Supergirl Stories from The Wizards Lair

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Supergirl Stories from The Wizards Lair

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Hello villains and heroines,

I'm not sure what the parameters are on this but I wanted to post a couple stories from The Wizards Lair.

Please let me know if I have to take them down or anything... these are not my stories.

Otherwise, enjoy!



The Crypt o' Night
by Alx Orange

Foxfire burned in the dark shadows of the concrete forest as the
Greyhound bus lurched to a curbside stop. Three sets of evil eyes
scanned the debarking passengers for fresh meat, finally focusing on one
pretty little slip of a girl with straight blonde hair. Her white top
and blue miniskirt hugged her budding curves a bit too tightly, but her
face radiated a sweet innocence that the Master would surely love. Yes,
she was another little runaway from Smallville come to Metropolis with
big dreams of envisioned glory. The gargoyles grinned, punching each
other and pointing. The night's prey had been selected.
The girl slung a red duffle bag over her shoulder as she stepped on the
curb. She cocked her head, flipped back her long blonde hair and made
her way down the street. She stopped on the corner under a streetlamp
and looked around with some puzzlement. What a sweet morsel! The
teenager cupped her breasts, blotted her lips and straightened her short
skirt. After a moment she took a deep breath and headed down a deserted
side street. This was almost too easy.
The abduction took only seconds. Skreech swooped down. The girl began to
run, tripped and lost her bag. The flying gargoyle dropped a net over
the girl. Gizzard leapt forward from the storm drain, pulled the netting
tight, and pitched the bundle to Volt. The massive Volt caught the
bundle as if it were nothing and disappeared down a manhole. The street
was once more quiet and deserted except for a red duffle bag resting in
the gutter like a bag of garbage.
The trio of creatures reassembled in the storm sewer below the street.
Volt carried the bundle over his shoulder, rudely grasping the unlucky
girl by her tight little ass. They descended rapidly through the tunnels
until they came to a lighted chamber deep in the sewer system. Volt
dumped the struggling bundle to the wet stone at his feet.
"Quiet, Girl." Volt nudged the squirming bundle with his boot.
"You...vile monsters," gasped the insolent teen.
"Shut up!" Gizzard smacked her once with his reptilian tail for
Skreech squealed his approval as the helpless girl rolled up in a ball
and whimpered "Stop...please."
"Remember, this girl is for the Master," Volt reprimanded, "Now,
Skreech, remove your net and let's take a better look at our snatch."

Everything had gone according to Supergirl's plan. She had set herself
up as bait and these stupid subhumans had taken it. She could have
broken free and pummelled these creatures at any time, but that would
have accomplished nothing. Other henchmen had been captured, but the
abductions had continued. It was their Master she wanted. The abductions
would stop only if the mastermind behind them were brought to justice.
Kara continued to wimper and wiggle weakly, being careful not to
actually rip the netting in which she was wrapped. She wondered what it
would be like to be without her super strength and struggle futilely
with all her might, but she found it difficult to imagine such a
horrific predicament. The skinny, winged gargoyle called Skreech freed
her from the net and, holding her arms behind her, lifted Kara to her
feet. He bound her wrists with a length of rope. Then he tossed the
loose end over a ceiling brace, pulled her off the ground, and tied off
the loose end. Dishevelled and on display, Kara hung by the rope, her
red pumps dangling several inches above the damp stone.
As they gawked at her nubile body, Supergirl examined the creatures who
had kidnapped her. The thin brown one with wings called Skreech looked
like some sort of humanoid pterodactyl. The green one called Gizzard had
a long crocodile-like snout and tail like a dragon. She had yet to hear
a name for the purple monster, but she had felt the awesome grip of his
gnarled fingers as he had carried her draped over his massive shoulder.
With pointed ears, huge feet and a wicked grin this apparent leader of
the group had all the features of the classic troll, including being
hung like a bull elephant! He idly scratched his balls as he gazed at
"Remove her skirt," he commanded.
"Sweet cheeks," commented Gizzard, lifting the back of her skirt with
the tip of his tail. Whack! The leathery whip of a tail popped her
exposed bottom as it ripped away her tiny skirt.
"Ooh!" Kara exclaimed with genuine surprise. Deliberately trying to look
trashy, Kara wore no underclothes beneath the ultra thin long-sleeved
white bodysuit she had purchased from Victoria's Secret. She couldn't
help but blush a little now that it was all she wore. Supergirl was
going to enjoy crushing these vermin when the time came, but it would
have to wait if her plan was to succeed. She began to realize that
maintaining this deception was going to take all the self control she
could muster. She began to question her own plan. How far was she
willing to go? What if they intended to rape her? Supergirl had never
known sexual pleasure; after all, who on earth could possibly penetrate
her. Was it possible? Even for these evil monsters? She twisted back and
forth, kicking about with her legs. The audience seemed to like the
"Hehe, 'em bare assed...oh yeah!" The high pitched voice of Skreech was
like nails on a chalk board.
"Whoa, hello baby!" Gizzard began to spank her ass with his tail.
Smack. Supergirl was in no real danger or pain. Whack. But it was
embarrassing. Smack. Yet Kara played her part. Crack. She tensed and
gasped at every blow. Whack. Her exposed bottom began to glow like that
of any normal girl. Thwack. The demons were licking their lips. Smack.
She felt the crotch of the bodysuit pulled tight in her ass. Crack. The
sensation was warm and wet. Smack. Playing the part of a tortured victim
aroused Supergirl. Whack. She had never known anything quite like this
warm, wet sensation inside. Smack. Kara groaned out loud!

"Enough Gizzard, she must not be damaged if we are to present her to the
Master," said Volt through clinched teeth.
"I think the slut likes it," spat Gizzard through his laughter.
The bodysuit fit the girl like a stocking and now showed several obvious
damp spots. "Please don't hurt me anymore," she begged.
Volt approached her as he spoke, "I am KillerVolt. They call me Volt,
and this is Gizzard..." Volt gestured at each gargoyle in turn. "and
this is Skrotum, though we call him Skreech. You, girl, are to be
offered as a gift to our master, the Wizard, who animated the stone
which held us."
"OhMyGod, why are you doing this to me," implored the girl?
"You will do as you are told..." stated Volt.
"Yes, yes, totally," agreed the girl.
"Or you will suffer." Volt pointed his gnarled middle finger at her
chest. An arc of electricity shot from his finger, sizzling in the foul
air. Little blue bolts danced across the blonde's pert breasts. Her
whole body bounced and her shocked tits shook. Tawny nipples became taut
and pressed against the thin white fabric of her bodysuit.
"Whee, U can't stop th' copper top," quipped Skreech.
"oooOOooh," moaned the pitiful victim!
"I told you the slut liked it," insisted Gizzard.
Volt stopped this torture. There was no resistance as the gargoyles
lowered their prize to the floor. Her arms were left bound behind her.
There was no real need to keep her bound, but a slave always looks more
presentable with her arms tied behind her back. A collar was placed
around her pretty neck to which a chain was fastened. Skreech took the
chain in hand and led her into the next chamber.
This chamber was unremarkable except for a red globe in the middle of
the otherwise blank wall. Volt shot a bolt of energy into the red globe.
The stone wall began to shimmer and flow like a grey liquid. A whirlpool
opening appeared in the middle. It grew in size, engulfing the wall in a
virtual maelstrom. The three gargoyles, their captive in tow, stepped
into the vortex and disappeared. The wall reformed behind them, leaving
only a damp chamber with stone block walls. The red globe was gone.

Supergirl tried to contain her excitement. These creatures were taking
her right to her target. She felt sure she was getting close now. They
had brought her into a natural cavern through what seemed to be some
sort of dimensional portal. The only illumination came from dark green
globes on the limestone walls. She noted a red globe on the wall behind
them, apparently the key to the dimensional portal.
"Let's go," said Volt.
Skreech gave the chain a tug. In the darkness Kara tripped over a rock,
stumbling to one knee. She was jerked roughly back to her feet and led
away. They came to the mouth of the cavern. It was nighttime, but a big
red moon was beginning to rise. A dimly lit tower could be seen far out
on a plain surrounded by mountains. It must be the Wizard's lair! Size
and distance were impossible to determine without any point of reference
in the dim light, but it appeared to be a long way.
"Skreech, fly ahead and let the master know we're coming," ordered Volt.
"Coming, hehe, knot breathing hard, hehe, yet," wheezed Skreech.
Gizzard took hold of Supergirl's chain. Skreech spread his wings and
launched himself into the air. He quickly disappeared into the darkness.
Volt and Gizzard headed out across the plain. Supergirl followed at the
end of her chain. As soon as she was brought before the Wizard these
creatures and their master would know her wrath.
Supergirl wondered how far they had to walk. After twenty minutes she
couldn't tell that they were any closer. The gargoyles took long
strides, forcing her to run fairly fast to keep up. The night air was
warm and humid. Kara could feel the thin fabric of her bodysuit getting
damp with perspiration. She took a deep breath. She was actually
becoming winded, yet Gizzard and Volt seemed annoyed by the slowness of
the pace.
"Come on, slut," grumbled Gizzard, jerking her chain.
"Gizzard, remove her chain," decided Volt. "I'll carry the cunt."
Gizzard detached the chain and looped it around his midsection like a
belt. Kara felt Volt's large hands grasp her under her arms and across
her breasts. As he had done earlier, he unceremoniously hoisted her up
and threw her over his shoulder, but this time it seemed rougher.
"Now, let's hurry," he said.
The gargoyles began to bound across the plain with huge, powerful
strides. Kara's abdomen bounced on Volt's muscular shoulder as though
she were being carried over the back of a galloping horse. She began to
slip once, but gnarled digits dug into moist fabric covering her anus as
his cruel hand gripped the crack of her upturned ass. The rush of wind
on her ass cheeks felt as if she were travelling in an open car. She was
amazed by the effortless speed of these creatures.
Kara sensed other even faster creatures flying overhead from time to
time. If they could see in the dark she realized they had a clear view
of her backside. It was humiliating to be carried like this and
Supergirl looked forward with relish to a time in the near future when
she would teach these monsters a lesson. But for now Kara continued to
play the part of a helpless captive, something she was finding easier
and easier to do. Since entering this other dimension the creatures had
either become stronger, more impressive than before; or she was weaker
and more vulnerable here.
Whatever the reason, Kara now found it much easier than before to
imagine her own helplessness as creature's rude hands gripped and
regripped her most private region. Once again arousal seized her young
body as she felt herself being fingered by Volt. Her body quivered as
she sucked in a trembling breath. Static sparks from Volts fingertips
popped her pussy through the wet fabric. She exhaled a gutteral moan.
Instinctively she began to squirm and rub herself against his felonius
phalanges. Her labored breathing became a rhythmic gasping. Never in her
life had Supergirl been this close to orgasm. Her head and hole throbbed
with the rushing of bodily juices.

Skreech met them at the base of the monolithic tower. Volt dumped the
girl on her butt. He shook his head in disbelief. What a slut! She had
actually started humping his hand as he carried her. Gizzard reattached
the chain and pulled her to her feet. Her face was flushed, her hair
wild and wanton. The damp bodysuit clung to her succulent body like a
second skin. The gargoyles hoped their master would be pleased.
Sometimes, for entertainment, he let them amuse themselves with their
"The master waits, er..." squealed Skreech, "Eyes promise 'm prize
"Let's go," replied Volt. "Gizzard, you bring the slut."
"Hell yeah!" Gizzard gripped the chain with his claws and tugged.
Three excited henchmen entered the tower lair of their master, the
Wizard. The scantily clad little blonde dutifully followed behind her
proud captors. The gargoyles led their captive down a long columned hall
to an ornate chamber. They entered the room and Volt stepped forward,
gesturing with his huge hand.
"Master, we come to present you with a gift. We bring you a pretty, but
slutty little slave we captured this very night."
Skreech giggled maniacally as Gizzard led the girl forward like a dog on
a leash. He handed the chain to the Wizard, backed away and knelt. Volt
and Skreech also went to a knee. Volt pointed to the stupid slave to
kneel before their Master. But the girl simply stood up straight and
peered at the hooded figure of the Wizard with a look of pure disdain.
"Wizard," she began with a glance over her shoulder, "you and your
henchmen will menace the innocent no more."
The stunned gargoyles were crestfallen by the slave's impertinence.
"I, Supergirl, have come to put an end to your evil schemes."
The gargoyles cowered in fear, not of Supergirl, but rather of their
master's wrath. The Wizard sat unmoving as the girl flexed her lithe
body to break the rope which bound her wrists. Her small but pert
breasts pressed up and out as she strained. A perplexed look clouded her
"Indeed," boomed the Wizard's voice, "You are a comely little lass, but
you're no Supergirl. I see a half naked wisp of a slave with her arms
bound behind her back."
He yanked her chain and the blonde girl sprawled face first on the royal
rug at his feet. The Wizard laughed long and loud.
"But I am Supergirl..." Continuing to try to free herself the pretty
little captive flailed about on the floor but to no avail.
"Well, Sooopergirl," the Wizard mocked her, "Welcome to the Crypt 'o
Night. My lair exists on the dark side where night is eternal."
The poor girl rolled to her knees, stammering, "I don't understand."
"Why don't you just click your red heels together three times and return
home, my pretty," joked the Wizard wickedly.
Standing, the bewildered blonde pitifully did as she was told.
"Guess who's not in Kansas anymore!?" The Wizard laughed again and
spread his robed arms toward his gargoyles.
"Thank you," he said through his laughter. "Having this little slut
pretend to be Supergirl was truely an inspired idea. You're good goyles,
but to think, even for a moment, that I might believe that the three of
you could capture the mighty Supergirl. Now that's a good one. But it is
fun to pretend. Which of you had such a wonderful idea for a gift?"
Always ready to accept undeserved praise Skreech stepped forward as the
Wizard continued, "Not that it matters. You shall all be rewarded. Now
take this super slave away to the dungeon and put her in chains."
The Wizard handed Skreech three green stones. "Drop these in the dungeon
acid bath and leave this, uhm, Supergirl hanging."

Kara had never felt so helpless. She was powerless here! But why? Was it
kryptonite? Or something else? She was so helpless that her foe didn't
even believe she was Supergirl. Not that it mattered. He probably
intended to kill her or worse anyway. Kara began to cry as the
hopelessness of her situation overwhelmed her. The gargoyles dragged the
sobbing girl through the palace hallways to the dungeon. Kara was groped
by everything from tentacles to proboscises as the Wizard's many
henchmen teased the fresh captive all along the way.
The dungeon was dimly illuminated by reddish moonlight which eminated
from a little window high up on one stone wall. Hideous torture devices
were scattered all about the hot, humid little room. An acid bath
gurgled in the middle of the chamber. Tight metal shackles locked shut
around Kara's wrists and ankles. She was pulled spead eagle and hoisted
up against a wall.
"So you're a superslut," asked Volt rhetorically? She could see the rage
burning in him as he continued, "What a wicked jolt we receive when
KillerVolt we deceive."
Kara heard the hum of the power in Volt's hands. She tensed as tiny
lightning bolts crackled across her flesh. In Supergirl's dimension it
had merely tickled; but here, she was suddenly seized by electrifying
pain. Wave upon wave of pain flooded her body. Fire burned everywhere.
It burned in her skin, her bones, her hair and her toes. Was she being
cooked alive? She could neither see nor hear through the immobilizing
agony to which there seemed no end.
Her pain threshold exceeded, Kara thankfully fainted. But the enraged
KillerVolt continued to electrocute her pretty body. The sweat soaked
bodysuit had, by now, become essentially transparent. Bathed in electric
blue the girl's tits and ass jiggled deliciously as her unconscious body
convulsed. Gizzard and Skreech chuckled and joked with each other as
they enjoyed the show. Volt's anger finally found release and he ceased
this shocking torture.
Supergirl's body hung limply from its shackles. Consciousness slowly
returned to her big blue eyes. Beyond the ringing in her ears Kara
recognized the sick laughter of Skreech as Gizzard approached, his tail
swishing back and forth. She commanded her arms and legs to move, but
there were only a few random spasms. Through the tears that poured from
her eyes Gizzard's tail slithered into focus. Kara felt the surreal
sensation of being apart from her body as she watched it coil. It was
like watching a slow-motion sequence from a movie as it struck. The
cold, heartless reptile made of living stone whipped every inch of
Kara's flesh with his twitching tail. He whipped her arms and legs. Her
body shivered in the warm air. He whipped her breasts and butt. She
moaned pitifully and her whole body quivered. Gizzard even whipped his
tail between her legs and spanked her there.
"Aaarrgghhh!" A long plaintive wail escaped her lips.
"She's perf...perfect," observed Skreech with sincere reverence,
plopping the green stones in the bubbling acid bath. The hideous winged
creature thought she was the most lovely thing he'd ever seen.
"But, Volt, what if she really is Supergirl," asked Gizzard?
"Then she'll be dead by the time we return and the master will probably
let us do as we please with her dead body." Volt shrugged at Gizzard,
then pointedly looked at Kara with a cruel grimace. Kara realized that
Volt, at least, believed the Supergirl story after all.
"Hehe, dead, hehe, Scrotum like play 'ith dead thingies!"
"Oh God, no, don't kill me, please, I'll do anything," begged the
horrified Supergirl!
Volt laughed at her protestations and, holding it in his gnarled hand,
showed her his demonhood. It had been impressive when flaccid. Now it
was engorged and she gasped at the enormity of it. Volt smiled impishly,
then approached. Kara wet herself in fear as Volt prodded her chest with
his huge member.
"Eat me," he taunted and turned away.
Kara could hear Volt explain as the cold gargoyles filed out of the
room. "You see, my brothers, the bitch tricked us! At first she
pretended to be bait so we would capture her and bring her to the
Master. Her plan worked but she could not know that, although we live on
the dark side and never see the sun, our Master's realm exists within
the sphere of a red star. She has no superpowers here! Once we brought
her through the dimensional portal, Supergirl became nothing more than
the ordinary slut she pretended to be."
The cell door slammed shut. The once mighty Supergirl hung in chains.
Red moonlight shone through the window, bathing her sweat drenched body
in an eerie darkroom glow. A green fog rose from the bubbling acid
bath...kryptonite gas! This cell was a sauna from hell. Kara strained
frantically at the chains with all her might as puke green gas began to
fill the chamber. She felt sick at her stomach. Her head began to swim
as her body burned. She twisted and turned, but there was no escape.
Consciousness slowly slipped away.
Supergirl would soon be dead, but her subconscious mind would not go
quietly. She envisioned the grotesque gargoyles pleasuring themselves
with her dead naked body. They held her tightly between them so that all
three could use her at the same time. Gizzard raped her tight white
behind. Screech violated the pretty red lips of her mouth. And Volt
split the hairless pink lips of her cunt with his swollen purple
battering ram. In and out. Up and down. Back and forth. The thunder of
their efforts moved into the distance. Kara gasped for air, but tasted
only the acrid stench of kryptonite gas. She was suffocating. It was
like a furnace. But the will of her subconscious was not to be denied.
It wanted one thing before she died. Her body orgasmed for the first and
final time; then slipped into humid darkness...
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Re: Supergirl Stories from The Wizards Lair

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by RW

"Oh ... uunnhhh ... mmmnnn ... n-no ... st-stop ... puh-please! nooOOOOOOOHHH!!" Supergirl screams. Thick ropy tentacles surround her biceps, thighs and ankles. Another slowly slithers over one shoulder and wraps itself around her neck, covering her alabaster skin with its slimy greenish bulk, pulling her head backward painfully.
"URK ... c-can't be ... nngh ... URK ... NNNOOooooo!!!" she cries piteously as the tentacles try to pull her limbs off her lithe body, just as a cruel child dismembers a fly.

"OOOHHH!" she gasps weakly when another tentacle begins to slip under her red skirt and insinuate itself under the thin blue fabric of her panties. Her eyes widen and her mouth forms a pitiable "O" when the slimy ropy tip brushes over her love mound and dives between the lips most men would pray to enter. The tentacle brushes ever so lightly across her tight little clit and the Maid of Might begins to breathe faster as unwanted sensations flood her body from her nether regions.

Supergirl struggles with all her star-fueled might but can't snap the tentacles, can't free herself from their cold, wet embrace. And now the latest invader is sensuously stroking and caressing her most private part, pausing from time to time to slip into her body and THRUUMMMMMM inside her vagina.

"AAAAIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEE!!" she screams as an unwanted orgasm rips through her Kryptonian body, making every muscle shudder and twitch madly. She tries to get a breath but the choke-hold on her neck has blocked her airway. An unaccustomed panic flares briefly in her mind. Then another, more powerful orgasm rips her body, driving all thoughts down to the mound under the golden hairs between her legs, the very wet and blood-engorged mound.

"NNNOOOO ... Not - not like this!" the Girl of Steel cries out, panicked by the mighty enemy that is so totally dominating her body. She screams again, "AAAAIIIIEEEEEEEE" as a third orgasm blasts through her body ...

And awakens in her bedroom. Her diaphanous teddy is drenched in her sweat, as are the bedsheets. Her hair, her long, golden tresses, are now plastered willy-nilly against her forehead like strands of yellow string from her perspiration. In the blackness of her bedroom, her labored breathing, her panting, is deafening.

"Not again!" she sobs, burying her face into her hands. "WHY!!??" she pleads, knowing she will get no answer.

* * * * *

A few hours later, Supergirl slowly flies out of her apartment in Leesburg and speeds toward Metropolis. She needs help and her cousin Kal-el, Superman, may be able to help her. At least, that's her fervent wish!

As she flies northward in the chilly air, she notices that the sky ahead is relatively-clear of aircraft. A few white clouds ahead are the only companions in the sky. Big, fluffy, soft, cottony clouds, drifting in the morning air. So luxuriant looking ...

* * * * *

"Ooohh, st-stop, Luthor, t-take it away!" the Girl of Steel cries as Lex Luthor, in his high-tech battle suit, moves closer, a lump of green Kryptonite in his gloved hand. The poison rays of her greatest weakness flood from his hand and wash over her body. She sags to one knee, her left hand stretched toward the super-criminal, her palm trying to push him away.

"You alien freaks don't deserve to live on our planet. I'll kill you, then I'll kill that lousy cousin of yours! Look! Your skin is already turning green! MWA-HAH-HAH-HAH!!" Luthor gloats as he nears the stricken Maid of Might. Her left arm drops limply to her side and she settles downward, her butt settling onto her bootheels, her knees pressed against the cold concrete floor. Her head drops down onto her chest, she can barely keep her eyes open.

"<gasp> please," she bleats weakly, "stop ..."

"Stop!?! We've just begun, bitch!" Luthor roars as he bends in front of the weakened heroine. He grabs the top of her blouse and pulls it away from her body. The leering bald criminal looks down upon her round, white, soft-looking mounds and licks his lips. "Do you know how many men would kill to play with those magnificent tits of yours?"

"Oh ... pl-please stop," she begs. The rock is right over her head. The green-k radiation feels like a blast furnace, searing the top of her head, burning into the tops of her half-exposed breasts. Then the bastard shoves the deadly rock down between her creamy white breasts!!!

"nn ... nnnhhh ... NNNNHHH!" she cries as she topples onto one side, but stilll held up by Luthor's grasping hand, holding onto the neckline of her blouse. Searing pain burns into her body where the heinous rock caresses her luscious skin. The pain is almost arousing the Girl from Krypton. She briefly feels like a sick, twisted lowlife at the fleeting thought of sexual pleasure from pain. But then she notices that Lex's other hand is playing with her left breast.

"Nooooo," she bleats, too weak to resist his mauling. He lets her drop onto her back and as she writhes on the concrete, trying to escape the pain burning through her chest, the criminal genius becomes just another sex-crazed male - one hand crushing her breast, the other poking and prodding and pawing between her legs. He even leans down to plant a slick, wet kiss on her ruby lips.

Then his right hand seems to find its way to her love canal. One meaty finger, swaddled in the metal of his glove, enhanced with incredible power, finds her clit and begins to grind it against her pubic bone. "NNNNOOOOO!!!" she cries out in pain and pleasure. "Hu-Hurtsss!!" She tries to break free of his mighty grip, but the power in his gloved hands is just too much for the severely-weakened girl from the stars.

Supergirl tries to keep her eyes open, hoping for a last chance to beg Luthor for mercy, however bleak the prospect of getting any ...

