far this hardy slut can go. But don’t worry, we’ll pull her out of the challenge if her life ever seems in danger.”

Archbaroness was eventually impregnated by every Pussy Hugger in the ship. By that point some of the initial eggs she’d birthed had hatched. She began hunting these down, letting them impregnate her as well.

“This is incredible,” The Game Master declared. “I can hardly believe it. We knew these human superwomen were strong but this is beyond anything we’ve ever seen. I am starting to suspect if we left our contestant here she’d birth generation after generation of Pussy Huggers till the derelict spaceship was overrun by them! As it is she’s more than doubled the population, and trust me we’ll put them all to good use, but I’m sure by now even our most devoted fans into impregnation are beginning to get bored.”

“It’s time we put an end to this,” The Game Master declared. “We shall consider this first challenge completed. We’ll be teleporting Archbaroness away so that she can recover before starting the second challenge. And stay tuned, multi-dimension viewers, cause the next one is gonna be a lot of fun!”

* * *

If not for the advanced medical technology The Game Master had access to Archbaroness might never have recovered from her ordeal with the Pussy Huggers. Her body and mind had become deeply addicted to being impregnated by them and that addiction would have been the only thing she cared about, perhaps for the rest of her life.

Her body was healed and her mind was repaired so that when she “woke” after her recovery she had only vague memories of her time being a blissed-out brood-mother. But even with the healing the advanced technology had accomplished the shadowed, half-memories would haunt her for the rest of her life.

She vowed she would not suffer such a devastating and complete defeat during her second challenge. And I will not allow myself to be sexually used for this alien mastermind’s perverted audience, not again!


I can't remember if I said this anywhere, but I keep the poll results hidden till I close it. I don't post when I close the poll cause I try to get something written and posted as soon as I can after that.

Our next entry will start her second challenge and feature a group of alien “space truckers”, fat and crude. Their race exudes a stinky pheromone that lets them easily dominate females of other races and their cocks and cum are particularly potent pheromone sources. We need to set the encounter up a bit more before we begin.

What will the “studio” the challenge takes place in be? (choose up to 2 options from this poll)

Are the space truckers a willing part of the show or have they been snatched out of their lives like Archbaroness was?

How will her encounter with the alien truckers begin? (choose up to 4 options from this poll)
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Re: Poll Driven Heroine Story (updated 10/21/21)

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New entry! I've also given the story a proper name and changed the thread header to reflect that.

As always, of you want to see the story in its current entirety or see it with full formatting head here:
https://philohunter.com/free-stories/un ... ven-story/


Challenge Two: The Alien Freight Drivers at the Space Truck Stop


At least these alien bastards gave me a fresh costume, Archbaroness thought as she prepared to be teleported into the second challenge. But it’s not something they are going to need to replace a second time. I’m going to pass this challenge WITHOUT losing it again, in fact, I’m making a vow to not even allow it to be ripped.

“It’s time to begin!” The Game Master declared.

Archbaroness closed her eyes, having already discovered that it made the teleportation less disorienting. Even before she opened her eyes she could tell that wherever she’d been transported to was not a pleasant place. Once she opened her eyes it was not the filthiness of the location that drew her attention, instead her eyes were pulled upward.

She found herself standing on an orbital platform, a transparent dome arcing above her. Archbaroness was vaguely aware of a couple of small structures nearby and a line of space vehicles to one side of the platform, but it was the view outside the platform she couldn’t look away from.

A huge planet loomed above her. It was night on the side the platform orbited and much of the planet’s surface was lit by the twinkling lights of what she assumed were vast cities. Lines of vehicles were leaving and entering the planet’s atmosphere, heavy traffic that flowed out into the cold depths of space but also to the three moons she could see. Each of them was also covered in visible lit-up structures, lunar cities as awing as the planet below.

“Our plucky human heroine seems to be awed by the sight this simple galactic truck stop provides,” The Game Master said. “Normally the place would be teeming with sentient beings fueling their space freighters as they move commerce between the plant and its moons or out towards its stellar neighbors. This particular stop is kept so busy its operators have not been able to give it a meaningful cleaning in a very long time.”

Archbaroness forced herself to look away from the view above. Looking down she saw how true The Game Master’s statement had been. The cold metal of the platform's floor was covered in a thick, sludge-like slime that was somehow slippery underfoot while also working almost like a glue she had to struggle to rip her feet out of. The air was stale and reeked, a mix of garbage and fuel permeating under all other unpleasant smells she couldn’t identify.

“But we’ve cleared the station of almost all of its inhabitants for this encounter. The three beings that remain, all members of the same species, will be providing the main challenge for Archbaroness today. All were pilots, driving some of the space freighters lined up outside this orbital ‘truck stop’.

“We’ve had them sequestered in a janitorial closet in the back of the rest stop’s bathrooms. I must admit, even though they know of our show and are fans they are not very happy about having their lives disrupted so they can be part of it. Perhaps not giving them a choice is part of that, who can know?

“Regardless, they are quite angry. The shipments they were driving will all be late. Some of them may lose their jobs because of this, and once they realized that they grew even angrier. Thanks to some subtle mental manipulation that anger has been directed towards the star of our show. That’s right, viewers, they put ALL the blame for the disruption to their lives on Archbaroness.”

“Great,” Archbaroness muttered, looking around and trying to figure out where these alien truckers would be coming from.

There was a small structure with large windows allowing her to see rows of products she assumed were food. Assuming it was the alien equivalent of a convenience store she looked elsewhere.

A few benches were spread about, many near machines that at first made her think of ATMs but on a second glance seemed to look more like gas pumps. She glanced at the line of vehicles parked outside the structure and saw that hoses seemed to be attached to them all. Probably right about them being gas pumps, or at least the controls for them.

Finally her eyes fell on a smaller, sturdy structure near the back of the platform. The lack of windows made her suspect it was the bathrooms the aliens she was about to face were trapped in. She moved as far away from it as she could, wanting as much time as possible to observe them before having to fight.

“Look, viewers, she’s preparing for a fight! Perhaps she’s right to be ready, our truckers ARE angry. But hopefully the superpowered human will remember to be careful, the transparent covering over her head is all that separates her from the deadly void of space.”

He’s telling me I’m going to have to pull my punches, she thought. I can’t simply pick one of these aliens up and check them about, not unless I want to break that glass or whatever it is. Okay, so I fight smart more than strong. I can do that.

“Since she’s ready I suppose it’s time we get to it. Release the truckers!”

Archbaroness tensed, waiting for them to appear.

“Where is that fucking bitch,” a gruff alien voice called out.

“Oh, yes, I suppose I should explain to both our star and any new viewers: we use advanced technology that makes it so any sentient being taking part in a challenge can understand each other. Archbaroness will hear the truckers speaking her native tongue and they will hear her speaking theirs. And you at home, no matter what galaxy or dimension you are in, will hear them in your native language as well!”

Means I can threaten them and maybe avoid a fight, Archbaroness thought. Any hope of avoiding a fight died when she saw the alien truckers come around the corner into sight. The expressions on their alien faces were all too easy to understand, even at the distance she stood, and she knew no amount of talking would dull that much anger.

There were three of them, their bodies larger and bulkier than any human’s. They all stood at least two feet taller than her and their thick bodies seemed to be equal parts fat and muscle. They had grayish-green, leathery skin that was almost reptile-like. Their heads were much rounder than a human’s, the smooth reptile-like nostril holes adding to the alien sense of roundness. Their eyes were small, beady little black pupils sunken into their round heads.

All three alien truckers were wearing the same outfits, although Archbaroness didn’t want to think of it as ‘clothing’ as it left most of their bodies naked. Cloth wrappings were covering their thick limbs. They each had something around their waist that seemed to be a kind of belt, but since they wore no pants in need of being held up she thought the word wasn’t an accurate description. A sash extended up from the belts, wrapping up over their fat guts then back down their backs. The strip of cloth might have helped keep those large bellies from jiggling but it seemed more likely they were just for decoration.

The rest of their bodies were naked, and this was most obvious between their legs. All three of the aliens had huge, thick cocks that hung down nearly to their knees. Their balls and the very base of their shaft were covered in the same thick grayish-green skin the covered the rest of their bodies. Extending past that point the flesh of the rest of their alien dicks looked softer and more human-like, the surface pink and covered in large purple veins.

Their dicks weren’t just terrifyingly alien, but thanks to the sheath at the base and oddly shaped cockheads there was something disgustingly animal to them as well. Yet they were still cocks and Archbaroness felt her body begin to respond to the sight. She sighed, annoyed that even in a situation like this her super-charged libido threatened to distract her.

“There’s the bitch!” one of the alien truckers called out, pointing one of its thick fingers at her. “Let’s go teach her a lesson!”

They charged Archbaroness, their large flat elephant-like feet sending sludge splashing with each monstrous step. Once in action she realized just how big and strong the aliens probably were and decided she’d need to keep her distance till she had come up with a proper battle plan.

She moved to push off from the ground and fly up out of reach but found herself stuck to the ground! Panicking, she looked down and grabbed one of her legs, trying to free it from the disgusting sludge adhering her to the ground. By the time she’d freed one of her feet it was too late and she was surrounded.

“You’re not getting away from us,” the one standing in front of her growled.

She saw the other two moving to the sides but kept her focus on the one towering before her. She opened her mouth to say something defiant but found the words hard to form. There was a new smell in the air; something both sweet and pungent, like stale body odor mixed with enticing, but overpowering, perfume.

It quickly became so thick in the air she felt it sticking to her tongue. Archbaroness swallowed, trying to get the oddly enticing taste out of her mouth but that just made it worse. Her mouth began to water, her heart pounding, as she felt the need for more of it. She started inhaling deeply, her mouth open to get as much of the thick stank filling the air into her.

Laughter rang out around them, The Game Master amused by what he saw. “It seems our feisty warrior has been defeated before a fight even had a chance to begin. I admit I didn’t expect it to happen so fast. This race exudes powerful, stinky pheromones that allow them to easily dominate not just the women of their race but those of other races as well. Some races are more resistant to them but from the looks of things humans are more susceptible than most.”

Archbaroness’ head was spinning. The thick stank of the alien’s pheromones were making her dizzy and so aroused she felt almost faint. She heard what The Game Master was saying and understood the words but was unable to use the information in any way. All she could think about was how sexually pleasing she’d realized these aliens were and how much she wanted to please them and their gross alien cocks.

“On your knees, you dumb bitch,” one of the truckers said from behind, grabbing her shoulders and forcing her down.

The one standing directly in front of her grabbed his huge floppy cock, holding it up and stroking it as it started to swell. “Looks pretty cock-addled already but we shouldn’t take any chances.” He stepped up to Archbaroness and grabbed her head, holding his cock up then pulling her face in and rubbing it into the underside by the base.

Archbaroness moaned as the rank odor assaulted her senses, overwhelming her. Her mind was too jumbled by the alien pheromones to think clear thoughts and for a time she acted simply on animal impulse.

She opened her mouth and started licking the underside of the cock her face was being rubbed into. The alien grunted in appreciation, letting go of her head. She reached up, grabbing the huge meaty member with both hands and pulling back lightly. She licked and slurped at the veiny cock, her eyes closed as she savored the taste.

When flaccid it had already been longer and thicker than her forearm. Now, as it hardened and swelled in size, it grew to monstrous size. Still licking and slurping its surface, she worked her way to the tip where she tried, and failed, to fit its cockhead into her mouth. Unable to do this she settled for sucking and slurping on as much as the misshapen tip as she could. At the same time she started to jerk it off, although it was so girthy this required both hands and even then she wasn’t able to wrap them all the way around it.

The precum leaking into her mouth affected her even more than the stank of their alien cocks as it was filled with an even thicker concentration of their pheromones. Every drop she slurped up left her desperate to taste more. She sucked and slurped and worked the cock with her hands with more intensity with every moment that passed.

“Holy fuck,” one of the other aliens proclaimed, shocked. “This slut is really working your cock! No way you last much longer. Going to be satisfying seeing you drowned her in cum, it’s the least of what she deserves for potentially ruining our lives.”

“Shame your cock don’t fit in her mouth,” the third alien trucker said.

“I’ll make it fit,” the alien Archbaroness was sucking off replied. He grabbed her head. “Take it all the way in, you fucking bitch,” he growled, pushing his cock into her mouth while holding her in place.

Archbaroness began to struggle, desperately trying to pull away but the alien strong enough to hold her in place. Feeling there would be no escape, Archbaroness stopped struggling and instead worked on forcing her jaw open enough for the alien’s cock to enter her.

“Fucking hell,” the alien grunted, “her mouth is so warm and wet! I can’t take any more.” With its monster cock shoved only a couple of inches into her mouth the alien trucker began to cum.

Archbaroness let out a muffled, gurgling scream as a torrential flood of alien semen blasted into her open mouth, so much that some of it came spraying out her nose.

The amount of pheromones in the alien’s precum was minuscule compared to what was in a full load of alien’s semen. Archbaroness had thought her mind had been overwhelmed by the pheromones before but she had been wrong, what she’d experienced before then was nothing in comparison.

When the alien let go of her head and stepped back, pulling its cock out of her mouth, Archbaroness collapsed onto the sludge-covered ground, convulsing with her eyes rolled up into her head as she half-vomited out the huge load of cum that had been blasted into her.

“Slut’s gonna be completely cum-tamed by the time she comes back to her senses,” one of the aliens said as the three of them crowded around her, grinning happily down at Archbaroness.

“Small thing,” another said, “but sexy as hell. I like all that smooth skin…”

“And look at them tits jiggling in the sludge. Pretty fucking big even for as small as she is. Bet they are super soft too, can you imagine what that would feel like wrapped around your cock?”

“Hey, I’ve got an idea,” one of them said. “We all know what the viewers are expecting. How about we play a little game to punish this slut while getting as much enjoyment out of her as we can?”

“What kind of game?”

“Let’s make her pleasure us with her big soft tits till we’re each done and see how many times she can make each of us cum! And we all know what our cum can do to alien woman, seems like the best way to make this bitch pay.”

The others quickly agreed, their alien cocks swelling in excited anticipation. One of them grabbed Archbaroness by the hair and began dragging her to a nearby bench.

“Things have taken an interesting turn,” The Game Master said. “And it seems now is a good time to let the viewers know some interesting facts about the species these truckers belong to. They are a VERY virile species and can ejaculate many, MANY times before feeling sexually sated. How many times? Well, it changes from man to man and can be heavily affected by things like how aroused they are or how long it’s been since they had a good fuck.

“There is also the interesting question of what their cum will do to the human as every alien race they have encountered has reacted differently to it. Some grow addicted to it by just a taste, while others have strange and sometimes extreme biological reactions. She’s already ingested one load and we might start to see what it does to her soon. Then again, some races seem to take longer or need to ingest a lot of their spunk for any reaction to happen beyond being subdued like she already is. And then again, for some races ingesting the cum doesn’t do anything, but having it on their skin does!”

The one that dragged her through the muck was the one that had already cum. “I should go first since she’s already got me worked up,” he declared, dropping her on the ground before sitting on the bench he’d dragged her to. He leaned back and spread his legs, his cock hanging half-erect off the edge of it. “Besides, if we’re going to have a fair game I shouldn’t have time to recover.”

Archbaroness started to come out of the cum-induced haze she had been in. She propped herself up on her elbows and looked up. The first thing she saw was the alien’s thick, vein-covered cock dangling in front of her. “More,” she begged weakly.

“You’ll have plenty,” the alien replied. “But you gotta work for it, show us how sorry you are for inconveniencing us like this. Get up on your knees.”

Archbaroness did as she told, reacting to the command so quickly she didn’t realize she’d done so till after the action was finished.

“Good. Now show us those big soft tits.”

Archbaroness straightened her back, eager to please the alien even though she knew she should be fighting against its commands. She grabbed the front of her costume, at first intending to simply pull it down to expose her breasts. Then the vow not to allow herself to be sexually used ran through her mind, followed by the vow to keep her costume from being ruined.

The power of the alien’s pheromones was so strong she felt compelled to break both vows in the most spectacular way possible in an attempt to please them. Instead of simply pulling her front down she grabbed it with both hands and tore the top open, not just exposing her breasts but ruining her costume as well.

