Blunder Woman’s 2021 Halloween Special Episode 3

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Blunder Woman’s 2021 Halloween Special Episode 3

Post by Jpeger »

Welcome Welcome once again to part 3 of Blunder Woman: 2021 Halloween Special!! ‘Tis *I*, Jpeger! Winter is around the corner, but first, we need to heat things up with our scary tale of doooooooom!

In our last episode, we learned that the Strawman had captured the town and Blunder Woman using his fear gas, and now has Diane trapped in a never-ending nightmare exposing to him her deepest and darkest fears! Now Diane must outthink her subconscious and free herself and the town from his terrifying grip!! Will Diane be strong enough?? Will the townspeople ever be rescued, or is this just the beginning of a worldwide takeover? The answer to these and many new questions begin to unfold in this FINALE and most exciting adventure of.... Blunder Woman: 2021 Halloween Special!! Part 3 posts for members now!!

For members: ... 3---Finale

Thanks for reading!

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