And suddenly Supergirl slams into the ground at 600 m.p.h., her body convulsing in yet another orgasmic spasm. Again, she is covered in perspiration like a woman who's just had the best fuck of her life. And again, her crotch is sopping wet with her own juices.

* * * * *

"I haven't been able to sleep for over a week, now," Kara tells the Man of Steel. "And lately, if I let my mind drift off for even a second, I wake up some time later ... well, you know."

Superman nods sagely. He can smell her juices on her panties, on her thighs. And he can see exhaustion, maybe even a trace of fear in her bright blue eyes. "And you're always in great peril when you're sexually assaulted?" he asks his young cousin.

"Yes, Kal," she replies with a slight tremor in her voice. "One super villain after another has me in some kind of death trap and, and, ..." She looks down at her neatly-arrayed skirt, ashamed at what's been happening to her. "I almost didn't get here today. I had another vision or whatever it is, just outside of D.C. I crashed into a suburban park. Kal, what if I had hit a school or a hospital?" When tears start to form in her eyes, the rugged Kryptonian Man of Steel moves beside her on the couch and cradles the trembling girl in his blue-clad arm.

Several minutes later, Superman uses a tissue to dry her eyes, then lifts her chin up to look into her now-bleary eyes. "Kara, I think the first thing is to get you to have some dreamless sleep. Let's see if Diana can help, okay? Then, when you're feeling better, we can try to figure out what's happening to you?"

* * * * *

Thirty minutes later, the Girl of Steel is again in the air, heading back toward Washington, D.C. Diana of Themyscira, Wonder Woman, works just outside the city with the Inter-Agency Defense Command. Kara hopes to get the Amazon princess to use her Magic Lasso, make her fall asleep and not dream. Superman had things to do in Metropolis but vowed to join the two women after dinner.

As the Maid of Might flies over the nation's capital, her eyes suddenly become blurry. "No ... this ... this can't be happen- ... ooohhh!" she gasps as her eyes slowly close and her flight suddenly goes ballistic. Her limp, unconscious body soars onward for a few miles over the city, into the countryside of northern Virginia, then plummets toward the ground. As the blue-clad figure rushes toward the earth, it suddenly stops and hovers over a patch of woods along the Potomac. Like a puppet on a string, her body slowly floats along the river, as if it is being carried on the very air currents themselves. The unconscious heroine finally drops down onto the patio of a stately mansion along the river.

"Welcome, Supergirl," a deep voice intones as her body gently lands on a tiled patio. "Welcome to your own, personal Hell. Hah hah hah HAH HAH!"

* * * * *

"Mmnnhhh ... whu? Where?" the Girl of Steel asks herself as consciousness slowly returns. She looks around and notices that she is hanging from chains, apparently in a basement. The tips of her boots touch the ground beneath her. She still has her familiar blue, red and yellow costume on. As the fog slowly clears away from her mind, she groans softly ("another orgasmic dream!" she curses silently, aware of the wetness and muskiness of her costume).

"I don't know who chained me up, but they must have a low opinion of me if they think I can't break these simple shackles!" She looks up at the metal cuffs on her wrists and begins to pull her right hand downward, to stretch and break the cuff. Imagine her shock and surprise when the chain stops her arm from coming all the way down! The astonished Muscle Maiden looks again at the chain, and this time gives it a solid yank. It clatters in the stillness of the ... dungeon (?), but doesn't yield.

"What the ???" she wonders as she tries to free her left hand. No luck. "I must be having another dream!" she concludes. Then, like a splash of cold water, she suddenly realizes that she never thought she was dreaming in any of the horror dreams she has had. "Oh, no, then I'm ... I'm not dreaming!" she realizes. "But if this IS real, why can't I break these simple chains?" she asks herself aloud.

"Because I put a powerful spell on them," the deep voice says, this time behind the Maid of Might. She tries to turn around but the chains don't give her enough freedom to see the man behind her. She hears the clink of ... beads? She smells a rich, earthy odor as the man's soft footsteps approach her back. Again the Girl of Steel looks at the chains on her wrists and suddenly notices small bracelets, made of colored stones and bits of vegetation on each wrist. Surely these trinkets aren't blocking her star-fueled strength! But could they be ...Magic?

"Who are you? Why are you holding me here? How ..." Supergirl's questions stop with a <GASP> when a large, brown hand suddenly begins slowly sliding across her left breast. "Who? What?!? Hey, stop that!" she cries indignantly as the hand squeezes her tit, then slowly slides outward, fingertips tracing the slope of her lovely mound until they reach the end of the blue fabric and her nipple is pinched between a thick thumb and forefinger. "STOP THAT!" she bellows in righteous rage.

"I don't think so," the voice says, now so close to her left ear that his hot breath cascades across her neck and swirls around her delicate-looking little ear. A tingling sensation stirs within the heroine as the man gently nibbles on her ear and neck. She squirms helplessly as the man's hand plays with her left breast and nipple while his mouth sensuously explores her neck and ear.

"Oohhh ... Rao ... mmmnnn ... stop ... uumm ... don't," she begs as an all-too-familiar heat begins to grow between her legs. A thick, musky smell assaults her nose, making her head swim briefly in pure, crude lust. Again her body betrays her and begins to lubricate her vagina. Her nipples begin to swell, as does her hidden clit. "Oooohhhh!!" she sighs as she shudders from the man's sensual assault. "Please ... nnnhhh ... noooo ... uuunnhhh ... stop!" the once-mighty maiden begs, helpless to stop the assault on her libido. Her head falls forward, her chin resting on her chest, her eyes half-closed as wild passions swirl through her super body. Her tongue briefly flickers across her lips, wetting them, giving them a lustrous shine.

The man begins to softly speak in some strange tongue, as his mouth moves around behind her head. Between words, his tongue flickers out to lick the woman's neck, or an ear. At the same time, his hand slowly works its way downward from her left breast, across her rock-hard, washboard abs, across her belt, and to the mound between her legs. When his hand passes over her mons, she shudders from the touch - it feels like an electric shock to her body and causes a short, sharp orgasm to occur.

"<Pant> ooohh ... wait ... <pant> ... stop ... noooooo," is all Supergirl can sputter as the man continues playing with her alien body. His hand becomes more insistent and plunges between her blue panties and golden bush, with his huge finger snaking its way past the mons and between her nether lips. "oooooohhhh," she slurs, shuddering as another orgasm begins to form between her legs. "AAAAIIIIIIIEEEEEE!!" she cries out as the man's fingering of her clit unleashes an orgasm that makes her head snap backward. Her open mouth gasps and pants for air. The man's tongue slips into her right ear and cum shoots from between her legs.

The man plays her body like a fine musical instrument, his mouth and tongue nuzzling her neck, his left hand plunging and probing between her legs. His thick middle finger trombones in and out of her vagina as his thumb teases her clit. The Maid of Might can do nothing but shudder and moan as orgasm after orgasm wracks her poor body. She's so lost in the pleasures flowing through her body that she doesn't feel the man slip something between her legs and upward, between the blue fabric of her panties and her butt cheeks.

"Ooohhh - NOOOOO!! DON'T ..." she begs when a thick, cold slab of ... metal (?), rock (?), something, slips between her butt cheeks and into her anal cavity. She's utterly unable to resist the probe as it penetrates, first an inch, then two, then four! "AH ... AHH ... AAAHHHH ... OOOOHHHHH!!" the helpless heroine cries out as more and more of the round rod pushes into her body. Suddenly, a massive orgasm explodes in the body of the Girl of Steel. "MMNNNNN <GASP> MMNNNHH <PANT> OOOOOHHHH!!"

Supergirl no longer has any conscious will or control over her body.She whimpers and cries as her body is pounded by super orgasms. The man is working her neck, vagina and ass like a machine, causing her body to fire off one powerful orgasm after another. Drool runs down her cheek, her head shakes and bounces like an NFL bobble doll's. Finally, blessedly, consciousness leaves the Girl of Steel and the last few orgasms occur without rousing her.

"AIYEH! NAH TEH WAH NEH!!" the man bellows, arms raised toward the ceiling, the stump of his right hand ending in a stone dildo-shaped object. He backs away from Supergirl and spits at her, contemptuously. "Sleep, golden hair, sleep. For now. Soon, the omens will be right and I can steal your powers and your soul. Then my people will regain our lands stolen by the white eyes. And I will have taken my vengence on you!"

Swift Bear, the tribal priest of the Red Willow Creek people of the Taos Pueblo is dressed in his tan leather vest, white cotton pants, sandals, and head and wrist bands. His powerful magicks have tormented the Girl of Steel for the past ten days, depriving her of sleep. Now his magicks keep her restrained by simple chains as he works other charms on her to steal her mighty powers. She may have burned off his right hand and imprisoned him, but the shaman intends to defeat the brash blonde this time!1

* * * * *

Eons later the Maid of Might slowly, almost painfully opens her eyes. Her body aches terribly - the innumerable orgasms made her mighty muscles flex and spasm, burning off her super energy and even pulling some muscles. Her nose wrinkles when she gets a whiff of herself - she's covered in cum, both hers and that of the man holding her captive. And some of her costume is missing!! Her leotard, skirt and panties have been taken from her - only her boots and cape remain.

Who did this to her? Which of her many foes has finally captured her? Has some new foe appeared? How could ...?? Questions flood through her troubled mind as her body recuperates from its ordeal. She ignores the shame of her nakedness as she tries to guess the identity of her captor.

"I see you've finally awoken," the male voice says behind her again. The frustrated Girl of Steel struggles once more to see her tormentor, but still can't turn around. Even trying to do so pains her over-worked muscles. And again, the room fills with a rich, earthy smell. She's smelled something like that, before, but where? Suddenly the man moves around her suspended body and stands before her.

"SWIFT BEAR!" the super heroine gasps, instantly recognizing one of her greatest foes. "I thought you were in jail?"2

"I made those fools guarding me believe I had died. They returned me to the reservation for burial and a friend revived me," he explains, grinning at the heroine. "I have been planning long and hard for your defeat, girl. And today, you will give me your powers and become my slave."

Supergirl knows that this is no idle boast. In her previous battles, she barely defeated the man. Defeating him and his magic will take all her skill. "Then you made me have all those dreams?"

"Of course," he smirks. "I found that I still had a small part of your neck band in my cave. I used it to make a powerful totem to let me into your mind. You resisted me at first, but lately your mind has been easy to enter. Your will gave itself to me like that of a small child. I had your mind concoct nightmarish traps in which you were beaten and then raped. Each attack took a little more of your will even as the orgasms you had while dreaming weakened your muscles.And so I used your own powers to bring you here to me! Tonight all the augurs will be ready and I will take your powers. Finally!"

The Girl of Steel briefly considers kicking the man, then decides to rest, gain what strength she can before striking. Obviously, she can't break the chains because the shaman used his magicks to enchant them. She tries her other powers and glows inwardly when her super vision enables her to see through the wall of the dungeon. She still DOES have her powers, she's just trapped by these magic shackles. So if she can't make him free her, she can still strike him with her heat vision or ...

"You have nothing to say?" Swift Bear says, interrupting her thoughts and stepping closer to the Maid of Might. "Have I truly beaten you already?"

"You'll never beat me, Swift Bear! I'm Supergirl, a champion for ALL people, not just the whites or the reds or the browns, and a force for good. Good always triumphs over evil!"

Swift Bear smiles at the heroine and reaches into a pouch on the rope belt around his waist. He pulls out a short stick with feathers and leaves tied to one end. He holds the stick before Supergirl's body and says a few strange words in a soft voice.

"Whu - what are you doing to me?" the Girl of Steel snarls as her body begins to tingle. Her skin ripples and odd little bumps form on her skin. She's never seen these before - are these what humans call 'goose bumps'? "Stop whatever you're doing!" she orders, suddenly wary of some new attack. The brown-skinned man just smiles and continues his weird ritual. As he drones on and on, Supergirl suddenly senses that she feels noticeably weaker. She suddenly feels the strain on her arms of hanging from the ceiling by chains.

"Please ... nnh ... this hurts," she begs Swift Bear, hoping for some mercy. "How can I break out of these chains if he can weaken me so easily!" she despairs. Then she notices a new tingling on her skin, a kind of warmth. As the seconds pass, the Girl of Steel struggles frantically in her chains as the heat increases and increases.

"Oh, Rao, stop this!" she begs, now shaking violently in her shackles. Her cape swishes left and right across her exposed buttocks as she struggles. Her skin feels like it's on fire! She can even see whisps of ... smoke (?) flowing away from her alabaster skin, toward Swift Bear's wand. "<Sob> st-stop, please ... it ... <groan> HURTS!" But the torment continues and the burning increases until she is on the verge of unconsciousness.

Finally the tall Native American finishes his chants, puts the wand back into his pouch, and steps close to his helpless captive. Once again her body is covered in perspiration, her hair hangs in tangled golden strands across the front of her face and down the back of her head, onto her cape. Her eyes are almost closed from the mind-numbing pain he's caused.

"Please ... no more ... you ... you've won," she says in a weak whisper.

"Oh no, I've just begun to take your powers, golden hair," the shaman says, running his hand along the right side of her body. She flinches slightly at his touch, then leans into the coolness of his hand. She finds it comforting on her burning skin. "Tonight, the moon and the stars will be aligned to give me the strength I need to take the last of your powers. You felt the pain of losing just a portion of your powers. Imagine how you will feel when I RIP them all from your body!

"You may lose your mind from the pain. It may even kill you, Supergirl. But it will also transfer to me all of your strength and abilities. And there is nothing you can do to stop me! BWA-HAH-HAH-HAH!!" the witch doctor laughs, his grin mocking the stricken Maid of Might.

All Kara can think about is how much she wants him to touch her body, to soothe the burning pain on her skin. But the man just pats her butt and walks away, leaving her hanging, limply, in her chains. As the light in the dungeon goes out, the Girl of Steel again tries her super vision. She can barely see the far wall. Despair brings sobs to her lips as her chin drops down onto her chest.

* * * * *

"Oh, Richard, hold me in your arms," Linda Danvers says to Richard Malverne, her off-again, on-again sweetheart. She has on a sweater and short skirt, with ankle-length white socks in a pair of mules. She's on his lap and can feel his manhood probing against her thigh. His hands and lips hit ALL the right spots on her body, and she can feel her passion rising. "<Pant> Don't ... stop! Feels <gasp> soooo good!" she says as her tongue savagely attacks Malverne's face and lips. She cradles his head in her hands and digs her finger tips into the back of his head, making him groan from the pleasureable sensation.

"Oooh, Linda, I've waited soooo long for this!" Dick coos as his hand slides down to caress her inner thigh. This makes Linda moan throatily and squirm, which makes Dick's dick grow longer and harder. "I want to take you here, now, Linda," he says, sliding her sweater upward, exposing her bare breasts ...

* * * * *

"I said, WAKE UP!" Swift Bear roars, slapping Supergirl's cheek. The Maid of Might quickly pulls out of her reverie at the stinging pain on her cheek. "I see you got started without me," he chortles, holding a damp finger in front of Kara's face. Swift Bear stands before her wearing only a short loin cloth and a sack on his left hip, held by a leather thong hooked over his right shoulder.

Supergirl senses that her thighs are wet, again, from her dreams. Resigned that she is not dreaming this torment, a long, low, ragged sigh escapes from her lips at the sight of the shaman. The brown skin on his chest has a slight sheen to it, making his well-defined muscles glisten in the subdued lighting of the dungeon. Weakened, the heroine is quickly succumbing to the man's powerful pheromones, an aphrodesiac that he has used against her in the past. Her resolve to stop him, to resist him, to escape, quickly fades as her eyes and nose drink in the man's physique and raw animal attractiveness.

"How do you feel now, little one?" Swift Bear asks, moving close to Supergirl so that the tips of her boots brush against his legs.

The Maid of Might licks her lips and, with half-closed eyes, mumbles, "I ... weak, so weak ... Rao, please stop!" The shaman just smiles and leans closer. His hand goes behind her head and grabs her hair. He pulls her close and his lips crush against hers. "Mmm, <sigh> uunnhh," she mutters through his powerful kiss. His tongue forces her lips apart and as his fingers entwine in her hair, Supergirl feels her tongue lashed and battered by the man's tongue. His bare chest rubs against her body, abrading her already-hard nipples, thrilling her even more.

The man wraps the stump of his right arm around her waist, pulling her harder against his body. The electric touch of his body, the flood of his pheromones make her libido race like a rocket car on the Bonneville Salt Flats. Her mind clouds as it fills with one desire - to have this amazing male take her as his mate. "Oohhh, Rao, <pant> I want you <sigh>" she tells him as she wraps her long legs around his waist, pulling him closer to her crotch.

"You must prove yourself to me, little one," he tells the befuddled heroine. Supergirl only dimly realizes that Swift Bear is unlocking the shackles on her wrists. Suddenly, her hands drop free, one after the other, and hang limply over his broad shoulders. The shaman slowly walks away from the shackles, toward a clear spot on the floor. Supergirl is riding on the man, her legs wrapped around his waist, her arms weakly holding onto the man's neck.

"Ooohh, you ... your ... your manhood ... it feels to warm!" the stricken heroine says in a deep, throaty voice as Swift Bear's thick penis rubs between her legs. She feels dizzy, weakened, her universe shrunken down to a few feet around the man-god holding her.

"Show your love for me, Supergirl," Swift Bear says as he lowers the Girl of Steel to the cold stone floor. She sits in an almost formless lump on her legs, in front of the man. He twists his loincloth around to one side, baring his massive man-tool right before her face. "Take it into your mouth, Supergirl, and show me that you can satisfy me," the man commands.

The Girl of Steel looks up at him and summons strength from somewhere, enough strength to rise up onto her knees, close to his waist. Gingerly, delicately, her ruby lips slip around his man-meat, taking it all into her mouth. She gags briefly when it thuds against the back of her mouth, but when he puts his hand behind her head and pulls it forward, she can do nothing but try to swallow more. "He's sooo big!" she thinks. "He IS a god!"

Swift Bear slowly moves his hips and hand in a gentle motion that slides the Maid of Might's mouth up and down his massive shaft. His head rocks back and a huge smile fills his face at the thought of being sucked by the world's mightiest woman - well, ONCE the world's mightiest woman! As he thrusts forward faster and faster, little whimpering noises slip out of her mouth, between the slurping sounds. Swift Bear is in ecstacy!

He feels an orgasm building within his body - it is time! He pulls out of her mouth and roughly pushes the girl backward onto the floor. As she lays there, writhing, one hand on her pussy, the other on one breast, Swift Bear uses his knees to spread her legs. He settles to the floor between her legs, his 10" tool aimed at the dark cavern below her blond bush. "Oh, yes, TAKE ME!" the fallen heroine begs, her arms reaching up toward the powerful shaman.

As he lowers himself toward her crotch, his stump aiming his tool toward the dripping pussy of his prey, his other hand reaches into the bag on his hip and pulls out his wand. The tip of his penis passes her vaginal lips ("RAO, YESSSSS, DEEPER!!") and he positions the wand over her forehead. As he slowly penetrates the heroine, he begins to mumble arcane Native American commands to his spirits, empowering the wand.

Kara's mind is lost in a deep fog. Swift Bear's pheromones and the physical assault on her womanhood have unleashed passions she never knew existed. Her whole being focuses on the fucking she's getting. She whimpers helplessly as a rising orgasmic tide builds within her vagina. Occasionally, a moan of pain slips out as the wand begins to draw her essence, her alien powers out of her body.

"AAAAAIIIEEEEEE!! STOP!! You're ... you're killing meeee!" Supergirl finally says as thick tendrils fly off her body and toward the wand. Once again, searing pain burns her skin where her powers are being drawn from her body. At the same time, an amazing orgasm is building within her, driven by his scent, his tool, and perhaps even by the pain she feels.

"NNghh ... <grunt> ... almost there ..." Swift Bear growls as he feels his own orgasm building. If he times this right, if he shoots his seed into her when she orgasms, the last of her powers will flow to his wand and she will no longer be Supergirl. So close!

"BY ALL THAT'S HOLY, STOP THAT!!" a strong, feminine voice commands. The English Enchantress, Britannia, stands at the bottom of the dungeon stairs. Britannia is a buff, busty raven-haired beauty of 5'10" or 11" who seems to be around 25 years old . Her skin-tight white unitard seems ready to burst its seams from well-defined muscles in her legs and arms and her *six-pack* abs. The Britanniaish flag hanging sideways and forming the front of her costume seems to be badly warped by her 38C breasts. Swift Bear can't help but stare at the lovely vision as the witch stands there, tapping the tip of one of her black knee-high buccaneer boots on the stone floor. Her hood and cloak cover the top part of her body so that only her chin is visible. Her famous "Isle Sceptre" (a magic wand) is held tightly in her right hand. White, above-the-elbow leather gloves cover both of her hands. "GET OFF MY FRIEND, VILLAIN!" she commands imperiously.

The stunned shaman turns away from the helpless Maid of Might to face this newcomer. He pulls out of Supergirl's snatch just as he starts to cum, his seed splattering on her exposed thigh.

"That is just sickening, man," Britannia snarls, pointing her sceptre at the Native American. "Now, drop that silly stick in your hands and stand up!"

Swift Bear's response is to aim the stick at Britannia and begin to intone ancient words. "Fool," she snorts. She levels the Isle Sceptre towards Swift Bear and simply says, "Be elsewhere!" and the shaman suddenly disappears! She's moved him to another astral plane, one of complete nothingness. Even she is afraid to venture there, and has learned that time and space there bears no relation to time and space on Earth. Unless he knows the void, he won't be seen on this world for some time.

"Oh, dear sweet Supergirl," Britannia says, kneeling beside the groggy heroine. Britannia lifts Supergirl's head off the floor and gently brushes hair away from her cheek. "What have you gotten yourself into this time?"

* * * * *

A few hours later, a re-dressed and revived Girl of Steel sits across from the English Enchantress in the living room of Swift Bear's mansion. Actually, the mansion of someone Swift Bear destroyed so he could be near the Maid of Might's area of operations. Supergirl can feel her powers slowly returning. She's far weaker than she's ever been and feels like she could sleep for a month.

"So, as I have said, I began having the strangest dreams, or fragments of them," Britannia says. "When I had one in which I was subdued by a glowing green rock, I suddenly realized I was getting YOUR dreams!"

"But ... but how?" Supergirl stammers. Sudden inspiration strikes her. "Of course! Swift Bear said he found a fragment of 'my' neck band!"

"Oh, well, of course," Britannia replies, shaking her head. In an early mission against Swift Bear, Britannia gave Supergirl a magical neckband so they could be in contact with each other. Swift Bear got it and used it as a totem against Supergirl. Unfortunately, it affected Britannia as well! At the last minute, Supergirl was able to destroy most of the article, breaking Swift Bear's power over the two women.3

"I immediately tried to contact you via astral projection, but failed. I then decided to find you," Britannia explains. "and flew across the pond, as it were, seeking your magickal aura. And here I am!"

"I could not have stopped him this time, Britannia, he was just too powerful or I was too weak, too off-guard," Supergirl says, smiling weakly at her odd friend. "How can I ever thank you?"