“Fucking hell,” one of the aliens muttered. “Those things look even bigger out of her clothing! Look at how soft all that pinkish-white skin looks, look at how deliciously colored her nipples are! And look at how dense yet soft all that sagging tit-meat looks.”

“I’m looking,” the alien trucker she was sitting in front of said. He leaned back further and opened his legs more. “Bring them meat sacks over here and start working my cock. But warm me up before you start giving me a proper tit-job.”

Archbaroness moved closer, grabbing the alien’s cock with one hand and one of her breasts with the other. She paused, closing her eyes and inhaling the intense stench of its pheromone-soaked cock. When she opened her eyes she saw a bead of precum on the alien’s cockhead and fought the impulse to lean down and start licking it up. Instead, she pressed the moist tip into the bulk of her tit, rubbing the precum into her nipple.

She hissed in surprise then moaned slightly at the way the moisture warmed her skin, leaving it tingling. A steady stream of precum began leaking from its cock and she happily smeared it all over her breast but found the pleasurable warming and tingling was more pronounced on her nipples. Soon she was holding both her tits, pressing them in around the alien’s cockhead as she tried to get precum on both her nipples at the same time.

The precum smeared on the other parts of her breasts started to tingle in the same way her nipples were. Understanding that it took longer for the alien semen to affect the areas outside her breasts she shifted, leaning in till the underside of the alien’s cock was pressed up against her chest. She wrapped her tits as much around it as she could and started flopping her tits up and down the length of the shaft, desperate now to make it cum so she could get as much of her tits covered in cum as possible.

It didn’t take long for the alien to get off. She had felt it nearing climax and had made sure to keep its cockhead envelop in her large breasts, not wanting the cum she was so eager for to shoot up and away from her breasts. The explosion of moisture in between her tits sent a chill of excitement running up her spine.

Before the alien was done cumming she returned to working its cock with her tits again, using the huge load of semen as lubrication. Her skin tingled everywhere it touched her and that tingling warmed more intensely if there was also the friction of her soft tits moving against its hard cock.

After she made the alien cum a second time the tingling grew more intense and seemed to be working its way into the core of her breasts. That internal heat left her confused and as she kept working her tits around the alien’s cock she realized she needed the next load in her mouth so she could taste it. As soon as she felt him about to cum she leaned down and put her mouth on his cockhead, slurping and sucking then greedily gulping down as much of the cum as she could.

She didn’t fall to the ground convulsing this time like she had the first time she’d swallowed the alien semen. But her body DID react, a brief orgasm forced from her as she savored the taste of the cum and enjoyed the way the sticky alien goo caught in her throat.

Her heart sank when she realized the alien’s cock was growing soft. For a moment she worked her cum-covered tits more vigorously, trying to keep him hard, but he pushed her away.

“Can’t take any more,” he grunted. “That was incredible,” he added as he stood up, sounding sated and sleepy.

“If we count when you came in your mouth that’s four ejaculations. And the pathetic slut came once,” one of the aliens said. “I wanna go next. I bet I can cum at least twice that many times! And even though it ain’t part of the game, I bet she’s gonna cum a lot more too. I mean, just look at these titties, already starting to grow a bit. And as they do they are only going to get more sensitive.”

Although eager to begin working the next alien’s cock she did take a moment to look down at her breasts. Even as soiled with cum as they were there was no mistake their change in size. The only thought that ran through her muddled mind was that bigger breasts would simply allow more of her flesh to be covered in cum and leave her with more cum-covered tits to wrap around the precious alien cock.


What happens next with the alien truckers going to go? (Choose up to 4 options from this poll)

What will the third challenge be once this one is done? (Choose up to 9 options from this poll)
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Re: "A Game of Interdimensional Peril Staring Archbaroness" Poll Driven Story (updated 10/25/21)

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New entry! As always, you can find the story in its current entirety (along with full formatting) here:
https://philohunter.com/free-stories/un ... ven-story/


By the time the second alien sat in front of her Archbaroness was drooling with eager anticipation. She wrapped her breasts around the alien’s throbbing cock and began working it. The pheromone-dazed heroine flopped her cum-covered tits up and down the alien’s shaft, moaning and rubbing her thighs together as the friction sent waves of pleasure cascading down her body.

When the alien came she struggled between opposing desires, one demanding she try to gobble up as much of the cum as she could to feel the delicious way it warmed her insides, and another need to let the messy goo run all over her breasts so they would grow larger and more sensitive.

Archbaroness ended up not having to decide. Each load of the alien’s cum was so big there was no way she could slurp or lick even half of it up before it had begun messily oozing down her breasts.

Watching Archbaroness pleasure his friend had left the second alien more worked up than the first one and this seemed to influence how many times it could cum and how much it came each time. Each messy spray of alien semen grew larger, each one filled with even more potent pheromones melting her mind and each working its way through her body and into her skin, making her breasts increase in size and her body grow more sensitive.

“In case you viewers at home lost count let me share the score now that the second alien’s turn over,” The Game Master declared when the second alien was finally drained. “Where the first one managed to cum four times this one got off SEVEN times! What a truly amazing testament to this race’s glorious biology. And although it is not part of the game we are counting the human slut’s orgasms. Last time she only came once, but this time the little cum hungry tit-slut came a whole four times!”

The third alien took the seat Archbaroness was kneeling in front of, eager to begin his turn. He was so worked up from watching the other two that he began to ejaculate a fountain of cum almost as soon as Archbaroness had her breasts wrapped around his throbbing alien cock. By that point Archbaroness’ breasts had grown so large that they completely enveloped the alien’s oversized member. The huge blast of cum bubbled and oozed up through her pressed together tit-meat, filling her cleavage with a rising lake of alien semen that quickly overflowed and cascaded down the soft meat-mountains resting in the alien’s lap.

By the time the third alien was finished Archbaroness was so exhausted from multiple orgasms that she would have long ago passed out from exhaustion if not for the alien semen acting as a stimulant that forced her to remain conscious. With the alien finally drained she fell to the ground, landing with a wet plop in a pool that was a noxious mix of alien semen and the sticky sludge that covered the orbital truck stop’s floor. Her tits had swollen till each was the size of her torso and their massive weight pinned her to the ground where she fell. She lay panting, eyes barely open, lost in a haze of pheromone-induced madness.

“Stunning,” The Game Master declared, sounding shocked and awed. “Thirteen ejaculations and more semen than I may have ever seen come out of one being! I think this final alien won without a doubt. And how many times did the human slut cum? The truth is, even our advanced censors don’t know. Orgasms had started beginning before her last was finished and counting became impossible.

“And now that the aliens are done with her it is time to send them away. Goodbye, boys, take your joyous memories of this sexual extravaganza away with you as a consolation prize for having your lives interrupted!”

* * *

When Archbaroness began to come out of the pheromone-induced haze she’d been blissfully floating in she had no idea how much time had passed. The ordeal of pleasuring the alien truckers with her breasts was a foggy, fractured memory her overwhelmed mind couldn’t fully recall. Her memories were so unclear that she didn’t even remember her breasts had grown.

Their change in size was not something she noticed till she came out of the haze enough to want to shift her body for comfort. She groaned, confused by all the weight on her chest. She had to struggle for a few moments, piecing together what she was seeing and feeling. “Goddess!” she gasped when she understood, horrified by how large her breasts had grown.

“Your biology is interesting,” the voice of The Game Master sounded around her. “You’re physically and genetically hardy in ways I’ve rarely seen. And your body seems to amplify anything that affects it.”

She struggled, trying to get up on her elbows but slipping in the disgusting mix of semen and sludge she was laying in. Whimpering in disgust and closing her eyes to try and shut the world around her out, she asked The Game Master how long it would be before her breasts returned to their normal size.

“Ah, yes, on Earth growth like this is always temporary, isn’t it?” He paused then began laughing. “Well, you’re not on earth. You’ll remain exactly like this forever without my help. But don’t worry, I’ll give it to you. It is important to the show that our contestants start each challenge physically and mentally returned to the state they were in the moment they were snatched from their homes. But I must warn you,” he added, “the ‘draining’ process might be one you may struggle with.”

With that ominous last note, Archbaroness felt her body begin to tingle, knowing she’d soon be teleported away.

At least none of this is being broadcast, she thought. The Game Master hadn’t spoken directly to her like this during broadcasts, nor had her previous time in recovery been broadcast. She was certain that no matter what she suffered during the forthcoming ‘draining’ it would be something she’d suffer mostly in private.

She was, of course, wrong.

* * *

“This may be the most humiliating, dehumanizing thing I’ve ever had to endure,” Archbaroness muttered to herself as she hung suspended from the “draining” contraption, her body positioned flat and face down leaving her massive mammaries dangling below her.

“Draining,” she scoffed. “More like milking. I feel like a dairy cow,” she moaned.

She did not know if the little beings that had helped her into the draining device were small aliens or simply robots, but regardless she was glad that their smooth metallic faces had no eyes. She did not want ANYONE seeing the disgustingly massive mounds of flesh her enlarged breast had become dangling this way.

The Game Master was watching, she assumed that. And the evil, perverse inter-dimension monster is probably recording this for his sick amusement, she thought bitterly. But I think I might die if this was being broadcast. Me hung like this. My tits left dangling below my body. These vile suction cup devices being attached to my swollen nipples and the tanks they are hooked up to. Just how much do they plan on draining from my breasts, anyways? Those tanks are huge!

Just as she was beginning to grow impatient for the ordeal to begin the devices attached to her breasts turned on. They were, as she’d assumed, suction devices. And even though it was what she had expected she was still mortified seeing jets of white milk shooting from her nipples and pooling up in the cups before being drained down the tube to be collected in the tanks attached to them.

What she hadn’t been prepared for, hadn’t even expected, was the intense and ever-increasing erotic pleasure the suction caused her. She moaned and writhed, confused at first about what was making her feel so hot, not understanding where the pleasure radiating out into her body was originating. The “milking” being so sexually pleasing was such an impossibility to her mind that it took a while to both recognize it as a possible source of the confusing pleasure and then accept it as the source.

She struggled not to moan, painfully aware of how much the guttural vocalizations of sexual delight echoed through the milking room sounded like the mooing of a cow. The dehumanizing wrongness of the thought ate away at her mind, twisting the sounds she made till they sounded even MORE cow-like.

“Won’t cum,” she muttered between moans. “Won’t cum, can’t cum, not from this,” she gasped. Looking down she saw that at least her breasts were slowly, but steadily, shrinking in size.

“I can make it till this over, I can keep myself from cumming that long,” she gasped, knowing it would soon be finished. Her breasts were shrinking fast, and even though she was holding herself at the edge of climax she KNEW she could make it till the end without the shame of getting off.

Then The Game Master spoke and ruined everything.

“As you can see,” he began, quickly adding, “and as you can hear, our plucky human is trying not to let the milking get her off!”

Archbaroness knew what those words meant. She had been wrong: it was ALL still part of the show. The disgusting size of her breasts, her wallowing in the filth in a daze at the truck stop, her being attached to this awful device, and finally her being milked like a cow: it had all been broadcast.

The humiliation was too much to handle. The shame was so powerful her mind could barely process it. The feelings of humiliation, shame, and swelling despair mixed inside of her. And then her body, already overstimulated, betrayed her at that moment in the worse way possible. Archbaroness moaned in despair, shaking as she came from her milking knowing beings in countless dimensions were watching her.

 “And there we have it,” The Game Master declared, “a perfect ending to our second challenge! And although the realization of her ordeal being transmitted seems to have pushed her mind past the breaking point you need not worry. We shall repair her mind and help ease the pain of these memories so that when she begins the third challenge she’ll be as naively defiant as she was the moment we snatched her from her home dimension!”

Challenge Three: The Tit Puncher in Studio Earth

For a few brief, sweet moments Archbaroness thought her ordeal was over. She was home, she was back on Earth and back in Megatropolis city! The perverse game she’d been taking part in could become just a terrible nightmare she’d do her best never to think about again.

Then she realized there was no one in sight. No one. Not a single person. No one walking down the sidewalk she stood on. No one driving the cars that seemed to have been abandoned in the middle of the roads. It was like someone had snapped their fingers and the city had come to a complete stop, every single person in it simply erased.

The city was silent, disturbingly so. There was no sound of people, no sound of cars, there wasn’t even the sound of birds. The only sound was Archbaroness’ breath, which started to grow heavier as panic threatened to overtake her.

What happened while I was gone? Did some calamity befall Megatropolis or maybe even the whole planet? Has every human died? Even though it seemed unlikely she knew it was possible as she’d helped prevent events that might have caused the extinction of the human race from happening.

She leaped into the air, flying up to get a bird’s eye view of the city from above to try and better figure out what was happening. As she flew skyward she noticed it didn’t look right. The clouds were unmoving, the sky oddly curved as if it were a dome not far overhead…

“No,” she gasped, flying faster before stopping and reaching a hand out and touching the “sky”. “It’s fake. This isn’t real!” She spun around and looked down and saw she was in an enclosure, just a very large one. It seemed to be a perfect reproduction of a chunk of Megatropolis. A quick count of the roads below her and she saw that it was about twenty blocks wide in both directions.

“Looks like our contestant has realized she’s still playing the game,” the sound of The Game Master rang out, echoing through the empty city. “Has she simply forgotten she’d need to finish five, not two, challenges before she would be allowed to go home? Or is the reproduction of her home just that convincing? Who knows, but I’m sure you’ve all enjoyed her confusion and the delightful crushing of hope it has caused.

“Now these reproductions of our contestant’s homes are always a popular location for a challenge. And as is tradition she’ll be facing a threat taken from her homeworld as well! Of course, we’ve taken the time to ensure this threat is an enhanced one, but I wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise for Archbaroness or you at home by explaining further.”

“Fine,” Archbaroness snarled, turning and flying lower, “I have this and two more challenges to complete. I have no choice about playing this sick game but this time it’s going to go differently. I can handle ANYTHING from Earth, no matter how ‘enhanced’ it is.”

It didn’t take her long to find what she assumed was the threat facing her. Standing in the middle of an intersection in the center of the fake city was a man dressed as a superhero. She floated above him for a moment, trying to size him up before getting closer.

He wore a tight blue costume with an emblem she couldn’t clearly make out from that distance printed on the chest, although she thought it might be a clenched fist. A red cape hung from his back, something that made her chuckle. Capes haven’t been in fashion for decades, she thought. The costume seemed to be made of thin, skintight fabric that had also long been abandoned as both unfashionable and impracticable because of how fragile it was.

As she flew closer she wondered if the outfit suggested that the man had been snatched from Earth long before the present day. If he had been taken decades ago did that mean the alien controlling this game have been snatching humans to be part of it for that long? Or is the power that allowed the showrunners to pull things through different dimensions a power that lets them also reach back or forward in time?

Knowing she might never know the answer to her questions she pushed them out of her mind, landing only close enough to her opponent so that she could speak to him without having to shout.

As she touched down and got a clearer look at the man she forgot what she had intended to say. His costume had no crotch. A deliciously large cock hung free, thick and long even while flaccid. She had to force her eyes away from it, cursing how aroused the sight made her.

I shouldn’t be this easily aroused, should I? Not if I’ve gotten off as much as I think I have recently… but maybe the time between the end of the last challenge and this one is longer than I thought.

She clenched her fists, flexing her muscles. She felt strong, strong enough to suggest it had been a long time since she’d had sexual release. In a sense that was good, the longer she went without an orgasm the stronger her powers would be. The downside was that the longer she went without any kind of sexual release the more she’d crave that kind of release. If the mere sight of a flaccid cock was enough to make her this hot she might be in very big trouble.

“We don’t have to do this,” she said, loud and clear while trying to meet the man’s eyes. She took a few steps closer, preparing herself, and wondering what was wrong with him. He hadn’t moved since she’d seen him and he was staring off into nothing, as if not awake.

“Can you hear me?” she asked, taking a few steps closer. He gave no hint that he could hear her and if not for the fact she could see him breathing she might have doubted he was even alive.

“What have you done to him?” she yelled, looking up at the artificial sky.

