Wonder Woman : A Kidnapping in Arlington!

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Wonder Woman : A Kidnapping in Arlington!

Post by Shakeshift »

https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/15369 ... 20x1440-hd


AVA ENGELBRETSEN as Wonder Woman, MARIE ADARE as Wonder Girl, and MADISON BLU as Fausta VonGrables, with LORD PHATTENGAY as Dr. Remorae.


Sleepytime Takedown and Defeat, Ballgag Fetish, Partially-Sleepytimed Dizziness, Rope Bondage and Onscreen Tying, Disorientation and Weakness, Uncoordinated Falling Down and Collapsing Due To Faustaesque Defeat, Slurred Speech, Limp Arm Checks, Pantyhose and Tights Fetish, Catfighting (Unsuccessful Due To Inhalation of Sleeytime Substances), Corset Fetish, Debelting and Belt Removal, Debooting and Boot Removal, Magic Lasso Interrogation and Collaring, Trapdoor Sequence and Fausta Trapdoor Recreation, Recreation of the Fausta Interrogation Scene, Fluttering Eyelids, Bare Pantyhosed Legs (No Boots), Short Skirt Fetish, Quasi-Military Fetish With German Accents, Onscreen Struggling, Slow Panning Shots of the Defeated Wonder Woman Laying Helpless On The Ground


Doctor Remorae is on the run from both Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl who are hot on his trail, and he hides at the home of Fausta VonGrables, his one-time ally. As Remorae pays $50,000 for a distraction, Fausta agrees to capture both amazon women. Remorae, angered at having to pay off Fausta, reluctantly pays the fee and accepts her help.

With her usual diligence and skill, Fausta captures Wonder Girl after deploying a trapdoor to catch the unsuspecting amazon princess and ambushing her from behind with a special cloth which has been soaked in something sinister. This is played close to the original capture scene from the tv series, but with Wonder Girl as the target instead of Wonder Woman. Now with Wonder Girl anesthetized, Fausta yanks off Drusilla's magic lasso and wraps it around her neck like a leash, interrogating the bewildered and disoriented captive. She forces Wonder Girl to awaken and (still groggy) questions the sleepy amazon under the power of the golden lasso.

Under the lasso's influence, Wonder Girl repeats the interrogation scene from the tv show, revealing the source of her superpowers, where she comes from, and how the amazons are able to develop their minds and bodies, unhindered by masculine destructiveness. With this knowledge in hand, Wonder Girl is given another sleeytime dose, and she drifts off to rest. After Fausta debelts Wonder Girl, she also takes Wonder Girl's boots as a humiliation prize and also ties up the young amazon at the wrists and ankles with rope and adds a bright red rubber ballgag for further humiliation. As Fausta leaves the helpless prisoner to struggle and wriggle feebly in a chair, bound and captured as a tasty snack for the German High Command, she decides to lay a bigger trap for the REAL target... Wonder Woman!

Later, Wonder Woman finally arrives, searching for her step-sister Drusilla. As WW finds her bound step-sister trying to untie herself (unsuccessfully) she takes off Dru's ballgag and the first thing out of Wonder Girl's mouth is the warning that it's all a trap. The warning comes too late though as Fausta ambushes the unsuspecting Wonder Woman and clamps the same filthy cloth over Diana's nose and mouth, signalling the quick and timely defeat of America's greatest superheroine! Wonder Woman struggles against the dampened rag, but the sickly-sweet fumes get to our busty amazon princess, and she soon swoons and slumps to the ground, defeated. Fausta wastes no time in quickly removing Wonder Woman's golden belt of power, and a flash of light indicates that Wonder Woman's power quickly disperses once the belt loses contact with her trim and slender waistline.

Depowered and mortal, a beltless Wonder Woman slowly regains her senses and feels dizzy and weak. Worse, she's mortal and can easily be defeated since Fausta now has both her belt AND her magic lasso of truth and justice! Weaponless, Wonder Woman tries to rise to her feet but she's too dizzy and falls back down. She tries to get up again, but her legs fail and she falls over hard. Fausta laughs and mocks the powerless WW in her attempts to even stand up to Fausta and her apparent superiority. Barely able to think, Wonder Woman slurredly tries to wrestle Fausta but because her belt is gone (and because she's still very dizzy from her takedown earlier) her attempts are pathetic and feeble, and the amazon princess is smashed down by a smug Fausta time and time again, Diana's own muscles failing to obey her commands.

Gasping and all but crying, a powerless Wonder Woman grasps feebly for the golden power belt and lasso in Fausta's hands, but the laughing redhead always keeps it a few inches away from Wonder Woman's grasp. Deprived of power, Wonder Woman is easily taken down by a second dose of the special rag, and soon Wonder Woman is sent forcefully into a sleepy oblivion where she is unlikely to awaken. The last scene in this video is the camera panning lustfully across Wonder Woman's defeated body, the camera soaking up every inch of her incomplete costume and skintight spandex leotard. Is this the end for both Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl? Can the amazon princesses find a way to get their superpowers back? Tune in, and find out!

Keywords: ava engelbretsen , marie adare , madison blu , sleepy takedown , faustaesque defeat , eye flutter , limp arm check , pantyhose & tights fetish , debooting & boot removal , debelting & belt removal , struggling , peril , magic lasso interrogation , collared captive , damsel in distress
Price: $29.99 USD
Length: 34 minutes
Size: 2938 MB
Format: WMV
Resolution: 1920x1440
Added: 11/13/20 03:01PM
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Re: Wonder Woman : A Kidnapping in Arlington!

Post by Bugsy »

It looks really cool! Ava looks fantastic!
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Re: Wonder Woman : A Kidnapping in Arlington!

Post by drh1966 »

Leo wrote: 2 years ago I hate how you can't say CHLOROFORM anymore,it's part of the fetish to hear the word for me."Will this cloth with something sinister on it keep you unconscious "? :confused:
It's a C4S thing. He's just being careful.
"There's no feeling quite as exciting as that of having a helpless superheroine in your arms"
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Re: Wonder Woman : A Kidnapping in Arlington!

Post by Mr. X »

Leo wrote: 2 years ago I love clips4sale so if you want sleepy stuff over there,what word do we use?
I've seen "face cloth" "nap time" "cloth over face" "sleepy time" "KO"

Not sure why the word is banned though I do know there are real world crimes committed like this but they are extremely rare. And its weird too cause they don't ban baseball bats and clubs which are used in movies and TV shows to murder people.
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Re: Wonder Woman : A Kidnapping in Arlington!

Post by MightyHypnotic »

Just an FYI, you can use all those words HERE, if you are advertising your videos. You just can't use them on any site where payment is being processed by VISA or Mastercard.
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