"Let's get you home, shall we, and then we can address that," the witch says. smiling like the Cheshire Cat and rising easily to her feet. She extends a hand down to the Girl of Steel and pulls her to her feet. Together the two women leave the mansion and rise slowly into the night sky.
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Re: Supergirl Stories from The Wizards Lair

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Supergirl versus Fausta, the Nazi Wonder Woman
by John Feer

Schloss Markheim, Gestapo Headquarters, January 1942:

Colonel Kesselman had a headache and her name was “Fausta Grables”, girl athlete and Nazi Germany’s ace of spies.
The Colonel was seated in a small screening room watching a captured American newsreel showed clips of the hated Yankee heroine Supergirl rounding up some Nazi saboteurs.
A lucky cameraman caught a rare glimpse of the hapless spies blazing away at the beautiful crimefightress with machine-guns…to no effect the bullets harmlessly bounded off her blue minidress with the distinctive cape and red “S” icon.
For 1940’s America she was somewhat indecently dressed, not that anyone cared-there was after all a war on and Supergirl was being plainly thrifty and patriotic in the material that went into her skirts.
No one knew the original of this young female daredevil; she simply showed up one day in her distinctive costume and started making trouble for America’s enemies.
The rumor was that she had a “connection” with Captain Dick Malverne of G-2. The only proof of this was the heroine’s preference for operating in Washington DC and her annoying habit of saving Captain Malverne from the various death traps he so regularly stumbled into.
“She can fly…” muttered the villainess matter of factly.
“Mass hallucination” sneered Kesselman.
“Bullets don’t seem to harm her…” continued Fausta.
“Nothing more than a new form of body armor,” rejoined the Colonel.
“And her strength Herr Colonel, what of that?” asked the girl spy who never took her eyes off the movie screen.
The Colonel sank down in his seat with a grumble; it was true, Supergirl did seem to have extraordinary super powers…he just couldn’t let a bitch like Fausta off without a fight.
Frankly the whole thing seemed pretty preposterous, if the American Supergirl was powerful, how could a hopeless social climbing nit like Fausta hope to capture her?
It didn’t help matters from a propaganda perspective that Supergirl was a beautiful youthful blonde with blue eyes…the very embodiment of Aryan womanhood working for Roosevelt and his hated mongrel clique.
“She’d better NOT capture Supergirl” thought Kesselman, “imagine a mere woman becoming a hero of the Reich!”
The whole thing would be ironic, if a humorless Nazi executioner like Kesselman was capable of laughing-which he was not.
Meanwhile there sat Fausta Grables next to him gazing lovingly at the movie screen droning on and on about the fantastic powers evidenced by this young girl.
The scene then switched…the Girl of Steel was filmed at a war bond rally. Backstage she could be seen powdering her pert little nose with a shy smile-the newsreader could be heard prattling on in a condescending fashion. The Maid of Might was then seen lifting up a Sherman tank to the amazement of her well heeled Hollywood audience.
Fausta took in the sight with a sigh “Ja…she is all woman-all woman-always with the flawless make up” she muttered.
“She is a fake…a Hollywood fake,” Kesselman mumbled with a throbbing head…this bitch in jackboots is a favorite of the Fuhrer so he had to tread carefully.
“What was that Colonel?” asked Fausta sweetly.
“Supergirl is a fake!” Kesselman said unpleasantly.
“She has caught dozens of our best agents…our human assets in Washington are down to nothing…she is a formidable fake I think!” hissed the Nazi villainess.
Kesselman changed his tactics “Something is certainly rolling up our agents in America…what do you propose Fraulein Fausta?” he asked silkily.
“I shall go to America, capture Supergirl and bring her home to the Reich in chains!” said Fausta proudly.
Kesselman stifled a laugh.
“You…?!” he snickered “A mere woman!?”
Fausta sensed his skepticism and blazed “Our Fuhrer watched this newsreel repeatedly…he thinks Supergirl is real and a threat…!”
“I’ll just bet he did,” thought the Colonel “Damned Austrian weirdo…the Gestapo’s day will come!”
“I shall require the usual strike team and the use of a U-boat,” continued Fausta.
“Fine!” agreed Kesselman, anything to be rid of this harpy!
Just then though, the Colonel had a qualm….fake or not Fausta might just capture this Supergirl and come home a heroine…that would be bad for him and Reichsfuhrer Himmler, Kesselman’s patron and a notorious critic of unfeminine women…he opted to hedge his bets.
“Ja herr Colonel?”
“Could you do us a favor in America?”
“While you are capturing Supergirl…please round up a certain US scientist who wishes to defect…as you say we lack assets in Washington…” purred the Gestapo henchman.
“Nein Herr Colonel…Supergirl is a Fuhrer decreed priority!” howled the villainess.
“It is a simple matter….surely the Fuhrer won’t mind a little co-operation from the great Fausta Grables? Of course it might be a tall order for a woman…” sneered the Colonel.
Fausta over-rode her anger; deliberately ignoring the scientist’s situation might bring down the Gestapo on her…it could get bad especially if she couldn’t capture Supergirl…Fausta relented.
“What is this scientist’s name?” she asked.
“Lex Luthor, he has promised the Reich the secret of atomic weapons,” said the Colonel.
“Sounds like nonsense to me…doesn’t German physics state that atomic fission is a practical impossibility?” asked Fausta.
“You and I know this, but Reichsminister Todt claims the man is a genius and insists that we honor Luthor’s request for asylum”
“I’ll do it,” grumbled Fausta…the Gestapo and Hitler’s armaments wizard down on her; she had to collect Luthor there was no other way!
“Fine!” said Kesselman briskly “I’ll include the rendezvous information in your briefing packet.”
“Operation Fraulein will be a success!” boasted Fausta.
“Just how do you plan to capture Supergirl” probed the Nazi secret policeman.
Fausta gave an evil smile “I will exploit her female vanity!”
“Good luck!” lied the Colonel.
Fausta crashed her heels together “Heil Hitler!” she shouted.
“Heil!” sneered Kesselman in return.

G-2 Headquarters, the War Department Washington D.C. that same day
Linda Danvers, (aka Supergirl) civilian secretary to Captain Dick Malverne G-2, moodily stared out her window in the War Department.
The pert secretary hid her natural blonde mane under a skillful brown wig and was dressed in a businesslike fashion.
Her disguise fooled the whole world it seemed; no one connected Linda Danvers debutante and patriotic war worker with the glamorous dynamic Supergirl!
“Mom and Dad found me in a rocket as an infant…the rocket blew up right after impact and that is all they know…where AM I from…who launched that rocket?” she thought.
Linda returned to her desk and finished up some typing for her boss at a rapid but non-super clip. Brisk and efficient but not too flashy was her watchword…if she faded a bit into the background she could better keep an eye on her heart throb Captain Malverne.
Besides with her glamorous Supergirl identity, almost everyone faded into the background!
Linda looked up from her typewriter wistfully “the Germans are big on rocketry…could I be…German? But why do I have all these powers?” she thought.
Just then her boss, Captain Malverne breezed in, he was handsome, brave and prone to more trouble than any man alive.
Linda had a pathetic schoolgirl crush on him all the same.
“Penny for your thoughts Miss Danvers” japed the pilot.
“Oh I’m just dreaming of a big strong man who will drag me off into marriage by the hair!” joked Linda.
“I thought your parents wanted you to go to college first?”, Dick was now flipping through the morning mail with a distracted air.
Linda shuddered inwardly, her parents encouraged her to use her amazing powers for the common good, but the also expected her to live like a proper young lady of wealth.
They were on the verge of shipping her off to “The Stanhope College for Young Girls” when the war broke out. Linda had finagled a deferred admission and patriotically took a job at the War Department where she met Captain Malverne and began her career as Supergirl, the Maid of Might, champion of democracy.
“You ought to think about a degree…when this war is over there will be plenty of opportunities for educated women” prattled Dick who was always predicting a bright future after the war.
“Hrrph!” thought Linda “I’ve already got a job as Supergirl…I don’t need home economics classes from some hen college!”
“Well think about it anyway” smiled Dick who disappeared into his office.
“I’ll buzz you if Supergirl shows up” joked Linda.
“Thanks Miss Danvers you’re a doll” called out the pilot from within his office.
“MEN!” thought Linda, “Push your boobs out, flash some blonde hair put on a short skirt and they think you are a different person-and thank God too!”
Lena Thorul, Linda’s best friend at the War Department breezed in “Lunch at the usual time Linda?” she asked.
“You betcha!” agreed the disguised heroine.
“Hey maybe we’ll see Supergirl in action!”, Lena was a big fan for the famous heroine.
“Maybe…” said Linda uncertainly.
“Hey Linda…” Lena’s voice dropped to a conspiratorial whisper “What do you suppose Supergirl wears under that blue skirt of hers?”
Lena giggled at the thought.
Linda leaned in and whispered “Well…I have it on good authority and strictly on the Q.T. that with all these wolves prowling around Washington that it is a real chastity belt!”
Both girls tittered happily.

Maxwell’s Sanitarium (abandoned), Bayside Palisades Maryland, a week later.
“Fraulein Grables, I must protest, I was given assurances by Berlin of my safe passage to the Reich!
This other project to capture Supergirl is a hopeless enterprise” rumbled Lex Luthor peevishly.
The bald criminal scientist had been scooped up by Fausta’s team and was now seated in a dusty office of an abandoned sanitarium.
What was worse, Fausta Grables was up on a small stool being lovingly fitted with an exact copy of Supergirl’s famous costume by two female henchwomen.
“Calm yourself Herr Luthor, we will rendezvous with the U-boat in due course…we have time we may as well at least discuss our Supergirl problem” purred Fausta.
“But I have important information for Germany’s war effort!” blazed Luthor.
“And I have a mission conferred on me by our Fuhrer! You wouldn’t want to reach the Reich having thwarted one of Adolph Hitler’s direct orders would you?” rejoined the Nazi villainess.
Luthor narrowed his eyes and considered the situation…this Fausta dame seemed like a gaudy amateur who was radically underestimating Supergirl’s effectiveness. If her plan somehow involved showing up in the same outfit as the heroine Luthor seriously doubted that the Girl of Steel would simply flop over and die of embarrassment.
“On the other hand” thought the criminal scientist “I if I help Fausta with her mission I’ll stand aces high with the Nazi High Command when we reach Germany AND I’ll have Supergirl in my clutches!”
“Well…” muttered Luthor “I think you make pretty good twin for Supergirl especially in that get up but you will never be able to duplicate her super powers.”
“Why thank you Herr Luthor!” Fausta was an egomaniac and vulnerable to flattery “you’ve tangled with her before, tell me more about Supergirl’s powers is she really as invulnerable as you say?”
“I once stole the Army Air Corps B-25 bomber prototype and dropped a 2000 pound dam-busting bomb on her…it was a NIGHTMARE to set up…didn’t even mess up her hair-do!” reflected Luthor.
“So it is hopeless she can’t be captured…?” needled Fausta.
“Noooo…I didn’t say that she can be weakened and captured but you have to know what you are doing!” said Luthor craftily.
“Really how can we take her captive?” asked Fausta; this Luthor might well prove useful after all she thought.
“It all started a year ago, do you remember that green asteroid that passed between the Earth and Moon-the one you could see with the naked eye by night?” asked the evil scientist.
“Do I remember? Herr Goebbels announced on the radio its green color was a harbinger of good fortune for our soldiers!” said Fausta brightly.
Luthor suppressed a guffaw “This is Nazi education? I’ll rule the country within a year!” he thought.
“Yes…” he continued “ It turns out that asteroid had a very peculiar effect on Supergirl…”
“What kind of effect?” purred Fausta.
“Well what happened was…the first night the asteroid appeared, everyone was outside gawking at it. I deduced this would be a good time to loot the National Science Foundation of certain cyclotron components. I sent my best man to do the job…he actually got in took the items I wanted and was about to make his getaway when Supergirl showed up and grabbed the back bumper of his car…that is her favorite routine with getaway cars…lift it up by the back bumper and let the wheels spin.”
“She grabbed the bumper all right and gave a heave but she couldn’t lift the car more than a few inches off the ground…and she was sweating and giving it her all!”
“Something was draining her strength…and after a minute or two the car started slipping out of her grasp!”
“Something was wrong…my er-associate panicked threw the car in reverse and ran over Supergirl! She was knocked thirty feet and landed at the foot of a nearby tree! Anyone else would’ve been killed…not her though she was knocked unconscious. Supergirl had a big bruise on her forehead but she was breathing…. my associate high tailed it out of there to tell me the good news!”
Luthor smirked at the implications of his story.
Fausta though was unconvinced “ You mean she was knocked out by a car’s exhaust that is the secret of her powers?”
Luthor rolled his eyes “No…don’t you see, normally Supergirl could’ve tossed that sedan in the air like a rubber ball…and she’d a never have felt the car’s impact…something seriously degraded her powers!”
“What-what effected her like that?” asked a confused Fausta.
“I hurried back the same night when I heard, but she was gone…coincidentally the green asteroid had already set…but I had a hunch”.
“I calculated the asteroid would rise the next night at a later hour owing to it’s steady orbit away from our planet…this time we both went back to the National Science Foundation to steal some rare isotopes…sure enough Supergirl showed up to try and stop us…she had on a bandage over her bruised forehead…I took a few shots at her but instead of the bullet bouncing off they flattened against her invulnerable body…no doubt leaving some bad black and blue marks in the process. She was about to pounce when I threw a smoke bomb…she was LOST in the cloud…couldn’t get her x-ray vision to work and she was coughing from the fumes…COUGHING FAUSTA!” Luthor looked elated.
Fausta was nonplussed “I’m confused I thought you said she was superhuman?”
“She is but not on that night…my henchman and I made an easy getaway while Supergirl flailed around.”
“Back at my secret lab I calculated the asteroid’s orbit and discovered it would leave’s Earth’s vicinity the next day…too bad I could’ve baited Supergirl into a perfect death trap if it had stayed longer!”
The Nazi villainess was getting angry “WHAT has the green asteroid to do with Supergirl!” she snarled.
“A-ha she can be taught!” taunted Luthor “The asteroid is the key to Supergirl’s capture…my studies revealed that it originated in a red sun star system dozens of light years away and it was composed of a unique radioactive substance…one powerful enough to enervate Supergirl!”
The femme fatale smiled with evil comprehension “So the asteroid weakened her?Interesting Luthor but it is gone now and clearly Supergirl’s powers are undiminished!”
Lex smiled yet again “True…but asteroids that big usually travel with a debris field…some fragments from the same system could well have fallen to earth at the time of it’s arrival in the night sky. I spent the next six months scouring North America for recent meteor falls…and then I found them…two big samples-glowing green and giving off the same radioactive signature as the asteroid!”
Fausta was nigh beatific…”and these meteors…you have them?”
“Packed in my luggage as a present for you and Hitler!” grinned the evil scientist.
A troubling thought occurred to Fausta; “Th-these meteors their radiation can’t harm humans can it??”
“Oh no” chuckled Luthor “the radiation passes harmlessly through our bodies with no discernable effects”
“And you are sure they will work?” asked the spy queen.
“They will render Supergirl completely helpless…” promised Luthor.
“Then my plan will succeed!” exulted Fausta.
“Our plan dear lady, our plan!”
The two of them shared a warm intimate and thoroughly nasty laugh.

4.) The War Department at noontime a few days later…

“Hey Linda I think they are setting up for a bond rally at lunchtime in the park!” Lena Thorul was bored and staring out the window intently.
Linda arose from her desk looked out on a scene festooned with American flags and a gigantic “Supergirl says BUY BONDS!” banner.
“Hey!” Linda thought to herself “Supergirl isn’t scheduled for any personal appearances today…what gives?”
“Oh Linda lets go over maybe I can get Supergirl’s autograph!” said Lena brightly.
Linda began clearing off her desk…”Yeah I wanna see Supergirl too” she said distractedly.
The two girls burst out of the building; a crowd was gathering across the street, a USO Official could be heard on the PA system “Ladeez and gentlemen I present to you…Sooper-girrl!”
Right on cue, “Supergirl descended from above her skirt lifted ever so slightly as she silently touched down.
She was greeted with cheers and wolf whistles the heroine blushed modestly and waved to the crowd with a smile.
Linda gave her impersonator the old once-over with her x-ray vision “Why that little hussy! My skirt isn’t that short and it is plain as day she is wearing some kind of life mask!” she thought.
The false Supergirl made a great show of lifting a huge barbell on the podium with the legend “500 lbs” stenciled on each sphere.
The crowd loved it.
Linda was getting angry-so angry in fact she overlooked the question as to how her double “flew” onto the scene, she just couldn’t get over this girl wearing a copy of Supergirl’s costume like that!
“Who does this fake think she is anyway!?” blazed the heroine inwardly.
Her costume stood for something, and no cheap phony was going to make a mockery of it!
“The REAL Supergirl has to show her up!” thought the disguised heroine.

The two friends were at the edge of the crowd by now, Linda made a great pretense of snapping her fingers “Oh darn Lena!” she cried “I left an old secret document on my desk if Captain Malverne sees it unsecured I’ll catch holy heck from him I’d better go back and put in the safe!”
Lena affected to pout “But Linda you’ll miss Supergirl!” she whined.
“Oh don’t worry find me a good spot I’ll catch up with you!” promised Linda who shot back across the street and into the War Department. She was headed to her favorite seldom-used storeroom and her tantalizing change to the mighty unconquerable Supergirl!
Fausta gazed out at the crowd with malicious glee, her hair make up-everything were perfect…everyone had mistook her for Supergirl. The flying effect Luthor had rigged up worked perfectly. Most of all she wore an exact copy of Supergirl’s action costume. Fausta was sure, based on her intimate knowledge of female psychology that brazen use of Supergirl’s outfit would draw the heroine out and into their trap.
“If Supergirl is a real woman, she will be here to put me in my place” thought Fausta.
She smiled and waved some more.
And then with nothing more than a sight “whooshing” sound the real Supergirl alighted on the platform. The disguised Nazi babe smiled evilly and waved at the astonished crowd.
The real Supergirl fixed her double with a dagger-laden glare.
“It worked!” exulted Fausta inwardly “She is consumed with petty feminine jealousy…completely ignorant of our trap!”
The MC shouted into the microphone “Well since we’ve given you TWO Supergirls, maybe everyone can double up on their bond purchases!”
The real Supergirl leapt into the air turned a quick somersault and landed next to the microphone…she gave her rival the slightest taunting smirk as if to say, “I can fly you cheap imitation!”
Supergirl then said over the PA system “C’mon folks the sky is truly the limit on bond sales!” she smiled and waved.
Fausta nodded her head and acted impressed…she motioned silently towards the barbell…. Supergirl’s pride was now on the line.
The Girl of Steel confidently strode over to the weight set which was conveniently located on a small thrust stage in front of the podium.
“THIS will show that faker!” she thought guilelessly.
But as the Maid of Might approached the weights, a funny feeling stole over her. It was like her muscles were turning to mush or something…her arms felt…heavy…Linda thought she could hear a funny buzzing sound and did she feel strangely-hot?
She’s never felt this way before except that one night when Luthor robbed the National Science Foundation…for some reason her powers hadn’t worked right. The young heroine chalked the whole thing up to exhaustion never suspecting the sinister aspects of the encounter.
The crowd started cheering…Supergirl hadn’t done anything yet she looked around wildly and saw the disguised Nazi striking comical pin up poses over by the American flag.
That burned up Supergirl for sure!
They were even wolf-whistling that faker!
The heroine turned around in a noticeable fury she’d show her!
By now Supergirl stood in front of the weight set the MC told a hushed crowd “Now we will find out whom the real Supergirl is…”
That did it for the Maid of Might she’d convince them who the genuine article was!
But why was she trembling so…and that buzzing in her ears…was it getting louder?
Supergirl just felt so….weak like she couldn’t fly or do any of the amazing feats that were a normal part of her daily life.

The heroine decided it must be nerves she really was angry with this false Supergirl shoving her boobs out at the crowd like that.
“Steady Linda…” said the heroine to herself “you are just worked up over this phony that is all!”
The real heroine carefully gripped the bar bell as if to raise it with one hand-her plan was to spin it on her finger like a baton and then throw it in the air and then catch it.
Except she felt so weak…tired almost…and was she perspiring she never perspired!
She took her time positioning herself and then gave an almighty heave.
It was as if weight set was too heavy for her!
That was impossible!
Supergirl grabbed the barbell with both hands and heaved in desperation….it was TOO HEAVY for her to lift!
The Maid of Might looked around in desperation something was wrong! Her powers weren’t working right-it was as if she’d lost all her strength!
The crowd was laughing at her…roaring with merriment, there was nothing funnier than a cute blonde girl in a sort skirt who couldn’t lift up a barbell.
Over the rising din a tearful Maid of Might tried to shout; “N-no She has done something to me…I’m the real Supergirl!!”
Linda tried to lift the bar-bell one more time but only succeeded in slipping and skinning one dainty knee “OW!” she cried in helpless vexation.
She staggered to her feet unsteadily and mopped her brow the very picture of tearful feminine defeat.
The crowd laughed even harder.
Suddenly, the floor underneath Supergirl’s feet seemed to open wide. The weakened heroine actually fell into the darkness with a slight peeping “eek!”
The last thing she saw was her evil double sneering in triumph.
This the crowd loved, as the real Supergirl’s skirt blew up revealing her delicate white silk panties.
“Well! Now we know who the real Supergirl is!” exulted the MC
The ersatz Maid of Might made a great show of cupping her ear and frowning.
“My super-hearing detects an emergency on the other side of town…sorry I’ve got to go UP UP AND AWAY!” she cried.
And with that slowly and majestically the fake floated in the air rose up vertically and disappeared over the top of an adjoining commercial building.
The crowd waved goodbye completely taken in by the subterfuge.

5.) Underneath the stage…

Supergirl landed with and undignified thump on her pert little ass.
The barbell landed with a loud clang right behind her. If anything that feeling of weakness was even worse now….the heroine felt distinctly feverish.
“Ohhhh feel so…weak” she groaned.
She was sprawled in an ungainly heap and was dazed from her fall.
“But I can’t fall!” she thought, “I mean I can fly or I could fly…”
The Girl of Steel rose painfully on her elbows to survey her humiliating situation.
The suddenly from behind a rough looking hand clapped a sweet smelling cloth over her nose and mouth.
Supergirl grabbed the arm and wrestled with it but her now normal strength was no match for her assailant.
“MMMpphhhh! Mmmmmpphhhh!” she moaned twisting and turning and thrusting her pelvis.
Supergirl felt strangely sleepy her arms waved in a disjointed fashion.
A familiar voice sounded in her ear “Ah Supergirl so nice of you to drop in!”
“It was Luthor that dirty rat!” thought the heroine wildly.
She kept thrashing around but it was clear the potent anesthetic was stealing her strength at an alarming rate.
“I’ve always wondered,” taunted Luthor silkily “If a mixture of this meteor’s radiation and chloroform would work on you…and my theory was right!”
The evil scientist wrapped one arm across Supergirl’s heaving bosom trapping her arms at her sides and incidentally giving her right nipple a teasing little tweak.
“Remember that night at the National Science Foundation?” said Luthor “I found out just what stole your powers that time…remember the feeling??”
“Uhhhh uff” all the strength had seemingly leeched out of the heroine’s shapely body.
Luthor gave his captive a loving gentle squeeze “Just breath in my darling” he chortled “this will all be over soon my sleepy little dove”.
“Noo…” thought Supergirl “Gotta fight back…must not be defeated by chloroform!”
The heroine’s eyes rocked and rocked again she was so sleepy maybe it would be best to just relax and let the chloroform take her.
Luthor seemed to read the defeated Girl of Steel’s mind “Yessss” he intoned “Sleep my child rest your tied eyes breath it all innnnn…”
Supergirl’s eyes rolled back, her head went slack she was thoroughly chloroformed and defeated!
Luthor stood up with the heroine a sleeping image of peace in his arms…”SUCCESS!” he hissed “I’ve conquered Supergirl!”
And with that he passed Supergirl out to some waiting henchmen parked behind the podium and recovered the two meteor samples hidden the spheres of the barbell.
The powerless Maid of Might was stuffed into the back of a Packard Sedan with no further ado.
As the gang pulled away with a now bound, gagged, and unconscious Supergirl in the back seat Luthor chuckled evilly “I did it, I finally beat that silly female!”

6.) Interregnum:
“That wasn’t Supergirl, it didn’t sound anything like her-I should know she recorded a patriotic broadcast for the armed forces last month and I was in the studio!” opined Major Dick Malverne.
He and Lena Thorul were standing amidst a fast thinning crowd at the bond rally.
They watched as the rally organizers all piled in a panel truck with a half covered hospital legend on the side.
“Who organized this rally” asked Dick “I didn’t see anything on the schedule?”
“And who was that girl who fell under the stage…that couldn’t be Supergirl” said a perplexed Lena “I mean Supergirl can fly!”
“Yeah….lets just check under the stage,” muttered Dick whose suspicions were now aroused.
The two of them pulled back the patriotic bunting to find a huge hollow barbell and a weird electrical apparatus under the stage.
“A giant electromagnet…that is how that fake flew!” exclaimed Dick.
“Then the girl that fell through the stage she was…the real Supergirl??” said Lena.
“But Supergirl can’t be kidnapped…or can she?” murmured Dick.
The Major spun on his heels but it was too late, the panel truck was well and thoroughly gone.
Suddenly the major turned on Lena “We need to get back to the War Department…we need information on any abandoned hospitals in the area!”
Lena trailed after him a picture of confusion “Why Dick??”
“Because someone has figured out a way to kidnap Supergirl!” he gasped.

6.) A few hours later in the abandoned Bayside Palisades Mental Hospital.