Archbaroness looked back at the man when there was no answer and noticed how strange his skin looked. It was far too pale and oddly discolored. She took a few more steps closer and saw that his pale skin was covered in purple veins, making him look half-dead.

“What did they do to you,” she asked, moving closer. “It looks like they’ve drained the life half out of you.”

She was almost close enough to reach out and touch him when his body jerked. His eyes met hers and his face twisted in pain. “Thirsty,” he gasped, his voice breaking. It sounded as if he hadn’t spoken aloud in years and that doing so now hurt him.

“I’m sorry, I don’t have any water,” Archbaroness replied, beginning to let her guard down. She’d decided this man needed her help, he wasn’t an enemy. A moment later she realized she was wrong.

“THIRSTY!” the man bellowed, lunging at her.

If the attack hadn’t been so sudden her reflexes might not have kicked in as fast as they had. She acted on pure instinct, leaping out of the way and up into the air.

“Thirsty,” the man snarled again, leaping into the air after her.

Archbaroness flew back, keeping out of his grasp but only barely. He seemed able to fly just as fast as her. He seemed able to move just as fast as her. And once the crazed man, who seemed only able to speak one word, started throwing punches she began to suspect he was just as strong as her too.

It’s like they’ve grabbed or created a man who is my exact mirror image power-wise, only male and insane, she thought, trying to plan her next move. She decided she’d use his apparent lack of sanity to her advantage and outsmart him.

Archbaroness turned and flew away from him as fast as she could, taking a sharp turn around the nearest building then coming to a stop and swinging around. She intended on striking the man as he came around the corner, taking him by surprise, but it was him that surprised her.

Instead of flying around the corner of the building he’d simply flown through it, exploding out of the wall beside Archbaroness as he bellowed, “THIRSTY!” She barely had enough time to turn and brace herself for the attack when the man’s fist slammed into her chest, landing just above her breasts.

The super-powered blow sent her tumbling back through the air, slamming into the side of another building. The impact dazed her and she fell to the ground, landing on her hands and knees as the world spun around her.

“Definitely can hit as hard as me,” she gasped, trying to catch her breath and knowing she only had moments before he caught up to her.

She jumped to her feet and looked up, seeing him flying down at her just as she’d suspected. He was bellowing the same word, one arm out before him as he flew down to continue his attack.

Archbaroness waited till just before he reached her then leaped up and to the side, intending on letting him smash into the ground then gaining the upper hand while he recovered. The plan would have worked but as she jumped out of the way her breasts shifted in a way she had not expected, causing her to stumble and fall onto the ground.

As the crazed man smashed into the ground beside her, sending a shower of pavement flying in all directions, she scrambled back to her feet. She looked down, trying to understand what had just happened.

“My breasts!” she gasped. They were LARGER. Not just larger, but on the front of her costume were two large stains as if her nipples had been leaking moisture. “What the fuck?” she asked, staring down in disbelief.


A punch impacting into her gut sent Archbaroness stumbling back, bent forward as the wind was knocked out of her. Doubled over like that she was able to FEEL her breasts grow in one sudden burst like they were balloons that had been given a single pump of air. Along with the short, sudden swelling came an explosion of moisture from her nipples, more milk shooting out and soaking into her costume.

Yes, his powers were like hers, only he had another one, she could see that now. His punches would make her tits grow, and from the feel of it each blow would increase the amount they were lactating.


Quick side note: I’m not sure how obvious it us but I reuse “idea eggs” that haven’t been used yet. Since this a pretty focused project that’s very open to that process I’ve decided to start deleting some of these idea eggs to help keep some of the list from growing to large. I’m paying attention to which choices consistently get few or now votes and deleting those.

What happens next now that Archbaroness knows what her opponents punches will do to her? (Choose up to 5 options from this poll)

What will the threat be in the fourth challenge once we get to it? (Choose up to 9 options from this poll)
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Re: "A Game of Interdimensional Peril Staring Archbaroness" Poll Driven Story (updated 10/30/21)

Post by Philo Hunter »

New entry! And as always, you can find the story in its current entirety (and with full formatting) here:
https://philohunter.com/free-stories/un ... ven-story/


“Fine,” Archbaroness declared defiantly as she got to her feet. “If this is what I’m up against so be it, but I’m still going to win and no ‘Tit Puncher’ is going to stop me.”

“Thirsty?” Tit Puncher asked.

“Sure,” Archbaroness replied, circling her opponent as they both prepared to strike. “Thirsty for my fist in your face!”

Archbaroness leaped at her opponent, acting as if she would come at him from his left side. As soon as she saw him move to block the attack she used her flight to change direction and instead go to his right. Her fist slammed into the side of his face, slamming him back into the ground hard enough to crack the pavement where landed.

She thought she’d daze him but quickly discovered she was wrong. As Archbaroness moved in to pin him to the ground he sprung up, punching her in the gut and sending her reeling back with the wind knocked out of her. As she stumbled back she also felt her breasts balloon again, growing larger and gushing milk that made the wet stain on her costume grow.

“Enough,” she shouted, kicking off the ground and flying at him with all the speed she could muster. Her fists were out before her but she didn’t fly them into him, instead, she grabbed the villain by the neck when she reached him. Once she had him pinned on the ground she began bashing the back of his head into the pavement, screaming, “Enough! Enough! ENOUGH!”

Anger was all that existed for her. She raged at the villain, raged at being taken away from her life and forced into the perverse game she was being made to endure. The red heat of the anger burned away some of what The Game Master had been doing to her mind, searing away the blocks on her memories. Flashes of sexual abuse and humiliation came flooding into her mind, fueling her rage further.

She screamed and bashed the villain’s head into the pavement till he stopped moving. Only when she felt his body go limp under her did the red heat of the rage that had overtaken her begin to clear

When it was over she found herself sitting on top of him, panting heavily. “It’s done,” she whispered then looked down and discovered what she’d missed while the anger had fogged the world around her.

Archbaroness realized that the villain must have been punching her the entire time, trying to break free and failing. Yet even in failure he had attained a kind of victory over her: her breasts were more than double their normal size, her purple costume stretched and strained and threatening to rip open.

Worse than the size was the dense, unfamiliar weight. They felt full, painfully full. The pressure, now that she was aware of it, was maddening. Milk was leaking from her nipples, further soaking her costume, but it wouldn’t be enough. She’d need to go somewhere private and express the milk.

She got to her feet and looked around then remembered the fake city was abandoned. “Anywhere will do,” she muttered as she held her swollen, leaking breasts in place and dashed to the nearest door. It was locked but that didn’t stop her, she simply kicked it down and entered.

The inside of the building was dark, only the illumination from the doorway lighting the interior. “Empty,” she said, looking around and reminded again that this was all fake. That, however, made her remember that although she felt alone she really wasn’t. Countless eyes from creatures in unknown dimensions were watching her.

But there’s nothing that can be done about it, she thought bitterly. Still, it would be nice to FEEL like I have privacy. Even though she doubted it was likely to make a difference she stepped further into the dark and turned her back to the faint light coming in from the doorway.

Archbaroness looked down and was happy to see she couldn’t see anything. She reached up and carefully began pulling the front of her sopping-wet costume down, wincing when she first touched her breasts. So full and tender!

When she finished carefully exposing her breasts she stood for a few moments, pondering what to do next. Her impulse was to grab her breasts by the base and squeeze them, pressing out as much milk as she could all at once.

But I can’t imagine anything that would make me feel more like a cow, she thought. A memory pushed at her mind, something recent and related to feeling like a cow. It slipped away, something deep in her mind preventing her from calling up that specific memory.

The mental conditioning that had suppressed the memories of her previous milking left her temporarily disoriented, her mind muddled for a few important moments when she would have otherwise heard someone coming into the room with her. Her mind remained muddled as the figure moved into the shadows, stopping right behind her.

Just as she shook off the mental haze the figure behind her reached around, grabbing each of her swollen breasts and whispering, “Thirsty,” into her ear.

Archbaroness screamed as the villain began squeezing her tits with nearly all his strength. Huge thick jets of make began spraying out of her nipples while Tit Puncher pulled her in close to his body, pinning her arms at her sides and keeping her from breaking free.

He was squeezing her tits tight enough for it to hurt, but at the same time the relief of the built-up pressure felt so good it outweighed the pain. The breast growth had also made her already highly sensitive breasts even more so, the painful squeezing lighting up pleasure receptors that confused her as they made her cunt gush with arousal.

Tit Puncher didn’t let go till he’d drained every drop of milk from Archbaroness’ swollen tits. When he finally let go she fell forward onto her hands and knees, gasping and sobbing then reaching under with one hand to feel her poor abused breasts. She wanted to wail when she felt how saggy and deflated they felt but held back as she felt her body’s enhanced healing abilities working to return them to their normal size and density.

The process was a draining one and kept her weak and on the floor during the time she could have turned and struck the man who had been squeezing her breasts so intensely. Long before Archbaroness felt she had the energy to begin to stand Tit Puncher grabbed her short black hair and pulled her to the feet, turning her around in the dark and dangling her an inch off the ground.


A fist slammed into her gut. Her tits ballooned, milk beginning to fill them again.


Another fist into her gut. Another ballooning of her tits. More pressure building up. He punched her again. And again. And again, till her tits were so large and full of milk that the pressure felt like it was going to drive her mad.

Tit Puncher finally let go of her hair, letting the battered superheroine drop to the ground. “Have to escape,” she gasped, crawling weakly towards the light coming in through the distant doorway. Her body ached from the beating and the breast growth then draining then more growth. Her swollen tits were sore and heavy and sensitive. She yelped in pain the first time one of her leaking nipples dragged across the floor. The pain was intense enough to cause her to collapse. She rolled onto her back so she could hug her pained breasts protectively.


This time Tit Puncher got on top of her, pinning her to the ground and leaning in to begin sucking on one of her nipples.

“Goddess, no,” Archbaroness wailed before her whole body began to quiver as the intense and overwhelming feeling of the villain beginning to suck her tit dry sent waves of pleasure cascading through her whole body.

Each intense suck on her tit removed a mouthful of milk, deflating her breast while he noisily gulped the fluid down. He quickly drained one tit then moved to the other, locking his lips around her nipple and quickly draining that one too.

The pleasure of having her tits so forcefully and quickly drained pushed her over the edge and she came. After the first orgasm each following orgasm came easier, faster, and harder than the last.

Tit Puncher had been held prisoner by The Game Master for a long time. His genetics had been toyed with and his powers enhanced. They had ensured that he’d crave the milk of human women, milk he knew his fists could summon but with no human woman around the thirst had slowly driven him mad. With his thirst partially quenched Tit Puncher’s fractured mind was finally able to think of things other than that thirst, he was able to recognize other desires that had long gone unfilled.

Archbaroness moaned as she felt her drained breasts slowly healing. She groaned louder when she realized the villain’s large, floppy cock had begun to swell and stiffen. “No,” she gasped. “No, please.”

“Thirsty for fuck now,” Tit Puncher replied, shifting so he could hold her hands down with one hand then reaching under himself to rip the crotch of Archbaroness’ costume open. “Thirsty for cock in pussy but also still thirsty for milk!”

He let go of Archbaroness’ hands and sat up then began pummeling her with his fists. The blows were not hard now, not impacts made to harm or win a fight. They were just what he needed to do to balloon her tits and fill them full of the delicious milk he craved so bad.

Sitting on her, punching her and watching the outline of her breasts swell and grow in the dim light, helped him harden fully. “Enough tit big,” he grunted, shifting so he could ram his cock in Archbaroness’ pussy then leaning down to begin sucking on her tits while he fucked her. He came multiple times, only pulling out of Archbaroness once he’d drained her tits by hungrily sucking all the milk out again.

“More,” he gasped, pummeling her with his fists again till her tits were swollen, overlarge, milk-leaking balloons again.

When he next fell on her he pinned her to the ground, sitting on her chest and fucking her tits. He squeezed her tits, making milk spray out and cover her tits in a slippery mess he used as lube. When Archbaroness began to moan in objection he simply shifted, ramming his cock into her mouth so he could fuck her tits and her mouth while silencing her.

And so it went, him fucking her while draining her milk then punching her till her tits were full again. He used her over and over again till the heroine’s mind broke.

“Looks like the challenge is over,” The Game Master declared. “In a moment our broadcast will end so that our horny, thirsty man can be pulled off her as it seems he’s not about to run out of steam anytime soon. But don’t worry, viewers, once her mind is repaired Archbaroness will be back for her fourth challenge!”

Challenge Four: The Workers of the Space Station’s Under-Slum

Just two more to go. That was the thought that had been running through Archbaroness’ mind since she’d woken up after her reparative treatment between challenges. Just two more to go and I’ll be allowed to go home. But what is it going to be next?

“Welcome to Station Zetax-19,” the voice of The Game Master called out as Archbaroness was teleported into the next challenge. “Or more specifically the sprawling Under-Slum that most of the orbital station’s workers live in. The filthy, ill-maintained space slum is also home to a large number of impoverished aliens, most of which ended up trapped on the station with no hope of ever affording transport off of it.

“It is a place of rampant poverty. A place where crime goes unchallenged by station security, which sticks to controlling the upper levels where the wealthy live. In the Under-Slum anger and resentment for those that keep them oppressed simmers always under the surface, ready to boil over at any time. It’s also a place where entrainment like the broadcasts of my Great Games is some of the few pleasures its citizens have.

“What’s that mean for the human heroine Archbaroness? Well, to begin with it means most of the male citizens are already intimately familiar with her as they’ve been watching the last three challenges. She’d be certain to be recognized before too long, but we won’t leave it to chance. No, this is a LIVE broadcast and right now all over the Under-Slum beings are thrilling to the excitement of a challenge happening in their home.

“I will speak directly to you now, men of the Under-Slum: YOU are the challenge Archbaroness will be facing now. Archbaroness is somewhere in your home, hiding. Find her. And when you do? Well, as long watchers of the show I don’t need to tell you what the audience will be expecting!”

Archbaroness groaned. “What the fuck do I do now,” she muttered. She’d been teleported into a garbage-filled side corridor and remained hidden behind a pile of detritus while listening to The Game Master.

“What am I SUPPOSED to do?” she quietly asked herself. “Am I supposed to escape this place, make it to the upper levels?”

She closed her eyes and tried to remember what she’d needed to do during the last three challenges. The memories were so foggy… and trying to remember any of them clearly made her head hurt. Frustrated by the mental block and feeling she had no choice, Archbaroness abandoned the attempt to remember clearly what she’d had to do in the past.

Okay, she thought, so I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. But I can make some guesses and escaping this place seems to be the goal I should at least be working for first. But why? Well, that’s obvious isn’t it, you dumb bitch? To avoid the people that live here. I don’t remember much but what I do remember makes me certain of what will happen if the citizens of this space slum get a hold of me.

Cautiously, and trying to remain as hidden as she could, Archbaroness left her hiding place and began to search for a way out of the space slum. She discovered it was a confusing mix of cold, filth-covered corridors and rooms that left her feeling claustrophobic. Occasionally she’d encounter larger open spaces that contained improvised buildings, shacks, and taller structures slapped together out of scraps and garbage discarded by whatever occupied the upper part of the space station.

While in the open areas remaining hidden was easy. There were plenty of actual back alleys to hide down and with open space above the buildings she was able to leap from the tops of the structures. She couldn’t outright fly, as she’d already seen many of the aliens searching for her often looking up.

They’ve been watching the show, she reminded herself. They know I can fly.

She’d managed to keep her distance from the aliens for a while, not getting a close look at them, but she was able to tell a few things. The citizens of the slum came from a dizzying number of species, nearly all of which were human-like. She’d also seen that either the Under-Slum had no women in it or, more likely, it was only the men out searching for her.

What worried her most were the objects her searchers were carrying. None of the alien devices were familiar to her but she felt it was safe to assume they were all weapons of some kind.

With every minute that passed more and more of the Under-Slum’s male citizens took to the “streets” and halls in search of Archbaroness. Avoiding them all became increasingly harder and eventually she was spotted.

“There she is!” one called out, pointing to her. “Quick, let’s get her before anyone else shows up!”

