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by Femina
1 month ago
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Re: Dr Who has not learned its lesson

Everybody knows the magic formula for success, and it's tits and ass. Boobs & Butts!!! So lets say that happens. Lets say there's a rabid group who demands boobs and butts in a show. The show complies. Then these people don't watch the show. They don't buy the merc. THE NUMBERS GO DOWN BADLY. S...
by sugarcoater
1 week ago
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Re: Does Anyone Want Brie Larson To Play Capt Marvel Again?

As someone who didn't care in the slightest for the film and didn't like the way they just made her the "strongest" out of nowhere despite zero establishment of her character, I'd like to see what she could do with an actual writer and good script/supporting cast. I was always a fan of th...