Luthor fairly leered in pleasure at the sight; the Mighty Supergirl was stripped to her waist…clad only in her lace edged bra and her trademark blue skirt tied to a straight-backed chair utterly and fetchingly helpless!
Fausta, Luthor and two Nazi hengchgirls were crowded into a padded cell.
Luthor loomed over the captive crimefightress taking his sweet time checking her heart rate with his cold cold stethoscope.
The green meteor the one that enervated Supergirl so completely was left in a dish next to a collection of medical instruments on a nearby table. Supergirl had strained and strained but she couldn’t break the puny ropes that bound her- that green rock did something to her powers!
And what was worse she been stripped down to her bra, the mighty heroine was alternately blushing and defiant.
“You’ll never get away with this Luthor!” quavered the heroine who punctuated her hollow threat with another risqué display of futile struggling.
Luthor paid her no attention and even had the nerve to shine a pen light into her left ear.
“She seems human enough-no physical anomalies” opined Luthor “Heart beat is regular assuming the meteor fragment is kept at a distance…the closer it gets the more she evidences symptoms of radiation poisoning”.
“She won’t regain her powers will she?” asked Fausta who had changed out of her Supergirl costume and into a vaguely equestrian ensemble. She was gazing rapturously at the captive heroine.
“Not as long as the meteor stays in close proximity, she is completely helpless at the moment” said Luthor.
Fausta’s henchwomen still kept their distance from the captured heroine….the Nazi villainess very much wanted to make an example of the hated Yankee heroine.
“Magda!” snapped Fausta “Untie our guest, I want to play with her!”
Luthor stepped back and said nothing. He was unconcerned; Supergirl was too weak from the meteor to get away and a beating from Fausta was a safe enough idea since they were in a padded cell.
“Besides” he thought, “If Fausta really goes to town I might get a sample of Supergirl’s blood!”
Lex smirked at that happy notion.
Magda did as she was told untying Supergirl with trembling fingers…she’d heard all about the Girl of Steel’s unnatural strength.
The Heroine looked around uncertainly…she was being let go?
Soon the ropes were untied and Magda scampered back to the safety of her mistress’ side.
Supergirl arose unsteadily and covered her breasts with her arms…”Let me go you Nazis!” she blared.
Fausta was truly in love…this perfect Aryan doll had to become her slave! “So strong, so feminine, so pointlessly defiant” thought the villainess.
“Supergirl!” said Fausta “I will make you a deal, if you can defeat me in single combat I will give you your freedom!”
Linda looked suspicious “You promise?” she asked quizzically.
Fausta restrained herself from laughing, “Himmel, even Nazis know better than to trust our promises!”
“JA!” shouted the villainess “I promise!”
And with that she launched herself at Supergirl and threw a haymaker at her jaw.
The weakened Maid of Might expertly sidestepped the blow and tossed a punch at Fausta’s gut in the bargain.
“WOOF!” exclaimed the Nazi as Supergirl’s blow connected.
What no one realized was, that Fred Danvers, Supergirl’s foster-father had once taken his teenaged daughter out to the carriage house and drilled her in the rudiments of boxing. He thought it was important that the Maid of Steel didn’t “hit like a girl”. For what it was worth, Linda Danvers proved an apt pupil of classic pugilism.
Supergirl actually went up on her tiptoes and started dancing around like a pro-boxer!
“Gosh if only I can land my left hook!” thought Supergirl “That will settle this quick!”
Alas for our heroine though, Fred her beloved father, knew nothing about the Asian martial arts…Fausta quickly recovered and assumed a Judo stance…shooting her hands around and gazing at her foe with a ferocious air.
Luthor was loving all this…a topless super heroine in a lopsided fight against a Nazi equestrienne…”We should have sold tickets” he thought.
Supergirl foolishly thought that Fausta’s lapse into judo was her chance; tucking her fists up before her face in a strong defensive stance she danced in looking for a knockout shot at Fausta’s unprotected chin.
“I may have lost my powers but I can still whip this Nazi!” thought the Maid of Might.
She threw her Sunday punch and it missed entirely, Fausta whipped around with the force of Supergirl’s punch and brought a karate chop down on the heroine’s lovely exposed neck.
Supergirl collapsed on the ground with an agonized little cry.
Fausta smiled in triumph spinning around she pounced on Supergirl who was lying face down on the floor in pain. The villainess shortly had the former Supergirl in a painful submission hold, pulling her head back and causing the heroine’s back to arch dangerously.
“GIVE IN SUPERGIRL!” howled the vile valkyrie who dug her knee savagely into her foe’s back.
“N-never!” wept Supergirl who in her nineteen years of life had never felt such pain.
“You see she is completely helpless! What a prize for our Fuhrer!” snarled Fausta to her gang.
“YIPES! They are going to take me to Germany!” thought Supergirl wildly.
“I’ve got to get away… get my powers back!” she despaired.
In vain the plucky heroine kept ineffectually trying to throw the Nazi villainess off.
Her struggles took on a desperate tinge.
“Say uncle bitch!” spat Fausta, who gave the Maiden of Might another nasty tug.
“ARRGGHHHHH!” wailed her captive tears of pain ran down her cheeks.
The once proud Maid of Might was topless and wallowing around on the ground prey to a simple wrestling hold like an ordinary human being.
The pain was excruciating…the blow to her heroinely pride was near fatal.
“C-can’t take it…what a finish for me!” thought Supergirl.
“UNCLE SUPERGIRL SAY UNCLE!” howled Fausta who was secretly grinding her white hot womanhood onto Linda’s helpless body.
“Ah Aahhhhhh Un-UNCLE!” cried the helpless heroine.
Right then and there, Lex Luthor had the biggest boner of his entire life!
Fausta did lay off slightly on her back breaker she sighed heavily after a job well done.
“Herr Luthor would you kindly help our guest to relax?” Fausta asked in a sickeningly sweet voice.
That was Luthor’s cue to lumber over and apply another chloroform soaked rag to Supergirl’s lovely if slightly bruised face.
“Damn no blood…I would have liked a sample” thought Luthor he was otherwise amazed at the bruises the formerly invulnerable Supergirl had collected during her short fight.
The Girl of Steel thrashed around with all her might as the sweet smelling cloth was clamped over her nose and mouth.
Linda beat her fists painfully against the floor she had to buck off Fausta she just had too…but she was feeling so deliciously drowsy!
“MMMPPPHHHHH NNNRRRMMMMRRRPPPPPHHH!” groaned the captive crimefightress. With all her foe’s gyrations Fausta was beginning to look like a fascist cowgirl atop a bucking bronco.
“Sleep little Supergirl don’t fight it…” crooned the villainess who smirked at her astonished henchgirls.
Supergirl’s movements grew pleasingly sluggish.
“The meteor makes a good mix with chloroform,” remarked Luthor with an evil smile.
“Ja….” Replied Fausta “It makes my little Supergirl so sleepy!”
Fausta twisted one of Supergirl’s arms behind her back…the shock of the pain made Linda sharply inhale the chloroform….the padded cell seemed to be slowly spinning to beaten Girl of Steel.
“Noooo…gotta resist…can’t end this way!” thought The Girl of Steel sleepily.
But she was so tired now…she so wanted to sleep to escape her pain and humiliation.
Abruptly Supergirl ceased resistance and her head sagged onto the floor…she was defeated and dominated!
Fausta arose and dusted herself off…it was indeed a wild ride she’d almost orgasmed atop that magnificent creature!
“We rendezvous with the U-242 in ninety minutes….take Supergirl down to the examination room, we may as well commence her real interrogation while we wait!” ordered the Nazi Olympian.
Madga and her fellow henchgirl Brunhilde dragged an unconscious Supergirl towards the door.
“Don’t forget the meteor” offered Luthor who trotted behind them holding the green isotope close to the heroine.
Fausta had whipped out a small swastika bedecked compact and was seemingly lost in the act of fixing her lipstick.
“Oh and Magda?” she asked.
“Ja mein Mistress?”
“Make sure Supergirl is dressed in her full costume will you?…Doctor Luthor is finished with his examination!”
The evil scientist fumed inwardly “The hell I am-I’ll show that bitch!” he thought.

7.) The examination room a scant twenty minutes later.

“Once again Supergirl what is the source of your super-powers?” bellowed Luthor.
The Girl of Steel was strapped down to a long board with heavy leather cuffs at her wrists and ankles. It was a dank dungeon once used by the mental hospital as ward for violent psychopaths…now it was a trash strewn torture chamber.
Supergirl was conscious again and full of defiance.
“At least I’m fully clothed finally .” thought Supergirl “ I didn’t like the way Fausta and Luthor were leering at me!”
The board was mounted on a horizontal pivot and tilted at a forty-five degree angle. Blazing hot lights blasted down on The Maid of Might’s helpless form.
“Again Supergirl what is the secret of your super powers…did the War Department give you a special formula?” snarled Fausta.
“I’ve already told you I don’t know why I have these powers!” shot Supergirl back defiantly.
“Nonsense!” Roared Luthor “Did you just start flying off to school one day?”
“As a matter of fact I did,” thought the heroine to herself “Good thing no one saw me!”
“This is getting us nowhere!” snarled the evil scientist “Bring the meteor closer that’ll teach her to have a smart mouth!”
The green fragment hung now on a chain near the lights in the so-called examination room. Close enough to keep Supergirl weak without causing her too much pain.
Luthor made a move to seize the meteor, Fausta’s arm shot out to restrain him “NEIN!” she yelled.
Luthor scowled “I’ll make the little bitch talk-don’t try to stop me!”
“Luthor! Outside!” snarled Fausta.
The two abruptly left the examination room- Supergirl was alone.
“Soooo…all is not so well in Nazi-land” thought the Heroine.

Outside the examination Luthor and Fausta were having a sotto voce row;
“My orders are to convey Supergirl to the Reich-ALIVE!” spat Fausta.
“Oh she’ll be intact she just won’t be the same!” threatened Luthor ominously.
Fausta was aghast at the evil scientist’s implication ”Harm my sweet little captive-NEVER!” she vowed inwardly.
Fausta changed her tack “Luthor!” she asked sweetly “would you please check the E.T.A. of our submarine? We must transport Supergirl out to it before the rise of the moon…”
“Well I er…” stammered Luthor he didn’t want to get off on the wrong foot with his new Nazi masters.
“I promise not to renew the interrogation until you come back…please Lex the Reich will reward you when we reach home!”
Fausta even batted her eyelashes provocatively.
Luthor grumbled “All right I suppose I should check and make sure they’ve got suitable accommodations for our guest”.
“You do that!” sang out Fausta.
As Luthor walked away….He asked off handedly “By the way where is the other meteor fragment?”
Fausta acted nonchalant “I have it in a safe place…a back up plan if you will…”
“Whatever…” grumbled Luthor these Nazis were a strange rule-ridden lot he decided.
As soon as Luthor was out of sight though, Fausta darted back into the examination room.
Oh what a sight greeted her though…there was her true love struggling helplessly against her bonds…it was a dazzling scene to be sure.
Lightly the villainess danced over to the side of the board…she was breathless with lust as this was the first time she and Supergirl were alone without any prying male eyes.
The Maid of Might favored her captor with a defiant look.
“You’ll never get away with this!” she grated.
Fausta couldn’t contain herself she swept down and planted a long fervent kiss on Supergirl’s cupid bow mouth!
The heroine was appalled; she didn’t swing that way one bit!
“Ewww…she likes me and not the way I like Cab Calloway’s music either!” thought the Girl of Steel “Hey maybe I can turn this to my advantage!”
Fausta broke the kiss and stepped back eyes closed in sheer rapture…she had tamed a woman far stronger than her…now to reap the glorious harvest!
“Liebschen…did you like that…” she breathed.
Supergirl played it straight “Uhhhh sorta…was never kissed by a girl like that before…” she stammered.
“Nein you were never kissed by a woman before!” laughed Fausta who was suddenly all smiles.
“No no I wasn’t…” agreed the Heroine with a blush.
“My sweet Supergirl…you must tell us the secret of your strength…that way when we get to Germany I can protect you!” cooed Fausta.
Supergirl put up her best puppy-dog eyes “B-but Fausta….Luthor wants to dissect me when we get there!”
Fausta was appalled “D-dissect you?” she stammered.
“Y-yes!” wept Supergirl “He has been telling his underworld pals for a long time now that when he got his hands on me he’d perform an autopsy on me for scientific purposes!”
Here the crimefightress broke into wracking heartfelt sobs.
“Kathryn Hepburn couldn’t do better,” she thought to herself.
Fausta stepped back from the board in a state of shock.
She breathed heavily…”NO NEIN NEVER Not mein sweet dove Noo-oo!” howling like a banshee Fausta ran out of the examination room to confront Luthor.
For the first time all day, Supergirl smiled “I ought to be in pictures!” she said out loud.
Her respite didn’t last long, Luthor himself oblivious to Fausta’s rage came in a few minutes later he was whistling a happy tune and eying Supergirl ominously.
“You will be happy to know they’ve got a nice cell lined up for you on the U-242” babbled the evil scientist.
“Cozy!” groused Supergirl.
“Cozy indeed” laughed the scientist mirthlessly “Now since it is just you and I…maybe we can try again to get that tissue sample out of you!”
Supergirl’s eyes batted wide in sheer horror!
Luthor advanced on her pushing ahead of him an instrument tray on wheels…it was loaded up with scalpels and other nasty looking devices including what looked like a weird battery powered drill.
“L-Luthor…y-you can’t it’d be murder…” wept the heroine.
The villain was all expansive smiles…”Oh pish posh it won’t hurt a bit….just a little tissue sample…plus some pay back for all those times you thwarted my schemes!”
Luthor picked up the drill and pressed a button on its side, the nasty little instrument whirled and buzzed ominously “Like it? This is my own design decades ahead of anything the Allies or the Axis have…”
His hand hung over The Girl of Steel’s blue miniskirt, it slowly came down and seized the hem drawing the abbreviated garment upwards and exposing her white silk panties.
“L-Luthor NO!” wailed the heroine.
“Such cute underwear…no wonder they love you in the Navy” murmured Luthor.
With one jerk he pulled down the Maid of Might’s briefs, exposing her soft wet coochee dusted as it was with light blonde hair.
Supergirl looked away in tearful agony.
“Gee Supergirl if I didn’t know better I’d say you were enjoying this!” smirked the evil scientist.
Luthor gazed in wonder at the sight.
“Puh-lease Luthor…” begged the Girl of Steel.
Luthor’s only response was to rev his power drill right in front of the captive crimefightress’ eyes.
Mesmerized, she could not take her eyes off that awful device.
“H-he’s going to drill me like a piece of wood!” thought the heroine wildly.
“Excellent!” thought the villain “I’ve got her completely fooled!”
Once Supergirl was distracted, Luthor deftly inserted a speculum into her soft wet womanhood, which first tickled but then, more shamefully and worryingly, stimulated her.
“WOO!” squeaked The Maid of Might unaccustomed to having anything in there!
He put the drill back on the instrument tray and had himself a fine old time gently maneuvering the cold metal speculum around the maid of Might’s soupy little pussy.
Supergirl gasped and kept her eyes firmly closed and assured herself that she was experiencing only a muscular spasm.
“Got…to…resist” she gasped.
She could never admit it to herself but all that rough treatment down there did feel…good.
“I can’t be enjoying this!?” thought Supergirl in a panic “I’m no pervert!”
Alas the feeling just would not go away, her hips began to twitch and thrust as the examination continued.
Supergirl looked around the room in despair her greatest enemy was diddling her all the way to a meaty orgasm!
“Uhhhh Ohhhh L-Luthor no” pleaded the captive crimefightress.
Lex barked at her to keep still, his sneering tone making the
humiliation of her impending climax even worse.
Supergirl tried to resist, but there were waves of warm soft pleasure pulsing out of her womanhood and washing all over her body.
Her taunt belly fairly quivered with anticipation-Luthor smiled mirthlessly his “patient” was responding well to “treatment”!

Inevitably, Supergirl groaned and came like and express train…the first real orgasm of her young life!
“Uuuhhhhh UFF!” she wailed it was like a ten ton pleasure bomb had gone off in her head!
The examining instrument was immediately withdrawn.
The Maid of Might’s eyes flooded with tears as she watched as Luthor taking swab samples from the speculum.
“Well now that was fun wasn’t it? I’ll try for a real blood sample once we get to Germany…it is just a matter of experimenting with that meteor I think” prattled the evil scientist.
Luthor pulled up Supergirl’s panties and leaned over planting a cold little kiss on her perspiration soaked forehead.
“So many fun times ahead for us both girlie…” he whispered.
Linda stifled her emotions and whispered back “Maybe not…”
Luthor looked puzzled “what do you mean?” he demanded.
“Fausta was just in here….” Said Supergirl with a ferocious gleam in her eye “She says you’ve served your purpose to the Reich and that they will dispose of you before we rendezvous with the U-Boat…I’d say my prayers if I were you”.
The Girl of Steel closed her eyes and put on a beatific expression.
Luthor staggered back in shock “Th-they can’t kill me…I’m going to give them the secret of the atom bomb!” he stammered.
Supergirl maintained her poker face “Aw c’mon Lex you know as well as I do, the Nazis don’t believe the atom can be split…you’ve had a good run now you are finished like all the rest!”
Linda repressed a smile.
Luthor however was aghast…Supergirl was such a little goody goody she COULDN’T have struck a deal with Fausta-could she???
“If you are lying!” he threatened.
“Goodbye Lex it was nice to know you” intoned the captive heroine.
Without another word, Luthor spun on his heels and fled the examination room.
“One thing about Luthor-he is a bully, and like all bullies he is a coward at heart,” thought the Heroine.
The door clanged loudly behind him and then silence ruled Supergirl’s prison.
She opened one eye and then the other smiling craftily to herself.
She looked down, Luthor was so panicked left all his instruments right there beside the board.
“That tray!” thought the Princess of Power” It is almost within reach if I can just get that drill to work…”
Fortunately, Supergirl had slim wrists that didn’t quite fill up the leather cuffs that restrained her arms-with a little effort and some twisting and turning and she seized the electric drill in her dainty little hand!
It proved a remarkably potent little gadget; quickly drilling through the leather cuffs…in short order the Maid of Steel had freed herself from the board.
And promptly fell to the floor in an ungainly heap still clutching Luthor’s electric drill!
“OOFF!” she wailed…. being human really hurt!
Unsteadily Supergirl rose up.
For the first time she noticed that the flesh underneath her fingernails was turning bright green!
She fought down a wave of nausea.
“Got to get away,” she muttered.
She felt exhausted after her long ordeal she gave her skirt a tug and staggered over to the door.
It was locked of course Supergirl gave it a shove, in former days the door would’ve collapsed like matchwood now it stood immutable, slowly the heroine slumped to the floor.
“Th’ that meteor…its killing me” she groaned helplessly.
Supergirl gazed malevolently at the green glowing rock that had stole her precious super-powers.
“Such a silly thing a rock and it has rendered me helpless!” she thought.
After a few minutes of leaning against the door Supergirl felt a little better.
The buzzing was now muted in ears and her strength was coming back a bit.
“Proximity…” she thought “the farther I get from it the better I feel.”
Alas she was as far as she could get from the meteor in the examination room…and she wasn’t strong enough yet to bust down the door.
It was all so confusing why should a rock from space weaken her so??
Suddenly, in a fit of pique she threw the drill straight at the meteor….which was knocked neatly off it’s hook and bounced off the far wall where it landed in a discarded ammunition case-the cover of which immediately slammed down with a loud thud!
“That was silly!” said Supergirl to no one.
“But it sure felt good!” she concluded.
Suddenly though, for the first time in hours Supergirl started feeling like her old self…strength flooded back into her limbs she could hear things outside the room…she felt light again…like she could fly!
“What happened?” thought the Maid of Might “What snafu’d the meteor??”
She trained her x-ray vision on the ammo case that now contained the meteor and couldn’t see through it at all!
“It is made of lead!” said Supergirl aloud “Lead blocks my x-ray vision and it must block the meteor’s harmful rays!”
The Maid of Might happily pounced on the ammo case, sealing it up with a piece of nearby scrap metal-no one would open it now!
Safe from the mysterious meteor’s baneful effects, She knocked down the door with one blow of her dainty fist!

8.) The front gate five minutes later.

Luthor’s headlong flight had carried right into the waiting arms of Dick Malverne and a squad of the Maryland State Police who were in the process of surrounding the hospital.
If Dick didn’t know better he’d a thought Luthor was slightly relieved to be captured by the Americans.
Malverne was in no mood to fool around though, he seized the scientist by the lapels and snarled “One chance Lex where is Supergirl!?”
Lex turned white; all his plans had gone up in smoke “S-she’s up there!” he motioned towards the hospital behind him.
As the cops bundled Luthor away the evil scientist was heard to mutter, “I know her secret…!”
“I’m going up alone!” decided the pilot “You guys come in like gangbusters in five minutes I don’t like what Luthor was talking about one bit…what is this about Supergirl’s secret?”

9.) The cliff’s behind the hospital ten minutes later:

Supergirl had gone through the hospital like a hot knife through butter….Fausta’s henchgirls were knocked unconscious and their whole plan thoroughly wrecked. Unfortunately Fausta and Luthor were nowhere to be seen.
Dick Malverne (that DOLL!) and the police could be seen closing in on the hospital…undoubtedly Fausta took this as a cue to flee.
A fast check via her super vision revealed that Fausta was making tracks to the edge of the cliffs over Chesapeake Bay.
Supergirl swooped down and made her last mistake of the day….she didn’t get within ten feet of Fausta before a horrible sick feeling of deadly weakness swept through her shapely young body.
The Maid of Might doubled over and fell to her knees “Arrggh feel weak…” she groaned.
Fausta turned back on her with a triumphant smile on her face “Of course liebschen we always had two meteor samples… I thought you might escape and took precautions”.
Holding the deadly rock in her hands Fausta advanced on the powerless Maid of Might who writhed in agony on the ground.
“Feeling weaker and weaker my love? Isn’t this stone so pretty such a lovely shade of green…it makes your knees tremble to look at it I know…” sang Fausta.
Supergirl flopped over on her side and clutched her stomach in raw agony, it was like a million white hot needles were coursing through her veins!
“Pretty girls like you should have beautiful things darling…here take a closer look!” Fausta fairly waved the rock under Supergirl’s nose.
The Heroine’s eyes almost rolled up in her head and she moaned in despair.
Tears stood in the villainess’ eyes “You and I could have been wonderful together mein valkyrie…this could have been different!” she sobbed.
“Never!” snarled in a weak voice Supergirl “I’ll never submit to you!” she gasped and took a futile ragged breath, the pain was now indescribable.
With much regret Fausta tossed the rock on the ground next to Supergirl.
“Goodbye my darling I must swim now to the U-boat to evade your American friends…or else I’d take you with me….it is sad to have to kill such magnificence as yourself!”
Stifling a sob, Fausta made a perfect swan dive from off the cliff edge.
Supergirl had her own problems though…that rock at close range was slowly killing her. On hands and knees the mighty heroine crawled away…but every movement was sheer torture.
“Gotta get away…meteor…killing me…” she groaned.
And then she saw them…two pair of shoes, black patent leather polished to a high shine.
Supergirl looked up…it was Dick Malverne who was looking down at her with deep concern.
Angel? What is wrong!?”
“D-Dick…Th-that rock…th’ green one please get it away from me!!!” gasped Supergirl who slumped over in an exhausted faint.
True blue as always, Dick snatched up the weird green rock and trotted down the path when he got a good two hundred feet away he put the stone down and went back to Supergirl’s side.
Fortunately, the heroine seemed to revive once the rock was a safe distance away; she rose to her feet and mopped her brow exhaling heavily.
“Are you all right?” asked Dick as he returned to his true love’s side.
“Fine now that the rock is gone,” replied Supergirl with a blush.
“Why did it affect you like that?”
“I don’t know Dick, can you do me a favor though? Tell no one about the meteor, lock it up in a lead lined box and give it to Linda Danvers’…she’ll give it to me” directed Supergirl.
“But the meteor won’t it…?”
“No…lead stops the radiation I’ll be fine. You must tell no one about the green stone though…if the underworld ever found out about my weakness…” asked Supergirl.
“I will,…” promised the pilot.
“Oh and Dick?”
“Yes Angel?”
Wordlessly the heroine swooped and deposited a light little kiss on the pilot’s astonished mouth.
“Thanks!” she breathed before leaping into the night sky.
Malverne stared after her in stupefaction….”Whotta woman” he muttered.
The Girl of Steel flew back towards the Hospital; she was intent on securing the original meteor before looking for Fausta or her submarine.