Archbaroness saw that the man spotting her was leading two other alien men. She thought about attacking them but couldn’t bring herself to do it. Even though they were hunting her they were still just civilians, she couldn’t bring herself to attack them before they attacked her. She turned and ran, hoping to lose them in the twisting corridors she’d been spotted leaving.

She was faster than them but she quickly realized that turning back into the corridors she’d been coming from had been a mistake. One of the first turns she’d taken led to a dead end, a passage empty except for the garbage that seemed to litter the ground everywhere in the Under-Slum.

“We’ve got the slut cornered!” the alien called out.

Archbaroness whipped around and saw the three alien men standing at the end of the passage, blocking the only exit. Two of them held cudgels that sparked with sizzling electricity of some kind. The one who had been speaking held out something that might have been a gun of some kind, but it was so alien in its design she wasn’t certain.

“You don’t have to do this,” Archbaroness called out, hands lifted in a placating gesture. She had to let them strike first, only then could she bring herself to hurt these men. Still, she prepared herself for the fight she was almost certain was about to begin.

“But we WANT to do this,” the man with the gun replied, grinning at her. He pointed the gun at her and fired it.

Archbaroness moved to dodge the attack, hoping to twist and roll out of the way while building momentum to move towards them. She’d expected the gun to shoot some kind of bullet-like projectile or maybe a laser beam. The expanding, ring-like pulses that it fired caught her off guard, as did the size they quickly grew to. Even with her trying to move out of the way they slammed into her body, sending her reeling as the world began to spin around her.

The pulses had left her completely disoriented. Her sense of direction was lost while everything seemed to spin and her eyes blurred. For a few moments she wasn’t even sure if she was standing on her feet or laying on the ground and any sense of up or down was lost.

When the world came into focus she discovered she was on her knees, the three aliens standing around her.

The alien with the gun stood directly before her, the weapon now tucked into a holster on his hip. He had opened the front of his clothing and pulled his dick out and it hung inches away from her face. It was fleshy and long yet looked like there were cartilage-like ridges running under its surface. The smell wafting off it was a rank mix of gross and familiar unwashed dick mixed with a dizzying array of spice-like alien scents.

“Suck it,” he commanded, his alien phallus starting to swell and grow rigid. “Suck it or you’ll regret it,” he added.

Archbaroness looked up at him, glaring. “I’ll never—”

A scream erupted from her, cutting the words off. The other two aliens had slammed the ends of the electrified cudgels into her sides sending pain shooting through her body. The wave of pain left behind a numb emptiness that enveloped her body and she soon barely felt anything. Her mind was numbed as well and for a time it was like she was a distant observer looking through her eyes and hearing through her ears but feeling nothing her body felt.

Although she had no control over her body she remained on her knees. Her arms hung limply at her sides and her head lolled to the side till one of the aliens grabbed at her and repositioned her body. Her limbs and head stayed where they were left once the alien let go as if she had been turned into a living poseable doll.

“Knew those would work on the human slut,” one of the men wielding the numbing shock batons said. “From what we’ve seen on the show should keep her numb and helpless for a long time, too. Plenty of time for us all to have some fun and get famous fucking her!”

The alien with his cock out grabbed Archbaroness’ hair and rammed his cock into her mouth. He held her head in place and started fucking her face. “God damn her mouth feels amazing! And her throat’s so soft and wet. Wish we knew what planet these humans came from, most fuckable alien women I’ve ever seen!”

Archbaroness knew she was choking and gagging on the alien’s dick but she didn’t feel it. She was too detached from her body, unable to control or feel it. Being so easily defeated had already shamed her, the extra level of helplessness the detachment from her body left her feeling that shameful defeat all the more intensely.

When the man grunted and then pulled out of her mouth Archbaroness couldn’t even tell if the alien had cum down her throat or not. What she could see was that his member was still hard. A moment later she became aware of the other two aliens having pulled their cocks out too, each of their dicks having a different alien shape to it.

“Come on, let’s see how accommodating the rest of her holes are,” one said.

The one that had been fucking her mouth got down on the ground and held his cock up while the other two grabbed Archbaroness and lifted her off the ground. “I want to see how tight the human’s asshole is,” he said eagerly.

As they lowered her onto the alien’s rigid member she was glad she was so disconnected from her body. The subdermal ridges on the alien’s cock might have felt good in her pussy but the thought of feeling the thick ridged length of a cock that long pressed into her asshole made her want to scream in terror.

Once she was impaled anally on the alien under her the other two began positioning her body and themselves so that they could BOTH fuck her pussy at the same time. With her body limp, laying back on the alien under her, one knelt with his dick in her cunt while the other squatted over her, ramming his cock in her pussy as well.

They fucked her human holes, pounding her cunt and asshole till they each had cum inside of her.

Only after they had finished with her and left her abandoned on the garbage-covered floor did the numbness that had her feeling detached from her body begin to fade. The painful feeling of her stretched pussy and asshole healing and re-tightening were all she could concentrate on, barely aware of the aliens leaving her behind and happily talking about needing to get a recording of their time fucking the star of the show.

The pain would be gone soon and not long after that she’d be recovered enough to move from the ground, but for a little while she had no choice but to lay there limp and helpless.


What happens next to Archbaroness in the Under-Slum? (Choose up to 6 options from this poll)

What will the fifth and final challenge be? (Choose up to 9 options from this poll)
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Re: "A Game of Interdimensional Peril Staring Archbaroness" Poll Driven Story (updated 11/4/21)

Post by Philo Hunter »

New entry! Sorry it took so long, life's been busy. As always you can find the story in its current entirety (with full formatting) here:
https://philohunter.com/free-stories/un ... ven-story/


Before Archbaroness was fully recovered an alien approached, their body obscured by a black cloak. The healing heroine moaned and rolled over, struggling to stand but knowing even if she managed to get to her feet she’d be too weak to put up any kind of real fight.

“Stay back,” Archbaroness said, hating how weak she sounded. She managed to get onto her feet but almost at once collapsed.

The cloaked figure rushed forward, throwing the hood of its cloak back and revealing a female face. “I’m here to save you,” the red-skinned alien hissed as she grabbed Archbaroness and kept her from falling.

 “Thank you,” she sighed, too weak to question the woman’s intent. She leaned on her for support.

“Come with me,” the alien whispered, beginning to lead Archbaroness away. “We must move quickly. The feed that vile beast The Game Master is broadcasting is filmed in a way that makes it hard for those of us trapped here in the Under-Slum to recognize where you are, but the longer you remain in one place the more likely men are to find you.”

“Then nowhere is safe,” Archbaroness moaned.

“That’s what The Game Master thinks,” the mysterious alien woman responded. “But his technology is not as supreme as he thinks. I’m using a jammer right now that is scrambling his cameras and his ability to track you. Eventually he’ll be able to override my jammer but by then we’ll be in the safe room I’ve set up. Once we’re there he’ll NEVER be able to locate you.”

“I’ll be safe?” Archbaroness asked, her voice shaking with disbelief.

“You’ll be safe,” the alien woman replied, patting her arm reassuringly. “Stay with me and man will never hurt you again.”

With the promise of safety filling her mind Archbaroness eagerly let the woman lead the way. They moved quickly through a confusing series of corridors then out onto a larger “street” before entering a home that was the largest she’d seen in the alien slums. Not just large, the “building” also had an intimidating array of automated security measures guarding its outer walls.

“Who are you,” Archbaroness asked once within the alien’s home.

“We’re not safe yet,” the alien hissed. “Come, even my home isn’t enough to protect you. When we reach the safe room I’ll explain everything.”

She led Archbaroness deep into the large home then down into a basement. From there she opened a hidden door that led to a steep stairwell leading to a subbasement. She pushed Archbaroness ahead of her, turning and closing the door behind her and activating a mechanism that sealed the inside of the door with a rippling energy field.

The only lights were dim red ones in the stairwell and once in the room they led to Archbaroness found herself standing in near darkness. She couldn’t tell how big the room she was standing in was and before she had the chance to wonder about it her alien savior joined her.

She threw her cloak off revealing a tall, slender body with thin feminine curves. She wore a skimpy outfit of black leather that left much of her bright red skin exposed. It was covered in ornate black markings that looked like tattoos but Archbaroness knew she could be wrong about that. The woman’s body appeared to be hairless, the top of her head smooth but covered in more of the ornate black markings.

“Thank you,” Archbaroness sighed.

“Here, let me help you out of that torn and soiled clothing,” the alien woman said, stepping up to Archbaroness and ripping her costume off.

“T-thank you,” Archbaroness said again as she threw her hands up to cover her breasts and pussy once she’d been stripped naked. The forceful way the woman had torn her clothing off disturbed Archbaroness and she began to grow nervous. “Could we turn a light on?”

“Of course,” the alien woman said, holding her arm up and typing something into a small device she had strapped to her form arm. “I do so want you to feel… safe.”

The way the woman had said the word “safe” made Archbaroness’ skin crawl and she was painfully aware of how weak she still was. For a moment she nervously watched the alien woman, not liking the devious smile she had on her face.

She only looked away when the lights in the room behind her began to turn on. Archbaroness turned and gasped, shocked by what had been revealed. It’s a sex dungeon! The devices are alien but I can guess what most of them are for.

“What is the meaning of this,” Archbaroness demanded, spinning around to glare at the alien woman.

“Truth now,” she replied, taking a menacing step closer to Archbaroness. The naked heroine took a step back, trying to keep the distance between them. “I never intended to save you, only lure you here so that I can keep you for myself.”

“You don’t have to do this,” Archbaroness pleaded, painfully aware of how little the phrase had helped her the last time she had uttered it.

“But I WANT to do this,” the alien woman replied, activating something through the device on her wrist.

Two humanoid robots dressed in bondage gear that Archbaroness had mistaken as mannequins sprung to life behind and on either side of her. One of them picked up a long rope and tossed it to the other robot. It grabbed it and quickly ran around Archbaroness, wrapping the rope around her neck before returning to where he had been standing a moment before. Both robots pulled the rope, choking Archbaroness.

The naked superheroine began franticly clawing at the rope wrapped tightly around her neck. The robots pulled on it harder, tightening it so that she was unable to dig her fingers under it. Choking, eyes bulging from her head, Archbaroness dropped to her knees as the lack of air began to make the world fade to black…

* * *

Archbaroness woke with a muffled gasp, consciousness returning so fast it left her disoriented. Stinging pain in one of her ass cheeks left her assuming some kind of stimulant had just been injected into her, forcing her awake.

But why can’t I move? Why can’t I see?

A moment later she realized she was gagged, blindfolded, and strapped to a bondage device. Her body was positioned as if she were on her hands and knees like an animal, except her arms were painfully pulled behind her back, her wrists cuffed together and pulled up. This left her torso lifted slightly, her large heavy breasts hanging heavily down below her.

“It is so good to have you awake again,” her alien captor said from nearby.

Archbaroness tried to reply, but the ball gag in her mouth ensured her muffled words couldn’t be understood.

The alien woman laughed. “Oh yes, my lovely little human fuck-toy, keep protesting. I love the pathetic mewling sounds my toys make.”

From the sound of her voice Archbaroness could tell the alien woman was slowly walking around her. Even when she wasn’t speaking Archbaroness could easily track her by the sound of the alien’s bare feet slapping onto the hard floor.

As she continued to talk the alien woman touched Archbaroness with something that felt very much like a riding crop, dragging it along exposed skin as she continued to circle Archbaroness. “I’ve all the time in the world to play with you, I hope you know that. The Game Master will NEVER find you here nor will any of the other vile, pathetic beasts that inhabit this slum. But do not worry, I am not a member of the filthy servant class that was chasing you. No, I come from what is ABOVE the Under-Slum. I leave the safety of the upper levels because I can have unrestrained fun down here. Down here there are no laws for the rich like me and no judgment about what one does away from the eyes of high society.”

She paused, running the leather tip of the riding crop across Archbaroness’ neck then sliding it onto her chest then down the front of one of her dangling breasts.

“Down here I can play with my toys,” she said, caressing Archbaroness’ nipple with the crop. “And I can play as rough as I want with them,” she added, pulling the crop off her nipple then slapping it.

Archbaroness yelped through her gag, thrashing against her restraints as a stinging pain shot through her body. A moment later she regretted this as she felt her heavy breasts dangle and sway under her, fearing she’d only made them a more enticing target. Her fears were fulfilled almost at once as the alien woman began slapping her tits with the riding crop over and over again till Archbaroness was sobbing in pain.

“It’s almost disappointing,” she said when she finally stopped striking Archbaroness’ tits. “I’ve watched the pervy little show you’ve been staring in. Did you know before the first challenge we were all given the chance to watch a short documentary about you? We all saw how heroic you are, how STRONG you are. With each challenge you’ve seemed less like that woman who protects her home so heroically.”

She knelt, placing her face next to Archbaroness’. The helpless heroine could feel the woman’s warm breath on her cheek, feel her move in closer. “You know what I think?” she whispered in Archbaroness’ ear. When Archbaroness didn’t respond she licked her ear then bit her earlobe. “I asked you a question,” she hissed.

Sobbing back tears, Archbaroness asked her what she meant knowing her words would be incomprehensible through the gag. It was clear to Archbaroness what she responded with wasn’t important to her captive, only that she show her subservience to her by doing as she was told.

“I think The Game Master does something to the women he abducts for his glorious games. I think he weakens the women before each challenge, just enough to ensure they will fail that challenge.” She began caressing Archbaroness’ ass, tickling the skin with her fingertips then gently massaging the thick plump meat of her large ass. “I think he made you particularly weak for this challenge since you were going up against ‘normal’ people. But maybe I’m wrong, maybe you really are the useless slut countless dimensions have been watched be sexually humiliated over and over again.”

She slapped Archbaroness’ ass and laughed as she pulled away. “And do you know what useless sluts deserve?” she asked. “They deserve to be PUNISHED.”

Archbaroness yelped in pain as the woman spanked her bare ass with a wooden paddle, the brutal impact making her body tense in response. Her cheeks stung, the pain seeming to grow more intense with every moment that passed.

“They deserve to be punished and suffer,” she added, spanking her again.

Archbaroness’ body tensed as the paddle impacted her ass again. She howled then went limp, gasping in pain and unable to tell whether the woman had spanked her harder this time or whether her ass was just sore after the first brutal ass-smack.

“Look at this big fat human ass,” she said, pausing so that the meaty SMACK of the paddle impacting Archbaroness’ ass could echo through the silent room.

“A wide…”




“Fat ass!”


Archbaroness was sobbing in pain, begging for the alien woman to stop through her gag.

“What’s that?” she asked.

Archbaroness begged her to stop again, trying hard to make her words understood.

“You want me to stop?”

Archbaroness nodded her head, sobbing harder.

“Okay,” the alien woman replied. The sound of the paddle being dropped onto the floor echoed through the room, followed by the sound of her dragging a chair to Archbaroness. “But if you want your punishment to stop for now you’ll need to earn the respite.”

Archbaroness could tell she’d sat in front of her. She flinched when she felt something cold stroke her cheek. What is it? Cold… but soft. Almost like a finger, but too big…

“Do you human women have sensitive feet?” she asked.

It’s her toe! She’s sitting there, stroking my face with her toe.

“My race does, although in my culture the sexualization of feet is a shameful taboo. But that only makes it all that more exciting to make some little helpless fuck-pet suck on your toes while you play with yourself.”

She tried to force her big toe into Archbaroness’ mouth but the heroine defiantly sealed her lips and turned her head away. I can endure pain. Humiliation. But I will NOT suck some alien woman’s filthy fucking toes!

 “Bad girl,” the woman growled. “I’m going to have to take your breathing privileges away.”

With skill and strength that caught Archbaroness off guard the woman grabbed the helpless heroine’s nose with her toes, pinching her nostrils closed. At the same time she pressed the underside of her foot into her face, pushing her head up and covering her mouth to prevent her from breathing. Archbaroness struggled to break free of the woman’s foot-grip on her face but was unable.

“Open your mouth and suck my toes and you will be allowed to breathe,” the woman told her, using her other foot to help hold Archbaroness’ head in place.

Beginning to grow desperate for air, Archbaroness opened her mouth. She gasped for air as soon as the foot pressed into her face was pulled away. A moment later her open mouth was invaded by a cold, dirty toe.

