Was Ruby Rose fired or forced off Batwoman

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Re: Was Ruby Rose fired or forced off Batwoman

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batgirl1969 wrote: 2 years ago
Dazzle1 wrote: 2 years ago
batgirl1969 wrote: 2 years ago Does everyone agree that Ruby is sexy and a beautiful woman? Even with her new little neck scar she is gorgeous ...that short haircut makes her look like a Dom!!!
I don't find her so, honestly one of the least attractive ones in the superheroine tv/movies

When I think sexy Batwoman, I think KJ
maybe it is just the lesbian in me, But I think she is hot!! And when she was Batwoman her face looked even hotter behind the mask!! Yes she is gender fluid and probably 180degree opposite of me politically and socially but I think she is killer hot!!! Her tight hot bod says....I wanna fuck!!!
Everyone does have their own tastes.

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