10) The War Department, the Next day:

“No sign of this Fausta character either Miss Danvers….maybe she drowned,…” said Captain Malverne whose desk was dominated by a small locked lead lined box.
“The navy couldn’t find her sub?” asked his secretary.
“No…they are still searching though,” replied the Pilot.
“DARN!” thought the disguised heroine “ The U-boat escaped while I was taking care of the other sample!”
“Well…Supergirl asked me to give this to you.
She didn’t tell me what was in it or anything only that it was important…” said the young Major.
Linda took the box and placed it in her voluminous handbag “I’ll see that she gets it”.
“I’m sure at your next pajama party at the latest!” laughed Malverne.
Linda made a face “So tell me how you rescued Supergirl this time” she said in a sickeningly sweet voice.
Malverne turned serious “I didn’t rescue her at all…I think Supergirl was playing possum all along with this gang that is where the whole phony bond rally came in-clearly Supergirl knew something was up…”
“Keep thinking that my darling…” thought Linda blissfully.
“We got there just in time to round up Luthor and the remnants of the Nazis that’s all. It is not as if anything could ever harm Supergirl!” finished Dick.
Linda smiled in spite of herself “Gosh He is wonderful!” she thought “Here he is covering up for Supergirl instead of boasting of his rescue!”
Linda returned to her desk outside Dick’s office all smiles…Malverne had an effect all his own on the Maid of Might.
She sighed and resumed her secretarial duties.
“I wonder what happened to Fausta though” she reflected, “If she didn’t drown then she is probably living it up in the Obersalzberg with Herr Schickelgruber!”

11) Schloss Markheim two weeks later.

Colonel Kesselman leered at Fausta. He had to give her credit…she was uncommonly defiant for a woman otherwise naked and wrapped up in a straitjacket.
“Once again Fraulein Grables…where is Supergirl?” he snarled.
“I told you Supergirl is dead…I had to kill her before making my escape!” replied the defeated villainess.
“Then who was it that destroyed our wolf-pack off Cape Cod yesterday?” asked Kesselman silkily.
“I-I don’t know…” quavered Fausta.
“I WAS SUPERGIRL YOU BITCH!” howled Kesselman.
“No…I killed her… I think!!” babbled Fausta.
“And you botched the rendezvous with Luthor, Our Fuhrer and Reichsminister Todt are deeply displeased!” exulted Gestapo Chief.
“You…must let me go…I must warn the Fuhrer Supergirl is coming-her powers are real…I know her secret!” wept the Nazi villainess.
“Take this accursed female away…for shock treatments and assignment to the SS breeding program!” ordered Kesselman.
Two storm troopers laid ahold of Fausta and began dragging her away…as she passed through the door she begged, “Kesselman…please….Supergirl is real! She is coming!!!”
The door slammed on her like a crack of doom.
Kesselman snorted derisively “Woman secret agents…women who can fly…when Germany wins the war it will be a different story!”
And with that the proud Colonel departed for a noon appointment with the Gestapo’s chief astrologer.

12) A cave underneath the North Pole, a week later.

Even Supergirl needs to get away.
Soon after going public with her heroic persona, Linda decided she needed a refuge for all her crime fighting mementos, awards, a place to keep her lab equipment, and a girlie little spot where she could lounge around in all her natural blondeness. Accordingly she built an underground refuge at the North Pole and facetiously called it her “Fortress of Solitude”.
Few people knew it but Linda Danvers, classy debutante and heiress was a devoted reader of the “Doc Savage” pulps.
And so there she was on a cold Friday night…clad in a blue baby doll nightie (S icon lovingly stitched on her breast by her fretful mother) reviewing a detailed star chart from the confines of her favorite comfy chair.
“The meteors came from outer space…Princeton Observatory even confirmed the original co-ordinates…” she thought.
An idea was forming in her mind a somewhat distressing one as well “The meteors came from outside the solar system…I was found in a rocket…could I be from another planet??”
Linda sighed, stood up and looked at her hands “I look like a woman, act like a woman…feel like a woman but I’m stronger and more powerful than anything on Earth!” she said aloud.
“But what planet do I come from…and how did I end up on Earth??” asked Supergirl plaintively.
Slowly she made her way to her private bedroom.
She drew down the covers on the giant four-poster bed and climbed and turned off the light.
“Will I ever know?” she begged the unanswering darkness.

Author’s Counterfactual After word:

When Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster took their love of science fiction plus their lust for cheerleaders and dreamed up Supergirl in 1938, did they have any idea what they had wrought?
Clearly they did.
In a space of a few short years the Maid of Might became the top selling super hero character of all time inspiring dozens of cheap imitations (Hypergirl, Marvel Maid etc). World War Two proved a bonanza for Supergirl’s sales giving her an unlimited collection of Axis foes to beat on.
But Supergirl was different she had a meek secret identity and unlike her rivals and imitators, she didn’t know the facts of her origin until long after the war is over.
This was a deliberate plot point generated by Jerry Siegel to give their creation a sense of suspense and a tinge of human heartbreak.
Siegel and Shuster were smart in other ways though, they leveraged their control of the Supergirl trademark into a vast fortune in licensing…so vast in fact they bought out DC Comics in 1947 and installed themselves as President and Vice President respectively.
While Jerry and Joe were not shy about licensing their girl for all sorts of purposes they were strangely reticent about putting her in movies or on television. They sanctioned comparatively few Supergirl film projects after the war; notably Fleischer’s superlative Supergirl animated cartoons (an inventory that topped out at 250 segments over time and a Saturday morning television staple for over thirty years) and the two Republic serials “Supergirl” (1948) and “Atom Man versus Supergirl” (1950) both starring Linda Stirling as the heroine…these chapter plays are noted for their intricate kryptonite traps.
Thereafter Jerry and Joe concentrated on bringing their creation to new heights in the comics, creating “Superboy” (Kara’s pre-adolescent cousin from lost Kryptonian colony) and “Superman” (her hotheaded gender-bender doppelganger from an alternate reality).
New artists were hired, Curt Swan, Gil Kane Murphy Anderson….by 1960 Supergirl in Action Comics, Supergirl’s own title and was a key member of the Justice League of America-combined sales topped out at six million books per month!
Yet Supergirl went unseen on TV or the movies for almost 18 years until Mary Graham Grace played her in three guest appearances during the fourth season of the Batman television series in 1969. Series producer Howie Horowitz always averred that Supergirl’s guest appearances were designed to create some enthusiasm for a Supergirl solo program-yet again Jerry and Joe refused to allow it. They claimed Supergirl was on the show solely to bolster Batman’s sales!
So it was with great anticipation that after DC acquired Warner Brothers the new conglomerate sanctioned the “Supergirl” syndicated series in 1983 starring the incomparable Helen Slater.
That first season was a wonder with its wartime stories and vaguely predatory Nazi villainesses. The other four seasons were fun as well with their contemporary high school/college setting and the inclusion of a young Demi Moore as “Nasthalthia Luthor” the evil scientist’s niece and Linda Danvers’ pesky rival.
But that first season with it’s chloroformings, tie-ups and kryptonite sequences remains a big point of entry for heroine erotica fans.
My story is a sexualized version of “Supergirl meets Fausta” starring Linda Day George as the villainess and Victor Buono as Lex Luthor. I’d always wondered what Lex had on his mind in that examination room…thanks to the miracle of fan fiction now we know!
Helen Slater would of course go on to win an Emmy for her starring role in “Mad about You” and an Oscar for “As Good as It Gets” thus proving that there is good luck in that blue minidress!
Still for the rest of us the sight of plucky 19-year-old Helen Slater strapped to a board in a Nazi dungeon reduced to helplessness by kryptonite is something to be treasured forever.
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Re: Supergirl Stories from The Wizards Lair

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The Adventures of Supergirl

Episode 4
Supergirl’s Undercover Assignment


Chapter 1 Assignment
Metropolis, Sometime in the Present

“You want me to what! You’ve got to be kidding.” Kara Zor-El stared across the table of the restaurant, her blue eyes wide in disbelief.

“Hmm,” I can see that making this proposal here may have been a mistake,” Bruce Wayne replied. “Perhaps we should retire to a private room.”

“Why not,” Kara practically shouted. “It’s your damned restaurant.”

Heads turned as Wayne rose from the table and escorted the statuesque blonde toward the back of the restaurant. He smiled at the patrons and nodded reassurance to a few. “Just a disagreement over a small business matter,” he explained.

“Not so little,” Kara muttered.

They entered the private room. Like the rest of the establishment it was well appointed and luxuriously finished. “Yes,” I think we’ll be more comfortable here,” he said. “

A bottle from my private collection, Wooster,” he said to the head waiter.

“Right away, Mr. Wayne,” the man said, leaving the room.

“Might as well save it,” Kara said. “You know it has no effect on me.”

“It might if you agree to my proposal,” Wayne countered.

“Let me get this straight. “Your wonderful research team at Wayne Scientific Endeavors has come up with a drug that can cancel my powers.”

“Only temporarily,” Wayne admitted. “It will probably only last a month and then you will have to take another dose.”

“Wonderful. You actually financed research into a product that can render Supergirl helpless. Well, thank you very much.”

“Actually that was not the intent of the research. What I ordered was that an attempt be made to negate the affects of kryptonite on your system. It would solve a lot of your problems.”

Kara seemed somewhat mollified by the answer. “That would be more useful than you can imagine. But why did you come up with something that does exactly the opposite?”

“It was an accidental discovery,” Wayne replied. “But I thought it might prove useful in some way.”

“What are you getting at?” Kara bridled, her eyes narrowing.

Wayne actually had the grace to look a bit embarrassed. “Well you know the rumours, about you regarding….”

“Yes?” Kara asked furiously. “I know the damned rumours. Do you mean to tell me that you thought I might was to use this wonderful discovery of yours in order to insure that I don’t crush the pee-pee of my lover when I have an orgasm?”

“It was just a thought,” Wayne said, flinching under the vehemence of Kara’s reaction.

“Just a thought. A thought from a man who thinks that the Kryptonian superheroine isn’t capable of controlling herself in a moment of passion.” Her anger bubbled out of her, like a pot boiling over on a stove. The remark had hit too close to home. She hadn’t had a date for months exactly because of the fear that in a moment of carnal bliss she might injure her unsuspecting lover.

Wayne put up his hands as if warding off a blow. “Sorry Kara. It was rude and stupid of me to have even considered such a thing.”

Kara took a deep breath. “No, it’s my fault. You are right. I do have fears about such things. It’s just that…”

“I know, I know. I’ve seen those pompous morons on TMZ. It is sickening the way they play up every sordid detail they can think of when it comes to superheroines. Goodness knows there have been more than enough filthy rumours connecting me to Batgirl and even to Superman.”

“But,” he continued,” let’s get back to the reason I asked for this meeting.”

“You want me to drink a serum that will negate my powers. Alright, I’m listening. And calmly this time. Give me your reasons.”

“It’s about Michael Cronfeld. You know of him?”

“The billionaire pornographer and drug dealer? Yeah, I’ve heard of him. He’s slipperier than a vat-full of eels, and ten times as mean.”

“Unfortunately he is even more than that. We have evidence that he is behind the largest Ponzi scheme in US history.”

“A Ponzi scheme? Surely modern investors aren’t stupid enough to go for that old con? And what about federal regulators? Wouldn’t they nip such a blatant scam in the bud?”

Wayne sighed. “I believe it was H.L. Mencken who said…”

“I know,” Kara interrupted. “‘No one ever lost any money betting on the lack of intelligence of the average American.’”

“Yes. That’s close enough. Anyway. Cronfeld’s illegitimate businesses and this gigantic stock market fraud are generating huge amounts of cash. So much cash that he is having trouble laundering it. That is where you come in. We need to get someone on the inside of his organization. Deep inside. There’s an opening at his luxury bar and restaurant. A pert blonde with superheroine good looks is just the sort of employee that could get into Cronfeld’s organization and find what we need.”

“Why me? Isn’t there anyone else around with big tits? Surely the FBI must have someone.”

“They FBI did have someone,” Wayne sighed. “Several someones in fact. They were all able to get a certain distance into the organization and then they disappeared.”

“Encouraging. And you want me to walk into the same hornet’s nest without my powers?”

“Unfortunately, it is the only way. Cronfeld is absolutely paranoid about security. Anyone who is hired for any of his businesses at any level is given a thorough screening. No one with super powers would have the faintest chance of getting in.”

“Sounds like something that would be right up Barbara’s alley. Why me and not her?”

“Good point,” Wayne conceded. “In fact Barbara was my first choice, simply due to the fact that she and I have worked together so often. However, she is involved with something so secret that she wouldn’t even tell me what it was.”

“I’m flattered,” Kara replied sardonically, “but I still don’t find the loss of my powers all that appealing.”

“Well there is one other thing that Wayne S.E discovered, during its kryptonite research, and that was a way of immediately restoring your powers in an emergency.”

“This is sounding more and more like a Jefferson Airplane fantasy. One pill makes you taller and the other makes you small.”

“I think Louis Carol came up with that first actually,” Wayne said. “But does this mean that you will do it?”

“Do I have a choice? I’m a superheroine. It’s what I do to keep from going nuts.”

At that moment they were interrupted by the return of Wooster and the wine. They waited while he poured and left before continuing. As the door closed Wayne took a small vial from his jacket. He handed it to Kara.

The superheroine looked at it, butterflies fluttering in her stomach. “How much of this do I take?”

“The entire vial. It should take effect almost immediately.” Wayne reached across the table and placed his hand on hers. “If you want time to think about it I’ll understand. I can’t imagine what it must be like for you to have such incredible powers and then have to give them up.”

I can, thought Kara. She had lost her powers on more occasions than she cared to think about. And it had always been a devastating and demoralizing experience. The only parallel that occurred to her to explain it to a person who had no special abilities was that it was like having a limb amputated or one of the senses like sight taken away. It almost made her ill just to think about it.

“No,” said finally. “Delaying is not going to make it any better.” She raised the vial and held it up to the light. Inside an innocent blue-green liquid gleamed glowed. Lowering it she unscrewed the lid and held it to her lips. “This is going to be one hell of a thing,” she said. And then she took a deep breath and drank.

“At least you’ll be able to enjoy the wine,” Wayne said tonelessly.
The Adventures of Supergirl

Episode 4
Supergirl’s Undercover Assignment


Chapter 2 The Organization

It was funny, but she had felt not the slightest affect of the contents of the vial after she had drunk it. She had expected something a bit more impressive; sort of a Dr. Jekyll turning into Mr. Hyde feeling, but there was absolutely nothing. Until she had taken her first sip of wine.

It was not the first time she had tasted alcohol without her superheroine powers. She had once spent months under the light of a red sun, a phenomenon that robbed her of any special abilities. That had been a situation where she had been forced to adapt, but she had forgotten exactly what it was like to be “normal”

After just a single glass, her head was swimming and she was giggling over the silliest of things. Her state was so obvious that gentleman Bruce Wayne decided that it was time to send her home in a cab. “That is something I had not considered. I suspect alcohol in close conjunction with the serum you have taken is not a good combination.”

Taking her arm he walked her to the door of the restaurant and waited while the doorman opened the door of a taxi. “Go home and rest. I’m sure you’ll be fine soon. He placed an encrypted flash drive in her purse. “By the time you’re home I suspect you’ll be sober enough to remember the key,” he said.

Giggling and swaying a little, Kara gave him a big kiss. “Silly, just because I’ve had a drink doesn’t mean I’ve lost my memory.” She was just about to prove it by rattling off the key, when he gently pushed her into the cab.

“Later,” he said. “In the meantime you go home. Call me when you’ve checked out the briefing. I’ll arrange the rest.”

By the time the cab reached her luxury apartment building and she had negotiated the way to her front door, Kara was sober, and not a little chagrined. But it was not just because of the almost embarrassing display she had put on in front of Bruce Wayne, it was something else a little more serious. She had felt an almost irresistible urge to wrap her arms around him and invite him to more that just submit to a kiss on the cheek. “I’m going to have to remember that,” she murmured. “Looks like it would be a good idea if I joined a temperance society as long as I’m on this mission.”

Entering the apartment she brewed herself a cup of coffee and then sat down at her computer. Within a few minutes she was poring over the details of her mission. In spite of the loss of her powers, her mental abilities seemed unchanged and she soon had the details of her mission committed to memory, then she called Bruce Wayne.

“Feeling better?” he asked.

“I was feeling more than better when I left. That’s quite a heady vintage, and something to keep in mind.”

“Yes. It may take you a few days to become accustomed to the fact that you are no longer a superheroine. However, you now have the briefing. When do you want to start?”

“Might as well get this over with. The sooner we can get Cronfeld behind bars the better.”

“Fine. I took the liberty of assuming you’d want to start ASAP. You’ve got an interview tomorrow 10 am at the Cronfeld Tower. You pass and you’re in.”

“I’ll do my best,” Kara said.

“That goes without saying. And from now on you’re on your own. Good luck, Kara.”

Kara fingered the small glass ampoule she had found with the flash drive. A single sip and her powers would be restored. It was tempting to break it open and forget the whole thing, but that was not what superheroines did.

The interview was routine. Bruce Wayne had prepared the way for her through one of his many affiliates, introducing her as Janet Jones. The person conducting the interview was a pleasant and attractive middle aged woman called Nadine, and it turned out that Kara more than met the qualifications for the job.

“You’ll do very well here,” Nadine said. “With that face and figure its damn good for the rest of the girls that we pool the tips. Just make sure you don’t screw up any of the drink orders. Mr. Cronfeld likes pretty women and you’re certainly the most attractive woman we’ve hired in the last couple of months.”

“Why thank you,” Kara smiled, pretending to be flattered. “When do I get to meet this mysterious Mr. Cronfeld?”

“Oh, lower ranking employees never get to meet Mr. Cronfeld. But in your case I’m sure he will meet you.” The knowing look Nadine gave Kara was the female equivalent of a leer and it gave her the first hint that the gleaming steel, glass, and chrome Cronfeld Tower was a bit more than just the typical corporate headquarters.

“Now there’s just one more test. We have to give you a complete physical. It’s quite routine and something we require of all employees to screen out drug abusers and anyone with health problems that might keep them from performing properly. I doubt that you will have any problem passing. Do you have any objections to being tested?”

“None,” Kara replied. “I’ve nothing to hide.”

It turned out that the physical was not as quite as routine as Nadine had stated. It was carried out on the tenth floor of the tower in what was obviously a high end medical suite. It required a blood test that she would not have passed if her invulnerability had not been suppressed. She also suspected that she was exposed to kryptonite. She was observant enough to notice the doctor open the lid of what she was certain was a lead lined container. Well, that’s something at least. I might no longer be the mighty Supergirl, but at least I don’t have to worry about the agonies of exposure to kryptonite.

There was also one other test she found a little unusual. Stripped down to her skin she was given a complete body scan. It seemed a little bit extreme for a job whose main requirement was that she be able to carry a tray without spilling any drinks.

“You pass,” the doctor said. “I’ll just see that the report goes to Mr. Cronfeld. But I don’t se any reason why you can’t start tomorrow.”

“That was quite the series of tests,” Kara said. “Any reason for the body scan?”

The doctor shook her head. “Mr. Cronfeld likes to be thorough. You have no idea how many seemingly ideal candidates are hiding things that they shouldn’t be.”

Looks like it is a good idea Bruce didn’t want to implant a microchip. It would have been a dead giveaway. This Cronfeld is completely paranoid.

It was, however, the last test. Kara was allowed to dress and leave the room. Outside Nadine was waiting. “I see you passed your physical. You start work tomorrow, the evening shift. Be sure to wear something interesting but not cheap. Mr. Cronfeld runs a very high class establishment and we don’t want you showing up looking like a whore.”

Well, thanks for that, Kara thought. Looks like I’m going to have to go shopping.

She spent the next few hours blissfully touring a number of the high end clothing shops that surrounded Cronfeld Tower. By the time she was finished she had a couple of very attractive new outfits with jewellery to match. Fortunately, superheroines never lacked for money but she did have to be careful not to buy the most expensive items available. She was after all, supposed to be a working girl; not someone who could slap down thousands of dollars for a dress without thinking about it.

In the end she purchased a form-hugging green dress that amply displayed her exquisite athletic body. Rather than selecting something extremely low cut she had chosen a design that was cut out just below her breasts, displaying the lower curve of her shapely bosom. It was revealing while at the same time tasteful and titillating. The other dress was a blue that matched her eyes. It was cut to the navel, but featured criss-cross stitching that would have male eyes busily trying to see through all of the spaces. For her first night on the job she chose the green.

As it turned out it really didn’t matter. The real action at the high end Club Cronfeld that was located on the third basement floor of the huge complex didn’t start until after midnight. There was nothing she could do about that. Her job was to serve drinks and provide eye candy. Fortunately, that was all she was required to provide. To her surprise Club Cronfeld had a strict no sex policy when it came to patrons - at least as far as working hours were concerned, and she was not about to take up with any of the patrons after hours, no matter how heavily they tipped.

However, the situation did not remain that way long. Nadine, who it turned out was a bit more to the Cronfeld organization that just a personnel manager, approached her at the end of her forth shift. “Tomorrow you start at ten. In just four days you’ve managed to attract enough attention to warrant putting you on the late shift. However, you need a new outfit. Something a bit sexier. You’ve got a fantastic body; display it a bit more openly. Get something in red and something in black. And this time let a little bit more tit show.” She handed Kara several large bills. “I don’t expect any change; just make sure you spend all of it. And I want receipts.”

It was another pleasant day of shopping and by the time she was finished Kara had selected two appropriately slutty outfits. “So she wants to see my tits, eh,” she mused holding up the revealing red outfit. “This ought to give her something to salivate over.”

She slipped on the dress adjusting it until she was satisfied. By her standards it was beyond indecent. It was slit down to below her navel, rising in a widening V until it reached her breasts. There it flared out enough to provide them minimum coverage, but just barely. Her nipples could be clearly seen nestling beneath the sheer silk and her sweet hemispheres swelled to either side of the thin covering. She noted, not without pride that in spite of the loss of her powers, her breasts were firm, the nipples tilted upward. Even without a bra they needed little support. Must be a Kryptonian trait she thought.

The dress was just as revealing below the waist, ending a foot above the knees and being slit high up the sides, exposing a generous portion of thigh. Shit. I look like a waterfront whore, I hope everyone is pleased.

Satisfied with her new wardrobe, Kara undressed and headed for the bed. She was in for a late night and she could no longer rely on her superheroine resilience to see her through.

She napped until early evening, ate, dressed, and took a cab to Cronfeld Tower. Passing through security she entered Club Cronfeld half an hour early and changed into her new outfit; compete with jeweled choker and bracelets to match.

As she entered the club for a few seconds everything seemed to stop. There was a murmur of appreciation from several of the tables as she moved to her station, and not a few looks from some of her coworkers who were less than pleased at her stunning appearance. She carried herself like an empress, although she was far from feeling like one. I hope everyone is happy now. This is what you asked for.

Whatever anyone wanted, the night passed uneventfully although Nadine showed up just before her shift ended. “That’s an improvement,” she said. Cronfeld will be pleased.

Good for him, thought Kara. I just hope that this getup serves it purpose.

The next night was much the same. This time she wore the black outfit, which although a little more subdued exposed an equal amount of flesh. However, it was much the same as the first. She received interested stares and even a few comments, but nothing else. She was going to have to be patient if she was to learn anything.

The rest of the week passed in the same way. Kara kept her eyes and ears open, but other than the occasional vague comment from some of the clientele she learned nothing of importance. Having her super hearing would have helped, but now she was reduced to good old-fashioned eavesdropping, hoping no one would notice the stunningly beautiful scantily clad golden-blonde who dutifully served drinks.

By the end of the second week she was beginning to wonder if she had been sent on a wild goose chase. Almost three weeks on the job and not the faintest hint of any sort of impropriety. Still, she knew that Bruce Wayne never acted without reason. If he thought the assignment was worth while she would continue to do it until he told her to stop.

The break, when it came, caught her completely off guard. She was almost halfway through her shift and was considering taking her two am break when the bartender waved her over. “Bit of a break for you, Janet. Cronfeld wants you.”

“W…Wants me?” Kara stammered. “What do you mean?”