“Suck it,” the alien woman purred. “Lick it. Suck on all my toes. Make my feet feel good while I play with myself. The longer you keep me entertained, the longer you keep me happy, the longer it will be before I return to hurting you to pleasure myself.”

Disgusted and ashamed she’d given in, Archbaroness did as she was told with as much skill as she could muster to prolong this moment of relative “peace”.

That “peace” was anything but peaceful as the freedom from pain gave her mind the time to process her situation. If the woman is telling the truth there is little hope I’ll be ‘saved’ by The Game Master. And what if she was right about The Game Master depowering me? If THAT is true I’ll have even less hope of escaping on my own...


What happens next to our captive superheroine? (Choose up 9 options from this poll)

The last challenge is the same for every contestant: they must spend time as The Game Master’s live in servant and fuck toy for a time.
Who/what is The Game Master? (Choose up to 3 options from this poll)
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Re: "A Game of Interdimensional Peril Staring Archbaroness" Poll Driven Story (updated 11/17/21)

Post by Philo Hunter »

Sorry it took so long to get this one done, there was a three way tie in one of the last polls and I let it sit for a while till there were enough new votes to break the tie.

As always you can find the story in its current entirety here:
https://philohunter.com/free-stories/un ... ven-story/


As Archbaroness’ mind wandered her mouth worked the alien woman’s feet, licking and sucking. At one point she accidentally nipped the woman’s big toe and discovered she liked a little pain mixed in. Should have been obvious, she thought as she worked it into her routine.

Before long the woman’s toes curled and her body shook as she moaned in pleasure. “You did a good job,” she sighed after she was done cumming. “But you could be even better with the right training.”

She sat up, her eyes open wide. “Yes,” she said, looking intensely at Archbaroness. “Yes, you will be more than just my little fuck-pet. I’ll train you to be a panting, eager doggy fuck-slave. Why when I’m done you’ll be so ‘loyal’ all you’ll need is a simple pet’s collar and leash to keep you from escaping!”

* * *

Knowing the alien woman’s intentions for her had left Archbaroness more willing to endure pain and humiliation. She would NEVER allow herself to be turned into the kind of “pet” this woman wanted her to be. She’d NEVER stop resisting.

“You’ll stop resisting eventually,” the alien woman told Archbaroness as she finished strapping the naked heroine down to a table. She was left on her back, legs and arms secured down. “But right now you need to be punished for your defiance.”

“Do your worse,” Archbaroness snarled. “You’ll never break me.”

“Oh yes I will,” she replied with a sinister smirk. “Oh, maybe if you were back on your home planet you’d be unbreakable. But I’ve told you, The Game Master has weakened your mind and body. He does the same to ALL his contestants, enhancing the weaknesses already there. So, Archbaroness, what weakness did you have that he’s enhanced?”

“Even if I had one I’d never tell you, you psycho alien bitch,” Archbaroness snarled.

She glared at the alien woman who simply smiled back. “Such a mouth on you,” she said after standing in silence for a moment. She turned to a nearby table and picked up something that looked like the alien equivalent to a leather riding crop. Holding it in one hand, she pointed it at Archbaroness. “You will address me as Master.”

“Never,” Archbaroness declared, glaring.

“You will or you will regret. What is my name?”

“Alien bitch,” Archbaroness spit out.

“Wrong,” she replied, pulling her arm back then swinging the riding crop down towards Archbaroness.

The helpless heroine howled in pain as the leather landed in the middle of one of her breasts, the intense biting pain so overwhelming it made her head spin.

“What is my name? What is your weakness?”

Archbaroness was panting heavily, surprised by just how much the strike to her breasts had hurt. “You’re just some alien bitch,” she gasped, “and even if I knew I wouldn’t tell you.”

A moment later the riding crop came down, striking her inner thigh with stinging pain.

“What is my name? What is your weakness?”

Archbaroness pulled at her restraints, trying to sit up as she glared at the alien woman. “I’ll never call you what you want. And I’ve no weaknesses!”

The way the alien woman smiled at her did more to terrify her than the riding crop she held. It’s like she already knows my weakness and this is just a sick game. Could that be what’s happening? Does she somehow know more about my body than I do? What if she’s right about what she claims The Game Master has done to me…

“You can’t see it, can you?” the alien woman asked. Archbaroness, confused, gave no response. “So much more defiant that second time, like where I struck hurt you less. But maybe it was just a fluke. We must experiment further.”

The alien woman spent the next hour meticulously testing Archbaroness’ body for the “weakness” she claimed she knew she had. She’d ask her two questions then, when Archbaroness did not give the answers she wanted, she’d bring the riding crop down on another part of the naked heroine’s body.

Every stinging slap of leather into her flesh left her feeling more helpless and abused but none had affected her as much as the first strike. Slowly Archbaroness began to accept something MUST have been done to her. Her breasts had always been highly sensitive but never to this extent.

“It’s your breasts,” the alien woman finally told her, caressing their flesh with the tip of the riding crop. “They are your weakness. I’ve known from the beginning, and I am certain you now know this as well.”

Archbaroness winced, shaking in fear as she expected her captor to begin striking her breasts.

“See, a dog must learn fear first. THEN it can be trained. But that is enough for now. I have business to attend to in the upper levels. But do not worry my pet, I will be back before long. And then we will continue your training.”

* * *

“You’ve regained some of your strength,” the alien woman hissed as she rammed the electric prod into Archbaroness, pinning her to the ground as the naked heroine screamed and convulsed. “You almost hurt me, almost escaped, but that won’t happen again. And now you’ve ruined your training for the day, now there will be only punishment.”

A few minutes later Archbaroness was strapped to a device that restrained her on her knees, arms pulled uncomfortably behind her back and secured there. The front of the device had a board that her breasts rested on. She wondered why but was certain she’d soon find out.

The alien woman held up the device she had strapped to her forearm and began typing something. The board Archbaroness’ breasts were resting on began to shift, the material it was made from rippling and beginning to change shape. A few moments later it had become a vice, gently squeezing her breasts from above and below.

“You can’t,” Archbaroness gasped. “This is madness. This is too cruel!”

“What is my name?”

Archbaroness glared. “I— No! NO! I will not—”

She groaned in pain as the vice began to close tightly on her breasts then stopped.

“What is my name?”

“I will never call you that.”

The alien woman shrugged. “So be it.” She tapped the screen on her wrist and lowered her arm. “I’ll be back tomorrow. Enjoy your punishment. And as you endure the pain please think about how you’ll do better tomorrow.”

It wasn’t until the alien woman was gone that she understood what was happening. The vice was slowly tightening, but so slowly that she could barely feel it. Yet now that she had noticed she knew it would not be long before it began squeezing her breasts tight enough to cause discomfort.

How long would it take before that discomfort becomes pain? And how long before that pain becomes unbearable?

She had her answers by the time she passed out from the pain. When she woke the vice had loosened fully but it didn’t take her long before she realized it had begun slowly tightening again as soon as she’d woken up. Whimpering as she wondered how many times she’d have to endure this before the alien woman returned, she began for the first time to begin thinking about giving the woman what she wanted.

* * *

“What is my name?”

“M-master,” Archbaroness stuttered, sweat dripping from her face. The last few days had been exhausting, the training intense. “You are my master and your name is Master.”

“Very good,” her master replied, smiling with pride. “But you have a long way to go, my sexy little fuck-pet. It is time for a new lesson. On your feet, hands behind your back.”

Archbaroness did as she was told, knowing she was too weak to resist. Much of her training had been sexual and since her last escape attempt her captor had been using that kind of training to ensure Archbaroness had enough orgasms to keep her superpowers drained. But even as weak as she was the alien woman was not willing to give her any more chances to escape. As soon as her arms were behind her back the alien woman used a device to bind her wrists together.

“Good. We will now start a new lesson.” When she saw Archbaroness looking around in fear at the devices around the sex dungeon she chuckled. “We’ll not be needing any of those for this lesson. All we need is my hand and these,” she said, caressing Archbaroness’ breasts.

When the heroine tried to pull away from her touch the alien woman grabbed her bound wrists and jerked her body back towards her. “You will keep your feet where they are,” she barked. “And you will keep your back straight and your chest pressed out. Move or pull away and the lesson is over. If the lesson has to end early you’ll spend another night in the tit compressor.”

“I’ll be good,” Archbaroness gasped. She’d grown to fear the pain of the tit compressor more than anything she’d ever feared. She’d try to endure ANYTHING if it meant not having to spend another night in that vile machine.

“Good,” the alien woman said, shifting so she stood beside Archbaroness. She caressed her breasts again then stopped, the back of one hand resting on the side of the breast closest to her. “What are you?” she asked.

The question caught Archbaroness off guard and she simply gave the answer she’d have given anyone. “I’m a superheroine.”

“Wrong answer,” her captor said, the displeasure clear in her voice. She pulled her hand away from the superheroine’s breast then swung it back, slapping the side of her tit with the back of her hand.

Archbaroness winced in pain, gritting her teeth. Her breasts were so often abused by the woman and her many cruel devices they were now always tender and sore. The simple, almost gentle slap, hurt enough to nearly bring tears to her eyes.

“What are you?” the alien woman asked again, moving to the other side of Archbaroness and resting the back of her hand on the side of her other breast.

Archbaroness began breathing fast and heavy. She didn’t want her breast slapped again but she’d already given in so much over the last few days. “You can’t take this away from me,” she said quickly, holding back tears. “Torture me, fuck me, turn me into a sex slave. But PLEASE, leave me this. I AM a superheroine!”

 The slap this time was harder.

“What are you,” her master asked after moving back to her other side. This time she rested the palm of her hand on Archbaroness’ breast, not the side but the front, just above her nipple.

Knowing the next slap would hurt more she still refused to change her answer. “I’m a heroine,” she declared, her voice shaking in fear.


Archbaroness whimpered in pain as the alien woman changed sides, resting the palm of her hand on the front of her other breast.

“What are you?”

“A h-heroine,” she stammered, fearing what she knew would come next.

The slap was harder than she expected and left an angry red welt on her skin. I can’t take much more of this, she thought. I’m too weak… there’s been too much pain, no hope of escape…

Before asking the question again the alien woman moved so she stood facing Archbaroness, both her hands resting palm down on her breasts. “What are you?” she asked.

Shaking in fear, unable to meet the woman’s eyes, she whispered, “A whore…”

“Better,” the alien woman replied without removing her hands or stepping away. “But not exactly what I want, but we’ll return to that question tomorrow. Now tell me, whore, what will you do when you are given commands by your master?”

The way she’d said the word “whore” caused a sharp reaction in Archbaroness. I’m not this thing she’s trying to turn me into, I WILL resist this! She looked up, met her captor’s eyes, and glared at her with fresh contempt. “I will refuse,” she snarled, defiant once again. “I will refuse and you will never break me!”

“Wrong answer,” the alien woman replied coolly, lifting her hands high then bringing them down to slap the top of both of Archbaroness’ breasts at the same time.

“What will you do when you are given a command?” she asked, taking a step back.


Before Archbaroness could finish the word the alien woman’s hands were slapping her tits. She slapped them from the sides, from underneath. She slapped the tops of them then slapped them from side to side, both hands at once then one at a time then both at once again. Each slap was harder than the last and she did not stop till Archbaroness was sobbing from the painful red welts that covered her large heavy breasts.

“What will you do when your master commands you?”

“I will obey,” Archbaroness sobbed.

* * *

“You’ve been being a very good girl these last few days. Following all my orders, learning how to pleasure me. But I can tell at this point your obedience is only to avoid pain. That’s not good enough. I’ve been letting you rest when I’m not here giving you lessons when you’ve not needed to be punished, but now I see that’s time I’ve wasted. From now on when I am not here you will spend your time in this device.”

Archbaroness had wondered when she’d be placed in the alien bondage cage. As she’d suspected, once strapped in she was left standing with her legs held open and her arms secured behind her back. But it was clear there was more to the cage than the simple bondage.

Her master opened small internal compartments, pulling small devices connected to wires from them. She attached them to Archbaroness’ nipples then opened another lower compartment. This had a device that strapped to her leg and left a bulbous end pressed up into her pussy.

“This is no simple vibrator,” the alien woman said, patting the device strapped to her thigh. “Oh, it vibrators, but it also sends relaxing P-waves of pure pleasure into your body. And these things attached to your nipples will do the same, the energy they send coursing into your body ensuring you spend your time in this device in perfectly restful never-ceasing pleasure.”

“Why?” Archbaroness asked, perplexed. The device seemed like a treat, not an instrument of sexual torture like every other one she’d been made to endure.

“To teach you,” her master replied, smiling playfully. “To teach you that when I am not around your only reason to exist is to wait till I return. And to help you learn that waiting to pleasure me IS pleasure for you.”

* * *

Archbaroness lay facedown on the table, her back end raised high in the air so her master could insert the device into her pussy. She wasn’t strapped down, there wasn’t any need for that anymore. And she was wet in anticipation for the device being slid into her. She knew her training was nearly complete, knew that pleased her master and pleasing her master brought her pleasure. Just thinking about hearing her master say the words “good girl” made her wet in anticipation.

“What are?”

Archbaroness shook with anticipation. With fear. With excited hope.

She knew what would happen if she gave the wrong answer. The device in her pussy would zap her insides with a confusing burst of pain and pleasure. She both feared and looked forward to it.

“A piece of meat,” Archbaroness replied, hoping she’d finally found the right answer.


The blast of energy that send pain and pleasure coursing into her body told her she had the wrong answer. As always it also forced her to cum but her orgasms had long ago stopped mattering. Yes, they felt good, but the only pleasure that mattered was pleasuring her master.

“What are you?”

“A set of wet holes and a pair of fat tits?”


Archbaroness had known the answer was wrong but as the device sent a fresh blast of pain and pleasure into her body she thought she’d finally figured out the answer.

“What are you?”

“A dog! A loyal little fuck-pup, obedient to my master and eager to please.” When her master did not turn the device on immediately she thought she had answered right.

“Better,” her master told her. “but still not right yet.”


Archbaroness understood her master was giving her a treat by blasting her with a much longer wave of pain and pleasure. As she came she realized she’d had the right answer, she’d just given it in the wrong way.

“What are you?”

This time Archbaroness didn’t answer by speaking. Instead, she barked. She barked loud and excitedly then barked louder when her master said the two most beautiful words in existence.

“Good girl.”

* * *

“Sit up, my precious little fuck pet,” the alien woman said.

Archbaroness, naked and on all fours, panted happily and got up on her knees. She held her hands up by her shoulders, her wrists bent down so her hands looked like paws. She barked happily and smiled at her master, waiting. This was the moment she’d been working so long for, the moment her training was finished.

“What a good girl you are,” her master said, patting her on the head then reaching down and stroking her pussy. “I’ve got a gift for you now that your training is over.”

Archbaroness panted eagerly, hoping the gift was what she thought it would be. When the alien woman pulled out a black collar from a sleek box she began to hop and bark excitedly.

“Calm down so I can put it on,” her master said. As she bent down to put the collar on Archbaroness she explained that it was more than just a symbol of her training being completed. “The technology in this safe room that has kept you hidden from The Game Master is also in this collar. It’s taken a small fortune to get that technology refined and shrunk down, but it’s worth it. As long as you wear this collar he’ll never be able to find you. And he IS still looking for you.”

She stood up and attached a leash to the collar. “Now come, it is time to leave this place. But not just this lovely little dungeon you’ve been educated in. I’m going to take you out of the Under-Slum and bring you with me to the high society in the upper levels of Station Zetax-19. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

Archbaroness panted excitedly, wagging her ass from side to side.


What happens to Archbaroness after she’s taken out of the Under-Slum? (Choose up to 8 options from this poll)
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Re: "A Game of Interdimensional Peril Staring Archbaroness" Poll Driven Story (updated 12/8/21)

Post by Philo Hunter »

As always, you can find the story in its current entirety here:
https://philohunter.com/free-stories/un ... ven-story/


* * *

Archbaroness enjoyed her life as her master’s fuck-pet, it made her happy. Happy was what she’d been trained to be. She remained hidden away in the alien woman’s estate in the upper levels of Station Zetax-19, sexually serving her when she was home and obediently waiting for her return while she was gone. It was a peaceful life of sexual indulgence, but it would not last.

