Sunwoman's Shame: An Erotic Superheroine Adventure

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Sunwoman's Shame: An Erotic Superheroine Adventure

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Merry Christmas!

Sunwoman's Shame: An Erotic Superheroine Adventure

by: bare_thighz


The thug hit her in her weakest spot; her belly. The superheroine groaned. It was her most tender place, and the thug must have known it. The reason she wore her suit with the hole cut out for her navel was to give the villains the idea that she was invulnerable there, or else why would she deliberately expose it and paint a target on her body?

The superheroine sank to her knees. She was out of breath, sighing and heaving. The villain got behind her and grabbed her blonde mane, pulling her backwards, her shiny boots kicking across the dirt, her bare legs bouncing as he dragged her. He let go of her hair, and the powerful superheroine was on her back, startled and in pain. Grinning, the thug scooped up a handful of her swelling breasts. Her grabbed her bare thigh, squeezing it, and then his hand moved down her lovely skin to where her bodysuit snugly contained her sex.

The thug held her wrists down. He was strong, and the punch to the powerful superheroine's belly had made her very weak, and when he stroked her over the bodysuit, it made her even weaker. Sunwoman was afraid she would be defeated. The villain massaged her over the suit, then tucked his fingers underneath it, plunging them into her hot, wet sex. The superheroine was helpless. Every stroke drained her powers even more. She moaned, and started to anticipate every stroke of his clever hands with mounting ecstasy. She came closer and closer to her devastating climax. The man rubbed her and stimulated her and Sunwoman’s body convulsed in pleasure. If only her partner hadn’t been there to save her that day, she might have orgasmed, or worse; he could have raped her. Just to think that Sunwoman, beloved protector of Starlet City, had been defeated by a petty crook!

But Sunwoman's body had been a little too curvy back then. Her thighs were a little too round, her belly a little to flabby, her ass a little too large. All that had changed. After her defeat, she had worked to improve her strength and weaken her vulnerabilities. She started doing to five hundred sit-ups a day, working her way slowly up, as her belly was initially too weak to do that many reps. Her skin still had a little cushion of fat, giving her belly the smooth shape she desired, but beneath it was solid muscle, just like the rest of her body; soft and firm. She still wore the bodysuit with the hole cut out in the middle, daring anyone to try. As she stood in the door mirror, staring at herself in her suit, she thought she looked a little sexier.

With all the exercise she had performed, her body was a little smoother, but she still retained her luxurious curves in the areas were they mattered. Her bare skin was lightly tanned from the time she spent in her tanning booth all these months, emotionally recovering from her uncomfortable experience. She collected the royalties from her merchandise and television appearances, living comfortably during those months, but the cravings came back, and she couldn't wait to beat another man tonight. She had already consulted with Moongirl, but, she wanted to see her partner before she left. She was nervous, and knew that her lovely sidekick could instill some confidence in her.

Her gold cape flapped against her back as she rode her motorcycle through the city. She could see the shock in motorist's eyes. Someone even tried to tailgate her. Her bare thighs gripped the chassis, and her blonde hair below wildly behind her back. Behind her glittery, gold mask, Sunwoman's eyes concentrated on the road. The white and gold bodysuit that she wore with her white boots was very thin, and left her exposed to the elements. Her skin broke out in goosebumps as the chilly air beat on her from the strong currents on her bike. Fortunately, Moongirl's apartment wasn't too far away.

She walked into the building and the guard blushed when he saw her and let her through. She stepped into the elevator and arrived at Moon Girl's floor. She knocked on the door to her apartment.

Moongirl opened the door, dressed in her stunning costume. Her black bodysuit contrasted with her pure, ivory skin, and her shiny black hair fell straight down her back. She was wearing lipstick, and her pretty blue eyes stared at Sunwoman from behind her black mask.

"I knew you were coming," she said.

"But, why the costume?" Sunwoman said. "You're not coming with me."

"Come inside," Moongirl said. Sunwoman stepped into the apartment and Moongirl closed the door. The superheroines sat together on a leather couch.

"You can take your mask off, Moongirl," Sunwoman said.

"No," she said.

"What's going on? Why are you all dressed up? We shouldn't both be fighting tonight. One of us has to stay behind."

"But you're fighting, Sunwoman, and after what happened last time, I'm afraid. I have to be ready to save you. I might not have gotten there in time."

"Don't worry about me, Moongirl. I'll be fine. Look at my new body. I've been working out." The blonde beauty got up and spread her legs, striking a pose.

"Gosh," Moongirl said. "You look even sexier!"

"Feel my stomach," Sunwoman said.

"Okay," Moongirl said. Her hand rested on the smooth oval of flesh cut out of the famous superheroine's suit.

"Give it a little squeeze," Sunwoman said. She felt Moongirl squeeze her flesh with her soft hands.

"So firm," Moongirl said.

"Hit it," Sunwoman said.

"What?" Moongirl said, taken aback.

"Slug me, right on my target. I want to know how strong I am now."

"I'm not going to hit you, Sunwoman."

"I'm a powerful superheroine, Moongirl. I won't break."

"But, your belly is your weakness."

"It was my weakness," Sunwoman said.

"Okay." Moongirl said. She reared her fist back and drove it into Sunwoman's bare stomach with all her might. Sunwoman was knocked back by the blow. The pain from Moongirl's fist burned in her abdomen. Sunwoman had to catch her breath, but she straightened her spine and looked confidently at her attacker. Still, the pain from the punch hurt her, but she smiled through her pain and tried to reassure her trusting sidekick.

"See," I'm fine," she said.

"Okay," Moongirl said. "Now do the same to me."

"But Moongirl..."

"I'm a strong superheroine, too. I can take it."

"I'll take the sap gloves off."

"NO," Moongirl said." She pointed. Just like Sunwoman's costume, Moongirl also had an oval cut out of her suit to expose her belly, except her stomach was flat, toned and muscled. She was shorter than Sunwoman and not as pretty as her, and the masculine form her of her body, with her muscled thighs, ripped biceps, and straight, narrow waist intimidated the men she fought, as opposed to Sunwoman's feminine allure.

Sunwoman drew her fist back, the titanium bar reinforcing the glove above her knuckles, and swung it lightly into Moongirl's bare stomach.

"Ohhh..." Moongirl moaned. She fell on her knees.

"Moongirl!" Sunwoman rushed to her side, kneeling by her. Moongirl rested on her back, clutching her belly.

"It hurts... so much," she whimpered.

"Oh, Moongirl." Sunwoman looked at her pretty sidekick lying in pain, tears starting to form in her eyes under the black mask. She stared at her bare white legs encapsulated in her thigh-highs. She looked at her chest, her pert breasts held snugly in her uniform. She was so beautiful in anguish. Sunwoman felt a warmness growing between her thighs.

