New producer/video thoughts? Angel the Dreamgirl

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New producer/video thoughts? Angel the Dreamgirl

Post by Masmune »

Hi All,

I came across this video from "Angel the Dreamgirl" on C4S earlier today: ... +%22mp4%22

I haven't heard of the producer, but the video definitely looks tempting. Has anyone seen it or anything else by this producer? Any thoughts they'd like to share?


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Re: New producer/video thoughts? Angel the Dreamgirl

Post by shevek »

Yes - this model has been around for a while, I forget her actual name but she's German. She only has a handful of superheroine videos out of all the ones in her store. I bought the first one, "The First Battle" which came out right at the end of 2016. The fact that it was only $12 was a factor. It was OK and had a short transformation and a few good effects and displays of power, but very few spoken lines. The rest of what she had to offer didn't seem that creative, like it was hardcore stuff that was already being done better by the likes of Primal anyway. At least that's my take, your mileage may vary.
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