“Relax, blondie. It’s considered an honour to see the boss man. You’ve been called into the inner sanctuary.” He nodded toward a door on the far side of the luxury lounge that Kara had made note of during her first ever shift. Two well-dressed but hefty men stood on either side of it. They were a permanent evening fixture.

The bartender placed several drinks on a silver tray. “This is his order. Just head through the door, the two bruisers won’t stop you.”

Kara did as she was told, but her heart was thumping loudly. After sixteen days on the job she was finally going to get a look at her employer.

Deep beneath Wayne Manor, a dark-cowled reread the encrypted email he had just opened. It concerned someone very dear to him and greatly jeopardized her life. I should have guessed. Her reaction to the wine was far beyond what it should have been. I’ve got to warn her. Let’s just hope she’s at home. He tapped out a message on the keyboard and waited for the reply.

Kara headed toward the mysterious door. One of the men guarding it swung it open as she approached. He took a good look at her cleavage as she passed and probably got an eyeful as she was wearing the red dress.

She stepped into the room and stopped to orient herself. Apparently Cronfeld liked mirrors because they covered most of the walls and ceiling creating multiple confusing images. As her brain made sense of it all she saw a small group of men sitting on dark leather chairs around a black marble table. Spotting Cronfeld as one of them she headed toward them with the tray.

He was exactly as he had appeared in the picture Wayne had provided her; tall, with graying dark hair and broad shoulders. He was dressed in an expensive suit, but he had taken off his jacket and removed his tie which now lay on the table in front of him. He looked up as Kara set down the tray and to her surprise motioned to one of the chairs.

“Sit down, Janet,” Cronfeld said. His voice was deep and well-modulated. “I’ve been wanting to meet you since Nadine told me about you. I see that she did not exaggerate when she described you; if anything I think she understated your beauty.”

Not knowing exactly what to say, muttered her thanks and sat where he had indicated. Sitting gracefully in her short skirt was a bit of a challenge, but she managed without showing too much more thigh than was already revealed.

Cronfeld seemed not to notice, although she certainly attracted the attention of the other men around the table. Cronfeld pushed a wineglass toward her. “Red or white?” he asked. “They are of equally fine quality. I prefer the red.”

“Uh… white,” Kara answered, mindful of the way her last drink had affected her. Perhaps it was because I had just taken the drug. Nevertheless she resolved just to have a sip.

Cronfeld watched her as she touched her lips to the glass. “Perhaps you do not prefer wine. I can order you something else. And don’t worry about drinking on your shift; as of now you are officially off duty so far as your regular shift is concerned.”

“No thank you, Mr. Cronfeld. “This is fine. She took another sip to prove her point. She was a bit more confident, having felt no affects of wine so far.”

“Good, I would hate to have a teetotaler working in my lounge. And you are wise not to drink too much on an empty stomach. I expect you haven’t eaten tonight.”

“No, Mr. Cronfeld.”

“It’s Michael. I call you Janet and you call me Michael.” He motioned to one of the men standing nearby. “Serve up some of that caviar and those little crabcake things. I don’t want Janet passing out on us for lack of food.”

An array of canapés was suddenly in front of her. Not wishing to disappoint she took one and ate it and then tried the caviar. Come on, Kara. Don’t blow this by acting like a school girl on your first date. You’ve finally gotten to meet this asshole. Make the most of it.”

“You seem rather taken aback. Are you always this shy, Janet?” Cronfeld was studying her, his dark eyes fixed on her face.

“I’m sorry, Mr…. Michael. I just wasn’t expecting to be asked in for a few drinks with the boss.” She gave him what she hoped was her most dazzling smile and leaned forward just a little, as she reached for one of the crabcakes.

“That’s better. I like to get to know all of my employees. Nadine tells me she thinks you could be a good deal more than just a ten dollar an hour bargirl. She thinks you have real potential.”

Kara took another sip, studying Cronfeld from behind the glass. What was he up to? Potential for what? Was that just Cronfeld’s way on inviting her for a tumble. She’d just have to wait and see.

“You see,” Cronfeld continued, “this lounge and restaurant are just the tip of a very large iceberg. The lowest paying tip. You could make a great deal more money if you decided to come further into the organization.”

Ah, now I’m getting somewhere. “Organization?” she asked, spreading a little caviar onto a thin cracker.

“It is easier to show you rather than describe it. The purpose of Club Cronfeld is to provide entertainment on multiple levels. Food and drink are one level. Singers and dancers are another. And then there are certain more exotic forms of entertainment.”

Cronfeld had her full attention. The food and the drink had relaxed her, as well as the casual acceptance of her by Cronfeld and his friends. They all seemed genuinely interested in what he was saying, and not just because she was providing them with lots of eye candy. Keep talking. This is what I am here to learn about.

“Before I go any further there is one thing I must have from you and that is a commitment to my organization. I am offering you a starting wage ten times what you are making now in addition to a clothing allowance and luxury accommodation in Cronfeld Tower. In return for offering you this opportunity I must have your loyalty, and I must have it now.”

“You’re asking a lot,” Kara answered. “I like the money and the perks you offer, but I don’t even know what the job is.”

“As I said,” Cronfeld returned. “It is easier to show you than talk about it. But I show you nothing without a commitment. Refuse and you go back to your job of toting drinks. Accept and a new world of wealth and luxury is opened to you.”

He sure knows how to lay it on, Kara thought. Most young women would jump at such an offer even if it is sight unseen. The standards of other young women, however, did not apply to her, however, she saw little choice but to accept. She had finally made a breakthrough and was about to be invited deeper into Cronfeld’s secretive and almost certainly illegal organization.

“I have to accept,” she smiled, taking another sip if wine. “I’d be foolish to pass up such an offer. Consider me in.”

“Excellent. Let’s drink to that with something a little stronger than wine. “Al, bring us a bottle of Absolut.”

One of the heavyset thugs went over to a cupboard and took out a bottle of vodka along with six ice-rimmed shot glasses; one for Kara, Cronfeld, and each of his guests.

“Skal!” Cronfeld said raising his glass. With little choice Kara raised the chilled liquid to her lips. Vodka neat was not her idea of a drink, but she had to follow Cronfeld’s lead.

She took it in one swallow as did the others and felt an alcoholic surge that began in her esophagus, spread to her belly and then went straight to her head. For a moment the room swirled around her and she had to exert all of her self-control not to sway in her seat. But it was the affect on two other parts of her anatomy that had her most concerned. Her nipples had become fully erect and were suddenly so sensitive that they hurt. She could also sense that her breasts were swelling, her chest becoming flushed with blood. However, what was happening to her above the waist was nothing compared to what was happening to her below. The lips of her vulva engorged and the tiny bud at the apex of her labia was so swollen she could hardly move for fear of moaning in desire.

Cronfeld got to his feet and held out his hand to her. “You’ve made a life altering choice, Janet. I think you will be impressed by what you see.”

God! What’s happening to me? She could barely breathe, but somehow managed to force herself to her feet. Hiding her unsteadiness, she accepted Cronfeld’s hand and allowed him to lead her across the room. It was only by sheer force of will that she did not betray herself and was glad of the muted lighting in the room that helped to hide her condition.

Fortunately, Cronfeld seemed not to notice her state of mind. Taking her arm he escorted her to one of the full length mirrors along the walls. Placing his hand on the glass he waited a few seconds and then the mirror slowly slid to one side. Cronfeld stepped through, taking Kara with him.

Still fighting her sexual arousal, the blonde heroine’s eyes widened as she entered the room. She wasn’t sure what she had been expecting, but it was certain not the huge bank of widescreen computer monitors attended by dozens of lab-coated technicians.

A small man wearing large-lensed spectacles scurried up to Cronfeld as he entered. “Welcome Mr. Cronfeld. Here to see the latest acquisitions?”

“Yes, Royce, and also to introduce our newest associate. May I introduce Janet Jones.”

Royce surveyed Kara through thick lenses. “A superb addition. Welcome, Miss Jones. I can see you going far in our organization.”

“Thank you,” Kara murmured. Her eyes were transfixed on the screens, most of which were showing men and women engaged in various sexual acts, a spectacle that did nothing to diminish the stare of her arousal.

“This is one of the organization’s most lucrative operations,” Cronfeld said proudly. “The Ambrosia Club, where clients get to fulfill their wildest sexual fantasies.”

“It is primarily a real-life role playing scenario,” Royce explained excitedly. “Men and women get to act out their innermost fantasies in realistic scenarios.”

“For a price,” Cronfeld chuckled. “A very profitable price.”

Sweat beaded Kara’s forehead. She could not tear her eyes away from the multiple screens. Couples and more than couples were engaged in myriad sexual acts, many dressed in exotic costumes and staged in imaginative settings. She recognized harem scenes, and several featuring costumed heroes and heroines, along with others based on mythology, and even what appeared to be a good old fashioned gang bang. And then one in particular caught her eyes. The skin-tight blue, red, and gold outfit was unmistakable, and she gasped in shock.

“See something you like?” Cronfeld asked.

“That… that… costume…,” Kara stammered.

“Oh yes,” chimed in Royce. “Superheroes are very popular with both our male and female clients. Especially that one. I think only Wonder Woman and Batgirl are more popular.”

Wonder Woman and Batgirl. Don’t they have any taste? Those bimbos can’t hold a candle to me.

Something in her expression must have given away her sudden pique, because Cronfeld gave her a strange look. “Something wrong, Janet?”

“Ah, no.” She suddenly had a very bad feeling as to where Cronfeld’s tour was going. “I was just wondering where I fit in with all this.”

She knew the answer before he replied. But it still came as a real shock. “You really can’t be that naïve, Janet. What did you think I was talking about before I brought you in here?”

Kara could not deny that she had known all along what Cronfeld wanted of her. Given his reputation and the establishment where she had been working, there could have been little doubt what he wanted. His offer of luxury and wealth could not have been more obvious.

Her mind clouded by her state of arousal, Kara was still alert enough to realize that her undercover mission required that she continue to play the game. She was no longer a superheroine and her life depended on her keeping up appearances. Forcing a smile she placed her hand on Cronfeld’s arm. “Sorry, it’s the alcohol. I’m a little dizzy. Of course I know what you want and I’m looking forward to being part of the organization.”

Cronfeld returned her smile. “Excellent. And I’m looking forward to seeing you at work. You start tomorrow.”

“That’s fine with me,” Kara bluffed. “But I need a day or so to change apartments.”

“Is there anything you really have to have?” Cronfeld asked.

Kara saw the trap. The last thing she wanted was Cronfeld’s henchmen stomping through her apartment. It wouldn’t take them more than a few seconds to realize that anyone who lived in a five thousand dollar a month high rise was not a simple working girl. “Nothing that really matters,” she answered.

“Good, that’s settled then. I’ll have Higgins and Clark show you to you new quarters.”

Kara nodded. “I just need to get my purse.”

“Fine,” Cronfeld grinned. “I’m looking forward to seeing you at work.”

Kara picked up her purse from her locker. For a brief instant she was tempted to take out the tiny vial that would restore her powers, but she had not quite finished her mission. True, she had infiltrated Cronfeld’s organization and discovered a luxury whorehouse the like of which she could never have imagined, but she still knew nothing of the Ponzi scheme or any of his other nefarious activities. She would play the game as long as she could before revealing who she actually was.
The Adventures of Supergirl

Episode 4
Supergirl’s Undercover Assignment


Chapter 3 Playing Eve

Kara had to admit that life as one of Cronfeld’s high-priced whores was certainly comfortable enough. The apartment she was shown into exceeded her own in size and luxury, enjoying almost every modern convenience available. Except one. It took her only a few seconds to realize that there was no way of communicating with the outside. Waiting until her hulking escorts had left she had tried her cell with the same result. The room was completely shielded and the balcony, which gave her a splendid view of the heart of Metropolis was completely glassed in. If she wanted to contact someone she was going to have to restore her super powers.

She took out the glass vial and held it in the palm of her hand. It was so tempting. In just a few seconds she would be Kara Zor-El again. And she’d mop the floor with Cronfeld and his goons.

But what would that achieve? True, she would mightily inconvenience him, but it would not end his criminal career. Running a high class brothel was a crime, but she had no doubt that it would damned difficult to trace ownership of the place to Cronfeld even if it was in his building. At the very best his lawyers would tie up the case in the courts for years. No, what she needed was absolute proof of all of his schemes and for that she needed to get at his records.

Just how she was going to manage that she wasn’t sure. It would require somehow gaining his trust. The problem was that the only way that she was likely to be able to do that was to go to bed with him and also perform for him in his sexual paradise. And that was another problem. She was supposed to report to the brothel for duty tomorrow evening. How was she going to get out of that?

Actually, she wasn’t sure she really wanted to. Performing as a whore somehow didn’t seem all that bad an idea. She caressed her breasts as she thought about it, her fingers pinching the sensitive nipples. God, I’m horny. I haven’t felt like this since – well since she had been abducted by aliens and pumped full of a sexual stimulant. She had been damned lucky to escape from that predicament. If it hadn’t been for a convenient black hole she would still be there.

She hadn’t had sex since that time and she was incredibly aroused. Without thinking she stripped off her clothing, dropping it on the floor, as she almost ran to the luxury bathroom. A few minutes later she was sitting in perfumed water up to her chin, the hydrojets humming gently while her fingers found the ultra-sensitive region between her legs.

Later, exhausted, but satisfied, she made her way to the gigantic circular bed. As the light in the room dimmed to her voice command she drifted toward sleep, keeping one very important thought in her mind: Stay away from the booze. I can’t afford any mistakes like that. And then she was asleep.

When she awoke the next morning she had not had any overnight revelations. She was desperate to think of something, but she couldn’t think of any way out of her date with Cronfeld’s pleasure palace except faking illness, and that was what she finally decided to do.

She did make one attempt to contact Bruce Wayne, but found there were a couple of uniformed security police lurking behind a set of locked glass doors at the junction of the hallway that led from her suite. She tried going the other way and found herself in a marvelous indoor garden, complete with twenty foot waterfall. But there was no way out that way either. She did encounter a few coworkers in the form of several exceptionally attractive young women who were relaxing by the pool the waterfall rumbled into or lounging on one of the benches scattered about the place. She even struck up a conversation with a few of them, and earned a few critical stares.

“Oh you’re going to get top billing,” one of them, a dark-haired girl with the improbable name of Exotica, exclaimed. With hair and skin like that. Not to mention those tits and legs. Provided they’re real. Of course.”

Kara didn’t inquire as to whether Exotica meant her breasts or her legs by her last remark. Instead, with careful questioning, she tried to find out all she knew about Cronfeld and her new home. About Cronfeld she learned nothing, other than the fact that he was a regular participant in his own fantasy world.

“Oh yeah, Cronfeld’s a regular,” Exotica explained. “He’s a bit rough, but he always pays a bonus.”

Kara also learned that only a few girls were allowed to come and go as they pleased. It wasn’t exactly a prison. They could have boyfriends and visitors in any time, but communication devices of any sort were forbidden. And any mail was always checked. “I’m almost there,” Exotica said, with pride. “Been working for six months and I’ve almost earned level five status. That gives you the right to come and go as you please. You’re new so you start at level 1. But if you’re a good girl you should make it in about the same time too.”

Kara didn’t have six months. Or even one. She might just have to break the vial and make do with what she had. Bruce would be a bit disappointed, but at least they’d have something on Cronfeld.

I’ll see how the playing sick thing goes, she thought. If I stall him I might just get lucky and learn something more after all.

It didn’t turn out quite that way. Nadine made a call early in the afternoon, and by that time things had changed drastically for Kara. She had thought her carnal impulses were stimulated by the intake of alcohol, but ever since awakening she had been aware of a steady rise in her libido. By the time Nadine showed up beads of sweat were trickling between her breasts and she had turned up the air conditioning full blast.

Nadine shivered in the chill air. “It’s like a refrigerator in here. Are you feeling well?”

It was the opening Kara was looking for. “I think I’ve got a bit of a fever. But I’m OK for work.”

“A fever,” Nadine said, backing away. “I don’t think so. Infecting a client would be very bad for business. You better stay here and get some rest and see if you can get rid of it. I’ll tell Cronfeld and have the doctor sent in.”

Nadine closed the door behind her leaving Kara to head for the shower. She was tempted to take another bath, but with the doctor probably on the way she decided against it. It might not look good for the doctor to arrive and find her in the throes of self-induced passion.

She turned the water on full, allowing a chilling stream to play over her body. It left her shivering like a leaf in a hurricane, but seemed to do the trick. Wrapping herself in a large, soft towel she made her way to the bedroom and sat on the bed. She was just in time to hear a knock at the door and the same physician who had run her through her tests entered the room.

“Well, I must say you look like hell,” the doctor said, noting her tangled, wet hair. “Let’s see if we can find out what’s wrong with you.”

Half an hour later, the doctor gave her verdict. “Well, you’re a bit of a mystery. I can’t find anything wrong with you, but you are running a slightly higher body temperature than normal. It could be just generated by excitement over your new job, I’ve seen that before. But I think we’ll let you sit a couple of days just in case. I’ll check you tomorrow.”

Kara didn’t know whether to be pleased or disappointed. Logic told her that she’d gotten what she wanted. Her heightened state of sexual arousal left her feeling a little frustrated. Get a grip, Kara. Don’t tell me you really want to be fucked by a bunch of horny strangers. All the same, being a part of the Ambrosia Club did not seem nearly as threatening.

True to her word the doctor checked back the next day, and came up with the same diagnosis. “There’s nothing wrong with you that I can find. As a matter of fact I’ve never encountered anyone in such prime physical condition. When I have time you’re going to have to tell me your fitness regime. In the meantime you are cleared for duty.”

The doctor gave Kara a hard look. “I suspect your fever might have been a reaction to the fact that you’re part of a high priced brothel and have never had a man. It’s something that would certainly make me nervous.”

Kara found herself blushing. She should have known that her pseudo-virginal state could not be hidden from a doctor. It was a bit of a curse that her Kryptonian heritage meant complete regeneration of any injury including the renewal of her hymen. In actuality she was about as virginal as a mink in heat, but no one could tell it from her anatomy. Rather than deny it, however, she decided to play along. “I’ve been a good girl too long. It’s about time I had a little fun, and working for the Ambrosia Club is as good a way as any.”

The doctor smiled. “You sound like a non-swimmer who decides to learn how to swim by entering the Olympic trials. You’re probably going to be a little sore after the first day. Just make sure you use lots of lubricant and you should be fine.”

As the doctor left, Kara felt the butterflies attack her stomach. She had managed a two day delay and had learned nothing of importance, not even a way out of Cronfeld’s luxurious stable for whores. Now she faced either fully committing herself to Club Ambrosia or breaking the vial that would restore her powers. She took out the small glass ampoule and studied it. I’ll wait until the last moment. There’s always a chance something might turn up. She placed the ampoule back in her purse.

Kara spent most of the day touring the area that had been set aside for the girls working in the Ambrosia Club, but she found out nothing she did not already know. The complex had, as Exotica had said, almost everything needed to keep its occupants amused and happy, including a small café, a rec centre for keeping fit, and even a bar. What it did not have was a way out that Kara could access without using her powers. She went to bed frustrated, convinced that her only option was to break the ampoule and restore her powers.

She awoke the next morning soaked in sweat and tangled in the bed sheets after a night in which she had had one erotic dream after the other. She had slept so poorly that it was after eleven before she dragged herself out of bed.

“God. I can’t go on like this much longer,” she gasped.” She was almost beside herself with need. “Much more of this and I’ll be horny enough to fuck a goat.”

She struggled on through the rest of the day, trying to find something that would take her mind off her almost overwhelming desire, but even a succession of cold showers failed to dampen her sexual craving. “It can’t just the alcohol,” she moaned.

Reluctantly she took the vial out of her purse and held it up. “I’ve got to use this. I have no choice.”

She broke the vial and drank the tiny amount of liquid. Bruce Wayne would be disappointed, and no doubt Cronfeld would be even more disappointed, but the time had come to end her agony before she went completely mad.

To her surprise she felt not the least bit different, just as she had felt no different when she had taken the drug that took away her powers. There were, however, several simple ways to find out if she was Supergirl again. She concentrated, focusing her eyes on the wall of the room and beyond.

But nothing happened. The walls remained walls, solid and impervious to her vision. Her stomach did a flip. She snatched up a gold plated lamp and squeezed it hard. The base should have crumpled under her iron grip. But she couldn’t even dent it.

She picked up the empty glass vial and stared at it. Why didn’t you work? In frustration she threw it across the room. Bruce, you said it would work. Why don’t I have my powers?

She took a couple of deep breaths. Calm yourself. I’ve lost my powers before and found ways to survive. But she was sweating like a fat man in a sauna with the realization that without her powers there was no escape from the Ambrosia Club.

At that moment there was a quick tap on the door and then before she could answer it opened and Nadine stepped in. “Good evening, Janet. I’m here to give you a briefing and then act as your escort.”

Tongue tied, Kara just looked at Nadine as she walked toward her. “I spoke with Dr. Walker today and she told me a little more about you. I think I have found the perfect venue for your first time. It will take advantage of your special condition.”

“What do you mean?” Kara asked, keeping her voice steady. She felt completely trapped. Having walked into Cronfeld’s lair voluntarily she now found she could not walk out.

“Essentially much of what is offered by the Ambrosia Club amounts to sexual role-play. I am sure that you are familiar with that concept?

Kara nodded her understanding. She had not personally engaged in any sort of sexual fantasies, but she knew what it was about.

“The Ambrosia Club has set up a number of realistic settings where clients can explore their sexual fantasies. It is the job of those who work there to se that these fantasies are fulfilled. The better job you do; the more realistic you make it; the happier the client will be. Are you clear on that?”

Kara nodded again and Nadine went on. “The scenario I have in mind for you is called Adam and Eve,” Nadine continued. “The client will be playing the role of Adam and that is what you will call him. Remember it is very important to keep in character. You, of course, will play Eve. It is entirely ad-lib and the participants react to one another in character. Just remember it is the client who generally sets the pace of the encounter. You are a bright girl and I’m sure you will catch on quickly.”

“You should also know that in the Adam and Eve simulation the client has been promised a virgin or at least a girl who is very good at pretending to be a virgin. Dr. Walker tells me that you fit that billing perfectly.”

Kara swallowed nervously, and Nadine patted her hand. “Don’t worry. Most of the new girls are nervous the first time no matter how many times they’ve been fucked. Just remember that you’re drop-dead gorgeous and that counts for a great deal.”

Thanks, I think. Kara thought. But there was something more than role playing on her mind. As Nadine had described the proposed sexual scenario the powerful sexual urges she had been fighting once again surged to the fore. They were battering her down her defences, weakening her resolve to the point where she would do almost anything to be rid of them.

“Are you listening, Janet?” Nadine asked.

“Yes,” Kara gasped, as sweat trickled down her back. “Just a little nervous, that’s all.”

“Understandable,” Nadine answered. “Shall we go?” She opened the door and waited for Kara to join her.

“But I’m not dressed,” Kara protested. She was wearing only a pair of tan slacks, slippers, and a white blouse.

“That won’t be a problem. For this scenario you won’t need any clothing. Now it’s time to go or you’ll be late. And one thing we don’t want to do is keep a client waiting.”

Kara followed Nadine out the door and down the hallway. The woman slowed, allowing her to catch up and then continued to speak. “As I said, you will call the client Adam. You don’t need to know his real name. He’s big; a little overweight, but likes his sex gentle, so don’t be afraid of him. Just play the Eve role and you’ll be fine. That fact that you really are a virgin is pure bonus.”

They took an elevator to the Ambrosia Club. It opened into a large dressing room, or in Kara’s case an undressing room. Under Nadine’s watchful eye, and no doubt one of the hundreds of cameras stationed around Cronfeld’s empire Kara stripped off her clothing.

As Kara placed the last of her garments in her locker Nadine eyed her speculatively. “Hmm, you’re even more beautiful than I thought. Gorgeous set of tits; hard, flat belly; legs any man would love to have wrapped around him; nicely trimmed little pussy. I wouldn’t mind having a few hours with you myself. You sure you’re a virgin?”

Kara could not help blushing in spite of the sensual urges building within her. She never got used to the fact that most men, and a few women, admired her more for her incredible body than the heroics she performed.

Misinterpreting Kara’s embarrassment, Nadine gently stroked her shoulder. “Don’t worry, honey. You’re going to do fine. It will get easier each time.” She picked up a green leafy object and handed it to her.

“What’s this?” Kara asked.