"I love you, Moongirl," she said. She bent over her and gently kissed her. She stroked her thigh along one of her legs that was bent at the knee, moving her gloved finger gently down her thigh to Moongirl’s crotch. Her finger rested on the bodysuit. She penetrated her lightly through the suit.

"Ugghh," Moongirl whispered. Sunwoman rubbed and kissed her. Moongirl's lips were wet and moist. Moongirl clutched her. Sunwoman laid across her kept and stroking her crotch and kissing her. Moongirl moaned beneath Sunwoman’s lips. Both superheroines broke out in sweat, the perspiration from their bodies seeping through their uniforms, mingling and dripping down their bare thighs. Sunwoman removed the sap glove and pulled back the stretchy suit. She moved her bare fingers inside Moongirl's young, firm womb. Moongirl kissed her wildly. Sunwoman brought her sidekick to a gentle climax and Moongirl’s body writhed sweetly. The superheroine exhaled and bit her lip.

"I didn't know you... wanted me," she said.

"I missed you."

"Let me pleasure you," Moongirl said. Sunwoman submitted without hesitation and laid on her back. Moongirl unzipped the superheroine's boots and removed them. She grasped Sunwoman's remaining glove and gently pulled it off. Then, she pulled Sunwoman's mask back, revealing her young, beautiful face and startling green eyes. Sunwoman stared into Moongirl's clear blue eyes as Moongirl fondled and caressed her, and kissed her.

"One moment, Sunwhore," she said, laughing. She went to another room and came back holding the straight, narrow billy club that was Moongirl’s primary weapon.

"I'm going to pleasure you madly," she said.

"Moongirl, you can't. Not with that."

"Shut up, Sunwhore!" she said. She ripped back the bodysuit and shoved the club into her. Sunwoman gasped. Moongirl gripped Sunwoman’s bare thigh as she thrusted the phallic club, until the helpless superheroine screamed in pleasure. She was already so weak. Sunwoman was mounting a terrible orgasm and it scared her. Even though it was Moongirl, it would leave her completely powerless. Moongirl would be able to do anything to her. Worse, after her orgasm, she would be nothing but a normal, weak woman, with a soft, curvy body and no powers, until she recovered.

Sunwoman's body flapped on the carpet like salmon as she came. Moongirl removed the dripping wet club and licked it. She looked at the desperation in Sunwoman's eyes, and her submissive, weak state with all her weapons and powers removed. She knew what orgasms did to the famous superheroine. Sunwoman’s pretty eyes were unmasked, sweat was dripping off her body, staining her breasts, which her heaving under the suit. Moongirl rubbed her own crotch and she came to a quick climax.

"You're my favorite whore," Moongirl said. She slapped the powerful superheroine across the face. Sunwoman moaned.


Moongirl logged on to her systems and showed Sunwoman her analysis of where she should arrive tonight in the city to beat up the bad guys. Starlet City's beloved protector had hopped into the shower and washed her sweat-stained, matted hair, and then put her uniform back on. She had sat on the couch naked, not bothered by Moongirl, who was studying her dual monitors, and pulled the stretchy bodysuit up over her...

[more to come]
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Re: Sunwoman's Shame: An Erotic Superheroine Adventure

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Very god start
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Re: Sunwoman's Shame: An Erotic Superheroine Adventure

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Moongirl logged on to her systems and showed Sunwoman her analysis of where she should arrive tonight in the city to beat up the bad guys. Starlet City's beloved protector had hopped into the shower and had washed her sweat-stained, matted hair, and then put her uniform back on. She had sat on the couch naked, not bothered by Moongirl, who had been studying her dual monitors, and had pulled the stretchy bodysuit up over her curvy waist and had squeezed her large breasts into the suit, adjusting them. She had zipped up her tight thigh-highs and put on her glittery mask. She had put on her gloves, feeling the hard titanium over knuckles, zipping them up so they hugged her forearms tightly and didn’t budge. Her pretty sidekick had turned around her in her chair, looking at her with lust still in her eyes.

Sunwoman looked at the map on the screen. Moongirl had measured the KPIs and determined the best place to fight, based on the probably of criminal activity occurring, and the likelihood of media visibility, measured against that factors that might overwhelm the superheroine, and chose the ideal intersection in the city where Sunwoman should arrive at.

It would be dawn soon, and that’s when Sunwoman’s powers operated best, as she relied on her sight and could not fight well in the dark. And, it was around dawn when criminals were most active. She headed to the Southwest Side in her white Porsche, and passed the crumbling industrial buildings, the relics of a bygone era. She tried to avoid the potholes in the crumbling streets. She parked the Porsche in a weed-ridden parking lot at an abandoned gas station. “Arm,” she said, activat thinge car’s security system. Anyone who touched it would receive a warning, and then a lethal shock.

The superheroine walked down a few blocks, passing a dollar store, a row of boarded up, graffiti-covered businesses, and a pawn shop on her way. A sign in front of the pawn shop blared “Sell Your Guns! 12 gauges for $100.” She passed a junkie on the corner sleeping by a trash can and carefully stepped around him. She walked down another block and approached the liquor store. The soft dawn light subtly concealed her in her white costume as she crouched behind a wall of the building. She saw two motorcycles pull up in front the store, and the two men stepped off their bikes. One of them took out a club that he was carrying in a side holster. Another man slipped on his brass knuckles. Something was about to go down. Moongirl had been right. Plus, the security cameras in the liquor store would catch the superheroine in action, and Moongirl could retrieve the tapes and submit them to her social media profiles. Whether Moongirl was close by, Sunwoman didn’t know.

Sunwoman left her hiding place. The men had already entered the liquor store and she prepared herself. She felt mixture of adrenaline and anxiety rushing through her, and a warm sensation mounting between her thighs as she thought about the men she would beat. She stifled a moan. Then, the famous superheroine burst in through the doors.

She didn’t see anyone. The store was quiet, even though two armed gangsters had just walked in there. The hairs on the back of Sunwoman’s neck stood up. Sunwoman carefully stalked through the store, glancing down the aisles, wondering if one of those men were going to pop up at her like a jack-in-the-box. Could they possibly have been alerted of her presence?

Her intuition sensed something. She turned around to meet the attacker that had silently crept up behind her, but it was too late. Her nerves had gotten to her, and her ability to sense attacks before they happened was disturbed. Usually, she could respond before anyone even tried to hit her, and was always able to be on the offense; that’s why rarely anyone managed to hit her otherwise weak, feminine body. Of course, no one could really hurt her, being the superheroine that she was, but they could inflict a lot of pain.

