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by mcarvalh
8 months ago
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Re: Where to find discontinued sites like

Superheroine Central ( Galaxy Girl - Assassin Galaxy Girl - Enthralled Galaxy Girl - Equalized Galaxy Woman Vs. Minister Thrall - Knockdown! Drag Out! Gold Avenger - Harvest of the Scarecrow Majestika Mystery - Merry Christmas from SHC - Outtakes Mystery - Merry Christmas...
by flirty_but_nice
4 months ago
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Re: Sad News : RIP Centurion, Author of Fuchsia Fox fame. :(

Hey everyone … I know it’s been well over a year now, but a week ago one of Centurion’s nephews, who had been over seas, reached out to me. Here’s an excerpt from his email to me … “ I'm writing because I wanted to thank you for sharing the forum responses. I cannot tell you how elated I am to know ...