Everything changed one day out of nowhere. Archbaroness’ master was lounging on a couch, her legs spread open and draped over her kneeling pet’s shoulders. “You’re so good with your mouth, my pet,” she’d cooed. “Keep going for a while, and once I’ve cum a few more times we’ll—”

She never got to finish her thought. The door into the room exploded open.

“Get away from her, you fiend,” a strong feminine voice called out as a tall, slender, well-muscled woman floated into the room. “I’m here to save Archbaroness. Give her to me and you won’t be harmed.”

When Archbaroness looked at her and saw that she looked human something in her mind snapped. The powerful-looking woman dressed in a revealing pink costume reminded her of a superheroine, just more futuristic. Memories came flooding back into her mind, allowing her to recall who and what she’d been before her training.

The woman was floating in the air, long red hair that was long enough to reach past her shoulders floating beside her as if she was in a field where gravity didn’t exist. She was holding her hands up, fists upturned as they glowed with pink energy that matched the color of her revealing outfit.

With a hiss, the red-skinned alien woman jumped to her feet, throwing her arm up to use the computer she had on her wrist.

“I don’t think so,” the floating woman in pink said coldly. She reached an arm out, the glowing pink around her hand shooting out and destroying the wrist-mounted computer. “Your devious devices and automated defenses will not save you.”

“She’s mine,” the alien woman snarled, charging the floating woman like a feral animal. “No one will take her from me,” she screamed as she leaped at her.

The woman in pink remained floating in place, her composure cool. With her eyes narrowed she waited till the alien was about to grab her then sent a blast of pink energy at her. She went flying to the other side of the room, slamming into a wall then falling to the ground unconscious.

Archbaroness felt a confusing mix of emotions. She wanted to leap at the woman in pink and attack her for harming her master. But the memories her arrival had brought to the forefront of her mind kept her in place, kneeling and confused and afraid.

 The floating woman began moving towards Archbaroness, stepping down through the air. When her foot touched the ground her hair fell, gravity returning to normal around her. “Your nightmare is over,” she told Archbaroness kindly. When she reached her she knelt beside her and gave Archbaroness a reassuring smile then, hand still glowing, placed two fingers on the side of her head. “That should help,” she said, getting back to her feet and grabbing a nearby blanket and handing it to Archbaroness.

“T-thank you,” Archbaroness stuttered as she used the blanket to cover her naked body. She got to her feet, shaking as her mind was being repaired by the woman’s touch. “Who are you,” she asked, looking at the woman. “You… look human.”

“I am,” she replied. “This is your reality,” she said, the words shocking Archbaroness. “Only it is VERY far in your future. Please, sit, I’ll explain.”

She told her that humanity had expanded to the stars and those human women that had powers now served intergalactic superheroines. “We no longer just protect Earth we protect the whole galaxy.”

“How did you know where I was?” she asked, trying to process everything. Thinking clearly was being made hard by whatever the woman had done to her mind. It was repairing the damage the “training” had caused her, but it was mentally and physically exhausting.

“We saw you on The Game Master’s show and recognized you at once. I don’t want to give you specifics, but as I said it was a long time ago that you lived yet we all know the mighty Archbaroness. You were the best of us, the one that has inspired generations of superheroines. As soon as we saw you we knew we had to try and save you. But the first challenges weren’t in our reality. We feared we’d never have a chance to save you.

“Then you began this challenge. We knew Station Zetax-19 was in our reality and that we had to act before you moved on to the final challenge. It is a vile, evil place of slavery and perversion, one deep into territory we human superheroines are not welcome. It didn’t matter, those of us nearest began rushing here. I was the closest and first to arrive. Once here finding you was easy, as was sneaking into the station.”

She paused, looking nervous for the first time. “But… we’ll need to leave soon. It won’t be long before the station’s security forces become aware of my presence. My kind is NOT welcome here and as powerful as I am I’d have no hope of taking on the station’s security forces all on my own. Do you think you could manage to come with me to my ship?”

“Yes,” Archbaroness said weakly, “as long as it isn’t far.”

“It’s not,” the woman in pink told her, standing up and holding a hand out to help Archbaroness up. “By the way, I’m Pinkbaroness,” she added, blushing nervously as she shared her name. “You’ve always been a huge inspiration of mine.”

They were soon inside Pinkbaroness’ small spaceship, flying quickly away from Station Zetax-19.

“I’m going to take you back to Earth,” she told Archbaroness once she had the ship on autopilot. “Together the other heroines and I think we can protect you from The Game Master while we figure out a way to return you to your time.”

Archbaroness nodded. “Then my nightmare is over.”

Pinkbaroness nodded, smiling kindly. “It is. Now let’s go get you some clothing.” She paused, noticing the collar around Archbaroness’ neck for the first time. “And I think it’s time we got rid of THAT,” she said, pointing a glowing finger at it. Pink energy shot from her hand, enveloping the collar. A moment later it sizzled and in the blink of an eye was nothing but vapor that was quickly pulled into the spaceship’s air recyclers.

The healing Pinkbaroness had done to Archbaroness’ mind had helped suppress the memories of her time with the red-skinned alien woman. The awful memories of her training were mostly gone, and along with them was the memory that the collar had been more than just a sign of her servitude.

Its protection was gone and within moments The Game Master knew exactly where she was.


The next entry will begin the final chapter/challenge.

A reminder that it’s been previously determined through past polls that The Game Master is an immortal superpowered human from Earth who, over time, mastered every technology and conquered multiple realities. He had been/is a supervillain alive in Archbaroness’ time and has set up these games so he can begin making every superheroines in Earth’s history go through them (the games before this point have just been practice with non-humans).

It was also decided that the fifth challenge is the same for every contestant they must spend time as The Game Master’s live in servant and fuck toy for a time. With where we’ve ended up I think I’d like to stay true to the spirit of that choice, but allow the story to not be restrained by it. Only part, or even none, of this chapter will be a televised challenge.

Now that The Game Master knows where his contestant is what happens? (Choose up to 6 options)

Should the story end in a way that leaves it open for other stories to be written with my other heroines going through the games, following the same format? (Choose up to 2 options)
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Re: "A Game of Interdimensional Peril Staring Archbaroness" Poll Driven Story (updated 12/13/21)

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Now that the holiday break is over I should be back to getting more regular writing done and this project should get an end soon!
As always, you can read the story in its current entirety here:
https://philohunter.com/free-stories/un ... ven-story/

Challenge Five: The Game Master

It all happened so fast, Archbaroness thought bitterly, brooding alone in a small prison cell. One moment everything was fine and then… Then we were attacked.

The “fight” had been over nearly as soon as it had begun. She’d woken up in the small cell, disoriented, confused, and feeling weak. When her senses had returned to her she found she was dressed in a fresh copy of her costume. Before she’d had time to wonder about where the costume had come from and who had dressed her in it she’d noticed the metal device clamped tightly around her neck.

I don’t need to think about what this is, she thought. It’s clearly a power dampener. It’s why I feel so weak.

She’d begun to wonder if she was once more a prisoner of The Game Master but the dampener around her neck made her abandon that theory. He’d never seemed to need such technology and the cell she was in didn’t look like it was part of any facility of his she’d seen in between her challenges.

So who has captured me and why? And what have they done with Pinkbaroness?

The small cell had an open wall that was filled by a semi-transparent energy field. She’d assumed it served as a doorway into the cell and when she saw the shadowed outline of a being walk in front of it she stiffened, wondering if her captor was about to reveal themselves.

A moment after the figure’s arrival the energy wall shifted, becoming nearly as clear as glass. The figure revealed was not what she’d expected: it appeared to be a human man. Assuming Pinkbaroness had told her the truth and that this was her reality only far in the future she realized the scared man standing before her probably WAS a man.

The tall man was dressed in an outfit that seemed part futuristic supervillain and part space warlord. The dramatic red and gold-lined cape he had draped over half of his body left his right arm exposed. She could see his left hand was encased in a high-tech gauntlet, but the fully exposed arm was bare and covered in thick scars as if the entire limb had been severely burnt.

Black plating covered the man’s neck and ran up to encase his chin and jawline, running up around the frame of his face then encasing the lower half of the rest of his head. Half of his face was heavily scarred in the same manner as his arm, leaving the impression that that entire half of his body was so scarred.

Archbaroness could not tell what age the man was. His short white hair and the stern expression on his face gave the impression of weariness from advanced age but the unscared half of his face seemed to suggest a much younger age. He looked as though he could have as easily been thirty as eighty.

She rose to her feet and stood, staring the man down. She tried to show none of the fear she felt, hoping the man would soon speak and reveal something of himself.

“Do you recognize my face?” he asked her.

The question caught her off guard. “Should I?” she asked.

He smiled in return. “Perhaps. I was not certain of the exact point in your life The Game Master had snatched you from. He’s spent a long time perfecting his technology to move contestants between dimensions but until you he had not reached back in time for them. You were a test run of that technology and it will need more use before it can be perfected.”

“How do you know so much about The Game Master’s technology?” she asked.

He ignored her question. “Look at my face more closely,” he said, stepping closer to the transparent field between them and turning the unscared half of his face to her. “Do you recognize this face? If you’ve seen it before it would have been before it was scared.”

She tried to imagine the face without the scars. “No,” she said a moment later, “I’ve never seen you before. Yet…” She paused, brow furrowed.

“Yet my voice sounds familiar,” he replied, smiling again.

“Yes,” she said, realizing he was correct. “I just… no!” She took a step back. “No, you can’t be.”

“Can’t be what?” he asked, his expression making it clear he knew what she feared but wanted to hear her say it.

“You can’t be The Game Master. No human could be responsible for the perverse games I’ve been made to endure!” She looked around the cell then back at him. “No, I don’t believe it. This place looks nothing like one of his facilities. The technology is advanced but not THAT advanced. And I can feel it, this is the same reality I was in with Pinkbaroness. His facilities between realities felt… different. You’re just some villain or warlord from the future who wants me to believe you’re The Game Master.”

Her face hardened now that she’d decided who the man before her was. “Where is Pinkbaroness? What have you done to her?”

“I’ll show you,” the man said, holding up his gauntleted arm and activating a wrist-mounted computer. The energy field between them turned off. “Come with me and I’ll show you.”

“But I warn you,” he added, his expression suddenly stern, “not to try and escape.” His eyes suddenly began to pulse with glowing green energy. The same energy began to show in lines running up his scar-covered arms, as if the energy ran through his veins. His hand glowed with green power that steamed. “I can easily keep you in line even if you somehow get that collar off. Please don’t make me, I’d prefer this time be spent in a more civilized manner.”

Archbaroness nodded, seeing there was no chance of escape. At least not yet, she thought, knowing she’d keep an eye open for any chance that might prevent itself.

“Come with me then,” he said. “As I take you to Pinkbaroness I will explain where we are and tell you who I am.”

“So you’ve given up trying to make me believe you are The Game Master?” she asked. “I don’t know why you thought I’d fall for that. Aside from this place not being as advanced as his interdimensional base you’ve none of his… showmanship. You seem too serious, too gloomy.”

He chuckled, glancing at her and flashing a mischievous grin that made her question what she’d just said. “Any good showman keeps his true self hidden from his adoring public. The Game Master never shows his face and the voice he uses when broadcasting is but a persona he adopts for the public. The Game Master is a character, not who he really is.”

“You’re neither denying nor claiming you’re him,” she said, defiantly. “Why play games?”

“Because games are fun,” he said a bit too quickly.

What was that, Archbaroness thought. A flash of anger? No… something more complex.

“This is not how I wanted this to go,” he said, suddenly sullen. “I’ve spent… well, a great deal of time building to this moment. Simply telling you the number of years wouldn’t do that time justice.”

“Then explain,” Archbaroness replied, wanting to keep the man talking as she looked for an opening to escape. For the moment she saw none, the facility they were walking through was cold and empty and reminded her of a military base. Every door they passed was closed and there were security devices everywhere, cameras and automated weapons. “And start with where we are.”

“As you wish,” the man said. “And you are right, this facility is not as advanced as the other facilities The Game Master has brought you to. This place was made long before he’d even begun to imagine his great games. Back then I was a kind of warlord. I’d long ago conquered Earth and had expanded out across the galaxy, striking where I wished then returning here to this base, hidden deep in empty space where no one would ever look for it.”

“Conquered Earth?”

“Yes… Yes, of course. I need to begin earlier. When one has lived as long as I have memories of the past blend together. You see, I am human and just like you I have an active P-Gene. It gave me powers that at first seemed unimpressive when compared to others but over time grew stronger. They also made it so I was immortal, and with the ability to live forever my powers had the chance to grow ever stronger.

“With time I was able to master every technology Earth had to offer and then, as humanity left Earth and spread to the stars, there were even more advanced technologies for me to master. I returned to Earth and conquered it, living as its king for a while. But I grew bored of that… so I returned to the stars and conquered other plants. But eventually I’d grow bored of each of them.

“Eventually I’d mastered enough technologies that I was able to conquer the entire galaxy and from there our entire reality. But even that grew boring. Soon it was other realities I was conquering. But as with everything else I always grew bored. Every thrill I found, every bit of fun I discovered always lost its allure before long.

“There had only been one time in my life where the fun hadn’t died and I’d stupidly let myself grow beyond that simple life. I thought about it all the time but knew I couldn’t simply stop being what I had become. Every living being in nearly every dimension feared the Great Conqueror. If I wanted to relive that time in my life when I’d been most happy I’d need to disappear for a time and return in a form that others would not recognize.

“So I did. I disappeared, taking the technology of countless conquered dimensions with me between realities where I perfected them further. I then returned as The Game Master and began my games. And oh how I enjoyed them. They’ve provided fun I’d not experiencing since those early days, the ones I wanted so desperately to relive.”

Archbaroness had stopped looking for an escape. She was listening closely, beginning to believe what the man was telling her. “You were a supervillain,” she whispered.

His face lit up. “Yes! That’s how it began. I was little more than a common powered thug in the beginning but oh the fun I had chasing after and fucking superheroines.”

He paused, looking at her and smirking. “The fun I had chasing after and fucking YOU. The games I’ve run till the one you’ve stared in, it’s all been practice, all leading up to the moment I reach back in time and grab YOU. And now that I’ve tested the technology to go back in time to grab you I’ll be able to do the same with every other superheroine through Earth’s history.”

“Madness,” she gasped. “Someone will stop you!”

“Who?” he asked. “You? You were a challenge when I first faced you but I’ve conquered entire realities between then and now.”

“If not me then the superheroines of NOW. Superheroines like Pinkbaroness, THEY will stop you!”

The man who she now believed was The Game Master chuckled. “Oh, really?” He stopped and looked at something over Archbaroness’ shoulder. “You think she has a chance of defeating me?”

Archbaroness turned to look where he was looking, fearing what she’d see. In a small cell was Pinkbaroness, naked and restrained in a terrifying device.

She was upright, her torso strapped tightly to a narrow platform, her arms were secured behind her back with thick power dampeners around her wrists. She had a purple ball gag shoved in her mouth and had something that looked like a virtual reality headset attached to the top half of her head. Electrodes were attached all over her naked body, with half of them attached to her breasts. Wires ran from the electrodes to the machine the platform she was strapped to extends from. Extending out from the machine was a curved metal frame her body was positioned over, terrifying devices extending from it and attached to the helpless heroine’s pussy and asshole, pumping in and out of her body and making her moan and wiggle in a vain attempt to escape.

“It’s a device that once saw a lot of use,” The Game Master explained. “It can be used to torture a woman or it can be used to brainwash her.”

“Which is it being used for right now?” Archbaroness asked, shaking with anger. This woman was only here because she’d tried to save her. She had to find a way to free her…

“Neither,” The Game Master said lazily. “It’s just keeping her entertained and weak.” He then turned to Archbaroness, his face lighting up with joy. “But it WILL be turned on and I’ve decided YOU get to choose which way it gets used. If it is used to torture Pinkbaroness she’ll be released when it’s done, free to return to her life as a superheroine. But she’ll need to remain in the device for a full year first.”

Archbaroness gasped, horrified.