The gangster had already thrown his punch, but instead of the brass knuckles connecting with her spine, Sunwoman turned into the punch and the fist kept driving straight into her oval target. Sunwoman was shaken. The blow tore right through her. She doubled over, nauseated. The superheroine groaned, staring up fearfully at her attacker. She sensed the other man sneaking up behind her and locking her shoulders while his partner beat her, before it happened, but she was too weak already to stop it. The other gangster snatched her up in a fiercely strong hold, locking her arms with huge, powerful, tattooed biceps, while other gangster with the brass knuckles punched her tender stomach again. The superheroine screamed. He started winding up again. Sunwoman cringed. She saw the fist smacking into her flesh, the metal penetrating deeply into her gut. She felt it, before it even happened, and passed out before his fist even touched her; the gangster's fist continued to swing and he pummeled the suddenly unconscious superheroine. The other man holding her dropped her on the floor. The men looked at her lying unconscious in the dirty aisle, laid out in her white and gold bodysuit with her smoking body and tanned thighs.

One of them removed a radio from out of his belt.

“Got her,” he said.


The men dragged her into the backroom, bound her in a firm hogtie, and gagged her with a red ball gag and leather harness. The hogtie thrust out her chest, with her wrists pinned behind her back, and her long legs were coiled together with rope. Her body writhed on the ground, lost in whatever dream she was having, as she slowly rolled her hips and pushed out her chest, which was the limit of her freedom of movement. One of the men knelt by her sleepily struggling body and peeled back her mask.

“Innocent thing,” he said. The man who had been holding the club looked at the superheroine’s unmasked face, too.

“She only looks innocent,” he said. “She deserves this.”

“Why don’t we just snap her neck and get it over with?”

“Boss wants her alive for some reason. I think it’s about her partner, Moongirl, and that little program of hers we’ve been feeding information to. Just a guess.”

“Oh, Sunwhore,” the man the with the brass knuckles said. “What did you get yourself into.” The men watched her drowsily struggle in her hogtie, softly moaning in her semi-conscious state. One of them lit a cigarette. Despite her terrible beating, she still looked perfect in her suit, except for the bruises on her stomach. The man with the brass knuckles started stroking her thighs.

“Don’t,” the other man said. “Not ‘till the boss gets here.”

“Can I play with her ass?”

“One squeeze,” the other man said. “That’s it.”

His partner obliged.

Moongirl woke up. She hadn’t changed out of her scintillating black bodysuit, boots, and mask, knowing that Sunwoman might need help with her first mission since her defeat. But now, she had a dreadful fear. Something was terribly wrong. It was only three in the afternoon. She usually slept until seven. A vision intruded her thoughts. Sunwoman, the famous superheroine, being tied up, tortured, violated. The images flashed through her mind. Tears started forming in her eyes. She was in trouble; Moongirl knew.

Moongirl heard a knock on her door. “Building security,” a man said. “There’s a situation. We need your help, Moongirl.”

“Coming,” Moongirl said. She opened the door. A man wearing a leather bomber jacket stood in the opening. Before the superheroine could react, he sprayed a bottle of pepper spray directly into her eyes. Moongirl screamed. Two other men came in through the open door. One man grabbed her from behind her back and locked up her shoulders, but Moongirl, although in terrible pain, still had her senses, and she stomped down on his instep with her hard boot. She felt it break. The man groaned and released her. The other two men backed the superheroine into a corner of the apartment. Moongirl’s eyes were blurry, and her nostrils were burning, but she had to ignore it and fight. But, Moongirl didn’t have her club; her only weapon.

One of the men did have a club. She heard a click as another one of her attackers popped open his switchblade. Moongirl thrusted her body with all her force at the man with the club and knocked him down. She jumped over him. The man whose instep she had broken with the heel of her boot was still lying on the ground in pain. The attacker with the switchblade stalked towards her, backing her into another corner. The man she had just knocked down started to get up.

Moongirl’s attacker had backed the defenseless superheroine against the wall. Moongirl was frozen. He scraped her suit with the double-edged tip of the blade, teasing her. Moongirl’s heart was pounding. Her mind started to wander. Sensing that the powerful superheroine was distracted, the man moved his arm behind her head and yanked her hair, then pulled her out of the corner and whipped her around so that her back was towards him. He held her closely, wrapping his free hand tightly around her narrow waist, and drew the blade of the knife to the nape of her white neck. He whispered in her ear,” Surrender, Moongirl.” Moongirl moaned.

“I.. surrender,” she whispered. “You have beaten me.” Her arms hung limply by her sides.

“Come quietly, and we won’t hurt you, or your friend.” He snapped a pair of cuffs over her wrists and tightened them uncomfortably. He put the knife away and pulled her by the chain between the cuffs.

“That bitch don’t get off that easy.” The man with the broken foot hobbled up to his feet. He limped over to where Moongirl stood, still and submissive. He grabbed her slender shoulder and drove his fist into her bare stomach. Moongirl doubled over, as the other man held her from collapsing her on the floor, and her arms dangling in the chains of the handcuffs. The man with the knife yanked her up by her hair. “Come on,” he said.

The men escorted their prisoner out of the building. When they got to the car parked outside, they gagged her and lifted her body into the trunk. The car drove away, its superheroine cargo locked inside.

"I can’t let them win,” Moongirl thought, her body bouncing around painfully in the trunk of the car as it hit a deep pothole. “But then again, I can’t breathe.”

The men picked Sunwoman's body out of the trunk and carried her. The superheroine was still in her drowsy, semi-conscious state. One of them slung her limp body over his shoulder and walked her across the lawn. There was a gate that guarded the property, and evergreens planted around the edges of the large estate; they didn't have to worry about being seen. The men waved at the sentry watching them from the rooftop of the manor, and they were let inside. Sunwoman's pert ass bounced on top of her captor's shoulders as he marched inside the manor. He carried her down a long hallway, and through the open doors of a library, and set her costumed figure down on the Persian rug in the middle of the floor. The room was warm, with wood paneling, and there was a large bookcase at one end filled with leather volumes. There a couple of deep leather couches and chairs. Lining on the walls were plaques, with certain trophies hanging from them. And in the center of the room, above where the unconscious superheroine was lying, a hoist had been erected, the cables attached to a ceiling mount. The men cut the ropes around Sunwoman’s body and removed her gloves and boots. Then, they attached the cables to her wrists and hoisted her up. Her legs dangled beneath her. Her arms were stretched, holding her weight. The pain must have woken her up.

Sunwoman opened her eyes. The first thing she saw were the trophies mounted on the walls. They weren’t bull horns or antlers. They were costumes. She recognized them. Colorful bodysuits, masks, and boots, on display without the bodies that once fought in them. They had all been superheroines.

A man walked in through the doors of the library. He wore a silver suit had a robust figure, although he was an older man, with a white beard and dark, Mediterranean eyes. His hair was slicked backed neatly, and the collar of his shift were popped. Sunwoman recognized him. It was Alan Kassab, head of the Desert Mafia. The biker gang that had captured her must have traded her.

“You’re only worth $5,000, Sunwoman," he said to the bound, defeated, humiliated, and helpless superheroine. "Pretty cheap.”


Kassab stared at his prey.