“A fig leaf. You want to be an authentic Eve don’t you? You tie it around your waist like this.” She reached out a looped the leaf into place, using a length of wisteria. The small bunch of leaves hung down barely covering Kara’s lower groin.

“Thanks, that’s much better,” Kara replied drily. Common sense told her that the whole thing seemed damned silly, but she was now too far into the situation to back out, and her sexual craving was now so strong she could barely keep her body from trembling.

“There’s just one more thing,” Nadine said. How do you feel about snakes?”


A few minute later Kara stepped through a small door into Eden. The heavy Burmese python draped over her shoulders shifted its coils almost throwing her off-balance. “Just keep hold of its tail,” Nadine had advised. “That way it can’t tighten its coils. It should be pretty docile; it was fed this morning and that usually makes it sleepy.”

Easy for you to say, Kara had thought. You don’t have to carry one hundred and fifty pounds of snake.

The door closed behind her automatically while she stared in wonder about her. She was no longer in the concrete, steel, glass, and polished wood of the dressing room, but in a realistic woodland setting. Directly in front of her was a screen of palm trees swaying slightly in an artificial breeze. Behind them was a large pool of water with a small stream tickling musically down a stony creekbed. The lyrical sounds of budgerigars were all around them as the small brightly coloured birds flitted from tree to tree.

Flowering vines draped many of the trees and small tame deer looked up from their grazing as she entered. Above her white clouds floated serenely below an azure sky. The whole thing was so cleverly done that Kara would have sworn she was outside instead of three stories below ground. For a brief second she almost forgot the sexual fires burning within her. “Welcome to Paradise,” she whispered. But where was Adam?

Across the other side of the creek a screen of flowering vines parted and a tall, slightly obese man stepped through. Blond and slightly balding, Kara judged him to be in his mid-thirties. Like her he was wearing a leafy covering that barely concealed his impressive phallus.

If he’s that big when he’s limp, thought Kara, what will he be like when he’s aroused? She stood uncertainly, wondering if that was what she should do as her desire grew.

“Adam” looked uncertainly around him; then spotting the pool grinned and stepped forward wading in it up to his knees. Still smiling he pulled off his leafy garland and tossed it to one side.

“Eve,” he called, “I know you’re here somewhere. Come on out.”

Kara staggered forward, almost falling under the wait of the huge snake. “Who are you?” she asked, remembering her roleplay.

Adam stopped and stared at her. “My,” he exclaimed. “You really are spectacular. The club… I mean the Lord has really outdone himself this time. I’m Adam and you are the Lord’s promised.”

Kara stepped forward, letting the python slide off her shoulders. The sensation of the snake sliding against her skin was almost erotic and it gave her the nerve to take the roleplay one step further. “I am Eve, but I’ve been cursed to carry this heavy snake until relieved of it by God’s chosen.”

“And who would that be?” Adam asked, his smile widening.

“I was told he would be tall, with…,” Kara moved a step closer, “hazel eyes.”

“I’ll deal with the snake,” Adam grinned. He pushed across the pool, large orange and white carp scattering before him. Gaining the edge he climbed out, and lumbered toward her. Kara could see that he was already partially erect. Her body warmed, her nipples hardening, and her loins contracting in expectation.

Adam towered over her. He must weight almost 300 pounds, Kara thought. And he’s got a cock to match.

Adam picked up the python, lifting it without much effort. He was a bit flabby, but Kara could tell that he was still in pretty good shape. His size and nearness exited her. He’s a big man, she thought. I’ve always liked big men. Before she knew it her fingers were reaching for his manhood.

“Hey, go slow there, little girl. Aren’t you supposed to be a virgin?”

“Forgive me, Adam. Even though I’ve never been with a man the sight of your staff excites me. It is so large and hard.”

She moved her hand up the thickening shaft. “I don’t know what to do with this, but perhaps you could show me.”

With her other hand Kara stroked the slumbering snake. It stirred slightly beneath her hand, while in her other hand Adam’s cock throbbed.

“Oh I’ll show you what to do with it all right,” Adam said. His large hands found her breasts. “Oh, these are nice. Like ripe fruit.” His thumbs found her nipples eliciting a gasp of pleasure as he massaged and titillated the soft flesh. He pulled her to him, one hand in the small of her back, his face lowering toward hers as he took her lips in a slobbering kiss.

It certainly wasn’t the best mouth-to-mouth Kara had ever had, but she returned it allowing Adam’s tongue to invade her mouth, while his fingers fumbled at her breasts. He bent her toward the ground, forcing her to her knees and placing his hands on either side of her head he pulled it toward his groin. “This is what you do with it, Eve. Put it between your lips and give it a good sucking.”

This clown is about as smooth as a sandpaper condom, Kara thought. No wonder he has to pay for it. But she was too aroused to care whose cock was near her mouth, parting her lips she caressed the glans with her tongue and then took him fully into her mouth. Adam moaned in pleasure, holding her head while he slid in and out of her mouth taking the tip of his phallus all the way to the back of her throat.

It was nothing more than Kara expected, and she took all of it without gagging, sliding her lips smoothly over his shaft until he was gasping in pleasure. However, Adam wanted a bit more than a blow job. With some effort he pulled out of her. “Now, Eve, I’m going to show you what this is really for.”

Lifting her, he carried Kara to a leafy bower, which turned out to be a cleverly disguised couch. “Easy, Adam.” she said. “I’ve never done this before, remember.”

“Sorry, Eve. Remember it’s my first time too.” He grinned at his little joke. “Now we’ll see just how much of an Eve you are.”

Adam’s fingers closed on the wisteria vine belt around Kara’s waist. A soft tug and it was gone, along with her fig leaf covering. “That’s about as sweet a cunt as I’ve seen, Eve. Er… I mean it’s the only one I’ve seen,” he corrected, dropping back into character. “But I know what to do with it.” He pushed her legs apart, and moved toward her.

“What are you doing?’ Kara said, raising her voice and octave in false alarm. It was harder than she thought playing the frightened virgin, when she desperately wanted Adam to shove it into her. However, she made a good show of it. “That thing’s too big, she quavered. “You can’t put it in there.”

“That’s where it goes, Eve,” Adam replied hooking his arms under her knees. He leaned into her, pushing her knees up toward her head and spreading her wide. Leaning forward he took her left nipple into his mouth while he pushed her down into the soft cushions. The glans of his ramrod stiff cock parted the lips of her vulva and Kara moaned in anticipation.

“Ohh, are you sure, Adam?” she gasped keeping up her Eve persona.

“Never surer,” Adam replied, sucking her already throbbing nipple to stiff attention. And then slowly thrusting into her.

“By God, you are a virgin,” Adam exclaimed, as the tip of his phallus slid into Kara’s tight wet interior, He pulled back slightly in amazement.

“Oh, Adam, she cried. “That feels so good. Even if you are so big. I want more of it.”

“Shit,” Adam cried. “Best damn roleplay I’ve had. I mean, you’re going to get all of it.” He leaned forward using his weight to penetrate her a little more and then thrust deep into her.

Kara experienced the sharp tearing that told her that her hymen was gone and then a feeling of such intense pleasure that she actually screamed.

“Sorry, Eve! Did I hurt you?” Adam asked, his voice tinged with alarm. He pulled back slightly.

“No,” Kara cried, wrapping her legs around his waist. “Give me all of it. I want all of your cock.” She arched into him, forcing his thick member deeper into her swollen vagina.

Adam grunted with the effort, but he was a powerfully built man for all of his flabbiness. Gripping her hips hard, he drove into her until his shaft was buried to the hilt. Then he began to give her what she wanted, hammering in and out of her with powerful movements of his body that had Kara crying for more.

“Oh yes! Oh yes! That’s what I want. Give it to me! Give it all to me!” Kara’s unrestrained cries spurred Adam on to greater efforts. Increasing his speed he drove in and out of her writhing body, until with a great shuddering cry her body convulsed in a shuddering orgasm.

Adam climaxed soon after, withdrawing at the last second to shoot his seed across her belly and breasts. For a full minute both he and Kara lay panting, exhausted by their lovemaking. Finally, Adam rolled to his feet. “I think this warrants some fruit of the grape,” he said. He strolled over to the pool, and from a space between two rocks took out a bottle of champagne. From another rock shelf above the pool he took out two glasses.

Kara was no connoisseur, but she guessed that anything served in the Ambrosia Club, was probably pretty good, and since her sexual desires seemed not to be the least bit dimmed by abstinence she readily accepted a glass from Adam.

They sat with their feet dangling in the pool and shared the wine. It made Kara a little light-headed, and did nothing to dispel the strong sexual urges that still ran through her. Adam looked down as her, and lightly touched her shoulder. “Well, Eve, what do you think of Paradise now?’

“I think,” Kara said, giving Adam a sideways look that I’ll show you what paradise is really all about.” She reached out and stroked his limp phallus. Since this is where life began, let’s see if I can bring this back to life.”

Adam’s limp cock stirred, promising greater life to come. Without another word Kara went to her knees, and using her tongue and lips, began to work the soft sensitive tip of his flaccid organ, slowly it stiffened, while Adam groaned in pleasure. “Damned if this isn’t Paradise,” Adam groaned, as Kara sucked him to full erection and then put his rigid cock to proper use.

The Adventures of Supergirl

Episode 4
Supergirl’s Undercover Assignment


Chapter 4 Going to Bat

Bruce Wayne glowered at the white-coated technician who graced the expensive oriental carpet in front of his desk. “Why was I not told this before?” he growled, attempting to hide his anger and to a certain extent, his fear.

“We didn’t know, sir until just a few hours ago. Kryptonite and its properties are not well known. We are discovering something new about it almost every day.”

Damn. This was something I didn’t count on. I have to get Kara out of there. He was badly shaken by the news, but kept his features impassive. “Thank you, doctor,” he replied. “Please keep me posted.” He sat back in his chair as the head of his research department left. There was only one person he could depend on to deal with the situation. This is a job for the caped crusader.

Six hours later a dark figure perched op the uppermost level of Cronfeld Towers. Getting to the top of the building via bat-glider had not been all that difficult, but getting in might be. He had little doubt that the building was studded with alarms. However, he had come well equipped to meet that challenge. Moving to the edge of the building he peaked down at the array of balconies extending from the luxury apartments. Looks promising, he thought. Securing a line to the roof, he leaped over the edge and descended to the second balcony from the top.

As he had hoped from the lack of light, the interior of the apartment appeared to be empty, either that or the occupants were asleep. Either scenario suite him and he slid back the glass door and tiptoed into the apartment. His night vision goggles allowed him to make his way without stumbling over the furniture and he soon reached the door.

He had a fairly good idea of the layout of Cronfeld’s luxury office tower and high rise, and knew that if Kara was in the building she was mostly likely somewhere in the basement levels. Entering the building by way of the top floor might seem a rather unorthodox way of reaching that area, but he had that all planned out.

Leaving the apartment he entered the hallway and made his way as quickly as he could to the elevator. Summoning the elevator he stepped in and sent it to the floor above him, and then moving quickly he pried open the doors and peered into the abyss.

His first act was to cut the line that enabled someone else to call the elevator. Once he was sure that it was not going to come down on his head, he entered the shaft and closing the doors behind him clamped a line onto the main cable and then let himself drop.

It was a controlled descent and he halted just in front of what he judged was the entry to the basement complex of Cronfeld’s illegal empire. Once again taking out his tool kit, he set to work to open the doors. He was oblivious to the silent gas filtering into the elevator shaft.

Pirate Janet struggled in the arms of her captors. Captured by an American boarding party her pirate days were over. Her wrists shackled behind her she now faced the fate of all buccaneers who fell afoul of the might of the US navy.

Her two captors dragged her before the captain and forced to her knees. “Pirate Janet,” the captain said. “What do ye have to say fer yourself?”

The captain was a man in his mid-forties. Dressed in his nineteenth century blue and white uniform, with a sword buckled at his side, he was an imposing and frightening figure to the pirate lass who had at last met her match.

Janet raised her blue eyes, her full and succulent lower lip trembling in fear. “Please yer honour. Have mercy on a poor orphan girl forced into a life of crime.”

“Forced ye say?” the captain replied. “Ye’ve been the scourge of the high seas fer two years. It’s a flogging and then the yardarm for the likes of you.”

“No, have mercy,” she begged as the two sailors dragged her toward a grating that had been set up at the ship’s rail. Kara certainly had to admit that the ship was realistic, even without the water it was easy to imagine she really was on an early nineteenth century frigate. The shackles that held her wrists were only plastic, but they were realistically designed and fitted well into the role play.

She was almost completely submerged in Cronfeld’s fantasy world now, living each of the roleplays as if they were real. Her enthusiasm had earned her extra points from Nadine and her bank account was increasing rapidly. She had, however, not entirely forgotten her mission, but it was becoming more and more difficult to focus on it. Each succeeding roleplay immersed her more deeply in the net of desire that was slowly rendering her completely helpless.

Yesterday she had taken part in several scenarios, each one with increasing passion. She had found only one slightly distasteful; a science fiction setting in which she had played a captive Princess Leia replaying the torture scene in the dungeons of the Death Star. Having actually endured such torture it hit a bit too close to home for comfort, but the sex afterward had been some of the best she had had.

After that she had enjoyed a Goldilocks and the Three Bears fantasy and today she was Pirate Janet, scourge of the high seas. Or at least she had been until falling foul of Captain John Spruance and the US frigate Defender. Now she was a helpless captive, awaiting punishment at the hands of the captain and his crew.

The crewmen pushed her against the grate and removed the shackles so that they could bind her wrists. Kara could not help a shiver of real fear as her thin cotton blouse was ripped from her back. “Please,” she begged. “Don’t do this. I’ll do anything you want.”

“Ha ha,” the Captain laughed. “Of course you will, after we’ve removed all of the skin from your back. Begin the flogging.”

The whip came down, the nine lashes caressing her naked back. They were only thin ribbons of plastic, but Kara screamed believably, and writhed in simulated torment, making sure her splendid breasts quivered convincingly while continuing to cry for mercy. “Stop, stop. I’ll do anything you ask.”

The flogging continued and along with its Kara’s simulated screams of agony. The plastic lash did sting a little and each stroke made her more and more aroused. By Krypton I’m turning into a complete slut. However, given the burning sensation between her thighs, that no longer seemed like such a bad thing.

“Enough,” cried the Captain after ten lashes. “Let’s put that body to another use.”

Kara was untied from the grate. Keeping up her role she sank to her knees in feigned weakness while the two “crewmen” held her up. In actual fact they were all part of the act, two role players who might or might not be asked to participate in the action.

In this case Captain Spruance seemed to want her all to himself. He loosened his tight-fitting trousers and lowered his pants, revealing an impressive cock that was halfway to being fully erect. “If you don’t want to be keelhauled put that pretty mouth to use.”

Kara always found big cocks exciting; sometimes even terrifying. But the latter was not the case now. She was positively salivating as she took the throbbing member between her lips. Almost lovingly she swirled her tongue over the glans enjoying the salty taste and reveling in the sensation as the shaft swelled under her stimulation. With her arms held she could not use her hands, but she bobbed her head enthusiastically.

“Oh yes,” the Captain moaned. “You really are a pirate slut. I may not hang you after all.” He was holding her head and moving his pelvis back and forth, forcing her to take his shaft to the back of her throat.

She slurped noisily enjoying the sensation of the thick cock as she brought it to full erection. “Enough,” the Captain ordered. “Drag her over that barrel. I’m going to put her pirate pussy to work.”

The crewmen hauled her across the deck to a barrel conveniently located near the mainmast and arched her across it. Kara looked up at the Captain as he placed his hands on her knees and then forced her legs apart. “Oh please, have mercy, sir,” she begged in her most plaintive voice.

“There’s no mercy for murdering pirate scum,” the captain answered. “You should have considered the consequences before you took up your lawless career.”

“Oh please be gentle,” Kara whimpered, struggling pathetically as the Captain’s hands closed over her breasts.

He didn’t hurt her, at least not very much. It was roleplay after all, but she pretended that he did, gasping in mock pain, and struggling to escape the grip of the men who held her.

“Now you pay the price fer yer pirate ways,” the Captain cried. He thrust into her, taking her hard and Kara played the part, crying out in pain and struggling to escape as her ruthless captors delivered their just punishment. However, she could not disguise the fact that she experienced a powerful and very noisy orgasm just before the Captain climaxed. It was a performance that went down well with Captain Spruance.

“Haul her off to the brig,” he ordered. “We’ll deal with the rest of the punishment later.”

Nadine was waiting for her in the “brig.”

“That was an excellent performance,” the woman smiled. The ‘Captain’ was very pleased. You now have several clients asking for you. It’s time you were exposed to our most special customers.”

“Special?” Kara asked. Perhaps she was finally getting somewhere. After two weeks of spreading her legs and sucking cocks maybe she might discover the identity of a few of the more exclusive clientele. That would be an accomplishment of a sort, and it was just possible that it might lead to something more.

“Yes,” Nadine replied. “I want you to clean yourself up and then rest for the remainder of the day. I’ll give you the details later.”

Kara nodded. It was late afternoon and her Pirate Janet engagement had occupied her for over three hours. She could do with a nice hot bath and something to eat. Then she would probably take Nadine’s advice and take a nap until she was called.

Evening found her well rested and eager to find out what her next assignment was all about. With any luck it might get her a bit more freedom. She knew that Bruce Wayne was probably wondering what had happened to her and needed to contact him, if for no other reason than to find out why the antidote had not restored her super powers. She waited nervously for Nadine to show up.

Nadine was later than Kara expected, but eventually the dark-haired woman showed up and gave her a bit of a surprise.

“You’re in costume,” Kara exclaimed staring at Nadine in complete surprise.

“Oh yes. I’m coming along for this one. Didn’t I tell you?”

“No, actually. And who are you supposed to be?” Kara already knew the answer. She had seen that particular costume for real on more than one occasion.

“Catwoman,” Nadine answered, pirouetting and swirling her black cloak. “I’m surprised you had to ask.”

Kara did have to admit that Nadine filled out the tight-fitting leather outfit admirably. For a woman in her thirties she was remarkably fit. “So this roleplay is…?” Kara began.

“Superhero,” Nadine answered. “Tonight’s client has a superhero fetish; Batman to be precise. He likes to be tied up and gagged and then subjected to mild torture. You know the sort of thing - a little bit of the lash across the buttocks and then a lot of foreplay. Really draw it out. The more he moans and groans the more he likes it. You get him begging for mercy then give him a long slow fuck.”

“What is my role?” Kara asked.

“Ah,” Nadine exclaimed. “I should have mentioned that first. Here you are.” She handed Kara a colourful compact bundle.

Kara started in disbelief at what Nadine had handed her. “But, but…, this is….”

“Yes you should be a perfect fit for it. It’s been modified a bit to make it a little sexier. But otherwise it is very close to the original.”

“But, it’s Supergirl!” Kara exclaimed.

“Yes, of course. I told you the client has a superhero fetish. Supergirl is his favourite after Batman, and it is a part you will be perfect for. With those great tits, long blonde hair, and drop dead figure you’re almost a ringer for her.”

Kara looked dubiously at the skimpy costume. It was cut both higher in the thighs and lower in the front than her regular costume, but there was no way of protesting the inaccuracy. Besides, by now she was well used to wearing revealing or almost nonexistent costumes. She gave Nadine a quick look, wondering if her masquerade had been discovered, but the woman gave her not the least hint of suspicion.

“Try it on,” Nadine suggested. “Let’s see if I got the size right.”

Kara retired to her bedroom, stripped off her top, slacks, and slippers, and squeezed into the costume. It fit her like a second skin, revealing every nook and cranny of her exquisite torso. “Ohh,” she gasped as she stared at herself in the full length mirror. “This is sexier than the original. I can almost count every hair on my pussy.” She felt a sudden moistening of her nether region, and could not resist letting her fingers trace the lines of her vulva.

“I see you like it,” Nadine chimed. She had come in through the doorway and Kara felt a flash of anger, until she reminded herself that she had probably been on camera 24-7 since she arrived in Cronfeld’s stable of exotic whores. “Here put this on.”

Kara looked at what Nadine had handed her. It was a circle of green plastic designed to resemble a metallic collar. It sent a barely disguised shudder of fear through her.

“It’s supposed to be kryptonite,” Nadine explained. “You are going to be under Catwoman’s control.”

Kara swallowed. Even putting on a mock kryptonite collar brought back a flood of painful memories, but she did as she was told, snapping it into place. As she finished Nadine snapped on a metallic grey plastic chain.

“There, I think you’re going to be exactly what the client wants,” Nadine said, looking at her approvingly. “This is the way it is going to be. Supergirl and Batman fall prey to Catwoman. Unable to escape, Supergirl is forced to perform all sorts of sordid acts in order to save Batman’s life. You’ll see what I mean when we get to the set. Just play it by ear the way you usually do. You’re great at improv and should have no problem following my lead.”

Kara nodded her understanding and Nadine went on. “There is just one more thing. The client will already be in bondage when you arrived. You are not to release him under any circumstances, no matter how much he begs and pleads - his orders. It’s all part of the game for him and a couple of girls got very bad reports when they decided to take him seriously. We don’t want to piss him off a third time.”

“Right,” Kara said. “I get it. Supergirl is forced to sacrifice herself in order to save the captured hero. I’ll bet he’ll like that.”

“You got it,” Nadine smiled. “Now let’s go.”

The setting this time was the gloomiest Kara had yet experienced. This one was styled as a dark and gloomy dungeon complete with dark stone corridors and flaming torches for light. “Cool,” Kara thought. Her heart rate increased and her palms were sweating just a little in anticipation. Something told her that this scenario was going to be very special.

“From here on I’m Catwoman,” Nadine said. “On the other side of that door Batman is being held as a helpless prisoner. I think you’re going to find it very interesting.” She gave a playful jerk on the chain. “And you’re my little plaything.”

The door Nadine had indicated was guarded by two huge guards dressed as pseudo-medieval executioners. They stood on either side of the door with their arms folded, but made not effort to stop her or Nadine as they approached.

The door creaked open admitting them into a room that resembled a medieval torture chamber. The centre of the room was dominated by a large bondage rack and hanging in it was the helpless form of “Batman.”

The rack was a large upright rectangular wooden frame reinforced with steel plates. At each corner was a heavy and rather modern set of steel shackles. Locked into them was a tall, powerfully built man wearing nothing but the Batman cowl and a metal gag that locked behind “Batman’s” head and completely blocked the man’s mouth.

Kara took the scene in at a glance. It was the most gothic and bizarre scenario she had yet been in and she experienced a little bit of misgiving at the details she observed. Batman was spectacular; certainly the most impressive physical specimen she had encountered in the Ambrosia Club. From head to toe she guessed that he stood an impressive six-feet-two-inches and was muscled like an Olympic gymnast. But his striking physique was not the only feature that caught her attention. He sported the biggest schlong she had ever seen.

There really was no other word for it. Not even slightly erect, it was already a good eight inches long and the width of three of her fingers. She could just imagine what it would look like when angry. She swallowed, salivating at the thought.

Catwoman-Nadine snapped her out of her reverie. “So Batman,” the villainess growled. “I have you at my mercy; you and the superheroine slut you call Supergirl. You are both in for a very painful session.”

Kara didn’t like the sound of that. In the other scenarios she had been free to set the pace, taking her cues from the client, but in this one the client was gagged and unable to utter a word of instruction. Everything depended on Nadine and Kara wasn’t sure she would like the direction the woman would take her.

“A little pain to start, I think,” Catwoman said. She ran her razor-edged fingernails up Batman’s torso and circled his left nipple. “Such a fine body, but it needs a little decoration.”

She picked up a couple of items from a shelf buckled to one of the walls. Kara, following her on the chain, saw the Catwoman had picked up a gold metal band and a pair of pliers. Shit. She can’t be going to use that on a client.

“You can’t use that,” Kara protested. There was nothing to be lost by her objection; at the very worst Nadine would take it as part of the roleplay.

“Ha ha,” Catwoman laughed. “That’s what you think, Supergirl. And I am going to make a point by having you do the honours.”

“You villain. I’ll never do what you want.”

“That kryptonite collar places you completely under my control. Do it or Batman will be the one who suffers.”

“I won’t,” Kara said stubbornly.

“How would you like to see our hero gelded?” Catwoman asked, cradling Batman’s testicles. She gave them a playful squeeze eliciting a muffled cry from the Batman.