“If you find that too horrible a fate for your pink friend then I’ll use it to brainwash her. She’ll only need to remain in the device for a day or two before she’s released.”

“What will the brainwashing do to her?” Archbaroness asked. “What will it turn her into?”

“Well, you see, that’s where the fun comes in for me. I will not tell you what it will do to her, what it will turn her into. But if that is the choice you make I will ensure you get to SEE the results.”

“But there is no need to rush to your decision,” he said. He turned and used the computer on his wrist to open the energy field of a cell across from the one Pinkbaroness was restrained in. “You will spend the night here, able to see her and contemplate her fate. I’ll return in the morning for your answer.”


What choice will Archbaroness make for the machine to do to Pinkbaroness?

What event should we add to spice up the next entry? (Choose up to 3 options from this poll)
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Re: "A Game of Interdimensional Peril Staring Archbaroness" Poll Driven Story (updated 12/31/21)

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As always, if you want to read the story in its current entirety and with full formatting you can go here:
https://philohunter.com/free-stories/un ... ven-story/


Archbaroness entered the cell and turned to glare at The Game Master. He smiled, activating the energy field and locking her in before turning and disappearing down the hall.

Once he was out of sight she began looking for a way to escape. The small cell was empty except for a small, padded bed built into a wall. The metal plates that covered the floors and walls might have been something she could have pried open if she’d had her powers, but with the dampener around her neck she knew trying would be wasted effort.

She turned her attention to the ceiling. There was metal grating over the lights that illuminated the room. After staring at them for a few minutes she decided there was a chance she could pry them open, hoping that once she did she could find a way to escape when she had access to the lighting. She knew it wasn’t likely but she had to try SOMETHING.

Even with her super strength and ability to fly denied she was easily able to leap up and grab onto the metal grating over the lights. As soon as her hands touched the grating bands of brightly glowing energy expanded out from the lights and wrapped tightly around her wrists, securing them tightly to the grating.

Before she had a chance to fully process what was happening other bands of energy shot out, wrapping around her ankles. Her legs were jerked up and her feet bound tightly to the ceiling. She was left hanging face down, unable to move her hands or feet.

For a few moments she felt only frustration, assuming she’d be restrained till The Game Master returned in the morning. She soon realized the device binding her to the ceiling was designed to do much more than hold her in place.

Archbaroness screamed as the energy bands around her wrists and ankles suddenly zapped her, sending a wave of painful forced pleasure shooting through her body. The sudden forced orgasm this caused was more alarming than the pain. A moment later when she felt her breasts swell and increase in size with a sudden burst of growth she was even more alarmed.

For a few moments afterward she hung from the ceiling, panting and thankful the zap hadn’t made her breasts grow any larger than they had. They had only grown enough to make her costume feel uncomfortably tight, something that she could endure till morning.

Her thankfulness ended when the energy bands around her wrists and ankles sent another jolt into her body. Once more she screamed, pain and pleasure forcing another orgasm from her. A moment later her breasts swelled in a larger burst of growth. When it was done they’d grown so large that her costume dug painfully into her sore and tender breast flesh. She was also aware of a new denseness to her breasts, one that quickly began to lesson as her nipples began to leak milk.

She expected another jolt of energy and was not wrong. It zapped her for longer this time, her prolonged screams melting into a faltering whimper of overwhelmed pleasure by the time the blast of energy and forced orgasms ended. A moment later her breasts began to grow again, this time increasing in size till her costume began to tear open.

Archbaroness was left hanging from the ceiling, her costume ripped open so that her milk-leaking nipples hung free. She panted, head hung limply as she stared down and looked at the growing puddle of milk building up under her as her nipples slowly leaked milk.

She was just starting to think she wouldn’t have to endure another zap when the energy began coursing back into her body. Once more she was zapped for longer, orgasm after orgasm forced from her body. When the energy ceased she was left hanging limp, barely conscious. The discomfort of her breasts beginning to swell and grow woke her a moment later. She winced in pain as they grew large enough to completely rip open her costume and winced again as they fell, bouncing heavily under her as jets of milk squirted out, adding to the puddle on the floor of the cell.

Her night was spent this way. After each blast of painful pleasure her breasts would grow and she’d be left exhausted, often passing out during the period between blasts. But another would always come, jolting her awake and leaving her more drained and her tits larger each time.

By the time morning came and The Game Master arrived her breasts were so enlarged that they hung down nearly to the floor. Milk was constantly leaking from her nipples and, unable to move through the energy field locking her in the cell, had begun to pool up till it formed a puddle that was inches deep. When The Game Master deactivated the energy field the milk came rushing out, flowing messily into the hall.

“I’d have been disappointed if you hadn’t tried to escape,” he said after slapping one of her enlarged and tender breasts to wake her up.

Archbaroness was so exhausted it took a few of the slaps into her enlarged breast before she was able to wake enough to understand the words The Game Master had said to her. Then, her muddled drained mind still struggling to process the world around her, she realized the vile man was not slapping her breast with his hand.

Dear god is that his cock!?

Straining to look down past her massive hanging breasts she stared in awe and terror at the villain’s massive member. It wasn’t just inhumanly large but shaped strangely. When he noticed her looking at he grinned, grabbing it by the base and shaking it at her. She watched, horrified, as the rigid flesh rippled and began changing shape.

“Every inch of my body has been heavily modified,” he told her, stroking his strange cock with pride. “I’ve used genetic manipulation along with cybernetic enhancement from countless realities to improve and augment my member past a point your primitive mind can comprehend.”

He took a step back, holding his cock upright as it grew larger and denser. When he slapped it into Archbaroness’ dangling milk-filled tit she yelped in pain. His cock had become so hard and dense that it felt as though someone had struck her sore and sensitive breast with a metal baseball bat.

The painful impact sent a fresh jet of milk shooting from her tit, something that made The Game Master’s eyes light up with joy. “You will, of course, need to be fully milked dry before that device will release you. Lucky for you I’m eager to ‘help’ you out!”

He stepped further back, his cock growing larger as he positioned himself in front of her dangling breasts. Holding the massive member with two hands he began swinging it hard into one breast then the other, each painful whack sending another thick jet of milk spraying out onto the jail floor.

Archbaroness yelped and moaned and barked in pain. Yet as much as the cock-swings into her tender breasts hurt there was also relief. Each thick stream of milk that shot from her nipples lessened the intense pressure she felt in her breasts. And as the milk was drained from her breasts they began to shrink down, growing smaller.

“Such big heavy fat fucking udders,” The Game Master muttered, unexpectantly stopping his abuse of her breasts. He moved in closer, lifting one of her breasts and pressing his cock into the bulk of the heavy tit-meat. His cock began to shrink down back to a more reasonable, although still unnaturally large, size and density.

“Fuck yes… There are no tits as perfect as those of human women,” he told her as he rubbed his cockhead into her breast. “None that can so easily be made to grow and shrink, especially when attached to a human woman with an active P-Gene. I’ve fucked the tits of the women of nearly every race that has tits and none, NONE, are as good as this.”

He grabbed both her swollen, enlarged breasts and pressed them around his member. He grabbed her nipples, pressing them onto his cockhead and rubbing them all over it. “Nipples too, such good nipples! And the way you super sluts can so easily be made to lactate… but I suppose that’s a threat you’ve not fully realized,” he said, chuckling menacingly.

A moment later he pulled away and knelt. “But it IS a threat you’ll face soon,” he told her as he grabbed both her breasts and began tugging on them, expressing thick jets of milk onto the ground. “I now know roughly when I plucked you from time. I know what is in your feature, near and far, and so many delicious deprivations and sexual horrors await you. Things will happen to you and your precious Megatropolis Amazons that will haunt the superheroine community to this very day.”

Archbaroness moaned, shuddering as the milking made her cum. So degrading… so dehumanizing… being milked like a fucking dairy cow! And the horror of my body enjoying it so much…

Every time The Game Master noticed Archbaroness cum from her milking he’d pull away and tell her she needed to be punished for being such an incurable slut. “Your udders exist to bring others joy, not you. So THEY must be punished.” He tit-tortured her in ways too numerous and intense to recount, moments of pain mixed with intense pleasure that would forever haunt her.

Slowly, as she endured alternating between being milked and then having her tits tortured, her breasts shrank. As they get smaller the energy binding her to the ceiling lowered her, keeping her enlarged breasts dangling a few inches off the floor.

She had been lowered almost to the floor before she realized that although The Game Master had made much sexual use of her breasts he’d not cum once during the entire hours-long ordeal.

 As if he was able to read her mind he had grabbed his cock and slapped her face with it then shoved it in her mouth. “I CAN cum,” he told her, grabbing hold of her hair and beginning to violently fuck her face. As he forced his cock deep down her throat she had to struggle to hear him over the choking and gagging noises she was making to hear him.

“I can cum at will, as often or infrequently as I wish.” He punctuated the comment by grunting in delight and flooding her throat with a thick load of semen. “I can make my cum taste as good or bad as I want, all at a thought. I can make it so just a mere taste addicts a woman for life, or I can make it so it depowers or repowers a superpowered woman.” He continued to cum the entire time he spoke.

As he pulled his cock out of her mouth, a bucket worth of the semen flooding out after it as she vomited it up onto the floor, he laughed cruelly at her. “So what did I make it so my cum would do to you? Are you addicted? Repowered? Depowered further? Perhaps all that cum did nothing, perhaps it’s all just one more game. What I DO know is that you’ll need to wash down what’s left in your mouth.”

With a speed that alarmed and surprised her he grabbed one of her breasts, lifting it up and shoving her nipple into her open mouth. He squeezed the breast against her face, shooting a stream of thick milk into her mouth. “Drink it,” he growled. “Drink every drop or I will make the machine zap you for another night and we’ll start over again in the morning.”

Sobbing and terrified, she did what he wanted. He made her drink till no more milk would come from her nipple then made her switch to her other breast and made her drain the last of the milk from that one as well. By the time she was done Archbaroness felt she’d vomit her belly was so full.

Now that her breasts were back to their natural size The Game Master decided to make use of them one last time before releasing Archbaroness. The bindings on the ceiling had finally let her go and she was on her knees before him. He pressed her sore breasts tightly around his cock then, grabbing her head and bending it forward, rammed his cock into her mouth. He fucked her tits and her mouth at the same time, finishing deep in her throat.

“Swallow it,” he told commanded as he pulled away, his vile cock finally beginning to go soft for the first time since she’d woken to the feel of it slapping into her breast.

It took all she had to not only swallow but keep it down without puking up a belly so overfilled with milk and cum that it bulged out, making her look pregnant.

"Good slut,” he told her. He stared down at her, his eyes gleaming mischievously, as he waited for her to gain some modicum of composure. When Archbaroness’ stomach seemed settled enough for her to look up at him he decided it was time. “So… what is your choice?”

Even with all Archbaroness had endured since being left in her cell the question had not left her mind. Even while enduring physical and psychological sexual torture the question had remained in the forefront of her mind.

“Brainwash her,” Archbaroness said, breathing heavily as the weight of her answer pressed down on her soul. “If what I’ve just endured can be dished out in one night I can’t begin to think about dooming a woman to a full year of the torture you’d dispense.”

His face lit up. “This was the answer I’d hoped you’d give me,” he said, turning away from her and going into the cell where Pinkbaroness was bound.

He did nothing to stop Archbaroness from trying to escape but she knew he didn’t need to. The prisoner collar kept her depowered but even if she’d not been wearing it the repeated forced orgasms would have been enough to leave her too powerless and weak to do more than walk from her cell to get a better look at what The Game Master was doing to Pinkbaroness.

She watched as he input a command into the wrist-mounted computer he wore. A moment later Pinkbaroness started and began to scream through her gag as the machine activated fully. The pieces gently thrusting in and out of her pussy and asshole began pounding her hard and fast. A moment later the electrodes spread all over her body began to light up as short jolts of energy were blasted into. Her body convulsed with each zap but it didn’t take long for her body and mind to begin to break down. Soon the naked, helpless superheroine was limp, her body only convulsing slightly with every fresh jolt.

And then the machine seemed to turn off.

“Is that it?” Archbaroness asked, hope filling her tired voice.

“Oh no,” The Game Master said happily. “That was just a quick primer to break down the last of her physical and mental barriers. You can’t see it but right now the machine is rewriting her mind through a bombardment of visual and audio stimuli only she is experiencing. There are also waves of special energy being blasted into her mind and body that will reinforce the brainwashing.”

He walked up to her and began stroking the side of her face. “I’ve always loved watching a foe be completely reprogrammed. Defiance can be fun, but like everything else it gets tiresome after a time. Seeing a powerful woman helpless and being turned into a completely obedient tool, now THAT never gets boring. Sadly, it’s an art I’ve perfected so well it’s not likely I’d ever need to do it more than once to any one woman.”

“What are you doing to her?” Archbaroness asked, her voice shaking. She didn’t want to know the answer yet HAD to know what fate she’d doomed the heroic woman to.

“Such impatience,” he said. “You’ll find out soon enough.” He paused, looking at the device on his wrist. “VERY soon,” he added, lowering his arm as the device Pinkbaroness was strapped into beeped. A moment later it hissed and the various components began falling off of its bound victim. The Game Master helped free Pinkbaroness, holding her hand as he helped her to her feet.

The blank expression on her face terrified Archbaroness. It looked as though everything she was, every bit of her memory and personality had been erased leaving only a blank slate. She looked like an empty thing, something that was no longer human.

“Don’t worry,” The Game Master said, “she won’t be blank for long. She just needs a trigger to wake the new her that’s been imprinted over the clean slate the machine gave her. And yes, there is nothing of the old Pinkbaroness left. Only what I’ve made of her.”

Before Archbaroness could ask what the trigger to wake the “new” Pinkbaroness was The Game Master told Pinkbaroness to kneel. With no sign of emotion on her face she did as she was commanded, dropping to her knees. “Mouth,” he commanded. Again, with no hint of expression on her face, she opened her mouth. She stared ahead into nothing as The Game Master grabbed his cock as it grew hard then rammed it into her open mouth.

The shell of a woman that had once been Pinkbaroness didn’t have enough of its humanity left to gag as The Game Master savagely fucked her face. The way she remained still, showing no concern for her ability to breath as he ravaged her mouth and throat, disturbed Archbaroness so much she found herself beginning to back away from the terrifying sight.

“It’s time,” The Game Master grunted, grabbing Pinkbaroness’ hair and jerking her head away from his cock as he took a step back. He held her head in place while grabbing his cock and pointing it at her face. “Take it, you beautiful bitch,” he groaned as he began to cum. “Be reborn, be baptized with my jism!”

Archbaroness watched as a huge load of thick cum splattered onto Pinkbaroness’ face, covering nearly all of it. She watched, unable to look away, as The Game Master let go of her hair and stepped back further, his face expectant. She watched as the thick load of semen ran down Pinkbaroness’ face, dripping onto her breasts. Pinkbaroness reached up and began wiping cum off her face, revealing… something. Archbaroness couldn’t tell what yet, but she could SEE something was different.

“Pinkbaroness?” she asked, coming forward and dropping down onto her knees. “Pinkbaroness, can you hear me? Are you in there?” She moved her face close to the woman that had risked and lost so much trying to save her.

A moment later Pinkbaroness blinked and their eyes met. That’s not the woman that saved me, she thought bitterly. That’s someone else… no, SOMETHING else.

Still on the ground beside the woman that had been Pinkbaroness, Archbaroness whirled around and glared at The Game Master. “What did you do to her, you monster? What have you turned her into?”


What has Pinkbaroness’ brainwashing done to her? (Choose up to 4 options from this poll)

It’s been decided that Archbaroness will end up thinking she’s defeated The Game Master before escaping back to her time. How will this happen? (Choose up to 3 options from this poll)
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Re: "A Game of Interdimensional Peril Staring Archbaroness" Poll Driven Story (updated 1/10/22)

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Philo Hunter wrote: 10 months ago Image

Re-edited this to throw up a quick "cover" I threw together.

If you're looking to read the ongoing story in its current entirety you can go here:
https://philohunter.com/free-stories/un ... ven-story/
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Re: "A Game of Interdimensional Peril Staring Archbaroness" Poll Driven Story (updated 12/31/21)

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Here's the final entry! It's been a fun ride, hope you've all enjoyed.