“You look uncomfortable,” he said. Sunwoman was grimacing from the…

[more to come]
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Re: Sunwoman's Shame: An Erotic Superheroine Adventure

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I'm on disability now and have the next two weeks off work. Can't leave the house. Can't do nothing but eat salami. Guess I'll finish this frickin' story peeps. Workin' on it.
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Re: Sunwoman's Shame: An Erotic Superheroine Adventure

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Sorry to hear of your misfortune, but appreciate the benefit to those of us following along here.
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Re: Sunwoman's Shame: An Erotic Superheroine Adventure

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“You look uncomfortable,” the mob boss said. Sunwoman was grimacing from the strain on her arms. The two men who had brought her in were not the bikers who had beaten her, but handsome men in fashionable suits.

“Take her gag off,” Kassab ordered one of his men. Sunwoman was embarrassed that she had been gagged and was relieved when it came out, but was still unnerved by the sight of her bare, polished toes dangling above the Persian rug.

Kassab took an ottoman out from one of the chairs and placed it under her feet. Sunwoman’s long legs rested on them. She sighed. Kassab walked up to her and cradled the superheroine’s narrow waist in his large hands. He stared at her through her mask. Kassab lightly squeezed her ass, watching Sunwoman’s embarrassed look.

“I own you now, Sunwoman. I own your breasts, your thighs, your cute little ass.” He squeezed her again, for effect, and her disgusted look aroused him.

“When Moongirl gets here…” she said.

“Moongirl’s already on her way here, sweetie, in handcuffs!” Sunwoman started to tremble. Kassab lifted her chin.

“No one’s going to save you. Admit your defeat, Sunwoman.”

“No.” Kassab let go of her and brushed her bruised belly. Sunwoman winced. Kassab looked over at one of his men. “Christian,” he waved him over and got out of the way. The man walked up to the superheroine and curled his fist. There was a large ring over one of his knuckles.

“Hit her,” Kassab said. The man reared his fist back.

“Wait!” Sunwoman said, flexing her vulnerable stomach. “Please.”

“You have something to say?” Kassab said.

“Yes,” Sunwoman looked down in shame. “I’ve been beaten. You’ve conquered me.”

“And you submit, heroine?”

“Yes, I submit.”

Kassab pulled up a chair and sat in front of the helpless heroine.

“What’s your name?” he said. Sunwoman’s head hung low.

“Melanie Winkleman.”

“And Moongirl's real name?”

“No!” Kassab stood up. He grabbed her chin and stared at her with his dark eyes. “You’re not being very submissive. Do you I need to punish you again?” He let go of her chin and stroked her stomach. Sunwoman shuttered.

“Soft,” Kassab said, prodding it with fingers.

“Please…” Sunwoman trembled. Little did anyone know, but there was special organ in her abdominal area that gave her her invulnerability, which was why the area was so sensitive to begin with. She couldn’t suffer any more attacks on her weakened belly.

“Such a coward,” Kassab said. “Afraid of a little pain. That’s your true weakness, Sunwoman. Now, tell me Moongirl’s name.”


“Did I hear you correctly?”

“I won’t reveal Moongirl’s identity. Go ahead, torture me. Beat me. Do your worst.” Kassab looked bored.

“Christian, teach this bitch a lesson.” The sturdy, young man, in his tailored suit, swung his fist straight into her. Kassab kicked the ottoman away from her feet and she hung, her body swinging with the force of the blow. The anguish in her face was spectacular. Kassab loved watching the powerful superheroine in pain. Christian punched her, torturing the same, vulnerable spot on her body, and Kassab watched her lovely, young face contorted in her anguish, her lips opening to let out a scream. The weak woman starting crying, tears dribbling down her face and smudging her mascara.

“Poor, poor superheroine,” Kassab said. “How many of my men have you beaten up? Do you like the taste of your own medicine? Christian, beat the shit out of this dumb woman, but not completely. I want a little of her left for her partner.”

Christian locked his eyes on her massive mammaries. They were huge and swelling under generous cleavage that the costume exposed. He swung his fists deeply into them, torturing the poor heroine. He felt his fist get swallowed up by her pliant, warm flesh as he hit her, her breasts wobbling from his punches like a trawler in a hurricane. Her body flapped like a sturgeon, reeling from the blows as she hung from her delicate wrists. The mobster kept beating her tender breasts.

“You can’t do this to me. I’m Sunwoman!” she screamed. The man popped one at her lips, to shut her up. Sunwoman’s lip burst, and she felt the taste of blood in her mouth. Her invulnerability must have been broken; the sensitive organ in her belly had been pulverized.

Christian moved behind her. He wound up and threw a hard cross, straight into her right kidney. A wave a nausea swept through her, and she felt blood shooting up her throat. Her breath was too exhausted from screaming. Sunwoman sobbed uncontrollably from the painful punch.

“Please…” Sunwoman whimpered. “Stop… hurting me.”

“Ohh, poor Sunwoman,” Kassab said. “Poor Sunwoman, who beats up men every night, worse than this, and can’t take a little beating herself. Cry, Sunwoman, cry.”

“Please…….” Sunwoman whispered through her tortured, embarrassed lips. “Just let me go.”

“What’s Moongirl’s name?” The superheroine shook her head. It would cause her so much shame, to betray her partner, but her body couldn’t withstand any more pain. They could kill her. She would have to swallow her shame. It would do no good to anyone if Sunwoman was dead.

“Her name is Sarah Anne Weiss,” Sunwoman said. She stared down at her toes.

“That’s a good, superheroine,” Kassab said. He pushed the ottoman under her feet again. Sunwoman appeared to relax.

“How old are you, Ms. Winkleman?”


“What date were you born?”


“Sunwoman. Do we have to beat your belly again? What a stupid weakness, for a superheroine.” Sunwoman flushed again with embarrassment.

“It’s January 12th, 1997.”

“And your middle name?”


“Your mother’s name?” Sunwoman hesitated.

“That’s okay,” Kassab said. “We’ll find that out anyway. How old is your partner by the way?”

“She’s only nineteen. Please, don’t hurt her,” Sunwoman moaned between her heavy, labored breaths. Her large chest swelled with every syllable she uttered.

“Oh, we will,” Kassab said. ”As a matter of fact, here she is now.”

Two other men came in through the doors of library, carrying another costumed superheroine, dressed her black bodysuit.

“Moongirl! NOOO!” Sunwoman’s body hurt from the exclamation. The men pushed a chair out, and ordered Moongirl to sit. Sunwoman noticed how her hands were cuffed behind her. Moongirl sat obediently, her cute chest thrust forward due to her bonds. Moongirl looked up sheepishly at Sunwoman. They positioned her chair so that it was directly across the room from where Sunwoman hung. Moongirl’s captors removed her ball gag. She was silent. Her head hung down, her eyes avoiding Sunwoman’s humiliated form.

