An Introduction of me

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An Introduction of me

Post by Genak »

Hi there.... aaaaaand intro finished.

Oh wait, you mean you wanted more? Of course you wanted more, silly me, but it is not the hero way to monologue that is for villains to do so that the hero(ine) can escape and be victorious.

I grew up in the world of Superheroes, thriving on stories involving the X-Men (Cyclops is my favorite) and Batman. Superman followed shortly thereafter as Christopher Reeve was amazing, Michael Keaton is Batman, and that was my world. I do have a healthy appreciation for the Superheroine side of things too, from Yvonne Craig's Batgirl during the 1960's live action to Helen Slater's Supergirl movie, and more recent ones like Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman and Melissa Benoist's Supergirl show. While I am not the person who likes to see Superheroines in peril, which is something many do like, I do enjoy it when Superheroines find their dark side or at least their dominant side over their fellow heroes, such as Wonder Woman and Batman. While my appreciation is much more on the Villainess side of things I have yet to find a site that focuses strictly, or mostly, on Superheroes at the mercy of female Villains, so this will be a good place to start and at least nerd out with some comic lovers of the power that females can possess.

I know I didn't dive too much into my personal life, if you really want to get to know that side of me we can talk, but I wanted to make this more about "why I am here" instead of what feels more like a "personal ad" where I discuss my family, hobbies, work life, etc. Not that such things are bad, but we will leave that for private discussions for now.

Take care,

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Re: An Introduction of me

Post by tallyho »

Hello and Welcome to the forum. Myself and DrDominator9 are meeters and greeters here, so anything you want to know about how the site works please post your question here or message either of us (but preferably HIM!)
If you are not sure how to message people just ask by posting here.

In terms of sharing personal information here I would advise against it. Stay Internet safe and be careful what you tell strangers, even friendly ones, as once it's out there you don't have any control over who sees it.

We cater to all sorts here so feel free to browse and comment on anything that grabs your attention
How strange are the ways of the gods ...........and how cruel.

I am here to help one and all enjoy this site, so if you have any questions or feel you are being trolled please contact me (Hit the 'CONTACT' little speech bubble below my Avatar).
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