Kara gave Catwoman-Nadine a quick glance, and the woman winked. “Do it or I’ll really make him scream.”

I guess she knows what she’s doing, Kara thought. She took the thin gold ring and the pliers from Catwoman and moved toward the helpless Dark Knight.

“Mmmpphh! Mmmpphh!” Batman protested. She could see his eyes roll but anything he tried to say was completely muffled by the metal mouthpiece.

Kara remembered that Nadine had instructed her to ignore all objections and that the client was a bit of a sado-masochist. What she was going to do must just be part of the scenario, but it still made her extremely uncomfortable as she placed the edge of the ring against Batman’s left nipple.

“I don’t want to do this, Batman,” she apologized. “But I have no choice.” She fitted the gold ring to either side of Batman’s left nipple and then lifted the pliers. For a second she hesitated, and then she closed the ring.

Batman grunted in pain as the sharp ends of the ring pierced his sensitive nipple, but other than that he made no sound. Kara was feeling a little sick, but excused herself based on the oddity of the client. I guess that is what he really wanted, she thought. But she wasn’t so sure about what Catwoman did next.

She was carrying a coiled whip at her waist and the villainess flicked it loose, revealing an eight foot length of leather. Shit, that’s real,” Kara thought. Surely she’s not going to use it.

It became evident, however, that a painful flogging was part of the service Batman required. Catwoman moved so that she was behind him and the whip trailed to her right, then she snapped it back and brought it forward against Batman’s back.

Batman grunted in pain once again, and a red line traced itself across his muscular shoulders. That’s real blood, Kara thought. That has to hurt.

She was beginning to have her doubts about the scenario, but couldn’t see that she had much choice except to play it out. But it sickened her to see Catwoman deliver lash after lash across Batman’s back, leaving it crisscrossed with bloody stripes. She well knew the pain of such an ordeal, having had the unfortunate experience several times, and wondered at the idea of someone deliberately asking for such painful ordeal. She watched horrified as Catwoman delivered a savage thrashing.

“Ten is enough, isn’t it lover boy?” Catwoman said, tossing aside the whip. “Now it is time to put the heroine slut to work.” She stepped toward Batman and stroked his cock as she finished speaking. “A little limp. I suppose the pain had you a bit distracted, but Superslut will fix that.”

This was a part of her role Kara understood. In the last two weeks she had stirred dozens of cocks to life and this was just one more. It was, however, a bit special. She was not sure that someone who had been subjected to such pain could be properly stimulated. However, as the familiar sensation of arousal spread through her loins she was more than willing to give it a try. However, there was still the required heroine response. “No. I won’t do it. That’s disgusting.”

“Never tasted a man’s cock?” Catwoman sneered. “Perhaps you’d rather see me continue with the whip.”

“No,” Kara said dejectedly, putting on her best defeated heroine face. “I’ll do it.”

She went to her knees in front of the helpless Batman. The awe-inspiring cock dangled just in front of her eyes. Taking it in her hand, Kara slowly began to stroke the limp member, moving her hand the full length of the shaft. Catwoman helped out by providing a bottle of perfumed oil to lubricate Kara’s hand.

She slid her hand from one end to the other of the thick member. To her surprise it actually stirred a little and an slight moan issued from the helpless victim. She moved her hand over it a few more times and then put her mouth to it.

It was something she had been dying to do ever since first entering the room, and she made a good job of it, licking the large pink knob of Batman’s glans, and then taking it delicately into her mouth, teasing and caressing it with her lips and tongue before sliding it fully to the back of her throat. It was, of course, impossible to swallow the whole thing, but she took it as far as she could, sliding it in and out of her mouth until it was slick with her saliva. To her delight and increasing passion, Batman began to moan in undisguised pleasure while at the same time his shaft began to swell. Within a few seconds it was too large to fit within her mouth and she pulled back, continuing to stimulate the swollen member with her lips, tongue, and hands.

From behind her Catwoman purred her approval. “Perrfect. Now to put that pole to proper use.” She pulled a lever and the rack holding Batman slowly swung down to an almost horizontal position leaving Batman’s immense member pointing toward the ceiling. Nadine caressed the throbbing meat with her fingers, stroking it like she would a cat and then bent and licked it, moving her tongue the full length of the shaft. “Now, Superslut, it’s time for you to ride the Batmobile.”

“No!” Kara cried. “You can’t make me do that. I’ve degraded myself enough.” This was the most bizarre role she had yet played. Supergirl playing a pretend Supergirl. It made her feel very strange, but she was well into the fantasy now, and more than eager to be “forced” to continue.

Nadine obliged. “I think you will Supercunt. You’re going to place that little pussy over the Batcock and let it slide into you. And you’re going to do it until the Batdork pulls Old Faithful inside you. A refusal will mean another taste of the whip and this time I will target that impressive pole.”

Batman made unintelligible noises through his gag. Whether he was complaining about the pain of the flogging, demanding to be fucked, or simply playing more of his part in the roleplay, Kara had no idea. She only knew that she had never looked forward so eagerly to putting a man’s cock inside her. She was already panting as she stripped off her skimpy costume and climbed onto the rack, positioning her dripping pussy directly over Batman’s quivering zucchini.

From this position she could look directly into Batman’s eyes. What she saw was not particularly reassuring as the helpless hero looked up at her, rolling his eyes in seeming despair. He rolled his head from side to side in a most realistic rejection of what she was about to do. Geez, he’s good, Kara thought. You’d almost think he really didn’t want me to do this.

However, by now, Kara was so far into the fantasy she might have done what she did next even if she thought the client was trying to signal the opposite. She slowly lowered herself onto the waiting Batpole, placing her knees on the frame of the rack and allowing the tip of the huge member to part the lips of her vulva. She had to steady the huge member with her hands as she eased oh-so-slowly onto it, testing her ability to handle such a huge object.

“Oh God! Oh God!” The combination of pain and pleasure was so incredible she couldn’t help the cries that burst from her lips. Her back arched as she slid lower, her hands moving to squeeze her breasts and pinch her swollen nipples.

“Oh, let me help, kitten,” Catwoman purred. Nadine positioned herself so that she was sitting on Batman’s chest and leaned forward to tongue Kara’s nipples as Batman’s huge cock slid ever deeper into her.

Jeeezuss! It’s splitting me! But she could not help moving her body in spite of the pain of penetration, sliding up and down the engorged pole and working it farther into her swollen vagina. She impaled herself deeper, deeper, deeper, until she was moaning in pain and pleasure while Catwoman teased and massaged her nipples and breasts. As the leather-clad woman moved her mouth higher she responded fervently, arching into Catwoman’s welcoming arms and then reciprocated as their lips touched, and their tongues intertwined.

Batman’s cock filled her, the massive member penetrating her fully as she moved her body against it while at the same time her fingers found the straps and buckles of Batwoman’s costume, stripping the upper part of her garment from Nadine’s torso. She was pleasantly surprised to discover that the older woman’s breasts were still firm, with dark prominent nipples that fit delightfully into her mouth. She fondled one of the taut buds, pinching it between thumb and forefinger, while Nadine continued to probe her mouth.

Then she became aware of something else. A slow movement below her. She suddenly realized that until that moment the Batman had been about as responsive as a corpse. Had it not been for his huge cock, fucking him would have been about as exciting as having sex with a log. Now he was moving, thrusting his hips upward, penetrating her to the full. The multiple sensations were too much for her to hold back the orgasm that had been slowly building within her. She screamed as she climaxed, her womb and vagina contracting so powerfully that for a few seconds her head swam.

The incredible sensation left her gasping for breath, but she couldn’t stop. The client had not yet been satisfied. Dripping sweat and gasping with both pain and pleasure she slid her body up and down the Batman’s shaft. Each movement felt as if she was being fucked by a fire hydrant, but she couldn’t stop quickening her pace as she sought to bring her client to climax.

Up and down up and down. The smooth rhythm of her powerful loins pushed her toward still another level of sexual ecstasy. Up-down. Up-down. Up-down.

And suddenly she became aware of something else, something about the pattern of the powerful movements of the Batman’s loins. At first she was completely unaware of any pattern but as she approached her second orgasm it finally penetrated her psyche. Up, up, up. Down, Down, down. Up, up, up. Pause. Repeat. Pause Repeat. S.O.S. S.O.S.

Something was wrong. The pattern of movement was too deliberate. No one moved like that while fucking. Her client, the Batman, was trying to signal her.

Her eyes dropped seeking his and the quick flash of his eyelids repeated the signal. It couldn’t be coincidence. Oh, why this? Kara thought. She had been fully into the roleplay, enjoying it as she had never enjoyed any of the others. Fucking Batman. It was a fantasy she had long held, and now it seemed it might actually be true.

It might be true. That was a chilling thought. So chilling it shocked her out of her sexual frenzy. She was suddenly aware of Nadine in her role of Catwoman slowly raking her false claws across the Batman’s chest. Blood dripped from a score of wounds all inflicted while Kara had been heaving her body onto the Batman’s pulsing staff.

I’ve been tricked. It has all been a charade. Cronfeld must have known about me from the moment I underwent the physical. All those tests must have revealed who I really was and I walked right into the trap.

The sudden realization hit her like a bolt of lightning, knocking her out of her sexual frenzy. Suddenly she felt only the intense pain of the penetration and the humiliating knowledge that she had played right into the hands of the villains. All the time they’ve known, she thought. They filmed dozens of hours of Supergirl in sexual roleplay. It was the ultimate in superheroine humiliation and she had gone into it willingly.

Not only that but she was still bereft of her super powers. Batman’s elixir had failed her. However, that no longer mattered. What mattered was how she was going to get out of the hideous mess she had gotten herself into. There seemed only one way, and it suited her sudden change of mood.

She wrenched her sweat drenched body clear of Batman’s engorged phallus. Her action prompted a surprised glance from Nadine, who looked up from her mutilation of Batman. But she was about to become even more surprised.

“Enough of this,” Kara hissed. She let her anger take her where it may. She might not have her superpowers, but she had learned more than enough about the arts of self defence to handle herself without them. Drawing back her fist she let fly and caught Nadine a solid blow on the point of her jaw.

It should have knocked the woman out cold, but at the last second Nadine had seemed to sense that something was coming and pulled her head back just a fraction. However, the punch knocked her onto her shapely ass and left her looking very confused. “What the hell are you doing?” Nadine gasped, raising one hand to rub her jaw. “That’s not part of the roleplay.”

“I’m improvising,” Kara spat. She knew that she had only minutes, perhaps only seconds before Cronfeld’s security forces reacted. Almost certainly the entire episode was being recorded and she had to get Batman free and find a way to escape before it was too late. If only she had her powers it would have been simple, but she didn’t and she would just have to hope that her surprise act would catch Cronfeld’s cronies off-guard. And the first thing she had to do was take care of Nadine.

The woman was already struggling to her feet, but Kara didn’t give her a second chance. She slammed her fist into the woman’s gut and felt the wind go out of her. She collapsed to the floor and before she could react, Kara was on her, using the whip and parts of the Catwoman outfit to bind her wrists tightly behind her. Then she went to Batman.

She found to her relief that the shackles holding his wrists and ankles were secured only be a simple catch. It was impossible for the person secured to the rack to reach it, but it was a simple matter for Kara to click the lock open, freeing his wrists.

While Kara moved to release his ankles, Batman lifted himself to a sitting position, grunting with pain as he did so. Kara was surprised and relieved that he could even move after being so long in the restraints and after the beating he had received. But she realized that he was Batman after all. He had certainly survived worse that what he had been subjected to today.

His ankles released, Batman got to his feet. It took him a few seconds, but he managed to find the catch on the cruel metal gag and hurled the device across the room. He was still sporting a rather impressive erection although it was beginning to shrink and Kara found herself suddenly very self-conscious and embarrassed standing so close to him. She was completely nude and was still very much aroused, a condition she was having trouble hiding. But she forced down her libidinous thoughts and focused on the moment.

Fortunately Batman was thinking along the same lines. “Come on, Kara. We’ve got to get out of here.”

Kara was more than willing to let Batman take the lead. But she snatched up her skimpy Supergirl costume before she left, while Batman hauled Nadine to her feet.

“You won’t get away you know,” Nadine spat. “My men will be here in seconds.”

“Your men?” Kara asked.

“I guess I should have told you,” Batman said. “But I thought it best to keep you in ignorance lest you give yourself away. This is the real Michael Cronfeld.”

“Cronfeld is a woman?” Kara exclaimed.

“She is,” Batman replied, giving Nadine a quick glance. “And a might attractive one at that. Her full name is Nadine Michaels. “She just uses the Cronfeld name as a front.”

The explanation certainly explained why Nadine had seemed so much in charge of the Ambrosia Club, although it left a number of things unanswered that Batman had no time to explain at the moment. He was already heading toward the door of the room, costume or no costume.

Nadine struggled in the restraints Kara had placed on her. The action caused her shapely breasts to jiggle, drawing both her and Batman’s eyes. But she wasn’t going to get away. Kara had wound the whip tightly about her arms just above the elbows, pinching them in toward the middle of her back, and had used one of the straps from the Catwoman costume to secure her wrists. To make doubly sure Kara used the belt of the Catwoman costume as a leash, securing it around Nadine’s neck. A quick tug showed her who was boss as Kara followed Batman toward the door.

Behind them there was a sudden commotion as the door to the room burst open. Several armed men poured into the chamber, weapons drawn. Quickly Batman ushered Kara and the reluctant Nadine through the door, and slammed it behind them. There was no way of locking it, but the door opened from their side by use of a pressure bar. Tearing a fire extinguisher off the wall, Batman jammed it between the bar and the door, making it impossible to open from the other side and then turned to take in their surroundings.

They were in a long concrete corridor. Batman seemed to know where he was going as he led Kara and the reluctant Nadine along it and he explained why as he hurried along. “I was brought this way a few hours ago. It leads to the security section of Cronfeld’s complex, but with any luck we won’t be going that way.” He stopped before a metal side door and pulled it open. Before them a metal stairway descended farther into the building.

“Fools,” Nadine said. “You can’t get out that way. It’s just the service corridors. Give up and I’ll go easy on you.”

“We’ll see,” Batman replied. Clearly he had some sort of plan and Kara hoped that he knew what he was doing. He led them down the stairs to a second level and then down another level below that. Behind them there was a loud crash and a good deal of shouting and then the sound of feet on the stairs.

“Hurry,” Batman urged, moving down still another set of stairs. Kara felt very strange following him. He was still almost completely nude, having had time to pull on only a crude loincloth made from a couple of towels in the mock dungeon. The bloody stripes on his back gleam in the fluorescent lights of the stairwells and did his sweat. It gave Kara a strange feeling to look at him, but one that was a little different from the lust she had felt earlier.

Something is changing, she thought. I feel different.

The sound of a gun going off broke her train of thought. There was a pinging sound as the bullet struck the stairs and bounced down the stairwell. It was followed by another shot and another.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Nadine screamed. “I’m down here. Use you brains not your guns.”

Batman and Kara hustled the captive crime boss to an even lower and final level. Before them was another steel door. Batman pushed it open and they found themselves in a long concrete hallway lined with thick electrical cables and what looked like water and sewer lines. They moved quickly along it until they reached the end which ended in a solid concrete wall. At the other end the heavy steel door slammed open.

“I told you there was no way out,” Nadine said triumphantly. “Surrender now while you have the chance.”

Batman looked at Kara. “Supergirl?” he said questioningly.

Kara looked back at him blankly and then realized what he meant. Now she understood what the strange feeling had been that she had sensed earlier. Can it be? There was a very simple way to find out.

She took several steps toward the encroaching villains and arrived in a millisecond. She moved so fast that her skimpy costume was ripped from her body. Damn! Forgot about that! Kara thought. The feeling of chagrin, however, was lost in the surge of elation that swept through her at the realization that her superpowers had returned.

She wasted no time testing them. Cronfeld’s thugs never knew what hit them as she took them out in a blur of superheroine violence. Running out of villains to pummel, she returned to Batman and his captive, and picked up what was left of her costume. “I forget this wasn’t my regular outfit,” she explained lamely.

“I know the feeling,” Batman said, without humour.

Nadine simply looked at the two of them in stunned amazement. “You really are Supergirl. I had you completely in my power. Batman and Supergirl. I could have killed both of you.”

“But you didn’t,” Batman replied. “It’s a damned good thing you like to play with your food.”

“I’m confused,” Kara said, pulling the strap over her shoulder and tucking her left breast into her makeshift costume. “I’m Supergirl again. How did that happen?”

“My guess is that Miss Cronfeld had her entire complex coated with an ultrafine layer of kryptonite paint,” Batman explained. “That’s it isn’t it?” He looked at Nadine as he finished his explanation.

“Smart fucker aren’t you Batman? You don’t look so smart with your dink hanging out. And you won’t hold me. My lawyers will have me out in just a day. And they’ll keep the courts so tied up I won’t spend a day in prison.”

“But you’re running a huge sexual fantasy factory.” Kara protested. “That’s nothing more than a fancy brothel. How can you not be guilty?”

Nadine sneered. “I’m just a working girl. There’s not a thing in my name. That stooge in Club Cronfeld will take heat.”

“There must be something we can get her on,” Kara said.

“She’s probably right,” Batman said. “I understand that Cronfeld regularly makes large political donations to candidates running for D.A... We probably can’t expect any help there.”

“It’s the American way,” Nadine jeered. “Don’t you just love democracy?”

“I don’t know about you,” Batman said, “but I’m tired of wearing a towel. And I need to have my back looked at.”

“I’ll get you to a JLA physician,” Kara said. “But what do we do with her?”

“I can think of something,” Batman said coldly.

Kara knew that tone. Of all the members of the JLA Batman was the one most likely to bypass the law when it came to dealing with criminals.

Nadine seemed to understand it too. “Wait a minute,” she said, her voice tinged with panic. “I’ve got rights. You can’t just kill me.”

“Why not?” Batman said. “It wouldn’t be the first time. And Supergirl is quite capable of putting your body where it will never be found.”

“No,” Nadine protested, struggling to escape her bonds. Her large breasts jiggled wildly, once again drawing the eyes of her captors. “You can’t just kill me.”

“Actually,” Kara said. “I’ve got a better idea.”

The Adventures of Supergirl

Episode 4
Supergirl’s Undercover Assignment



“Oh yes! Give to me! Give it to me!” Kara gasped. She fought to claw the back of her lover, struggling in his grip as he pinned her arms to prevent her from shredding his skin in her passion. She heaved upward, breasts quivering, blonde hair flying, belly pressed to belly, her back arched, as she sought to sink his thick shaft impossibly deep within her.

Complying, Batman increased his tempo and the power of his thrusts, hammering into Kara’s passion centre. “Oh yes!” she repeated. “That’s it! That’s it!” She clamped her legs tighter, pulling him into her until the pleasure and pain of his giant organ sent her over the top.

She cried out, bending her head forward and sinking her teeth into his shoulder as the orgasm swept through her. Somehow she broke free of his grip and clawed at his back like a leopard in heat.

Batman grunted in pain, recapturing her wrists and then driving his hips forward in a series of punishing thrusts. “You little minx,” he gasped. “I don’t need to be skinned again.”

If Kara heard his words, she didn’t show it. Arching her back like a Chinese gymnast, she invited him to take her even deeper, ignoring the pain as her carnal passion swept her up in an explosive burst of sexual excitement.

“Oh, baby,” Batman cried as Kara’s vagina tightened in another volcanic orgasm. Unable to hold back any longer he exploded into her, blasting his seed deep into her womb. Then he gripped her tightly, holding on to her shuddering body, as she slowly descended from the mountain of her arousal.

“Oh God,” Kara moaned. “I fantasized about this for years.”

“Years?” Batman replied, kissing her nipple. “You’re hardly old enough to vote.”

“Well,” she replied, snuggling closer to him. “Ever since I first saw you. And then to see you in the Ambrosia Club’s dungeon. That was hot.”

“Not for me,” Batman replied. I wasn’t wearing much.”

“Didn’t I warm you up?” Kara asked.

“You did at that. But it wasn’t the most romantic of settings.”

“Unlike here,” Kara said, gazing up at the stalactite-covered ceiling of the Batcave. “But I must admit that it is a little unusual.”

“Hmmp,” Batman grunted. “At least we’re not on candid camera.”

“There is that,” Kara agreed. She snuggled a bit closer. Now that the sweat was beginning to dry on her body she felt a slight chill.

She ran her fingers over the scratches on Batman’s muscular shoulders. “I’m sorry about that. I can’t help myself. On the other hand the medics did a fantastic job on the stripes Nadine put there. There isn’t even a scar.”

“There’s a lot to be said for alien technology, Batman replied. “It’s too bad it’s not available to the general population, but it would probably cause a bit of a panic to know that the Earth really have been visited by people from another world.”

“Perhaps,” Kara said. She knew the reasons for withholding much of the advanced technology the JLA had at its disposal, but she didn’t always agree with it. It was unfortunate that so many of the Earth’s population put greed before the good of humanity, but until they changed their attitudes it was best to keep certain processes out of the hands of those who might exploit them.

“I’ve been meaning to ask you,” she said, trailing her fingers down his spine. “Were you serious about that threat you made to Nadine?”

“Killing her you mean? Not really. I knew you’d never let me do it. And besides your solution was pure poetic justice.” He fingered the special electronic collar she wore. “Does it hurt?”

“No. It’s just a slight buzzing,” she answered.

“Perhaps we should take it off just in case.”

“Not just yet,” Kara smiled. She licked her lips slowly. “I haven’t quite finished with it yet.” Her fingers sought Batman’s slick cock and felt it stir.

Nadine panted in exhaustion, the sweat stinging her eyes as it ran down her forehead. The rest of her body was also bathed in perspiration. She had never felt quite so exhausted or so sore. But there was little that she could do but cling to the fat merchant who was fucking her and pretend that she liked it.

Looking past his sweating bulk she could see the strange light from the red sun. Zhim, Supergirl had called this world, and Nadine already hated it with a passion she would not have believed possible. But she had not had much choice in coming here. Batman had made that quite clear and so had that little blonde superheroine tart.

It was the height of irony. Supergirl had accused her of running a high-priced brothel. And now here she was; the star attraction in what could only be described as a whorehouse in a setting that was definitely medieval.

It could have been worse. Life as a whore among the people she had learned were called the Twarg was not bad compared to the way prostitutes were usually treated on Earth. Clients and owners were not allowed to harm the women, and they were allowed to keep a percentage of their earnings. If they made enough they could even purchase their freedom.

But she would not be allowed that last privilege. She would have to wait the full ten years until her price was completely paid out. Only then would she be free and perhaps allowed to return to Earth. Supergirl had promised her that much; provided she was on her best behaviour.

And oh she was. She was on her very best behavior, spreading her legs whenever she was asked without complaint in order to earn the few liberties that were granted a slave. Life as a whore took some getting used to. She was limited to only five customers a day. But she had never fucked that many men in her life. Especially not for twenty-eight days straight. Tomorrow she would be allowed her one day off in the lunar month. She would be free to do what she wished; even go to the market, provided she went with an escort.

But she doubted that she would do more than sleep. Twenty-eight days of having her cunt pounded had left her exhausted physically, and the mental strain of pretending that each customer was her idea of an perfect lover had worn her down mentally.

The current client was no exception. With a cry like a grunting pig he jerked into her, filling her womb with his thick spume. Fuck! I could get pregnant, she thought. Tharg birth control was primitive by Earth standards. However, she smiled in false pleasure and moaned enthusiastically. She had learned nothing pleased a client so much as the thought that he had managed to get her to climax. Sometimes she even did, but not this time.

“Oh, that was good, my lord.” They liked that too; being called lord when they weren’t one. It was one of the first phrases of the Tharg language she had learned. She expected that she would have lots of time to learn a few more before her ten years was up.
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Re: Supergirl Stories from The Wizards Lair

Post by JohnFeer »

I wrote that "Golden Age Supergirl/Fausta" lash up....
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Re: Supergirl Stories from The Wizards Lair

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That is a fantastic story! Well done!! I remember reading it over at The Wizards Lair and thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope you don't mind me reposting it here? I was able to find it on The Wizards Lair but I don't know if that link will last, so I wanted to post it here for posterity. For those that enjoy these stories.
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Re: Supergirl Stories from The Wizards Lair

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Oh well I'm not complaining or anything, I am glad someone remembers, I had a bunch of stories on the Wizard's Lair, glad one of them has come in for some love.

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