“You can leave now,” Kassab said to his men. Kassab’s soldiers exited the room, leaving Kassab alone with the two bound superheroines.

Kassab sat behind a desk and opened a laptop.

“I think you know why you are both here. Yes, you both need to be punished for the difficulties you have caused in my operations, but there is something else, too. I need the password, Moongirl, for your little project. What is it?”

“What project?” Moongirl said innocently.

“This.” Kassab turned the laptop so Moongirl see the monitor. It was the sign in screen for the predictive morality synchronizing (PMS) software she had designed, the source of both her and Sunwoman’s abilities to fight crime in the city.

“I’m not going to give you that!”

“I thought you’d be more cooperative, given your situation, Ms. Weiss.” Moongirl looked at Sunwoman, agape. Sunwoman’s eyes turned away.

“Unlike Sunwoman, I don’t give up so easily,” Moongirl snapped. Sunwoman, already physically tortured, was racked with guilt over betraying the superheroine’s secret identity to the mafia. She blushed again.

“I hear that you’re the brains of this operation. Sunwoman must be the.. a.. brawn. Look at her, Moongirl, your powerful superheroine protector. Look at how weak she is. Look at her trembling, tears streaming down her pretty face. She’s even blushing from how humiliated she is. We beat up her pretty good. We tortured that weak belly of hers. We pummeled her juicy breasts. She’s in a lot of a pain. Can’t you see it?” Moongirl did see it, the beautiful, blonde superheroine in her stunning costume, beaten to a pulp and hanging limply from the cable like the catch of the day. She looked so weak. Moongirl saw the sweat dripping off her body, darkly staining her suit. She looked at her large, swelling breasts, pushing out of the costume with every hard exhale of her labored breathing. Moongirl looked at her perfect thighs, and fabric of the suit that stretched between them, riding high on her bare hips.

“Ohhh.” Moongirl’s face flushed. Kassab must have heard her moan. It was terrible, evil even, but it excited her to see Sunwoman, her powerful mentor, in such delicious peril. Kassab looked curiously at her expression.

“You know, Moongirl, you can do anything you want to her. She’s all tied up and helpless.” Kassab walked around behind Sunwoman’s back. He scooped up both of her huge breasts in his hands, manipulating them willfully in front of a seemingly mesmerized Moongirl. Kassab reached his hands under the costume and pulled out her tanned breasts. Her nipples became hard as rubbed them. Moongirl moaned again, unable to stop the sound from escaping her lips. Her little chest swelled up and as she held her breath. Kassab kept playing with Sunwoman’s breasts.

His hands moved down her waist. He teased her bruised stomach, stroking her soft skin. Sunwoman was flexing her muscles involuntarily and Kassab felt her body harden under her layer of smooth, soft flesh. Then he moved his hands down her hourglass waist and touched her thighs.

“Ugghh,” Moongirl groaned. She licked her lips. It was fascinating, watching the mobster maul the helpless heroine. Sunwoman didn’t even protest. Her toes rested on the ottoman that Kassab moved back into place, to make the superheroine more comfortable. She was silent as he moved his hands all over her body and stroked her bare thighs. Sunwoman was watching his hands touching her, almost out of curiosity. Moongirl knew that Sunwoman had never been violated before. This was her worst defeat ever.

Her worst defeat ever. Moongirl liked the sound of it in her head. She stared as Kassab kept stroking Sunwoman’s tender skin. His hands caressed her soft inner thighs and brushed against the material covering her crotch. Moongirl squeezed her own thighs together. Kassab gently caressed Sunwoman’s sex, his fingers massaging her area atop her suit. Moongirl moaned again, staring at Sunwoman’s molested crotch. Her powerful mentor looked as helpless as a minnow. As he stroked her crotch, Sunwoman just stared at it, a strange, inquisitive look in her eye.

“Stop it!” Moongirl said.

“What’s wrong, Moongirl? Are you liking this too much?”

“Just stop!” Moongirl stammered. “She’s a superheroine!”

“You think I’d do this to a normal woman?” Kassab said, frowning. “What do you think I am?”

“You’re violating her! Please, stop.”

“Oh, I’m violating her.” Kassab pushed down the stretchy suit and plunged his fingers into Sunwoman’s raw, wet sex. He massaged her roughly, bringing the powerful superheroine to a moan, gripping her waist from behind with his free hand.

“Please… You can’t do this to Sunwoman!” Moongirl started crying. At the same time, she couldn’t peel her eyes away from Sunwoman’s molested body. Another moan escaped her lips. She felt intensely wet. Her worst defeat ever.

“Oooaughgh,” Sunwoman moaned as Kassab worked her underneath her suit. She wore a thong underneath the bodysuit, which Kassab had to brush aside with his fingers as he entered her. But, she didn’t wear a bra, and her bare breasts were flopping as she arched her back. Her lips pursed together as she moaned.

“Please… Moongirl… I’m going to.. cum!” Sunwoman begged.

“Stop it,” Moongirl said. “You can beat me. You can violate me all you want. Just stop doing this to her.”

“What is the password?” Kassab said.

“I can’t.” Kassab took his dripping wet fingers out of Sunwoman’s pussy and moved away from gasping superheroine.

“You don’t get it, Moongirl.” Kassab pulled up the leg of his slacks, and removed the stiletto switchblade that was strapped to his ankle. He snapped the blade open. Then, he moved behind Sunwoman’s body again. He pressed the tip of the blade at her stomach.

“We can do this the easy way or the hard way.”

“You can’t hurt Sunwoman, not like that,” Moongirl said. “She’s invulnerable.”

“Is she?” Sunwoman was looked at Moongirl nervously, shaking her head. They must have really beaten her. There were purplish bruises forming all over exposed stomach.

“You don’t have to do that,” Moongirl said. “I’ll give you the password. But on one condition.”

“You are in no position to bargain, Moongirl.”

“Just let me make her cum,” she said. The bored expression Kassab had been wearing this whole time suddenly vanished. For the first time in forty-five years, the mob boss smiled, genuinely. Kassab’s men, who had been standing just outside the doors the library listening, suddenly came into the room.

“Looks like we’re going to have ourselves a party,” Kassab said.


[more to come]
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Re: Sunwoman's Shame: An Erotic Superheroine Adventure

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Moongirl’s attacker was vicious. Moongirl had just finished designing her costume that night. The sexy, tight black bodysuit, with the oval cut out of her stomach to emulate her hero, Sunwoman. Her thigh-boots were a little higher than Sunwoman’s since she had shorter legs, and she never thought she would be as sexy as the famous, blonde superheroine. Now, she only wished she was as strong as her.
Her arms were stretched behind her, the other villain holding them back. They had dragged her into an alley outside of a party store, which Moongirl had suspected was a front for mob activity. Moongirl had brazenly walked into the store in her new costume and grabbed hold of the shirt collar of the clerk. “Where’s your boss?” she had said. She hadn’t seen the two men approaching behind her. One of them had a club like hers, and he jammed it into her back. She practically fell into the clerk she had been dominating. Already devastated by the blow, the men overwhelmed her and kicked the heroine out into the alley.

