Members Update - The Vanishing 2 - Episode 08

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Members Update - The Vanishing 2 - Episode 08

Post by Jpeger »

Welcome Welcome once again to my Monday Update!! It’s me again! Jpeger, and I have another fun episode! Today is Episode 8 of Blunder Woman: The Vanishing Part 2!

In the last Episode, Harla was sure getting the rough end of the payback, and CJ is just getting started on her! Meanwhile, Earth-1’s remaining heroines, Supergrrl and Jessie, are now starting to gain Blunder Woman’s trust. Can they work together to rescue the captured heroines of earth-2 before CJ whittles them down to none, or will CJ take advantage of their mistrust to become victorious? Meanwhile, Earth-2 isn’t the desired haven from only Earth-1. New visitors arrive! Will they be on the side of justice or the side of villainy? The answer to these and many new questions begin to unfold in this newest and most exciting adventure of Blunder Woman: The Vanishing Part 2! Episode 08 posts for members now!!

For members: ... Episode-08

Thanks for reading!

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