Spider Woman in "Beauty Sleeps" from Sleepy Superheroines

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Spider Woman in "Beauty Sleeps" from Sleepy Superheroines

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In a first for Sleepy Superheroines, we won’t reveal the model who is playing Spider Woman in our trailer or promotional images. You will have to watch the video to see the identity of our curvy heroine. Spider Woman is very confident in confronting the Trickster. Too bad for her (but good for us) that he is prepared as ever to take her on. After she escapes his first trick, the tricky fiend quickly subdues her with old reliable (chloroform). When she comes around, she is subjected to a variety of KOs. After he decides that fun time is over, he decides to unmask her. Who is she? Find out in the latest from Sleepy Superheroines.

Video contains multiple chloroform KOs, gun to the head KO, gas mask KO, injection KO, chloro pillow KO, electric shock KOs, tranquilizer gun KO, bondage, unmasking, butt spankings, limp play, male/female fighting and wrestling, and over-the-shoulder carries.

Available Now/Watch Trailer: https://sleepysuperheroines.com/spider- ... ty-sleeps/

Thank you for your continued support everyone!

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