“Let me go!” Moongirl said. A clean-cut man in a white suit faced her, with bored cruelty in his eyes. His partner was similarly dressed and stretched her arms painfully behind her.

“Nice costume,” he said. He drove the end of the club into her belly. Moongirl screamed. The man laughed. He dropped the club and started fondling Moongirl’s tits over the suit.

“Stop! Stop!” Moongirl said.

“Shut up, heroine.” The man slapped her. He grabbed her hips and stroked her bare thighs.

“Help!” Moongirl screamed.

“Let her go.” The man stopped what he was doing. Moongirl couldn’t believe it. There, standing in the alley, was her hero, Sunwoman!

The other man let go of arms. Moongirl collapsed on the pavement, devastated by the terrible blow to her stomach. She felt queasy and dizzy. She saw the men advance on the blonde superheroine. Even through her dizziness, it was amazing watching Sunwoman fight. She seemed to sense how they were going to attack her, before they even moved. Sunwoman mastered the two goons, hitting them with hard punches. Her victory was almost flawless, except for one terrifying moment.

Sunwoman had knocked one of the men down, and was focusing on his partner. The man she knocked down must have been relatively unhurt by Sunwoman’s punches, as he got right up and hit Sunwoman in her kidneys as her back was turned to him. Sunwoman, stunned by the blow, wobbled forward. The other man caught her by her shoulders, and drove a cruel uppercut into her soft, oval target. Moongirl saw the terror in Sunwoman’s eyes. She sank miserably to her knees. Moongirl’s heart was pounding in her chest. Fighting the urge to vomit, she stood up.

“What am I, chopped liver?” she said, trying to sound as confident as she could. “You haven’t defeated me yet.” The men left Sunwoman’s stunned form and approached the weak heroine. Moongirl closed her eyes as they beat her. But, she had given Sunwoman enough time recover. Sunwoman ended up defeating both men. She laid out Moongirl’s unconscious attackers on the pavement.

“You’re safe now,” she said. Moongirl’s face was bloody and bruised. Her bones ached. Her stomach was pulverized. But Sunwoman had saved her. The superheroine carried her in her arms out of the alley, and back to her white Porsche, which she had parked around the block.

“Thanks for saving me, Sunwoman,” Moongirl said, as they were driving away safely in the superheroine’s car.

“You’re lucky,” she said, “if I weren’t just heading there myself. It’s a known front for the Desert Mafia. Those men are very dangerous, especially to superheroines like us. What do they call you? I’ve never seen you before.”

“I’m Moongirl,” she said. She was still awed to be in the famous Sunwoman’s presence, and sitting next to her in her car.

“I’m Sunwoman, but you can call me Melanie.”

“Sarah,” Moongirl said.

“That was very brave of you Sarah. Those men could really have gotten me. I am a superheroine, but even I have weaknesses.”

“We all do,” Moongirl said. Sunwoman drove Moongirl back to her apartment. Moongirl had begged her hero to come up to her place, so she could show her the new program she was working on. Sunwoman had reluctantly agreed, and the two costumed superheroines went up the elevator in the apartment building to Sarah’s floor. She showed the Sunwoman the software she had designed, and was not expecting her response.

“Do you want to be partners?” Sunwoman had said. “Sunwoman and Moongirl. It’s perfect. And I can use your system to pinpoint criminal activity and always be in the right place at the right time. It will save me hours of work.”

“Oh, Sunwoman.” Moongirl remembered feeling turned on, staring at the gorgeous blonde superheroine in her sexy costume, her tempting cleavage exposed fully as she leaned over Moongirl’s office chair. It would have been so easy just to squeeze them! But, Sunwoman probably had a boyfriend.

“I take that as a yes, Sarah.” Sunwoman said. Moongirl was blushing, and Sunwoman hoped she hadn’t embarrassed her.

“Just call me Moongirl,” Sarah had said, and it was the beginning of a long tradition. Instead of calling each other by their first names, they always called each other Sunwoman and Moongirl, and that was the beginning of their long, lasting friendship. Sunwoman always had boyfriends, all the time, and Moongirl had been very jealous of her. She was shy and quiet, and hardly saw anyone, and there was Sunwoman, always talking about some guy she met. When Sunwoman had kissed her and fondled her, just last night, an explosion had gone off in her body. Just to think, it had only been last night…

Moongirl looked at her defeated hero, hanging from the cables in the ceiling, her bare breasts spilling out of her costume humiliatingly. Her suit was stained and dripping with sweat. Her bare oval was purple and bruised. Defeat hung in the heroine’s eyes. She looked drowsy, tired, beaten. Moongirl was ashamed to feel so aroused. It was uncontrollable. Moongirl had always fantasized, secretly, about Sunwoman being defeated and beaten up, pleasuring herself with her vibrator as she imagined criminals violating and torturing the beautiful superheroine. Now, her fantasy had become a reality.

“Lower her down,” Moongirl said. Kassab’s men had taken seats on the couches and deep leather chairs, and had lit cigars. Kassab put his feet up on the desk.

“You’re delusional, Moongirl,” Kassab said, laughter in his voice. He had never felt so happy in his life. “But I’d like to see where this is going. You are going to give me the password, right?”

“Do I have a choice?”

“You can either have it your way, or I’m going to cut Sunwoman’s breasts off.” Torture her, Moongirl thought darkly. Violate her, beat her. Moongirl had a flood of intrusive thoughts. Yes, then cut off her breasts.

“It arouses you,” Kassab said. The shame stung the teenage superheroine. She blushed, the red color permeating her ivory white skin.

“Lower her,” she whispered. Kassab looked at her, smiling.

“Do she asked,” Kassab said. One of the men put his cigar into an ash tray and winched her down, using the gear box that maneuvered the pulleys for the cable mount in the ceiling. He lowered Sunwoman’s body to the ground. Her wrists were still bound in the cable, and she laid on her back.

“Can you take my cuffs off?” Moongirl asked.

“No,” Kassab said.

“Turn her over, then.” Christian, Lance, George, and Paul, Kassab’s soliders, all looked at their leader, their cigars hanging in the air. Kassab nodded. Christian flipped Sunwoman onto her stomach. The superheroine moaned, but was otherwise non-responsive.

“Thank you. Now, take her costume off.” Christian and George volunteered. They cut off the shoulder straps of the suit, and pulled the material down off her body. Moongirl looked at Sunwoman’s bare back and buttocks, her ass wrapped nicely in her pink thong. She let out an exasperated moan, and involuntarily got out of her chair.