Pinkbaroness pushed Archbaroness out of her way, standing up and looking at The Game Master. “I am reborn,” she declared, her voice sounding strange. “And I know my purpose,” she added. Then, without warning, she leaped into the air and flew down the hall and out of sight.

“Where is she going?” Archbaroness asked, staring after her. “What have you programmed her to do?”

“She’s going to leave here and travel back out into the galaxy, able to convincingly pretend she’s still the Pinkbaroness that they all know. Even the galaxy’s most powerful telepath will be unable to see what has been done to her mind. But instead of the valiant superheroine they all know she will be a Trojan horse who will devastate the intergalactic superheroine community.

“Pinkbaroness is going to begin hunting down monsters known for impregnating women of other races, enlisting other heroines in a great crusade to attempt to rid the universe of such creatures. But she’ll work to sabotage the efforts every step of the way, attempting to ensure that every superheroine in this universe ends up falling prey to such monsters.”

The Game Master told Archbaroness to follow him, not explaining where he was taking her. As they walked he held out his arm, activating the wrist-mounted computer so that it began displaying a holographic scene with a huge four-legged monster filling most of it. The beast towered over Pinkbaroness and another heroine holding a round shield. The monster’s body looked like it was made of a twisted mass of brown muscles, its trunk-like limbs ending in thick stumps that looked as though they could easily crush either woman facing off against it.

One large glowing red eye on a long neck extended up from the beast’s body and hung above the two heroines. Pinkbaroness pointed to it. “Be prepared,” a distorted voice called out from the recording. “It will try and stun us with a laser that will shoot from the eye.”

The beast roared then charged at the two heroines, its eye pointed at them and sending a red laser blasting their way. The heroine with the shield leaped in front of Pinkbaroness, deflecting the laser beam. “We can take it together,” she called out.

“Of course we could,” Pinkbaroness whispered, the expression on her face shifting to reveal the monster The Game Master had turned her into. “But there will be no victory for you today.”

Archbaroness watched the recording in horror as Pinkbaroness charged the monster, shifting at the last minute to “accidentally” slam into the other heroine’s back. They both tumbled to the ground, giving the monster the opening it needed to blast the shield-bearing heroine with its eye beam.

The blast stunned her, leaving the woman laying on the ground helpless. Pinkbaroness, laughing evilly, leaped to the air and flew out of sight as the creature roared and got up on its back legs. A huge monstrous cock unsheathing from under its body, quickly growing hard. It landed on top of the heroine, using its eyestalk to flip her face down. Archbaroness looked away as it mounted the heroine laying helplessly on the ground, not wanting to see what the creature was about to do to her.

 “It will impregnate her,” The Game Master declared. “Pinkbaroness will of course tell other heroines how she only barely escaped, sharing the horrifying tale of a fellow heroine being defeated and used to breed another monster fueling her crusade.”

Archbaroness glanced back and saw the holographic scene was gone. “How did you have that recording?” she demanded. “Is it from the future or was it fake?”

“I’ve mastered time and space and every technology imaginable,” The Game Master declared. “It could be a recording of the future or it could be a prediction my computers have created. But does it matter? If that very moment doesn’t happen something like it WILL. Thanks to Pinkbaroness, thanks to what YOU chose to happen to her, every heroine she enlists in her great crusade will be impregnated by various foul monsters, birthing an ever-growing army of sexual ravenous space creatures that will ravage this universe for thousands of years.”

He touched his wrist and another holographic scene appeared. This time it showed a blond heroine, purple tentacles wrapped around her body keeping her arms pinned to her sides. She was struggling but unable to break free of the thing’s grip. Another tentacle appeared, tipped with what looked disturbingly like a penis. She screamed then shook her head, closing her mouth tight and turning away. A moment later the cock-tipped tentacle was pressing against her lips, trying to force its way into her mouth.

Strange cum-like goo began to ooze from the tip. It rubbed it onto her lips and it seemed that the moment the heroine got a taste of it her ability to resist faltered. The cock-tipped tentacle was able to force its way into her mouth and soon it was savagely fucking her throat. When the tentacle stopped thrusting and began to pulse Archbaroness knew it was ejaculating something down her throat. When it pulled the tentacle out of her mouth the heroine retched up a thick load of semen then began clawing at her throat as though she felt something still inside of her.

“This creature implants an egg down women’s throats, where it attaches to their insides. The woman can feel it there but nothing she does will be able to dislodge it, not till it’s ready to be born.”

The image shifted, showing the same heroine on her hands and knees, vomiting out a semi-transparent purple sack about the size of a baseball. Inside it was a swarm of writhing tentacles that began to press their way out of the membrane encasing them.

“The creature will be large enough to fuck and impregnate another woman within in days,” The Game Master told Archbaroness. “Of course, by then the first one will have impregnated this heroine again,” he added as the image disappeared.

“Pinkbaroness will leave heroine after heroine to their doom. She’ll ensure each is defeated and brutally fucked before being impregnated, their bodies ruined by their pregnancies. The lucky ones will have their minds break from the trauma of birthing the first few monsters. The unlucky ones will manage to keep their minds intact till their bodies give out, fully aware of the horror they will endure and knowing each creature they birth is only ensuring the same happens to other women.

 “Imagine what it will be like… Those women all trusting Pinkbaroness, caught up in the fire of the crusade she’s leading. Imagine what it would be like for one of those women, following this inspiring woman into a dark cave only to be pushed into a pit full of inescapable tentacle monsters that will fuck and impregnate you over and over again till your mind and body give out. Imagine what will go through their minds when their role model betrays them to, say, some nightmare insectoid swarm that will imprison them and turn them into their hive’s brood queen. And all of it happening because YOU chose this fate for them.”

Archbaroness clenched her fists, wishing she could punch the villain’s smug face till he rasped a final, pained breath. Anger coursed through her so intensely it felt almost as though her powers were returning to her.

The Game Master tapped the screen of the computer on his wrist, bringing up another holographic image. A small heroine was being held upside down by a big hairy humanoid beast. Her legs were spread open and its mouth was on her crotch, its long tongue thrusting in and out of her cunt. At the same time her mouth was open, its huge monstrous cock impaling her open maw. The angle of the display changed, showing the monster’s cock was so big it could be seen bulging her throat.

“Some of the monsters take a while for their young to gestate,” he began to explain as the scene played out, showing the monster fucking the small helpless woman. “Months or even years before they will give birth. To ensure the birth is carried many of the monsters will keep the women captive, using them to satisfy their endless carnal hungers during that time. Some of these women will hold on to their sanity by telling themselves the sacrifice they are making is keeping that specific monster from impregnating other women during that time, maybe even keeping it in one place so other heroines can mount a rescue attempt.

“Of course, they will be mistaken. No one will come to save them unless Pinkbaroness is leading them into another trap. No matter how much hope these heroic women have eventually after birthing enough of these horrific horny beasts their minds will shatter. And once their bodies give out their monstrous captors will abandon their bodies like a piece of soon forgotten garbage.”

The anger only grew inside Archbaroness. Oddly, the pulsing heat seemed to be burning at the power dampener around her neck. Her belly also burned, as though all the cum she’d ingested was heating and radiating power out into her body. Suddenly Archbaroness remembered what The Game Master had said about his cum. Could he have chosen to make his cum repower or even supercharge her powers? Was this part of another game he was playing?

“We are here,” The Game Master declared, opening a door to reveal a large glowing platform. “Come in. This will take us to my interdimensional base.”

As soon as they were both on the platform the air around them began to sizzle. A moment later the world around them shifted and they were teleported through dimensions, a feeling Archbaroness was unhappily familiar with. When the world around them came back into focus they were standing on a platform much like the one they had left, but with a look and feel she found instantly recognizable. He had told the truth, they had been transported back to his interdimensional base.

“Come with me,” he told her. “We will go to my control room now. And while we do I will continue telling you about the ways you’ve doomed the heroines of your future.”

She barely heard him. The power she felt had increased after being teleported. She could feel the power dampener on her neck trying to weaken her powers, but they were returning to her anyways. I have to buy time, she thought. Keep him distracted so he doesn’t notice my powers returning. Let him keep talking, that’s all I need to do…

“Eventually some of the heroines might begin to suspect the truth about Pinkbaroness. She’ll simply fake her death, disappearing like the other heroines she’s led to their dooms. But that will not be the end. The crusade will live on without her and even have a chance to become successful.

“She’ll, of course, stop that from happening. She’ll know which heroines need to be taken down. She’ll make sure they are ambushed when alone and vulnerable. She’ll ship them packages with monsters hidden within, sneak creatures into their bases where they think they are safe.

“Think about how this will change life for these heroines, think of the scope of it. Those heroines who don’t join the crusades will be shunned by those that do, blamed for their losses. While the people of the rest of the universe will blame them for the rise in crimes they no longer have the numbers to stop. And then, as the army of horny space monsters grows and causes ever more terror, they will be doubly blamed for cursing the universe with the flood of horny monsters, eager to fuck and impregnate the females of every sentient race.

“The value of their voice in society will drop with their declining numbers, and finally as the monstrous wave of fuck-monsters overruns this dimension in an apocalyptic orgy of impregnation the true scope of the universal apocalypse will be realized and they will become hated and shunned for either causing it or failing to prevent it.

“What will be left of civilization will be a brutal and crude thing where no woman is safe, both threatened by an endless tide of fuck-monsters AND the men of their own species desperate to bread more members to fight back against them. When the universe recovers from the apocalyptic event thousands of years later it will be a male-dominated one, one where women are treated as sex objects and with no race willing to ever let them be equals again less they nearly doom them all like had happened during the ‘dark’ times.”

They stopped at a door. “This is my control room,” he told her. “It is where I spend most of my time and it will be where YOU will spend most of your time from now on for I have decided to keep you as my personal fuck-pet. You will exist to serve me, living out the rest of your life, or till I bore of you, always ready to drain my balls. I’ll use you, and especially those glorious tits of yours, as my personal cum urinal. And you’ll learn to love it because you know your fate could be worse, MUCH worse.”

He paused, studying her face. “I see a glimmer of defiance in you,” he told her. “Wipe it clean. Even if the power dampener on your neck failed I have the power to easily defeat you. And should you become defiant there are countless ways I could break you. First, though, I’d dump you back in your home dimension and let you see the horror you’ve unleashed on it. After you’ve spent a decade or two hiding from or being impregnated by those monsters and serving me will seem like heaven.”

“You’re right,” Archbaroness said, lowering her head to hide her expression, not wanting to give him a chance to see the lie in her words. “You’ve defeated me. I’ve no chance of escape.”

“Good,” he said, opening the door. “Now go in.”

She entered before him, awed by the massive array of monitors and computer banks. Controls were spread all over the room, many of which were beyond her understanding. But not all of them. There were keyboards with English letters on them and displays on screens full of commands and controls in English as well.

There is something here that can help me defeat him. Something I’ll understand how to use when the time is right. But first I need to be stronger… I need more of his cum in me. I need to see if ingesting more of it will further supercharge my powers. Even if I find something here that will save me I will need to be able to overpower him.

“You’ve defeated me,” she said again. “Let me prove my capitulation to you. Let me use the tits you are so fond of to drain your balls.”

“Yes,” he replied, “I would like that.” He pulled his cock out, revealing it was already hard in anticipation. “Kneel before me in submission. Use your tits and mouth to pleasure me. We’ll see how many times I can cum before I begin to bore of using you this way. Keep me entertained and engaged long enough and I’ll even give you a treat when we are done.”

She knelt and lifted her tits up, giving him the most pathetic placating look she could muster, then spit on his cock before wrapping her breasts around it. She began giving him a titjob, leaning forward and bending her head down to suck on his cock at the same time. She worked his dick with impressive skill, bringing him to climax quickly. She sucked every drop of cum down then kept going, knowing he could will himself to remain hard as long as he wanted.

Archbaroness sucked down load after load of cum, each one leaving her feeling stronger. Before long she felt more powerful than she’d ever felt in her life and knew the vile fiend’s semen was supercharging her powers not just returning them to her.

It was hours later when The Game Master finally pushed her away. “Truly amazing,” he gasped. “I’m not even bored of it yet, but I need a rest,” he said. He waved an arm and a chair materialized behind him. He fell back into it and went limp, closing his eyes and beginning to fall asleep.

Archbaroness remained on her knees, watching to see if he really had fallen asleep. After ten minutes it seemed he had. Cautiously, she got to her feet. She began to float off the ground to ensure her movements were as quiet as she could make them then began moving around the control room, reading monitors in a desperate attempt to find something that would help her.

She had expected it would take weeks or maybe even months of stealing moments like this. To her surprise she discovered something almost at once. She’d found controls for a device that allowed The Game Master to teleport targets between dimensions.

She carefully had the system show her a display of dimensions it could teleport someone to and found an entry for an “inescapable pocket dimension”. A notation in the destination’s description said it was something The Game Master had created as an emergency measure if he ever faced an enemy he couldn’t defeat. Once sent to the dimension nothing, not even the machine that teleported someone there, could ever retrieve a person.

Just as Archbaroness began to target The Game Master with the system his eyes shot open. “What are you doing?” he bellowed. She spun, seeing him jump to his feet. His eyes and hand were glowing with steaming green energy. “Get away from my machine!” he screamed, sending a blast of green energy at her.

If her powers hadn’t been supercharged the blast would have knocked her out, instead it barely stunned her. She stumbled back from the machine as The Game Master leaped across the room towards her.

Recovering from the blast she leaped back towards the controls. All she needed to do was activate the device, push one button. The Game Master had realized what she was doing and moved to prevent her from touching the button. But once more what should have been a short, one-sided fight ended up being a struggle Archbaroness was able to endure.

“NO,” The Game Master shouted, struggling to hold Archbaroness’ arm back as she strained to hit the button. “I will not be beaten by you! This is not how my story ends! My great games MUST go on!!!”

“They end today,” she said coldly, summoning all the anger at what she’d endured since being taken captive. The anger burned inside her, giving her the strength to overpower The Game Master. Her finger hit the button and there was a blast, sending her flying back.

Archbaroness woke sometime later, realizing the blast had knocked her out. There was no sign of The Game Master.

She got up, feeling sore and tired. She realized the power dampener on her neck was gone. After finding it smashed on the floor she decided it must have been shattered during the fight.

It took her a minute to locate the controls for the device she’d used to teleport The Game Master away. Once she had she confirmed it had done what she wanted. “It’s over,” she whispered. “He’s gone forever with no hope of rescue.”

* * *

Archbaroness had found there were few of the systems she could understand. Not wanting to cause any harm, she’d settled on figuring out how to return herself to her home. She knew the base and the technology it contained were dangerous but figured no one other than the banished Game Master would have the technology to let them reach it. Once she had left it she felt certain it would remain lost and forgotten.

With her ordeal over she returned to her home, reappearing only moments after she’d been originally teleported away. She was surprised to find herself wearing a clean costume as if no time had passed.

As she’d returned to Freedom Tower she’d thought about telling her teammates about the horrors she’d endured but decided against it. The Game Master was gone, no one needed to know about the terrible fate they might have faced in his perverse games had his reign of terror continued.

I defeated him. He’ll never harm or terrorize another superheroine again.


The Game Master sat in his control room, chuckling as he watched an image of Archbaroness back in her home time and dimension.

He was amused his ruse had worked so well. He’d chosen to supercharge her powers, although not enough for her to have ever been a real threat to him. He’d simply pretended to let her overpower him. And the device she thought she’d used to banish him? It had been another ruse he’d set up, all to make her think she’d won. The time after “defeating” him and before she’d been sent home had been an illusion he’d planted in her mind. The device she’d activated had simply knocked her out and he’d chosen to send her home after making a few last changes to her mind and memories.

“And now my great games can continue,” he told himself. “And so can my game with Archbaroness.”

He began looking through files of superheroines active in the time she had been returned to. He’d begin abducting them one at a time and making them play his great game, sending them home after their five challenges. He wanted to see how many he could run through before he started to grow bored. When he did he’d return to Archbaroness, make her endure it all again with the added terror of realizing she’d never come close to defeating him.
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