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Heroine Legends/ Heroine Kombat

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(First at all, sorry for my bad english)

Hi everyone. Obviously, I love superheroines, thats why I am here. But especially, I became a fan of Thesuperheroines: Heroine Kombat and Heroine Legends.

This is exactly the kind of productions I really like: action, sexyness and great actresses, and HL has all of that. Shadowgirl, Sapphire (Sophie Leonard) and Azarra are my favorites: Tiffany Chase is excellent, her expressions are great! Sophie Leonard is gorgeous as Sapphire and Trinity too...and Azarra, with all her muscles is like she became from the page of the comics: tall, muscular and incredibly sexy. Thats how a superheroine looks!

Well, Im really sad about the closing of this wonderful site, I dont know what happened but it will be difficult to find some web series with that quality (Hidden Vault looks good anyways, and Tiffany Chase is in here!). Next time I would like to post reviews of the videos I saw from HL and HK. And I have the idea of create a Fan page in facebook, unfortunatelly, it doesnt exist!

Anyway, wanted to share my thoughts and my sadness about the closing of Thesuperheroines.com.

Regards from Argentina!
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