“Spread her legs apart,” she said. Christian and George each grabbed one of Sunwoman’s bare legs and moved them apart for Moongirl. Moongirl walked across the room awkwardly in her handcuffs, and then knelt between the backs of Sunwoman’s thighs.

“I’m going to make you cum, Sunwhore,” she said.

“Moongirl, nooo…” Sunwoman whimpered. Moongirl bent over, and stroked her tongue up one of Sunwoman’s bare cheeks. Moongirl knew it, because of the many times Sunwoman had confessed to her, that her ass was the superheroine’s primary erogenous zone; she couldn’t resist it. Moongirl stroked her wet tongue over Sunwoman’s ass, and listened to her moaning and cooing, her soft body getting worked up. Her soft skin was getting warmer as she licked her.

Moongirl gripped the string of the thong with her teeth, and pulled it down towards her thighs. She struggled with the thong, her chin dipping into Sunwoman’s ass crack as she tried to maneuver it. With enough of Sunwoman’s butt exposed, she inserted her tongue into the superheroine’s asshole.

“Moongirl, you can’t! PLEASE!” Sunwoman’s hips were shaking as Moongirl worked her tongue inside her. Her ass tasted bitter, and Moongirl loved it. She thrust in her diligent tongue, swirling it around inside her soft, firm ass. “UGGH. UGHH. UGHH,” Sunwoman grunted. Her weak body quivered, hips rocking from side to side, but Moongirl kept her diligent tongue inserted in her.

“Turn her over again!” Moongirl said, her mouth filled with Sunwoman’s taste. Christian and George, sporting their erections through their slacks, flipped Sunwoman on her back for Moongirl. Moongirl dove between Sunwoman’s thighs and shoved her tongue into Sunwoman’s dripping wet sex. Sunwoman arched her back, lifting her body off the ground. “UGHH. UGHH. UGHH,” she grunted, as Moongirl swung her tongue madly inside her sweet womanhood.

“YOU CAN’T! MOONGIRL!” she screamed. “UGGGH. I’M GOING TO CUM.” Moongirl moaned as she licked her, and felt Sunwoman’s sexy body climaxing, her firm lips tightening around Moongirl’s tongue. Then, she felt a splash of moisture in her mouth. Sunwoman released her powerful orgasm, her body spasming violently, her wrists still bound above her. Moongirl watched the powerful superheroine writhing and wriggling on the carpet.

“Oohhhh,” Moongirl moaned. She looked at directly at Christian. A tall, dark man, his tailored suit sharply defining his trim, muscular form. Moongirl identified herself as a lesbian, but she wanted him anyway.

“Fuck me,” she said to him. “Oh God, make me cum. I just want to cummmm,” the heroine begged.

“The password, Moongirl,” Kassab said.

“ ‘Sunwhorestits8008.’” Moongirl rattled off. Kassab entered the password into the laptop.

“Thanks,” he said. The password was correct, and Kassab now had complete access to the system. “Soldiers, do as you wish with them. I have more important matters to attend to.” Kassab took the laptop and walked awkwardly out of the library, a massive erection jutting out of his slacks. But then he stopped.

“Wait,” he said. He set the laptop down on a table.

“Moongirl, come over here.” The teenage superheroine waddled towards him on her knees. Kassab unzipped his fly, unleashing his huge erection.

“Suck it,” he said. Moongirl, her hands cuffed behind her, leaned into Kassab’s cock and obeyed. Kassab exploded in her mouth. Moongirl swallowed his cum down. His white goo hung off her lips.

Kassab zipped his fly up and picked up the laptop. “Now, you may do as you wish,” he said. He exited the library.

Christian, Lance, George, and Paul looked at their helpless, bound captives.

“What are you doing?” Moongirl said. “Fuck me.”

“Go for it Christian,” George said.

“Help me strip her.”

“Wait…” Moongirl said.

It just dawned on her. She was in a room with a gang of mobsters, who desired nothing but hers and Sunwoman’s destruction. She had made Sunwoman cum, so she would be deprived of all her powers, not that her body was in any shape to fight. There would be no one coming to rescue them, and even if she managed to get out of her handcuffs, Moongirl would have been easily overwhelmed by these four tough men.

Christian and George stripped her uniform off, cutting it so they didn’t have to remove her cuffs. Christian spread her legs apart as she Moongirl lay on the Persian rug.


Christian grabbed her hips and thrusted inside the naked teenage heroine. Only her mask had they left on. Sunwoman’s glittery gold mask was the only thing left on her body, too. George removed his slacks and spread open Sunwoman’s naked thighs.

“What are you doing?” Sunwoman moaned.

“I’m going to fuck you, Sunwoman.”

“Okay.” she said.

“Can I fuck your ass?” George said.

“Okay.” George flipped her over again.

Christian plunged his cock deeply inside Moongirl’s small, firm womb.

“Christian,” Lance said. “You’re hogging all the action.”

“Sorry,” Christian said. He pulled out of Moongirl’s sopping wet womb momentarily, in order to flip her around. He pulled up her to her knees and grabbed her hips, and reinserted himself. Lance sat down by Moongirl’s head and shoved her mouth down onto his erect cock. Christian thrusted into her hot, young womb. Moongirl’s lips closed over Lance’s cock.

George thrusted his cock into Sunwoman’s wet asshole. Paul looked on eagerly as George shook the superheroine’s body with his hard thrusts. The superheroine grunted.

“George,” he said. “Let’s double penetrate her!”

“Good idea,” George said. He stopped so that Paul could get underneath Sunwoman’s naked body. Paul inserted his cock into her. George got behind her and penetrated her asshole again. The superheroine bucked and moaned between the two men.

Moongirl climaxed, and Lance came into her mouth. Then Christian climaxed, spewing his hot cum into Moongirl’s womb. Christian and Lance rested a moment, looking at the pathetic teenage heroine, writhing in her orgasm. Then, they changed places. Lance dragged Moongirl back up to her knees, and Christian placed her mouth onto his cock. Moongirl began sucking again.

Sunwoman climaxed again, though not as powerfully as the first time. George and Paul both ejaculated inside of her. They flipped her body around onto her back and played with her, stroking her soft skin while they recovered their erections. Sunwoman was smiling. “Feels so good,” she said, as Paul rubbed her smooth breasts. George caressed her bruised tummy, and Sunwoman cooed.

George spread her thighs apart again, and went into her womb. Paul turned her head to the side, and shoved himself into her mouth. Sunwoman sucked, and George thrusted. Sunwoman’s heart was thumping in her chest. She had never been in so much pleasure. It was heaven. She had forgotten about her torture, and the cruel pain her body was in, and her betrayal by her most trusted partner. She just forgot about that, and let the waves of pleasure roll through her body as the men penetrated her. Paul’s precum dripped into her mouth and she loved the taste of it. George’s big cock filled her pussy. She moaned as she sucked. George gripped her thighs, pulling himself farther inside of her. Sunwoman’s breasts flopped, her curvy skin moved as George fucked her. She eagerly sucked Paul’s cock.

Moongirl climaxed. Lance and Christian kept penetrating her until they both came. Christian spewed his cum all over her face. Lance released a long stream of semen into her dripping cunt. They looked again at the sopping wet teenage heroine as her body flapped on the ground in her ecstasy.

“Fucking cunt,” Christian said. “We beat the hell out of Sunwoman, and all she gets is pleasure? Let’s punish her.”

“I have an idea,” Lance said. “I’ll be right back.” The mobster zipped up his slacks and left the room.

Sunwoman had her third climax. Paul ejaculated all over her lips. George’s cum dripped down her hot, sweaty thighs.

“Well, I’m done with this bitch,” George said.

“So am I,” Paul said.

“Let’s move her.” The men zipped up their slacks. They unlocked the cables around Sunwoman’s wrists and carried the limp heroine out of the room, leaving Christian alone with Moongirl while he waited for Lance to return. Lance came back into the room, holding a billy club.
“It’s hers,” he said. The teenage girl was still sprawled on the ground, breathing deeply as she recovered from her multiple orgasms. She laid still, her head buried in her arm. Moongirl was barely aware of what was happening to her as the men thrusted the end of the club into her ass.

“Uggghhhh…” Moongirl moaned. Christian held the handle of the club, and pushed the phallic weapon inside her, penetrating her deeply with it. It wasn’t just pleasure Moongirl felt anymore; it was painful. He was pushing it in to deep. Moongirl felt something in her stomach give way. She tasted blood in her mouth. Christian thrusted the club. Moongirl gagged. Something wasn’t right.

“She doesn’t look too good, Christian,” Lance said. Christian pulled out the club. The end of it was wet with blood.

“Oops,” Christian said. Even with the club pulled out of her, Moongirl was still in pain. She tasted blood again and spat it out. Her stomach ached. Moongirl looked around the room. Sunwoman was gone. Where had they taken her? She wondered what these men were going to do to her, as fear settled inside her heroine brain.

“Should we take her to the hospital?” Lance chuckled.

“You mean, the one next to the dumpster?” Christian joked. Or was he joking? Moongirl wondered. But, she was Moongirl. She would be okay. Darkness fell over her. Moongirl passed out.

Downstairs, George and Paul dragged the limp heroine. They lead her to her cage.

Sunwoman was in some dank, dark cellar, with no windows. She could barely fit, and scrunched up her knees. The men locked her up.

Where was Moongirl?


Sunwoman woke up. She didn’t know what time it was, nor had she any idea how long she had been out. The superheroine heard a terrible commotion. It sounded like they were blowing off fireworks. She didn’t know what was going on. She thought she heard men shouting, screaming even. It bothered her intensely that she was naked, and only wearing her mask. She finally took the damn thing off, but held on to it. She wasn’t Sunwoman anymore, or at least right now. But, she was terribly worried about Moongirl and didn’t see her anywhere in the basement, and she could only imagine what they had done with her.

“Hold still miss” a man said. He was a tall, white man with a mustache, dressed in fatigues and a black beret. Several other soldiers had come down into the cellar. Real soldiers, not mafia soldiers. The blast of the gunshot terrified her as he shot off the lock to her cage. He grabbed her waist and pulled her out of it.

“I’m Colonel Chuck Brennan, Republican Army 2nd Division. We’re quartering our troops on this property. It’s getting bad out of there. Congressionals have already taken over half the city.”

“What’s happening?” Sunwoman said.

“Don’t you know, sweetie? There’s a war going on. The Battle of Starlet City. Don’t worry. You’re safe.” The colonel slung the surprised superheroine over his shoulders.

“Let’s setup communications,” he addressed his men, while holding Sunowman. “We have some time. Congressionals are still dicking around in the city. They haven’t come up to the suburbs yet. We need to establish a line of communications with Central Command, and we need supplies. Bring the equipment down here. Get moving.” The colonel dispatched his lieutenants. He marched Sunwoman’s body up the stairs.

He carried her into the library, where some of the soldiers were setting up equipment. Sunwoman looked at the contraption in the ceiling where she had been bound and tortured. She broke out crying.

“What’s wrong?” the colonel said.

“I don’t want to be here,” she said.

“Well, there ain’t nowhere else to go. Here are your clothes.” He handed her a pair of fatigues. The other soldiers were eyeing the naked, gorgeous woman.

“Listen y’all,” the colonel snapped. “She’s with us. Don’t you fucking touch her.” The colonel left her with the other soldiers.

“There’s a war?” she uttered.

“Where were you?” one of the soldiers snapped. “Congressionals invaded the Midwest two nights ago. They’re trying to capture the water supply. If we can’t stop them here, they’ll take Detroit, and then the Great Lakes. Yes, there is a fucking war.”

Sunwoman closed her eyes, and tapped her bare polished toes together. She made a wish. She opened her eyes again. There, bunched up in a corner of the room, was her suit. Another soldier walked into the room, carrying a bundle of clothing.

“I found these,” he said to his superior. “Some kind of fetish wear.”

“Those are my boots, and my gloves!” Sunwoman exclaimed.

“Huh?” the men said. Sunwoman threw off her fatigues, and stood up completely naked.

“Give them to me!” she said. The solider handed her her clothes. Sunwoman picked up her suit and stretched it over her body. Everything in the room stopped. The soldiers stared at her she zipped up her thigh boots, and put her gloves on. She donned her gold mask.

“I’m leaving this place,” the superheroine said.

“You’re going to get killed. We can’t let you leave here,” the soldiers said.

“Go ahead, stop me.” the superheroine said. “I’m Sunwoman, and I’m leaving here. Good day.” She started to walk out of the library. One of the soldiers got in the way.

“Insubordination!” he said. He shoved the butt of his rifle into Sunwoman’s stomach. The superheroine dropped to her knees. The hard blow wiped out her power center, and she was helpless, once again.

“Look at this hot bitch!” the soldier said. “First catch of the war.”

“But the colonel said…”

“Fuck the colonel. This bitch was insubordinate. You saw it. She looks like a Congressional spy. Hey, what’s that thing?” He was pointing to the cables hanging from the ceiling contraption.

“Noo!” Sunwoman screamed.

The soldiers grabbed her, bound her wrists in the cables, and hoisted her up.

The end.
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Re: Sunwoman's Shame: An Erotic Superheroine Adventure

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Re: Sunwoman's Shame: An Erotic Superheroine Adventure

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Hey, great story and thanks so much for writing it. Was interesting and erotic. A great read. Only thing I would have changed is knowing for sure what happend to Moon girl and then having Sunwoman find out and feel guilt over it.
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Re: Sunwoman's Shame: An Erotic Superheroine Adventure

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wow this is a great story
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Re: Sunwoman's Shame: An Erotic Superheroine Adventure

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This is a great story. I really hope you write more.
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